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make use of 利用make little use of 利用较少make full/good use of 充分利用make better use of 更好的利用例句:We should make good use of the chance.我们应该充分利用这次机会。We should make better use of our resources.我们应该更好的利用我们的资源。That makes two of us. 我也是,我也有同感A:Im tired.我累了B:That makes two of us.我也一样,我也累。末尾音乐:mad, sexy, cool girl更多英语资讯关注微信公众号:Emily_aiyingyu /201606/448907。

unit 349运输损坏交涉(1)dialogue 英语情景对话A:Im sorry, but I dont think this damage is our fault.A:抱歉,不过我不认为这次的损坏是我们的错。B:What do you mean?B:你这话是什么意思?A:It looks like the shipping company did this.A:应该是货运公司造成的吧。B:Wed better take it up with them, in that case.B:如果是那样,我们最好向他们提出来。 /201603/429105。

Language PointsMy phones dead. My phone died.bad/poor receptionIve got bad reception here.Im losing youdata,Im out of data.MB读作megs,GB读作gigs,I have 5 per month.My phone keeps dropping calls.no signalIve got no signal/reception .China XX 3G service is spotty. /201511/405891。

go on doing 继续做之前没做完的事情例句:Dont stop, go on ing.不要停,继续做。go on to do 是转而做另一件事情After cleaning the room, he went on to do some washing.打扫完房间后,他又去洗衣了。Lets go on to another subject.让我们换个话题。背景音乐:cant stop更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号:Emily_aiyingyu /201606/448898。

Language Points1. I feel cold.2. Its ice cold3. Is ice cold?4. freezing cold.5. stone cold6. cold spell /201604/437506。

大家都喜欢在夏天休个长假享受生活。我朋友Jenny最近就去了巴黎,完全沉醉在历史古迹,美食和精的夜生活之中。她可启发了我!我也开始研究自己该去哪里渡假了,可是目前我还没完全决定该去哪里。这也让我想到一个习惯用语。那就是:cast in stone.Cast本身有铸造的意思,而stone则是石头。Cast in stone, 都铸造在石头里了,也就是最后决定,板上定钉的意思。虽然我在看关于去巴黎旅游的书,可是还没决定最后是不是去那里。My decision to go to Paris isnt cast in Stone. 下面的例子里,这位家长遇到了什么难题? 我们来听听看:例句-1:It seems like yesterday that my daughter was in kindergarten and now shes graduating from 6th grade. Her class is having a graduation party on June 10th. While I really want to attend, Ill be on a business trip. And I understand the date of the ceremony cant be changed. Its cast in stone.这段话是说:女儿上幼儿园仿佛还是昨天的事,可是现在她已经要六年级毕业了!她们班6月10号开毕业派对庆祝。虽然我很想参加,但是我那时侯正好得去出差。而且我知道,日期已经不能再改,是板上定钉的事了。如果家长不能出席,孩子一定会很失望!对了,你还记得上次我说我们家的路口应该安装停车路标的事吗?我本以为这已经是板上定钉的事情了,可是现在由于资金问题还得需要近一步考虑。The board needs to reconsider whether to install a stop sign or not due to budgetary concerns. So its not cast in stone yet. 出于预算考虑,小区委员会需要重新审核是否要安装一个停车的路标,这件事还没有最后决定。******每次我去饭馆吃饭,对到底要点什么酒都很犹豫不决。老听别人说点酒是一门很讲究的学问,到底是不是这样呢?我们来听听看:例句-2:Theres a lot of confusion about wine. Should you only drink white wine with chicken and fish and red wine with red meat? When it comes to deciding what goes together best, experts now say that there are no rules cast in stone. You should let your taste guide you; drink whatever pleases you.这段话是说:如何点酒确实是门学问。是不是鸡肉和鱼肉只能搭配白酒,而红肉只能搭配红酒呢?专家认为,当谈到如何搭配最好的时候,并没有什么板上定钉的规则。你应该跟着你的感觉走,只要你喜欢就好。我每次去吃西餐,就经常不知道自己该点什么酒!听了这段话才知道,原来,there are no rules cast in stone on how to order wines. 点酒并没有什么固定的规则。大家注意,这里的cast也可以用其他动词代替,比如set;或是carved; set in stone, carved in stone, 都是同样的意思,板上定钉。 /201611/477044。

