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嘉兴雀斑嘉兴整形医院排行Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half 生活与消费 The cheapest family in America offers tips on how to save money. We're all paying more for groceries than ever before except for one family. They had nearly cut their grocery bill in half while everyone else's just keeps going up. So, how do they do it? How could you do it too? Our Mike Von Fremd reveals the answer in our latest Recession Rescue.To the aptly named Economides family, shopping is a game . The thrill of victory is to find the cheapest food. Entertainment for you, it seems like. I know, you like the deal. It's a fun you get the deal. Well, it is. I mean, If your job is to stretch your dollars and you can do it and have success at it, and wouldn't you? Steve Annette Economides feed their family of six for just 0 a month-- something you have to see to believe. At the first store, they used coupons for almost every item, buying more than 0 worth of food for just . Thank you all.The typical American family buys only a few bags of groceries for 0. So at our next stop, I challenged the Economides to see how much they could \ buy with 0. And the race was on."Wait, wait, we'd better check and make sure you didn't short us. Trust but verify. It's all there. Ok, good, we are y. And they did not disappoint, buying 13 bags of groceries, everything from Global Mart, yogurt to fruits and vegetables for only 1.77. An average person would have spent 200,250, what do you think. At least 200, I'm thinking. Coz of all the price match. Think about the price match. You’re convincing you got about at least 50 percent off? Yah. Proud of yourself? Yeah, she did good.Price match means the store will match the lowest price from any competitor. It's a good way to stretch your dollars. And the Economides have some other tips. 1. Don't go to the grocery store often. A lot of families are going three, four, five times a week. We're gonna take a challenge, let's say, I'm gonna plan the , I'm gonna plan five dinners. And I am gonna go shopping once this week, and buy the stuff I need, use what's in my pantry, whatever, and not go back to the store, no matter what.The Economides planned for each grocery trip. They bring coupons which save them \ .57 on this trip. And they write down price match items, saving .18.2. Leave the kids at home. You'll save three times the price of the baby- sitter if you have time to really think and walk through the store and get and pick up the things you need 3. Have the deli slice your lunch meat. I need you to slice this up for me, real thin, can you do that? Yes. By buying a chop of meat and asking the deli to slice it for you, you can save to a pound. And finally, the Economides recommend: You grind your own meat. You can buy the cheapest cuts of like, chuck roast or chuck steak at .50 pound, and leave most of the fat on there , put it through the grinder and the stuff will come out looking like and cooking up as if you have bought the a pound lean ground beef.Total savings? .50 a pound. This family wins the gold medal when it comes to saving money .I mean, this is like your moment of glory, when you look and see that you tripled your money, isn't it.... Yes. And they'd like to teach you how to do the same. For Good Morning America, Mike Von Fremd , A news, Phoenix200811/56360浙江新安国际医院纹眉多少钱 Are Vitamins Necessary Dietician Nancy Clark says food is a better source of vitamins than pills Hello, I’m Elizabeth Vargas and welcome to 20/20 in touch. Trying to find a way to cut back on your spending, maybe you can save on all those vitamin supplements you’ve been buying. Doctor Tim Johnson has a new prescription for your physical and financial health. 