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国家地理:Halloween:Goliath Tarantula 食鸟蛛奇They're the big, hairy spiders of our nightmares. And it's no wonder we are afraid. Tarantulas are the biggest of all the arachnids. These spiders are killing machines perfectly adapted to their habitats. And the biggest and battiest of them all is the Goliath. It can grow to nearly a foot across with fangs an inch long. The Goliath makes its home in the remote rainforests of South America.Night is when the Goliath is most active. But for these ambush predators, hunting means lying in wait. Near the entrance to her burrow, she lays down a silk welcome mat. It acts like a tripwire letting her know when something has ventured within range. Even with eight eyes, Goliaths like most spiders have weak vision. They are alerted to the presence of prey by vibrations rippling across their sensitive hairs. It's only a matter of time before some hapless creature like this floor mouse wanders too close and brushes against the silk. It's like ringing a dinner bell. The Goliath's venom proves fatal to this mouse.But for most people, the tarantula's bite is no worse than a bee sting. According to researchers, there has never been a single confirmed human death from a tarantula bite. Perhaps knowing the facts about these ancient predators can help turn human fear into fascination.tarantula: a very large hairy spider found chiefly in tropical and subtropical Americaarachnid: an arthropod of the class Arachnida, which includes spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticksGoliath: a person or thing of enormous size or strengthlie in wait: wait in hiding to attacktripwire: a wire that is stretched close to the ground and activates a trap, explosion, or alarm when disturbed200708/17000

Zimbabwe Farmers Wait for Promised Compensation津两派协议批评土改但称不可逆转 One of the reasons Zimbabwe's economy is such a mess is the collapse of the commercial farming sector. This is due in part to the government's chaotic and sometimes violent land-reform program launched in 2000. The recently signed political power-sharing agreement states that the land reform is irreversible. 津巴布韦经济如此混乱的原因之一是商业化农业的崩溃。造成这一局面的部分原因是政府自2001年以来进行的混乱,有时暴力的土地改革。最近签订的政治权力分享协议说明,土地改革是不可逆转的。Agriculture used to be Zimbabwe's number-one foreign currency earner. But since the land-reform program began taking farms from whites, the country has had to rely on food imports and aid handouts. The black farmers who took over the land were ill equipped in terms of farming skills and capital to maintain production.  农业曾经是津巴布韦外汇首要的来源。但是自从津巴布韦开始土地改革,从白人手中取得土地后,这个国家就一直倚赖食物进口和物资援助。夺到土地的黑人农民没有完善的耕种设备和技术来维持生产。The mostly white Commercial Farmer's Union and the Justice for Agricuture group represent less than 1,000 commercial farmers. Of these less than 300 are actively farming, down from 4,000 at the beginning of the farm seizures.  以白人为主要成员的“商业农民场主联盟”和“农业正义”团体仅代表不到一千个商业农民。其中,不到三百人在持续耕作,而在占领农田开始的时候有四千名农民进行耕作。Some white farmers have left Zimbabwe, but others are still in the country fighting to get their farms back or to be compensated. 一些白人农民已经离开津巴布韦,但其他仍留在那里的一直在为收回土地或领取补偿而奋斗。The Zimbabwean government has said it would only compensate farmers for improvements on the farm, not the land.  津巴布韦政府说,政府只补偿那些改良农地的农民,而不补偿土地。It says former colonial-power Britian should compensate for the land. The recently signed power-sharing deal underscores this and also adds that land acquisition and redistribution is irreversible. 最近签署的权力分享协议强调了这一点,而且还说获取土地和重新分配是不可逆转的。The Commercial Farmers' Union did not respond to VOA's request for an interview, but Justice for Agriculture's John Worsley-Worswick said while the agreement addresses compensation for land, responsibility for other compensation lies squarely on the shoulders of current and future Zimbabwean governments. “商业农民场主联盟”对美国之音采访的要求没有作出回应。但“农业正义”成员约翰沃斯利沃斯维克说,权力分享协议提到了补偿土地的问题,但是补偿的责任完全落在现在和未来的津巴布韦政府肩上。"They are talking about compensation for the land, our compensation issues are not confined to the land only; we are talking about the fixed improvements on farms, we are also looking at the fact that no farms have been legally acquired and no farmer has been compensated fairly or equitably," he said. 他说:“他们讨论的是土地补偿,但我们的补偿议题不限于土地;我们讨论的是针对农地的改善。我们也看到没有农地是合法取得的事实,没有农民得到公平或平等的补偿。”Worsley-Worswick listed grievances for which farmers are demanding compensation - including loss of earnings, loss of equipment, relocation costs and cost of litigation.  沃斯利沃斯维克列出农民不满,因此要求补偿的方面,包括收入损失,设备损失,重新搬迁的费用和诉讼费用。