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听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Holland is famous for ______ .a) rosesb) tulips2) Who did JM stay with in Canada?a) His sisterb) His brother3) JM thinks the weather in Toronto is _______ .a) hotb) cold本期话题Topic:What is your favorite country?JM: My name is JM, I#39;m from the Philippines.Phuong: My name is Phuong and I#39;m from Vietnam.JM: And this is for elllo.org. Today#39;s question is what is your favorite country besides your own?Phuong: OK. I really love Holland beside my own country because I think Holland is very nice country with good weather and I love it too. In Holland it is very famous for tulips so I think it#39;s the place for me to come and also I think people in Holland are very nice and they are kind and warm, so I think that it#39;s my favorite country beside my own country. How about you?JM: For me, I#39;d have to say it#39;s Canada.Phuong: Ooo.JM: Yeah. A few years ago I lived there for about four or five months with my sister who lives in Toronto and it#39;s a really, really nice place. It#39;s a great city, people there are really, really friendly, they are very nice so I like it there. Also the weather is very cold, because I live in the Philippines so it#39;s always hot and warm so I kind of like the really, really cold weather.Phuong: OK. Thank you.JM: Thank you.听力b a b /201401/272358听力口语课程,为您提供轻松的地道英文学习氛围。 /201112/164621第一步:原句放送Sometimes I just wish that I could fast forward time, just to see if itrsquo;s all worth it in the end.fast forward 快进 fast backward 快退 in the end 终于,最后第二步:译海拾贝有时候我真想让时间快进,看看到最后这一切到底值不值得。第三步:天衣无缝 I just wish that I could fast time, just to see if itrsquo;s all it in the end.第四步:举一反三Sometimes I just wish that ..., just to see if ...第五步:背诵达人 /201210/203688

62 At the office在办公室May I have your name,please?请问你叫什么名字?A: Good morning,miss.A:早上好,。B: May I help you?B:我能帮你忙吗?A: I#39;d like to see Mr.Miller,please.A:我想见米勒先生。B: May I have your name,please?B:请问你叫什么名字?Do you have an appointment?B:您预约了吗?A: I #39;d like to see Mr.Smith.A:我想见史密斯先生。B: Do you have an appointment?B:您有预约吗?A: No,but I have something urgent to talk about with him.A:没有,但我有急事要跟他谈。B: Sorry,he#39;s at a meeting now.B:对不起,他正在开会。Would you give me your business card?我看看您的名片好吗?A: I #39;d like to see Mr Lines,please.A:我想见Lines.B: Would you give me your business card?B:我想看看您的名片好吗?A: Sure. Here you are.A:好,给你。B: Thank you. I#39;ll see if he#39;s available now.B:谢谢,我去看看他是否有空。May I tell him what you wish to see him about?您找他有什么事,我可以转告吗?A: Good morning,miss. I#39;d like to see Mr.Cooper.早上 好,先生。我想见库柏先生。B: Do you have an appointment?B:您有预约吗?A: No,but I have something very urgent.没有,但我有要紧事要跟他谈。B: May I tell him what you wish to see him about?您找他有什么事,我可以转告吗?....is expecting you. I#39;ll tell him you#39;re here.....正等您,我告诉他您到了。A: Good morning,miss. I#39;d like to see Mr.Johnson.早上好,。我想见约翰逊先生。B: May I have your name,please?B:您叫什么名字?A: My name is Bill Jones.A:我叫比尔.琼斯。B: Mr.Johnson is expecting you. I#39;ll tell him you#39;re here.约翰逊先生正在等您,我告诉他您到了。Mr.Johnson has a full schedule this week.约翰逊先生本周的日程已安排满。A: I#39;d like to see Mr.Johnson.A:我想见约翰逊先生。B: Do you have an appointment? A: No.B:您预约了吗? A:没有。B: I#39;m sorry,Mr.Johnson has a full schedule this week.对不起,约翰逊先生本周的日程已排满。Could you please write a note to him on matter you wish to see him about?您能否留下便条说明您有什么事要见他?A: I#39;d like to see Mr.Cooper.A:我想见库柏先生。