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明山区医院如何本溪市骨科医院做无痛人流多少钱The US space agency announced the appointment of eight new astronauts on Monday, and a record half of NASA#39;s first astronaut class since 2009 are women.The astronauts will earn between ,000 and 1,000 per year, and will be part of the team that lays the groundwork for NASA missions to an asteroid in the 2020s and to Mars in the 2030s, NASA administrator Charles Bolden said.;This new class will be among those who have the opportunity to plan and carry out these exciting missions,; said Bolden in a message on the NASA website.The eight were chosen from the second largest pool of applications ever received -- over 6,100 -- NASA said.Among them are Nicole Aunapu Mann, 35, a Marine Corps major and F/A 18 pilot; and Anne McClain, 34, a major in the US Army and OH-58 helicopter pilot.The others are Jessica Meir, 35, an assistant professor of anesthesia at Harvard Medical School and Christina Hammock, 34, who is National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Station Chief in American Samoa.The male astronaut candidates are former naval aviator Josh Cassada, 39; Navy lieutenant commander and F/A 18 pilot Victor Glover, 37; Tyler Hague, 37, a US Air Force colonel working to tackle improvised explosive devices; and Andrew Morgan, 37, an army major and physician of emergency medicine.The last class announced in 2009 included three women. The group of astronauts named in 1998 also included four women, but out of a larger hired group of 25.据法新社6月18日报道,美国航天局(NASA)17日宣布选出8名新航天员,其中4人为女性。美国航天局局长查尔斯·尔登称,这些航天员的年薪将在6.4万美元到14.1万美元之间,他们将参与NASA本世纪20年代登陆小行星和本世纪30年代登陆火星的准备工作。“这批新航天员将有机会参与策划和执行这些激动人心的任务。”尔登在NASA网站的视频中说道。NASA称,这8人是从6100多人中遴选而出的。四名女航天员分别是:35岁的海军陆战队少校、F/A 18战斗机飞行员妮科尔·奥纳普·曼恩;34岁的美国陆军少校、OH-58直升机飞行员安妮·麦克莱恩;35岁的哈佛医学院麻醉学助理教授杰茜卡·迈尔;34岁的美国国家海洋与大气美属萨亚站站长克里斯蒂娜·哈莫克。四名男航天员分别是:39岁的前海军飞行员乔希·卡萨迪;37岁的海军少校、F/A 18飞行员维克托·格罗弗;37岁的美国空军上校泰勒·阿格,主要处理简易爆炸装置;37岁的陆军少校安德鲁·根,是一名急诊医师。上一批航天员产生于2009年,有3名女性入选。1998年航天员团队也有4名女性,但当时被录取的人数共计25人。本溪妇保医院人民医院地址 韩国怀疑朝鲜“对首尔发动猛烈的网络攻击”来源:Times Online 编辑:Vicki美国独立日当天,韩国和美国的政府机关,和企业网络均受到攻击瘫痪,朝鲜成为最大嫌疑犯。从7月4号开始,美国队财政部和特勤处,韩国的总统府,议会,国防部及外交部均受到一系列网络攻击,如果这次事件真是平壤所为,那么事件就相当敏感了,从年初开出,朝鲜一直对美国和韩国进行一系列的挑衅动作,包括试射导弹。North Korea 'launches massive cyber attack on Seoul'North Korea is the main suspect behind a campaign of cyber attacks that have paralysed (麻痹,瘫痪)the websites of US and South Korean government agencies, banks and businesses since American Independence Day. News of the campaign — which would be the first such large-scale attack attempted by the dictatorship (独裁)— emerged yesterday as an ill and emaciated (衰弱的)Kim Jong Il made a rare public appearance. US government agencies, ranging from the Treasury Department (财政部)to the Secret Service(特勤处), and South Korea’s presidential office, parliament and defence and foreign ministries were among those hit by the attacks, which began on July 4. The South Korean intelligence agency told members of parliament that it believed Pyongyang or its agents abroad were behind the attacks. “This is not a simple attack by individuals,” Seoul’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) (国家情报院)said in a statement. “The attack appeared to have been