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The confrontation between the technology industry and the FBI over encryption has deepened after Apple pledged to fight a court order that it help unblock an iPhone used by the perpetrators of December’s San Bernardino shooting.苹果(Apple)声称将抗辩一项法院命令,该命令要求苹果帮助解锁去2月圣贝纳迪诺(San Bernardino)击案行凶者使用的一部iPhone。苹果此举令科技行业与美国联邦调查局(FBI)之间围绕加密的对抗加深。Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, said the federal court ruling was a “chillingexample of “over-reach by the US governmentand claimed the company was being asked “to build a back door to the iPhonewhich he said was “too dangerous to create苹果首席执行官蒂姆錠Tim Cook)表示,这份联邦法院裁决是“美国政府伸手过长”的一个“可怕”例子。他声称,法院要求苹果“在iPhone上创建一个后门”,他表示,“这么做太危险了”。The ruling has brought to a head a dispute over encryption and privacy between Silicon Valley and law enforcement that has been simmering for more than a year and sets up a legal showdown that could potentially end up in the Supreme Court. Mr Cook’s sharply-worded statement came hours after a Los Angeles judge said the company must provide “reasonable technical assistanceto the FBI in its efforts to get information off the phone.这项裁决使硅谷和执法机构之间发酵了一年多的有关加密和隐私的争议白热化,成为可能最终闹到最高法院的一次法律摊牌。库克发出上述言辞激烈的声明几个小时之前,一名洛杉矶法官表示,苹果公司必须向FBI提供“合理的技术援助”,帮其获取iPhone中的信息。Industry executives fear that US government pressure to weaken encryption could damage the credibility of their products which was aly hit by the 2013 Edward Snowden revelations. They also worry that authoritarian governments would force them to hand over the same techniques to get around security systems. “This is the most important tech case in a decade,Mr Snowden tweeted yesterday.科技行业高管害怕,美国政府在弱化加密上的施压,可能破坏其产品的可信度,2013年爱德华斯诺Edward Snowden)的爆料已经让其产品的可信度受损。他们还担心,威权政府将迫使他们交出同样的技术,用于绕过安全系统。“这是十年来最重要的科技案,”斯诺登昨日在Twitter上发言称。The FBI has been warning for months that new encryption procedures allow terrorists to “go darkfrom surveillance approved by courts and make it harder to conduct criminal and national security investigations.几个月以来,FBI一直在警告称,新的加密程序使恐怖分子可以对法院批准的监视“隐身”,使执行刑事和国家安全调查变得更困难。The iPhone belonged to Syed Rizwan Farook, who, alongside his wife, Tashfeen Malik, carried out a mass shooting at the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health. Mr Farook and his wife were later killed by police in a shootout.上述iPhone手机属于赛义德里兹万法鲁Syed Rizwan Farook)。他和妻子塔什费恩氠利Tashfeen Malik)在圣贝纳迪诺县公共卫生局(Department of Public Health)朝多人开。法鲁克和妻子随后在交火中被警察击毙。The ruling orders Apple to create software that would allow the FBI to try and break the password.法院裁决要求苹果公司开发让FBI能够尝试破解密码的软件。Mr Cook’s decision to publish an open letter to customers, rather than debating the issue through the courts or in private meetings with the authorities, is unusually forthright for the company.库克决定发布一封致用户的公开信,而不是在法庭上、或与当局在私下会议中辩论此问题,这对于苹果公司而言直率得非同寻常。Donald Trump called on Apple to open up the phone to authorities. “I agree 100 per cent with the courts.the Republican presidential candidate said.唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)呼吁苹果为当局解锁那部iPhone。“我百分百认同法院的看法,”这位共和党总统竞选人表示。来 /201602/427264Bangladeshs highest court has rejected an appeal by a senior Islamist leader, upholding his death sentence for war crimes committed during the countrys 1971 war for independence with Pakistan.孟加拉国最高法院驳回了一位重要穆斯林领袖的上诉,维持对他的死刑判决。此人被控在1971年孟加拉脱离巴基斯坦的独立战争期间犯下了战争罪行。Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha announced the decision Tuesday against Mir Quasem Ali.星期二,孟加拉国最高法院首席大法官辛哈宣布了对阿里的这一判决。The 63-year-old is a leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party and was convicted in 2014 on eight charges that included the abduction of a young man and his killing in a torture cell.63岁的阿里是伊斯兰大会党领袖,014年被判定8项罪名成立,其中包括绑架一名年轻男子,对他施以酷刑致死。Bangladesh says local collaborators and Pakistani soldiers killed 3 million people during the fight for independence, which Jamaat-e-Islami opposed.孟加拉国说,巴基斯坦军人及其孟加拉同伙在独立战争期间杀害了300万人。伊斯兰大会党是反对孟加拉国独立的。Several other Islamist leaders have aly been executed for war crimes. Jamaat-e-Islami and the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party have criticized the governments war crimes tribunal as politically motivated.另外几名孟加拉国穆斯林领袖已因战争罪被处决。伊斯兰大会党和反对党孟加拉国民族主义党批评说,政府的战争罪法庭带有政治动机。