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幸福是如何评定的? 幸福是非常主观的有些人下雨的时候会觉得幸福,有些人在阳光普照的时候觉得很幸福那么,如何评定幸福?显而易见,全球幸福数据库里的人都考虑了诸多不同的因素,比如平均预期寿命等当然最重要的参考标准是人们对 “How happy are you?”这个问题的回答(虽然实际问题会根据时间的推移有点区别)人们在考虑了所有的变量后,通过电脑给自己的生活评分,量表从0分至分分数越高,人们越幸福 . Luxembourg – 7.6 points Living in the worlds richest country inevitably puts a smile on your face! This small landlocked European country has an army of 800 people (yes, 800). They don't have a navy nor an air ce but together with Belgium they can afd to own 1 military cargo plane. Beat that US! According to the Guinness Book of World Records Luxembourg holds the world record as the country that consumes most alcohol in the world per citizen.卢森堡公国 —— 7.6分 住在全球最富有的国家,必然让你脸上笑靥如花!这个被陆地包围的欧洲的小国家,拥有一800人的陆军(是的,只有800)他们既没有海军,也没有空军,但是和比利时一起,他们可以买下一军用运输机打倒美国! 根据吉尼斯世界纪录大全的记载,卢森堡公国是世界上人均消费酒精饮料最大的记录保持者 533。

  • 1. If you don’t take the first step, you’ll never do it.1. 如果现在不踏出第一步,以后更没可能It’s so easy to get stuck in this cycle of “I’m going to go — I can’t go right now — I’ll go next year — I’m going to go,” and never get out of it. There is, after all, a lot of logistics that go into getting out there and seeing the places you’ve always wanted to see.人们很容易陷入这种怪圈:“我要去旅游,但现在不行,明年吧,明年我就去” 可到最后也没成行反正出门旅游的途径很多,总有办法去那些一直想看的地方If you’re looking one, there is always an excuse not to get those tickets. But the second you take the plunge and decide that you’re actually going (and making the painful-but-necessary financial investments to do so), everything else has a tendency to fall into place.只要你不想去,总有理由不去动身可一旦你鼓起勇气真的决定出发时(可能要为此花掉一点必要的积蓄),所有的一切都会清晰明朗啦. It’s less expensive than you think.. 旅游没你想得昂贵While the purchases of things like tickets are always going to sting a bit, there are so many ways to make your travels feasible to do on the cheap.除了票价等有点贵以外,穷游的途径还是很多的If a hostel is too pricey you (though there are many which offer beds at bucks a night or even less in major cities), couch surfing is a wonderful option. If you don’t know anyone, check any of the many websites which organize couch surfers. Speaking personally, I and almost all of my friends in Paris have hosted couch surfers at one time or another, because we understand that it’s a city so many people want to see at some point, and we don’t always have a ton of disposable income to do so.)如果你住不起旅馆(虽然有些旅馆块钱就能住一晚,有些大城市的旅馆甚至还能再便宜些),可以考虑做沙发客要是你没什么认识的人,可以在组织沙发客的网站上查查悄悄说,我和我在巴黎的朋友都时不时地招待过沙发客,因为我们知道很多人都想来看看巴黎,但手上的积蓄又很有限It’s actually incredibly fun hosts to meet new people and be able to see their city through new eyes. They can also help you eat cheap, local food and shop places where you won’t be another ripped-off tourist. It’s win-win, and practically free. Of course, it’s always encouraged that you buy a meal or bottle of wine your host, and help with chores when possible — but still, that’s nothing compared to a hotel.其实,能结识新朋友并用全新的目光参观他们的城市是件非常有趣的事情他们还能帮你吃到便宜的地方菜、买到便宜的东西,让你避免被宰“沙发客” 旅游非常廉价,是双赢的旅游攻略当然,建议你送主人一瓶酒或请主人吃顿饭,可以的话帮忙做做家务不管怎样,这要比住旅馆省钱有趣多了3. You don’t ever have to be alone.3. 旅游无需落单Whether you meet people in your hostel, stay on someone’s couch, or join an online travel group bee you go which organizes meetups people passing through the city, there is never a reason to be alone while traveling if you don’t want to.如果你不想一个人旅游,那肯定能找到伴儿你可以在旅馆结识旅伴,可以做沙发客,或在出发前网上报名那种招人一起游览的组团Being young and in a new city is one of the easiest ways to meet tons of people, and gives you a million things to talk about in every conversation with a stranger. It’s a time you don’t have to be afraid of first impressions, or the baggage of your life back home. Everything and everyone is a clean slate, and you can meet as many people as you want on your journey.