elaborately(苦心经营地) prepared and staged by a certain organisation or state.” The Yonhap news agency(联合新闻社) ed an unnamed member of parliament who said that the NIS had suggested that the attacks were the work of North Korea or “a pro-North Korean force”. Experts said that there was no indication of data theft, but because the websites were still affected four days after the attacks began, an unusually sophisticated denial of service attack had probably been used. Thousands of computers were infected by a virus that flooded websites with traffic, then overloaded their servers and forced them to shut down. South Korean and US authorities were working to identify the creators of the virus, the NIS said. US officials would not speak publicly about the attack but an emergency notice has been sent to federal departments advising them of precautions(预防措施). One theory is that they were tests of American and South Korean cyber defences. Security experts warned last year, amid an attack linked to China, that America remained more vulnerable to cyber-terrorism than any conventional form of attack. President Obama announced the establishment of an inter-agency cyber-security office(机构间网络安全办公室) in May and the Pentagon(五角大楼) added a military Cyber Command (军事网络指挥中心)to supplement the civilian effort last month. South Korea had warned of the danger of cyber-espionage (网络间谍)by Chinese and North Korean hackers. The country’s Defence Security Command said last month that it was logging attempts to penetrate military networks at an average rate of 95,000 a day. If the attacks this week are the work of North Korea the timing is significant. Pyongyang has staged a series of verbal and physical provocations this year, including an underground nuclear test and the launch of an intercontinental rocket(洲际火箭). The aggressive attitude suggests that it has abandoned expectations of negotiation with the international community in favour of whipping up (激励,鼓励)nationalist fervour (热情)at home. /200907/77414溪湖医院在哪里

本溪治疗软下疳最好的男科医院What really happened at LivingSocial?团购网站LivingSocial到底出了什么事?Yesterday morning, news leaked that the company had raised 0 million in new financing. Seemed to be a long-awaited hallelujah moment for the daily deal company, particularly after investor Amazon.com (AMZN) significantly wrote down its LivingSocial investment in recent quarterly earning reports.上周三上午传出消息,LivingSocial在最新一轮融资中融得1.1亿美元。对这家团购网站来说,这似乎是一个期待已久、见奇迹的时刻。尤其是考虑到此前,这家公司的投资者亚马逊(Amazon.com)在最近的季度财报中刚刚大幅减记了它手头所持这家股份的价值。But the storm clouds came quickly, when a research group called PrivCo claimed that the financing actually was convertible debt that wiped out the value of founder and employee liquidity and included a whole rash of onerous terms. PrivCo also claimed that the round was ;emergency; round of funding that staved off imminent bankruptcy.但乌云很快笼罩过来,一家名为PrivCo的研究机构称,这轮融资其实附带着大量的苛刻条款、消除创始人和员工股份价值的可转换债务。PrivCo还称,这是一轮“紧急”融资目的是让LivingSocial避免立即破产的命运。