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襄阳第四人民医院医院网络咨询襄阳人民医院是私人医院吗Adding classes in yoga, meditation and other so-called mind-body regimens is just one way fitness professionals in the financial district are responding to recent economic uncertainties roiling their corporate clientele. Some are also offering shorter, cheaper personal training sessions and, in at least one health club, quiet discounts for members who lose their jobs.Amid layoffs, concerns about staying buff could seem trivial. (Imagine the headline “World Markets Near Collapse: Muscle Tone Under Threat.f221;) Yet, businesspeople themselves wonder how a perilous financial climate will affect their physical fitness — and if exercise could help them weather hard times.Some struggle to squeeze in any workouts at all. But others, like Amy Sturtevant, an investment director for Oppenheimer amp; Company in Washington, find themselves doubling down on conditioning for relief. “Professionals are doing their best not to panic, but I know a lot of professionals who are panicking” about the markets, she said. “The only way to get away from it is to have some kind of outlet.”Ms. Sturtevant, a mother of four, is training for her fourth marathon. With brokerage clients needing more hand-holding, she said, she stints on sleep rather than skip her 5 a.m. daily boot camp and 20-mile weekend runs.But one of Ms. Sturtevant’s training partners, a portfolio manager, said in an e-mail message that she had not been as diligent as Ms. Sturtevant and had been “scarce” at their workouts. The portfolio manager said she had weathered some tough financial cycles, “but this one has been uniquely disabling.”“Forget the 5 o’clock wake-up to run,” she wrote. “Who is sleeping?”One business owner, Sheri David, is backsliding for business reasons. As chief executive of Impressions on Hold, a company based in New York that sells corporate voicemail systems, a tougher sales environment has meant Ms. David sees more of her customers and less of her personal trainer. Over the summer, she dropped from five sessions a week to three; by mid-September, she said, “it turned into one day for one hour.”Her trainer, Chris Hall, chides Ms. David to make time and, when she does, to tune out her BlackBerry, she reported. “But I say, ‘You don’t understand — there’s 27,000 reasons I have to pay attention,’ ” referring to her accounts.For his part, Mr. Hall — whose clients have included Catherine Zeta-Jones — is now offering 30-minute, “high-core, high-intensity” sessions and shared workouts, he said, “because people don’t necessarily have as much time as they used to, and they don’t want to spend as much money.”According to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, there are 41.5 million health club members in the ed States. To keep them on the roster, clubs may be willing to bargain. Most customers who quit the Telos Fitness Center in Dallas, for example, must pay to rejoin. But, for suddenly strapped longtime members, “I’ll put a note in their file and we’ll let them pick up their membership without any fees,” said Clarisa Duran, the center’s sales and marketing director.For Plus One, which operates in-house fitness centers, corporate accounts are the issue; until recently, its major accounts included the investment banks Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Though still operating in all of those except Bear Stearns (which closed in March), the company now must look to its recent expansion in other regions and industries for growth, said Tom Maraday, the senior vice president. (Google is one new client.)