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本溪满族县人民医院在哪辽宁省本钢总医院上环咨询Christmas is marked on the 25 December (7 January for Orthodox Christians).12月25日是圣诞节(东正教的圣诞节是1月7日)。圣诞节的故事:耶稣的诞生The Holy Family, Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus.圣母玛利亚、约瑟夫、婴儿耶稣Christmas is a Christian holy day that marks the birth of Jesus, the son of God.圣诞节是基督教的一个神圣节日。因为他标志着耶稣,上帝之子的诞生。Jesus#39; birth, known as the nativity, is described in the New Testament of the Bible.圣经新约记载了耶稣的出生,即耶稣诞生。The Gospels of Matthew and Luke give different accounts. It is from them that the nativity story is pieced together.马太福音和路加福音对耶稣诞生分别作了记载,基于这两者的记载,我们才有了流传到现在的耶稣诞生故事。 /201312/269907本溪二院是正规医院嘛 The Most Awkward Maternity Photos Ever史上最尴尬的妇照片Maternity photos are typically taken to celebrate the new life that is being welcomed into the world.怀妈妈的照片被用来庆祝迎接新生命的到来,倍受人们喜爱。Most maternity photo shoots are filled with lots of thoughtfulness, love and a meaningful theme, if there even is one, but there will always be those people who just dare to be different.正常情况下,这些照片大多数都充满了温暖,爱意和有意义的主题,但是总是有人敢不走寻常路。Check out this roundup of the most awkward, maternity photos from World Wide Interweb that will either make you laugh out loud or force you to wonder ;What were these people thinking?;如这张来自全球互联网尴尬的照片,这个妈妈让你不得不大笑,惊奇的猜:“这些人到底在想什么?” /201409/328993溪湖人民医院是公立的

本溪市中心医院怎么样You don#39;t have to be a millionaire to steal these ideas about work, retirement and even getting up in the morning。即使你并不是百万富翁,你也可以偷学这些工作理念、退休概念甚至起床时间观念。1. They Don#39;t Retire When Everyone Else Does。他们不会像普通人一样早早退休。The average age for Americans to stop working is now 61, according to a recent Gallup poll, up from 59 ten years ago and 57 in the early 1990s. But America#39;s highest earners -- i.e., those with the biggest savings -- don#39;t plan on retiring until they#39;re at least 70, another new survey shows. Almost half of those people, who make ,000 or more a year, say they plan to keep working because they want to.根据最近的盖洛普民意测验显示,美国人现在的平均退休年龄是61岁,从20世纪90年代的57岁到十年前的59岁,退休年龄一直持推后的趋势。但是根据另一项最新研究显示,美国的最高收入群体——比如那些存款数目最大的人——至少到70岁之后才会计划退休。那些年收入7.5万美元甚至更高的人群中有将近半数称他们希望工作,所以会一直干下去。Granted, this group holds white-collar jobs that aren#39;t physically taxing -- but the ;never quit; concept is one that almost anyone can embrace. Stepping down to a less stressful position, or shifting to part-time work can put you farther ahead, savings-wise, when you do decide to retire。当然,这一富人群体都是不从事体力劳动的白领——但是他们“奋斗不止”的信念是每个人都应该积极借鉴的。退居到压力较小的岗位,或者换成一份兼职工作可以推迟你的退休年龄,这对你真正选择退休之后的生活有利。2. They Don#39;t Wake Up At 6 a.m. And Answer Emails。他们不会6点钟才起床回复邮件。You#39;re no doubt aware that the highest achievers are up earlier than most people: The National Sleep Foundation says most 30- to 45-year-olds get out of bed at 6 a.m. on a typical weekday morning, while this Guardian article shows that many CEOs of major companies wake closer to 5. You may not know, though, what those leaders are doing with the extra hour。你一定清楚收入最高的那些人比大多数人早起:根据全国睡眠研究基地研究显示,大多数30至45岁之间的人在工作日早晨6点钟起床,而一篇《卫报》上的消息则显示许多大型企业的CEO都在5点之前起床。