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抚顺东洲医院治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好抚顺钢厂集体职工医院割包皮手术抚顺性功能障碍体检 Betancourt Calls for Negotiated Release of All FARC Hostages哥伦比亚获救人质吁所有人质获释  A day after being freed from Colombian rebels, Ingrid Betancourt is calling for new efforts to win the release of other hostages in rebel hands. Betancourt was one of 15 people freed by Colombian forces on Wednesday. 哥伦比亚政界人士英格丽德.贝当古在获救一天后呼吁采取新的行动,争取解救还在哥伦比亚反政府武装手中的其他人质。贝当古星期三和另外14名人质一起被哥伦比亚军方从反政府力量手中解救出来。Former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt is celebrating with her family, after being freed from more than six years in captivity. 贝当古曾经是哥伦比亚总统候选人,在被关押六年多后,她现在正在和家人一起庆祝团聚。But she stressed dozens of other people remain in jungle camps of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Betancourt said the leftist rebels are at a weak point, and Colombia's government should work to negotiate an end to the more than 44-year-old rebel conflict. 但是,贝当古强调说,还有几十个人仍然被关押在哥伦比亚革命武装力量在丛林中的营地里。她说,这个左翼反政府组织目前处于低潮,哥伦比亚政府应该与他们谈判,争取结束已经持续了44年的反政府冲突。Betancourt said mediators should ask rebel leaders to use their influence to encourage militants to end terrorist activities and seek a path of reconciliation and peace.  贝当古说,调解人员应该要求反政府领导人利用自己的影响力鼓励激进分子放弃恐怖活动,争取找到和解与和平的途径。Betancourt, who holds Colombian and French citizenships, thanked France's government for recent efforts to pressure rebels to free hostages. She said Colombia, France and other nations should form a league of nations to work for the release of hostages in conflicts around the world. 贝当古拥有哥伦比亚和法国双重国籍,她感谢法国政府最近向哥伦比亚反政府力量施加压力,要求释放人质。她说,哥伦比亚、法国和其他国家应该结成联盟,争取让世界各地冲突地区的人质获救 。Late Wednesday, President Alvaro Uribe said the government hopes all hostages will be freed soon from rebel hands. He also praised the work of Colombia's armed forces and intelligence agents for securing the release of Betancourt and 14 others. 星期三晚间,哥伦比亚总统阿尔瓦罗.乌里韦说,哥伦比亚政府希望不久之后所有人质都可以从反政府武装手中获释。乌里韦还称赞了哥伦比亚武装部队和情报人员在解救贝当古和其他14名人质的行动中的表现。Uribe said the operation was admirable in many ways, and it was a triumph for the armed forces, and respectful of human rights. 他说:“这次行动在很多方面都令人敬佩。这是哥伦比亚武装部队的胜利,也是对人权的尊重。”The operation also recovered 11 Colombian police and soldiers, and three American defense contractors, who were seized in 2003 when their plane crashed during a drug surveillance flight. The three men, Marc Gonsalves, Thomas Howes and Keith Stansell, were flown to a military base in Texas late Wednesday to be reunited with family members. 与贝当古同时获救的还有11名哥伦比亚警察和军人、以及三名美国国防项目的合同人员。这三个美国人在2003年被劫持,当时,他们乘坐的飞机在一次缉毒行动中坠毁。这三个人分别是基斯.斯坦塞尔、托马斯.豪斯和马克.贡萨尔维斯。他们已经于星期三晚间飞往美国德克萨斯州的一个军事基地,与等候在那里的家人团聚。President Bush praised the work of Colombia's government to secure the safe release of the hostages.  美国总统布什称赞了哥伦比亚政府安全解救人质的行动。"I congratulated the president. I asked him to congratulate his military and those who had planned it. And I told him what a joyous occasion it must be to know that the plan had worked, that people who were unjustly held were now free to be with their families," he said. 布什说:“我向乌里韦总统表示祝贺, 我还请他向哥伦比亚军队和那些计划这次行动的人表示祝贺。我对他说,得知计划成功,那些被非法关押的人获得自由,并与家人在一起,这是何等欢乐的时刻。”The U.S. ambassador to Colombia, William Brownfield, met the three Americans shortly after their rescue. He said two of them are suffering from a skin disease known as leishmaniasis, which they contracted during captivity. 美国驻哥伦比亚大使布朗菲尔德在三名美国人质获救后不久与他们会面。他说,其中两人在关押期间感染了一种叫“利什曼病”的皮肤病。200807/43361抚顺市望花医院割包皮多少钱

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抚顺市抚顺县不孕不育医院预约挂号 Let's briefly talk about (the) your wife, the junior senator from New York State. She now has another woman who is challenging her for the New York State, for her reelection, Jeanine Pirro. Listen to what she said: The Westchester County, a district attorney. Listen to this:Jeanine Pirro: When Hillary first came to New York and said she wanted to be a New Yorker, She asked us to put out the welcome mat, and New York did. But now she wants to use it as a doormat to the White House.Is Jeanine Pirro right?Jeanine Pirro is wrong. She...er... Hillary is... is not using any doormat and by the way she doesn't even have a Republican opponent yet. I don't know who the Republic is gonna nominate. I don't think you do. But I know one thing: she has been a great senator for New York. She serves with the Sanctions on the Arms Services Committee. She's been to the battle zones on more than one occasion. She's been a terrific senator for New York after 9.11, getting funds for the city to start again. She's gotten a large amount of money for working families to get health care for their kids. She's done amazing things on economic projects in upstate New York. And you know if had an opinion from my own, she would have voted 99% a time, she's been a senator. I think she still had ninety-seven and a half. So I'm really proud of the job she did as a senator. And according to all the surveys so are on New Yorkers, I think they know she's been a good senator. She has been a good senator for Republicans and independents and democrats and for every section of the state. And I think the people will support her service in the election next year. That's what I think is gonna happen.Yeah, you saw, perhaps, our recent CNN USA Today Gallup, a lot of democrats want her to run for the party's nomination in 2008. 46 percent registered democrats prefer her. Only 16 percent, ah, 41 %, excuse me, 16%for John Kerry, 15 % for John Edwards, 8 %for Joe Biden. She is the front-runner right now, isn't she?No, because she's not a candidate, and I don't know that she will be. We have a rule in our family, that I always follow and that she does. Don't look past the next election, or you might not get past the next election. So I am convinced in my own mind she hasn't decided on that. I believe I would know if she had. And I don't want her even think about that, I want her to focus on getting reelected and on doing a job as a senator. There'll be lots of time to think about that down the road. I just don't think she should do that.200707/15397抚顺市清原县医院不孕不育预约望花人民医院割包皮手术



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