年轻人在陌生城市很容易认识各种各样的人,随便跟谁都能有聊不尽的话题而且这种情况下你还不必介意什么第一印象或回家后的生活烦恼一切人与事都是新奇的,旅途中你爱结识多少人就能结识多少人. But you can be alone if you want.. 如果你想,一个人的旅程也不错If you are more interested in spending some alone time, however, there are a million ways to go about that. You can just leave a day and go wander around a new city, taking everything in and being at peace with your own thoughts. You can take pictures or sit down in cafes and write about everything you see, and don’t have to be on anyone’s schedule. It’s rare that we get these kind of moments back home, and we owe it to ourselves to have them once in a while, if it’s what we want.如果你宁愿一个人静静,办法也有的是你可以抽一天时间去一座陌生城市逛逛,随遇而安、任思绪平和无扰;也可以拍拍照片,在咖啡馆坐下写点所见所想,不受任何人搅扰回家后我们就难得享受这样的时光了,所以偶尔想要一个人静一静的话,就对自己好点吧5. Plane travel is an adventure in itself.5. 飞机旅行本身就是一种冒险Just the act of getting in a plane and feeling it take off, or navigating the byzantine chaos of an airport in early morning, can be a thrilling experience that we easily get we can have. There is something terribly frightening but also wonderfully life-affirming about the moments bee takeoff, or the glimpses of patchwork fields you can get from over the wing.仅仅是感受飞机的起飞,或清早挤过飞机场罗马式的喧嚣,就足以在不知不觉间带给我们一段激动人心的经历起飞之前或瞥见机翼下方斑斓田野之际,总是又惊惧又笃定Even the often-disappointing selection of airplane food becomes something wonderful and exotic when you’re going somewhere you’ve been dreaming about years. It’s a moment that means you got out, that you overcame the false starts, and that something new is waiting you.当你前往梦寐以求的目的地时,就连不甚如意的飞机餐都变得既可口又充满异国情调了这是你克障碍动身出发的时,前方是未知的一切在等待着你6. Once you get there, moving around is easier.6. 既已抵达,游览便容易多了Take, example, Europe. You come primarily to see Rome, but you want to get around and see other things. Between cheap train tickets with the -30 discount cards, incredibly cheap airlines that hop between European cities, and car shares that are easily accessible online and can cross entire countries in a few hours, there are limitless ways to get from one place to another once you’ve aly taken the leap across the ocean.就拿欧洲来说,刚开始你主要是想参观罗马,但很快你就想到周边看看别的了既然有优惠-30%的火车票卡、欧洲城际廉价班机、网上拼车花数小时纵览各国,只要你已经迈开第一步,就有数不尽的方法从一个地方玩到另一个地方Whichever continent you’re headed to, though, you’ll find that (in many ways thanks to the internet) the means of shorter travel to make the most out of a single trip are growing exponentially every day.不管你去哪个洲,你会发现,因为互联网的普及,一次旅游中的短途游玩方式已经日见增多了7. You never know what will happen when you get there.7. 旅途总是充满新奇It’s so cliché, but it’s said often a reason. You can spend years rationalizing how you aren’t missing that much by not going, or how you don’t want to risk not having a good time, or that you won’t know what to do when you get there, but the truth is you have no point of reference.虽然有点老生常谈,却也不乏道理你可以年复一年地说自己“不去旅行没啥大不了”、“去了不好玩才没劲呢”,或者“你去了也不知道干嘛”,但事实却是你这样说毫无根据The amount of incredible things that you could happen on your trip is literally unimaginable. You can say that you don’t need to see it, but you really have no way of knowing exactly what you’re missing out on.旅途中可能发生的奇妙事情绝对不是你能想象得到的或许你会说你根本就不想要什么奇妙经历,但这样你真的会错过很多很多8. You will invariably learn something about yourself.8. 