你也许并不知道那些企业领导者们利用早起的时间干什么。Laura Vanderkam#39;s new book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast gives plenty of concrete examples (and none of them involves catching up on Facebook). For instance: A businesswoman knows she could spend her early-morning hour cleaning out her in-box, but since that#39;s a job she can do in 5-minute breaks during the day, she devotes the alone time to making real, uninterrupted headway on a project that she#39;s decided is a top priority for her -- and that will have clear career benefits, teeing her up for a promotion or other advancement。劳拉·凡德卡姆的新书《大多数成功人士在早餐前干什么》中给出了很多实际的例子(这些例子中无一例包括查看脸谱网)。例如,一个职场女性知道自己可以用早上早起的时间清理她的收件箱,但是这件事她可以利用白天里5分钟的休息时间做完,所以她就用利用这段时间专心来跟进一天中最重要的项目工作——这种工作态度无疑会创造真正的工作效益,也为她升职、加薪做好了准备。3. They Don#39;t Ignore Job Offers For Lateral Moves。他们不会忽略平级跳槽的机会。While many top earners keep an eye out for their next career move, they#39;re not always looking to move up. They#39;re often looking to make lateral moves, says Amanda Augustine, job-search expert at TheLadders.com, which originally began as a job-search site for people earning 0,000 and more (they#39;ve since expanded to all salaries). This group is willing to move horizontally, or even to take a step down,很多有钱人会时刻关注职场机会,但他们并不总是向上看的,求职网站the ladder的求职专家阿曼达·奥古斯丁称,这些富人们常常会寻找平级跳槽的机会,求职网站the ladder一开始只为年收入10万美元以上的人提供就业信息(但后来他们已经扩展到为各薪酬阶层的人提供信息)。Augustine says, if there is a future opportunity to move up and take on an even better role. Employees at every level can learn from this behavior, she says. Making a sideways career change (either within your company or to a new one with a similar title, pay and responsibility) can also be worth it if your industry is contracting and the new job is in a field that#39;s growing, or if you#39;ll be saving money with a shorter commute or cheaper parking, or getting better benefits, whether insurance- or retirement-related。奥古斯丁表示,只要有升迁或获得更好的职位的机会,富人们愿意平级跳槽,甚至接受比当下等级低的工作。奥古斯丁表示,各个层级的员工都可以学习这种态度。 如果你当下从事的行业正在紧缩,而你新从事的工作行业则正在扩张,或者节省交通费用,或者获得更好的保险、退休金等福利待遇时,平级跳槽就是值得的。4. They Don#39;t Buy When They Can Rent。他们能租房就不买房。It#39;s the American dream to own a home, but don#39;t assume that everyone who can purchase a home does. The five-year rule (if you#39;re not going to live in a home for five years, don#39;t buy it) is back. Renting is more popular than ever, even among the wealthy. While it once made sense for people who could afford it to buy a home and flip it after two years, and the market has improved moderately this year, we#39;re hardly in a boom。拥有一套房子是美国梦的一部分,但并不是所有的人都有能力买房。五年规则(即如果你不会在这套房子里住五年以上,就不要把它买下来)卷土重来。即使是在富人圈子里,租房之风也空前盛行。虽然过去买得起房子的富人倾向于买下一幢房子,然后两年后转手,而且今年的房市稍有缓和,但当下绝不是经济繁荣时期。This article by economist Robert J. Shiller explains that attitudes toward renting are starting to change; 61 percent of Americans in a recent MacArthur Foundation survey agreed that, ;for the most part, renters can be just as successful as owners at achieving the American dream。