He said his organization would rather negotiate with the government than continue with litigation, which he described as a fallback position. The Justice for Agriculture spokesman warned that should the government not be prapered to compromise, his organization would try to block international assistance necessary for Zimbabwe's recovery. 他说他的组织宁可与政府协商而不要继续诉讼,他把诉讼看作是退让的立场。“农业正义”发言人警告政府,如果它们不准备妥协,他的组织将设法阻止为帮助津巴布韦恢复的国际援助。"We have got to find a way forward that frees up the title in this country and re-engages international financial support," said Worsley-Worswick. "Certainly if our property rights continue to be infringed we will make every effort to have that support culminated." 他说:“我们必需找出方法重新得到国际的经济持。肯定的是,如果我们的财产权持续被限制,我们将尽全力结束这些经济持。”A spokesman for the British Embassy in Harare told VOA that while Britain views support of rural recovery as part of a wider recovery package for Zimbabwe, it has never accepted responsibility for the compensation of farmers. The power-sharing agreement acknowledges the haphazard manner of the land-reform program and proposes a non-partisan land audit for the purpose of establishing accountability and eliminating multiple-farm ownerships.  权力分享协议承认土地改革进行得杂乱无章,并提出进行不分党派的土地审计,目的在于建立政府的责任制以及终止多方面土地拥有权。Critics of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe have accused him of giving the best land to ranking members of his government and party. They also charge that some of the beneficiaries have more than one farm while many Zimbabweans are still land hungry. 批评津巴布韦总统穆加贝的人指责他将最好的土地分给自己政府和政党里的高级成员。他们还说,某些得到好处的人拥有不止一个农场,但大多数津巴布韦人民还没有土地。200809/49068

India, Bangladesh Resume Train Services印度和孟加拉国重启客运火车务 India and Bangladesh have resumed passenger train service across their border after more than four decades. The services had been suspended following a war between India and Pakistan. 印度与孟加拉国重启中断了40多年的客运列车务。该项务在印度与巴基斯坦战争之后即告中止。 Thousands of enthusiastic people waved in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata as a flower-adorned train began its inaugural journey to Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka.  成千上万人聚集在印度东部城市加尔各答,欢送一辆由鲜花装饰的列车缓缓启动,驶往孟加拉的首都达卡,开始了其处女航。The celebrations were equally joyous in Dhaka, as officials flagged off a decorated train in the opposite direction amid traditional singing and dancing.  达卡的通车典礼场面同样热闹。一辆装饰华丽的火车朝著相反方向驶出,并伴以传统歌舞表演。The passenger train service between Dhaka and Kolkata has been named the "Moitree" or Friendship Express. It was started on the first day of the Bengali New Year.  达卡与加尔各答间的载客火车被命名为“Moitree”,意思是“友谊快车”。该车于孟加拉新年初一首发。Officials on both sides called it an historic moment for both nations, and said it would strengthen bonds between the two countries. 双方官员皆称这是两国历史性的一刻,并将增强稳固两国关系。Train services have been suspended in the region since 1965 when India and Pakistan fought a war. Bangladesh was then a part of Pakistan, but six years later it became an independent nation.  从1965年印度与巴基斯坦发生战争之后,火车务便停止了。孟加拉当时是巴基斯坦的一部分,6年后成为独立国家。People of Bangladesh and West Bengal in India share a common culture and language. Thousands of people have relatives on both sides of the border, but they have not been able to meet easily since 1947 when Bengal was divided between India and Pakistan.  孟加拉与印度的西孟加拉邦拥有相同文化跟语言。数千计的人们在边境的两侧都有亲人,但从1947年,孟加拉被印度与巴斯基坦分裂之后,他们便难以相见。Enthusiastic and emotional passengers boarding the train in India said the service will help people on both sides restore links.  在印度登上火车的乘客激动的说,该项务将能帮助双边的人们重建关系。These passengers say brothers, sisters and relatives will be able to re-establish bonds that were severed. One of them said he felt like crying. They say politics kept them apart, but it will now be easier for them to re-unite.  这些乘客说,久被隔绝的兄弟姊、亲戚家人,将能因此团圆。其中一位表示,他激动得快要哭出来了。乘客们说,他们迫于政治原因而分离,但现在团聚起来要容易多了。The two countries are also connected by more expensive air and bus services. The trains will initially run twice a week. 两国之间也有价格较昂贵的飞机航班以及公共巴士务。在最初阶段,火车将维持一周两班。Security concerns have delayed the roll-out of the service. India has insisted on the construction of a fence in the area where the train passes through a barely-populated region where smuggling and illegal migration take place. 出于安全考虑,客运列车务曾被推迟。印度坚持在沿途一段偷渡与非法移民猖獗的人烟稀少的地带建筑围墙。Security was tight on both sides as the service began. In India, a group representing Hindu refugees (All Bengal Citizens Committee) from Bangladesh briefly tried to obstruct the train because it opposes closer links between the two countries. Relations between India and Bangladesh have been marred by suspicion and rivalry for many years even though India helped Bangladesh win its independence from Pakistan. But officials hope the train service will strengthen their relations. The service is expected to be popular with Bangladeshis visiting their larger neighbor for business or medical treatment.200804/34882

