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Say the words #39;therapy session#39; and many people will picture an hour spent on a couch dredging up unhappy childhood memories. A different approach suggests that redirecting the focus onto the present and future can make people happier, healthier and lead to better relationships.说起“心理治疗”这个词,很多人的脑海中会浮现出倚在长沙发上,花一小时来挖掘童年悲惨记忆的画面。而一种与之不同的治疗方法暗示,如果将关注的焦点转向现在和将来,会让人更快乐,更健康,建立更好的人际关系。The method, called Time Perspective Therapy, involves figuring out which of six different outlooks a person has: past-positive (you love the past); past-negative (you have regrets and bad things happened in your past -- or things that you now exaggerate as bad); present hedonism (you enjoy the present and like to reward yourself); present fatalism (you feel that events are beyond your control, so why bother?); goal-oriented future (you plan ahead and weigh the costs and benefits of any decision); transcendental future (you live a good life because you believe the reward is a heaven after death).这种方法被称为“时间观疗法”(Time Perspective Therapy),其中一项内容是判断一个人拥有以下六种不同观念中的哪一些,这六种观念分别是:过去积极时间观(你喜爱自己的过去);过去消极时间观 (你有遗憾或过去发生过不幸的事──或者你有现在被你夸大为不幸的事情);现在享受时间观(你享受当下,喜欢犒赏自己);现在宿命时间观(你感觉命运不受自己控制,那何必费心去控制呢?);目标导向未来时间观(你会事先计划,做任何决定都会权衡利弊);超验未来时间观(你过得很好,因为你相信奖赏是死后进天堂)。The best profile to have, says Philip Zimbardo, psychologist and professor emeritus at Stanford University, is a blend of a high level of past-positive, a moderately high level of future orientation and a moderate level of selected present hedonism. In other words, you like your past, work for the future -- but not so hard that you become a workaholic -- and choose when to seek pleasure in the present. Dr. Zimbardo, an influential thinker in this field who lectures widely, administers a 56-item questionnaire to determine a patient#39;s profile.斯坦福大学(Stanford University)的心理学家、名誉教授菲利普·津巴多(Philip Zimbardo)称,最好的状态是拥有高度“过去积极观”、较高“未来导向观”以及中度选择性“现在享受观”的混合。换句话说就是,你喜欢你的过去,为将来而努力(但也不是过分努力,变成了工作狂),并适时寻求当下的享受。作为该领域颇具影响的思想家,津巴多在许多地方做讲座,他通过一份由56个题项组成的问卷来确定一个人的时间观。The worst time-perspective profile to have is a high level of past-negative coupled with a high level of present fatalism. #39;These people are living in a negative past and think nothing they do can change it, #39; says Dr. Zimbardo, co-author of the book #39;The Time Cure.#39; They also score low on present hedonism and have a low future orientation. People who are clinically depressed or have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder typically have this profile.最糟糕的时间观状态是高度“过去消极观”与高度“现在宿命观”并存。《时间疗法》(The Time Cure)一书的作者之一津巴多称:“这些人活在消极的过去,认为无论做什么都无济于事。”他们在现在享受及未来导向这两项中的得分也较低。在临床上被诊断为抑郁症以及患有创伤后压力心理障碍症(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)的人一般是这种情况。Our individual time perspective is influenced by many things, including family and friends, culture, religion, education and life events. As very young children, we were all pretty much purely hedonistic -- focused on getting what we wanted when we wanted it. Some, but not all, of us become more future-oriented as we get older.个体的时间观受许多因素影响,包括家庭、朋友、文化、宗教、教育和生活事件。在幼儿时期,我们基本上都是纯粹的现在享受型,关注的是满足此时此刻的欲望。一些人(但不是所有人)会随着年龄的增长变得更加着眼于未来。In a famous study in the 1960s, psychologist Walter Mischel, now a professor at Columbia University, tested the ability of young children to resist temptation for a future goal. He placed one marshmallow in front of each child and explained that they could eat it right away if they wanted, but if they waited about 10 to 15 minutes, they could have a second one to eat. About half the children gobbled up the treat right away; the other half managed to hold out for a second marshmallow.现为哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)教授的心理学家瓦尔特·米舍尔(Walter Mischel)在20世纪60年代一项著名的研究中测试了幼童为实现未来目标而抗拒诱惑的能力。他在每个孩子面前放了一块棉花糖,对他们解释说,如果想吃,可以马上就吃,但如果能等待10到15分钟左右,就可以吃到另外一块。约半数的孩子立马就狼吞虎咽地吃掉了棉花糖;另有半数的孩子成功地坚持等来了另一块棉花糖。The time perspective that the children had when they were young had a large impact on the way they behaved later in life. Dr. Mischel followed up with the children when they were teens, and then in middle age. The individuals who resisted the marshmallow at roughly ages 4 and 5 performed better in school, scored an average of about 250 points higher on their SATs and had happier family lives. Those who ate the marshmallow immediately had more emotional problems throughout their lives.孩子幼年的时间观对他们长大后的行为方式有很大影响。米舍尔对这些孩子青少年及中年时的状况进行了追踪研究。四五岁时拒绝棉花糖诱惑的孩子在学校里表现更优秀,在SAT考试中的平均分数高出250点左右,家庭生活也更幸福。而立即就把棉花糖吃掉的孩子一生中会面临更多的情绪问题。The good news, says Dr. Zimbardo: People can change their time perspective. Between 2004 and 2012, Time Perspective Therapy was administered by Dr. Zimbardo#39;s co-authors Rick and Rosemary Sword, therapists in Maui, to 32 veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, all of whom had been through other therapies without positive results. All 32 saw a significant decrease in anxiety, depression and PTSD symptoms.津巴多称,好消息是人们可以改变自己的时间观。在2004至2012年期间,与津巴多共同撰写《时间疗法》一书的里克·索德(Rick Sword)和罗斯玛丽·索德(Rosemary Sword)(夏威夷毛伊(Maui)的心理咨询师)对32名患有创伤后压力心理障碍症的退伍老兵施行了时间观疗法,这些老兵都曾接受过其他治疗,但未能取得积极疗效。经过治疗,这32名老兵的焦虑、抑郁和创伤后压力心理障碍症的症状均显著减轻。A person can raise a past-positive score, Dr. Zimbardo says, by focusing on the good in your past: create photo albums, write letters of gratitude to people who inspired you, start an oral history of your family.