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Forget stocks, gold is back! This week's sharp rise in commodities was a surprise to some. CNN's Jim Boulden reports.Gold leap for dawns many buildings in the city of London some within the shelter of the bank of England. And while the BOE in its fellow central banks has attempted to stabilize the financial market this week. Many eyes turn back to the precious metals like gold. There’s no a total loss of faith and trust in the system. And when people do, when people lose faith like that, they move toward a hard tangible lasses like gold. On Wednesday gold future saw the biggest one-day jump in history, up 70 dollars. A week is a long time in politics and as we have seen also in the markets. Gold briefly topped 1000 dollars an ounce back in March, but was down 27% from that high this time last week, while oil was down a nearly third from its super spike in July, but all that changed with the bankruptcy of Leman Brothers. Unlike holding shares or bonds or even a bank account, holding a physical commodity means you don’t have to rely on the financial health or the so called counter party, such as a bank or a company or a government. A big reason people turned commodities as safe haven, commodities also benefit this week from the dollar’s weakness, meaning investors could get more dollars and hand more commodities for their money. When the dollar is weak, you tend to find a lot of investments like moving into commodities, because a lot of commodities are denominating US dollars anyway. So as a result, they become cheaper to consume, and more expensive to produce which tends to be poorish for commodities. And secondly, dollars, er, commodities are used as hedge against the declining dollar. So who can take advantage of this, well, you unlikely to stick a few barrels of oil in the basement, gold is another story. Ten ounces gold to fit the pummel hunt could store at home a few ounces. Stores count for very low insurance //. Of course, there were plenty of voices this past summer that warned commodities with then in bubble territory, and it looked like that might be true until this week. Now there are vows calling for gold push over a thousand dollars an ounce once more. And this time stay there as long as financial markets look a bad debt. Jim Boulden, CNN, London.200811/54791今天,我们来探讨一下为什么人们会打呵欠。专家们指出, 打呵欠不仅仅是因为你困了。当你对什么事表示担忧,或者有点烦躁,无聊的时候也会打呵欠。Today, a student from the Caribbean island of Bonaire asks the scientists about something all animals do. Ziran Chin-On: I’m Ziran, I’m 15 years old and question is why do people yawn? yamn:呵欠For an answer, EarthSky asked a neuroscientist at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. He studied yawning for over 30 years – but says why we yawn is still something of a mystery. Here’s Dr. Robert Provine. Robert Provine: Yawning is a curious behavior because on one level, you can say that we don’t really understand why we do it. So throughout our life, in face, even before birth, we start yawning. And it’s unclear about why we produce this act. Provine said you might yawn because you’re tired,anxious, or bored. Robert Provine: What all of these things have in common is a change in state. We’re changing from one kind of mood, one kind of exercise level to another. Yawning may help us through these states by stirring up our physiology. stirring up adj. 搅拌的(翻料的),激动人心的Yawning is also highly contagious – which makes it even more interesting to neuroscientists. Robert Provine: It gives us insight about how the brain links people together in social patterns.Scientists at the University of Albany have also suggested that yawning may cool down our brains. Our thanks to Ziran Chin-On and Dr. Robert Provine. Thanks also to the Monsanto Fund. I am Joel Block from Eamp;S, a clear voice for science. We are at Eamp;S. org.04/67453Iraqi Parliament Delays Vote to Extend Presence of Non-US Forces伊议会推迟就延长非美军留驻表决 A dispute in Iraq's parliament has forced a delay in the approval of a resolution that would allow non-U.S. troops to remain in the country after the U.N. mandate expires at the end of this month. 伊拉克议会内发生的争论迫使议会推迟对一项决议案的表决。这项决议案将允许非美军部队在本月底联合国授权到期之后继续留在伊拉克。Iraqi politicians have been predicting that parliament would approve a measure to allow non-U.S. troops to legally remain in the country until July of next year. But the Speaker of Iraq's Parliament, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, suspended the legislative session after a number of deputies called for his resignation. 