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城阳婚前体检即墨市儿童医院门诊部We all know that we have to eat different kinds of food to get the nutrition that we need.我们都知道我们吃不同种食物来获取我们所需的营养。So eating plants is a great idea if you want to be healthy.所以,想要保持健康,多食蔬果是个不错的选择。That#39;s why I like to eat things like carrots, and spinach and tomatoes.这就是我喜欢吃胡萝卜、菠菜和番茄等蔬菜的原因。I like to eat plants, but what if plants... tried to eat animals?我喜欢吃蔬果,但是如果植物吃动物会怎么样?Well, there are actually a few kinds of plants that are carnivorous, meaning they eat meat.确实有几种植物是肉食性的,意味着它们吃肉。Now when I say meat, I#39;m not talking about chicken nuggets or hamburgers.我现在所说的肉,并不是指鸡块或者汉堡。I#39;m talking about really small animals, like insects, spiders, and frogs.我说的是小型动物,如昆虫,蜘蛛或者青蛙。Creatures like these have to be extra careful around meat-eating plants!这些生物一定要格外小心身边的肉食植物。Probably the most famous carnivorous plant is known as the Venus Flytrap.也许最有名的肉食植物是捕蝇草Venus Flytraps have leaves at the tops of their stems that kind of look like tiny, toothy mouths.捕蝇草茎尖的叶片,长得有点像长满牙齿的小嘴。They#39;re not really mouths, but they serve the same purpose: to eat flies, and other insects.它们并不是真的嘴,却和嘴有同样的功能:吃苍蝇和和其他昆虫。Usually, the trap#39;s leaves are wide open.有时候,诱捕叶片是张开的。And the inside of the trap smells like food to insects.对于昆虫来说,里面闻起来像食物。So they fly or crawl right into it, looking for a meal.所以昆虫飞或者爬进去寻找食物But if they aren#39;t careful, they become the meal instead.但是如果它们不小心,反而变成了植物的食物。On each half of the trap, there are three tiny hairs.每半个诱捕器都有三个细毛,If an insect touches two of those hairs, the trap shuts,如果昆虫碰到其中的两个细毛,陷阱就会关闭。and the slender spines around the edges of the leaves close together tightly, trapping the insect inside.叶子边缘细长的体刺也会紧紧地合上,把昆虫困在里面Then the trap slowly digests its meal, meaning it breaks its food down into smaller pieces.然后捕食器会慢慢消化它的食物,它将食物分为小的碎片。It#39;s too bad for that little insect, but it will provide energy for that plant to live.这对于小昆虫来说是厄运,却为植物提供了生存的能量。And Venus Flytraps aren#39;t the only kind of carnivorous plant.捕蝇草不是唯一的肉食植物。Some plants, called sundews, attract bugs with colorful red and green leaves一些植物如毛毡苔,用其鲜艳的红叶和绿叶吸引虫子,that are covered with a sweet, sticky “dew” that sparkles in the sunlight.叶片表面覆盖着甜甜的、黏黏的露珠,在太阳下发光。The thing is, this dew acts like a kind of glue.事实上,这些露水就像胶水一样。Any bug that lands on its leaves looking for a meal will get stuck.任何落在叶子上,来寻找食物的昆虫,都会被粘住。And soon the plant just starts digesting it, soaking up nutrients from the bug#39;s body right through the leaves.然后植物就会开始吞食昆虫,从叶片上直接吸收昆虫身体的营养。Now, some other carnivorous plants can consume even bigger prey.现在,一些其他的食肉植物,也能吃掉更大的食物(指被困住的昆虫)Pitcher plants, for example, have big, brightly colored leaves, curled up into the shape of a tube.例如,投手植物有巨大明亮、色斑斓的叶子,卷起来就像管子一样。At the bottom of the tube sits a little pool of sweet liquid called nectar.在管子的底部,有一小湾甜甜的液体,那就是花蜜。Once again, lots of different creatures are drawn to its tasty smell.再说一遍 很多不同物种都会被它的香味吸引。They creep, crawl, jump, or fly to the edge of the tube to see what#39;s in there to eat.