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东莞磨骨价格Books and Arts;New French film;Friends united;An unlikely comic hit;文艺;法国新片;最强拍档;独特的喜剧冲击;French film-makers are good at turning out silly comedies that foreigners find unwatchable. They have a better export record with highbrow, low-plot movies, set in chic apartments with parquet floors, that feel moodily French. Just occasionally, however, they come up with a comic gem. “Intouchables”, directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, is one of those cleverly pitched, well-scripted, feel-good comic films typically crafted in Hollywood; it is a delight to see that the French can sometimes pull them off too. With more than 4m tickets sold since it opened earlier this month, the film is set to be a boxoffice smash.法国电影制作人擅长导演让外国观众看不下去的无厘头喜剧。电影的口碑也多为孤芳自赏和缺乏情节,多以别致的公寓,干净的木地板为背景,让人能感觉到沉闷的法国风格。然而偶尔,他们也会有好的喜剧作品。由奥利维·那卡和艾力克·托兰达导演电影《不可触碰》就是一例。该电影制作精良,剧本精心推敲,倒像是典型出自好莱坞的喜剧片,很高兴看到法兰西人能时不时突破自己。影片自11月初首映以来就已突破400万张票房业绩,这部电影势必会成为一部轰动票房之作。Based on a true story, it follows the improbable relationship between Philippe, a quadriplegic aristocrat (Francois Cluzet), and Driss (Omar Sy), a gregarious Senegal-born youth from the banlieues, the grim housing estates that ring Paris. On his release from prison, Driss is hired by Philippe in a moment of recklessness as a live-in help at his Paris mansion. Philippe is warned that banlieue youths have “no pity”. No pity, replies the wheelchair-bound former paraglider wryly, is just what I want.电影根据真实故事改编,讲述的是菲利普,一个四肢瘫痪的贵族(弗朗索瓦·克鲁塞饰演)和Driss(奥玛·赛饰演)一位来自巴黎郊区破房子里的塞内加尔裔青年之间建立的一段几乎不可能的主仆友情。Driss刑满出狱后,菲利普没有经过考察便立刻雇佣了他,让他负责照顾自己在巴黎豪宅里的生活起居。当别人警告菲利普说这位郊区青年毫无“怜悯之心”时,没有怜悯之心?坐在轮椅上的这位曾经的跳伞健将冷冷的回到:这正是我要找的。Less deftly handled, the treatment of such a subject could have fallen into a number of traps. Instead, the films light touch finds comedy in both mens handicaps: the one physical, the other social. Each, in his own unsentimental way, understands the other better than do those around them. This unlikely chemistry is captured in the opening sequence, when Driss roars through the streets of night-time Paris, funk music at full blast and Philippe in the passenger seat, giving his employer the thrill of the Maserati he owns but cannot drive.如果没有巧妙的处理的话,这类题材的电影可能会落入俗套。然而,这部电影的喜剧亮点放在了两个男人各自的缺陷上,一个是身体残疾,另一个是社交障碍。但彼此都没有感情冲动,都比周围其他人能更好的读懂对方。这种独特的味道在影片开场就有所展现。菲利普坐在副驾驶上,让Driss激动的开着自己拥有却无法驾驶的玛莎拉蒂,在夜晚的巴黎街头驰骋的时,车里充斥着劲爆的音乐。French critics have been thoroughly charmed. Le Figaronewspaper called the film “faultless”. Paris-Match described it as “the best scripted, best acted, funniest and most moving that we have seen in a long time”. It has surely launched Mr Sy, a black comedian best-known for a short nightly sketch on Canal Plus, a television channel, on the way to stardom. Bob and Harvey Weinstein, two Hollywood producers, have acquired the rights for America and Britain. Heres hoping that English-language audiences will get to see the original French version, and not just a remake.法国家已经被这部电影给彻底迷住了。《费加罗报》称电影“无可挑剔”。《巴黎竞赛》这样形容:我们已经很长一段时间内都没有看到像这样一部集“最佳剧本,最佳表演,最有趣,最感人”于一身的力作了。当然这部电影也使赛先生-这位法国有线电视每夜小品的黑人喜剧演员走上了星光大道。两位好莱坞制作人,鲍勃和哈维.维恩斯坦,也为美国和英国的观众拿到了版权,英语为母语的观众也有希望看到这部原味法国片,而不仅仅是部翻拍片了。 /201301/218246东莞麻涌中堂望牛墩洪梅镇自体脂肪隆鼻价格 What if we could wear bodysuits to give us super strength? Own an identical robot twin to work for us? What if we could travel through time? Technology is pushing from every direction, getting faster with each passing second. Prepare yourself! The future is closer than you think.