津巴多称,人们可以通过关注过去的美好事物来提高过去积极项目得分:创建相册,给激励过你的人写感谢信,或开始一部家庭口述史。Your future orientation can get a boost by organizing your calendar or planning a family vacation, actions that get you to envision and plan for a positive future. And volunteering or becoming a mentor can help you see that your actions can have a positive impact.你的未来导向得分可以通过建立日程表或者规划家庭度假来提高,这些活动都能让你展望并规划积极的未来。此外,从事志愿活动或者成为指导者可以让你看到自己的行动能产生积极影响。And you can increase your present hedonism -- selectively! -- by doing something to balance your mood, such as exercise or a nature walk. Also, reward your hard work with an activity you enjoy: dinner with a friend, a massage, an afternoon playing your favorite sport.你还可以通过一些有助于平衡情绪的活动(比如锻炼或在大自然中散步)来增加现在享受(有选择性的!)。另外,用你喜欢的活动来犒赏自己的辛勤努力:和朋友一起吃饭,,用一下午时间做你最喜欢的体育运动。To lower your past-negative scores you can work to silence your pessimistic inner critic by meditating or to keeping an ongoing list of all the good things in your life right now. #39;It#39;s thinking about what#39;s good in your life now, rather than what was bad in your life then, #39; says Dr. Zimbardo.要降低过去消极得分,你可以进行冥想或者不断记录当前生活中的所有美好事物,让你内心中那个悲观的批评家静音。津巴多称:“要想想你现在生活中的美好事物,而不是过去生活中悲惨的东西。”And you can reduce your future fatalistic perspective by learning a new skill or hobby that allows you to see your change, and doing it with a partner -- it#39;s less isolating and the other person can give you positive feedback.另外,要降低未来宿命时间观得分,可以学习能让你看到自己变化的新技能或者爱好,可以和伴侣共同来做──这样就不会那么孤独,对方也能给你积极的反馈。Dominic Monahan not surprisingly had a negative perspective after he was laid off from his job as a project manager at a printing press manufacturer in 2009, and moved into his mother#39;s suburban Chicago basement. He sent out hundreds of resumes -- and landed no interviews. #39;I had no hope and was living in the past, #39; says the 42-year-old. #39;I was y to give up.#39;多米尼克·莫纳汉(Dominic Monahan)曾在一家印刷机生产商担任项目经理,2009年他遭遇了裁员,搬进他母亲位于芝加哥市郊居所的地下室,受这些变故打击,他带有一种消极观念也不足为奇。莫纳汉投了数百份简历──但一次面试机会也没有。42岁的莫纳汉说:“我完全丧失了希望,我生活在过去,我准备放弃了。”Mr. Monahan admits he was always pretty focused on present gratification. He preferred to ride his mountain bike, run, hunt, #39;or do anything#39; instead of studying. He dropped out of college, joined the Navy and held a series of technician jobs after he got out. He says he tried college several more times without graduating.莫纳汉承认,他一直都是相当重视眼前的满足。与学习相比,他更喜欢骑山地车、跑步、打猎,或者“做任何事情”。他大学时中途辍学,加入海军,退役后从事过一系列技术员工作。他说,后来他又试着上过几次大学,但都没有毕业。He tried psychotherapy after he lost his job, but quit because he felt it was just paying someone to listen to him complain. While he didn#39;t try Time Perspective Therapy specifically, his experience shows how the method can help a person recover from a downward spiral.失业后他曾尝试过心理治疗,但后来放弃了治疗,因为他觉得自己只是在付钱给别人听他发牢骚。尽管他没有专门尝试过时间观疗法,但他的经历却显示出这种方法是如何让人摆脱恶性循环的。He eventually gained 60 pounds (eating peanut butter by the spoonful) and began sleeping 18 hours a day. When he outgrew his sweatpants, he says, he decided to turn his life around. He signed up for an online finance degree, and the condensed classes helped him to feel he was making progress. He recently graduated. He also got a temporary consulting job at a company that uses new technology to purify wastewater.莫纳汉最终重了60磅(他一勺一勺地吃花生酱),他开始一天睡18个小时。他说,当他的运动裤穿不下时,他决定彻底改变一下自己的生活。他报名参加一个网上金融学位培训,密集型课程让他感觉到自己在取得进步。最近他毕业了。他还在一家运用新技术 化污水的公司找到了一份临时性顾问工作。He started to exercise and took up the martial art Tae Kwan Do. His instructor, who is also a psychologist, taught him to talk back to his negative inner voice. Now, when he starts ruminating on mistakes he#39;s made in the past, or tells himself there is no hope, he says out loud: #39;Stop . . . This behavior is not going to move us in a positive direction or make us happy.#39;他开始锻炼身体,还开始练跆拳道。他的教练(也是一位心理学家)教他反驳内心的消极声音。现在,当他开始琢磨过去犯下的错误,或者告诉自己没有希望时,他都会大声说:“停……这种行为不会让我们迈向积极的方向,也不会让我们快乐。”Mr. Monahan still lives with his mom. He has lost 35 pounds and says his hunt for a financial analyst position and his goal of achieving more Tae Kwan Do belts keep him focused on the future.莫纳汉仍然和他母亲住在一起。他已经减轻了35磅,他说,他在寻找金融分析师职位,还计划获得更高的跆拳道级别,这些目标使他将注意力集中于未来。The small steps he took all added up and #39;helped me get out of the negative past, be in the present and plan for the future, #39; he says. #39;Over time they started to change my subconscious into believing there is hope.#39;他说,他迈出的每一小步都累积起来,“帮助我摆脱了消极的过去,让我能够活在当下,筹划将来。它们渐渐开始改变我的潜意识,让我相信希望。”A Path to Happiness通往快乐之路To determine what steps people should take to boost their happiness, the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory questionnaire asks people to rate 56 statements, including the seven below, as very true, true, neutral, false or very false. For the full quiz, visit www.thetimeparadox.com为确定人们应该采取何种措施来获得更多快乐,津巴多时间观问卷让人们用“极为符合”、“符合”、“中间状态”、“不符合”和“极不符合”来评定对56项陈述(其中包括以下七项陈述)的同意程度。访问网站www.thetimeparadox.com可看到整个问卷。 /201310/262485