来 /201603/430087John Kerry has delivered a stinging rebuke of the Israeli government, accusing it of making the establishment of a viable Palestinian state nearly impossible through the expansion of settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)对以色列政府作出了尖锐反驳,称其在占领的西岸和东耶路撒冷扩建定居点,导致几乎不可能建立一个可行的巴勒斯坦囀?With Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu joining forces with president-elect Donald Trump to attack the Obama administration, the US secretary of state said Washington allowed a UN resolution critical of Israel to pass last week as a last-ditch effort to keep the idea of a “two-state solutionalive.在以色列总理本雅#8226;内塔尼亚Benjamin Netanyahu)和美国当选总统唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)合力攻击奥巴马政府的背景下,美国国务卿表示,华盛顿方面上周让联合国一项批评以色列的决议通过,是保持“两国解决方案”构想存活的最后努力。In the most detailed criticism by a US official of Israeli settlement construction, Mr Kerry said the West Bank was being “broken up into small parcels like a Swiss cheese that can never constitute a real state 克里的言论是美国官员针对以色列建设定居点活动作出的最具体的批评,他说,西岸正“被肢解成一小块一小块,就像瑞士奶酪那样,永远不可能构成一个真正的国家”。In a speech at the state department, he added: “The ed States cannot properly defend Israel if we allow a viable two-state solution to be destroyed before our eyes.”他在美国国务院发表的演讲中补充说:“美国不能妥善地维护以色列——如果我们允许一个可行的两国解决方案在我们眼前被摧毁。”The US abstention last week at the UN on a resolution condemning settlements prompted a furious reaction from Mr Netanyahu.美国上周在联合国谴责定居点的决议表决中弃权,引发内塔尼亚胡的愤怒反应。As well as aggravating the aly toxic relationship between him and President Barack Obama, the furore opened up an unprecedented rift between the sitting Democratic president and his Republican successor, who yesterday pledged to change approach when he takes office next month.这起风波除了恶化内塔尼亚胡与巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)总统之间本已不和的关系外,也使美国在任的民主党总统和共和党继任者之间出现前所未有的分裂,后者昨日承诺在下月就职后立即改变姿态。“We cannot let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect,Mr Trump said on Twitter ahead of Mr Kerry’s speech. “The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (U.N.!)Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!”“我们不能让以色列受到这样的完全蔑视和不尊重,”特朗普在克里发表演讲之前在Twitter上写道。“结局的开端是那份可怕的伊朗核协议,现在又搞出这个(联合国决议)!以色列,请坚强些,10日快到了!”Mr Netanyahu followed suit, saying on Twitter: “President-elect Trump, thank you for your warm friendship and your clear-cut support for Israel!”内塔尼亚胡接过这个话头,在Twitter上表示:“特朗普当选总统,感谢你的热情友谊和你对以色列的明确持!”The last-minute stance by the Obama administration reflects its concern that time is running out for a two-state solution because of Israeli settlement building. 奥巴马政府在最后时刻采取的立场反映了这样的担忧,即由于以色列大搞定居点建设,两国解决方案的时间窗口即将彻底关闭。Officials fear the Trump administration could side more openly with the Israeli government in a way that would make further negotiations impossible. Mr Kerry warned Israel against closing off the prospect of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.美国官员们担心,特朗普政府可能更加公开地站在以色列政府一边,使得进一步谈判不可能进行。克里警告以色列不要扼杀一个独立的巴勒斯坦国与以色列并存的前景。“If the choice is one state, Israel can be either a Jewish state or a democratic state,he said. “It cannot be both.”“如果选择作为一个国家,以色列要么是一个犹太国家,要么是一个民主国家,”他说。“它不可能两者都是。”来 /201701/486343Donald Trump has threatened to abandon US efforts to restore trade and diplomatic ties with Cuba unless Havana makes new concessions, setting the stage for a clash with a US business community eager to exploit the opening up of the island economy.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)威胁称,除非古巴做出新的让步,否则将放弃美国恢复与古巴的贸易和外交关系的努力,此举似乎将引发一场与美国商界的冲突,后者渴望利用这个岛国经济的开放。If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the US as a whole, I will terminate deal, Mr Trump tweeted yesterday, responding to a debate set off by the death on Friday of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.如果古巴不愿为了古巴人民,古美国人民和美国作为一个整体达成一项更好的协议,我会终止协议,特朗普昨日在Twitter上发消息称,回应了上周五古巴前领导人菲德卡斯特罗(Fidel Castro)去世引发的辩论。The threat to unwind years of work by President Barack Obama to restore normal relations with Cuba drew a plea from business leaders for the president-elect to take a more considered view.放弃现任总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)恢复与古巴正常关系的多年努力,这一威胁让商界领袖恳请这位候任总统采取更加深思熟虑的看法。