Multiple investor sources took issue with the PrivCo report during background conversations earlier this morning, and now Fortune has obtained a memo that LivingSocial CEO Tim O#39;Shaughnessy just issued to employees. Here it is, in its entirety:上周四上午早些时候,多位投资行业消息人士都在跟《财富》杂志(Fortune)进行交流时对PrivCo的报告提出质疑,现在我们获得了LivingSocial首席执行官蒂姆奥肖内西发给员工的一份备忘录,以下是备忘录全文:Hey folks,伙伴们:In light of a recent report on our financing round that contained significant inaccuracies and errors, I wanted to provide some additional details on yesterday#39;s round.鉴于最近一份关于我们公司融资的报告包含了显著的误差和错误,我想在这里提供关于那轮融资的更多细节。If you#39;ve seen some of that misinformation, here#39;s the real story:如果你们看已经看到了其中一些错误的信息,下面我要说的才是真实的情况:This was not an emergency round. We received our first term sheet on December 23rd, nearly two months ago, and this has been an organized, thought-out process.这并不是一轮紧急融资。我们在12月23日收到第一份风险投资协议,也就是近两个月前,这轮融资是有组织、经过深思熟虑的。This was an equity round, not a debt infusion.这轮融资是股权投资,而不是债务输注。There was no re-pricing of investor shares from previous rounds.我们没有对之前几轮融资确定的投资者股份进行重新定价。There were no warrants issued as part of this round.这轮融资不包括发行认股权。There were no ;double-digit; cash dividends. (Typical of many financing rounds, including our own past rounds, there was a nominal 3% dividend for a class of shares.)不存在“两位数的”现金股利(跟典型的融资——包括我们公司过去几轮融资——一样,我们只针对一类股票象征性地发放3%的现金股利)。There is no ;4x liquidation preference.; (Once again, typical of almost all venture rounds, there is a liquidation preference, but it slides up or down based on a key metric and gets nowhere near 4x.)不存在“4倍的优先清算权”(再次重申,跟大多数融资一样,我们的融资涉及优先清算权,但它根据一个关键指标上下浮动,绝对达不到4倍)。The es from a ;senior LivingSocial communication executive; are straight up fiction.报告中引用一位所谓“LivingSocial高级传媒主管”的说法纯属捏造。Two of the three investors listed on the PrivCo site as participating in the round didn#39;t participate, and one isn#39;t even an investor in the company.PrivCo网站上列出的参与本轮融资的投资者中有三分之二并没有参与,其中有一位甚至不是投资公司的成员。On valuation, people always seem to be overly enamored with market value, which has puzzled me because as a private company, there is no liquid market on which to buy and sell shares, so a valuation is established without any degree of market efficiency. In short, it#39;s an educated guess between the company and a set of investors at one particular snapshot in time.就估值而论,人们似乎总是过分迷恋市场价值。这个问题同样一直困扰着我,因为作为一家私人公司,并不存在一个买卖股票的流动性市场,所以估值的确定没有把任何程度上的市场效率考虑在内。简言之,估值是公司和一组投资者在某一特定时间点进行的有根据猜测。But nevertheless here goes. Yes, this was a down round, which I#39;m sure is not a shock to anyone. Our main comp in the market is down significantly from when we last fundraised. In this round, we sold 7.5% of the company for 0mm. Although there were some bells and whistles associated with those shares, as mentioned above, this should give you some idea of the current valuation of the company.但不管怎样,事情是这样的。不错,这确实是一次估值较低的融资(down round,指投资者在一轮融资中购买同一家公司股票的价格低于对上一次融资投资者付价格的情况——译注),我敢肯定没有人会觉得吃惊。跟上一轮融资时比较起来,我们公司的估值已经大幅缩水。在本轮融资中,我们将公司7.5%的股份作价1.1亿美元。不过,正如前面提到的,那部分股份还附加了一些条款,这些应该能够让你们对公司目前的估值水平有所了解了。So how does this round impact employee stock? In short, some, but not much. Basically, the preference stack is a little higher now. At any valuation over B, though, we clear that stack by quite a bit. For comparison, our major competitor#39;s market cap is now .9B. In the event of an IPO, all preferred stock becomes common stock, and the preference stack goes away.那么,本轮融资对员工股份有什么影响呢?简言之,有影响,但影响并不是很大。基本上,现在叠加起来的清算优先权有点高。不过,我们在公司估值超过10亿美元的时候清理了一大部分优先权。