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莱州打掉孩子多少钱即墨市药流需要多少钱海阳市中医院网络咨询 The Gan,shi Classic of the Con,stellation《甘石星经》The Chinese people have paid great attention to astronomical phenome-na since very early times. Meteor showers and solar eclipses which oc-curred as far back as in the Xia Dynasty(2070~1600) are recorded in ancient books, and are thought to be the earliest astronomical accounts in the world. By the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods, astronomy had reached quite a high level of sophistication. Astronomers of the State of Lu obseNed 37 solar eclipl ses, among which 33 have been proved accurate. The earliest record of an ap-pearance by Halley#39;s Comet (613 ) is contained in the chronicle of Lu known as The Spring and Autumn, Annals .中国人很早就注意观察天象。古书上关于夏朝(前2070年~前1600年)时流星雨和日食的记载,是世界天文史上最早的记录。春秋战国时期,天文学已取得了相当高的成就。鲁国的天文学家在对天象的观测中,观测到37次日食,其中33次被明是可靠的。哈雷彗星早在公元前613年鲁国的史书《春秋》就有记载,这是世界上关于哈雷彗星的最早的记录。During this period there appeared specialized works on astronomy.Based on their long-time observa-tion of the celestial phenomena, Gon De of the State of Chu wrote a work titled Astron,omy an,d Astrology in eight volumes, and Shi Shen of the State of Wei wrote his As-tronomy, also in eight volumes. The two works were combined later generations as The Gan,shi Classic of the Con,stellation,s.The earliest astronomical work extant in the world.这一时期还出现了天文学专著。在长期观测天象的基础上,楚国人甘德著《天文星占》八卷,魏国人石申撰写《天文》八卷,后人将它们合为一部,称《甘石星经》,这是世界上现存最早的天文学著作。It recorded the motions of Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn,and the rules dictating their appearances.It also recorded the names of 800 stars,of which the positions of 121 have been pinpointed.Gon De discovered Jupiter s moon with the naked eye, 2,000 years earlier than the Italian astronomer Galileo,who discovered it with an astronomical telescope in 1609. Shi Shen discovered the reason for solar and lunar eclipses. A crater on the moon has been named after Shi Shen.书中记录了水、木、金、火、土五大行星的运行情况以及它们的出没规律。书中还记录了800个恒星的名字,有121个的位置现在已经被测定。甘德还用肉眼发现了木星的卫星,比意大利天文学家伽利略在1609年用天文望远镜发现该星早2000多年。为了纪念石申,月球上有一座环形山就是用他的名字命名的。 /201511/409355青岛哪家医院可以做三维B超

胶南市治疗附件炎多少钱Do not be fooled by the name: Tencent is neither a rapper nor a penny stock.不要被名称糊弄了:腾讯(Tencent)既不是饶舌歌手,也不是细价股。Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index — comprisingHong Kong blue-chips as well as leading China “red” chips — has rallied by more than one-tenth this month, and returned one-quarter since January. The Chinese mobile gaming and messaging platform Tencent is enjoying the ride. The company, which owns the messaging app WeChat, began the year with a market capitalisation of 0bn. On Monday it was briefly valued at more than 0bn, larger than HS.香港恒生指数(Hang Seng index)——包括香港蓝筹股和中国内地领先企业的红筹股——本月已上涨逾10%,今年1月以来累计上涨25%。身为中国手机网游和短信平台的腾讯的股价同大盘一起不断上涨。年初时,旗下拥有即时信息app微信(WeChat)的腾讯市值为1200亿美元,本周一,腾讯市值短暂超过2000亿美元,大于汇丰(HS)。No surprise, then, that some people are taking profits. After market on Monday, the company revealed that its chairman and founder, Ma “Pony” Huateng, sold part of his holding last week, raising more than 0m. On Tuesday, sellers pushed the stock down as much as 8 per cent on big volumes as they followed him out. Mr Ma may not be the best lead to follow; last December he sold part of his holding at a price around one-fifth below current levels.既然如此,有人获利回吐是不足为奇的。周一市场收盘后,该公司披露,其董事长和创始人马化腾(Pony Ma)上周减持了自己的持股,回笼逾4亿美元。周二,卖家争先恐后追随马化腾离场,一度导致股价下跌8%,成交量极高。马化腾也许不是值得效仿的天才操盘手,毕竟,去年12月他就抛出了自己持有的一部分公司股票,而那时的股价比目前水平低了五分之一。