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佛山市第一人民泌尿科医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱佛山医生在线咨询safety in numbers 多则安全英文释义The idea that being in a group reduces danger.例句Believing there is safety in numbers, the nervous tourists always walked through the foreign citys unfamiliar neighborhoods in a large group.这些紧张的旅游者认为人多无患,他们总是集结成一庞大的队伍,穿过这座外国城市的陌生街区。 /201309/255937佛山人民医院男性孕前检查 This is the second in a two-part Business English Podcast lesson on softening negative replies. Last time you worked on softening negative replies in conversation to keep the atmosphere friendly and cooperative. Also, you practiced refusing an offer of help and letting someone down gently.这是这是有关;委婉表示否定;2节课中的第二节。上节课中我们学到了委婉表示拒绝来使气氛友好且能合作。同事,你也需要练习拒绝别人提供的帮助并温和地使对方失望。Today, we’ll be looking at refusing and disagreeing politely.今天,我们来看下如何礼貌地拒绝和表示不同意。All these skills form part of a soft or gentle speaking style, which should form part of your communicative repertoire or toolbox.所有这些技巧构成了温和说话方式的一部分,这应当是交际技巧的组成部分。Listening Questions:1) Why is the GM of Avitek unable to meet with Nick on Thursday?2) How is the weather in Kiev? /201102/1250801 自我介绍一、公司成员:接待员:Geraldine管理部门负责人:Jenny销售部门负责人:Kate销售和营销部的经理:DonBibury Systems总经理:Mr.Clive Harris开发部负责人:Derek Jones二、New words 生词reception n.接待处 receptionist 接待员PC--personal computer 个人计算机photocopier 复印机in-tray 收文栏fax machine 传真机coffee machine 煮咖啡壶三、Dialogue(一)GERALDINE: Good morning. Bibury Systems. Can I help you?杰拉尔丁:早上好,Bibury系统公司。可以为你效劳吗?JENNY ROSS: Good morning, Geraldine.詹妮.罗斯:早上好,杰拉尔丁。GERALDINE: Good morning, Jenny. Your newspapers and the post.杰拉尔丁:早上好, 詹妮。这是你的报纸和信件。JENNY ROSS: Thank you詹妮.罗斯:谢谢CLIVE HARRIS: Good morning, Jenny. Good weekend?克莱夫.哈里斯:早上好, 詹妮。周末过的好么?JENNY ROSS: Excellent, thank you.詹妮.罗斯:非常好,谢谢。CLIVE HARRIS: It is cold this morning.克莱夫.哈里斯:今天上午真冷。JENNY ROSS: Yes. Very cold.詹妮.罗斯:是的。真的很冷。CLIVE HARRIS: Good morning, Geraldine.克莱夫.哈里斯:早上好, 杰拉尔丁。GERALDINE: Good morning, Mr. Harris. Your newspaper and your post.杰拉尔丁:早上好, 哈里斯先生。这是你的报纸和信件。CLIVE HARRIS: Thank you very much.克莱夫;哈里斯:非常感谢。JENNY ROSS: Good morning, Kate.詹妮.罗斯:早上好, 凯特。KATE MCKENNA: Good morning,(moring) Jenny. How are you?凯特.麦凯纳:早上好, 詹妮。你身体怎样?JENNY ROSS: Im fine, thank you.詹妮.罗斯:很好, 谢谢。DON BRADLEY: Good morning, Jenny.堂.布拉德利:早上好, 詹妮。JENNY ROSS: Good MORNING, Don.詹妮.罗斯:早上好, 堂。EDWARD GREEN: Good morning. My name s Edward Green. Im here to see Don Bradley.爱德华.格林:早上好。我是爱德华.格林。我要见堂.布拉德利。GERALDINE: Ah yes. One moment, please.杰拉尔丁:啊,好的。请稍等。GERALDINE: Hello. Jenny, Edward Green is in reception. Please, sit down.杰拉尔丁:喂。詹妮, 爱德华.格林在会客室要见你。请坐。EDWARD GREEN: Thank you.爱德华.格林:谢谢。JENNY ROSS: Are you Edward Green?詹妮.罗斯:你是爱德华.格林吗?EDWARD GREEN: Yes.爱德华.格林:是的。JENNY ROSS: Im Jenny Ross. How do you do?詹妮.罗斯:我是詹妮.罗斯。你好!EDWARD GREEN: Hello. Pleased to meet you.(gald to see you )爱德华.格林:你好。见到你很高兴。JENNY ROSS: Welcome to Bibury Systems.詹妮.罗斯:欢迎光临Bibury系统公司。EDWARD GREEN: Thank you.爱德华.格林:谢谢。JENNY ROSS: Im the Head of Administration in the Marketing Department. My boss is Don Bradley. Well... our boss is Don Bradley! Let me show you the department.詹妮.罗斯:我是市场营销部的行政主管。我老板是堂.布拉德利。喔;;我们的老板都是堂o布拉德利!我来领你参观一下市场部。四、Expressions短语Welcome to Bibury SystemsShow you the departmentHead of AdministrationMarketing Department五、Answer the question回答以下问题1、What is Edwards job?Edward is a marketing executive2 、Whats Kates surname?Kates surname is Mckenna六、Dialogue(二)JENNY ROSS:Let me show you the department.詹妮.罗斯:我来领你参观一下市场部。JENNY ROSS: This is the Marketing Department. This is my desk. Er...thats Dons office. Hes not here at the moment(now).And this is your desk. Telephone. PC. In-tray. Let me take your coat.詹妮.罗斯:这就是市场部。这是我的办公桌。哦 ;;那是堂的办公室。他现在不在。这是你的办公桌、电话、电脑、公文格。我帮你放外套。EDWARD GREEN: Thanks.爱德华.格林:谢谢。JENNY ROSS: Over here is the stationery cupboard. Papers. Files. Pencils, etc. Help yourself to what you need.詹妮.罗斯:这边是文具柜、纸张、文件、铅笔、等等。有需要尽管取用。Here is the photocopier.这是复印机。And here is the fax machine.这是传真机。And this is the coffee machine.这里是咖啡机。Would you like a cup of coffee?来杯咖啡?EDWARD GREEN: No, thanks.爱德华.格林:不, 谢谢。JENNY ROSS: Kate, this is Edward Green. Hes our new Marketing Executive.詹妮.罗斯:凯特,这位是爱德华.格林。他是新来的销售主管。KATE MCKENNA: Ah, yes. Edward. Hello. Welcome to Bibury Systems Marketing Department. excuse me凯特.麦凯纳:啊。爱德华。你好。欢迎加入Bibury系统公司市场营销部,打扰一下。七、Dialogue(三)KATE MCKENNA: Hello, Kate Mckenna.凯特.麦凯纳:你好, 凯特.麦凯纳。EDWARD GREEN: What is Kates job?爱德华.格林:凯特的工作职责是什么?JENNY ROSS: She is Head of Sales. Shes good.詹妮.罗斯:她是销售部的主管。她很能干。EDWARD GREEN: Where does she fit into the company structure?爱德华.格林:她在公司架构中的位置是怎样的?JENNY ROSS: Heres the company structure. You see Don is Sales and Marketing Director and is on the Board. Kate reports to Don. You are here and you report to Don.詹妮.罗斯:公司架构是这样的。堂是销售和市场营销总监,是董事会的成员。凯特向堂报告工作。你的位置在这儿,你向堂报告工作。八、New words and experssionsHead of Sales 销售部负责人Marketing Executive 营销员Sales and Marketing Director销售和营销部的经理The Marketing Department 营销部The Sales Department 销售部 /200702/10437顺德区治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好