;经济学家罗伯特·席勒解释说,人们对于租房的观念已经改变了;在麦克阿瑟基金最近作出的研究调查表明,61%的美国人同意,“在很大程度上,租房的人和买房的人实现美国梦的机会是同等的。”5. They Don#39;t Buy Without First Comparison Shopping。他们不会在货比三家之前付款。Chances are, if you#39;re ing this here, you#39;re likely also shopping online (80 percent of people who use the Internet have bought something by clicking). But wealthy shoppers are getting more shipping confirmation emails than others: According to a recent report by Martini Media and comScore, in the first quarter of this year, affluent shoppers were 47 percent more likely than buyers earning less than 0,000 annually to purchase something online。如果你正在读这篇文章,很有可能你会网购商品(80%的网上用户都曾经试过网购)但是那些富裕的买家可能网购的次数更加频繁:根据广告商Martini Media 和 comScore在今年上半年做的相关调查显示,年薪10万的人网购东西的可能性比其他人多出47%。Just as interestingly, wealthy online shoppers aren#39;t visiting luxury destinations as much as they#39;re visiting sites with mid-level pricing (think Macy#39;s). We know shopping online greatly lowers the likelihood of an impulse buy, but another major money-saving reason to buy from home is that you can easily do price comparisons. Plus, new apps such as Slice will even send you alerts when the price on an item you#39;ve purchased online drops so you can get a refund。有意思的是,他们去Net-a-Porter等奢饰品网站的次数少于去中等消费的网站的次数。我们都知道网购可以有效的抑制消费冲动,但是网购省钱还有另 一个重要理由,即你可以货比三家同时,“降价应用”这样的新网络应用可以在你已经购买的商品降价时向你发出通知,由此你可以获得一定退款。 /201310/260638本溪人民医院做人流怎么样 For a century, the executives of Coca-Cola Co. have done everything possible to put their famed cola #39;within arm#39;s reach of desire,#39; to the point that one chief executive frequently pondered an extra tap at the kitchen sink--with Coke flowing from it.一个世纪以来,可口可乐公司(Coca-Cola Co.)的高管们使尽浑身解数,努力想把大名鼎鼎的可乐置于人们触手可及的地方,以随时满足对它的渴望。有一名首席执行长甚至经常考虑在厨房水池上额外安装一个龙头――让可乐从龙头里流出来。The company#39;s plan to team up with the maker of the Keurig single-serve coffee brewers to develop a do-it-yourself countertop Coke machine comes pretty close.公司与Keurig单杯咖啡机的生产商合作开发台式自制可乐机的计划,标志着多年来的努力目标几近实现。The new cold drink machine won#39;t look anything like SodaStream, the leading home soda maker, says Coke#39;s new partner, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. It will have a similar design to Green Mountain#39;s boxy coffee maker, and keep the Keurig name.可口可乐的这家新合作伙伴――绿山咖啡公司(Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc)表示,这款新型冷饮机和SodaStream(家用汽水机主要品牌)外观完全不同。机器的设计将与绿山公司四方形的咖啡机类似,并将沿用Keurig这一品牌名称。#39;You put a pod in, push a button, and get a drink,#39; Brian Kelley, chief executive of Green Mountain said in an interview Thursday, one day after Coke said it will pay .25 billion for a 10% stake in its new partner.绿山公司首席执行长布赖恩#12539;凯利(Brian Kelley)接受采访时表示:“你把饮料胶囊放进去,按下按钮,饮料就做好了。”可口可乐此前一天宣布,将斥资12.5亿美元收购其新合作伙伴10%的股份。The companies are betting that customers want convenience, he says, not having to lug cases of Coke or carbon dioxide canisters like those used in a SodaStream. The soda Keurig won#39;t depend on canisters, says Green Mountain, because consumers found them inconvenient to refill and hard to manipulate.他说,两家公司确信,消费者追求便利,不想把一箱箱可乐或者SodaStream使用的那种装二氧化碳气的钢瓶拖到家里。