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A controversy over women#39;s dress code has sparked a public debate in China. 一条关于女性在地铁应如何穿着的微近日在中国引发了公众的广泛争论。Shanghai subway, China#39;s busiest system, asked women to dress ;properly; to avoid sexual harassment on its official micro-blog... a statement that#39;s triggered huge debates.中国客流量最多的上海地铁在官方微上要求女性应穿着适当以避免性骚扰。而这条微随后便引发了公众的广泛争论。 Article/201207/191507

It is always a great pleasure and a lot of fun to get paid for a job that you love doing and this way, you can work harder and focus on that job to improve it even better.能够做自己喜欢做的事情,还有人付给你薪水,这是非常快乐也非常有趣的事情。这样,你会更加努力集中精力工作,进一步提升自己。Today, we#39;re going to be talking about how to get the perfect job. Unfortunately, I#39;m going to start with the bad news because actually, there is no such thing. The perfect job does not exist.今天,我们将来讲述一下怎样得到完美的工作。不幸的是,我首先要说说一个坏消息,因为没有这么好的事情,完美的工作并不存在。So what I encourage you to really look at is like how to find a great job, one that you really, really love. If you#39;re going for perfects, you#39;re always going to be disappointed. There#39;s always going to be something in any job, in any situation, that isn#39;t how you really like it to be.所以,我要鼓励大家怎样找到一份比较好的工作,一份自己非常非常喜欢的工作。如果你追求完美,你总是会失望。任何工作,任何场合都会有你不太喜欢的方面。So, few things to focus, folks, start to focus on with your work. What is working? And then you#39;re looking to focus on 3 core areas. First one, always when you#39;re trying to find the ideal job, the perfect job is about focusing on you first.所以,伙计们,不要关注其他方面,只是关注工作本身。那么,什么是工作呢?你必须集中在三个核心问题。首先,当你努力寻找理想的工作的时候,首先要剖析一下自己。What do I want? What are my interests? What are my passions? What are my strengths? What am I really good at? Start with all of that stuff, almost with a blank slate. Erase what you#39;ve done in the past as your job. Put that to one side and we can bring it back later.我想要什么?我的兴趣是什么?我对什么比较有?我的强项是什么?我最擅长什么?从头开始分析所有资料,抹掉你过去的工作,先把你的工作经验放在一边,回头我们再说。Alright, start with that blank page. If I could do anything, what would I really love to do? What am I interested in doing? What am I passionate about? You know, what are my strengths? Anything that#39;s about your personal fulfillment and enjoyment - it#39;s the best way to have a great career. Having your perfect job is to get paid for doing what you love.首先,从空白页开始。如果我可以做任何工作,我最喜欢做什么呢?我对做什么比较感兴趣?我对什么比较有?我的长处是什么呢?一切都是关于个人满足和兴趣的——这是获得好的职业的最佳途径。拥有完美的工作就是做自己喜欢的事情,还有人付钱给你。So, start there first. The second bit that is really about starting to build that bridge between where you are and that perfect job, once you#39;ve done that first initial exploration, is about looking at your current expertise, your current strengths, your past experience. Looking at all of those things in context compared to your ideal job and looking at what the gaps are then, what else do you need to be able to build that bridge and make that transition from where you are to your perfect job? So that#39;s a process over time.以上是第一点。第二点就是在自己和完美的工作之间建立联系。当你完成了第一步最初的探索之后,可以考虑一下你现在的专业,你目前的强项,你过去的经验。把这些因素和你理想的工作进行比较,看一下有哪些差距,你还需要做哪些事情来弥补两者之间的差距,过渡到你喜欢的完美工作?这个过程需要一段时间。You might just do some retraining, you might do some new skills and having an action plan step by step in process so that over a period of time, you find that way to get paid for doing what you love. And hopefully, get paid well. Often, people think that there#39;s that, I#39;ve got to choose, I either do something that I love or I have a good high paying job.你需要接受一些再培训,你需要掌握一些新的技能,制定一份详细的计划。这样,经过一段时间,你会找到完美的工作,或许薪水也很高。通常情况下,人们以为鱼和熊掌不可兼得,必须在喜欢的工作和高薪工作之间进行选择。I don#39;t believe in that at all and complete fallacy. I want to really focus on how do I get paid really well for doing something that I really love. And if you kind of start there, then that#39;s where you#39;re most likely to end up.我完全不相信。我想要做一份高薪的自己喜欢的工作。只要想到就有可能做到。Thanks for watching How To Get The Perfect Job.感谢收看“怎样获得完美的工作”视频节目。 Article/201211/208805