  India's PM Set to Push Ahead With Nuclear Deal辛格将与布什商讨美印民用核协议  The Indian prime minister is going to attend the G-8 summit in Japan, after having mustered enough political support at home to push through a stalled civilian nuclear pact with the ed States. 印度总理将前往日本,参加工业化八国集团峰会。在此之前,他在促成印度议会批准美印民用核协议方面在印度国内赢得了足够的政治持。Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's agenda in Japan includes several meetings with world leaders, on the sidelines of the G-8 summit. 印度总理辛格将借著八国集团峰会的机会,同几位世界领导人见面。The most crucial will be a meeting with President Bush, Wednesday, where he is expected to convey his intention to take the final steps to seal a civilian nuclear deal signed between the two countries. 其中最关键的当属星期三他同美国总统布什的会谈,预计辛格将在会谈期间告诉布什总统,他将采取最终步骤,促成印度议会批准两国间签署的民用核协议。These include seeking an approval from the International Atomic Energy Agency and a waiver from the Nuclear Suppliers Group. So far, the government has not done so because of strong opposition to the deal from the Congress-led coalition's leftist allies. 这些步骤包括获得国际原子能机构的批准以及核供应国集团的首肯。到目前为止,由于遭到由国大党领导的联合政府中左翼盟友的强烈反对,印度政府还没有采取以上步骤。But after a week of hectic political maneuvering, the Congress Party has won crucial support for the deal from a former adversary - a regional party known as the Samajwadi Party. 但是,经过一个星期密集的政治斡旋之后,国大党获得了前竞争对手印度社会党的持。The Samajwadi Party says the nuclear pact is in national interest and has promised to extend parliament support to the government.  印度社会党表示,这项核协议符合印度的国家利益,并保在议会中给予政府持。Its support will be crucial to ensure that a majority of members in parliament back the nuclear pact. 印度社会党的持在赢得国会大多数议员对这项协议的持是至关重要的。"We have reiterated our position," said Tom Vadakan, spokesman for the Congress Party. "From time to time, the prime minister has stated that before operationalizing the whole deal, he would bring it to parliament." 国大党发言人瓦达甘说:“我们已经重申了我们的立场。总理多次表示,在付诸实施之前,他会将协议提交议会讨论。”The Samajwadi Party controls 39 members of parliament in the 543 lower house of parliament. It can help the government survive, even if communist parties withdraw crucial support as they have repeatedly threatened to do.  印度社会党在由543人组成的议会下院占有39席。即使共产主义党派像多次威胁的那样撤消他们重要的持,社会党也能够帮助政府渡过难关。The communist parties say the deal will undermine India's independent foreign policy and restrict its nuclear weapons program.  各共产主义政党指出,这个协议会削弱印度独立的外交政策,限制印度的核武器项目。The nuclear deal will give India access to civilian nuclear technology, even though it has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 根据这项核协议,尽管印度尚未签署核不扩散条约,印度仍将能够获得民用核技术。Both New Delhi and Washington want to seal the pact before the U.S. presidential election, in November. American officials have repeatedly warned that the fate of the pact will be uncertain if it is delayed and has to face the next U.S. administration.  但是新德里和华盛顿希望在美国11月大选之前敲定协议。美国官员多次警告说,如果拖延到下届政府,协议将面临许多未知数。The Indian prime minister says the deal is needed to give India more energy alternatives, to drive its economy. If it goes through, the deal is expected to cement growing ties between New Delhi and Washington. 印度总理表示,印度需要这个协议来扩大能源选择,推动经济发展。如果获得通过,美印核协议预计将进一步加强新德里和华盛顿之间日益发展的关系。200807/43632

  Zimbabwe Political Rivals Sign Landmark Power-Sharing Deal穆加贝和反对派签署权力分享协议 The president of Zimbabwe and two opposition leaders have signed a power-sharing agreement aimed at ending the Zimbabwean crisis. The accord follows months of negotiations mediated by South Africa. 津巴布韦总统穆加贝和两名反对派领导人签署了旨在结束该国危机的权力分享协议。此前,各方在南非的斡旋下进行了几个月的谈判。Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe and opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara shook hands over the agreement before half-a-dozen African heads of state and several thousand supporters in Harare.  在哈拉雷,津巴布韦总统穆加贝和反对派领导人茨万吉拉伊以及穆塔姆巴拉在6位非洲国家领导人和几千名持者的面前握手,祝贺协议的达成。After three decades of undisputed rule, the accord calls for Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF party to share power with the opposition. Mr. Mugabe noted that the agreement contains elements that neither he nor the opposition liked.  在历经30年无异议的统治之后,这项协议要求穆加贝领导的非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线和反对党分享权力。穆加贝指出,这份协议中包含一些他和反对派都不喜欢的内容。"History makes us walk the same route," Mugabe said. "We may disagree on that route and this is what we were doing. But now there are areas where we find ourselves in agreement. And as we move forward, as long as certain salient (important) principles are recognized we will find more room for agreement." 他说:“历史让我们走上同样的路。我们可能对这条路存有分歧,过去我们之间确实有分歧。