Wendi: OK, so the next thing was when I was young, I used to watch this TV program. It was called the ;Wonder Years;. And I had such a crush on that kid Fred.温迪:我小的时候看过《纯真年代》这部电视剧。当时我非常喜欢演孩子的弗莱德。Ken: Fred Savage was it?肯:是弗莱德·萨维奇吗?Wendi: Yeah, yeah, Fred Savage. What was his name in that show?温迪:对,弗莱德·萨维奇。他在戏里面叫什么?Ken: I actually never really watched that show. No, Ive seen a couple of reruns.肯:其实我没怎么看过那部剧。不对,我看过几次重播。Wendi: I know he had a crush on some girl names Wendi but I cant recall what his name was, but I has such a huge mad crush on him.温迪:我记得他很喜欢名字是温迪的女孩,不过我想不起来他在戏里的名字了,我当时真的非常喜欢他。Ken: Its that show with the little kid, but like someone else, like the adults like recounting his childhood.肯:那是一部讲述一个孩子成长的故事,里面是主角成年以后对自己童年时期进行的回忆。Wendi: Yeah, I think so.温迪:对,是这样的。Ken: Like theres a narrator in the back.肯:电视剧中有旁白。Wendi: I think so. Yeah. I think so. But then, that whole thing just broke down when I saw Austin Powers, and ;Mole, Mole, Mole, Mole;.温迪:是的,对。我记得也是。可是在我看了他出演的《王牌大贱谍》之后一切都结束了。Ken: Was that him?肯:那是他吗?Wendi: Yeah.温迪:对。Ken: That was him?肯:真的是他?Wendi: Its the same guy and hes an adult and hes not attractive or cute whatsoever and so I just feel really betrayed. OK, so I told you about an actor I had a crush on when I was young. So what show did you grow up on that you totally had a crush on — one of the actresses?温迪:对,是他,成年后的他不再那么吸引人,也不再可爱,我有种被背叛的感觉。我刚告诉了你我小时候喜欢的演员。你小时候有没有非常喜欢的节目和女演员?Ken: Unfortunately. Unfortunately, I was banned from watching TV as a child.肯:不幸的是,我小时候家里不让我看电视。Wendi: Are you serious?温迪:真的吗?Ken: Yeah, so.肯:对。Wendi: Were you really?温迪:真的?Ken: I did not grow up watching TV. Yeah. I was not raised on TV.肯:小时候不能看电视。我不是看着电视长大的。Wendi: You werent raised on TV at all?温迪:你小时候完全不能看电视吗?Ken: Not at all.肯:对,完全不能看。Wendi: So, were taking Monday to Friday, no TV?温迪:周一至周五不能看电视?Ken: Im talking I had to, like while my mom was cooking dinner, I could like turn the volume really low on a nine inch black and white TV and maybe catch five minutes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or something.肯:我妈妈做晚饭的时候,我可以把那台九英寸黑白电视的音量调低,大概能看五分钟的《忍者神龟》或其他节目。Wendi: Are you serious?温迪:你说真的吗?Ken: Thats how bad it was.肯:真实情况就是这么糟。Wendi: Thats shocking.温迪:这太令人震惊了。Ken: That is, yeah.肯:是这样的。Wendi: Yeah, so then at like what age did you, because you know how to work a computer quite well, when did you learn all this stuff?温迪:你什么时候开始……你擅长电脑操作,你是什么时候开始学习这些的?Ken: I guess once my brother and sister started growing up, then my mom, you know, let me have a little bit more freedom.肯:我的兄弟渐渐长大以后,我妈妈就给了我一定的自由。Wendi: Yeah. Yeah.温迪:嗯。Ken: We got our first computer. I was more into computer than TV, initially.肯:我们买了第一台电脑。最初,比起电视,我对电脑更感兴趣。Wendi: Yeah.温迪:好。Ken: And the first TV show I watched regularly must have been like the Simpsons, probably.肯:我看的第一个电视节目可能是《辛普森一家》。Wendi: How old were you?温迪:当时你几岁?Ken: I cant remember. Probably, seventh, eight grade.肯:我记不清了。可能七年级或八年级。Wendi: Oh, yeah.温迪:哦。Ken: So thirteen or fourteen years old.肯:大概十三四岁了。Wendi: Crazy. Crazy. Thats amazing.温迪:这太不可思议了,太令人震惊了。Ken: Yeah.肯:对。 译文属 /201507/385105。

小咖实用英语口语 第5期:柑橘tangerine /201502/356543。

栏目简介:跟生活紧密相关,知识中蕴含趣味性。只用几分钟就能看完,每期都有关键词,你掌握了吗?对学习很有用的哦,给你一个越来越喜欢英语的理由——超级英语脱口秀! /201606/447490。