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You can imagine my horror!你可以想像我有多恐惧!I heard Dick begin to rise ,but Hands said,Oh, let#39;s have some rum ,John.我听见迪克已经站起来,可是汉兹说:噢,约翰,咱们喝点朗姆酒吧。Silver sent Dick to fetch the rum, then Israel said something to the cook in a low voice,西尔弗让迪克去取酒,伊斯莱尔和厨子低语了几句,and I heard only a word or two.我只听见几个字,But they were important words:Not another man will join.但很重要:有个人不肯参加我们的行列。So there were still some honest men on board.看来还有和我们站在一起的人。I looked up and saw the moon had risen.我抬头看去,月亮已经升起来了。At the same time ,the voice of one of the crew shouted: Land!正在这时有个人喊道:陆地!There was the sound of many feet running across the deck.甲板上顿时响起了脚步声。I quickly got out of the barrel and was in time to join Hunter and Dr Livesey and the rest, at the side of the ship.我也乘机跳出苹果桶,正好遇上亨特和李甫西大夫等人,便和他们一起冲上船边。Away to the south-west,we saw two hills.我们朝西南方向望去,可以看见两座小山。Rising behind one of them was a third hill, even higher,其中一座小山后面还有一座高一点的小山,and with its top still hid-den in fog.山的顶部还笼罩在雾中。Captain Smollett gave orders ,and the Hispaniola turned so that the ship would sail just clear of the island on the east.斯列特船长下了命令,伊斯帕尼奥拉号掉头从东面靠近小岛。 关于《金银岛》充满冒险乐趣、惊心动魄、精生动的金银岛,绝对让你有高潮迭起、意想不到的深刻体验! /201307/246572。

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  • 英语专业四级 年专四听力材料: Shooting Spree in Norway -- :: 来源: 年专四听力材料:Shooting Spreein Norway  Norway is a country in mourning a day after at least 9 people, many teenagers, were killed in a shooting spree and bomb attack. Police have charged a 3-year-old Norwegian man, Anders Behring Breivik. He’s been questioned about the deaths of seven people in a bombing in Oslo and at least 85 others shot dead at a youth camp on an island. Richard Galpin reports from near the island.  挪威发生了击和炸弹袭击事件,至少造成9人死亡,其中许多是青少年一天之后,挪威举国哀悼警方已经起诉了一名3岁的挪威男子安德西?布莱维克(Anders Behring Breivik)奥斯陆爆炸事件中7人死亡,一个小岛上的青少年夏令营中至少85人被杀,警方正在就此对德西?布莱维克进行审讯Richard Galpin从这个小岛附近发回报道  Norway is coming to terms with the worst spate of killings it’s suffered since the Second World War. And the survivors who’ve now been brought off the island have been describing what happened when the gunman disguised as a police officer opened fire on the crowds of teenagers attending a summer camp organised by the governing Labour Party. Lisa Marie Husby was one of many who had a narrow escape, managing to hide in a cabin after being chased by the gunman.  挪威方面称,这是自第二次世界大战以来遇到的最严重的杀戮事件已经被带离这个小岛的幸存者描述了当时的情景一名伪装成警察的手走向小岛,然后开扫射参加由执政党工党组织的夏令营的青少年人群Lisa Marie Husby侥幸逃脱,他被手追杀后藏身在一间小木屋中  "Everybody that I took with me was safe. But three of them changed their minds on their way and ran back to the main building, and they’re missing now. I haven’t seen them, and I haven’t heard from them. So they are probably dead. I don’t know. Everybody outside the main building was shot."  “和我一起逃生的人都是安全的但是其中三人在逃跑的途中改变主意,回到主楼,现在他们已经失踪我没有看到他们,也没有听到他们的消息所以他们可能已经遇难了我不知道,主楼外面的所有人都被杀了”  Many survivors have talked about the long wait the police to rescue them. It’s now been confirmed that the gunman’s killing spree continued an hour and a half.  许多幸存者表示他们漫长地等待着警方来拯救他们现在已经实,持杀人狂魔的扫射持续了一个半小时  In Oslo, where the army is patrolling the streets, flags are lowered and people have streamed to the cathedral to light candles and lay flowers. The man arrested, Anders Behring Breivik, described himself as a Christian and a conservative. In the latest international condemnation of the attacks, the UN Security Council has said terrorism in all its ms is one of the most serious threats to world peace.。
  •   (1)主语从句的译法:如主语从句和后面的成分都不长,则顺序在一句话里完成;如主语很长,而主语其他成分很短,则可采用逆译法;倘若二者长度相当且都较长,则采用分译法。
  • Today I’d like to introduce Mount Tai, crowned as the most famous of China’s five great mountains, namely, Mount Tai in East China, the Hengshan Mountain in South China, the Huashan Mountain in West China, the Hengshan Mountain in North China and the Songshan Mountain in Central China.。
  • 根据中国国家居民身份信息中心报道:在中国有557人出生在1月1日或元旦,其中有6000人的名字都是用元旦来取名的北京晚间新闻报道:在中国,“元”的意思是“开始”,“旦”的意思是“日子”,“元旦”就意味着“新的一天”或者是新年的第一天在这成千名元旦节出生的人当中,有618个人姓元,取名叫旦,然而有5659个人的名字都含元旦另外有35个人虽然不是出生在元旦,但仍然用元旦来取名。
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