他们爬行、匍匐、跳跃或者煽动翅膀,来到管子的边缘,看这里是不是有食物。But the top is really slippery, and there are stiff hairs all along the inside of the tube pointing down管子顶端真得很滑 而且向下的管道内部长满了硬毛so once a creature starts to fall in, they can#39;t get out.所以生物一旦掉进去就无法逃脱。This clever kind of trap has allowed pitcher plants to catch not just bugs,这个聪明的陷阱使得投手植物不仅能捉虫子,but also make meals of small frogs and even mice!还可以吃到小青蛙甚至是老鼠。And finally, there are some meat-eating plants that don#39;t even live on land.最后,有一些肉食植物甚至不生活在陆地上Bladderworts, for example, live and catch their prey in water.例如狸藻在水中生活和捕捉他们的猎物。These plants have tiny containers on their stems called bladders that float underwater.这些植物的茎上有个小容器,叫做囊袋,利用它能浮在水下。Each bladder has an opening with a tiny flap on it, that can open and close, like a hidden trapdoor.每个囊袋有一个开口,上面有一个可以开关的小片,就像是藏着的活板门。When insects, like water fleas, trigger tiny hairs near the trapdoor, the door swings open, and sucks the little creature in.当水蚤等昆虫触动了活板门旁边的小毛,门就会打开并且把小生物吸进去。So now you know—certain plants sometimes eat animals.所以你现在明白了吧,一些植物有时也会吃掉动物的。Like I said, it#39;s nice to have variety in your diet!就像我说的,丰富饮食没什么不好Thanks for watching SciShow Kids. Till next time!感谢收看儿童科学秀,我们下期见。 Article/201707/515881青岛什么医院治妇科较好 青岛李沧区妇科医院

崂山看医院妇科那里好The divide between Russia and the rest of Europe, spurred by the Syrian civil war, appears to be growing deeper. 由于叙利亚内战的刺激,俄罗斯和欧洲其它国家间的分歧似乎日益加剧。Three Russian warships reportedly canceled a planned refueling stop at a Spanish port as they made their way toward the Middle East.据报道,三艘前往中东的俄罗斯军舰在西班牙港口取消了计划的加油。NATO put Spain under immense pressure to not allow the stop. The secretary-general of the alliance said he was concerned the warships might be used to attack Syrian civilians.北约给西班牙巨大的压力不允许停留加油。联盟秘书长表示,他担心军舰可能被用来袭击叙利亚平民。But Russia denied the refuel was ever going to happen, saying the vessels have plenty of fuel for the entire voyage. The Spanish foreign ministry said the ships pulled out after Spain wanted to make sure they wouldn#39;t attack Aleppo.但俄罗斯否认曾经加过油,表示船只有足够的燃料完成整个航程。西班牙外交部称船只退出,在西班牙确认他们不会攻击阿勒颇后。Spain has let dozens of Russian ships refuel in that port over the past few years, but criticism of the practice is rising, and it#39;s uncertain whether Spain will let it continue.在过去的几年里,西班牙让数十艘俄罗斯船只在该港口加油,但对这一做法的批评正在上升,西班牙是否将继续这样做还不确定。译文属。 Article/201610/474932青岛新阳光医院网上预约 山东省青岛第三医院做血常规检查

山东省青岛二院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱Chris, you have I think one of the best jobs in the world.克里斯,我觉得你的工作简直是世界上最好的工作之一Because you get to go to work every day with...let#39;s be honest, the god that is LL Cool J. Yeah. I mean...你每天都能和——诚实点说,你每天都能和詹姆斯·托德·史密斯一起上班He#39;s been on the show, I have felt some muscles in my time.做节目的时候,我偶尔会觉得自己身上还有些肌肉You know any time I#39;m in Vegas, I#39;m the first to a Chip and Dale#39;s show.每次去,我都是第一个跑去看《奇奇和蒂蒂》的But that guy is chiseled out of stone. It is amazing.但是酷杰的肌肉真得硬的像是石头上凿下来的一样。简直令人惊叹It has become part of my tour. When people come to visit the site,这都成了我工作的一部分了。