“We’re a little experienced with stress because we went through 9/11 down here,” said Grace DeSimone, Plus One’s national director of group fitness. When disaster strikes, she noted, demand for yoga goes up, and on-site gyms exert a special pull: “People come and they want someone to talk to — it’s like Cheers.”And, as in a bar, the televisions stay on. “In the banks, we have to keep the news on,” Mr. Maraday said. But at Cadence Cycling and Multisport Centers, TV’s show training s rather than CN, because “we want this to be an escape,” said Mikael Hanson, director of performance for Cadence in New York.During the Bear Stearns collapse, as becalmed financiers sought their escape, midday classes at the in-house gym grew crowded, according to a former Bear Stearns trader who declined to be named. When the final ax fell, they lost not just jobs but access to a club offering “everything,” she recalled, a hint of longing in her voice.“They even gave you the shirts and shorts so you didn’t have to worry about laundry.” Now she can no longer get in her daily 5:30 a.m. workout. Her new employer has no gym and, with the markets erupting, her workday starts even earlier. “I wish there was a gym that opened at 5 in midtown,” the trader said, “but there isn’t.”Stephanie Shemin Feingold misses a cushy fitness center, too. Since leaving a Midtown law firm in June to work at a nonprofit in Harlem, she’s been using her apartment building’s spartan fitness room. “When there are only three tmills, it can get crowded pretty quickly,” she said.“I’m lucky if I get in 20 minutes instead of the hour I used to do,” Ms. Shemin Feingold said. “My pants are getting tight. I’m going to have to figure out a new routine, because I can’t afford a new wardrobe.”Fitness matters more than ever if you’re laid off, career counselors advise, not just for health, but to network and stay positive. “The last thing you want is to gain 20 pounds during a job search, ” said Dr. Jan Cannon, author of “Finding a Job in a Slow Economy.” “That just compounds that sense of, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ ”Exercise, she added, can also spur creativity. “You know how we always have those ‘aha’ moments in the shower?” Dr. Cannon said. In the same way, “a good brisk walk can be very helpful.”Jenny Herring, a Des Moines financial writer, usually walks or bikes for respite from the fulltime job search she began in June, after being downsized as part of the subprime mortgage fallout. But one day last month, feeling frustrated when her phone refused to ring, she varied the routine: “I said, I’m going to get outside, and I mowed the front and back yards” for exercise.For a motivated few, extra time for conditioning actually proves a rare upside of unemployment. “A lot of people who are between jobs are using this downtime to go after a goal,” like a triathlon, said Mr. Hanson of Cadence Cycling.Dr. Cannon recalled a client whose workouts last spring “got more frequent as time went on” — to block out the disappointment, and to give her something to get up and do every day.“She lost 40 pounds.” /200811/55457襄阳人民医院网上预约 1.Seek beauty around you. Seeking beauty on rainy day.Seek beauty around you. How do you define beauty? As you go through your day, try to make note of things and people that strike you as beautiful: art, the sky, someone's freckles. If you can, write them down. Try to understand what makes them beautiful to you. They may not be beautiful to others, but that's why beauty is in the eye of the beholder.善于发现生活的美 /200912/92135用英文求婚的若干种深情表达求婚用英文可是有很多种表达方式哦。男生不妨来学习一下:1. 单刀直入法 Will you marry me? 你愿意嫁给(娶)我吗? Would you be my wife/husband? 你愿意当我的妻子/丈夫吗? 2. 迂回暗示法 I think it's time we took some vows. 我想是我们该许下誓言的时候了。 I think it's time we settled down... 我想是我们该稳定下来的时候了...... I want to spend the rest of my life with you. 我要与你共度余生。 I want to be with you forever. 我要永远与你相守。 3. 咬文嚼字法 Let's get hitched! 我们成为比翼鸟吧! Let's tie the knot! 我们结为连理枝吧! 4. 强迫法 I want to have your children. 我要跟你生宝宝。 /200803/32133襄樊人民医院的评价

