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There’s a great many reasons why a woman's weight may fluctuate. Some might say it's a hectic work schedule preventing them from getting to the gym.Others may suggest it's the temptation of the office chocolate machine.But research suggests there's only one real reason - their men.A study into the ups and downs of the female weight-cycle showed happiness - or the lack of it - in a relationship is the biggest factor.The report found early courtship usually brings with it a strict diet regime resulting in the loss of around 5lb.After women enter Stage 2, which is the comfort zone, when they feel secure enough to relax a little, can put on a few pounds.Wedding plans mean another sprint to shed a few pounds before the arrival of a baby reverses that weight loss, followed by a reinvention - which again sparks a diet drive.The five stages of weight fluctuation, which can vary over around two stone, emerged in a study of 3,000 women by UK weight management firm www.slendex.com.'Our emotions and relationships have an enormous effect on our health and above all our weight,' said Jane McCadden, of Slendex.女性的体重变化受到很多因素的影响。有些人可能会认为,这是因为女性工作太忙没时间健身。也有一些人认为,这是因为女性禁不住办公室巧克力机的诱惑。但一项最新研究表明,真正的原因只有一个——那就是她们的爱人。一项针对女性体重波动的研究显示,爱情幸福与否是影响女性体重变化的最重要因素。研究发现,女性在“恋爱初期”通常会控制饮食,这一阶段她们的体重会下降5磅。而在进入第二个阶段即“舒适期”后,安逸稳定的生活会让她们放松下来,同时体重也会随之增加。到了结婚筹备期,女性的体重又会减掉几磅;而生了宝宝后,她们的体重又会大增,只有等到“再造期”重塑美丽身材了。研究显示,女性的体重在这五个阶段会上下波动约28磅。该研究由英国“体重管理”网站slendex.com开展,共有三千名女性参加。Slendex网站的简#8226;麦克卡登说:“我们的情绪和感情状态会对我们的健康,尤其是体重产生很大影响。” /200810/53469Superhero Party Theme: Be it Batman, Superman or Spiderman, bring your child's crime fighting superheroes to life with this fun theme. The birthday party invitation can include ones which have the logos of these characters. There are many superhero invitations available online for printing. The party supplies can be coordinated with the theme. So you can pick up Spiderman cups, plates, napkins and even a special Spiderman table cloth from any of the party supplies stores. If you cannot find the superhero party supplies then pick up red and blue partyware for your Spiderman birthday theme. For the party favors you can opt for Spiderman favor boxes containing superhero stickers, pencils, toys and candies. /200912/91492

Are you the sort of person who gets really fired up and excited by new ideas, who dives straight in … and who then loses enthusiasm and ends up with dozens of half-finished projects all on the go at the same time?你是不是经常有很多想法,然后立即付诸实践,最后却总是不了了之?Ditch That Project – CompletelySometimes, you start something and – for whatever reason – you lose interest. I’ve started learning several programming languages, only to give up in the early stages. You might have begun knitting a sweater, learning a language or creating a website, only to find you’re not enjoying it much.If you realise that you simply have no interest left in a project, make your mind up and ditch it. You’re not taking any action on it anyway – you might as well make that a conscious decision.全面了解自己的计划有时,你开始了一项计划,接着你发现自己没兴趣了,有时候甚至开始不多久就结束了。如果你是因为兴趣问题想要放弃,下决心去全面了解,让它成为一个必须做的事。 /200912/91319

An Adult DecisionThe year before my son turned 18, he constantly pleaded to be allowed to a tattoo, but I refused to sign permission for one. He argued that soon he would be a man and he should be able to make adult decisions. Sure enough, a few days after his 18th birthday, he come home with a tattoo. Although I was not happy about this, I was curious to see what symbol of masculinity he had chosen. There, on his shoulder, was a two-inch image of Mickey Mouse.成年人的抉择我儿子十八岁前的那一年,他常常向我提出准许他文身。但我拒绝允许他这样做。他争辩说他不久就要成为男子汉了,并说他应该能够作出成年人的抉择了。果然,十八岁生日的几天后,他文了身,回到家里。尽管我对此感到不高兴,但出于好奇,我想看看他选择了什么雄性象征物。原来是他在肩上文了一个两英寸长的米老鼠像。 /201106/140788

  Grooming and Personal Hygiene 美国人的仪容整洁与个人卫生 Grooming and personal hygiene have been around for ages. It's hard to imagine a time when people weren't concerned with taking care of their appearance and their bodies. Perhaps these practices started when Adam first took a bath and combed his hair before going on a date with Eve. Or maybe they began when Eve put on some herbal makeup to make herself more beautiful. No matter where they started, grooming and personal hygiene have become an important part of everyone's daily routine. 仪容整洁和个人卫生的讲究已经行之有年了。很难想象一个人们不在乎打理外表和身体清洁的时代。或许这些卫生习惯始于亚当第一次洗澡梳头去赴夏娃的约;也可能始于夏娃第一次搽上青草制的化妆品使自己更美丽。无论是从何时开始的,仪容整洁与个人卫生已经成为每个人生活例行事务中重要的一部份。 You might think that all modern societies would have the same grooming and personal hygiene practices. After all, doesn't everybody take baths? Most people do recognize the need for hygiene, which is the basis for cleanliness and health-and a good way to keep one's friends. Grooming practices include all the little things people do to make themselves look their best, such as combing their hair and putting on makeup. However, while most modern people agree that these things are important, people in different cultures take care of themselves in different ways. 你可能以为所有现代社会中的仪容整洁与卫生习惯都是一样的。毕竟,不是每一个人天天都要洗澡的吗?