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抚顺做隐睾切除术多少钱抚顺市抚顺县医院男科大夫抚顺急性尿道炎的危害 Chinese conmen hoping to capitalise on corrupt officials#39;guilty consciences have been caught running an extortion operation after they posed as an anti-corruption unit complete with fake interrogation room. 中国几个骗子希望利用腐败官员怕查的心理进行敲诈勒索,他们冒充一个反腐败单位,甚至装修了一间假的审讯室。此案已被侦破。The four men in Heilongjiang province spent Rmb200,000 (,000) to set up their scheme, complete with an interrogation room and seals of China#39;s graft-busting agency the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and a camera to record confessions, according to a report on Tencent#39;s news channel. 据腾讯新闻频道上的一篇报道,这四个人在黑龙江省花了20万元人民币(合3.1万美元)策划自己的计谋,包括一间审讯室、中央纪委印章,以及用来记录口供的摄像机。They join the ranks of creative China criminals including the fake general who wandered the country collecting bribes and the villager who built a fake bank branch that only took deposits. 他们加入了有创意的中国罪犯行列,这些罪犯包括一个在全国各地周游撞骗的假冒将军,以及一个建造了假分行(只收存款)的农民。Their plan to extort money fell apart after they showed up at the home of their first victim, the wife of the local official in charge of state farms, shouting “We#39;re the CCDI! Come with us!” 这些骗子的敲诈行动没有成功。他们上门找第一个受害人,一个国营农场场长,厉声喊道:“我们是纪委的!跟我们走!”Her husband called the police as the couple was bundled into a black car and driven away. 场长妻子在匆忙中打电话报警,随后两人被塞进一辆黑色汽车带走。It is unclear what led the husband to smell a rat. 目前还不清楚是什么促使受害人觉得事有蹊跷。The real CCDI has extra-judicial powers to detain Communist party members for long periods of interrogation without warning and without access to a lawyer or family, and its officials have on occasion been detained for corruption themselves. 真正的中纪委拥有法外权力,可以长期拘留共产党员进行审讯,事先不发警告,也不让在押人员见律师或家人。有时纪委官员自己也因涉嫌腐败被抓。The suspects#39;con was based on the expectation that the couple would promptly pay to be released. 上述嫌疑人的骗局是基于这样一个预期,即这对夫妇将为了获释而立即掏钱。Wang Peng, a criminologist at the University of Hong Kong, said: “The whole anti-corruption procedure is not transparent. There are just more uncertainties. Among officials, there is a widesp belief that corruption is everywhere.香港大学犯罪学家王鹏表示:“整个反腐败的程序是不透明的。结果造成了更多的不确定性。在官员圈子中,大家普遍认为腐败无处不在。“Because Chinese people use informal ways to get things done, they may try out bribes during the initial communication if they think it works.”“因为中国人习惯于用非正式的方式办事,他们可能在初步接触时尝试贿赂——如果他们认为贿赂管用的话。”Similar assumptions helped the career of a fake police officer in Wuhan, who for two years drove around the city in a white car with siren and handcuffs. He conducted interrogations and sold documents from his home, which was kitted out like a police station.类似的假设曾经被武汉一个假警察利用。此人在两年期间开着一辆白色汽车在市内“巡逻”,还配备了警笛和手铐。他把家里装修成一个假冒的派出所,进行审讯和出售件。He was exposed this summer after his former girlfriend turned him in to the real police, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reported.据《楚天都市报》报道,他只是在今年夏天前女友向真正的警察告发之后才被戳穿。The Heilongjiang scammers might have got their idea from the numerous China media reports about chastened officials touring jails as a warning against the wages of corruption.黑龙江骗子的灵感可能来自中国媒体关于官员们组织参观监狱作为反腐警示的大量报道。But their fake interrogation room left out details. According to blogger Chu Zhouxian, who has visited a real interrogation centre at a secret location, the interrogators sit behind a high desk while the chastened official is given a lower than normal chair to reflect the fall from power.但他们的假审讯室在细节上不够到位。据参观过一个秘密地点的真审讯中心的主Chu Zhouxian介绍,审讯员坐在一张高高的桌子后面,而受审的官员坐在一张矮椅上,以强调其已经失势。 /201510/405016抚顺县人民医院地址

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