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襄阳医院处女膜修补谷城人民医院有人工授精吗When hundreds of Californians invaded the state capitol last week to demand the right not to vaccinate their kids, they were playing out a very modern conflict: science versus belief systems. Scientists tell parents that vaccinations are safe. But many parents prefer to trust their gut instinct that they’re not safe. This dialogue of the deaf is becoming the norm. Increasingly, people make their own decisions on health and diet, instead of outsourcing them to scientists, doctors or governments.不久前,数百名美国加州人闯入州议会大厦,要求拥有不让自己的孩子接种疫苗的权利,他们演绎了一场极为现代的冲突——科学vs观念体系。科学家告诉家长接种疫苗是安全的,但许多家长宁愿相信自己的直觉——接种疫苗不安全。这种鸡同鸭讲式的对话已成常态。人们在健康和饮食方面越来越自作主张,而不是相信科学家、医生或政府。If you want to change people’s behaviour, don’t recite science at them, says Alan Dangour, nutritionist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Rather, to nudge people to better decisions, we need to understand how they decide. Behavioural economics has identified cognitive biases that influence our decisions about money. Here are some biases and misjudgments that shape decisions on health and diet:伦敦卫生暨热带医学院(London School of Hygiene amp; Tropical Medicine)营养学家阿伦#8226;丹古尔(Alan Dangour)表示,如果你想改变人们的行为,不要跟他们大讲科学道理。相反,想劝人们作出更好的决定,我们需要去了解他们是怎么做决定的。行为经济学已发现多种影响人类消费决定的认知偏见。以下是一些影响人们决定健康和饮食方式的偏见和错误观念:“‘Natural’ is good.”“‘天然的’就是好的”When faced with complex problems, people often resort to a heuristic: a pragmatic, simplified mental shortcut. A common shortcut is to use labels such as “natural”, “organic”, “local” or “homeopathic” as proxies for healthy. Conversely, “artificial” gets equated with unhealthy. This heuristic appeals partly because it relies on words. Not everyone understands science but we all know language.当面对复杂问题时,人们往往会采用启发法(heuristic),这是一种务实、简单化的心理捷径(mental shortcut)。常见的捷径之一是使用“天然”、“有机”、“本地”或“顺势疗法”等标签代表健康。反之,“人造的”就等同于不健康的。这种启发法之所以具有吸引力,部分在于它依靠文字。不是人人都懂科学,但所有人都懂语言。Sometimes, natural actually is good. The World Health Organisation announced last month that the world’s most common weedkiller, glyphosate, can probably cause cancer. But often natural isn’t good. For instance, homeopathy is ineffective for treating any medical condition, concluded Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council last month, echoing a report for Britain’s House of Commons in 2010.有时天然的确是好的。世界卫生组织(WHO)在今年3月宣布,全球最常见的除草剂草甘膦可能会致癌。但多数情况下,天然的并不好。比如,澳大利亚国家健康与医学研究理事会(National Health and Medical Research Council)也在今年3月发表了一个结论,顺势疗法对治疗任何疾病都毫无疗效,附和了2010年提交到英国下议院的一份报告的结论。Likewise, “natural” organic foods aren’t more nutritious than other foods, said researchers from the LSHTM, after reviewing 50 years of studies. A Stanford analysis of 237 studies concurred.此外,伦敦卫生暨热带医学院的研究人员回顾了50年来的研究成果之后,表示“天然”有机食品并不比其他食物更有营养。斯坦福大学(Stanford)从237项研究中也得出了同样结论。“All ‘scientific’ studies are equal.”“所有‘科学的’研究都是平等的”In fact, as Eula Biss explains in her book On Immunity, any single study in medicine is meaningless. To e medical researcher John Ioannidis: “Most published research findings are false.” A single study might have been small, poorly conducted or produce findings that are due simply to chance. “What matters,” says Ioannidis, “is the totality of evidence.” That’s why the gold standard of medical research is the meta-study, such as the ones cited above on organic food, which aggregate previous research on a topic. Nonetheless anti-vaccinators still cite one now-retracted study of 12 children, published by Andrew Wakefield and others in 1998, which suggested that vaccinating children might cause autism.