穿上特制的紧身衣获得超能力?拥有一个双胞胎机器人来为我们工作?穿越时空去旅行?现代科技正全面向前推进,每秒都在加速发展。准备好吧!未来比你想象中更近。A robot conducting a symphony orchestra! Amazing as that is, it’s just one way reality is outpacing science fiction. Everyday robots become even more sophisticated, taking on additional human traits. Until now, robots have mostly gotten the toughest jobs. They work at the assembly line and defuse or even detonate explosive devices.一个机器人在指挥交响乐!就是这么惊奇,现实能超过科幻小说,而这只是一方面而已。每一天机器人都在成长,构造越来越精细,呈现出人类的特征。直到现在,机器人承受的依然是最艰巨的工作。他们在生产线上工作,在排除危险,甚至在引爆炸弹。The traditional tasks for a robot have always been the 3-Ds: dull, dirty, dangerous. But as the technology improves and as the researchers are working towards developing these intelligent humanoids, we are going to see our homes and offices occupied by robots. I believe that humanoid technologies will improve our lives in the 21st century.传统的机器人工作总是与“3D”有联系:dull(枯燥),(肮脏),(危险)。不过,随着技术的进步,而且研究者现在专注于发展它们的“智能”和“拟人性化”,它们很快就会走进我们的家和办公室了。 我相信智能技术将改善21世纪人们的生活。The world capital of humanlike robots is Japan.日本视世界拟人化机器人之都。Half of the industrial robots in the world are in Japan. Japan sees itself as a leader in robot and humanoid technology. The country even has a new kind of celebrity--a humanoid robot named Asimo.全世界有一半的工业机器人分布在日本。日本人视自己国家为机器人及拟人化技术的领跑者。日本甚至有了一颗冉冉升起的新星,它就是拟人化机器人阿西莫。原文译文属!201207/189930横沥常平虎门镇祛痣多少钱

东莞整脸型多少钱Over 18,500 participants in 1,202 teams joined the 26th annual mass swim across Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County in central Taiwan.来自1,202个队的超过18,500名游泳者参加了在台湾中部南投县举行的第26届大众游泳横渡日月潭的活动。The swimmers also included 246 people from Australia, Great Britain, China, Hong Kong, Holland, Japan, Singapore and the ed States, and 297 physically challenged participants, the organizers said.主办单位说,其中包括246名来自澳大利亚、英国、中国、香港、荷兰、日本、新加坡和美国的游泳者,另外还有297名残障人士。The event kicked off at 7 a.m., and it took most of the participants 90 to 120 minutes to complete the approximately 3,000-meter swim. The Nantou County Government said that in view of the two deaths that occurred last year, they took special precautions this year. Measures included deploying 20 top-notch diving professionals and equipping them with propulsion equipment and underwater GPS systems for the first 100 meters, known to be the most dangerous stretch.活动在上午7时拉开序幕。大多数游泳者花了90至120分钟才完成了大约3000米的泳程。南投县政府表示,鉴于去年发生的两人死亡事件,他们今年采取了特别的预防措施。措施包括:部署了20个顶尖的潜水专业人员,这些人员装备了推进设备;前100米还安装了水下GPS系统——因为前100米往往是最危险的阶段。The event was also moved up to the end of August, instead of in mid-September or later when it was usually held, in consideration of colder water temperatures later in the year. This year, an electronic board was erected at the starting point to show the temperature of the water for the reference of the swimmers.考虑到水温会逐渐变冷,活动将持续到八月底,而不是以往的9月中旬。今年,在出发点竖立了一个电子模板以显示水的温度。The organizers also introduced a color-coded system this year so that the lifeguards could easily identify different groups of people. Physically challenged swimmers and those over 65 years of age were required to wear pink swimming caps, while other participants were asked to wear red ones.主办单位还推出了色编码系统,这可以使今年的救生员很容易地识别不同的人群。残障人士和超过65岁的人都必须戴上粉红色的泳帽,而其他游泳者则被要求带上红色泳帽。注:本文译文属原创,,。201204/179592 东莞激光祛辐射斑哪家医院好东莞中医院祛疤多少钱



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