24-year-old graduate student Ashley Mason is the picture of health. She does everything possible to stay that way. She watches her diet, exercises everyday. And she takes supplements to prevent health problem as she gets older.Stop wrinkles before they start. Take these pills before you get sick. And it all sounds like a very good idea to me.In fact, Ashley takes nearly a dozen different pills everyday.Every week, I sort them into this sorter.But Ashley is not a finale. Millions of people follow a regiment like this. Last year American spent 22.5 billion dollars on dietary supplements, hoping to buy a protection against the whole range of illnesses. This is what Ashley is counting on to keep her healthy. A multi-vitamin, fish oil, flaxseed oil, calcium, B-vitamins, magnesium, glucosamine and vitamin E. It’s expensive, but she believes it’s an investment in her health. It’s a lot of money for a graduate student to be paying every month for medication, while it’s not even really medication, I’m not sick.Physically, Ashley feels fine. It’s her pocketbook that hurts. A student on a tight budget, she's scraping together a thousand dollars a year for all her supplements. And since the manufactures don’t have to prove to consumers that any of this stuff actually works, 20/20 set out to see if taking all these pills is smart medicine.Doctor Eric Rimm of the Harvard School of Public Health says a simple multi-vitamin can provide a sort of safety net against the less-than-perfect diet.If you’re really on a generic mouthful vitamin which I think is probably enough for most people if you’re taking a supplement. The only thing where I would think there may be benefit would be taking from...er, will be taking vitamin D.Vitamin D, the so-called sunshine vitamin because it’s made when sunlight gets your skin.Every tissue and cell in your body needs vitamin D for maximum health.01/61367Pressure is growing on Israel after its commandos raided a flotilla of aid ships that were trying to break the blockade on Gaza. The raid early Monday, in which nine activists died, has set off a wave of international criticism. But very little of that criticism is coming from people at home.Israel began sending home some of the nearly 700 pro-Palestinian activists who were aboard the six vessels.Some, like this Turkish man, spoke of the violence they witnessed when Israeli commandos came down on the main ship, a Turkish vessel, during the raid in the eastern Mediterranean.He says the commandos came down from helicopters and attacked the activists. He said the commandos first warned the activists, who had told the soldiers they were not armed.Israeli military officials point to that shows activists hitting the commandos with iron bars and chairs, and say the soldiers acted in self-defense when they opened fire. The ships are sitting at the Israeli port of Ashdod. Some of their passengers were led away in handcuffs. Authorities say those who are agreeing to expulsion are being taken to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport and flown home.  By late Tuesday, scores had been repatriated. They included American Edward Peck, a former diplomat who had served as U.S. ambassador to Mauritania. Hundreds of others remained at detention centers across Israel. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told VOA some could be put on trial for attacking the commandos. "Those who have been clearly identified as aggressors are being questioned by the security service and it is possible that they will be prosecuted," he said.  As international condemnation mounts, there is also some criticism at home of how the raid was carried out. Newspaper columnists and some members of the opposition questioned the legality of the operation, and whether the flotilla could have been intercepted without using force. But overall Israelis express overwhelming support for the raid. Many have little sympathy for those in the Gaza Strip, where militants have been firing rockets at Israel for several years. Some believe that lifting the blockade would be opening the door to a flow of weapons that would be used to attack Israelis.On Jerusalem's busy Ben Yehuda Street, a man says the Israeli military acted in the interest of protecting its citizens when it intercepted the flotilla. He says it was the right thing to do because there simply was no other choice. Another man says he has doubts about the methods the commandos used, and worries about the raid's effects on Israel's image overseas. "In general, it was the right thing to do, but not in the way it was done," he said. Israel has begun moving cargo from the aid flotilla to the Gaza Strip after inspecting it. Egypt announced it is temporarily lifting the blockade it has been enforcing, along with Israel, on the Gaza Strip. Tensions remained high along Israel's border with Gaza, where the Israeli military says gunfire erupted after militants crossed the border from Gaza into Israel and opened fire at soldiers. Israeli war planes struck targets in Gaza on Tuesday in response to a rocket attack.以色列开始遣返六艘船上将近七百名亲巴勒斯坦活动人士中的一部分人。其中一些人,包括这名土耳其男子,谈到了他们在这场东地中海的突袭行动中目睹的暴力行为。当时以色列突击队员登上船队的主船,那是一艘土耳其的船。他说,突击队员们从直升飞机上降落下来,袭击活动人士。他说,突击队员们首先警告活动人士,而那些活动人士已经告诉士兵们他们没有携带武器。以色列军方官员根据录像带上显示的活动人士用铁棍和椅子殴打突击队员的画面说,士兵们开是出于自卫。这些船只现在停靠在以色列的阿什杜德港。船上一部分人被戴上手铐带走。当局表示,那些同意遣返的人正被带往特拉维夫的本古里安国际机场,并将被送上回国的飞机。其他数百人仍留在以色列各地的拘留所里。以色列外交部发言人伊戈尔.帕默尔告诉美国之音,其中一些人可能会因为攻击突击队员而受到审判。他说,“那些被清楚认定为攻击者的人正在接受安全部门的审问,有可能他们会受到起诉。”在国际谴责与日俱增的同时,以色列国内对于这次突袭的行动方式也有一些批评。报纸专栏作家和一些反对派成员质疑这一行动的合法性,以及当时船队是否可以在不动用武力的情况下被拦截。但总体来说,以色列人表达了对这一突袭行动的强烈持。他们很多人对加沙地带的居民并不同情,几年来激进分子一直在那里向以色列发射火箭。一些人认为解除对加沙地带的封锁会为武器流通打开大门,而那些武器会被用来袭击以色列。在耶路撒冷繁忙的本耶胡达大街上,这名男子说,以色列军队拦截这一船队的行动是出于保护本国公民的利益。他说,这么做是对的,原因很简单,那就是别无选择。以色列在检查完援助船队上的货物之后,开始将这些货物运送到加沙地带。在以色列突击队突袭了一个装载援助物资的船队之后,以色列受到的压力越来越大。这个船队试图突破加沙地带的封锁。星期一早些时候的突袭造成九名活动人士死亡,引发了国际社会的谴责声浪,但是在以色列国内却没有受到多少批评。。201006/105379嘉兴做眼袋价格

嘉兴去烟疤In confirming the death of its leader, Osama bin Laden, the terrorist group al-Qaida is threatening more attacks against the ed States and its allies. And top U.S. security officials say they are on alert for possible terrorist retaliation attacks. While the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has not issued specific terror warnings, law enforcement agencies have heightened security around the country to guard against attacks by al-Qaida-affiliated groups or by terrorists acting on their own.恐怖主义组织--基地组织实本拉登的死亡,威胁要对美国及其盟国发动更多的袭击。美国高级安全官员说,为防止恐怖分子可能进行的报复袭击已经加强警戒。虽然美国国土安全部没有发出特别警告,但是执法机构在全美范围提升了安全戒备,防备与基地组织有关联的团伙或者某些自行其事的恐怖分子发动袭击。Law enforcement agencies across the ed States have stepped up patrols at travel hubs and government facilities, following warnings that Osama bin Laden's death might inspire home-grown extremists.