事实上,正如尤拉#8226;比斯(Eula Biss)在其著作《免疫》(On Immunity)中所述,医学上的任何单一研究都毫无意义。引用医学研究人员约翰#8226;约安尼季斯(John Ioannidis)的一句话:“大多数业已发表的研究成果都是虚假的。”单一研究有可能规模很小,操作不当,或者仅仅是偶然状况下得出的结果。约安尼季斯说:“重要的是所有据的总和。”这就是为什么医学研究的黄金标准是元研究,它集合了关于某一课题的以往研究,比如前文中提到的关于有机食品的研究。尽管如此,反疫苗者仍引用一份已经撤销的关于12名儿童案例的研究报告,该研究由安德鲁#8226;韦克菲尔德(Andrew Wakefield)与其他研究人员在1998年发布,他们认为儿童接种疫苗可能引起自闭症。People seize on single studies because we are bad at weighing quantities. We struggle to distinguish between “a little” and “lots”. That’s also why people panic when “traces” of “toxins” show up in a product — traces of mercury in vaccines, for instance. But quantity is crucial. Biss es a toxicologists’ adage: “The dose makes the poison.”人们之所以会抓住一项研究不撒手,是因为我们非常不善于权衡数量。我们很难区分出“少量”与“大量”之间的差别。这也是为什么当某一产品显现出“有毒迹象”时人们会恐慌,比如当疫苗中含有汞成分时。但分量才是关键因素。比斯引用了一句毒理学格言:“只要剂量足,万物皆有毒。”(The dose makes the poison)“Self-denial is good for you.”“弃绝自我是有益的”This religious notion survives in today’s “detox diets”, which often entail forswearing everything except selected “natural” products such as juices. In fact, “sinful” things such as wine, chocolate and coffee (a rare legal, mind-altering, performance-enhancing drug) are healthy in small quantities.这种宗教观念在如今的“节食排毒”(detox diets)饮食理念中得到延续。该饮食方式通常需要戒绝一切食物,只食用果汁之类的选定的“天然”产品。事实上,少量食用“罪恶的”食物对健康有利,比如葡萄酒、巧克力和咖啡(咖啡是一种少有的合法、会改变精神、提高效率的药品)。Confirmation bias确认偏见Our main source of information on health today is Google. However, you can find anything online, and most people gravitate to websites that confirm their beliefs.我们今天关于健康的信息主要来自谷歌(Google)。但是网上可以找到各种各样的说法,而且绝大多数人倾向于那些能明他们观念的网站。Ambiguity aversion模糊厌恶People like certainty. In health, that’s rarely available. Authorities sometimes change their minds: for instance, the US government is expected to announce soon that high-cholesterol foods are OK after all.人们喜欢确定性,但在健康方面确定性很难得到。相关部门不时会改变观点,比如美国政府预计很快将宣布,高胆固醇食物是没有问题的。Instead of seeking certainty, we should make decisions on the balance of probability: vaccinating your kids is very probably smart. But probability feels too ambiguous to be reassuring.在健康问题上,我们不该去追求确定性,而是应该基于概然性来做出决定:给你的孩子接种疫苗非常可能是个明智的决定。但可能性听起来太模棱两可,无法让人放心。Rare, spectacular kinds of death grip our imaginations.我们的想象里充斥着各种稀奇的、耸人听闻的死法People fret about terrorists, sharks, Ebola and plane crashes because of the availability heuristic. The more available a piece of information is to the memory — a terrorist attack, say — the more likely it is to influence our decisions. In fact, terrorism kills fewer people than sitting at a desk.人们担心恐怖分子、鲨鱼、埃拉(Ebola)和飞机失事是因为它们具有“可得性启发”(availability heuristic)。一条信息——比如恐怖袭击——对记忆的启发越多,对我们做决定的影响很可能就越大。事实上,死于恐怖主义的人远远少于死在办公桌前的人。Optimism bias乐观倾向Smokers know that smoking is addictive and lethal. But they tend to believe it will only enslave and kill other smokers, says Jody Sindelar, professor at the Yale School of Public Health. In general, people downplay their unhealthy habits, preferring instead to blame disease on factors beyond their control: their genes or environmental factors such as mobile phones or radiation. You can see why.耶鲁大学(Yale)公共卫生学院(School of Public Health)的乔迪#8226;辛德拉尔教授(Jody Sindelar)表示,吸烟者知道吸烟会上瘾,还会致命,可他们往往相信香烟只会征和杀死其他吸烟者。一般来说,人们会低估自己的不良习惯的影响,而偏向将病因归结于那些他们无法控制的因素,比如基因或手机、辐射等环境因素。