不过现在我们在一些方面达成了共识。随着我们合作的发展,只要一些重要的原则得到认可,我们就能找到更多的合作空间。”He said these principles included recognition of Zimbabwe's sovereignty. And he accused foreign powers that levied economic sanctions against his government of seeking to impose solutions to Zimbabwe's problems. 他说,这些原则包括承认津巴布韦的主权。他指责那些向他的政府实施经济制裁的外国势力试图把解决方案强加于津巴布韦。Under the accord, Mr. Mugabe is to continue as head-of-state and preside over cabinet meetings. Mr. Tsvangirai, who heads the largest faction of the Movement for Democratic Change, is to assume the newly created post of prime minister and chair the newly created Council of Ministers. 根据这项权力分享协议,穆加贝将继续担任国家元首的职务,并且主持内阁会议。反对党“争取民主变革运动”最大派系的领导人茨万吉拉伊将担任新设立的总理职位,并负责新设立的部长委员会。A smaller opposition (MDC) faction led by Arthur Mutambara, is to receive three ministries and Mutambara is to assume one of two newly created positions of deputy prime minister. 穆塔姆巴拉所领导的“争取民主变革运动”中的一个较小派系,将得到三个内阁部长的职务。在新设立的二个副总理职位中,穆塔姆巴拉将担任其中一名副总理。The president's party is to receive 15 ministerial portfolios, while Mr. Tsvangirai's group is to receive 13 ministries and the Mutambara faction is to receive three cabinet posts. Mr. Tsvangirai said he signed the agreement because he believes it represented the best opportunity to build a peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe. In a reference to the political violence that has plagued Zimbabwe, Mr. Tsvangirai said his hope for the future ran deeper than his grief over past sufferings and he called for the new leadership to overcome its rivalries. 茨万吉拉伊说,他之所以在协议上签字是因为他觉得这份协议给建立一个和平和繁荣的津巴布韦带来最好的机会。在谈到津巴布韦发生的政治暴力时,茨万吉拉伊说,他对未来寄予的希望超过对过去苦难感到的悲哀,他还呼吁新的领导层能化解彼此间存有的敌意。"As Prime Minster-designate, I call on all supporters of both ZANU-PF and MDC to unite as all Zimbabweans," Tsvangirai said, "to put the interests of our people and our nation first and to work together for a new Zimbabwe. Divisions, polarization and hatred belong to the past." 他说:“作为指定的总理,我呼吁所有持非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线和争取民主变革运动的人团结起来,大家都是津巴布韦人,要把人民和国家的利益放在首位,为建立一个新的津巴布韦而共同努力。分裂、分极和仇恨都属于过去。”The opposition won a majority of the parliamentary seats in elections last March and Mr. Tsvangirai received the most votes in the presidential race. But Mr. Mugabe won the runoff vote after Mr. Tsvangirai withdrew, citing a campaign of state-sponsored intimidation in which more than 100 of his supporters were killed. 今年三月,反对党赢得议会的多数席位,而且茨万吉拉伊在总统竞选中获得多数选票。但是,在茨万吉拉伊退选后,穆加贝赢得了决选胜利。茨万吉拉伊说,因为政府策划的大规模恐吓活动导致100多名他的持者死亡。200809/48905。

  US Says Yemen Embassy Attack Bears Hallmarks of al-Qaida Operation袭击美国大使馆者似为恐怖分子  The State Department says the attack on the U.S. embassy in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, was apparently an attempt by terrorists to breach the walls of the heavily-guarded facility. Officials say the attack bore all the hallmarks of an al-Qaida operation, though they have not concluded who is to blame. 美国国务院说, 星期三发生在美国驻也门首都萨那大使馆的袭击似乎是恐怖分子所为,他们这样做是为了炸开重兵把守的使馆的外墙。有关官员说,这起袭击具有基地组织行动的一切特征,但是他们还不能肯定肇事者到底是谁。State Department officials are crediting Yemeni guards, and stepped-up embassy security measures, for thwarting what was apparently an attempt by terrorists to blast a hole through the walls of the diplomatic compound and kill those inside. 国务院有关官员赞扬也门警卫和使馆加强的安全措施挫败了恐怖分子的计划。这些恐怖分子似乎企图在使馆大院的院墙上炸一个洞,然后谋害使馆里面的人。According to preliminary information from Sanaa, two vehicle-bombs exploded outside the main entrance of the U.S. compound, which was also attacked by gunmen on foot who may have hoped to enter the facility through a breach in the walls caused by the second blast. 根据来自萨那的初步信息,两枚汽车炸弹星期三在美国使馆大院正门外爆炸,使馆也受到步行的手的袭击。这些手可能想从第二起爆炸在院墙上炸出的裂缝中进入使馆。But the concrete perimeter withstood the explosions and Yemeni soldiers engaged the attackers, with casualties on both sides.  不过,水泥院墙承受住了爆炸的袭击,也门士兵还和袭击者交战,双方都有人死亡。Reports from the scene said at least 16 people were killed in the incident, including several attackers, Yemeni troops and civilian passers-by. The State Department offered no casualty figures, but said the dead included one Yemeni security guard who worked for the embassy. State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice telephoned Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to express regret for the loss of life among the security personnel and civilians, and appreciation for current and future anti-terrorism cooperation with Yemen. 美国国务院发言人麦科马克说,赖斯国务卿和也门总统萨利赫通了电话,对安全人员和平民的死亡表示遗憾,并对也门目前和今后的反恐合作表示感谢。