南漳县人民医院开展无痛人流吗Several theories have been proposed for why religions and religious beliefs have evolved, but before now none of them have involved parasites.Previous theories have suggested that religions help enforce group cooperation. Another suggestion is that religious thoughts and practices are a side-effect of mental abilities that have evolved for other purposes. For example, prayer is a small step from our evolved ability to rehearse what we plan to say to someone who isn't physically with us right now.Crucially, none of these accounts can ily explain why the diversity of religions varies so much around the world. Brazil, for example, has 159 religions compared with Canada's 15, even though both countries are of comparable size.Now Corey Fincher and Randy Thornhill have tested the idea that religious diversity is a side-effect of the fragmentation of cultures that tends to occur in the face of increased threat from infectious disease.Fincher and Thornhill used the World Christian Encyclopedia and the Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network to compare the sp of infections and religions across 219 countries. Their results were clear: in regions with a greater variety of infectious parasites, the diversity of religions also tends to be greater. This association held strong even after exploring the impact of other potential factors, such as differences in democratisation and histories of colonisation.The researchers say the association between religion and parasites occurs because reducing contact with outsiders can help protect against disease. In turn, when cultures fragment and groups avoid making contact with each other, more religions are likely to spring up."Although religion apparently is for establishing a social marker of group alliance and allegiance, at the most fundamental level, it may be for the avoidance and management of infectious disease," Fincher and Thornhill said. The pair also believe that the diversity of languages and parasites tends to co-vary across the globe for similar reasons. 一些探索宗教和宗教信仰的演变原因的理论已经有人提出了,但到现在为止还没有任何相关理论涉及寄生虫。以前的理论认为,宗教促进人类的团体合作。也有的认为,宗教思想和实践是人类用于其它目的所形成的心智能力的一种副作用。举例来说,祈祷来源于人们排练对不在身旁的人说话的内容。最重要的是,所有这些理论都不能解释世界上宗教多样性的原因。例如,巴西有159种类型的宗教,而加拿大却只有15种,即使这两个国家的面积大小相关不大。现在科里#8231;芬奇和兰蒂#8231;陶希尔已经实他们的想法:宗教的多样性是文明分散的一种副效应。而文明分散往往是因为面临来自传染病不断扩大的威胁产生的。利用世界基督教百科全书、全球传染病和流行病学网络,芬奇和陶希尔在219个国家内对传染病传播与宗教传播进行比较。其结果是明确的:在传染性寄生虫种类繁多的区域,宗教的多样性也往往会更明显。这种联系对之后探讨其他潜在因素有很大的影响,如不同的民主化历程和不同的殖民统治历史。研究人员表示,宗教和寄生虫之间的关联是因为减少与外界接触可以帮助抵御疾病。反过来,当文明的片段或人类群体避免彼此接触,更多的宗教就有可能涌现。“虽然宗教表面是为团体同盟或忠诚建立一种社会标志,但根本上,它可能是为了避免和控制传染病, ”芬奇和陶希尔说。两人还认为,语言和寄生虫在世界各地的多样性可能出于同样的原因。 /200811/56479湖北省襄阳妇幼保健院中医院妇科挂号 Robert Samuelson has an article at Real Clear Politics this morning that hones in on the likely results of a “cap and trade” regime in the ed States:The chief political virtue of cap-and-trade — a complex scheme to reduce greenhouse gases — is its complexity. This allows its environmental supporters to shape public perceptions in essentially deceptive ways. Cap-and-trade would act as a tax, but it’s not described as a tax. It would regulate economic activity, but it’s promoted as a “free market” mechanism. Finally, it would trigger a tidal wave of influence-peddling, as lobbyists scrambled to exploit the system for different industries and localities. This would undermine whatever the system’s abstract advantages.That been the experience with the EU’s system:Fights have erupted as countries seek to guard their interests. Eastern European nations have lobbied for more generous allocations because of their communist legacies and lower living standards. Germany, the continent’s largest wind-energy producer, wants an E.U. mandate that each country get 20 percent of its energy from renewable resources by 2020; Poland, which uses no renewable resources, is resisting.Germany boasts that it has cut emissions to 18.4 percent below 1990 levels, the benchmark used in the Kyoto Protocol and in Europe. But nearly half the reduction was because of sagging industrial output in the former East Germany after reunification. For the 2008-2012 period, E.U. officials sliced 5 percent off Germany’s emissions proposal.Individual companies have also haggled over whether their historical records were representative emission benchmarks.