  In the frosty winter, it’s easy to forget about style and just bundle up in the coziest clothes you can find. But actually, fashion and warmth can be satisfied at the same time. There’s no need to sacrifice one for the other.寒冷冬日里,人们往往将时尚抛在脑后,用手边的厚衣把自己包成“粽子”。而事实上,时尚与保暖可以兼得,没必要“厚此薄彼”。Here, we pull together a few basic wardrobe pieces and layering tips. You can mix and match these staples following the layering principles to create stylish and fresh outfits —while still feeling comfortably warm all the time.这里,我们收集整理了一些衣橱必备单品及搭配小贴士。你可以根据搭配原则进行混搭,这样,既可以穿出时尚清新之感,又避免了“美丽冻人”的尴尬,可谓一举两得。Essential winter pieces衣橱必备单品Besides heavy coats and puffy down jackets, the following items will certainly make your winter wardrobe fun and easy to mix and match.除了厚重的外套和蓬松的羽绒,以下这些百搭单品也会让你的冬季衣橱乐趣十足,易于混搭。Cute boot可爱风女靴The rustic yet stylish Zorrba boots are popular this season because they’re versatile, comfortable, and fun. Any lace-up or combat-inspired boots paired with your leggings or skinny jeans will be trendy.凭借百搭、舒适、有趣等特点,质朴而时尚的女士翻帮中筒靴成为今年冬季大热单品。你可以用系带靴、军靴搭配打底裤或紧身牛仔裤,时髦立现。Cool cardigan酷帅的羊毛开衫Adding a neutral cardigan into the mix makes you instantly stylish. Choose the most flattering cardigan that hits right below the hips. Navy is a good option for color, as it looks great on all skin tones. You can pair it with a simple white T-shirt for a casual and laidback look or slip it over a sleek button-down for a more classic style.一件羊毛开衫可以立刻让你化身混搭达人。挑选一件你最喜欢的羊毛开衫,长短刚好盖过臀部。颜色方面,海军蓝是一个不错的选择,因为它适合任何肤色的人。你可以用它和白色T恤搭配出休闲风;你也可以在里面搭上一件带有领扣的衬衫,更显复古韵味。Dark jean queen深色牛仔达人Dark wash jeans strike the perfect balance between polished and comfortable, which is the ideal winter clothing combination. You can easily tuck them into your boots without any bunching at the knees or ankle. To show off your sleek silhouette in a chic and trendy way, get a pair of dark wash jeans.深色水洗牛仔裤是舒适与时尚的完美统一体,也是冬季混搭的理想之选。你可以轻而易举地就把裤腿塞入靴中,膝盖和脚踝处不会有一丝褶皱出现。想要时尚而别致地秀出魔鬼身材吗?穿上深色水洗牛仔裤吧!Sharp scarf靓丽围巾Scarves are among the most versatile accessories in your wardrobe. From different patterns and textures to varying fabrics and styles, they always make you look chic. A bold scarf can add a little brightness to your outfit. Just don’t forget to choose one that keeps you warm.围巾堪称衣橱里最百搭的饰品。从花色到纹理,从面料到款式,各式围巾会让你看上去靓丽时髦,一条抢眼的围巾更会为你的整体造型增添一抹亮色。当然也不要忘了兼顾保暖性哦。 /201401/274234

  The emotional bond a child secures with its parents has a greater impact on its education than previously thought, a report suggests.萨顿信托基金会(The Sutton Trust)的一份报告指出,良好的亲子关系对孩子日后的教育学习影响重大,远超以往预期。The Sutton Trust study says children#39;s early attachment to parents has far-reaching consequences for their ability to speak, learn and think.研究发现,婴幼儿与父母的亲子关系会对他们日后的读、写以及思辨能力产生深远影响。Parents who are insecure themselves find it harder to provide children with security, it says.报告指出,那些缺乏安全感的父母很难给予孩子关怀。And the report calls for more help so parents can develop such crucial bonds.报告指出,基金会呼吁多方的关注,帮助父母们认识到亲子关系的重要性。The study focuses on the application of the theory of attachment - a key theory in child development and psychology.基金会主要采用依恋理论(theory of attachment)进行研究——该理论在儿童成长与心理学领域颇为著名。This says the degree to which children are secure and resilient as they grow up depends on their own early experiences with their mothers and fathers and how they have bonded.研究重点关注了依附理论,孩子小时候与父母的关系如何,决定了他们在成长过程中能否拥有安全感以及积极乐观的心态。But the report from the Sutton Trust education charity, entitled Baby Bonds, makes the case that it has an important impact on children#39;s future educational chances as well as their emotional well-being.但英国慈善教育机构萨顿信托基金会在题为《婴儿的情感纽带》报告中指出,亲子关系除了会影响孩子的心态以外,还会影响他们日后的学习生活。It is based on an analysis of more than 100 studies on the issue, including home visits and assessments and observations of children in a range of countries.该结论是基于对于100多项研究的分析得出的,这其中包括对各国儿童所进行的家访、行为评估以及观察。The trust argues that although psychologists have been aware of attachment theory, it has not been seen by policy makers as a key influence on educational attainment. And it asks them to take this into account.研究人员认为,尽管心理学家对依附理论有所关注,但决策者并未将这一理论与学习机能联系在一起,希望有关部门能采纳这一研究成果。The report says when babies and toddlers do not form these strong parental bonds - known as secure attachment - they are more likely to exhibit poor language and poor behaviour before they reach school.报告指出,孩子在婴幼儿时期若是与父母的关系不甚良好——也就是缺乏安全型依附——那么入学前,这些孩子的语言及行为能力可能会表现得差一些。And it cites international studies which suggest this continues late into life, with insecure children more likely to leave school early or duck out of employment or training.报告引用了世界各国的研究,研究表明亲子关系会对孩子日后的生活产生影响,与同龄人相比,那些缺乏安全感的孩子更可能辍学或逃避就业。They are also more likely to suffer from aggression, defiance and hyperactivity later in life.缺爱的孩子长大后还可能更叛逆,更有攻击性,更加多动。The Sutton Trust says its analysis of the research suggests that about 40% of children in the UK lack a secure attachment with their parents.萨顿信托基金会的研究表明,英国大约有40%的孩子无法无法从父母处获得安全感。Lead author Sophie Moullin said that when her team looked at large scale representative studies in a number of countries they all found, from their observations, that between 38% and 42% of children suffered from poor attachment in all the different study locations.主要研究者苏菲穆兰表示她所在的小组从全球的案例中选用了许多有代表性个案。通过观察发现全世界大约有38%到42%的孩子与父母的关系很疏远。She added: ;Secure attachment really helps children with emotional and social development and at school it really helps them to manage their behaviour. These are the things that teachers will tell you that are stopping children from learning.苏菲补充说道:“安全性依附使孩子保持良好的心态以及更好的融入社会。孩子入学后,良好的亲子关系使他们的日常行为更加规范。相反,那些缺乏安全感的孩子学业可能就不会那么顺利,老师可能会向家长反映孩子行为乖张,情绪不稳,无法融入集体,以致成绩不佳。”