But even for an investor who does not own nearly bn in Tencent stock, recent performance may seem overdone. The shares trade at 38 times forecast earnings (against 28 at the start of the year). But the company has plenty of potential. In the fourth quarter of last year, monthly active users on the messaging apps WeChat and Weixin reached 500m, 40 per cent higher than the previous year. More importantly, Tencent is finding new ways to make money from its users. Around 100m of them have linked their credit cards to Tencent’s payment services through Mobile QQ wallet and Weixin payment. Tie-ups with content providers such as the NBA and HBO offer opportunities for targeted advertising; revenue from this service, though still only one-eighth of the total, grew 75 per cent in the fourth quarter.但是,即使是对不拥有近200亿美元腾讯股票的投资者来说,近期的表现也似乎有些过火。该股目前的预期市盈率达到38倍(年初为28倍)。但该公司大有潜力。去年第四季度,即时信息app微信的月活跃用户达到5亿,比上年高出40%。更重要的是,腾讯正找到新的方法从用户那里赚钱。大约1亿用户已通过手机QQ钱包和微信付,将自己的信用卡与腾讯的付务绑定。与内容提供商如美国篮球职业联赛(NBA)和美国家庭电影频道(HBO)结盟,带来了定向广告的机遇:这项务的营收尽管仍只有总额的八分之一,但在去年第四季度猛增75%。Tencent is also trying to get users to pay for content. But in a country where content has often been free, this will not be easy. The enthusiasts behind the recent share price jump are betting that the shift to paid content is a “when” rather than an “if”.腾讯还在试图让用户为内容付费。但在一个内容往往免费的国家,这不会容易。推动腾讯近期股价飙涨的投资者押注的是,转向付费内容是“何时”而不是“如果”的问题。 /201504/370531齐鲁医院青岛分院地址哪里? 平度市妇幼保健医院怎么去

莱西市妇女医院贵么I ended 2013 by compiling something slightly unusual: a list of some of the good news you might have missed. I thought it was a pretty good note to end the year on, and people seemed to like ing about some of the ways the world is becoming a better place. This year, I thought I’d do it again。2013年我编辑了一些有点不同寻常的东西来作为年终总结:一张你可能错过了的好消息清单。我觉得作为年终总结,这是一份相当不错的笔记,而且人们似乎喜欢读一些世界在哪些方面变得更好的故事。今年,我想我又要这么干了。Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that it’s been a turbulent year, in the ed States and many other countries. But it’s worth taking a moment to celebrate some of the good news too. More children are surviving than ever before. We’re making progress against some of the world’s deadliest diseases. These are some of the most fundamental ways to measure the world’s progress—and by that measure, 2014 was definitely another good year。当然了,在美国和其他很多国家,我们不能忽略这是充满骚乱动荡不安的一年。但是花点时间为些好消息庆祝也是很值的。同从前相比,更多的孩子存活了下来。和世界上的一些致命的疾病作斗争,我们正在进步。这些是衡量世界进步的最根本的方法——而且通过以下的估量,2014绝对又是让人欢喜的一年。1.More Fifth Birthdays Than Ever Before和从前相比,更多孩子过上了5岁的生日。To me, one of the best ways to measure progress is to look at how many children are dying of preventable causes。对我而言,衡量进步最好的方法之一就是看看,有多少孩子的死亡可以避免。And today, more kids are living to see their fifth birthday than ever before. This year, for at least the 42nd year in a row, the child mortality rate has fallen. And it’s not just moving in the right direction—it’s falling faster than anyone expected。同过去相比的今天,更多的孩子活着过上了5岁的生日。在今年,至少是连续第42年儿童的死亡率有所下降。而且不仅仅是朝正确的方向——它比任何人期望的都下降的快。The Economist ran a great article about this in September, where it estimated that just since 2001, the world has saved 13.6 million children’s lives. It’s hard to think of a better sign the world is improving。《经济学人》在9月写了一篇关于这个问题的长文,自从2001年开始,预计全世界已拯救了1360万儿童的生命。不难想象,这就是世界正在变好的标志。2.We Hit a Big Milestone in Fighting AIDS我们在对抗艾滋病上取得了里程碑式的进步The world has done an impressive job of providing treatment to people living with HIV. But for years we were falling behind, because for all the people who started getting treatment, even more would become infected。对于艾滋病病毒感染者的治疗,全世界已经取得了令人钦佩的进步。但是这些年来,我们一直很落后,因为算上所有开始接受治疗的人,也及不上更多的人受感染的速率。