你总能更加了解自己It can be as simple as, “I can navigate a eign city by myself and get around with a language book full of only useful phrases. I can use my limited skills to get good food, accommodations, and meet new friends.” Even this is an incredibly important and affirming thing to know about oneself, and the only way to learn it is to get out and see what happens when you try.简单一点就是:“我可以自己游玩陌生城市,能用一本实用外语手册走遍南北,还能用有限的能力解决吃饭住宿问题并结识新的朋友”哪怕就是这些也非常了不起,足以让你了解自己,而了解自己的唯一办法就是走出去不断尝试9. It’s good to get out.9. 出去走走益处多No matter how much you love your current place of residence, it’s just all-around a good thing to get out every now and again and see some new surroundings. You are able to put some comparison up against the corner bars you are used to, the restaurants you frequent, the architecture you’re surrounded by, and the public transportation you use every day.不管你多么喜欢现在居住的城市,时不时地出去接触新环境也很有好处走出去你才能拿新的地方和你常去的街角酒吧、常光顾的餐馆、总是经过的建筑风景或每天乘坐的公共交通进行比较While you may end up finding that you prefer where you came from, it’s nice to see just how much of our own cities we take granted as being universal, and even how the buzz of a city around dusk can feel completely different in a climate which is almost identical. Cities have their own lives and personalities, and we sometimes get that ours is far from being the only kind out there.或许最后你发现自己更喜欢原来的地方——这样也好,原来一直这么理所当然地住在自己的城市,而黄昏时分城市的喧嚣就算是在相同的气候下竟也有迥然不同的韵味城市各有各的生活与特征,只是我们常常忘了外面的世界很大很精. There are so many people you haven’t met yet.. 还有很多人等你去认识Maybe you won’t meet the love of your life waiting to cross a street in a eign city. Maybe you won’t have a whirlwind two weeks with them where you explore your new environment and learn the first fumbling steps of a new language. Maybe you won’t end up remembering this city the rest of your life as the place where everything wonderful first began. But maybe you will, and that’s reason enough to go.或许你不可能在异国街头邂逅你的至爱伴侣;或许你不会来一场闪电恋爱跟他们交往两周,但旅行的乐趣在于一边探索新环境,一边结结巴巴学习新的语言;又或许以后你再也不会记得这座曼妙旅程拉开序幕的城市,但是或许你又会,所以你一定要去旅行 971。
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  • China box office dropped .6% in the second quarter of , according to statistics from the National Film Development Funds Management Committee.国家电影事业发展专项资金管理委员会近日发布的数据显示,今年二季度我国电影票房下滑.6%The box office fall, the first in half a decade, is due to a subsidy reduction and theree has weighed down the stock permance of the major listed film companies.票房补助减少是五年内票房首次下降的原因,它导致中国主要上市电影公司的股票业绩降低Audience will not buy as many tickets as they did bee as the ticket price may be a little bit higher after the subsidy decreases, and this will show their real consuming capacity, according to Wang Changtian, CEO of Beijing Enlight Media Co, one of China top film companies.国内领先的电影公司之一、北京光线传媒股份有限公司首席执行官王长田表示,票补减少后,票价可能稍高,观众购票数量不如从前,这才表现出观众真正的消费能力Moviegoers can usually buy film tickets at a discount, and producers will subsidize the remainder of the full price, which can be regarded as a promotional activity. However, if there is no real demand to see the film but producers buy the tickets in advance, this is considered illegal.观影者通常可以买到打折电影票,制片方将补贴差价,这可以被视为一种宣传活动但如果没有实际观影需求,制片方却提前买票,则被视为违规行为Industry sources said a few blockbuster Chinese films, such as Lost in Hong Kong and Monster Hunt, have been the subject of allegedly inflated reported box office sales. The phenomenon is a practice in the industry, where many film producers will reserve some costs box office allowances.业内人士透露,诸如《港囧和《捉妖记等少数卖座大片抬高了报告的票房这种现象在电影行业里是一种惯例,许多电影制片人会给票房津贴预留一些开销Of last year billion yuan reported box office, about 3 billion yuan to 5 billion yuan came from such allowances. Industry sources said the illusion of a high box office actually harms China film industry and will lead to market bubbles and disorders.在去年报道的0亿票房中,有30亿到50亿的票房均来自于这样的津贴业内人士透露,高票房的假象会损害中国电影行业,导致市场泡沫,引起市场混乱 589。