作为比较,我们主要竞争对手的市值现在是39亿美元。在进行首次公开募股后,所有的优先股都会变成普通股,清算优先权也就消失了。We are a company that does over half a billion in revenue. If we stay diligent, we hope to turn the corner to become profitable soon. Thanks to this round, we have significantly more capital to be able to be opportunistic and drive the future growth of the business.我们公司的年营收超过5亿美元,如果我们继续努力下去,公司有望在不久的将来扭亏为盈。得益于这轮融资,我们获得了更多的资金以抓住机遇,推动公司业务在未来的增长。Hopefully this will help clear up any questions you may have or get on yesterday#39;s round. Now it#39;s back to executing on our plan.如果你们对这轮融资存在或产生了任何疑问,希望这份备忘录有助于澄清问题。现在,我们该回头执行我们的计划了。This is a pretty damning indictment of PrivCo, which regularly distributes information on private company financings. I managed to reach PrivCo CEO Sam Hamadeh, but said he#39;d call me right back. Hasn#39;t happened yet. Will update if and when I hear from him.PrivCo定期发布有关私人公司融资的信息,这份备忘录是对该公司非常严肃的控告。我设法联系到PrivCo的首席执行官山姆哈马德,不过他说会打电话给我。电话还没打过来,我将在听过他的说法后对本文进行更新。UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Hamadeh, who is standing by his original report. He says O#39;Shaughnessy is misleading his own employees, and that classifying the round as ;equity; is a technicality given all of the debt-like provisions PrivCo continues to believe were attached. He also says that PrivCo spoke with a LivingSocial spokesman prior to publishing, and sent him a draft of the report with a request for any needed corrections. When nothing came back four hours later, PrivCo published.最新消息:我刚刚结束与哈马德的通话,他仍然坚持原先报告的观点。哈马德说,奥肖内西是在误导自己的员工,鉴于那些附加的类债务条款,他把这轮融资定性为“股权投资”是在说漂亮话。他还表示,PrivCo在发布报告之前跟LivingSocial的发言人进行了沟通,向后者寄送了一份草稿,并询问需要更正的地方。LivingSocial没有做出回应,PrivCo在四个小时之后才发布了这份报告。;I don#39;t think the real story here is the details of the financing,; Hamadeh said. ;It#39;s what#39;s going to happen to the little guys, all of the merchants who are really the company#39;s unsecured creditors, if LivingSocial goes bankrupt... You#39;ll see that we were right in six or nine months.;“我不认为真相在于融资的细节,”哈马德说。“而是在于弱势群体——即所有商家,他们是LivingSocial真正的无担保债权人——将要面对的情况,如果LivingSocial破产的话……只需6-9个月的时间,你就能看到我们说的没错。”Worth noting that if O#39;Shaughnessy really misled his investors -- in a memo that almost certainly was vetted by company attorneys -- he would be opening both himself and the company to major liabilities.值得指出的是,如果奥肖内西真的误导了自己的投资者——几乎可以肯定的是,其备忘录经过了公司律师的审核——那么他将让自己和公司担上重大责任。But have no fear. There is indeed a way to settle this he-said/he-said once and for all -- find the filing that LivingSocial sent to the Delaware Division of Corporations. Check back shortly...但不要担心,确实有一个办法可以厘清两人的不同言论——找到LivingSocial提交给特拉华州企业管理部门的监管文件。稍后还会进行更新……UPDATE II: I have just begun skimming through LivingSocial#39;s charter filing with Delaware. It#39;s long, but this round clearly was preferred stock (i.e., equity). This is in stark contract to what PrivCo reported, when it claimed that ;EQUITY or stock was NOT issued today.;最新消息2:我刚开始浏览LivingSocial提交给特拉华州的监管文件。内容很长,但这轮融资显然是优先股交易(也即股权投资)。这跟PrivCo报告的结论截然不同,该机构称“今天的这轮融资不涉及股权或股票。”Moreover, the filing says that participants ;shall be entitled to receive cumulative dividends at the rate of three percent.; Again, PrivCo had claimed ;Double-digit annual cash dividends.;此外,这份文件还称投资者“有权获得3%的累计优先股股利。”