“A paper mill in Italy would get different credits from a paper mill in Germany, even if they are completely the same,” said Marco Mensink, energy and environment director of the Confederation of European Paper Industries.Perversely, Europe’s cap-and-trade system has done little to reduce output at such places as the Janschwalde coal plant, Europe’s third-biggest carbon dioxide emitter. Each year, it spews more than 25 million tons of carbon dioxide. The dirty gray plant still has turbines and generators that date from Soviet times. It has nine cooling towers, and just half of its output can power all of Berlin.There have been improvements in carbon emissions in Europe (the improvements here without such a system have been greater) but I’ve seen no attempts at disaggregating the effects of cap and trade and other EU policies aimed in that direction from the export of EU manufacturing to China which I believe is the primary cause of reductions in emissions and energy use both in the EU and here.I have no objection to moves to reduce carbon emissions in principle, particularly moves that would reward greater efficiency. My own preferred policy would be a straightforward carbon tax. Less riggable. But I also think that we’re likely to get more bang for the buck by removing the vast array of government incentives that encourage greater energy consumption generally and greater oil consumption in particular. I have no illusions that such a plan would ever be adopted. Too many of our oxen would be gored.If the next administration is a Democratic one I expect we’ll see greater moves in the direction of a cap and trade system. Its very complexity tends to be attractive to technocrats. However, with the political constraints that our legislators are feeling these days I think we’ll see even more out-and-out regulation without much in the way of measures to increase enforcement of the regulations. That has the benefit of appearing to be doing something about the problem without incurring the costs of actually doing something about it. Talk as always is cheap.If the next administration is a Republican one I doubt that much substantive will be done, especially considering today’s Republican Party’s allergy to taxes. We’ll continue to make most of the same mistakes we’re making now. 今天上午,罗伯特萨缪尔森在"Real Clear Politics"上发表的一篇文章,极大的完善了美国的“排放贸易”制度:这是“排放贸易”制度最主要的政治优点-一个复杂的计划用以减少温室气体-它的复杂性.这使得其环保的持者,基本上是在以欺骗的方式形成市民的看法.排放贸易将作为税,但它不被形容为税。它将规范经济活动,但同时它作为一个“自由市场”的机制被推广。 最后,它会引起海啸式的影响-说客争相利用该系统对不同行业和地区的规定进行推销。这将破坏该系统的理论优势。这一直是欧盟制度的经验:因为国家寻求防范他们的利益而导致打斗爆发。而东欧国家游说是为了更慷慨的分配,因为他们的共产主义遗留思想和较低的生活水平。德国,欧洲大陆最大的风力能源的生产者,希望欧盟的任务是到2020年,每个国家能获得20 %的来自可再生资源的能源,波兰,它却抵制这种做法,没有使用可再生资源。德国自夸它已削减排放量的18.4 %,低于用于京都协议书和欧洲的1990年的基准水平,但实质上德国有将近一半的减少是因为在前东德统一后工业产值低靡。, 欧盟官员提出关于在2008-2012年间削减德国5 %排放量的建议。个体公司也争论代表的废气排放基准是否超过了他们的历史纪录,“造纸厂在意大利和造纸厂在德国会得到不同的贷款,即使他们是完全一样的”,欧洲造纸工业的邦联能源和环境署署长马曼思克说。相反的,欧洲的排放贸易体制在像减少janschwalde煤电厂的排出方面做的很少,它是欧洲的第三大二氧化碳排放源。每年,它喷出超过25万吨的二氧化碳,肮脏的灰色车间仍然有苏联时代的涡轮机和发电机,它有9个冷却塔,只需一半的输出产量可以相当于柏林所有的二氧化碳喷出量。碳排放量在欧洲已有所改善(在缺少这样一个系统的情况下改善是非常重要的),但我见到它对分解排放贸易的影响没有作用,其他欧盟政策的目的是在这一方向上出口欧盟制造业到中国,我相信这是排放量减少和能源在欧盟和在这里的使用的首要原因。在原则上,我对减少二氧化碳排放量的行为并无异议,尤其是奖励提高工作效率的行为。我自己偏好的政策就是采取一个简单的碳税。少非法操纵. 但我也认为我们很可能获得更多的重击通过推卸责任,撤消大量的政府奖励措施,鼓励更多的能源消耗和更大的石油消费量,特别是,我幻想着认为这样的一个计划,在任何时候都将获得通过。太多,我们会有冲突。如果下一届政府是一个民主的政府,我期望我们将能看到在排放贸易体制方面有更大的举动。其非常复杂,往往吸引着科技工作者。然而,随着政治上的限制,这些天来,我们的立法者,我认为他们都感到了我们将看到更地地道道的规例,在没有多大措施的途径上,以增加有关规例的执行。实际上,在没有对成本做一些事情时,似乎对这个问题做一些事是有好处的,不过如果是谈的话当然是很容易的。如果下一届政府是一个共和党政府,我猜想会有很多实质性工作要做,尤其是考虑到现在的共和党对税的过敏性。我们将继续犯现在我们正在犯的同样错误中的大部分错误。见前面我猜想,从专业的政治家的角度来看,最后这一点可能是排放贸易计划的最大好处,尤其对于开发工程管理系统。毕竟,石油和煤炭现在比开发工程管理系统更有可能送钱给共和党. 在最初几年后,这可能会改变,更不用说这将创造所有其他影响推销的可能性。并请注意,我不是特地指那些代表(尤其不是目前的民选官员)以上的机电工程署署长。他们由不同的游说买和付。如果排放贸易成为现实,他们会适应这种制度。它是一项功能,而非缺陷。目前,美国对散布污染物质者有排放贸易体制,我不认为他们已经有上文所述的最坏的情况下的影响的任何一点。该系统的自由市场者倡导以单纯的指挥和控制条例作为首选, (您将只能排放z微米的K物质或明给我们您用以减少K物质的排放量所使用的最好的技术)。我想申明两点:市场的创造不是成本全免的。在伊利诺斯州,我相信政府的成本是通过那些排放者的申请费来实现的。有些人可能称之为税。第二,复杂的附带成本。最近,在伊利诺斯州我已经表示,政府给予一个新的清洁空气法案许可的过程将需时3至5年,。并非所有都归咎于排放量贸易(或许只有一点点可以),但它不断恶化,任务也随之不断增加。 /200808/46213襄阳东风医院的微信号多少