We’ve now gotten to a point where we have an embassy and we have commercial flights that are starting [and] US companies managing hotels [in Cuba]. 我们现在已经达到这样一个阶段,我们有了大使馆,我们的商业航班正在开通,美国企业(在古巴)管理着酒店。To unwind all of that and go back to the Cold War would be a shame, former commerce secretary and Kellogg chief executive Carlos Gutierrez told the FT.放弃这一切,回到冷战状态,会令人感到惋惜,曾经担任美国商务部长的氏(Kelloggs)首席执行官卡洛斯.古铁雷斯(Carlos Gutierrez)告诉英国《金融时报》。With the backing of powerful agricultural and business lobbies Mr Obama has been pushing since 2014 for a resumption of normal relations with Cuba and in March became the first American president to visit the island in almost a century.在强大的农业和商业游说集团的持下,奥巴马自2014年以来一直在推动美国与古巴恢复正常关系,并在今年3月成为近一个世纪以来首位访问这个岛国的美国总统。In a sign of the changes under way, air carriers JetBlue and American Airlines yesterday flew their first regularly scheduled flights between New York and Havana. 改变正在发生的一个迹象是,航空公司JetBlue和美国航American Airlines)昨日开通纽约和哈瓦那之间的定期航班。There has also been a procession of business delegations to Havana, with a trip organised by the US Chamber of Commerce this month including representatives from companies such as Dow, and GE.已经有一连串商业代表团到访哈瓦那,本月美国商US Chamber of Commerce)组织的一次古巴之旅包括陶氏化Dow Chemical)和通用电气(GE)等企业的代表。But with Republicans in Congress continuing to resist calls for an end to a 55-year-old trade embargo, Mr Obama’s efforts to normalise relations with Cuba have depended on tweaks to regulations and executive orders he can implement without congressional approval.但由于国会中的共和党人继续抵制解除持5年的贸易禁运的呼吁,奥巴马恢复美国与古巴正常关系的努力依赖于无需国会批准就可实施的法规调整和行政命令。Mr Gutierrez said the result of this month’s election, which saw influential Cuban-American legislators such as Marco Rubio re-elected, meant resistance to lifting an embargo was likely to grow stronger. 古铁雷斯表示,在本月的选举结果中,马尔鲁比Marco Rubio)等有影响力的古巴裔美籍议员重新当选,意味着对解除禁运的抵制有可能变得更强。That meant Mr Trump would hold the key for a business community that wants the US to continue its efforts to open up the Cuban market.这意味着,对希望美国继续努力打开古巴市场的商界来说,特朗普掌握着钥匙。来 /201611/480542The secretary-general of the ed Nations has said he would like a woman to take over from him.近日,联合国秘书长表示,他希望是一位女性来接任自己的职位。Ban Ki-moon said it was ;high time; for a female head, after more than 70 years of the UN and eight male leaders. Of the 11 candidates in the running to take up the post, five are women.潘基文表示,在联合国成立70多年、先后历经八位男性领导人之后,现在是时候由一名女性来领导联合国了。在参与竞选的11名候选人之中,有5人是女性。The secretary-general must be recommended by the 15 countries that make up the UN Security Council and elected by the 193 countries in the General Assembly. A new secretary-general is expected to be announced in the autumn.要想成为联合国秘书长,必须经过组成联合国安理会的15个国家的推荐,然后再由联合国大会193个成员国选举通过才行。今年秋季就将选出新一任的联合国秘书长。By tradition the role rotates between regions of the world. Eastern Europe and Russia, which have never had a representative hold the post, say it should be the turn of someone from that region of the world.按照传统,联合国秘书长一职轮流从世界各地区选出。东欧和俄罗斯从来没有人担任过联合国秘书长,所以他们表示此次应该轮到该地区的人来坐这个位子了。Mr Ban did not single out one particular candidate, but he told the AP news agency that there were ;many distinguished, motivated women leaders who can really change this world, who can actively engage with the other leaders of the world;.在接受美联社采访时,潘基文并没有指明任何一个特定的候选人,他只是表示,目前有许多杰出、积极的女性领导人可以真正地改变这个世界,他们可以和世界其他领导人积极地参与到事务中去。Mr Ban said whoever takes the role should have ; a clear vision for the world of the future; and commitment to peace, development and human rights.潘基文表示,无论是谁当选上这个职位,都应该对未来世界有一个清晰的愿景,并且做出和平、发展及人权的承诺。He or she should champion the rights of vulnerable groups including women and girls, people with disabilities and people with minority sexualities, Mr Ban said. ;If not the ed Nations, who will take care of those people?;潘基文指出,无论最后当选的是男性还是女性,都应该捍卫包括妇女和女孩、残疾人士以及少数性别取向人群在内的弱势群体的权利。“如果联合国都不关心,那么谁还会关心这些人呢?”In polls, Antonio Guterres of Portugal, a former prime minister and former head of the UNs refugee agency, has been the favourite to take on the role.从民调来看,葡萄牙前总理、联合国难民署负责人安东尼奥·古特雷斯目前是最有可能成为担任联合国秘书长一职的人。The highest-performing women have been Irina Bokova of Bulgaria and Susana Malcorra of Argentina, who have both reached third place in the rankings.目前表现最好的女性是来自保加利亚的伊琳娜·科娃和来自阿根廷的苏珊娜·马尔科拉,两人都名列排行榜第三位。来 /201608/462746

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