大部份人的确肯定卫生的必要性,它是清洁与健康的基础,也是维持友谊的好办法。仪容整洁的工作涵盖了所有可以使人看起来体面的琐碎小事,像是梳头和化妆。虽然大多数的现代人都同意这些事很重要,但不同文化背景的人打理自己的方法也不一样。 There used to be an old joke in America that people should take a bath once a week, whether they need one or not. In fact, though, Americans generally take a bath-or more commonly, a shower-every day. But in contrast to some cultures, most Americans get their shower in the morning, so they can start the day fresh. And instead of going to a beauty parlor for a shampoo, many Americans prefer to wash and style their own hair. So if Americans have a "bad hair day," they have no one to blame but themselves. But most people in America do head for the beauty parlor or barber shop occasionally for a haircut, a perm or just some friendly conversation. 以前在美国有一个老笑话,说不管人们需不需要,他们至少每个礼拜该洗一次澡。不过事实上,美国人每天会洗一次澡,或者更普遍的作法是每天淋浴一次。但是不同于某些文化习惯的是,美国人在清晨淋浴,以使他们展开清新的一天。而且美国人不上美容院去洗头,他们宁可自己洗头和整理发型。所以美国人如果有一天头发很丑,除了怪自己之外就没什么好抱怨的了。然而大部份的美国人偶尔会到美容院或理发厅去,剪头发、烫头发,或是去跟人聊聊天。 Americans are known for having very sensitive noses. In America, "B.O." (body odor) is socially unacceptable. For that reason, Americans consider the use of deodorant or anti-perspirant a must. Ladies often add a touch of perfume for an extra fresh scent. Men may splash on after-shave lotion or manly-smelling cologne. Another cultural no-no in America is bad breath. Americans don't like to smell what other people ate for lunch-especially onions or garlic. Their solution? Mouthwash, breath mints and even brushing their teeth after meals. 美国人的鼻子是出了名的灵。在美国,体臭在社交上是不被接受的。因此,美国人会认为使用除臭剂或止汗剂是必须的。女士们通常会再抹点香水以增加清香;男士则拍一些刮胡水或是男性古龙水在脸上。在美国文化里的另一项禁忌是口臭。美国人不喜欢闻别人午餐后留在口中的味道--尤其是洋葱或大蒜。他们怎么解决这问题呢?漱口、吃薄荷糖、甚至饭后刷牙。 Some of the cultural variations in grooming practices result from physical differences between races. Whereas many Asian men have little facial hair, Westerners have a lot. As a result, most American men spend some time each day shaving or grooming their facial hair. Beards and mustaches are common sights in America, although their popularity changes from generation to generation. Most American men who wear facial hair try to keep it nicely trimmed. American women, on the other hand, generally prefer not to be hairy at all. Many of them regularly shave their legs and armpits. 有些仪容整洁方面的文化差异是源自于种族间生理条件的不同。亚洲男性面部的胡髭长得并不多,但西方人却长得多,因此美国的男性每天得花些时间去刮除或整理他们的脸毛。在美国,男人在下巴部份或嘴唇上方留胡子是很普通的,不过不同时代胡子受欢迎的样式不相同。在美国大部份留胡子的男性都会试着将胡子修剪整齐,但另一方面,美国女性通常不喜欢毛茸茸的,很多人会定期地刮除腿部和腋下的毛。 Americans put great value on both grooming and personal hygiene. For some people, taking care of themselves has become almost a religion. As the old saying goes, "Cleanliness is next to godliness." Whether or not being clean and well-groomed brings one closer to God, it certainly brings one closer to others. Americans look down on people who don't take care of themselves, or who "let themselves go." To Americans, even if we don't have much to work with, we have to make the best of what we've got. 美国人非常看重仪容整洁与个人卫生。对某些人而言,打理自己几乎成了一种信仰,如一句古老的谚语说:清洁是仅次于圣洁第二重要的事。不管整齐清洁是不是能使人更接近上帝,但它的确能拉近与人的距离。美国人轻视那些不在乎打理自己或让自己随随便便就好的人。对美国人而言,就算我们没有非常好的先天条件,但至少该尽力将已有的好好发挥。 /200803/32738

  Keeping your tank full is very important so you don’t end up being unable to focus and not being able to keep your eyes open. Sometimes it may be you are not getting enough sleep but, it probably is because of what you are eating.Here are some tips to make you keep your energy constant through the day.Don’t go hungry. It’s difficult to do anything if you haven’t eaten enough or at all, so to keep our blood sugar from dropping, you need to eat small meals during the day. It is recommended to have three normal sized meals plus two snacks per day. Choose things that are whole-grain like oatmeal with fruit.Don’t go thirsty. If you don’t have enough to drink you can get light-headed, dizzy, headachy and a little confused. An increased heart rate and breathing rate are common, too. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to prevent this from happening to you.Save your sport drinks. Plain water does the trick for hydration but if you easily tire out when you exercise a sports drink will be for you. Sports drinks have glucose, a sugar your body uses for energy, and electrolytes, something you lose when you sweat.Pick the best protein. Protein doesn’t give you a big burst of energy that would get from fruits or b, but it will give you the power for your levels to be even. Some good sources of protein include chicken, fish, lean meat, low-fat dairy, buts and nut butters.Include supplements to your daily routine. A lot of energy comes from making sure you are eating the right things. To make sure everything is covered taking a multivitamin can be your extra insurance.Limit the fat you eat. If you are eating fat for energy it doesn’t really need to be there. Usually it just ends up making you feel sluggish. Fat slows digestion. Make sure you are getting all your vegetables and fruits in during the day. It will be a great pick me up! 饱腹很重要,这样你就不会难以集中注意力,也不会觉得眼睛睁不开。有时候可能因为睡眠不足,但更可能和你吃的东西有关这里有几个能让你整天精力充沛的方法别饿着不吃饱或不吃东西是很难做事情的,所以为了保持血糖浓度稳定,你每天就需要加点小餐。也就是建议你除了一天三正餐之外,还得吃些小点心。选些粗粮食品如水果燕麦。别渴着如果你一天没有摄取足够的水,你就可能感觉头晕,头痛,还可能有些迷糊。心跳加快呼吸频率升高也很正常。一天6到8杯水可以避免出现这些情况。准备一些运动饮料白开水在你的身体内进行水合作用,但是如果你很容易感觉疲劳的话,运动饮料就很适合你。它包含提供人体所需要能量的葡萄糖和出汗时所流失的电解质。选优质蛋白质蛋白质不会象水果或面包那样一下释放很多的能量,但它会让你的身体能量保持基本恒定。优质蛋白质来源包括鸡,鱼,瘦肉,低脂奶类,坚果日常附加物吃得好才能精力充沛。吃些多维生素片是保持一切正常的额外保险。限制脂肪的摄入如果你想以摄取脂肪了获得能量,大可不必。通常它们只会让你反映迟钝。脂肪能够减缓消化。每天摄取充足的水果和蔬菜,会使你大有改善。 /200806/40949。