Not anymore, though. New data released this month show that 2013 was the first year when more people started getting treatment than became infected with HIV. Why does that matter? Because treating people not only keeps them alive, it also dramatically reduces the odds that they will pass the virus on to anyone else. As the epidemiologists say, we can start to bend the curve of the disease。今非昔比。这个月的新数据显示,2013年是第一年接受治疗的人比感染艾滋病病毒的人多了。这为何显得意义非凡?因为病人的治疗不仅仅是延续他们的生命,还急剧减少了将病毒传染给别人的几率。正如流行病专家所说的那样,这是一个转折点。We still have a long way to go before we can declare the end of AIDS, but this is a big milestone。在能宣告艾滋病已经无所可畏之前,我们还有很长的路要走,但是这确实是里程碑式的一步。3.Rotavirus Vaccine is Reaching More Kids Than Ever比起以往更多的孩子接受了轮状病毒疫苗接种When I an article in the late 1990s that mentioned a diarrheal disease called rotavirus killed hundreds of thousands of kids a year, I couldn’t believe something I’d never even heard of was killing that many children。当我在20世纪90年代阅读一篇提到名为轮状病毒引发的腹泻病,一年里能导致成千上万的儿童死亡,我不敢相信这种我从来没听过的病毒杀死了那么多孩子。But rotavirus doesn’t get much press because it’s almost never deadly in rich countries—and the world tends to ignore diseases that only affect the world’s poorest people。但是轮状病毒没受多大重视,因为在发达国家几乎从不会致死——所以全世界都倾向对这个只影响贫穷国家人民的疾病视而不见。In many ways, rotavirus was a catalyst for my commitment to global health—in fact, one of our foundation’s first grants supported efforts against rotavirus. Since then, the number of kids dying from this illness has been cut nearly in half thanks to a cheap and effective vaccine. And today, that vaccine is reaching more kids than ever before。从很多方面来看,轮状病毒是我致力委身于全球健康的催化剂——事实上,我们基金会的第一笔补助就是帮助对抗轮状病毒。从那以后,多亏了廉价又高效的疫苗,死于这种疾病的儿童就减少了近乎一半。同过去相比的今天,更多孩子接受了疫苗接种。For example in India, where rota kills nearly 80,000 children a year, the government decided this year to deliver the vaccine for free to poor children. And manufacturers there are working on a more affordable vaccine that could reach even more children in the coming years。举个例子,在印度,该病毒一年杀死了几乎8万儿童,政府决定在今年为贫穷的孩子发放免费疫苗。而那里的厂家致力于生产更多价格实惠的疫苗,以便让更多孩子在接下来的几年里负担的起这种疫苗接种。4.A Tuberculosis Breakthrough—Finally肺结核终于有了突破性进展The world is way overdue for a better tuberculosis treatment。全世界在更好的治疗肺结核上所做的已经远远超出预期。TB is one of the world’s leading causes of death, and our existing treatments are inadequate—especially for drug resistant forms of the disease. But efforts to improve them have been stalled for decades. So it’s a big deal that earlier this year, scientists announced that a new TB treatment regimen has proven effective in early-phase research。肺结核是全世界第一大致死疾病。而我们现有的治疗十分匮乏——尤其是该疾病的耐药性上。但是几十年来改进的努力一直止步不前。所以今年早些时候,科学家宣布一种新型肺结核治疗方案在早期研究方案中被明有效,成为了大事件。From here, the drug regimen goes on to a large clinical trial to confirm the results. If this new treatment regimen pans out, it could dramatically reduce the time it takes to cure drug-resistant TB and save poor countries billions of dollars in health-care costs。从现在开始,用药法将继续大型临床试验区来明这个结论。如果这种新型治疗方法成功了,它就能迅速减少治疗肺结核耐药性的时间,并且为贫穷国家的卫生保健开省下一大笔。5.Nigeria’s Fight Against Polio Helped Its Fight Against Ebola尼日利亚对抗小儿麻痹症的经验帮助了其对抗埃拉A lot of the media coverage about Nigeria this year focused on two things: Ebola and terrorism。很多媒体报道了今年尼日利亚专注的两件事情:埃拉和恐怖主义。Both are frightening, and they masked the fact that from a global health perspective, Nigeria actually had a pretty good year. Although it’s one of only three countries that have never been free from polio (Pakistan and Afghanistan are the other two), I don’t think it will be on that list for long。但是这两件恐怖的事从全球健康的角度掩盖了一个事实:尼日利亚实际上度过了很棒的一年。虽然它是全世界仅有的三个还在遭受小儿麻痹症的国家(还有两个是巴基斯坦和阿富汗),我认为他们很长时间不会上榜了。