Today in History: Sunday, December 02, 2012历史上的今天:2012年12月2日On Dec. 2, 1942, a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction was demonstrated for the first time at the University of Chicago.1942年12月2日,一自持的核链式反应首次在芝加哥大学展示。1804 Napoleon was crowned emperor of France.1804年,拿破仑被加冕法国君主。1823 President James Monroe outlined his doctrine opposing European expansion in the Western Hemisphere.1823年,在西半球,总统詹姆斯·门罗概述了他反对欧洲扩张的原则。1954 The Senate voted to condemn Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, R Wis., for ;conduct that tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute.;1954年,参议院投票谴责参议员约瑟夫R.麦卡锡,因他的“行为会使参议院蒙羞。”1961 Cuban leader Fidel Castro declared himself a Marxist-Leninist who would lead Cuba to Communism.1961年,古巴领导人菲德尔·卡斯特罗宣布自己是马克思列宁主义者,将领导古巴共产主义。1969 The Boeing 747 jumbo jet debuted.1969年,波音747大型喷气式客机首次亮相。1980 Four American churchwomen were raped, murdered and buried in El Salvador. (Five national guardsmen were later convicted of murder.)1980年,四名美国女信徒在萨尔瓦多被强奸、谋杀并埋葬(五名民警随后被判谋杀。)1982 Doctors at the University of Utah Medical Center performed the first implant of a permanent artificial heart in a human. Barney Clark lived 112 days with the device.1982名,美国犹他大学医疗中心的医生首次对人类进行永久性人造心脏移植,带着这种装置巴尼·克拉克活了112天。1990 Chancellor Helmut Kohl#39;s center-right coalition easily won the first free all-German elections since 1932.1990年,总理赫尔穆特·科尔 中右翼联盟轻易赢得德国自1932年以来的首次自由选举。1990 Composer Aaron Copland died at age 90.1990年,作曲家Aaron Copland去世,享年90岁。1993 Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was shot to death by security forces in Medellin.1993年,哥伦比亚毒枭帕布洛艾斯科巴被在麦德林被安全部队射杀致死。1999 A power-sharing cabinet of Protestants and Catholics sat down together for the first time in Northern Ireland.1999年,一新教徒和天主教徒权力共享的内阁首次在北爱尔兰坐下来共同商谈。2001 Enron filed for 11 protection in one of the largest corporate bankruptcies in U.S. History.2001年,安然公司根据破产法第11章申请破产保护,这是美国历史上最大的企业破产之一。2010 The House voted to censure Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., for financial and fundraising misconduct.2010年,众议院投票谴责众议员查尔斯·兰格,因其在金融和筹款中的不端行为。 /201212/211778

特别声明:该节目有可可原创。视频出处:出于B记录片《英国史》第7集《女王的诞生》。精视觉:精解说:Perhaps things might be better between the two of them如果玛丽接受了伊丽莎白以胜利者姿态if Mary accepted如果玛丽接受Elizabeth#39;s choice of a safe Protestant husband for her,给她安排的可靠的新教徒丈夫罗伯特·达德利in the winning form of Robert Dudley.她们俩之间的关系可能还会好点One tiny problem with this plan, though,但这个计划有个问题Mary had no intention of being told what to do by Elizabeth.玛丽无意听命于伊丽莎白Anyway, everyone knew而且大家都知道that after the death of his wife,罗伯特·达德利自从丧妻之后Robert Dudley was spoiled goods.脾气非常坏 /201212/214866