  每次看美国队比赛,总有美女啦啦队在一旁呐喊助威,风头直逼场上比赛的队员。那么你知道美国啦啦队是怎么来的吗? Just as any anything else, cheerleading has quite a history behind it. In ancient times spectators cheered for runners in races held during the first ever Olympic Games in ancient Greece. In the 1860's students in Great Britain began cheering at competitive sporting events and soon the idea sp to the ed States. At Princeton in New Jersey, in 1865 the first pep club was formed and they created the first-known cheer: 和其他任何事物一样,啦啦队的背后也颇有一段历史。在古希腊第一次奥林匹克运动会所举办的赛跑比赛中,古时的观众们就曾为赛跑者欢呼喝。到了19世纪60年代,大不列颠帝国的学子们开始在竞技体育赛事中欢呼助威,随后不久这一形式就传到了美国。1865年,在新泽西州的普林斯顿大学,第一个(旨在创造体育比赛刺激气氛的)活力俱乐部诞生了,他们发明了已知最早的欢呼口号: "Tah rah rah Tiger Tiger Tiger Sis sis sis Boom boom boom Aaaahhhhh! Princton! Princeton! Princeton!" /200911/89853【中英文对照】Research on what makes a marriage work shows that people in a good marriage have completed these psychological "tasks":关于“是什么使婚姻美满”的研究表明,那些拥有幸福婚姻的人们往往已经完成了这些心理“任务”。1 Separate emotionally from the family you grew up in; not to the point of estrangement, but enough so that your identity is separate from that of your parents and siblings.在感情上与你成长的家庭分开;不要到产生隔阂的地步,但要足以使你的身份独立于你的父母和兄弟。2 Build togetherness based on a shared intimacy and identity, while at the same time set boundaries to protect each partner's autonomy.在相互的亲昵和一致的基础上建立归属感,但同时也要设定一些界限来保障每一个成员的自主权。3 Establish a rich and pleasurable sexual relationship and protect it from the intrusions of the workplace and family obligations.建立一种丰富而又愉快的性关系,并保护其免受繁杂工作和家庭义务的干扰。4 For couples with children, embrace the daunting roles of parenthood and absorb the impact of a baby's entrance into the marriage. Learn to continue the work of protecting the privacy of you and your spouse as a couple.对于有孩子的夫妻,坦然地接受父母这样的严峻角色,消化掉因宝宝的出现而对婚姻生活造成的影响。夫妻双方还要学会继续保护自己和配偶的隐私。 /200907/76783We've all had to start conversations that we ded having – everything from asking for a raise to asking for a divorce to asking for help with the laundry. These strategies help the conversation go more smoothly -- at least, that's the hope.每个人都曾不得不进行另自己惧怕的谈话——如:要求加薪、提出离婚、请求帮助洗衣。下面的方法帮你让谈话更顺利,至少希望如此。1. Don't stall. Let's say you need to call an acquaintance whom you haven't seen in a few years to ask for a favor. Don't chat and chat, then casually mention the favor at the end. You're not going to fool him about why you called. It's better to say something like, "It's so great to talk to you. I really want to catch up and hear everything that's been going on for the last few years, but first, I have to tell you the reason I called." Otherwise, the person on the other end tends to feel wary and distracted.不要拖延。比如:你要打电话给一位认识的人,两人有些年没有见面了,你要让他帮忙。 不要聊个没完,到结束时才突然提出请帮忙的事。对于你打电话的原因,人家心知肚明。最好这样说:“和你聊天真不错。我很想聊聊最近几年的情况,听听发生的每件事,但首先我要告诉你我打电话的理由。” 否则容易让对方警惕和分心。2. Don't start off angry. If you have to make some sort of charge, of dishonesty or bad service or a screw-up, work yourself into a mild state of mind. Anger inspires anger; accusations inspire defensiveness. Explain the situation in a straightforward way. Joke around. Show that you're a reasonable person.不要怒气冲冲地开始谈话。如果你要对欺骗、差的务或一次办砸的事做出控诉,那么先让自己情绪缓和。愤怒会激发愤怒;指责会激发抵抗。直接了当地说明情况。开开玩笑。展现出自己是一个讲道理的人。3. This is obvious, but pick your moment. The Big Girl chooses to pester me with her pleas to get her ear pierced just before school, just before bed, or when I'm rifling in the refrigerator with a wolfish look. She couldn't pick worse times. Look for a moment of calm, lack of interruption, and physical comfort. Also, if the conversation will be particularly painful to the other person, choose circumstances that are the most comfortable for him or her, not for you. Sometimes, when you're ding saying something, you just want to blurt it out and get it over with -- but by waiting, you might get a better result. (See #8 on this, too.)即使是容易被理解的事情,要说也得选择时机。可我的大闺女总选择在上学前一刻、睡前或我正当带着豺狼般贪婪的面目洗劫冰箱时来纠缠我,恳求我允许她穿耳洞。她选择的时机简直是糟糕透顶。要找一个没有干扰、身体舒适、平静的时刻。而且,如果对话让另一方感到痛苦,那么选择对他/她而言(不是对你而言)最为舒适的环境。有时候,当你害怕说某件事,你只希望脱口而出,然后了事——可是等一会再说,你也许会获得更好的结果(参考第八点)。4. Think about why the subject is difficult for you. Do you hate to talk about money? Do you shrink from doing anything that smacks of self-promotion? Do you dislike confrontation? Are you afraid of someone? Are you concerned about damaging a relationship? One of the most helpful of my Twelve Commandments is "Identify the problem." If you examine why you're ding a particular conversation, you might be able to tackle it in a different way, or re-frame the issue in a way that's less upsetting.想一想为什么这话题难以启齿。你讨厌谈论钱吗?带有自荐意味的事情会让你退缩吗?你不喜欢交涉?你害怕某人?你担心破坏一段关系?在我“十二戒律”中最有帮助的一条是“辨认问题”。如果你弄清楚为何害怕某种对话,你也许能采取另一种方式来应对,或者可以用一个不愉快度较低的方式重构问题。5. Are you certain you need to discuss the difficult subject, at all? Often, you do. Sometimes, you don't. Will it really serve a purpose to have the conversation?