有人来的时候,I#39;ll say OK, here is the stage. This is LL, come feel his biceps.我每次都要说,舞台在这里,酷杰在这里,来感受下他的肱二头肌Oh man, you#39;re ridiculous. Why are you doing this to me? It is hugging a tree.他就一副“你疯了吧”。“你干嘛呢?”的表情。那感觉应该就像抱住了一棵树一样。It#39;s crazy. It is hugging a tree. It#39;s crazy. Yeah. It is an amazing thing.感觉一定很不错。是像抱住了一棵树,感觉不错。感觉很棒I think I might do this next time we have a school auction, I#39;m going to say come squeeze LL Cool J#39;s biceps. Or camp under them for a week.下次拍卖会的时候,我会说,来按一下酷杰的肌肉。或者说我们来在这块肌肉下面露个营吧,我们可以呆上一个星期You can camp under LL Cool J#39;s arm for a week. It will take like a family of four.这块肌肉完全可以在这一个星期内为你遮风挡雨。一家四口也完全没问题I know I drive him crazy. But it#39;s so insane. It#39;s just like...我知道他都快被我搞疯了。这些行为有点过分了。Yeah. I have never felt anything like it. I want to feel it. You must.我还从来没摸过呢。我也想摸。那你得去试试If you see him, I think he is...I think he is cool with people just going up and touching his arms.如果你看到他,我想他不会特别在意别人摸他胳膊这种事If you see him, he#39;s completely cool with it. I say it was OK.下次你看见他,没关系的,上去摸就是Just say Chris O#39;Donnell said it was cool for me to touch your arms. He is a national treasure, and you#39;d love to, get on.就说,克里斯·奥唐纳说我可以来摸你的胳膊。他简直就像国宝一样,想摸就去摸。Yeah, but really get in there. Don#39;t just brush by it. Really give it both hands.直接上手去摸。不要只是轻轻地一扫而过。而且要用两只手It is incredible. It is amazing.简直难以置信。太棒了 Article/201706/514154 Hello. My name is Emma, and in today#39;s , we are going to talk about the ing module of the IELTS.大家好!我叫Emma,在今天的视频中,我们要讨论的是雅思的阅读部分。I#39;m going to tell you some of my top IELTS ing tips. So let#39;s get started.我会告诉你们一些我的雅思阅读秘诀。那么,我们就开始吧。During the ing module of the IELTS, there will be three passages that you , and for each passage, there are a bunch of questions you have to answer.在雅思考试的阅读部分,一共有三篇文章,每一篇文章后面都有一堆要你回答的问题。The first tip I have for you is: don#39;t spend too much time ing the passages.我要说的第一个诀窍就是:不要花太多时间阅读文章。What happens to a lot of students is they word-for-word everything.很多学生在做阅读理解的时候,总是逐字逐字地把所有内容都读一遍。They see a word they don#39;t know, they keep trying to understand the meaning.当他们看见不认识的单词时,会一直想办法弄懂这个单词的意思。You don#39;t have to understand everything to understand the passage. If you don#39;t know a word, that#39;s fine.其实,你们并不需要读懂所有内容才能弄懂文章大意。如果有不认识的单词,也没有关系。The better thing to do than to slowly , is to use skills such as skimming, which means you quickly for the main idea,比慢慢阅读文章更好的就是使用一些阅读技巧,比如略读,也就是快速阅读以弄懂文章主要思想;or scanning, meaning you look for key words or you look for specific detail.或者浏览,意思就是在阅读的时候寻找关键词或者要点。A lot of students, what they do for the IELTS is they actually will the questions first, and then they will the passage.很多学生在参加雅思考试的时候采用的办法是,先看文章后面的问题,然后再阅读文章。And that way, they... they know what they#39;re looking for.这样他们就知道自己要找什么了。You don#39;t have to do this, it#39;s one technique. Some students find this a lot easier, other students like to the passage first and then answer the questions.你们不一定非得这么做,这只是一种技巧。有些学生觉得这样会简单一些,但也有其他学生喜欢先读文章再回答问题。I recommend trying both out. First do the ing, then the questions,我的建议是你们可以两种方法都试一试。