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This owl looks like it#39;s taking advantage of the cold weather to practise its skating moves on the ice.冰天雪地的加拿大,这只猫头鹰貌似是在利用这样的天气条件练习自己的溜冰技巧。The snowy owl was captured on camera with one leg outstretched behind it while it balanced on one claw.摄影师捕捉到这只雪鸮伸出一只腿,仅靠另一只爪子就能保持平衡。But, the beautiful bird may just have been stretching after it woke up to freezing temperatures of -20C in Montreal, Canada.不过这只漂亮的雪鸮也许只是睡醒了舒展下身体而已。照片拍摄于加拿大东南部的蒙特利尔市,当地非常寒冷,气温达到了零下20度。Wildlife photographer Yves Adams battled the freezing winds to capture the incredible shots on camera - after following the bird all day.野生动物摄影师伊夫-亚当顶着寒风,在跟着这只猫头鹰整整一天后,拍到这些非常赞的照片。Mr Adams, from Belgium, said: ‘I had seen the owl hunting in the area for a few days, so I tried to follow him, as he#39;d obviously found a good spot.来自比利时的亚当先生表示:“我这些天一直观察到这只猫头鹰在这个区域狩猎,所以我想跟着他,他明显是找到了一个好地方啊。”‘I really wanted to get close to this bird, so I crawled very slowly through the snow, protected in my down clothing, for an hour or so.“我非常想再离他近一些,所以我慢慢地在雪地上匍匐前行,我的羽绒的颜色正好可以隐去我的身形,大概趴了有一个多小时吧。”Eventually I came pretty close, maybe 15 metres away, but the owl was very relaxed. It was a beautiful thing to see, even if it was very cold, lying on the snow.“后来我距离他非常非常近,可能只有15米。这只雪鸮看起来非常放松,他是一只非常美丽的猫头鹰,虽然天气很冷我还得趴在雪地上,但是我觉得什么都值得了。”‘Although the bird was in a deep sleep, his peeping eyes recorded every movement I made. Suddenly he woke up, and stretched. This all happened in seconds, so I had to react very very fast.“虽然他处在深度睡眠状态,但他的眼睛似乎能瞥见我所有的活动。突然他就醒了,伸展了下身体。一切都发生得非常快,所以我要捕捉到镜头也必须非常快才行。”‘I have a lot of respect for these northern birds. I was able to retreat to my warm hotel room each night, but this bird had to stay out all night, often with strong blizzards at night, with very low temperatures.’“我对这些北地的鸟儿充满了敬意。我每天晚上还可以回到温暖的宾馆里,但他整夜都要待在外面,蒙特利尔这里晚上经常会有强暴风雪,气温也非常低。” /201212/214947

Given the parlous state of the European car market, this would not seem a sensible moment to launch a new car brand. Yet, Qoros, a Chinese-Israeli joint venture, did exactly that at the Geneva motor show last week.鉴于欧洲汽车市场的糟糕现状,当前或许并不是推出一个新汽车品牌的合适时点。但中国和以色列合资的观致汽车有限公司(QOROS)上周在日内瓦车展上举行了全球首秀。Qoros’ primary target market is China. But more than 10 per cent of an annual volume of 150,000 cars that are set to roll off its production line in Changshu, China later this year are set to be exported to Europe.观致汽车的主要目标市场是在中国。但在其位于中国常熟的生产线今年晚些时候计划产出的15万辆汽车当中,有超过10%将被出口至欧洲市场。This explains the stream of curious executives from rivals including Volkswagen, Toyota and Renault who came to the Qoros stand in Geneva to size up the young pretender and its first model, a sedan.这也是来自大众(Volkswagen)、丰田(Toyota)、雷诺(Renault)等竞争对手的高管对观致汽车充满好奇的原因,他们来到观致汽车在日内瓦车展的展台,仔细打量这家年轻的竞争者及其首个车型——一款轿车。Qoros is a 50-50 joint venture between China’s Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation, the industrial holding company controlled by Idan Ofer, Israel’s richest man with an estimated fortune of .6bn, according to Bloomberg.观致汽车是由中国奇瑞汽车(Chery Automobile)与以色列控股集团(Israel Corporation)各自持股50%成立的合资企业。以色列集团是由以色列首富伊丹?奥佛(Idan Ofer)掌控的工业控股公司。来自彭(Bloomberg)的数据显示,奥佛的财富总额估计达到56亿美元。