President Bush, at a White House meeting with former U.S. Iraq Commander General David Petraeus, said the attack is a reminder that the ed States remains at war with extremists who will kill innocents to achieve their objectives: 布什总统在白宫和前驻伊美军指挥官彼得雷乌斯将军开会时说,这次袭击提醒人们,美国依然在和极端分子交战,极端分子通过杀害无辜的人来达到他们的目的。"One objective of these extremists is to kill, to try to cause the ed States to lose our nerve, and to withdraw from regions of the world," President Bush said. "And our message is that we want to help governments survive the extremists. We want people to live normal lives. We want mothers to be able to raise their sons and daughters in a peaceful environment so they can realize the hopes and dreams of a better world." 布什说:“这些极端分子的一个目标就是杀人,他们企图让美国失去勇气,从世界各地撤退。而我们要说的是,我们要帮助各国政府战胜极端分子。我们想让人们过正常的生活。我们想让母亲们能够在和平的环境下养育自己的子女,这样他们就能实现自己对更美好世界的希望和梦想。”Yemen has long been a focus of U.S. security concern. The Navy ship USS Cole was bombed in 2000 by al-Qaida members in a speedboat in the Yemeni port of Aden, killing 17 U.S. sailors. 也门长期以来一直是美国在安全方面关注的焦点。2000年,乘坐快艇的基地组织成员在也门港口亚丁炸了美国海军的“科尔”号驱逐舰,造成17名美国水手死亡。Non-essential U.S. embassy personnel and dependents were evacuated from Yemen after a mortar attack on diplomatic housing in April, and were allowed to return only last month. 今年4月,美国外交人员的住所受到迫击炮袭击,此后,美国国务院下令非必要工作人员和外交人员家属撤离,直到上个月才允许他们返回也门。State Department Spokesman McCormack said the Yemeni government has made strides in boosting security, but could do more.  美国国务院发言人麦科马克说,也门政府已经在加强安全方面取得了重大进步,但依然可以做更多工作。While a group calling itself Islamic Jihad in Yemen has claimed responsibility for the attack, McCormack said the ed States has suspicions that al-Qaida or a local affiliate may be to blame. 一个自称为“也门伊斯兰圣战组织”的团体宣称对袭击负责,不过麦科马克说,美国怀疑这次袭击是基地组织,或在当地的一个附属组织策划的。"I think it is safe to say, after talking to the security personnel, that the attack bears all the hallmarks of an al-Qaida attack - where you have multiple vehicle-borne devices, along with personnel on foot, seemingly in an attempt to try to breach the perimeter and actually get inside, get inside the perimeter and try inflict further damage and loss of life," he said. 他说:“在和安全官员谈过之后,我可以确定地说,这起袭击具有基地组织袭击的一切特征,比如使用多辆装有炸弹的汽车,同时伴有行走的袭击者。他们似乎企图炸开院墙进入院子,造成更大的损坏和杀死更多的人。”McCormack said all American staffers are safe and accounted for at the embassy, which has closed temporarily. 麦科马克说,所有的美国使馆工作人员都平安无事,并且在使馆内。使馆已经暂时关闭。He said an interagency team of U.S. experts has been sent to Yemen to join in an investigation of the attack, and that it is premature to discuss a possible new security steps. 他说,由几个美国政府机构组成的专家小组已经前往也门,参加对袭击的调查,现在就讨论今后可能采取什么新的安全措施还为时尚早。200809/49070

  Zimbabwe Negotiations Enter Third Day津巴布韦权力分享谈判进入第三天  The troubled Zimbabwe negotiations which have still not resolved the main issue, who will have executive power in any power sharing deal, entered its final day Tuesday. The mediator of the talks, South African President Thabo Mbeki is due back in South Africa Wednesday. 津巴布韦权力分享的谈判星期二进入最后一天,但是双方没有在由谁在权力分享协议中掌握行政权力这一主要问题上达成一致。斡旋这次谈判的南非总统姆贝基定于星期三返回南非。There is still a long list of fundamental issues to be negotiated before any deal between President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai can be signed. 在津巴布韦总统穆加贝和反对党领导人茨万吉拉伊签署任何协议之前还有一系列基本问题需要谈判解决。Among the outstanding issues is how Tsvangirai would be appointed prime minister, by Mr. Mugabe or by parliament. 突出的问题包括,通过什么渠道任命茨万吉拉伊担任津巴布韦总理,由穆加贝任命,还是由议会任命。The talks also have not addressed how long an inclusive interim government would be in power before a new constitution is agreed upon followed by new elections.  几天的谈判没有解决的问题还包括,在新宪法获得通过并举行新的选举之前,由各方组成的临时政府将执政多长时间。In addition, it has not been decided how many of the 10 positions of powerful provincial governors would go to Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change and how many to Mr. Mugabe's ZANU-PF. 除此之外,谈判也没有确定津巴布韦掌握实权的10位省长中,有几位由茨万吉拉伊领导的“争取民主变革运动”成员来担任,几位由穆加贝领导的“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”成员担任。Many lesser but still fundamental issues have yet to be decided. For example, who would control the public sector organizations which appoints civil servants and judges. 这次谈判也没有解决一些次要的,但也属于基本的问题。比如,由谁来控制任命公务员和法官的政府机构。The number of cabinet posts has largely been agreed and they would be split evenly between the opposition allies and ZANU-PF. 双方基本上在内阁成员的人数上基本取得了共识,由反对党联盟和执政党“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”平分。The fundamental question of who will hold executive power was not addressed by the six negotiators in South Africa during two weeks of talks prior to this round in Harare. 在哈拉雷举行这轮会谈之前,有6位谈判人员在南非进行了两个星期的磋商,但他们没有解决由谁掌握行政权力这个基本问题。Mr. Tsvangirai was to be the prime minister and Mr. Mugabe the president, but the power attached to each position has not been agreed upon. 