个中原因可想而知。Present bias重视眼前的倾向We value the present above the future. The best time to quit smoking is therefore always tomorrow, says Sindelar.辛德拉尔说,比起未来,我们更看重眼前,所以戒烟的最佳时机永远是明天。Scientists and governments need to change tack. Instead of bombarding people with science, they should design policies that use our cognitive biases. One obvious technique is advertising. A gorgeous ad showing a mother cuddling a baby who is being vaccinated might be worth 10,000 scientific studies. Sindelar suggests other methods:科学家和政府需要改变策略。不应该用科学道理去轰炸民众,而是应该根据我们的认知偏差来设计政策。最易行的手法就是广告。比如拍摄一位母亲怀里抱着正在接种的小宝宝,这样一动人的广告或许比得上一万个科学研究。辛德拉尔还提出了其他方法: Reminders: on sunny days, send people messages suggesting they put on sunscreen.提醒:在阳光明媚的日子,给人们发消息建议他们涂上防晒霜。 Pre-commitments: encourage people to bet that they will lose specific amounts of weight.预承诺:鼓励人们打赌他们能够减掉多少体重。 Financial incentives: pay people to give up smoking.财务奖励:以奖金鼓励人们戒烟。These nudges could do more than scientific findings to change behaviour. In today’s low-trust world, science is in the doghouse with most other authorities.这些温和的规劝比科学发现更能改变人类行为。在如今这个低信任度的世界,科学与其他多数权威都已被打入冷宫。 /201505/374469襄州区妇幼保健中医院是公立医院么 襄樊市铁路中心医院院长是谁

襄阳第一人民医院是大医院还是小医院One day in 1964 Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding prime minister, looked out of his office in City Hall and was horrified to see several cows grazing outside. A few days later, a lawyer driving on a nearby road hit one of the cows and died. Lee decided to act. Owners of cows and goats were given a few months to pen their animals. Stray beasts would be slaughtered.1964年的一天,新加坡建国总理李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)从政府大厦里的办公室向外看去,震惊地发现外面有几头牛在吃草。数天后,在附近一条公路上,一位律师开车撞上一头牛后死亡。李光耀决定采取行动。牛羊养殖者被要求在几个月内把他们的家畜圈养起来。跑出来的家畜将会被宰杀。The incident is typical of Singapore’s founding father, and of the city state itself, which has mostly eschewed ideology in favour of practical solutions to practical problems. In a chapter on “greening Singapore” in From Third World To First, Lee detailed how he cleaned up unhygienic hawkers’ stalls, led anti-spitting campaigns, banned dangerous fireworks at Chinese lunar new year and started a methodical tree-planting and maintenance effort that has left Singapore one of the greenest cities in the world.这起事件体现了新加坡国父以及新加坡自身的典型做事风格,这个城市国家基本上抛开意识形态,倾向以务实的态度解决现实问题。在《从第三世界到第一世界》(From Third World to First)中“绿化新加坡”这一章里,李光耀讲述了他是如何清理不卫生的街头小贩,发起反对随地吐痰运动,禁止在中国农历新年燃放危险的烟花爆竹,以及有条不紊地开展植树养护行动——这让新加坡成为全球绿化程度最高的城市之一。Lee, who died in March aged 91, knew that even centuries of custom could be nudged or bullied out of existence. What comes across most strongly in his memoir is just how practical and non-ideological he was. For Lee, a former socialist who became an enforcer of state-guided capitalism and even more guided democracy, the main preoccupation was not to create a utopian society but rather one that worked and prospered. The “improbable country” he helped build, which this weekend celebrates its 50th anniversary, is above all a pragmatic state. To adapt a phrase coined by Lee, who said the young nation could not afford the luxury of poetry, Singapore is a creation written in prose.他知道,即便是沿袭了多个世纪的习俗也可能在规劝或强制之下被打破。李光耀于今年3月去世,享年91岁。在他的自传里令人印象最为深刻的是,他是那么的务实和超越意识形态。李光耀曾经是一名社会主义者,后来成为国家指导资本主义乃至指导民主体制的践行者,对他来说,那时的当务之急是让社会运转起来并实现繁荣,而不是建立一个乌托邦式的社会。他帮助建立的“不可能的国家”首先是一个务实的国家——新加坡于8月9日迎来建国50周年纪念日。