在得到有关本拉登之死有可能激起美国国内的极端分子采取行动的警告之后,全美范围的执法机构在主要旅游交通枢纽和政府设施都加强了巡逻警戒。"You're not going to have 19 hijackers taking down aircraft, but kids trying to find AK-47s or buy handguns or buy hand grenades on the street and go do something at a commercial facility like a mall or a 7-11 [convenience store]," said Philip Mudd, a former CIA officer and FBI counterterrorism agent.菲利浦.马德曾经担任美国中央情报局官员和联邦调查局的反恐特工,他说:“下一回的袭击不会再是19名劫机犯劫持飞机,而是某些年轻人设法搞到AK-47自动步,或者买到手或手榴弹,然后去一些像购物商场或者便利店那样的地方发动袭击。”Analysts say authorities have stopped 38 terrorism plots in the ed States since September 11, 2001. And U.S. officials say documents seized from bin Laden's compound in Pakistan showed al-Qaida considered attacks against trains in the U.S. this coming September 11th. Al-Qaida-affiliated groups have been linked to rail transport attacks in Europe. 分析人士说,2001年911事件之后,美国当局已经成功阻止了38起恐怖袭击阴谋的实施。美国官员说,在本拉登被击毙的住所里截获的文件显示,基地组织正在策划今年911事件10周年之际,对美国的火车发动袭击。欧洲的火车交通曾经遭到的恐怖袭击跟基地组织所属的恐怖组织有关联。201105/135393海宁市割双眼皮多少钱 Urbanisation城镇化Where do you live?你生活在哪里?Town- and country-dwellers have radically different prospects 城镇居民和农村居民的前途是截然不同Rus in urbeIN DAYI COUNTY, a couple of hours’ drive down a motorway from the city of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, Chinese tourists stroll through the meandering courtyards of a rural mansion. In the 1950s, soon after Mao seized power, the mansion was turned into a museum, intended as a showcase of evil. It once belonged to Liu Wencai, a landowner supposedly notorious for ill-treating his tenant farmers. Liu embodied a class despised by Mao, who came to power on the back of a promise to give land back to the peasants. 在大邑县,距离四川省府成都市数小时车程的一个县城里,中国游客漫步于一家乡间宅所那曲折的庭院里。在1950年代,在毛泽东掌权后不久,这栋宅所被辟为了一家物馆,以作为罪恶的展品。它曾一度归属为刘文(Liu Wencai),作为地主,刘文因被断定虐待他自己的长工而臭名昭著。刘文代表了为毛泽东所鄙视的那样一个阶级。而毛泽东在掌权后,推动了将土地交还给农民的这样一个承诺的兑现。In its Maoist heyday the museum was a place of pilgrimage. Red Guards swarmed there for ritual denunciations of Liu and his ilk. A high point of their visit was a trip to the “water dungeon”, a room with several inches of water covering the floor where Liu had allegedly kept disobedient farmers. Another was a series of life-size sculptures of peasants and their vicious oppressors. A politically disfavoured curator from Beijing’s Forbidden City who happened to look like Liu was forced to stand next to the sculptures as a “living Liu Wencai” so that visitors could shout and (though not strictly permitted) spit at him, according to Geremie Barmé of Australian National University.在毛泽东思想的全盛期,这个物馆就是个圣地。红卫兵扫荡了这里,为的就是仪式性的宣示刘文和他的同类。他们的串联的一个高潮是参观“水龙”,即刘文非法拘禁不守规矩的长工的地方:一间数尺深的水漫过地面的房间。而另外一个高潮是,一套由长工和他们恶毒的压迫者组成的真人大小的雕塑。据澳洲大学的Geremie Barmé讲,一位来自北京紫禁城的,在政治上的失宠的馆长,因碰巧长得像刘文而被作为“活刘文”强迫站在这些个雕塑边上,以让参观者能够对着他大声喊叫,大吐口水(尽管严格的说,并没有得到这样的允许)。201106/142177嘉兴曙光线雕哪家好

嘉兴副乳手术哪家医院好From tip to tip, its wings stand eight feet. This superb blighter can soar almost 24 hours a day. Waiting in this bustling, the troublous of hundreds of thousands of birds, her mate shores up the nest from last years breeding.And after seven lonely month, and tens of thousands of miles riding the southern sea winds, they share an ecstatic restating of vows. Their bond may last 30 years. Up and down the shores, nests are being tended to bonds renewed,and eggs laid. For the next two months, the couple has only one goal, to keep the egg alive.它的翅膀展开后有8英尺长。这种动物几乎能在一天内不间断的飞行。动荡不安的成千上万的鸟类在熙熙攘攘中焦急的等待。她的配偶飞往去年的繁殖地。