Rekindling that old romance is very hard! Valentines Day is a great time to rekindle the flame of a long term relationship.Here#39;s how …重新制造浪漫气氛是非常困难的!情人节是恋爱多年的人重燃爱火的好机会。Step 1: Plan a date1.筹划约会Before the day make it clear to your partner that you want to spend the evening together without interruptions. Plan a date with your partner, be it an evening out, or a romantic meal at home.在这一天到来之前,明确向你的伴侣表示,情人节这天晚上你想不受打扰地两人共度美好时光。和你的伴侣一起安排这次约会,可以一起外出,或者在家共进浪漫晚餐。Organize flowers, and food in advance. Don#39;t forget many other couple have similar plans to yours so pre-book to avoid disappointment.提前安排好鲜花和食物。不要忘记,许多其他情侣也有类似的计划,所以要提前预订,以免失望。Step 2: Get a head start2.良好的开端Subtly place love notes around for your partner to find throughout the day. Feel free to reminisce a little in them, stirring up the feelings you had when you first met. Send a naughty text or two mentioning how much you are looking forward to the evening. For maximum impact have a bouquet of roses delivered to their work place, the attention will do wonders for their esteem.精心地放置一些可以放你的伴侣发现的充满爱意的小纸条。可以共同回忆过去,让他们想起你们刚刚认识时的情景。发一两条调皮的短信,讲述一下自己多么期待情人节的夜晚。为了取得最佳效果,可以订一束花送到他们的工作地点,其他人的关注会让他们的自尊心得到极大的满足。Step 3: Set the scene3.布置场景Make your home look the part. Importantly tidy away any clutter. Light candles, fluff the sofa cushions and make sure the TV is switched off. Your rooms should resemble an oasis of calm and seduction.让你的家看上去充满浪漫气氛。最重要的是清理掉任何垃圾。点燃蜡烛,铺好沙发垫,确保关掉电视。你们的房间应该是宁静和诱惑的乐土。Step 4: Body contact4.身体接触Greet your partner with a kiss and continue the flirtatious body contact throughout the evening. You may have not noticed it but the amount of time you put aside for each other may have diminished over the years, so tonight, give them your undivided attention. Pay your partner compliments, tell them all the things you appreciate and love about them.亲吻一下你的伴侣,保持身体接触。或许你没有注意到,但是你们可能已经很多年没有抽出时间在一起了。所以,今夜心无旁骛地共度良宵。赞美你的伴侣,告诉他们你欣赏和热爱他们那些地方。Step 5: Music5.音乐Play a mix of tracks which have been key in your relationship; music you#39;ve danced to, your make up track, songs you enjoyed on holidays together. Let the music steer your conversation to the amazing times you have shared. Before you know it you will both have that sparkle back in your eyes.播放一些对你们的恋情比较重要的歌曲,你们曾经一起跟着节拍跳过的舞蹈,你们自己创作的歌曲,你们在节日共同欣赏过的音乐。从这些音乐开始展开你们的对话,回忆过去的美好时光。你们的眼睛会不知不觉闪耀爱的光芒。Step 6: Discuss the future6.讨论未来Don#39;t let the entire evening be dominated by the past. Make plans together for the future, be it a long term goal, a romantic break, or simply another meal together in the coming weeks. Make it clear you want the romance to continue well into the future.不要整个晚上都沉湎于对过去的回忆。一起为未来做计划,可以是长期目标,浪漫约会,或者未来几周一起吃饭。明确表示,希望这种浪漫气氛可以延续到以后。Step 7: Pamper7.纵容Treat your partner to a luxurious bubble bath or sensual massage. Don#39;t rush things - you#39;r not teenagers, take your time to enjoy each other and make it a night to remember.为你的伴侣沐浴或。不要乱扔东西,你们不再是小孩子了。充分享受两人在一起的时光,让这个夜晚成为你们的美好回忆。 Article/201210/204492

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