李光耀曾表示,年轻国家负担不起诗歌的奢侈。套用他的话说,新加坡是用散文写就的。Its dogged practicality was not typical of the 20th century. At one extreme were totalitarian states, both communist and fascist, that pursued ideology at any — invariably disastrous — cost. At the other were liberal democracies, or “open societies”. Somewhere in the middle were kleptocracies and crony capitalist states. Singapore, along with a few other mostly Asian states, pursued a genuinely national project aimed at lifting the living standards of its people.它那根深蒂固的务实性在20世纪并不具有代表性。20世纪的一个极端是不惜一切代价(这始终是灾难性的)追求意识形态的极权政府——无论是共产主义还是法西斯主义。另一个极端是自由民主体制,或者叫“开放型社会”。处于中间路线的是窃国政治和裙带资本主义国家。新加坡与其他一些国家(以亚洲国家为主)则推行一种真正的国家方针大计,目标是提升人民的生活水平。Professor Kishore Mahbubani, of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, says that pragmatism — along with meritocracy and honesty — are the keystones of Singapore’s transformation. In the mid-1960s, when its per capita gross domestic product was 0, he remembers a school feeding programme where he drank milk from a pail using a ladle shared with other children. Today, GDP per capita is ,000. “Pragmatism is a dirty word to western intellectuals,” he says, but it can be an ethical principle if it improves people’s lives. At its simplest, it means learning from others. Singapore’s administrators scoured the world for practical solutions. They modelled their port on Rotterdam, their army on Israel’s and their government housing schemes on Europe’s.李光耀公共政策学院(Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy)的马凯硕教授(Kishore Mahbubani)表示,务实主义加上精英政治和诚实是新加坡转变的基石。在新加坡人均GDP只有500美元的上世纪60年代中期,他记得有一项学校食品供应计划,可以让自己和其他孩子一起用一个长柄勺子从桶里舀牛奶喝。现在,新加坡人均GDP达到5.5万美元。他说:“务实主义在西方知识分子眼里是一个贬义词。但如果它改善了民众生活,我们就可以把它作为一个道德准则。简言之,它意味着向别人学习。新加坡政府从全世界寻求务实的解决方案。他们向鹿特丹学习港口管理,向以色列学习治军,向欧洲学习政府住房项目。”There has been much debate about whether this small city state holds lessons for bigger countries. In its philosophy of pragmatism it surely does. Even a country of China’s scale, after the change of direction engineered by Deng Xiaoping from 1979, was able to loosen its ideological shackles and pursue more practical policies. Prof Mahbubani argues excessive adherence to ideology is not limited to dictatorships or theocracies. The US refusal to admit it could improve its “disastrous” healthcare service by learning from others is evidence of a blinding ideology, he says. When it comes to gun control, “the US is as un-pragmatic as North Korea”.关于这个城市小国是否值得较大国家学习,一直存在着很大的争论。就其务实主义哲学来说,当然值得学习。即便像中国这么大的国家,在1979年邓小平设计改革方向之后也能够放松其意识形态桎梏,追求较为务实的政策。马凯硕辩称,过分执着于意识形态的不仅仅是独裁者或者神权政体。他说,美国拒绝承认它可以通过向其他国家学习来改善其“灾难性的”医疗务,这体现了一种使人盲目的意识形态。就控制而言,“美国和朝鲜一样不务实”。Pragmatism comes with costs. Insofar as it seeks to shape people’s behaviour and values, it is an ideology in itself. Lee picked bad policies as well as good ones. He encouraged small families and pursued a mild form of eugenics, discouraging less-well-educated couples from having children[HOW?]. Today, Singapore is stuck with a disastrously low birth rate. He also hounded opponents, using libel laws and the courts, to silence critics. The resulting “air-conditioned nation”, in the phrase of Cherian George, a political analyst, purrs like a machine. It also lacks a richness of debate, divergence and dissent.务实主义并非没有代价。就寻求塑造人民行为和价值观这一点来说,它本身也是一种意识形态。李光耀推行的政策有好有坏。他鼓励人们减少生育,并提倡一定程度的优生,不鼓励教育程度较低的夫妇要小孩。如今新加坡仍困扰于灾难性的低生育率。