七个寂寞的月份及乘着南部海风旅行成千上万的英里后,它们在狂喜中共享只属于对方的宁静。它们的联系可能会持续30年。海岸的上上下下,都有无数的巢及无数的蛋。接下来的两个月,这对夫妇只有一个目标:不管怎样都要让它们的孩子活着。词语解释:1. Soar v. 高飞,翱翔2. Troublous a. 骚乱的;动荡不安的3. Ecstatic a. 狂喜的;着迷的 201111/161302 Int'l Red Cross Decries Gaza Humanitarian Crisis红十字会:加沙面临全面人道危机 The International Committee of the Red Cross said Gaza is suffering what it calls a full-blown humanitarian crisis. It said the death toll and number of injured is rising, the infrastructure of the Palestinian territory is shattered and civilians lack essential supplies. 红十字国际委员会说,加沙目前陷入全面的人道主义危机。红十字会说,加沙的死伤人数还在上升,这块巴勒斯坦领土的基础设施受到破坏,平民百姓缺少必须的生活用品。The International Committee of the Red Cross said up to 600 people have been killed and about 3,000 injured since Israel began its military offensive in Gaza.  红十字国际委员会说,以色列对加沙开始军事进攻以来,已经有多达600人丧生,大约3000人受伤。The Head of ICRC Operations, Pierre Kraehenbuehl, called it a full blown humanitarian crisis. He said the situation for civilians has become intolerable. 红十字国际委员会行动部主任皮埃尔.克雷恩布尔认为,加沙目前进入全面的人道主义危机。他说,平民百姓的处境已经到了不能容忍的地步。"The main message coming out of Gaza this morning is one of fear and frustration. People are scared, parents for the safety of their children and the population at large being caught up in fighting. This past night was described to us over the phone this morning as being the most frightening of all to date," he said.  克雷恩布尔说:“今天早上来自加沙的消息充满了恐惧和绝望。人们非常害怕,家长担心他们孩子的安全,整个加沙人民都被卷入这场战争之中。今天早上我们从电话中得知,过去的这个夜晚是迄今最令人胆颤心惊的。”The ICRC said people are trapped and unable to flee to areas of safety. The Swiss humanitarian organization is appealing to Israel and Hamas fighters to refrain from targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure. It said it is critical that civilians are kept out of the line of fire. 红十字国际委员会说,人们被困在加沙,无法逃到安全区域。这个在瑞士的人道主义组织呼吁以色列和哈马斯武装人员尽量不要打击平民和民用基础设施。该组织说,让平民远离战火至关重要。Kraehenbuehl said a distinction must be made between civilians and combatants. He said direct and indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure, such as homes, hospitals and water-power supplies, are prohibited under international humanitarian law. 克雷恩布尔说,必须分清楚哪些是平民,哪些是战斗人员。他说,对平民百姓和住宅、医院及水电供应设施等民用设施不分青红皂白的直接攻击是国际人道主义法律所禁止的。He said the Red Cross is gravely concerned by the growing number of civilian deaths and injuries. He said the growing number of civilian infrastructure that is being damaged and destroyed, including hospitals, also is alarming. 克雷恩布尔说,红十字会对平民伤亡人数的日益增加表示严重关切。他说,医院等民用基础设施遭到损毁的数量不断上升也非常令人震惊。"In every situation of armed conflict, the issue of access to medical care is a crucial one. In Gaza, this access has been worsening by the day. Many people in Gaza currently do not get the emergency medical care that they need. Some are even dying because ambulances cannot reach them in time, which is frankly appalling," he said.  克雷恩布尔说:“在武装冲突的每一种情况中,能否得到医疗救治的问题,至关重要。在加沙,平民百姓得到救治的可能性每况愈下。加沙许多人目前无法得到所需的急救。由于救护车无法及时接到伤病人员,致使有些人生命垂危。这种现状的确骇人听闻。”Kraehenbuehl said the Israeli authorities are allowing the Red Cross to bring medical supplies, including blood, into Gaza. He said the agency also has brought in tetanus vaccines, which are potentially life saving for wounded patients.  克雷恩布尔表示,以色列当局允许红十字会向加沙运送血液等医疗救治所需的物品。他说,该机构还给加沙带去了破伤风疫苗,这种疫苗可以挽救伤员的生命。He said a team of Red Cross war surgeons has been allowed to enter Gaza to assist doctors treating the wounded at the main Shifa hospital. 克雷恩布尔说,红十字会一个战地外科医生小组已经获准进入加沙,为在希法总医院救治伤员的医生提供帮助。01/60591嘉兴曙光中西医医院激光去斑多少钱嘉兴私处脱毛一般哪家医院好



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