绿山公司表示,Keurig汽水机不会依赖气瓶,因为消费者觉得充气不方便,而且很难操作。In a statement Thursday, SodaStream International Ltd. said Coke#39;s announcement #39;serves as further validation of the relevance of our unique business model and the enormity of the global opportunity that lies ahead for us.#39;SodaStream International Ltd.发布声明称,可口可乐宣布的计划“进一步明了我公司独特商业模式所具有的重要意义,也明我们面临的全球性机遇无比广阔。”Avoiding CO2 cannisters was one of the highest hurdles in the five-year process of creating the cold brewer, Mr. Kelley said. Another challenge was figuring out how to instantly chill the soda. #39;We make our hot drinks come out hot quickly; we had to make the cold ones come out cold quickly,#39; he added.凯利表示,在开发这款冷饮机的五年里,如何避免使用二氧化碳气瓶是最大的障碍之一。另一项挑战是如何让汽水迅速冷却。他补充称:“我们能使热饮出来后迅速变热;我们也必须使冷饮出来迅速变冷。”The soda pods will contain two chambers, he said. The first will have a liquid syrup for flavoring; the second will contain a pre-form of carbonation that will be released when the drink-making process starts. In addition to pods for Coke brands, the Keurig will also offer pods for non-carbonated cold teas, juice and sports drinks. The company wouldn#39;t say whether they will contain powder or liquid.他说,汽水胶囊将由两部分构成。第一个部分内装有液体调味糖浆;第二个则装有碳酸化预制原料,会在饮料制作过程启动时释放出来。除可口可乐品牌的饮料包以外,Keurig还将提供非碳酸凉茶、果汁和运动饮料的冷饮包。该公司未透露饮料包中是粉末还是液体。The flash-chilling and pre-measured doses of drink syrup are what differentiates the new Keurig soda maker from SodaStream and are probably why quality-obsessive Coke is willing to take such an unusual step.瞬间冰镇功能和预先设定剂量的饮料糖浆是新款Keurig汽水机与SodaStream的区别所在,很可能也是极重质量的可口可乐愿意采取这一非常举措的原因。But the move is no guaranteed home run. Coke#39;s last attempt to create a miniature soda fountain for the home, BreakMate, flopped in the early 1990s after great fanfare.但可口可乐并不一定能一举成功。公司20世纪90年代初曾试图开发微型家用汽水机BreakMate,结果在大张旗鼓的宣传之后偃旗息鼓。#39;The opportunity is small, will likely frustrate bottlers trying to accelerate bottle/can sales, reflects a bias for pushing brands over innovating #39;in the bottle#39; and carries significant execution risk,#39; Mark Swartzberg, a Coke analyst at Stifel, wrote in a note to investors Thursday.Stifel 的可口可乐分析师马克#12539;斯沃茨伯格(Mark Swartzberg)在给投资者的报告中写道:“胜出的机会很小,可能会让试图加快汽水瓶罐销售的灌装企业感到失望,反映出该公司偏重品牌推广而非产品创新,并伴有重大执行风险。”Green Mountain says it aly has reached 13% U.S. household penetration for its pod-based coffee machine in a few years. (SodaStream has a 1% household penetration.) But soda is different than coffee. Coffee needs to be brewed fresh to taste good and most consumers prefer it hot, unlike soda, which can be bottled or canned and sit on shelves or in fridges for weeks while retaining its taste and carbonation.绿山公司表示,该公司的胶囊式咖啡机短短几年间已经渗入13%的美国家庭(SodaStream的渗透率为1%)。但汽水和咖啡是不一样的。咖啡要现煮口感才好,而且多数消费者更喜欢热咖啡,而汽水可以装在瓶子或者易拉罐里,在货架或者冰箱里摆放几周也不会影响口味,不会跑气。Soda is aly ily available and cheap, thanks to extensive bottling and distribution systems built up over decades. Many consumers might not want to fork out 0 to 0 for a Keurig cold drink machine that would sit next to their coffee makers on increasingly cluttered kitchen counters--especially when SodaStream machines start at .