;It#39;s really only as we understand more about these behaviour problems that we have decided that a lot of it goes back to this early bonding with parents.;“当我们对这些不良行为的理解加深后才发现,这其中的许多问题都归咎于婴幼儿时期父母对孩子的冷落。”Research director at the trust Conor Ryan said: ;Better bonding between parents and babies could lead to more social mobility, as there is such a clear link to education, behaviour and future employment.信托基金会的研究负责人康奈尔瑞安表示:“良好的亲子关系不但有助于孩子未来的学习以及求职,能规范孩子的行为,还能帮助孩子更好的进行社会职能的转变。”;The educational divide emerges early in life, with a 19-month school iness gap between the most and least advantaged children by the age of five.“五岁时孩子学习能力的差距就开始显现,第一名和最后一名之间大概相差19个月。”;This report clearly identifies the fundamental role secure attachment could have in narrowing that school iness gap and improving children#39;s life chances.“我们的报告强调了安全性依恋的重要性,良好的亲子关系既能缩小同龄人间学习能力的差距还能使孩子拥有更多发展的机会。”;More support from health visitors, children#39;s centres and local authorities in helping parents improve how they bond with young children could play a role in narrowing the education gap.;“本国的卫生访视员,儿童中心和地方当局已意识亲子关系的重要性,有关部门已采取措施,督促父母给予孩子更多关爱,以便缩小同龄人间学习能力的差距。” /201404/284309。


  Ditch your French and German textbooks and start learning Mandarin, David Cameron told the UK’s school pupils after his return from a visit to China last week.扔掉法语和德语课本,开始学习汉语吧。戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)最近从中国访问回来之后,这样对英国的小学生说。The UK prime minister should be happy with any language skills his young compatriots manage to pick up. But it is true that it would be useful if more people spoke the main language of the world’s soon-to-be largest economy.不管英国小同胞们学会什么语言技能,卡梅伦都应该感到高兴。但如果有更多的人会说即将成为世界最大经济体的国家的主要语言,确实大有裨益。I asked China-based colleagues if they knew of any foreign business leaders who spoke Mandarin. The list was short and limited to executives working in China. Roland Decorvet, the Swiss head of Nestlé in China, speaks fluent Mandarin. Peter Humphrey, the British fraud investigator who did work for GlaxoSmithKline and who has been detained by the Chinese authorities, also speaks excellent Mandarin.我曾问在中国的同事,知不知道哪些外国公司高层会说汉语。列出来的人非常少,并且仅限于在中国工作的高管。雀巢(Nestlé)大中华区的瑞士总裁狄可为(Roland Decorvet)汉语说得很流利。英国反欺诈调查员、曾为葛兰素史克(GlaxoSmithKline)效力、已被中国有关当局拘留的韩飞龙(Peter Humphrey)的汉语也说得很好。No doubt there are others, but there don’t appear to be many. A colleague who travelled with Mr Cameron and his large business delegation says he did not hear any of them make a speech in Mandarin.当然也有其他人会说汉语,但显然不多。我的一名同事随同卡梅伦及其大型商务代表团访华,他说,他们没有一个人讲过汉语。If they are to make progress, children should start learning early. But Mandarin is very different from European languages and harder for an English speaker to learn than French or German. Also, in the race to learn other languages, the Chinese are way ahead in learning English. Although the English-language component of the Chinese university entrance exam has been reduced, there are 50,000 English-language teaching companies in the country. Internationally-minded companies regard English as important. Lenovo, the Chinese computer company, has made it its official language.如果要取得进步的话,孩子们应该尽早学习汉语。但汉语与欧洲语言非常不同,对于一个说英语的人来说,汉语比法语和德语要更难学。此外,在学习外语的竞争中,中国人在学习英语方面遥遥领先。尽管英语在中国高考中的比重有所下降,这个国家还是有五万个英语培训机构。具有国际视角的公司非常重视英语。中国电脑制造商联想(Lenovo)就将英语列为官方语言。Throughout Europe, English is now essential for anyone wanting to reach a senior corporate position. It is a given, a background skill like knowing how to create a PowerPoint presentation or find your way to the office.在整个欧洲,英语对于任何想要晋升到公司高层位置的人都很关键。它是一种默认的基础技能,就像知道如何制作PPT或者是找到去办公室的路。That will be the case in China too. Foreign Mandarin speakers may establish better contacts and win business. But if China follows the European pattern, its future young executives will listen as their anglophone counterparts struggle a while in their school-learnt Mandarin and they will then switch to English because it wastes less time.在中国也是这样。会说汉语的外国人可能建立更好的人脉并赢得业务。但如果中国像欧洲对待英语那样对待 汉语,其未来的年轻高管将会听到,与他们对话的以英语为母语的高管们,磕磕绊绊地讲着学校里学来的汉语,于是他们会转而说英语,因为这样可以少浪费时间。The problem, when international business discussions take place in English, is that many English speakers are not much better at using it than they are at foreign languages. Many don’t know how to adjust their English for an international audience.在用英语开展国际商务讨论的时候,问题则在于,许多说英语的人运用英语的能力并不比运用外语好多少。很多人不知道如何面向国际听众调整他们的英文。Here are a few phrases I heard a UK manager use in a speech to some Brazilians: “it’s level pegging”; “the second myth I’d like to debunk”; “we have a stopgap with that”. Some of the Brazilians had chosen to listen to a Portuguese translation through headphones; those who had thought their English was good enough to manage without looked as if they were regretting their choice.下面是我听一名英国经理对一些巴西人说的话:“这势均力敌”;“这是我想揭穿的第二个谎言”;“我们有应急措施”。其中一些巴西人选择戴上耳机听葡萄牙语翻译,而那些认为自己英语很好、不用戴耳机的人,看上去则非常后悔自己的选择。For an English speaker, mastering foreign languages is excellent; being able to speak the international business tongue so that you can be understood is just as important.对一个说英语的人来说,掌握外语是非常棒的;而能够操一口国际商务通用的语言并且能够让人理解也非常重要。