第一次先读文章再回答问题,then try to the questions first and the passage and see what you like better, what you#39;re more comfortable doing.第二次试着先看问题再读文章。然后看看你更喜欢哪一种,哪一种方法让你觉得更舒。So the key thing here is: don#39;t slowly.总之最关键的就是:不要慢慢地阅读。It#39;s a timed test, you have three parts, you have to get through 40 questions; it#39;s very important that you quickly.考试是有时间限制的,而且整个阅读部分有三篇文章,还有40个问题要回答,所以快速阅读非常重要。You can start practicing ing quickly also. There are a number of resources out there where you can actually start practicing.你们练习的时候也可以试着快速阅读了。可供练习的资源也有很多。And time yourself when you practice, make sure you#39;re not going over time.练习的时候要记得给自己计时,确保不要超时。Number two, similar to number one, my tip is: don#39;t spend too long on each question.第二个诀窍和第一个差不多,就是:不要在一道问题上花太长时间。Some of the questions are difficult,they#39;re possible, you can do well on them,but some of them,有些问题是很难的,当然了,你们会做对也是有可能的,you might be ing and you might think: ;Oh, I don#39;t know what the answer is,; and you might look at it, and think, and try, and try, and try.不过其中有些问题你们看到的时候也许会觉得:“天呐,我不知道是什么”,然后你们也许就会一直看着这个问题,不停地想,不停地试啊试啊试的。Well, the problem is if you spend too much time on a question, there are 40 questions and the one-hour limit for the test, it goes by very quickly.可是,如果你们在一道问题上花的时间太多,那就麻烦了,因为总共有40道问题需要完成,时间会不够用的,毕竟考试的一个小时过得很快。So you can#39;t spend too much time on each question.所以,不要在一道问题上花太多时间。So what I recommend is a question, try to figure out the answer. If you don#39;t know it, you can put a star beside it and come back after.我的建议是可以先读完问题,想一想。如果想不出的话,在这个问题旁边画个星号,之后再回过头来看这个问题。Don#39;t spend too long on any question. You can also take a guess, move on, and come back later.不要在任何一道问题上花太长时间。你们也可以先猜一个,然后继续做其他的题,晚一点再回来看这道题。My third tip: spend less time on earlier questions.我的第三个诀窍就是:在前面的问题上少花一点时间。For the ing module, the... like I said, there are three passages. The first passage is the easiest, then the second passage, and then the third passage.在阅读部分,就像我之前说过的一样,总共有三篇文章。第一篇文章是最简单的,然后是第二篇,最后一篇文章比较难。If you spend all your time on the first passage, you#39;re not gonna have time to do the second and the third. And, like I said, the first one is easier.如果你们把所有时间都花在了第一篇文章上的话,就没时间完成第二和第三篇了。而且,就像我说的,第一篇是最容易的。So a good idea is to spend less time on the first passage, maybe about 17 minutes,那么比较好的办法就是在第一篇文章上少花一点时间,也许第一篇可以用17分钟左右,then the second passage maybe spend about 20 minutes, and the third passage maybe 23 minutes.第二篇大概20分钟,最后一篇可能花个23分钟左右。You don#39;t have to follow this exactly, but the main idea is spend less time on part one, more time on part three because part three is harder.你们不用完全照着这个时间来,但是主要意思是:要在第一篇文章上少花些时间,多留些时间给第三篇文章,因为第三篇会比较难。My fourth point is: make sure you have enough time to transfer your answers.第四点是:请确保留有足够时间誊写。They will have an answer sheet and you#39;re supposed to write your answers on it.考试的时候会发一份答题卡,你们要把写在答题卡上。It#39;s very important to leave yourself time to transfer your answers from your test paper to the answer sheet.留有足够的时间把从试卷誊写到答题卡上是很重要的。