佛山市南海区第七人民医院看泌尿科怎么样dip ------ 迅速离开(不及物动词,俚语)英文释义 (intransitive verb, SLANG) To leave; to depart quickly and quietly without being noticed.例句 I dont like big, boring parties, and I often try to dip half an hour after arriving at such an event.我不喜欢无聊的大型聚会,所以总是在参加这类活动半小时后就想快点走了。 /201501/352662顺德区新世纪男科地址 Language to use in an appraisal 做工作评估时用的语言What has gone well for you this year? Give me some examples. 过去一年中你觉得哪些事情特别顺利? 请给几个例子。And what didnt go so well? 那么哪些事情不顺利?What should you do more of? 你认为该多做些什么?Lets look ahead and set some objectives. 让我们向前看,设定一些具体的工作目标。 听力挑战:在 Anna 的工作目标中,她被要求开发什么类型的产品?上期:Who stole all the pens? 谁偷了公司的笔?(Answer: Rachel. :Rachel) /201302/223621南方医科大学北滘医院男科挂号

佛山顺德区割痔疮多少钱Never look down on people less superior to you.不要轻视不如你的人。look down on sb./sth. 直译过来就是:“向下看某人或某物”,这个短语的正确意思是:“轻视某些人或事”。因此,当美国人说;Never look down on people less superior to you.;时,他/要表达的意思就是:;Never despise those people who are inferior to you.;、;Never look down on those who are not so outstanding as you.;。情景对白:Benjamin: Jane, you should not look down on people less superior to you. Men are born equal! Your words may hurt that cleaners self-esteem.本杰明:简,你不要轻视不如你的人。人人生而平等,你刚才的话可能伤害到那位清洁工人的自尊心了。Jane: Im sorry. I, Im just...a little angry at her carelessness.简:我也感到很抱歉。我,我只是对她的粗心大意感到有些生气。搭配句积累:①Yes, I will keep it in my mind.是的,我会记住的。②Youd better mind your own business.你最好少管闲事。③It is none of your business. What makes you say that?又不关你的事,你凭什么这么说?④Maybe they would be stronger than you some day.或许将来有一天,他们将会比你强。单词:despise vt. 轻视I can never, ever forgive him. I despise him.我永远不会原谅他。我鄙视他。She secretly despises his work.她暗地里瞧不起他的工作。How I despised myself for my cowardice!我是多么鄙视自己的怯懦啊! /201303/228752 勒流医院在哪个区南海区妇幼保健院有治疗前列腺炎吗




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