他还逼迫政敌,利用诽谤法和法庭来让批评者噤声。由此产生的“空调国家”——用政治分析师契连吠治(Cherian George)的话来说——就像一台机器一样轰轰作响。新加坡还极为缺乏辩论、分歧和异见。Ho Kwon Ping, chairman of Banyan Tree, a hotel company, calls Singapore “first world-minus”. In an extraordinary series of lectures, he asserts the need for a “second act of this great Singapore miracle”. Renewal will mean the development of a more holistic society, where the social, cultural and political realms flourish. It will also mean that the People’s Action party, which has ruled since independence, will have to contemplate ceding power to forces outside its self-ordained priesthood. Mr Ho sees cause for optimism in a young generation that is prepared to question and probe — and one that, above all, believes it has the agency to exact change.悦榕度假酒店集团(Banyan Tree)董事长何光平(Ho Kwon Ping)将新加坡称为“第一世界-”(first world-minus)。他在精的系列演讲中提出,“这个伟大的新加坡奇迹需要进入第二幕”。革新将意味着建设一个更加全面发展的社会,让社会、文化和政治领域蓬勃发展。它也将意味着,自新加坡独立以来一直执政的人民行动党将不得不考虑将权力让与其自封神职体系以外的势力。何光平认为有理由对怀着质疑和探索之心的年轻一代感到乐观——最重要的是,年轻一代相信他们拥有促成改变的力量。Lee and his generation made Singapore work, and work spectacularly well. What is now needed, in Mr Ho’s phrase, is “a flowering of the Singapore garden”.李光耀及其同时代人让新加坡运转起来,而且运转得非常好。用何光平的话来说,现在需要的是让“新加坡花园百花盛放”。 /201508/391729襄樊市人民医院做宫腔粘连手术好吗 Tunisian security forces say they have killed the main suspect in the deadly museum attack that targeted foreign tourists, as thousands took to the streets of the capital to denounce extremism.突尼斯保安部队说,已经击毙不久前专门针对外国游客、造成多人死伤的物馆杀案的主要嫌疑人。成千上万人走上首都街头谴责极端主义。Tunisia#39;s state news agency TAP says Abou Sakhr Lokman was killed, along with eight others, late Saturday during an anti-terrorist operation in the Gafsa region near the Algerian border.突尼斯国家通讯社说,物馆袭击案主要嫌疑人罗克曼与其他8人星期六晚上在靠近阿尔及利亚边境加夫萨地区的一次反恐突击行动中被一起击毙。Officials say Lokman#39;s group, which is affiliated with the North African branch of al-Qaida, organized the March 18 attack on the Bardo museum that left 21 foreign tourists and a Tunisian policeman dead.突尼斯官员说,隶属于北非基地组织的罗克曼团伙,策划了3月18号的物馆袭击事件,造成21名外国游客和一名突尼斯警察丧生。On Sunday, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Tunis to protest extremist violence in the country.成千上万人星期天走上突尼斯街头,抗议极端暴力行为。Leaders from several countries, including France and Italy, joined Tunisian leaders for the march from the seat of government at Bab Es-Saadoun to the museum.法国和意大利等国家的领导人和突尼斯领导人一道参加了从突尼斯政府所在地巴柏撒顿游行前往巴尔杜国家物馆的示威活动。 /201503/367253襄樊人民医院彩超

襄阳市东风医院四维彩超预约Signs are growing that Hong Kong’s pro-democracy street protests, now well into their second month, are beginning to prove a drag on the local economy.越来越多的迹象表明,已持续1个月零9天的香港民主抗议活动,已开始拖累当地经济。Hong Kong’s purchasing managers#39; index – a survey of business conditions released by HS – showed that private sector activity last month dropped at its fastest pace in three years. The October ing of 47.7 compares with 49.8 the month before. A figure below 50 indicates contraction.香港的采购经理人指数(PMI)显示,上月私人部门活动创下3年来最大跌幅。该指数由汇丰(HS)发布,是针对营商环境的调查结果。10月的PMI为47.7,与前一月的49.8差异显著。PMI指数低于50表示经济在收缩。A student-led civil disobedience movement has closed a number of main highways in three key business districts of Hong Kong since late September. Protesters, who at one point numbered more than 100,000, have been calling on Hong Kong’s government to alter its plans for electoral reform, due to be introduced in 2017.自9月底以来,一场由学生领导的公民抗命运动封锁了香港三大商业区的多条主要公路。抗议者一度超过10万人,他们呼吁香港政府修改将于2017年实施的选举改革方案。