而PrivCo却称存在“两位数的年度现金股利。”The filing does not identify investors in the new round, but Fortune has learned that they included existing backers Amazon and Revolution. Among those insiders not participating were Grotech Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and T. Rowe Price.这份文件没有指明新一轮融资的投资者都有哪些,但《财富》了解到,其中包括亚马逊和风投公司Revolution这些原有的投资者,而没有参与这轮融资的投资者包括Grotech Ventures、光速创投(Lightspeed Venture Partners)以及普莱斯基金(T. Rowe Price)。Also worth noting that I spoke with a source close to the company, who tells me that the competing term sheet was at the same valuation as what insiders offered, but that company decided to stick with its current investors. The prospective investor was said to be a ;familiar name,; but not a venture capital firm. That same source insists LivingSocial was not days or weeks away from a bankruptcy filing, adding that it had around million in cash at its February low point and was on plan to steadily increase that number even without the new financing. Had that figure not increased, and had no new investment been forthcoming, it still could have survived for several more months.另外值得一提的是,据我采访的一位接近LivingSocial的消息人士称,有外部投资者愿意在同等估值水平上参与融资,但该公司还是决定继续接受现有投资者的资金。这位潜在的投资者据称是一个“耳熟能详的人物”,并非一家风险投资公司。这位消息人士坚称,LivingSocial并不是再过几天或是几周就要破产,该公司在2月份最低点时仍手握2,800万美元现金,即使没有新一轮的融资,LivingSocial也在计划稳步增加现金储备。即使这个数字没有增加,新一轮融资也没能完成,LivingSocial仍然可以存活数月之久。 /201303/229092本溪水洞人民医院做人流好不 平山区人民医院几点下班

本溪南芬医院是什么等级Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.#39;s investment into China#39;s social media giant will likely be instrumental in one of its key ambitions: challenging the dominance of Google Inc.#39;s (GOOG) Android operating system in China#39;s fast-growing smartphone market.投资中国社交媒体巨头的决定可能有助于阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)实现其一个重要目标:在中国快速增长的智能手机市场上,对谷歌(Google Inc.)安卓(Android)操作系统的主导地位发起挑战。Known primarily for its e-commerce heft in China, Alibaba is redesigning its business for the mobile Internet era by stepping up investment in its own smartphone operating system. Its 6 million investment in Sina Corp.#39;s (SINA) Twitter-like Weibo microblog business on Monday followed an earlier move this month to promote its mobile platform.阿里巴巴集团在中国主要以其电商业务而闻名。通过加大对它自己的智能手机操作系统的投资力度,该公司正在为适应移动互联网时代的到来重新调整业务。阿里巴巴集团周一向新浪公司(Sina Corp.)与推特(Twitter)类似的微业务投资了5.86亿美元,此前,阿里巴巴集团上个月对其自己的手机操作平台进行了宣传推广。#39;If you are a big Internet company and you are ambitious enough in the mobile space, you have to do more than apps,#39; Alibaba Chief Strategy Officer Zeng Ming said in a recent interview. #39;Otherwise, you are just a small species in an ecosystem controlled by others.#39;阿里巴巴集团的首席战略长曾鸣最近接受采访时说,如果你是一家大型互联网公司,在移动领域有足够的抱负,你就不能仅限于做应用程序;否则的话,你只是一个由他人控制的生态系统中的一个小物种。A tighter grip over Sina Weibo, which has 46.2 million daily active users, could enable Alibaba, whose Taobao shopping site has more than 500 million registered users, to have access to vast swaths of data. And having control over the operating system is the best way to gain access to all the mobile-based data, Mr. Zeng said.新浪微拥有4,620万每日活跃用户。加强对新浪微的控制能够使阿里巴巴获得大量数据。阿里巴巴集团旗下的淘宝(Taobao)购物网站拥有超过5亿注册用户。曾鸣说,对手机操作系统进行控制是获得所有与手机有关的数据的最佳方式。