茨万吉拉伊将担任总理,穆加贝担任总统,但是没有明确总理和总统都有哪些具体的权力。ZANU-PF sources say Mr. Mugabe had hoped the deal would be signed on Sunday and that the parliament would be called on Wednesday. 来自“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”的消息说,穆加贝本来希望星期天签署权力分享协议,星期三召集议会成员开会。Mr. Mbeki was appointed by SADC to mediate the Zimbabwe crisis after Tsvangirai and scores of his officials were assaulted in police custody in March last year. 去年3月,茨万吉拉伊和他的几十名官员被警察拘禁期间受到殴打,随后“南部非洲发展共同体”任命南非总统姆贝基从中斡旋,以解决津巴布韦的危机。Tsvangirai maintains that the opposition not only won control of parliament but that he won the presidential election in the last relatively free and fair poll in March. He did not contest the presidential run-off in June because of violence against his supporters. 茨万吉拉伊坚持认为,在3月相对自由和公正的选举中,反对党不仅赢得了议会的控制权,他本人也当选了总统。由于发生了针对其持者的暴力事件,茨万吉拉伊退出了6月的总统决选。Mr. Mugabe was then sworn in for an additional five year term because he was the sole candidate in a second round on June 27. His election was not recognized by any of the African observer groups. 穆加贝在6月27号没有竞争对手的决选中赢得连任,随即宣誓就任,任期五年。穆加贝的当选没有得到任何一个非洲观察员小组的承认。There is agreement by both ZANU-PF and MDC that an inclusive government is needed to bring Zimbabwe out of its economic chaos. “非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”和“争取民主变革运动”都同意,要使津巴布韦摆脱经济困境,建立一个包括各方的政府是必要的。Whether it will come now or perhaps at a further round of negotiations is not clear. 现在还不清楚,这个联合政府是现在就会产生,还是在下一轮谈判中产生。200808/458266 保险范围3句英文任你选There are three basic covers, namely, Free from Particular Average, With Particular Average and All Risks.主要条款有平安险、水渍险及综合险 3种。We are able to cover all kinds of risks for transportation by sea, land and air.我们可以办理海运、陆运及空运的所有险别。We can serve you with a broad range of coverage against all kinds of risks for sea transport, such as FPA, WPA, All Risks and Extraneous Risks.我们可以承保海洋运输的所有险别,例如平安险、水渍险、综合险、附加险。半个句型要记牢such as (比如;诸如……)Tip:such as用法很多,此处表示举例,意为;例如,诸如此类的,像……那样的;相当于 like或 for example。如: There are few poets such as Keats and Shelly. (像济慈和雪莱这样的诗人现在很少了。) /201605/434143

  US Envoy to Visit Beijing, Moscow for Talks on North Korean Nuclear Program希尔下周访中俄磋商北韩核问题   The chief U.S. envoy to the six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program, Christopher Hill, visits Beijing and Moscow next week to consult on efforts to move the stalled disarmament process forward. Officials say the assistant secretary of State may meet his North Korean counterpart in the Chinese capital. 美国助理国务卿、美国出席朝核六方会谈的首席代表希尔下星期访问北京和莫斯科,就争取推动停滞不前的北韩拆除核设施的进程与中俄两国磋商。美国官员说,希尔可能会在中国首都北京会见北韩代表。Hill's mission to China and Russia, following his Washington meeting earlier this week with South Korean and Japanese envoys, reflects a quickening pace in the nuclear talks. 希尔前往中国和俄罗斯,以及他此前在本周早些时候与韩国以及日本特使的会晤,显示出北韩核项目问题会谈的步伐正在加快。The six-party deal reached early last year - under which North Korea is to give up its nuclear program in return for aid and diplomatic benefits - has been stalled by Pyongyang's failure thus far to produce a declaration of its nuclear holdings and activities. 根据六方会谈去年年初达成的协议,北韩放弃其核项目,以换取援助和外交方面的好处。由于北韩未能全面公布其核材料以及核项目活动,这项协议陷于僵局。However, in what is seen here a show of good faith, North Korea earlier this month turned over to the ed States thousands of papers documenting plutonium production at its now-shuttered Yongbyon reactor complex. 不过,北韩最近表现出诚意,于本月初交给美国数以千计有关在目前已经关闭的宁边反应堆生产钸的情况的文件。The North Korean declaration, which Hill indicated this week may be imminent, would open the way to implementation of the final phase of the accord - leading to normalized relations between North Korea and the ed States and Japan, and new regional security arrangements. 希尔本周表示,北韩公布这些情况至关重要,这将开启协议最后阶段落实的进程,也就是北韩与美国和日本的关系正常化以及签署新的地区性安全协议。State Department deputy spokesman, Tom Casey, said Hill, at this point, has only meetings with his Chinese and Russian counterparts scheduled in Beijing and Moscow.  美国国务院副发言人汤姆.凯西说,目前希尔只计划在北京和莫斯科和中方以及俄方代表会晤。But Hill has also met frequently in the Chinese capital with North Korean envoy Kim Kye-Gwan and Casey made clear he is y to do so again: 希尔在中国首都北京与北韩代表金桂冠举行过多次会晤。凯西明确表示,希尔准备再次这样做。"In terms of whether he's meeting with Kim Kye-Gwan or not, the usual rules apply," said Casey. "Nothing is scheduled. But the North Koreans know he's traveling. And if they see an interest or have a desire to do so, I'm sure they'll arrange something." 他说:“在希尔是否会与金桂冠会晤这个问题上,我们将循惯例。目前没有计划。不过,北韩方面知道希尔的行程。如果他们有兴趣,或者有意愿这样做,我敢肯定,他们会安排会面。”A senior official here told VOA U.S. experts are continuing to examine the more than 18,000 papers submitted by North Korea, and that so far there is nothing to suggest that they are not authentic. 