So far little progress has been made in finding a solution to the problem through dialogue, while the government has chosen not to deploy force to clear the protesters from their camps.迄今为止,各方通过对话寻找解决方案的努力进展不大,而政府已决定不动用武力清场。The PMI ing is the first piece of reliable economic data for the month of October, giving an early indication of the impact of the protests. Official retail sales, which many analysts expect to have suffered from the unrest, are not due to be released until the end of this month.最新PMI读数是关于10月经济表现的第一个可靠数据,初步反映了抗议活动的影响。官方零售销售额数据预定在本月末发布,许多分析师预测,动荡的局势肯定拉低了销售额。However, Hong Kong’s retail management association has said that some of its members reported dramatic falls in sales in the first few days of October, a national holiday period when millions of tourists arrive every year from China.香港零售管理协会(retail management association)表示,一些会员企业报告,10月头几天、也就是国庆假期期间的销售额出现了明显下滑。每年国庆假期都有数百万游客从内地前往香港。Sa Sa International, a Hong Kong-listed cosmetics retailer popular with visitors, reported a 3 per cent drop in sales during the holiday period, which it said was “mainly attributable to a decrease in traffic as a result of the recent demonstrations”.香港上市公司、备受游客青睐的化妆品零售商莎莎国际(Sa Sa International)报告,国庆假期的销售额同比下跌3%,“主要是因为最近的抗议导致客流量下降”。In its earnings statement this week, German luxury clothing brand Hugo Boss said that the civil unrest in Hong Kong had taken a toll on its global sales, while Estée Lauder mentioned the territory’s “soft retail environment” as it lowered guidance on Tuesday.德国奢侈装品牌雨果斯(Hugo Boss)本周发布财报,称香港的公民抗议活动冲击了其全球销售额,而雅诗兰黛(Estée Lauder)周二调低盈利预期时,则提到香港“低迷的零售业环境”。The Hong Kong economy is aly under pressure as growth over the border in mainland China continues to slow. Retail sales have been falling for most of this year, in part a reflection of an anti-corruption drive that has dented demand for watches, jewellery and other luxury goods.随着中国内地经济增长继续放缓,香港经济本来就处于压力之下。今年香港的零售业销售额大部分时间在下滑,部分也因为内地的反腐败运动降低了手表、珠宝等奢侈品需求。However, a number of economists have downgraded their growth forecasts for Hong Kong as a direct result of the disruption to the retail and tourism sectors caused by the political impasse.一些经济学家已下调他们对香港的增长预测,这是政治僵局对零售业和旅游业造成破坏的直接后果。“We think both tourist and local consumption will fall in October – and likely November too, depending on when street blockages can be cleared – due to protests having reduced human traffic at shops”, Citigroup economist Adrienne Lui wrote recently in a report.花旗集团(Citigroup)经济学家雷智颜(Adrienne Lui)在近期一份报告中写道:“我们认为10月份的游客消费和本地消费都会下滑,因为抗议活动减少了商店的人流量。11月可能也一样,这取决于街道障碍物何时能被清除。”The protests have also been linked to the delay of a much-anticipated stock exchange tie-up between Hong Kong and Shanghai. The so-called stock connect will offer investors both inside China and across the world a new avenue for cross-border equities trading of Shanghai and Hong Kong shares.抗议活动还被认为与备受期待的“沪港通”——上海交所与香港交所之间的互联互通机制——的推迟有关。这一机制将为中国内地及世界各地的投资者提供一个跨境买卖香港、上海股票的新途径。The scheme was expected to launch in late October but has still not been given the green light from Beijing. On Tuesday CY Leung, Hong Kong’s chief executive, directly linked the demonstrations to the project’s apparent delay.此前人们预计“沪港通”在10月底推出,但北京方面到现在仍未开绿灯。周二,香港特首梁振英(CY Leung)直接将抗议活动与“沪港通”的延迟联系到一起。 /201411/340989 宜城妇幼保健院无痛人流的收费标准湖北省襄阳妇幼保健院中医院开展无痛人流吗



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