China, the world’s largest car market, is dominated by foreign brands and Chinese makes have in the past struggled to penetrate the European market because of concerns over quality.中国作为全球第一大汽车市场,目前主要是外国品牌占据优势地位。而且,中国汽车生产商过去一直难以进入欧洲市场,因为当地对于中国汽车的质量存在顾虑。Qoros, which was founded in 2007, therefore put together an international team of well known western car executives to deliver western standards of safety and German-influenced design.有鉴于此,成立于2007年的观致汽车组建了一由著名西方车企管理人士构成的国际化团队,以贯彻西方的安全性能标准以及德国式产品设计。They include Gert Hildebrand, former chief designer at Mini, and Volker Steinwascher, former head of Volkswagen’s North America operations. Qoros also relied on advice from McKinsey, the consultancy.观致汽车请来了Mini的前任首席设计师格特?希尔德布兰德(Gert Hildebrand)以及大众北美业务前任主管石清仁(Volker Steinwascher)。该公司还聘请了咨询机构麦肯锡(consultancy)提供建议。“The car industry went through very bad times in the financial crisis but it was beneficial for us as we were able to recruit great talent in that period,” Mr Ofer told the FT in an interview. “We were fortunate to reach practically anybody we wanted.奥佛在接受英国《金融时报》的一次采访时表示:“在金融危机期间,汽车工业经历了非常艰难的阶段,但这对于我们来说是有利的,因为我们得以在此期间请到如此优秀的人才加盟。我们非常幸运地把想要邀请的绝大多数人都成功招至麾下。”“I’m not a racing guy, I like to think of myself as an industrialist so I’m not doing this for fun, this is a serious industry?.?.?.?And we couldn’t have found a better partner than Chery. We’ve come a long way from the initial concept and they never said: ‘maybe we should do it in another way’.”“我不是一名赛车爱好者。我喜欢把自己看做是一个实业家,因此成立观致汽车并不是为了好玩,这是一个严肃的领域……而且我们不可能找到比奇瑞更好的合作伙伴。相对于最初的构想,我们现在已经取得了很大进展,而且他们从来不曾说过:‘或许我们应该采用另一种方法来做这件事。’”Qoros will require about .7bn in funding of which .2bn is equity – split 50-50 between the two parties – and .5bn debt. As well as the Changshu plant, Qoros has had to establish its own dealer network in China.观致汽车所需资金规模高达27亿美元,其中12亿美元以股权形式筹集,奇瑞汽车和以色列集团各承担50%;其余15亿美元则以债务形式募集。除了在常熟设立生产厂以外,观致汽车还需要在中国国内建立一套自有经销商网络。 /201303/230158

Quick Cleanup快速清扫Unexpected guests were on the way, and my mother, an impeccable housekeeper, rushed around straightening up. She put my father and brother to work cleaning the guest bathroom. Later, when she went to inspect it, she was surprised that the once-cluttered room had been tidied up so quickly. Then she saw the note on the closed shower curtains. It ;Thank you for not looking in the bathtub.;不速之客就在路上,我妈妈,一个完美的家庭主妇,正忙里忙外地整理。她分配给我爸和我哥哥的任务是打扫供客人使用的浴室。一会儿之后,当她去检查的时候,她吃惊了,曾经一度杂乱的房间瞬间就被打扫干净了。接着她看到浴帘上有一张纸条,纸条上写着:“谢谢你没往浴缸里看。” /201212/215692

INDIA has about a billion people and a dozen major languages of its own. One language, and only one, is understood-by an elite-across the country: that of the foreigners who ruled it for less than 200 years and left 52 years ago. After 1947, English had to share its official status, with north India#39;s Hindi, and was due to lose it in 1965. It did not happen: southern India said no.印度有约十亿人口和十几种主要的本国语言。然而在全国范围内,人们都能理解的语言仅有一种:那些统治了印度将近二百年并于五十二年前离开该国的外国人讲的语言。1947年以后,英语不得不与印度北部的印地语共有官方语言地位,并将于1965年失去其地位。事实并非如此,南部印度不同意此举。Today, India. Tomorrow, unofficially, the world. That is well under way; at first, because the British not only built a global empire but settled America, and now because the world (and notably America) has acquired its first truly global-and interactive-medium, the Internet.