你确信自己有必要去讨论这一困难话题吗?经常是的。但有时候却不是。就算进行了这个对话,你真能达到目的吗?6. Don't ruminate about worst-case scenarios. It's tempting to imagine every possible way a conversation could go – each worse than the last. But this usually isn't helpful. I have a strong tendency to do this, and never once in my experience has the conversation unfolded with any resemblance to what I imagined. It sometimes goes just as poorly as I'd feared, but never in a way that I'd predicted. So unless you're doing constructive strategizing, don't allow yourself to indulge in negative fantasies.不要反复考虑最坏的情况。人们总是忍不住设想谈话的各种情形,这些情形一个比一个糟。但是通常这一点用也没有。我也有强烈的倾向去做这些设想,但据我经验来看,实际的对话和我想象中的从来不一样。有时候,它如同我原来害怕的那么糟糕,可绝不是我预测中的那种情形。所以,除非你在做建设性的规划,否则别让自己沉溺于消极幻想当中。7. In direct conflict with the above tip -- it can nevertheless be useful to ask yourself, "What's the very worst that could happen?" Someone could tell you "No," or laugh in your face, or cry, or yell, or talk about you behind your back. Are these outcomes really so dful? Often, bluntly considering the worst-case scenario is actually reassuring. But do this in a focused, realistic, limited way. Don't spend hours playing out horrible scenes in your mind.和前面一条直接矛盾的是——问问自己:“最坏可能发生的是什么?”这还是有用的。有的人会对你说“不”,或当着你的面大笑、哭、大叫,或背后指点。这些结果真的那么令人恐惧吗?往往考虑出最糟糕的情况反倒使你放心。但是,在问自己这个问题时要集中注意力,要现实,有限度。不要花长时间地在脑子里播放恐怖的画面。8. Can it wait? If you're reacting to something that has just happened, can you postpone the confrontation for a day or two? You might well feel calmer after some time has passed, and even if you still need to have the conversation, you might be able to broach it more productively.能等等再说吗?如果你正处于对刚发生的事情产生的反应中,你能把这次交涉推迟一、两天吗?也许等上一段时间后你会感觉更加镇定些,即便你还需要进行那次谈话,这么做也许能让你更有成效。9. Use notes. When you're emotionally overwrought, it can be hard to remember exactly what was said. If your boss made criticisms of your work, what EXACTLY did he or she say? If you're at the doctor's office, what EXACTLY did the doctor say? In some cases, like going to the doctor, you may even want to bring another person with you to help process information. You might also want to bring notes to have a list of the points to cover. You might be so eager to end the conversation that you'd rush out of the room too soon, or you might forget everything you wanted to say or ask in the heat of the conversation.做记录。在情绪过度劳累时,要准确地记住说过的话往往会很难。如果你的老板批评了你的工作,他/她到底对你说了什么?如果你在医生办公室,医生确切地对你说了什么?有些时候,例如看大夫,你也许会希望有一个人陪你去,以帮助消化信息。也许你还希望带上笔记本,列出谈话要点。在一次激烈的谈话种,你可能会很渴望结束谈话,从而会过早地冲出房间,结果忘记了本来要说的、要问的。10. Write a note instead of having a conversation. When writing, you can pick your words exactly, and by communicating that way, you allow the other person to react privately, with time for reflection. Or you can write a note alerting the person to the fact that a painful conversation is necessary.用留言代替交谈。在书写时,你能准确地选择词语,而且以这个方式交流,你能让别人有考虑的时间来私底下做出反应。还能写留言来警告某人,进行一次痛苦的对话必不可少。11. It sounds simplistic, but if you know you're going to broach a difficult subject on a particular day, get plenty of sleep and exercise in the period before. Feeling energetic, well-rested, and calm in body will put you in better spirits.这一条听上去太简单了。如果你知道某一天你将提出困难的话题,那么之前你需要充分睡眠和锻炼。拥有充沛的精力、良好的休息还有镇定的身体会让你心情愉快。Obviously, the tips aren't universally applicable. You wouldn't take notes when confronting your teenager, and you wouldn't bring your spouse to your performance review. But by thinking constructively about how to broach a difficult subject, you might make it less painful and more productive, for everyone.显然,以上建议并不是所有情况下都通用。面对自己十来岁的孩子时,你可不会做笔记。你也不会带配偶去参加面试。但是,通过建设性地去考虑如何提出一个困难话题,你也许为每个人减少了谈话的痛苦,增加了谈话的成果。 /200902/62002

  Eight years ago I was a junk food addict. The delivery drivers from Papa John's and the Chinese food joint could have found their way to my house blindfolded. You could say that I ordered takeout with such frequency that my dialing finger practically started to evolve into the shape of a phone key.I was sloppy, blotchy and bulging out of my jeans. I was constantly either tired or wired and you could have literally played 'connect the dots' with a crayon on my face; I had a ton of zits.Today I am slimmer than I have ever been, healthier than I have ever been and, although I am 36, I often get 'carded' when going into bars as I am taken for over TEN YEARS younger. I also no longer have acne. It's true, every word.I don't diet. I don't count calories and rarely go hungry. In fact, my cholesterol numbers could win me awards. Oh, and I have been this way consistently since I made the change - eight years ago. Annoying? I know.The thing is - it's so easy, its laughable. In addition to some form of simple exercise regimen, these ten daily habits worked into your routine can provide you with optimum health, beautiful skin and a trim waistline. It's not a diet; I didn’t it anywhere. It's really just common sense that no one seems to follow.1. White is Not Right:Having a love affair with white b, white potatoes and white rice? Kiss them goodbye. Although you were taught otherwise, bs and cereals made from white flour are