When I suggested a while back that English speakers avoid figurative language and phrasal verbs such as “put out”, some ers took issue with me. “Most idioms are intuitive and you can guess#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;from the context, for example “pin hopes on” or “shrug off” are pretty easy#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I actually enjoy learning a new colourful phrase from a Brit and being able to deduce its meaning,” one er wrote. Indeed, at a conference in Brussels recently, I heard non-native English speakers nonchalantly using phrasal verbs and idioms such as “he touched upon that”, “we’ve laid down detailed rules” and “our ideas in a nutshell”.不久前我建议说英语的人避免使用比喻和“put out”等动词短语时,一些读者就与我争论了。一位读者写道,“大多数习语都是凭直觉就能懂的,可以通过上下文来猜,比如说‘寄希望于’或者‘耸耸肩’都非常简单。实际上,从英国人那学习新的、丰富多的短语并且能够推断其意思,让我觉得很有趣。”最近在布鲁塞尔召开的一次会议上,我听到非英语母语人士非常自然地使用一些动词短语和习语,比如“他提到那点”,“我们制定了具体的规则”以及“简要谈谈我们的想法”。These largely came from speakers of Germanic languages, which have their own phrasal verbs, but it also became clear that they were highly competent English speakers and I had to adjust my English accordingly. Patronising your audience is as bad as losing them through being too colloquial.这些主要是日耳曼语族的人,日耳曼语族有自己的动词短语。但同样明显的是,他们的英语能力很强,而我也必须调整我的英语。以高人一等的态度对待听众,与太口语化而失去听众一样糟糕。How can English speakers find the appropriate way to speak their language to non-native speakers? Learning a foreign language, any language, is useful in helping you understand what it is like to work in your non-native tongue. But so is understanding the structure and idiosyncrasies of your own language so you can adjust your use of it to the situation.说英语的人如何找到恰当的方式对非英语母语者说英语呢?学习一门外语,任何一门外语,对于帮助你理解运用非母语是什么一种状态都是有用的。但理解英语本身的结构和特点也很有用,因为这样你就可以根据情境来调整你的英语。Yes, English-speaking children should learn Mandarin. But they need a more sophisticated command of English too.诚然,以英语为母语的孩子应该学习汉语,但他们也需要在英语上有更高的造诣。 /201312/268918

  A viral phenomenon dubbed the #39; somersault kiss#39; is sweeping the Chinese Internet, prompting the nation#39;s public security bureau to intercede on behalf of the country#39;s not-so-acrobatic enthusiasts. Weibo一种名为“翻跟头亲亲”的现象正风靡中国互联网,甚至促使中国公安部治安发微警告中国运动神经并不发达的动作模仿者。For the past week, Chinese couples, friends and coworkers have been attempting the maneuver in bedrooms, dorms and parking lots across the country and uploading their results to the Internet. Like #39; planking#39; and other absurd Internet trends, the phenomenon has quickly caught on, in no small part because the ungainly flailings of those attempting it make for such sympathetic watching. 过去一周,中国全国各地的很多夫妻、朋友、同事一直在卧室、宿舍、停车场尝试“翻跟头亲亲”的动作并将视频上传到网上。和“平板撑”等奇怪的网上流行趋势一样,这一现象迅速风靡,很大程度上是因为动作尝试者的笨拙表现引来同情的目光。In a well-executed performance of the stunt, a partner grasps the wrists of a somersaulter who crouches, bent double, before performing a neat somersault and getting pulled up into the arms of the partner, who in turn gives him or her a kiss. 在动作顺利完成的情况下,一个人抓住翻转者的手腕,翻转者蜷起身子、大幅度弯腰、干净利落地空翻一周后与合作者拥抱接吻。Poorly done, it ends up with at least one of the pair getting knocked off-kilter, crumpled on the ground, or kicked in the face--much to the amusement of many Internet users, who have compiled round-ups cataloguing failures. 但如果动作完成不好,两个人中至少会有一个人失去平衡、摔在地上,或踢到另一个人的脸;这让很多互联网用户忍俊不禁,他们还编制了动作失误集锦。Even the country#39;s public security bureau has felt compelled to weigh in. This week, it issued a warning on one of its official Weibo accounts, which is dedicated to the fight against the #39;Four Blacks#39; (mostly a crackdown on the counterfeit industry and assorted vices), as well as the #39;Four Harms,#39; that is, harm to people, families, society and the country. 就连中国公安部也认为不得不出面干预。本周,“公安部打四黑除四害”官方微就此发布警告。四黑是指“黑作坊”、“黑工厂”、“黑市场”和“黑窝点”等制假售假等违法犯罪活动,四害是指害百姓、害家庭、害社会、害国家。#39;This move requires a strong degree of arm strength, wrist strength, lower-back, stomach and back-muscle strength, as well as coordination,#39; a message posted by the department#39;s #39;Fight the Four Blacks, Eliminate the Four Harms.#39; 公安部“打四黑除四害”专项行动办公室发布的一条微称,“该动作需要极强的臂力、腕力、腰腹及背部肌肉力量和协调能力,否则极有可能伤及颈椎、腰椎和头部,请不要轻易尝试。不要用生命秀恩爱喔!”#39;Otherwise there#39;s a high risk of injury to your vertebrae and head. Please do not rashly try this. Don#39;t use your life to make a show of your love!#39; 这条微还附有摇手指的动画图标,以及几条显示动作失败致人摔倒在地的短视频。The department#39;s post was accompanied by an animated wagging finger, as well as several choice clips of failed maneuvers resulting in people sprawled on the ground. 这里有更多相关内容,但请注意,中国很多人因此导致膝盖和肘部受伤,所以不要轻易尝试。 /201404/290494


  Every year, some of the biggest names in Hollywood and geek culture converge on downtown San Diego, California, US, to kick off the annual Comic-Con International, the nexus of all things entertainment, including film, TV and games.每年,好莱坞和极客圈的大牌明星都会齐聚美国加州圣地亚哥市中心,参加圣迭戈国际动漫展。该展览涵盖了电影、电视剧、等界的方方面面。This year’s event, from July 24 to 27, was a bit different, though. With movies like the new Star Wars and an Avengers sequel coming out, 2015 and 2016 aly promise to be the biggest years in film history. So, there were some major reveals at the 2014 Comic-Con. Read on to find out more about the highlights.今年动漫展与以往略有不同,于7月24至27日间开展。2015年至2016年可谓电影史上“浓墨重”的一年:新的《星球大战》系列和《复仇者联盟》续集纷纷上映。接下来就让我们一起看看2014动漫展都有哪些亮点。DC and Marvel in face offDC和漫威的对垒Comic-Con 2013 was won by DC Comics and Warner Bros Pictures, who dropped the mega-bomb that the Batman v. Superman movie is really happening. It’s been quite a year between the announcement and this year’s Comic-Con.DC漫画公司和华纳兄弟电影公司是2013国际动漫展上的,他们曾抛下一颗“重磅炸弹”——宣布确定开拍《蝙蝠侠大战超人》,而如今一年已经过去。