  • Student finance: top student money saving tips理财篇:学生省钱十大妙招Whether it’s your first or your third year, the temptation to spend is everywhere – not least at the union bar. Problem is, you’ll need cash left at the end of term if you fancy joining the university ski trip. Here are ten great money saving tips old and new students alike.无论这是你步入大学的第一年或第三年,花钱的诱惑总是无处不在-不仅仅在优年美食餐厅问题是如果你想参加学校组织的滑雪旅行, 你需要在学期末的时候留点钱给自己本文将和各位新老生一起分享十大省钱妙招 77。
  • 昨天咱们大致了解了西藏十大旅游景点,现在我将带大家实地考察,小编我现在位于布达拉宫,Daisy今天会简单介绍介绍布达拉宫的情况给大家好啦,我们开始!还在家乡的时候,我就碰到一位藏族的同胞,她对我说:“想见到达赖或者班禅,是一件非常困难的事情”所以小编想能见到达赖或者班禅,是件非常幸运的事那这个幸运儿是谁呢?希望我是,呵呵~~ Major Structures 主要结构 Potala Palace is composed of parts, the Red Palace as the center and the White Palace as two wings. 布达拉宫由两部分组成,中心是红宫,两边是白宫 The Red Palace or Potrang Marpo is the highest part in central Potala Palace that is completely devoted to religious study and Buddhist prayer. It was painted to red to represent stateliness and power. It consists of a complicated layout of different halls, chapels and libraries on many levels with an array of smaller galleries and winding passages: The Great West Hall, Dharma Cave, The Saint's Chapel, The Tomb of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama and etc. The 75 sq meters (about 7,8 sq ft) Great West Hall is the largest hall of Potala Palace, with beautiful murals painted on its inner walls. Around the Great West Hall are three chapels, the east chapel, the north chapel as well as the south chapel. The Dharma Cave and the Saint's Chapel are the only two remained constructions of the 7th century with the statues of Songtsen Gampo, Princess Wen Cheng, and Princess Bhrikuti inside. 红宫或Potrang Marpo (藏文发音)是布达拉宫中央最高的部分,纯粹用于宗教研究和佛教徒做祈祷它被涂成红色是因为红色代表着威严和力量这部分的结构非常复杂,有许多层,主要是大厅,礼堂和图书馆,在各个不同的楼层也有一排排整齐的小画廊和蜿蜒的通道,当然也有西大厅,达洞,上师殿,十三世达赖灵塔殿等等这75 平方米(约78平方英尺)的西大厅是布达拉宫最大的大厅,在墙壁上有着精美的壁画围绕着西部大厅另有三个礼堂,东礼堂,北礼堂以及南礼堂达洞和上师殿是仅有的两个公元7世纪的建筑,里面存放着松赞干布,文成公主和尺真公主的雕像 The White Palace or Potrang Karpo once served as the office building of Tibet local government makes up the living quarters of Dalai Lama. The wall of the palace was painted to white to convey peace and quiet. The Great East Hall on the fourth floor, occupying a space of 7 sq meters (about 7,718 sq ft), was the site momentous religious and political events. The fifth and sixth floors are used as the living quarters and offices of regents while the seventh floor, the top one, is the living quarters of Dalai Lama consisting of two palaces named the East Chamber of Sunshine and the West Chamber of Sunshine due to the plentiful sunshine. 白宫或Potrang Karpo(藏文发音)曾经是西藏地方政府的办公楼,也是达赖喇嘛的居住区宫殿的墙壁被涂成白色,传达和平与宁静大东馆四楼,占地7平方米(约7718平方英尺),这里见了重大的宗教和政治事务第五和第六层是执政者的居住楼和办公室,而第七层,最上面的那层,是达赖喇嘛的居住区名叫东日光殿和西日光殿,因为这里的光照非常充足 Potala Palace has other annexes including the School of Buddhist Logic, the seminary, the printing House, gardens, courtyards and even the jail. more than 300 years, Potala Palace has treasured many culture relics such as murals, stupas, statues, thangkas, and rare sutras. 布达拉宫还有其他的附楼,包括佛学思维学院,佛学堂,印经楼,花园,小院子,甚至监狱超过了300多年的时间,布达拉宫珍藏着许多文物,例如壁画,佛塔,佛像,唐卡和罕见的经文 小编有约:朋友她说在去西藏的路上,被一位虔诚的老阿妈感动哭啦,她一路全身行跪拜礼同时看待事情的方式也会有很大的改变我想这时候我也会感动的想哭也会思考自己,思考人生晒一晒你去西藏的心情吧!Daisy期待着! 833。
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