not good for you. White flour simply breaks down into sugar. Not only is too much sugar bad for you, you ultimately crash as quickly as you peak and therefore you are hungry again in no time! Guess what. You eat more and more until you fall asleep. In the morning, you wake up and have a muffin and start the process all over again.Avoid 'enriched flour' products. Always stick to brown products: whole wheat b, sweet potatoes and brown rice, etc. It's better for you, will keep you satisfied longer and - you won't have that 'puffy' look in your face (ladies, you know what I mean).2. Green Tea -Youth in a Glass: Apart from being exceptionally tasty - drinking green tea could be likened to drinking from the fountain of youth. It's probably the best thing you can do for your body on a regular basis. It is jam packed with antioxidants and is known to fight cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, infections and strengthen immune function. Try to drink around 3-5 cups a day, add a twist of lemon for extra zing.3. Go Nutty for Nuts:Remember I said it's not a diet? Stop worrying about nuts being fattening; forget calories. Scientific evidence suggests (but does not prove) that eating a handful of nuts daily will give you less probability of heart disease. Nuts are rich in fiber, and antioxidants and high in Omega 3 (the good fats shown to lower LDL cholesterol). Personally, I have a handful of walnuts, almonds, pecans and 2 Brazil nuts each morning, with my coffee. (Yes, I do drink coffee).4. Get Smiley with Omega 3:I mentioned it briefly above. You can get Omega 3 from nuts, various vegetables and most importantly fish such as herring, mackerel, sturgeon, and anchovies. You can also take them in supplement form. What will it do for you? Well, where do I start? It’s a natural anti-inflammatory for preventing arthritis, prostatitis and cystitis, for starters. It boosts your brain function and your intelligence; improving memory, recall, reasoning and focus. It's recommended highly for children too. It wards against depression and generally raises your mood and if that wasn't enough, it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and reduces the chance of blood clots. Last but not least, it also reduces the chances of breast, colon and prostrate cancer. All in all, daily intake of omega three should raise your life expectancy significantly and make you feel happy, pappy and much less wacky, which can't be bad.5. Avocado is your Best Friend:You are probably thinking right now, this whole list is full of fat (!!). It is - but it's GOOD FAT. And, if eaten in proportion, it won't make you fat; that's a promise. I eat half an avocado every day. Avocado is considered the world's healthiest fruit, because of its nutrient contents such as vitamin K, dietary fiber, potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C and copper. Health benefits include lowered chance of heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer's disease; keeping you young, fit and fabulous. Need I say more?My next five rules are not about food, but habits. Here goes:6. Reverse your Meals:Most people don't eat breakfast, have a sandwich for lunch and gorge on a big dinner. This my friends is waistline suicide. Its been said a million times before, but eating a big breakfast, a smaller lunch and a tiny dinner will do WONDERS for your jean size. Also, try not to eat after 9pm. Can you possibly imagine the joy of going to bed on a stomach that is not bloated or having to concentrate on digesting that rack of lamb you just ate? For one, you will sleep better and secondly, you'll wake up with a healthy appetite. Can you remember the last time you were really hungry? It's a wonderful feeling.7. The 80/20 Rule:Eat healthy 80 percent of the time - the other 20 percent - eat whatever the hell you like (but not after 9pm). The whole point of eating well for the long term (your whole life) is knowing that you can also have whatever you want sometimes and that yes, a little bit of what you fancy really does do you good. So - how about eating healthy Monday to Friday and saving the fun for the weekend? Works for me.8. Visualize Yourself as Perfect:I believe in the power of the subconscious mind. Think of yourself as a sophisticated machine. If you only put the best possible ingredients into that machine body, it will work flawlessly. Concentrate on this image and enjoy the knowledge that you are running at your optimum. It's exciting. It will also inspire you to keep at it, daily.9. Exfoliate your Skin:Getting a facial scrub and using it twice a week can take YEARS off your face, really. Removing all that dead skin hanging around, you'll be stunned. Dark patches, grey areas… scrub it away for a fresh face you won't recognize. Try it and see. Men, you too. Ladies, try sleeping with coconut oil on your face at night. Put it on half an hour before you go to bed so that it sinks in. It won't give you zits and it will make your skin look AMAZING. You can buy it in any health food store.10. Love Yourself - with a Passion:This is so corny, but it's really at the core of everything. Being happy with who you are, embracing life with a smile, getting excited about the little things can take YEARS off of you. It shows in your face. Love your life, love your spouse, appreciate everything you have. Wake up and get excited to be alive. If you can't do it naturally, fake it until you make it - You will make it. Look at the faces of people around you. Find two people of the same age with drastically different approaches to life. Chances are, the one with the brighter outlook looks years younger. Try it and see.So, those are my tips for looking great, feeling great and being great.It works. Simple as that. 