A lot of students, they work through the booklet and then they realize there#39;s no time to transfer their answers, so make sure you leave time for this.很多学生在写完试卷之后才发现没有时间把抄到答题卡上了,所以你们一定要确保留有足够的时间誊写。Okay, my fifth tip is a very, very common error students make: three words or less.第五个诀窍是个学生们经常会犯的错误:不超过三个单词。In the ing section, also in the listening, in the instructions you will also... or you will often see the words: ;Write three words or less.;在阅读部分的答题要求中,实际上听力部分也有,你们也会......你们经常会看见这句话:“不超过三个单词。”They mean: write three words or less. A lot of students write too many words here.这句话的意思就是:不要写超过三个单词。但很多学生还是会写很多个单词。So, for example: if I#39;m doing a ing on archeology and, you know, I have to write an answer and my answer is: ;the tomb of the Pharaoh;,举个例子来说,假如我正在做一篇关于考古学的阅读理解,然后我要回答一个问题,比如说是; the tomb of the Pharaoh;。for example. This is a Pharaoh, if you don#39;t know, ancient Egypt.以防你们不知道,这个就是一个古埃及的法老。If the instructions tell me: ;write three words or less;, and my answer is: ;the tomb of the Pharaoh;, I#39;ve written way too many words.如果答题要求写着“不得超过三个单词”,而我的是; the tomb of the Pharaoh;,那我就多写了太多单词了。I#39;ve written one, two, three, four, five, so that#39;s too many. So I would get this wrong on the IELTS, get a big ;X;.我写了1、2、3、4、5,5个单词,这就太多了。所以如果我在参加雅思考试的话,就做错了,会得个大大的; X;。Even though my answer was right, because I didn#39;t follow the instructions and I wrote too many words, I#39;m going to get it wrong.即使我的没有错,但是因为我没有按照考试要求作答,写了太多单词,这一题还是没有分。So what would be the correct answer in this case is: ;the Pharaoh#39;s tomb;.那么按照要求来说这一题的正确是; the Pharaoh#39;s tomb;。This is three words. So in this example, that would be correct, we haven#39;t gone over three words.只有三个单词。所以,在这个例子中这才是正确的,写的单词没有超过三个。Also, I could write for these questions maybe one word or maybe two words.同样的,对于这些问题,也可以写一个或者两个单词。可以写一个、两个或者三个单词,但是一定不能超过三个。这个错误十分常见。I can write one, two, or three words - no more than that. Very common mistake.可以写一个、两个或者三个单词,但是一定不能超过三个。这个错误十分常见。Number six is another common mistake students make, their spelling.第六个诀窍也是学生们经常会犯的一个错误——他们的拼写。A lot of students forget that the ing section also has a writing component and that is you have to write your answers.很多学生都忘了其实阅读理解也有书写的部分,那就是你们要把写出来。You also have to spell your answers correctly, and many students, unfortunately, make spelling mistakes.在这一部分你们同样需要正确地把拼写出来,然而不幸的是,很多学生都会出现拼写错误。So it#39;s very important to practice spelling before you do the IELTS.所以,在参加雅思考试之前练习拼写单词也是很重要的。It will help you with the listening section, the writing section, and the ing section.这在考试的听力部分、写作部分和阅读部分都有帮助。I can#39;t emphasize this enough. Smelling... Spelling... Not smelling. Spelling matters. Okay?这个问题我怎么强调都不过分。一定要注意拼写问题。One idea is you can get a book and any time you spell a word wrong, write it in your book and practice those words.有一个办法就是,你们可以准备一个本子,无论什么时候写错了单词,都把这个单词写到本子上去,然后记住这些单词。Have a spelling book for yourself so you can see which words you often make mistakes with.做一个属于你们自己的单词本,这样就可以看看你们经常写错哪些单词了。Number seven, a lot of students also make this mistake with grammar.