一位高级官员告诉美国之音记者说,美国专家正在继续研究1万8千多份北韩提交的文件,他还说,到目前为止没有任何迹象显示这些文件不真实。The papers, some of them handwritten logs, document plutonium production at the Yongbyon reactor for a five-year period ending in 2007, when the facility was shut down in the first phase of the nuclear deal. 这些文件中包括一些手写的日志,显示出2007年之前的5年间宁边核反应堆生产钸的情况。宁边核反应堆已经根据北韩核项目问题协议的第一阶段规定于2007年关闭。The official said the logs will be critical in determining the validity of the pending declaration, including North Korea's accounting of how much fissionable material was produced at Yongbyon. 这位官员说,对于确定北韩公布情况的真实性方面,这些日志至关重要,包括确定北韩在宁边生产出的核裂变材料的规模。In addition to declaring its plutonium stockpile, and the number of weapons produced, North Korea is also to account for the uranium enrichment project U.S. officials believe it conducted, and any proliferation activity it engaged in. 除了公布储存的钸以及生产出多少武器之外,北韩还要公布美国官员相信北韩进行的浓缩铀项目,以及它所进行的核扩散活动。U.S. officials believe North Korea was helping the Damascus government build a nuclear facility in northern Syria that was destroyed in an Israeli air strike in September of last year. 美国官员相信北韩在叙利亚北部帮助大马士革政府建立一个核设施,这个核设施去年9月在以色列的空袭中被摧毁。200805/39932The Chinese could afford to employ people to fight for it. In the borderlands, the Mongols met a force of heavily armed mercenaries, who were loyal as only mercenaries could be. Reinforced by the mercenary troops, they marched into the fertile plains of Northern China. Few of the Chinese villagers had seen a Mongol warrior before, and few of the Mongols would have journeyed this far into China. It was the clash of two alien cultures. There was only one certainty: the Chinese would never forget them. The Mongols plundered without mercy. And from each conquest, Genghis Khan took his own reward: a highborn wife from the vanquished. "The greatest fortune a man can have is to conquer his enemy, steal his riches, ride his horses and enjoy his women. "Further east lay an even greater prize. With a population of 350,000, 13th century Beijing was one of the most sophisticated cities on Earth, capital of the Northern Chinese Empire, famous for its grand palaces, gilded temples and markets overflowing with silks and spices. In his quest to take these riches for himself, Genghis Khan faced one huge problem: Standing between him and the conquest of the city was a wall. borderland: a district near the border between two countries or areasmercenary: a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign armyhighborn: wellborn, of good family, of noble birthgilded: covered with a thin layer of gold200809/49931

  Script:We have seen some big swings on Wall Street in the last week or so, today, no different. Stephanie Elam is in New York to tell us about a down day for the market.Disappointing earnings from the Lights of DuPont and American Express dragged the Dow Industrials sharply lower, and the housing market continues to worry investors as the CEO of the nation’s largest mortgage lender says he doesn’t think the sector will recover until . Put all of that together, and you have a lot of red arrows. The Dow Industrials tumbled 226 points to close at 13720, the third biggest drop of the year. Then NASDAQ and Samp;P500 both slid nearly 2%. And this was the broad-based sell-off with declining issues swamping gainers by a seven to one margin. Among stocks on the move, Apple tumbled 6%. Iphone activations by ATamp;T came in weaker than expected during the first few days the Iphone went on sale. Investors fear it’s a sign Iphone sales may be disappointing as well. Let’s continue to talk about gadgets. TIVO is debuting a more wallet friendly version of its HD digital recorder. TIVO pioneered DVR technology, but cable providers have moved in ever since. And that had forced TIVO to make products which are more cost effective. The new machine costs about 300 dollars. That’s a significant price difference from the company’s other high-def machine. It costs 800 dollars. The new offering comes as TIVO tries to win over customers from the cable companies, which allow subscribers to rent DVR boxes on a monthly basis instead of paying an upfront fee. The new box provides 20 hours of HD recording time. And unlike the cable boxes, TIVO’s new HD DVR is capable of downloading movies from Amazon.com.But DVRs aren’t the only boxes in our entertainment centers these days, game consoles are filling our shelves as well. Whether it's Sony’s PS3, Microsoft’s X-BOX360 or Nintendo’s Wii. Gaming is big business. A new report bears this out. The market research firm NPD says sales of