#39;Data on mobile phones are so valuable,#39; he said. #39;In one way or the other, you can make some money out of it,#39; even though Alibaba is still working on specific ways to do so, he said.他说,手机上的数据非常有价值。你可以通过某种方式利用这些数据赚钱,不过阿里巴巴目前仍在寻找具体的方式。While Alibaba makes money through advertisement and service fees, how to monetize data accumulated through its online services--be it on PCs or mobile--has been a challenge.尽管阿里巴巴集团可以通过收取广告费和务费盈利,但如何利用通过网络务获取的数据(包括个人电脑和手机中的数据)来赚钱,一直是阿里巴巴集团面临的一个挑战。The fledgling Alibaba Mobile OS, or AMOS, faces an uphill battle against Android, which, according to research firm IDC, powered more than 80% of all smartphones shipped in China last year. Apple#39;s iOS held around 10%. Alibaba is aiming for a 10% share, even though its current market share is less than 1%, Mr. Zeng said.初出茅庐的阿里巴巴集团的手机操作系统面临着与安卓操作系统的艰难竞争,根据研究公司IDC的数据,中国去年销售的智能手机中,有超过80%搭载的是安卓系统。中国只有约10%的手机使用苹果(Apple Inc.)的iOS操作系统。曾鸣说,阿里巴巴的目标是让自己的手机操作系统占据10%的市场份额,但它目前的市场份额还不到1%。Alibaba#39;s OS has become a source of controversy. In September, Google objected to Acer Inc.#39;s (ACEIY, 2353.TW) plan to sell a smartphone powered by Alibaba#39;s OS. As Acer is part of the Google-led Open Handset Alliance, the U.S. firm said that the Taiwanese computer maker couldn#39;t work with a #39;noncompatible#39; version of Android. Alibaba rejected the view that its OS was an Android fork, but the Acer phone was never released.阿里巴巴的操作系统已经成为争议之源。去年9月,谷歌反对宏碁股份有限公司(Acer Inc.)计划销售一款搭载阿里巴巴操作系统的智能手机。谷歌说,由于宏碁是谷歌主导的“开放手机联盟”(Open Handset Alliance)的一员,因此它不能销售搭载与安卓不相兼容的操作系统的智能手机。阿里巴巴否认其操作系统是安卓的变体,但上述宏碁手机从未发布。#39;If quite a few handset companies decide to choose Alibaba#39;s OS, Google will have to be careful in how far they want to push it,#39; even if the handset makers belong to the Open Handset Alliance, said Mr. Zeng. Google declined to comment.曾鸣说,如果不少手机厂商决定选择阿里巴巴的操作系统,那么谷歌就得小心了,它不得不考虑为了打压阿里巴巴愿意走多远,哪怕此过程涉及的手机厂商是“开放手机联盟”的一员。谷歌对此不予置评。Alibaba, founded in 1999, initially became known for its Alibaba.com business-to-business site connecting Chinese suppliers with buyers, but it has since expanded with websites for consumers. Taobao is an eBay-like marketplace for small merchants, while Tmall hosts online storefronts for retailers including brands such as Gap Inc. (GPS).阿里巴巴成立于1999年,最初是因为旗下企业对企业(B2B)网站Alibaba.com出名,该网站将中国的供应商和采购商联系在一起。但此后阿里巴巴的业务继续扩大,推出了数个企业对顾客(B2C)网站。其中的淘宝类似eBay,它为小商户提供了一个交易市场。而天猫则为包括Gap Inc.在内的品牌零售商提供网上店面。#39;Weibo could bring a boost to Alibaba#39;s mobile-based businesses,#39; said Canalys analyst Rachel Lashford. The key is how closely they can work together in sharing customer bases and making each other#39;s platforms more attractive, she said. #39;The deeper the cooperation, the bigger the benefits.#39;研究机构Canalys的分析师拉什福特(Rachel Lashford)说,微有可能提振阿里巴巴的移动业务。她说关键在于二者在分享客户基础、提升彼此平台的吸引力等方面能够在多大程度上进行密切合作。合作的层次越深,合作的收益越大。Earlier this month, Alibaba announced new steps to promote its OS, through subsidies to handset makers and a one-billion-yuan (2.1 million) funding program for app developers. The company is also working with telecommunications operators to make it possible for consumers to buy AMOS-based smartphones without paying deposits or down payments, depending on creditworthiness based on their activities on its e-commerce sites.