八年前,我对“垃圾食品”简直到了痴迷的程度,我时常叫外卖,Papa John's(约翰爸爸快餐店)和中餐连锁店的外卖送餐员即使闭着眼睛也能找到我家。可以说,频繁按动叫外卖的电话号码,我的手指也快变成电话的按键了。我浑身沾满食物残渣,到处是赘肉,肥大的身躯像是硬塞进牛仔裤里。我经常觉得累而且浑身缠着电话线(叫外卖)你甚至可以用蜡笔在我脸上玩“连点”游戏,天啊!那时我脸上净是痘痘。现在的我比以前苗条健康的多。尽管我已经36岁,但有时去酒吧还被叫出示身份,因为我看上去至少比实际年龄年轻10岁。我不再长粉刺了。这是真的,句句属实。我不节食,不计算食物的卡路里,也很少饿肚子。实际上,我的胆固醇高的可以让我拿奖。哦,在8年前开始改变时我一直这样。令人讨厌吧?确实是。减肥的关键是-很简单的,甚至是好笑的。每天遵守十个日常小习惯加上合理的膳食会让你保持健康,拥有漂亮的肌肤和紧致的腰部曲线。这绝不是节食;我并不提倡节食。它们确实是常识,一些似乎没人遵守的常识。1. 白色的食物并不一定是好的:喜欢吃白面包,土豆和米饭吗?和它们说再见吧。除非有人教你说白色的食物是健康的,但面粉制成的面包和麦片实在与人无益。面粉仅仅会分解成糖。过多的糖不仅有害,而且当体力消耗达到最大时,你很快就会持不住,所以不一会儿就会觉得饿!那又会怎样呢?你就会越吃越多,直到你睡去。第二天当你醒来,吃一个松饼,然后又会这样恶性循环。避免‘富含面粉’的食物。永远坚持吃褐色的食物;全麦面包,红薯和糙米,等等。它们对你的健康有益,会让你具有长时间的饱足感-你的脸看上去不会‘肥嘟嘟’的(女孩子该知道我的意思吧)。2. 绿茶-盛在杯子里的青春:除了良好的口感-喝绿茶就像饮用不老泉的泉水。喝绿茶确实是可以保持健康的最常见方法。绿茶中含有抗氧化剂,这是众所周知的能防止癌症的物质,同时它还能降低得风湿性关节炎,高胆固醇,心血管疾病和传染病的概率,并且增强人体免疫力。每天喝3-5杯绿茶为宜,当然你可以再挤点柠檬汁来增加口感。3. 爱上坚果:还记得我说过这不是节食吗?不用担心坚果会让你发胖;忘掉卡路里吧。科学研究的据暗示(而不是实)了每天吃一把坚果会减少患心脏病的几率。坚果富含纤维,抗氧化物和高量的欧米加3(一种可以降低胆固醇的有益脂肪)。拿我来说,我每天早晨会吃一把坚果,里面有核桃,杏仁,大胡桃和2颗巴西果,再喝一杯咖啡。(是的,我很爱喝咖啡)。4. 对欧米加3微笑:欧米加3的情况在上面已经大致介绍了。它主要含在坚果,各类蔬菜和大多数主要的鱼类中,如:青鱼,鲭鱼,鲟鱼和多数鱼类。你还可能以补充的形式摄入欧米加3。那么,它有什么作用呢? 嗯,我从何说起呢?首先,它是天然的抗炎物质,可以预防关节炎,前列腺炎和膀胱炎。其次,它能加快脑动力提高智力;改善,提高大脑回忆,逻辑和集中精力的能力。特别推荐儿童食用。它还能抗抑郁,如果心情不好的话,它能使这种情况得到改善。另外,通过降低胆固醇和血压,它减少了血栓形成的可能性。最重要的是,它还能降低人们罹患乳腺癌、结肠癌和身体衰竭症的几率。总而言之,每天摄入欧米加3可以大大延长寿命,使你开心,浑身舒畅,觉得正常,总之感觉并不赖。5. 鳄梨是你的好朋友:你现在可能在想,鳄梨充满了脂肪(!!)。是的-但是,它是有益的脂肪。而且,只吃某个部分是不会让你发胖的;我保。我每天吃半个鳄梨。鳄梨是全世界公认的最健康的水果,它营养丰富,含有维他命K,食物纤维,钾,叶酸,维他命B6,维他命C和铜。这些让它具有降低罹患众多疾病几率的作用,如:心脏病,哮喘,癌症,老年痴呆症;它使你青春不老,保持身材和精力充沛。还需要我多说吗?接下来的5条规则不是关于食物的,而是习惯。它们是:6. 调整你的三餐:许多人不吃早饭,中午只吃个三明治了事,而一到晚上就大餐一顿。这样做的后果就是无可救药的发胖。虽然这是老生常谈,但是丰盛的早餐,少一点的午餐和更少量的晚餐确实能让你的牛仔裤大不止一号。另外,在晚上9点之后就别再吃任何东西了。想象一下,上床时胃没有任何负担,它不用集中血液来消化你才吃的烤羊肉,这是多么快乐的事啊!首先你会睡得更好,第二,当你醒来时,你会有一个好胃口。你还能记得最近一次饿得感觉么?那真是太美妙了。7. 80比20法则:每次只吃8成饱-另外的2成,随便你吃什么来满足自己(但绝不在晚9点后进食)。长期(一生)这样做是明智的,当然你可以偶尔吃点自己想吃的任何东西,吃一点确实对身体有好处。那么-不妨这样,周一到周五正常饮食,到周末可以小小的放纵一下。对我来说,这样很有效。8. 假设自己是完美的:我相信潜意识的作用。想象自己是一台复杂的机器。如果你将最好的部件装入这台机器,它将完美的运作。集中精力想象着这样的画面-现在的你是最棒的,并且陶醉其中,这是让人激动的。它将激发你想每天都保持这种状态的决心。9. 去死皮:买一把面刷,每周用两次,这确实能让你年轻不少。去除死皮,你会变的容光焕发。把黑皮屑,暗色区域……统统刷掉,呈现眼前的将是一张光鲜的脸,你自己都不敢认。试试看。男士们也不妨一试。女孩子们可在脸上涂抹椰子油入睡。在睡前的一个半小时涂抹,让油可以充分的进入皮肤。它让你的脸不再长痘痘,皮肤也变得超好。你可以在任何健康食品店买到它。10. 爱自己-充满热情:这听起来会有些老土,但它确实是一切的核心。快乐的作自己,微笑着拥抱生活,对小小的事都感到新奇会让你年轻。这些都会在你的脸上表现出来。热爱生活,热爱伴侣,感激你拥有的一切。每天醒来为了还活着而激动。如果你不会自然的这样做,那么先假装,直到你能自然而然的流露-你一定会做到。看看周围人的面孔。找出两个年龄相仿,但生活方式却截然不同的人来。结果可能是,那个有着较好前景的人会比另一个看起来年轻许多。试试看就知道了。好了,这些就是我总结出的让你看起来更棒,感觉更好,变的更美的小贴士。它们绝对奏效,而且简单易行。 /200806/42276Italy has the history of making prosciutto for more than 2,000 years, and the prosciutto of Parma is among the world's top-quality products and protected by European Union Law. So what does it taste like? Is it really that delicious? How to eat it?意大利制作火腿的历史可以追溯到几千年前的罗马时期。意大利人颇为他们的火腿工艺而骄傲,而帕玛火腿更是高品质火腿的代表。那么,意大利火腿的味道到底是怎样的?又是怎么个吃法?One of the favorite treats of northern and central Italian cuisine is prosciutto, a raw, salt-cured, dried ham. There's a saying in Italy which goes that a person who doesn't like raw prosciutto is not an Italian. Prosciutto can be found in ordinary people's plate as well as on the table of an Italian state banquet. 意大利北部和中部地区的人们做喜爱的厨艺之一就是用盐胭脂且风干的生火腿。在意大利流传一句这样的俗语,不喜欢吃火腿的人不是意大利人。火腿出现在普通家庭的饭桌上,也能在意大利国宴上找到。How to eat raw prosciutto? It can be used in salads. Try wrapping a slice of prosciutto around a slice of sweet fresh fruit -- with soft cantaloupes it's amazing. It may sound a little bit strange, since prosciutto is salty and the cantaloupe is sweet. But the sweetness of fresh fruit will balance the saltiness of prosciutto. It's a famous appetizer around the world, and it's very tasty. Prosciutto can be cooked. In Northern Italy, people use prosciutto as dumpling fillings, and in Central Italy it's boiled with vegetables.生火腿如何个吃法呢?它可以用在沙拉中,在新鲜的甜味水果片表面附上一片薄薄的生火腿,特别是和哈密瓜配在一起,绝对美味。火腿是咸的,而哈密瓜是甜的,配在一起听起来会有点奇快。其实不然,哈密瓜的甜味可以中和火腿里的咸味。这样搭配以来就是一道美味的开胃菜,而且世界有名哟。火腿还可以煮,意大利北部的人们习惯用火腿做饺子馅。中部的人们用它和蔬菜放在一起煮。how to make raw prosciutto? Italian prosciutto is made by first cleaning and salting a ham. The salt prevents the meat from turning an unattractive gray color as it ages, slows the fat from spoiling and inhibits bacteria from forming. Afterwards, Italian prosciutto is hung to air dry, first at warm temperatures until moisture in the meat evaporates, and then in cooler temperatures. The length of drying depends upon the climate and size of the ham, which can take from six months to a year or more.如何制作生火腿呢?首先是清洗,腌制。盐能防止肉变成灰色,看上去不鲜艳,防止脂肪变质,抑制细菌生成。之后,把火腿挂起来风干。首先放在暖和的温度中,直到肉中的水汽全部蒸发掉,然后放进低温度中。因温度的高低和火腿的大小不同,风干的时间短为半年,长到一年,甚至更长。Italian people are really proud of century-old prosciutto production. Next time when you have dinner in an Italian restaurant, order yourself prosciutto with cantaloupe to start the meal. Sit back and relax. You will be delightfully surprised, since all the compliments are true.意大利颇为他们的火腿工艺而骄傲。下次去意大利餐厅时,点一份火腿哈密瓜开胃菜。坐下来放松些,你会惊奇地发现意大利火腿果然名不虚传。 /201103/129762