第七个诀窍,很多学生还会经常犯语法错误。You have to use the correct grammar when you#39;re answering a question.在答题的时候一定要使用正确的语法。So, for example, sometimes maybe the answer is: ;castles; with an ;s;, but a student might write the singular version in their answer,比如,有时候也许是; castles;,有个复数词尾; s; ,但是学生可能会在中写出单数形式,maybe they just write: ;castle;, but the correct form would be with an ;s;.他们可能会写; castle;,可是正确是有; s;的。So you always have to be aware of grammar.所以一定要时常注意语法。The best thing to do is after you write your answer, check it to see if the grammar makes sense.最好的方法就是在写完之后检查一下,看看从语法上是不是说得通。Were they looking for singular answer? Were they looking for a plural answer? Okay? So that#39;s very important to keep an eye out for.看看题目需要的是单数形式的,还是复数形式的?这一点非常值得注意。Finally, my last... my last tip for today is: a lot of students don#39;t the instructions properly.最后,今天我要说的最后一个诀窍就是:很多学生都不仔细看题目要求。This is a very, very big mistake to make. A lot of students, they#39;ve done lots and lots of IELTS tests and they think they know it,这种行为大错特错。很多学生已经参加过很多次雅思考试了,所以他们以为自己都懂,so they don#39;t bother ing the instructions.Always the instructions.就懒得看题目要求了。请一定要仔细阅读题目要求。Even if you#39;ve done a hundred IELTS tests, the instructions just to make sure.即使你们已经参加过一百次雅思考试了,也要看看题目要求以防万一。For example, some common mistakes that happen is for multiple choice in the ing section,举个例子来说,一些很常见的错误都出现在阅读部分的选择题,maybe the question will ask you to choose two answers and if you don#39;t the instructions properly, you might just pick one.也许问题中要求你们选出两个,但是如果你们没有仔细阅读题目要求的话,可能会只选一个。Or maybe it asks you to pick three answers. So it#39;s very important to the instructions properly.或者也许要求是选出三个呢。所以仔细阅读题目要求是很重要的。Another common issue with instructions is people confuse ;Not Given;, ;Yes;, ;No; questions with: ;Not Given;, ;True;, or ;False; questions.另一个常见的题目要求方面的问题就是,大家会把“文中没有提及”、“是”、“不是”这类问题和“文中没有提及”、“正确”、“错误” 这样的问题混淆。They#39;re different. So by ing the instruction, hopefully you can see the differences.这两类问题是不同的。通过阅读题目要求,你们可能就看得出它们之间的区别了。And then when you#39;re supposed to write: ;Yes;, you don#39;t write: ;True;, and when you#39;re supposed to write: ;No;, you don#39;t write: ;False;.还有,当你们回答问题应该写“是”的时候,不要写成“正确”;而当应该写“不是”的时候,也不要误写成“错误”。So make sure you don#39;t mix those questions up. Read the instructions.所以为了确保你们不会混淆这些问题,请阅读题目要求。So, in order to practice the IELTS, I invite you to come visit our website at www.engvid.com. We have a quiz there on some of these tips you#39;ve just learned.那么,为了让大家更好地练习雅思,我推荐你们通过www.engvid.com进入我们的网站。网站上有一个小测验,就是关于我们今天学到的这些诀窍的。And also, I would recommend visiting another site www.goodluckielts.com, for a lot more information on the test.另外,我还想向你们推荐一个网站:www.goodluckielts.com,在这个网站上你们能找到更多关于雅思考试的信息。I know you#39;re going to do well on test day. So good luck. I#39;m rooting for you, I know you#39;re gonna do a good job. Until next time.我知道你们考试的时候一定都会表现得很好的,祝你们好运!我会为你们加油的,我相信你们!下次见咯。 Article/201706/515542青岛妇科检查多少钱枣庄无痛人流费用



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