On July 26, director Zack Snyder revealed a teaser for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as a first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Was it surprising? Absolutely. But was it enough? Definitely not. We can only pray for an official trailer soon.7月26日,导演扎克#8226;施奈德发布了《蝙蝠侠大战超人:正义黎明》的先行预告片,盖尔#8226;加朵饰演的“神奇女侠”随之曝光。惊喜吗?非常惊喜!过瘾吗?不过瘾!让我们期待官方预告早日发布吧!Meanwhile, some new footage for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is set for release in May 2015, was unveiled by Marvel Studios. Marvel also announced official casting for Ant-Man and revealed that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will arrive in theaters in July 2017.与此同时,漫威影业发布了即将在2015年5月上映的《复仇者联盟:奥创时代》的最新片段。漫威还宣布了《蚁人》的演员阵容,同时宣布《护卫队2》即将在2017年7月上映。It looks like DC and Marvel will have some serious battles to fight in the following two years.看来DC和漫威未来两年会有激烈角逐了。Rise of comic book TV shows漫画改编电视剧的兴起The 2014-15 TV season will mark an unprecedented milestone for comic book fans, as no less than eight shows based on comic books will be aired.对漫画迷来说,2014-15电视季是里程碑式的一年,至少八部由漫画改编而成的电视剧将开播。Comic-Con appearances by popular established shows like Arrow, The Walking Dead and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are nothing new. But at this year’s event, a big freshman class of comic book shows were revealed, including The Flash and iZombies on The CW; Marvel’s Agent Carter spinoff on A and a Daredevil TV series on Netflix; a Constantine TV reboot on N; and Fox’s Batman prequel series, Gotham.最受欢迎的《绿箭侠》、《行尸走肉》和《神盾局特工》等剧集已是圣迭戈国际动漫展的老面孔了。不过,今年的漫展上,还有一些大批新的漫画改编剧集也一并发布,包括CW电视台的《闪电侠》和《我是僵尸》, A电视台的《卡特探员》,Netflix的《超胆侠》系列,N重拍的《地狱神探》,以及福克斯公司的《蝙蝠侠》前传剧集《哥谭》。New Nolan film announced诺兰宣布新电影开拍The thrilling first trailer for Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film, was dropped in May and showed Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey embarking on a space mission with Anne Hathaway. But like all Nolan films, much of it was still wrapped in mystery.克里斯托弗#8226;诺兰新电影《星际穿越》的首个预报片已在五月发布,片中奥斯卡影帝马修#8226;麦康纳和安妮#8226;海瑟薇共同面对一项太空任务,但其他剧情都还是谜。On July 25, a brand-new trailer that isn’t yet available to the public was unveiled during a Comic-Con panel. According to Entertainment Weekly, the new footage offers a few more clues about the plot: The astronauts are looking for another Earth where human life can thrive again, and stumble upon beautiful, yet hostile, planets.7月25日的漫展座谈会上,还未向公众发布的《星际穿越》的全新预告片已经放出。根据《周刊》的报道,新的片段提供了更多的情节内容:宇航员们在寻找另一个适合人类生存的地球时,偶然发现了一个美丽却充满敌意的星球。Back to pre-historic times回到史前时代Some 22 years after Jurassic Park, the franchise’s first film, the long-awaited new installment, Jurassic World, will come to theaters in June 2015.继《侏罗纪公园》系列首部电影上映后,时隔22年,期盼已久的“侏罗纪”系列重启之作《侏罗纪世界》将在2015年6月上映。On July 27, the first teaser poster for the film was released, giving Comic-Con attendees a first look.7月27日,《侏罗纪世界》首张电影海报发布,动漫展观众得以先睹为快。According to The Verge, the poster depicts a velociraptor standing on an overturned vehicle, while a building is being erected in the far distance. A helicopter carries a caged triceratops toward the building, hinting that the dinosaur, which played a small role in the first film, may appear in Jurassic World.根据The Verge杂志曝光的海报:一只迅猛龙站在被掀翻的汽车上,远处高楼在建,一架直升机带着困着三角龙的笼子驶向大楼。这或许暗示着在第一部电影里出现过的恐龙会在《侏罗纪世界》里出现。Star Wars series launch《星球大战》新作Although the much-anticipated film Star Wars: Episode VII didn’t feature at this year’s Comic-Con, on July 24, Star Wars fans still got their first look at the new Star Wars Rebels series, which will premiere on the Disney Channel in October. While the animation wasn’t quite finished, it did evoke the look and feel of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977), according to USA Today.尽管万众期待的《星球大战》第七部在今年的动漫展上表现平平,7月24日,“星战”影迷还是抢先看到了十月将在迪士尼频道播出的《星球大战:反叛军》系列。根据《今日美国》报道,尽管动画部分尚未完成,影片已经颇有《星球大战4:新希望(1977)》的影子。The new series takes place in the Star Wars timeline between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, and follows a ragtag group of rebels who are figuring out how to stand up against the monolithic power of the Empire, which has just taken control of the galaxy.新系列的故事发生在《星战》系列《西斯的复仇》与《新希望》时间线之间,讲述一队下层反叛军试图反抗占领的“帝国”铁血统治的故事。 /201408/319940。

  Every time you enter the supermarket, you#39;re being manipulated. By design, all of the basics you#39;re just dropping by to pick up lie on the far side of a sea of temptation: the eggs, milk, and b are blocked by fruit snacks, those fancy new chips, and a display of artisanal beef jerky. If that wasn’t enough, your kids are targets too: all the cereal at the eye level of a child sitting in a shopping cart is pasted with cartoon blandishments, the better to lure them in with.每每进超市,你都控。你本来是来买鸡蛋、牛奶、面包这些必需品的,但是超市将这些东西都设计在很远的地方,要买到它们,你必须穿过无数诱惑:果蔬小吃、新款薯片、手工牛肉干摆放区。如果这样你都无动于衷,那还有你的孩子:坐在购物车里的孩子平视之处就是谷类食品,上面的卡通图案就像在“召唤”他们。But could we be manipulated for the better? The average food manufacturer has little reason to divert us from their high-fat, high-sugar, high-deliciousness products. Yet given that we are aly being influenced, one can wonder whether stores might eventually see the benefit – perhaps administered through public health-related tax cuts – to making the produce section into a wonderland that has the kids screaming for kale。但我们能不能控着去买更健康的食物呢?生产商没有理由劝我们不买大众偏爱的高脂、高糖、高香精食品。但既然我们已经被影响了,有人就想了,店家最终能否看清个中利益呢——或许,公众健康类税收优惠是个解决之道——把食品区变成一个乐园,让每个孩子都争着抢着要甘蓝菜。