襄阳谷城县人民中心医院做人流Exercise helps smokers quit - study Want to quit smoking? Hit the gym.A study released on Tuesday by the American College of Chest Physicians found smokers who combine exercise with nicotine gum or transdermal patches are more likely to quit than those who rely onnicotine replacement therapyalone.Sixty-eight patients at two Austrian hospitals were randomly assigned either a treatment program that included exercise or one that only used nicotine replacement therapy.After three months, 80 percent of those who exercised had quit smoking, while 52 percent of those in the group that did not exercise had quit.And those who exercised were more likely to reduce their cigarette smoking if they did not quit, the study found. They also scored better on several tests measuring respiratory health.The study was conducted at Otto Wagner Hospital and Lainz Hospital in Austria.想戒烟吗?快去运动吧!美国胸腔医学院本周二公布的一项研究显示,吸烟者在使用尼古丁口香糖或皮肤药贴戒烟的同时进行适当的运动,比仅采用尼古丁替代疗法效果好。研究人员将奥地利两家医院的68个病人随机分成了两组,一组人的治疗计划中加入了运动,而另一组人只用尼古丁替代疗法。三个月后,通过运动戒烟的人中有80%成功戒烟,而另一组没有进行运动的人中只有52%戒了烟。研究发现,就算运动戒烟者未能彻底戒除烟瘾,他们的吸烟量也会大大减少。而且运动戒烟者在其它几项有关呼吸健康测试中的得分也相对较高。这项研究是在奥地利的奥托·瓦格纳医院和廉兹医院进行的。Vocabulary:nicotine replacement therapy: 尼古丁替代疗法 /200808/46428 Two thirds of women prefer working for male bosses because they are better managers and less prone to moods, a study has suggested.一项调查显示,三分之二的女性更愿意为男上司工作,因为他们是更好的管理者,而且比较不会情绪化。Many female employees also like having a man in charge because they are "more authoritative" and "more straight-talking" than their female counterparts.许多女雇员也喜欢有一个男主管,因为他们“更权威”,而且比女主管“说话更坦诚”。Women rated men "tougher", "better at delegation" and also more likely to regularly dish out praise.女人对男上司的评价是“更坚强”、“更善于委派”,而且更能够经常性地给予称赞。And men were also hailed as being better decision-makers and having more grasp of the business overall than women do.另外,男人们还被认为是更好的决策者,相对于女人能更好地从整体把握行业情况。It also emerged four out of ten women who have female bosses believe they could do a better job than their immediate superior.那些有女上司的女职员中,百分之四十认为她们能比她们的直接上司干得更好。The study of 2,000 women in full or part-time employment asked whether they would prefer to have a man or woman as their immediate line manager.这项研究调查了2000名全职或兼职女雇员,问题就是她们更愿意自己的部门主管是男性还是女性。Some 63 per cent expressed a male preference, while only 37 per cent opted for a woman.63%的女雇员更希望自己的直接上司是男性,而37%的女雇员选择了女上司。The results also revealed one in six women who currently work under a woman is experiencing "underlying tension" between themselves and their boss.调查结果还显示,目前在为女上司工作的女雇员中,每六个人中有一个人跟上司之间存在“潜在的紧张关系”。A host of reasons emerged for the male preference including a feeling female managers felt threatened by other women at work.男性上司被青睐的众多原因包括女性管理者在工作当中会感觉到来自其他女同事的威胁。A failure to leave personal problems at home was also cited.女上司把个人问题带到工作中也是原因之一。Other issues included a lack of flexibility over leaving early or starting late.其他原因还包括女上司在早退或晚到的问题上缺乏灵活性。But despite the worries, female bosses did score highly on the more personal side of the manager/employee relationship.但是尽管有以上的忧虑,女性上司在管理者和雇员之间的关系中更人性化的方面得分很高。They were revealed as being approachable, more trustworthy and more compassionate in a member of staff's time of need.调查发现她们更加平易近人,更值得信任,而且在员工需要的时候更有同情心。 /200908/81471襄州区人民医院资料襄阳南漳县人民医院药房



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