伊拉克的政界人士预计,伊拉克会议将批准一项议案,允许非美军部队在明年底之前合法的留在伊拉克。但是伊拉克议会议长马什哈达尼在一些代表呼吁他辞职后终止了议会议程。Al Mashhadani had threatened to resign his post last week during heated debate over the fate of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President George Bush. He angered a number of lawmakers, who say he insulted them and should now keep his promise to resign. It is not now clear when the parliament will meet again, but failure to approve an extension of the troop agreement would leave non-U.S. troops without a legal framework to remain in Iraq beyond December 31, when the U.N. mandate expires.  目前还不清楚议会将于什么时候复会,但是如果伊拉克议会不能批准延长驻军协议,非美军部队在12月31日以后就无法在合法框架下留在伊拉克。联合国的有关授权在12月31日期满。The last-minute impasse came after the Iraqi parliament was reported to have reached a compromise Sunday, transforming a draft law into a parliamentary resolution that would require only a simple majority to pass. 据报导,在出现这最后的僵局之前,伊拉克议会星期天已经达成了一项妥协,将一项法律草案变为议会的决议案。这项决议案仅需要议会的简单多数就能通过。Hanin Mahmood, who sits on the Iraqi parliament's foreign relations committee, insists that some solution must be reached quickly to prevent foreign troops from going into a legal limbo. 伊拉克议会外交委员会委员马哈茂德坚持认为,为了防止一些外国军队陷入不能合法留在伊拉克的局面,某种决议必须尽快达成。She says that it is important that parliament gets this resolution passed so that there is no legal or security void for those troops remaining on Iraqi soil. The agreement concerns mainly British and Australian forces in Iraq. A number of other countries, including Estonia, Romania, El Salvador and Ukraine have troops in Iraq, as well. 她说,议会通过有关决议案,至关重要,因为这样才不会使驻伊拉克军队在法律和安全方面出现真空。这项协议主要事关在伊拉克的英国和澳大利亚军队,以及萨尔瓦多、爱沙尼亚、罗马尼亚和乌克兰的军队。Britain's Defense Minister contends that there are "contingency plans," but a "proper agreement" must be reached. 英国国防大臣声称,还有一些应急计划,但是必须要达成“一个合适的协议”。Parliament member Abbas Bayati of the ed Iraqi Alliance party says several solutions are being contemplated to end the current stalemate. “伊拉克团结联盟”党的议员巴亚提说,为了结束目前的僵局,正在仔细考虑一些解决办法。He says parliamentarians are facing three choices: either to rely on the original draft law, once again -or sign bi-lateral agreements with each of the countries involved, and to do this before the end of the year -or to have parliament allow the government to make agreements with British, Ukrainian and Georgian forces to prepare for their withdrawal within six months. 他说,议员们面临三种选择:要么重新依赖原有的法律草案,或者同每一个有关国家再签署一个双边协议,并在年底之前完成协议的签署;要么议会授权政府同英国、乌克兰、格鲁吉亚军队签署协议,为他们在6个月后撤军作准备。The ed States and Iraq have aly concluded a new security pact that allows U.S. troops to remain in the country. 美国和伊拉克已经签署了一项新的安全协议,允许美军继续驻扎在伊拉克。British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited Iraq ast week and announced his forces would withdraw from their positions in southern Iraq by the end of July . 英国首相布朗上星期访问了伊拉克。他宣布,英军将在年7月底之前撤离伊拉克南部。200812/59495

Cisco slows down The company known as a bellwether for the technology sector beats analysts' expectations but warns of tough times ahead. Everyone looks to Cisco to get a gage how the technology sector is doing. But even mighty Cisco can’t predict the future. On the company’s recent earnings call, CEO John Chambers told investors that he doesn’t know how long this economic downturn will last, through or into 2010. He also said that while he is pretty confident the company is going to be able to avoid major layoffs. Should the economy continue to deteriorate, they may have to cut as much as 10 percent of the workforce. So he kind of left the door open to layoffs should that be necessary. A lot of other companies have avoided giving any guidance in light of the shaky economy and a lot of unknown conditions, but Cisco at least tried to give some indication of what’s to come. It’s not looking so pretty though, they did say that in their current quarter they expect revenue to be down as much as 20 percent. It wasn’t quite as bad as investors expected in this most recent quarter though. Cisco managed to beat analysts’ estimates on both revenue and earnings. But at the same time, Chambers told investors that he’s going to have to cut about a billion dollars from the company’s expenses by limiting travel budgets, putting a hiring-freeze in place and cutting back on other special projects. One thing is totally clear here, while last year when Chambers was describing market demand for the company’s products, he used words like “soft and lumpy”, this year he is using much stronger language. He told investors on this earnings call that it is now clear that we are in a global economic downturn.GLOSSARY1. gage vt.以...为担保, 以...为赌注n.(gauge) 标准度量, 计量器 2. Earnings Calls: ~are a teleconference in which a public company discusses the financial results of a reporting period. These companies will announce earnings quarterly and generally hold an earnings call quarterly. 3. in light of adv.按照, 根据 考虑到4. beat sb’s estimate/expectation 超出某人预期 5. hiring-freeze 招聘中止/冻结 6. lumpy adj.多块状物的, 粗笨的 不容乐观的 02/63301