Even within our current stores, it isn#39;t difficult to nudge people in a better direction, at least in the short term. Esther Papies, a professor of social psychology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, found that handing out recipe flyers at a store entrance that included words like ;healthy; and ;low-calorie; caused people who were overweight or dieting to subconsciously buy fewer snacks. They took a whopping 75% fewer snack items to the checkouts than those who received the control flier, which did not have the health-related terms on it. Seeing those words – being primed by them – activated people#39;s existing goals and reminded them what they could do now to meet them, without the shoppers really taking notice, says Papies。至少短期来看,即使在目前的商店内,要把顾客引往健康食品区也不是太难。荷兰乌得勒大学(Utrecht University)社会心理学教授埃斯特·佩皮斯(Esther Papies)发现,在商店入口发放印有“健康”和“低卡路里”字样的食谱传单,能让超重和节食人群下意识地少买些零食。比起那些拿到未印有健康信息传单的人来说,前者少买了75%的零食。佩皮斯说,看看这些词的魔力,它能潜移默化地激励人们从现在做起,提醒他们努力实现目标。Other tricks have been proposed by Brian Wansink, a professor of consumer behaviour at Cornell who#39;s well known for his research into the psychology of eating. Some of his latest work takes an earlier finding – that people increase their fruit and vegetable intake by 24% if they are told that half of their dinner plate should be reserved for these foods – and applies it to supermarket shopping. Wansink found that dividing a grocery cart in two, with half to be used only for fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat, causes people to spend more than twice as much on fruits and vegetables than people without a partition – .65 versus .82 on fruits and .19 versus .17 on vegetables. The idea is that the partition implies the existence of a social norm that consumers try to meet。 因研究饮食心理而闻名的康奈尔大学消费者行为学教授布莱恩·文森克(Brian Wansink)也揭秘了一些小伎俩。他近期的一些研究也用到了早期的发现——如果告诉消费者,他们的餐盘要留一半放水果和蔬菜,人们会多吃24%的果蔬——超市购物亦是如此。文森克发现,将购物车一分为二,其中一半规定只能放水果、蔬菜、奶制品和肉制品,此类消费者会比一般人多买一倍多的水果蔬菜——水果:.65比.82,蔬菜:.19比.17。秘诀就是,划分让消费者觉得这是一种社会规范,他们就会尽量去做到。 /201410/336236

  Even on the most bitter and blizzard-iest of winter days, Waqaas Fahmawi, a 36-year-old financial lawyer, would never deign to travel to his Stamford, Conn. office in a parka or puffer jacket. #39;I#39;m pretty conservative sartorially,#39; said Mr. Fahmawi, who instead wears a single-breasted, notch-collar Aquascutum overcoat, hand-tailored in heavy wool-cashmere. #39;The puffer is reserved for the most casual occasions,#39; he added. #39;Like going to the store.#39; 即使是在暴风雪肆虐的最寒冷冬日里,36岁的康涅狄格州斯坦福(Stamford)金融律师瓦卡斯#12539;范马韦(Waqaas Fahmawi)也从不肯随便穿着带帽子的厚夹克或是鼓鼓囊囊的外套去办公室上班。范马韦说:“在衣着方面我相当保守。”他会穿一件单排扣、V字领的雅格狮丹(Aquascutum)大衣,手工裁制,衣料采用厚重的羊毛加羊绒。他补充道:“那种鼓外套只有在最休闲的场合穿,比方说去商场的时候。” If you#39;re keeping score at home, that would be: Elements, 0. Elegance, 1. It#39;s a point of pride among a certain set of professional men, from young analysts to Masters of the Universe, to maintain decorum in the face of wintry mixes and cold fronts, even as the rest of the huddled populace caves to comfort and function. 如果你正坐在家里为他打分,结果大概会是这样:实用程度,零分;优雅度,一分。这是一类职业男性所保有的自尊,他们中既有年轻的分析师,也有各行各业的巨擎们,这些人面对冬日里的风霜刀剑和冷锋寒潮时也不忘保持衣着得体,尽管这时候其他人早就缩作一团躲进舒适保暖的厚衣里去了。 It speaks volumes that Mr. Fahmawi#39;s coat is from a UK-based company. #39;The British are not terribly practical people,#39; joked Alex Wilcox, who grew up in the north of England, and opened the custom clothing shop Lord Willy#39;s in New York in 2006. #39;We#39;re so steeped in tradition we#39;ll sometimes forego practicality for a more elegant appearance.#39; 范马韦的大衣出自一家英国公司,这有些意味深长。亚历克斯#12539;威尔科克斯(Alex Wilcox)开玩笑道:“英国人不是特别注重实际的人。我们沉浸于这样的一种传统之中,有时候会为了更有风度的外观而放弃实用性。”威尔科克斯在英格兰北部长大,2006年,他在纽约开了定制装店Lord Willy#39;s。 He#39;s being modest, of course. The British have come up with some of the most elegant solutions to wicked weather. Mr. Wilcox recently collaborated with Scottish brand Mackintosh to make a limited-edition version of their classic Dunoon coat, which he wears in inclement conditions. #39;It#39;s a lightweight charcoal Loro Piana [wool],#39; he said, #39;that has been fully bonded to be completely water- and windproof.#39; 当然,他这只是谦辞。英国人已经想出了一些对付严寒天气的最优雅解决之道。近来,威尔科克斯与苏格兰品牌Mackintosh合作制作了一款限量版的该品牌经典Dunoon大衣,这件衣他在严寒天气里穿。他说:“这是一件轻质的Loro Piana品牌(羊毛材质的大衣),做过全封闭处理,完全可以防水防风。” Many men will forgo a coat as long as they can, using only a scarf, the rake#39;s accessory of choice, for warmth. Their thinking: If I can manage without the encumbrance and bother of a coat, then why not? 许多男性在只要条件允许的情况下都会脱掉厚重的外套,仅靠一条围巾这一风流浪子的首选配饰来保暖。他们的想法是:如果能够摆脱累赘又麻烦的外套,又何乐而不为呢? In certain parts of the world, however, a coat does eventually become necessary, no matter how plush and protected one#39;s commute may be. Classic wool or cashmere overcoats will do the trick, but some brands go one further. Valentino#39;s Subzero Couture collection currently offers a tailored wool coat that hides a thin goose-down lining. Meanwhile, Brioni#39;s creative director, Brendan Mullane, has been finding ways to boost natural fibers with protective coatings. Brioni also makes coats with discreet luxe linings. #39;The idea is to spoil the wearer with felted cashmere or fur liners that give not only natural insulation, but also a high level of sophistication,#39; said Mr. Mullane. For fall, he created a refined cashmere parka with a beaver fur-trimmed hood that might pass Wall Street muster. 