得益于过去几十年建立起来的广泛的灌装和分销体系,汽水已经是随处可买而且价格低廉。许多消费者可能不想花100到200美元添置一台Keurig冷饮机放在咖啡机旁边,让厨房台面乱上加乱――尤其是在SodaStream汽水机起售价仅为80美元的情况下。The companies haven#39;t said what the soda pods will cost. The coffee K-Cups are more expensive per serving than buying a tin of coffee of a comparable brand. But people are willing to pay a premium for the convenience, Green Mountain has said. The company also has marketed Keurig as a good deal, since they are cheaper than buying a cup at a coffee shop.两家公司尚未透露汽水胶囊的售价。每份K-Cups咖啡价格要比购买相同品牌罐装咖啡贵。但绿山公司表示,人们愿为追求便利而多付些钱。该公司也在营销中打出Keurig物超所值的口号,因为它做出的咖啡要比在咖啡店买便宜。If the at-home push succeeds, it could turn the cold beverage industry on its head. U.S. household penetration of soda is roughly 90%--nearly rivaling toilet paper.如果家庭自制可乐的计划取得成功,则可能彻底改变冷饮行业的面貌。汽水在美国家庭的渗透率约为90%――接近厕纸的渗透率。Dorothy Chatman, a 69-year-old retired school teacher, and lifelong Coke drinker, is intrigued. She aly owns a Keurig coffee maker. As for a Keurig cold drink machine with pods of Coke, #39;I#39;d probably buy that too, #39; she said, adding that it sounds #39;convenient.#39;69岁的退休教师多萝西#12539;查特曼(Dorothy Chatman)喝了一辈子可口可乐,她对可乐机很感兴趣。她已经有了一台Keurig咖啡机。她说,至于带可乐胶囊的Keurig冷饮机,“我很可能也会买”,她还说,这种机器似乎“很方便”。Coke could fatten its profit margins if more consumers agree to make its sodas and other flavored cold drinks at home. That#39;s because customers would be adding the water, which is heavy and inflates transportation costs. The lightweight pods also make e-commerce more financially feasible.如果有更多消费者愿意在家自制汽水及其他调味冷饮,那么可口可乐的利润率有望提高。这是因为消费者会自己加水,而水很重,(如果像原来一样由公司负责加水)会增加运输成本。从财务上来说,重量很轻的可乐胶囊还让电子商务变得更加可行。Bottling and distributing soda is a high-cost, low-margin business. In Europe, where Coke sells concentrate mix to independent bottlers and distributors, the company#39;s operating profit margin is around 40%. The company#39;s margin in North America dropped to the low teens from around 20% after acquiring its largest U.S. bottler in 2010.汽水灌装和分销业务成本高,利润率低。在欧洲,可口可乐向独立灌装商和分销商出售浓缩液,营运利润率达到40%左右。而在北美,可口可乐2010年收购其美国最大的灌装商之后,利润率由20%左右降至10%-14%之间。Shares in Green Mountain soared 26% to 2.10 on Thursday after the Coke partnership was announced late Wednesday. But shares in SodaStream also rose Thursday, gaining 7.2% to .35, as some investors placed bets the at-home movement will gain momentum and that SodaStream could team up with PepsiCo Inc. or Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.受与可口可乐结盟的消息推动,绿山公司股价次日飙升26%,达到102.10美元。但 SodaStream当天股价也上涨7.2%,达到38.35美元,因为一些投资者押注自制冷饮有望形成趋势,他们还预计,SodaStream可能会与百事公司(PepsiCo Inc.)或Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.结盟。SodaStream, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper declined to comment on any potential talks.SodaStream、百事公司和Dr Pepper拒绝就任何潜在谈判事宜置评。SodaStream#39;s website makes fun of its rivals, with the slogan #39;Sorry, Coke and Pepsi.#39;SodaStream的网站打出“不好意思,可口可乐和百事可乐”这一标语,调侃其竞争对手。 /201403/279314本溪市红十字会医院妇科价位表

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