Nigeria has reported only six cases of polio this year, compared to more than 50 last year. What’s more, the infrastructure Nigeria has built to fight polio actually made it easier for them to swiftly contain Ebola. The fact that Nigeria is now Ebola free is a great example of how doing the work to fight things like fighting polio also leaves countries better prepared to deal with outbreaks of other diseases。尼日利亚今年据报道只有6例小儿麻痹症,而去年有50多个病例。而且,尼日利亚建的用于对抗小儿麻痹症的基础设施,实际上让他们对抗埃拉的工作更容易了。尼日利亚如今不再遭受埃拉侵袭,就是一个很好的例子:像对抗小儿麻痹症这样疾病的经验也能让国家更好的准备其他疾病暴发时的应对。6.Looking Ahead展望未来One more thing: this January, Melinda and I will publish our annual letter. This year, we’re looking ahead to 2030. We’ll be writing about a few areas—from health to farming and banking—where life will really change, especially for people in some of the world’s poorest places。还有一件事:今年1月,梅琳达和我将会出版我们每一年的信件。今年,我们展望至2030年。我们书写着尤其是世界上最贫穷地方人们的生活,在一些领域——从健康到农业到——生活的改变。 /201503/363728 The Moto X Pure Edition is not just the best giant Android smartphone or the best Android phone for the money. It is the best Android phone.Moto X纯净版不只是最伟大的安卓智能机,也是性价比最高的安卓机,是最棒的安卓机。It#39;s everything a great smartphone should be: It#39;s thin, beautiful, fast, has a battery that will get you through the day, it has an awesome 5.7-inch display, a great camera, a super-fast turbo-charging battery. But there are three things that make the Moto X Pure Edition particularly special and worthy of the ;best ever; recognition.它具有每一部优秀智能机必备的特点:超薄,美观,运行速度快,电池续航给力,它有个5.7寸显示屏,像素高,超高速涡轮增压电池。但是Moto X纯净版有三点特殊之处,这也使它成为有史以来最棒的安卓机。1.It is the most customizable phone on the market1.市场上最佳可定制手机Smartphones are deeply personal items. More than any other smartphone maker, Motorola gets how important it is to tailor its smartphones to its customers.智能机是非常个人的物品。托罗拉公司比任何手机制造商都清楚为顾客量身定制手机的重要性。Like Motorola#39;s two previous Moto X phones, the Pure Edition comes in a huge variety of colors and materials. There are hundreds of different options to choose from, including grippy silicone models in a dozen colors, multiple wood grains and differently styled leather backs. Motorola#39;s software is also personal. It#39;s mostly Android with just a few welcome tweaks that make your phone your own. It even comes with an increasingly rare SD card slot, allowing customers to cheaply add storage to their devices and avoid the single biggest ripoff from cell phone companies.与之前两部Moto X一样,纯净版也有多种颜色材质各不相同,多种选择包括12种不同颜色的流行硅胶款,多重木纹款以及不同风格的皮革款。托罗拉的软件也十分个人化。大多数为安卓软件,只有几个受欢迎的系统微调,这使你的手机十分个性化。 它甚至还有一个越来越罕见的SD卡插槽,使消费者增加手机存储并避免手机公司简单大型盗窃。2.It will work on any carrier2.适用于任何运营商The Moto X Pure Edition will only be offered unlocked and without a contract, meaning you won#39;t be able to buy a subsidized Moto X directly from your carrier. But it will work on any of the four nationwide cell phone companies. You can use the same exact phone on Sprint (S), T-Mobile (TMUS), ATamp;T (T, Tech30) or Verizon#39;s (VZ, Tech30) networks. If T-Mobile is offering you a great deal in October, and Verizon gives you a better offer in November, you can switch with no strings attached.Moto X纯净版无锁无合约,意味着你不需要从运营商那里直接购买Moto X。但是,Moto X适用于美国四大主流运营商中的任何一个,Sprint (S), T-Mobile (TMUS), ATamp;T (T, Tech30) 或Verizon#39;s (VZ, Tech30) 。如果T-Mobile十月有优惠,Verizon十一月有优惠,你可以毫无限制的自由转换。3.It costs just 93.售价399美元What makes Motorola#39;s new phone really stand out is the price. The Moto X Pure Edition costs about 0 less than the similarly sized Apple (AAPL, Tech30) iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. At 9, the Moto X Pure Edition is not only the best Android smartphone but the best phone deal as well.托罗拉这部新手机最大的亮点在于价格。Moto X纯净版比苹果规模相似的iPhone 6 Plus和三星Galaxy Note 5便宜约350美元。至于399美元,Moto X纯净版不仅是最棒的安卓智能机,还是性价比最高的手机。 /201509/399165青岛人民医院可以治疗漏尿症吗青岛哪里看妇科比较权威




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