B: Sorry,Mr.Cooper is occupied at the moment.对不起,他现在正忙。Could you please write a note to him on the matter you wish to see him about?您能否留下便条说明您有什么事要见他?A: Sure.A:可以。He#39;s been transferred to...他已经调到....Hello,this is Mr.Smith of Motorola Corporation.您好,这里是托罗拉公司,我是史密斯先生,Is that Johnson Company?B: Yes.请问您是约翰逊公司吗?B:是。A: May I speak to Mr.Hans Miller,please?我可以和汉斯.米勒讲话吗?B: Sorry,he#39;s been transferred to the New York office.对不起,他已调到纽约办事处去了。Do you have any vacancies fo full-time job?你们有全日工作的空缺吗?A: Good morning,miss.A:早上好,。B: May I help you ,sir?B:有什么事吗,先生?A: Do you have any vacancies for full-time job?A:你们有全日工作的空缺吗?B: Yes,we need an accountant in our Finance Department.是的,我们的财务部还缺一个会计。I#39;m here for an interview for the post of an accountant.我来这儿参加会计职位的面试。A: May I help you,sir?A:我可以帮您吗?B: I#39;m here for an interview for the post of an accountant.B:我来这儿参加会计职位的面试。A: Come on in,please. They#39;re expecting you.A:快请进,他们正在等您。What#39;re your qualifications? Can you say something about yourself?您的资历如何?您能介绍一下自己的情况吗?What#39;re your qualifications? Can you say something about yourself?您的资历如何?您能介绍一下自己的情况吗?I#39;ve just got my Ph.D. in engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology我刚从麻省理工学院获得工程学士学位,but I had worked for two years before I started to work on a doctor#39;s degree.在攻读士以前我工作过两年。A: That#39;s very good.A:很好。What else did you do?您还干过什么工作?A: What else did you do?A:您还干过什么工作?B: I taught in a high school for three years.B:我在中学教过三年书。A: Have you got any special skills?A:您有什么特殊技能吗?B: I can drive and I#39;m quite fluent in Spanish.我会开车,我的西班牙语讲得很流利。Would you please fill in this form?请填一下表如何?A: I#39;ve passed the tests for business skills in computer and shorthand.我通过了计算机和速记的商业技能考试。B: That#39;s impressive.B:很不错。A: I think I#39;m quite fit for accounting work.A:我觉得我非常适合会计工作。B: Would you please fill in this form?B:请填一下表好吗?Can you manage all these appliances here?这些办公用具您都会使用吗?I need to know more about your skills.我还想多了解一些你的技能。Can you manage all these appliances here?这些办公用具您都会使用吗?B: Yes. Do I have to demonstrate? A: No.B:会,用我演示一下吗? A:不用。Are you familiar with the office management?您熟悉办公管理吗?A: Are you familiar with the office management?A:您熟悉办公管理吗?B: Yes.I was a secretary three years ago.B:熟悉,三年前我当过秘书。A: What salary do you expect per week? B: 0.你希望每周多少薪水?B:一周300美元。Would you mind answering some personal quesstions?请您回答些个人问题好吗?A: Would you mind answering some personal questions? No.请您回答些个人问题好吗? B:可以。A: Are you married?A:您结婚了吗?B: Yes,I am and I have got a five-year-old daughter.是的,我结婚了,还有一个五岁的女儿。The first thing you do at the office is to punch in.您上班第一件事就是打时间卡。A: What#39;s our working hours?A:我们的工作时间是怎么安排的?B: From 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.B:从早上九点到晚五点。A: What#39;s the first thing to do at the office?每天到办公室的第一件事是什么?B: The first thing you do at the office is to punch in.B:您上班的第一件事就是打卡。Sorry to trouble you.Would you please tell me how to operate the duplicating machine打扰一下,请问怎样用这台复印机?A: Bob? B: Yes?A:鲍勃? A:什么事?Sorry to trouble you.Would you please tell me how to operate the duplicating machine打扰一下,请问怎样用这台复印机?B: Sure.B:我来告诉你。 /200911/89499Rory: Is it true that you have been sping rumors that the sky is falling?Hen: It is! A piece hit me right on the head!Rory: This court will take a short recess.【生词注释】sp v.散布rumor n. 谣言right adv. 不偏不倚地, 正好recess n. 休会罗里:你到处散布天会塌下来的谣言,情况属实吗?公鸡:天真的塌下来了。有一片恰巧砸在我的头上。罗里:法庭要休庭一小会儿。 /201106/138688听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Has Fred ever been scuba diving?a) Yesb) No2) He think is inconvenient because you need ____ .a) a licenseb) to be near the sea3) He says it is ____ .a) coolb) complicated本期话题Topic:Do you like scuba diving?Hello, this is Fred from Canada for elllo.org. Scuba diving! What do I think of scuba diving? Mm? What do I think of Scuba diving? I don#39;t think anything of it. I think it#39;s great. I think it#39;s, it#39;s, it#39;s a great sport. I would love to do it. I never done it before. I do feel that it takes too much time and, it? ...Isn#39;t it difficult to get your license? You need to have a license to scuba dive. If they could make it easier for us to do it, then I would, I would love to do it. Or maybe it#39;s easier; I just don#39;t know. But I think it#39;s one of the coolest sports, for sure. Have you ever done scuba diving?听力b a a /201307/246871

1、 开口就说 Open your mouthWhat color is your car/swater/room? 你的汽车/毛衣/房间是什么颜色? 2、 学来就用 Let’s practice如何回答询问工作成绩achievement n.成就accomplishment n. 成就 (1)What do you feel your greatest achievement as been at your current job? 你目前工作的最大成就是什么?I think my greatest accomplishment has been acquiring the Hisinse account.我认为我最大的成就是争取到Hisinse这家客户。That certainly is quiet an accomplishment.那确实很了不起。It took year to that count.花了一年时间才争取到那家客户。 (2)What’s your biggest accomplishment on the job? 你工作的最大成就是什么?I think it would have to be to building teams spirit among my co-workers. 我认为是在同事间建立团队精神。How did you do that? 你是怎么样做到的?It was a gradual progress involving many factors.那是一个渐进过程,涉及很多方面。 3、 天天进步 Make progress everyday如何要求别人教你学英语a. Would teach me English? 你能教我英语吗?b. No problem.没问题。c. I am self-taught.我是自学。d. Would you teach me English? 你能教我英语吗?e. Not at all./ Of course.当然可以。f. I have been trying sometime. 我已经试着学习有一阵子了。g. Can you work with me on my English? 你能指导我英语吗?h. I think it would be fine.我想那应该很好玩。【情景对话】A:Did you go to school to learn English?B:No.I am self-taught.A: I think you speak pretty good.B:I need much more work.A:Would you mind teaching me English?B:Not at all.I didn't know you wanted to learn.A:Oh,yes.I have been trying sometime.B:I have been trying sometime. /201105/135873大家对美的定义是什么呢? 外表多一些,还是内在多一些呢?1) Beauty#39;s in the eye of the beholder 情人眼里出西施2) Beauty is only skin deep 内心美才是最重要的3) It#39;s what on the inside that counts 内在美才是最重要的 /201312/267950Donkey:(No sheep)Rory: Someday we sheep will rise up against oppression, but right now I need a toothpick.【生词注释】rise up 起来反抗oppression n.压迫toothpick n.牙签毛驴:(手里拿着"禁止羊进入"的牌子)罗里:有天我们羊也会起来反抗压迫的,但是现在我需要一牙签。 /201108/147236

A: Welcome to Al#39;s Bakery. What can I get you?欢迎来到艾尔面包店。我能为你做些什么?B: Hi! Let me get a dozen croissants, four blueberry muffins and a loaf of sourdough b.嗨!给我来个羊角面包,4个蓝莓的松饼和一条酸面包。A: Sure. Would you like to have the loaf sliced?好的。你想要一条切片面包吗?B: No, that#39;s OK. Do you have any whole wheat b?不,这很好。这里有全麦面包吗?A: We are out at the moment. May I suggest some rye b?现在没有。黑麦面包需要吗?B: Sure that sounds good. Do you have any cakes?当然,听起来很不错。这有蛋糕吗?A: We have various birthday cakes and also ice cream cakes.我们有各式的生日蛋糕和冰淇淋蛋糕。B: I#39;ll just take a cheesecake.我只要一个芝士蛋糕。A: Will that be all?就这么多了吗?B: Yes.是的。A: Your total is forty three dollars and twenty cents.这些总共加起来是43.2美元。 /201112/163665Your make-up was overkill.你的妆画的太浓。讲解:例如:She has beautiful eyes, but the make-up was overkill.她的眼睛很漂亮,但是她化的妆太浓了。 /201502/352691

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