  Exercise helps smokers quit - study Want to quit smoking? Hit the gym.A study released on Tuesday by the American College of Chest Physicians found smokers who combine exercise with nicotine gum or transdermal patches are more likely to quit than those who rely onnicotine replacement therapyalone.Sixty-eight patients at two Austrian hospitals were randomly assigned either a treatment program that included exercise or one that only used nicotine replacement therapy.After three months, 80 percent of those who exercised had quit smoking, while 52 percent of those in the group that did not exercise had quit.And those who exercised were more likely to reduce their cigarette smoking if they did not quit, the study found. They also scored better on several tests measuring respiratory health.The study was conducted at Otto Wagner Hospital and Lainz Hospital in Austria.想戒烟吗?快去运动吧!美国胸腔医学院本周二公布的一项研究显示,吸烟者在使用尼古丁口香糖或皮肤药贴戒烟的同时进行适当的运动,比仅采用尼古丁替代疗法效果好。研究人员将奥地利两家医院的68个病人随机分成了两组,一组人的治疗计划中加入了运动,而另一组人只用尼古丁替代疗法。三个月后,通过运动戒烟的人中有80%成功戒烟,而另一组没有进行运动的人中只有52%戒了烟。研究发现,就算运动戒烟者未能彻底戒除烟瘾,他们的吸烟量也会大大减少。而且运动戒烟者在其它几项有关呼吸健康测试中的得分也相对较高。这项研究是在奥地利的奥托·瓦格纳医院和廉兹医院进行的。Vocabulary:nicotine replacement therapy: 尼古丁替代疗法 /200808/46428

  A man's genetic make-up may play a role in whether he has sons or daughters, a study of hundreds of years of family trees suggests.Newcastle University researchers found men were more likely to have sons if they had more brothers and vice versa if they had more sisters.They looked at 927 family trees, with details on 556,387 people from North America and Europe, going back to 1600.The same link between sibling sex and offspring sex was not found for women.The precise way that genes can influence baby sex remains unproven.But the Evolutionary Biology study could clear up a long-standing mystery - a flood of boy babies after World War I.While a woman will always pass a female "X" chromosome via her egg to her child, the father effectively "decides" the sex of the child by passing on either another "X" in his sperm, making a girl, or a "Y" chromosome, making a boy.While the birthrate is almost 50/50, suggesting that overall men will deliver equal amounts of "X" sperm and "Y" sperm, scientists have suspected that in some individual couples the balance is shifted in favour of either boys or girls.Various explanations have been put forward for this, ranging from differences in the time in the woman's monthly cycle that sex happens, to the amount of time thatsperm spend waiting in the testicles.The Newcastle study, by Dr Corry Gellatly, is strong evidence that there is a genetic component.He found that within families, boys with lots of brothers were more likely to have a higher number of sons themselves and those with lots of sisters were more likely to have lots of daughters.War babiesDr Gellatly said it was likely that a genetic difference affected the relative numbers of "X" and "Y" sperm within those produced by the man.This gene, while only active in the man, could be carried by men and women."The family tree study showed that whether you're likely to have a boy or a girl is inherited."He said that the effect was to actually balance out the proportion of men and women in the population."If there there are too many males in the population, for example, females will more easily find a mate, so men who have more daughters will pass on more of their genes, causing more females to be born in later generations."In the years after World War I, there was an upsurge in boy births, and Dr Gellatly said that a genetic shift could explain this.The odds, he said, would favour fathers with more sons - each carrying the "boy" gene - having a son return from war alive, compared with fathers who had more daughters, who might see their only son killed in action.However, this would mean that more boys would be fathered in the following generation, he said. /200812/59762。