game consoles jumped 44% in the first half of the year to more than 6 billion dollars. But the consoles aren’t much used without the games. And game sales are up as well, they claim, climbed 24% to nearly 3 billion dollars. The big winner in all of this, Nintendo. Its Wii product / came out at the same time as the PS3. It costs far less than a PS3, but seems to have won the hearts of gamers who have embraced the concept of active gaming where your motions dictate the action on the screen. The same study we pointed to earlier says the Wii is the top home console and Nintendo’s DS is the best selling hand-held console. Running out a success, Nintendo’s games now dominate the market as well. In June, the top four game titles were all made by Nintendo. The most popular was Mario party 8. Can say I have played that one? That’s the latest business news from New York, I am Stephanie Elam.Notes:Mario: Mario is a game character created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and is the official mascot of Nintendo.Console: A game console is an interactive entertainment computer or electronic device that manipulates the display signal of a display device (a television, monitor, etc.) to display a game. 200807/44313



  wallop ------ 1.猛击(及物动词,非正式);2.震撼(名词,非正式)英文释义1. (transitive verb, INFORMAL) To hit forcefully.2. (noun, INFORMAL) A powerful force or effect.例句1: The door swung open and walloped me to the floor.门猛地开了,把我撞倒在地。2:The young heros death at the end of the movie hit audiences with a wallop that they will never forget.影片中年轻主角的死亡带给观众毕生难忘的强烈震撼。 /201611/471222

  The victims of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster (are) being remembered to the service in Dover. Survivors and relatives of those who died sang hymns and eulogies at the church service. Twenty years ago, 193 people died when the Herald of Free Enterprise turned on its side. The Townsend Thoresen ferry capsized because its bow doors hadn't been closed, allowing water to flood the car deck. John Spots has this.We remember Berry Alan, Ellin Badly, Allen Badly, Richard, Jeffrey Henry, David Harris, Leta Paris, Nichola Pain, Thomas Pitch. The Herald of Free Enterprise left Zeebrugge shortly after 6 in the evening. It was carrying a full load with 459 passengers on board. At 6:28 it began to list, and one minute later, it capsized. The captain of the ferry had crossed the channel some 60,000 times, yet on March 6, 1987, he left the harbor with the bow doors open. The result was catastrophic.I roused by helicopter; we went down in the ship, and it's incredible to see what happened. Er..people are drowning in the ice-cold water. 193 people lost their lives and many of those who made it out of the vessel had suffered greatly.We saw some, well, some terrible injuries that people had got scourged, you know, arms and, er, it was just, just awful.Like many on board, Jackie Wilson had taken advantage of a cheap travel promotion in a newspaper. Yet that night she found herself looking after a boy who'd been separated from his family.We had tried everything to try to find his mother and the rest of his family because he'd got completely split up. And and he stayed overnight. We managed to get him to sleep and the next day, we went down again trying to find his family for him. And then we found his mother, that was, she was in a hospital. And the rest of his family had died.A public enquiry castigated the ferry's owners, part of the PNO Group. Yet no one was convicted by the courts, still the campaign for a new law of corporal manslaughters started here with the Zeebrugge disaster. And 20 years later, a bill is currently under consideration in Parliament. Surprisingly, the Herald's sister ship is still in service. New safety features, however, are plain to see. Progress has been made. Yet, there are those, like the man who coordinated the rescue efforts on that night 20 years ago, who can't forget what happened.Couldn't we save more people? Hardly I don't think so, but you never know, it's still, you know, something which is, you think about that.There is a memorial site now in Dover. Relatives of those who lost their lives come every year to remember that "dark and dful" night, and leave with what little comfort they can find. John Sports reporting.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.hymn:n. A hymn is a religious song that Christians sing in church. 赞美诗, 圣歌2.eulogy:n. A eulogy is a speech, usually at a funeral, in which a person who has just died is praised. 赞词, 称颂 200805/39576

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