本月早些时候,阿里巴巴宣布了新的措施以推广其操作系统:向手机制造商提供补贴,并为应用程序开发人员提供一个人民币10亿元(约合1.621亿美元)的资助计划。该公司还与电信运营商展开合作,争取让用户无需预存话费或付首付款就能得到基于阿里巴巴操作系统的智能手机。用户能否享受这项政策将主要取决于他们在阿里巴巴旗下电子商务网站的信誉。One factor that could work in Alibaba#39;s favor: In China, Google faces challenges due to Beijing#39;s restrictions, despite growth in some of its online advertising services. The company has pulled out its search service out of mainland China disagreements over censorship. In China, many Google services such as Gmail and Google Maps aren#39;t available on Android-based devices, and Chinese users, without access to the Google Play app store, get apps from other local stores. In March, a Chinese government research institute accused Google of using Android#39;s dominance to discriminate against local companies. Google declined to comment on the accusation.一个可能有利于阿里巴巴的因素是:在中国,尽管谷歌的部分网络广告业务实现了增长,但由于北京的限制,它面临种种挑战。由于在搜索结果审查一事上同中国政府存在分歧,谷歌将搜索业务撤出中国内地。在中国,包括电子邮件务Gmail和谷歌地图(Google Maps)在内的许多谷歌务无法在安卓设备上使用。由于无法登陆Google Play应用程序商店,中国用户只能从其它本地应用程序商店下载应用程序。今年3月,中国政府一家研究机构指责谷歌利用安卓的主导优势歧视本地企业。谷歌拒绝对这一指控发表。Given the restrictions on Android#39;s services in China, Alibaba could make its OS more competitive by seamlessly integrating Weibo#39;s service and also taking advantage of its Alipay affiliate#39;s expertise in mobile payment, said Ms. Lashford.拉什福特说,鉴于安卓务在中国面临的种种限制,阿里巴巴可以通过无缝集成新浪微的务并利用旗下付宝在移动付领域的专业经验来提升其操作系统的竞争力。#39;You have to compete differently in the mobile space, rather than simply leveraging your strength in the PC-based market,#39; Mr. Zeng said.曾鸣说,在移动领域你必须采取不同的竞争策略,而不仅仅是利用你在基于个人电脑的市场上的优势。 /201305/238082 Keeping track of the hottest Chinese apps is nigh impossible. Apps, or what you hear more often in China is A-P-P, quickly come and quickly go. Right now the hottest is MYOTee, a cartoon avatar creator with dozens of options.跟踪中国最热门的应用程序几乎不可能。应用程序在中国通常被称为A-P-P,往往是迅速窜红,又马上过气。眼下,中国最火的应用是卡通头像制作应用脸萌(MYOTee),它能向用户提供几十种选择。The app got hot earlier this month around China’s Dragon Boat Festival, when over a couple days it was downloaded more than a million times, according to a QQ report. It hit the top of Apple’s free app ranking in China, according to Technode, a TechCrunch partner in China.脸萌于本月早些时候的端午节前后窜红。据QQ的一份报告称,几天之内,脸萌的下载量就已经超百万。据科技客TechCrunch中国合作伙伴Technode称,在中国,脸萌已经成为排名第一的苹果免费应用。MYOTee began as a T-shirt company using the designs of a Hong Kong artist. You created a cartoon and printed it on T-shirts, mugs, wrist bands, even a watch. Last year a former Tencent employee decided to move it into the app space. Chinese fans can transfer their characters to popular social networks Sina Weibo and Tencent’s WeChat.脸萌最初是一家使用香港某艺术家设计方案的T恤公司。用户可以创作一个卡通形象,然后印在T恤、马克杯、腕带、甚至手表上。去年,一位以前腾讯工作过的员工决定,把这种做法移植到应用程序领域。中国粉丝能将自己创作的卡通形象导入新浪微和腾讯的微信等流行的社交网络。If it is China’s next big thing, don’t expect to find it around the world. It seems “Mad Men Yourself” has a stranglehold on the avatar space in the U.S. and Europe.或许脸萌有望在中国成为下一款大红大紫的应用,但别指望它能席卷全球。欧美的头像市场似乎已被“Mad Men Yourself”应用牢牢掌握。The company has received funding from International Data Group and is seeking a second round of funding, according to Technode.据Technode称,脸萌已获美国国际数据集团(International Data Group)投资,正在进行第二轮融资。 /201406/305763本溪南芬医院治疗不能怀孕桓仁满族县医院做无痛人流多少钱



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