  Historians rank Lincoln best US presidentThe statue of the 16th President of the US Abraham Lincoln is seen inside the Lincoln Memorial in 2009 in Washington, DC. Days after celebrations honoring his bicentennial, Lincoln kept his rank as best US president, according to a survey of 65 historians that landed George W. Bush 36th out of 42 overall.Days after celebrations honoring his bicentennial, Abraham Lincoln kept his rank as best US president, according to a survey of 65 historians that landed George W. Bush 36th out of 42 overall.Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865), the first US president George Washington (1789-1797) and New Deal architect Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945) were ranked the top three out of the 42 men who have been the country's former chiefs, according to a survey by cable channel C-SPAN.John F. Kennedy came in sixth, ahead of Ronald Reagan (10th) and Bill Clinton, who jumped to 15th from 21st during the last survey in 2000, when Lincoln also ranked first.Of all modern presidents, Bush, who left office last month after an eight-year tenure, fared worst at 36th, nearly 10 spots behind Richard Nixon (27th), who was forced to resign in disgrace in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal.Bush scored lowest in international relations, where he ranked 41st, and in economic management, where he placed 40th. His best ranking was 24th, in having "pursued equal justice for all." He placed 25th in crisis leadership, and for his vision and agenda setting.Reagan faired well in public persuasion, where he was propelled to third spot, from his 10th place overall.Bill Clinton also received accolades for his public persuasion, landing a 10th spot in that category, up from 15th overall.But presidential historians were critical of the last Democratic president's moral authority, placing him 37th, ahead of Richard Nixon (41st), but behind Bush (35th).Jimmy Carter fell from 22nd to 25th overall, and many other presidents moved positions. The fluidity of perceptions of past presidents reflects contemporary concerns, according to Edna Medford, a survey leader and participant."Today's concerns shape our views of the past, be it in the area of foreign policy, managing the economy or human rights," she said in a statement.Presidents James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce and William Henry Harrison ranked worst overall. /200902/62617

  If you do only three things to improve the look and feel of your skin, make them these three, agree several of our experts:如果只要做三件事就能改善皮肤质量,令其无论是看上去还是摸起来都更棒,那么就做以下这三件事吧,它们可是经过专家认的。1. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. This helps flush toxins through your kidneys. Take these steps for a healthy complexion.每天喝至少8盎司的水以保持肌肤的水分,这样也有助于排出肾里面的毒素,让你拥有健康的肤色。2. Follow a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and fish. When researchers from Monash University in Australia studied the diets of 453 people ages 70 and older from Australia, Greece, and Sweden to see if there was any correlation between what they ate and the number of wrinkles in their skin, they found those who ate the most fruits, vegetables, and fish had the fewest wrinkles. Conversely, the researchers found, foods high in saturated fat, including meat, butter, and full-fat dairy, as well as soft drinks, cakes, pastries, and potatoes, increased the likelihood of skin wrinkling.安排健康的饮食,多吃水果,蔬菜和鱼。澳大利亚莫那什大学的研究者为了明日常饮食与皱纹多少之间的联系,研究了453名来自澳大利亚、希腊和瑞典的70岁以上的老人的食谱。研究发现,日常饮食中,以水果、蔬菜、鱼类为主的人的皱纹最少。相反,经常食用含有高脂的食物,如肉类、黄油、全脂牛奶、软饮、蛋糕、甜点、土豆等会加速皮肤皱纹的生长。3. Protect your skin from the sun all year round with a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or greater. Just because there's snow on the ground doesn't mean your skin can't be damaged by the sun, says Andrea Lynn Cambio, M.D., a New York City dermatologist. Time outdoors is time well spent, but be sure to keep your skin either well covered or well protected with sunblock. In particular, the sun is at its most damaging between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.常年使用SPF30或防晒系数更高的防晒霜来保护皮肤。来自纽约的皮肤病专家安德里亚·林恩·卡姆比奥,M.D表示,并不是说下雪天你的皮肤就不会受到阳光的刺激。户外时光的确很美好,但应确保你的皮肤远离阳光或者得到防晒产品的保护。特别需要注意,上午11点到下午3点之间的阳光对皮肤的刺激是最大的。 /200905/68971

  【中英对照】Forty percent of US workers have dated an office colleague, with 31 percent of them going on to marriage, according to a survey released on Tuesday.本周二公布的一项调查显示,美国40%的职场人士都曾与自己的同事约会过,其中31%的人最终走向了婚姻殿堂。Ten percent work with someone they would like to date and 18 percent have dated a co-worker twice or more at some time in their careers, the office romance survey for online job website CareerBuilder.com showed.这项为CareerBuilder.com招聘网站开展的办公室恋情调查显示,10%的人表示自己想与某个同事约会,18%的人称自己在职业生涯中曾与同事约会过两次或两次以上。Those eyeing a co-worker was skewed between the sexes, with 14 percent of men but just 5 percent of women saying they would like to date a colleague.同时,在这个问题上还存在性别差异,14%的男性表示愿意与同事约会,而仅有5%的女性愿意这么做。Of those who dated a co-worker in the last year, a third said it was someone with a more senior position in the company. Of those, 42 percent have dated their boss.在去年与同事约会过的受访者中,三分之一的人称自己的约会对象在公司中的职位比自己高,其中有42%的人与自己的上司约会。Nearly three-quarters said they did not have to keep their romance a secret but 7 percent said they had left a job due to an office romance.近四分之三的人称自己的办公室恋情不用保密,而7%的人则因此而离职。The survey of 8,038 full-time adult employees was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder.com.这项在线调查由凯业必达网站委托哈里斯互动调查机构开展,共有8038名全职成年雇员参加。The overall results have a sampling error of plus or minus 1.09 percentage points, it said. CareerBuilder.com is owned by Gannett Co, Tribune Co, The McClatchy Co and Microsoft Corp.调查结果的误差在正负1.09个百分点之间。凯业必达网站隶属于甘耐特公司、论坛公司、麦克莱奇报业集团和微软集团。 /200905/70764

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