The ed States strongly condemns today's brutal attack that targeted a Frontier Constabulary training camp in Northwest Pakistan. It killed scores of innocent people and injured many others. We extend our condolences to the Pakistan armed forces as well as the families and friends of the victims. Terrorists have shown time and again that they are the true enemy of the people and the government of Pakistan and we respect the nation's sacrifices in the fight against terrorism and will continue to stand with Pakistan in our joint struggle to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al Qaeda and allied terrorist organizations.【生词注释】condemn v.谴责brutal adj.残忍的constabulary n.警察部队condolence n.同情;吊唁dismantle: v. 销毁201110/156582

bad girls good Showbiz Tonight's AJ Hammer and Brooke Anderson reveal the ways some of Hollywood's most notorious woman are becoming good girls.But if we were talking about a woman totally in control of her career image, it gotta be the material girl herself. From material girl to mama extraordinaire, Madonna wrote the book on transformation. Part of what makes her really smart is that she changes with the time. She sort of went from a street waif to Hollywood sophisticate to now a wife, mother and an author of children’s book. In the 80s and 90s, Madonna shocked the world with her in-your-face sexuality. she really, sort of, was one of the prime movers of the way our societies become pornier. That’s right. The man said pornier. Make sense too, cone-shaped bras, lewd and provocative dancing, sps in Playboy and Penthouse, and, oh, who can forget the sex book. These days Madonna is still in the book biz. This time children’s book. She actually sort of settled down. She’s got 3 kids now. As sure, none of them were born in wedlock but that’s fine. Give the lady a break. She’s got enough on her plate. International fames, spiritual quests and grappling with hard mummy questions like this one from CNN Richard,Christ. If your daughter decided to prance around on the stage in her underwear singing and hollering, would you approve? eh...Probably not. Oh, yeah, the double standard of parenthood aly kicking in. Who but she is not the only kick-ass naughty girl of Hollywood to go nice. May we present Angelina Jolie. And this is me. This tattoo diva first caught our attention after an Oscar win for her psycho role in "Girl, interrupted". She came on to the scene beautiful, talented and a true, wild child. I had some good nights in L.A, let’s put it that way?"She raised more than a few eyebrows when she married Actor Billy Bob Thornton. Public displays of affection was sort of their thing. Also their thing, wearing vials of each other's blood around their necks. Ok, whatever you want to call it. She told Larry.King. all about it. And what does he wear? Mine. Your blood? That’s nice. Ok, sure, that’s nice. Jolie went on to raise even more eyebrows when she defied every bad girl stereotype out there and became a global humanitarian and spokesperson for the U.N.. We shape our future by the way we raise our children. Yet, you cannot accuse the woman of not practicing what she preaches. She has adopted 3 orphans from around the world and is the proud mama of a daughter Shiloh whom she had with Brad Pitt. She’s taking on the role of being a mother. She’s now seen as global humanitarian, so, it’s been quite a change. But Jolie tells us she doesn’t think she has changed it all. I'm still a punk kid I got my tattoos covered. It’s pretty clear Angelina Jolie isn’t a punk kid any more. She takes her role as UN Goodwill ambassador very seriously. In fact she recently wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post urging humanitarian assistance for displaced families of Iraq all the while reportedly pregnant with her fifth child. Not bad for a former bad girl. Be on the lookout for the next Showbiz tonight Podcast. Remember: Showbiz Tonight is TV's most provocative entertainment news show. We are on 7 nights per week at 11 PM Eastern-night Pacific on CNN headline news. Thanks for watching the Showbiz Tonight podcast. I’m Brooke Anderson.02/61853

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