然而在世界的某些地方,厚外套早晚都是必要之物,不管你在上下班路上穿多豪华的绒衣,保护得多严密,也无济于事。经典的羊毛或羊绒外套有时候就够用了,不过有些品牌还会再多些保护。华伦天奴(Valentino)当季销售的Subzero Couture系列中有一款定制的羊毛大衣,里面藏了一层薄薄的鹅绒衬里。与此同时,布里奥尼(Brioni)的创意总监布伦丹#12539;马兰(Brendan Mullane)一直在寻找通过保护性涂层来加强天然纤维的办法。布里奥尼还会为大衣配上做工精良的豪华衬里。马兰说:“其中的理念是要让穿着者尽情享受毛毡羊绒和皮毛衬里带来的奢华感受,这些内衬不仅提供天然的保护,而且具备相当高水准的繁复精致。”今年秋季,他设计了一款精致的羊绒带帽厚夹克,帽子的衬里采用的是海狸皮毛,这款外套或许能够入得了华尔街人士的眼。 There are moments where a dash of sportiness can be acceptable. Designer Simon Spurr, who was recently named creative director of British heritage brand Kent amp; Curwen (his first collection debuts in January), doesn#39;t entirely rule out the puffer. #39;I#39;m all in favor of pairing a down jacket with a suit as long as both are perfectly tailored,#39; he said. A few years ago, he bought a down jacket from Moncler with a shell made of gray flannel instead of the typical nylon. #39;It changed the way I dressed that winter,#39; he said. Loro Piana#39;s Storm System jackets, which are made of wind-proof and waterproof cashmere and come in a hip-length, ski style have also made inroads into the wardrobes of Wall Street. Though these come in dark neutrals, as opposed to the screaming brights of slope-gear. 有些时候,添加些许动感元素也能过关。设计师西蒙#12539;斯珀尔(Simon Spurr)不久前被任命为英国经典品牌Kent amp; Curwen的创意总监(今年1月份他为该品牌设计的装系列首次亮相),他的设计并没有将臃肿外套完全排除在外。他说:“我完全赞同将羽绒外套与西装搭配在一起的穿法,只要这两件衣的剪裁制作都很完美就好。”几年前,他买过一件蒙口(Moncler)的羽绒,那件羽绒外层所采用的材料是灰色的法兰绒,而非一般常用的尼龙。他说:“这件羽绒改变了我那年冬天的穿衣方式。”Loro Piana的Storm System夹克也进入了华尔街人士的衣橱,这款衣由防风防水的羊绒制成,长至臀部,款式有些像滑雪。不过,它属于那种暗色的中性滑雪风格,而不是色艳丽、在陡峭雪坡上炫技巧的那类。 For some men, the question of functional-versus-formal footwear is easy. A Dainite sole, which is made of studded rubber and is used by high-end footwear brands like Church#39;s and Paraboot, #39;is the dressiest way to not fall on your face when it#39;s slippery,#39; said Josh Peskowitz, men#39;s fashion director at Bloomingdale#39;s. Mr. Peskowitz also wears brogue boots by Church#39;s. The style, with round perforations intended to flush water from the shoe, was invented precisely for the slosh. Goodyear welting, a technique of stitching the sole on the outside of the shoe so as to leave the part underfoot unpierced, also helps with water resistance. 对于一些男性而言,解决功能性与正装之间的矛盾并不是难题。布鲁明戴尔百货店(Bloomingdale#39;s)男装部主管乔希#12539;派斯科维茨(Josh Peskowitz)说,由带饰钉的橡胶制成且被Church#39;s和Paraboot等高端鞋品牌采用的Dainite鞋底“是在湿滑天气里避免摔得颜面尽失的最讲究的方式”。派斯科维茨还会穿Church#39;s品牌的布洛克靴。这种款式的皮鞋鞋面上带有旨在将水从鞋内排出的圆孔,是专门为涉水行走而设计的。鞋子采用了Goodyear轧边技术,这是一种将鞋底缝合在鞋外表面以保鞋子底部完整无缺的技术,也有助于增强耐水性。 Opinion is sharply divided on the issue of rubber overshoes, which protect one#39;s John Lobbs from Jack Frost and the pickling effect of sidewalk salt. #39;I opt for shoe covers,#39; said Matthew Singer, men#39;s fashion director at the Neiman Marcus Group. #39;They#39;re easy to slip on and off and allow me to not lug an extra pair of shoes.#39; Others aren#39;t so accepting. Mr. Spurr said he finds shoe covers #39;depressing.#39; He added,#39;I#39;ll just wear my shoes and be careful on my way to and from work.#39; 至于是否要穿橡胶鞋套来保护脚上的John Lobb鞋子不会被冰雪之神毁掉,或是被人行道上的融雪盐腐蚀掉,人们的意见大相径庭。尼曼集团(Neiman Marcus Group)的男装部主管马修#12539;辛格(Matthew Singer)说:“我会选择鞋套,鞋套穿上脱下都很容易,而且我也不用再多带一双鞋子了。”也有些人无法接受。斯珀尔说,他觉得鞋套“让人沮丧。”他补充道:“我只是穿着我的鞋,然后在上下班路上多加小心一点儿。” If you happen to be pro-cover, English boot-maker John Lobb makes the platonic ideal. However, the company also offers bad weather alternatives. For the gentleman who#39;s not averse to boots with a suit, Lobb#39;s director of operations, Paul Goring, explained that the company makes versions that are weather-resistant yet refined enough for a formal setting. Many of the company#39;s classic oxfords and loafers, he added, can be made custom with Dainite soles and weather-resistant leather. 如果你恰好是赞成穿鞋套的一方,那么英国靴子制造商John Lobb的产品就是你的理想选择。不过,这家公司也为恶劣天气提供一些其他选择。该公司的业务总监保尔#12539;戈林(Paul Goring)解释说,对于那些不反对用靴子搭配正装的绅士而言,该公司有一些靴款可以抵御恶劣天气,而且制作精良,足以适合正式场合。他还表示,该公司的许多经典款式牛津鞋和平底便鞋可以定制选用Dainite鞋底和抵御恶劣天气的皮质。 Upping the gauge of one#39;s suiting fabric offers another level of warmth without compromising elegance. Kirk Miller, owner of bespoke suitery Miller#39;s Oath, said he goes for fabric with more #39;guts,#39; like tweed, which is peerless in keeping out damp cold. Flannel suiting is also a fine option. Brioni#39;s Mr. Mullane upgrades the tried-and-true strategy of layering with silk and fine cashmere knits. He also adds cashmere-and-silk knee socks. 升级正装的面料也是一个保暖又不失优雅风度的办法。定制正装品牌Miller#39;s Oath的老板柯克#12539;米勒(Kirk Miller)说,他会选择那些多些“胆识”的面料,比如粗花呢,这种面料在抵御潮湿寒冷的天气方面无可匹敌。法兰绒的正装也是一个不错的选择。布里奥尼的马兰通过试验找到一种用丝绸与精致羊绒针织而成的升级版面料。他还在及膝的长筒袜里添加了羊绒与丝绸的混纺面料。 Mr. Spurr pointed out that accessories might be the most effective weapon in an elegant gent#39;s weather-combatting arsenal: Cashmere-lined calfskin gloves are a must, as is a good scarf. For panache, he also relies on lapel pins and beautifully made umbrellas. 斯珀尔指出,配饰或许是优雅绅士们抵御严寒天气的最有效武器:带有羊绒内衬的小牛皮手套是必备之物,还要有一条上好的围巾。若要显得有派头,还可以别一枚领章,外加一把制作精美的雨伞。 But then, no matter one#39;s level of preparation, there will still be days when the weather simply wins. On those occasions, elegance might just be the ability to laugh through chattering teeth. 不过,无论你准备得如何完备,总有那么几天天气会占到上风。这时候,风度或许只能表现在牙齿打着颤的笑谈之间了。 /201312/266995


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