今天,印度如此;明天,世界跟随(非正式地)。这一进程正大行其势。首先,英国不仅建立了一个世界性的帝国而且移民建立了美国。今天,尤以美国为甚的世界掌握了第一个真正意义上的世界性(并具互动性)的媒介——互联网。On the estimates of David Crystal, a British expert, some 350m people speak English as their first language. Maybe 250m-350m do or can use it as a second language; in ex-colonial countries, notably, or in English-majority ones, like 30m recent immigrants to the ed States, or Canada#39;s 6m francophone Quebeckers. And elsewhere? That is a heroic guess: 100m-1 billion is Mr Crystal#39;s, depending how you define “can”. Let us be bold: in all, 20-25% of earth#39;s 6 billion people can use English; not the English of England, let alone of Dr Johnson, but English.英国专家David Crystal估计,大约有350m人把英语作为他们的第一语言。或许有250m-350m人用或者能用英语作为第二语言。特别是在前殖民地国家;或是英国人为主的国家,像30m的美国新移民;或者是加拿大的6m讲法语的魁北克人。还有其他地方吗?Mr Crystal有个大胆的猜想,有100m-1b人,这个数字取决于怎样定义“能”。 让我们大胆一点,全球6b人口中总共有20%-25%的人会用英语,这不是英国英语,更不是约翰逊士的英语。That number is soaring as each year brings new pupils to school and carries off monolingual oldies-and now as the Internet sps. And the process is self-reinforcing. As business sps across frontiers, the company that wants to move its executives around, and to promote the best of them, regardless of nationality, encourages the use of English. So the executive who wants to be in the frame, or to move to another employer, learns to use it. English has long dominated learned journals: German, Russian or French (depending on the field) may be useful to their expert ers, but English is essential. So, if you want your own work published-and widely by your peers-then English is the language of choice.随着每年的新生入学,单一语言老人离世,以及现在互联网的普及,这一数据正在飙升。这是一个自我增强的过程。由于商业跨越国界,各公司不计国籍,各处调遣其主管们,以期提升佼佼者;这就鼓励了英语的运用。因此希望成为中心人物或者跳槽的主管就学用英语。英语早已占据了学术期刊;领域的不同,德语、俄语或法语都可能会对其专家读者有所帮助,但英语必不可少。因此你若要你的作品出版并被同行广泛阅读,英语是不二之选。The growth of the cinema, and still more so of television, has sp the dominant language. Foreign movies or sitcoms may be dubbed into major languages, but for smaller audiences they are usually subtitled. Result: a Dutch or Danish or even Arab family has an audio-visual learning aid in its living-room, and usually the language spoken on-screen is English.上映的越来越多的电影以及比之更甚的电视,传播了这一主导语言。外来电影和情景喜剧可配音成本地语,但为了较少一部分观众,电影经常会被配上字幕。结果是,一个荷兰或丹麦甚至是阿拉伯家庭在起居室里有个视听学习辅助设备,屏幕上说的通常是英语!The birth of the computer and its American operating systems gave English a nudge ahead; that of the Internet has given it a huge push. Any web-linked household today has a library of information available at the click of a mouse. And, unlike the books on its own shelves or in the public library, maybe four-fifths is written in English. That proportion may lessen, as more non-English sites spring up. But English will surely dominate.如果说计算机及其美国的操作系统的诞生轻推了英语前进,那么互联网的诞生就是给了它巨大的推动。今天任何联网的家庭鼠标动下就能拥有一个信息图书馆。不像自己书架上或者公共图书馆里的书,这里可能五分之四的是英文。The web of course works both ways. An American has far better access today than ever before to texts in German or Polish or Gaelic. But the average American has no great incentive to profit from it. That is not true the other way round. The web may even save some mini-languages. But the big winner will be English.毫无疑问,网络是把双刃剑。今天美国人比以往任何时候都能好的多地接触到德语、波兰语、盖尔语。但普通美国人对获益于网络并没有太大的动机。然而反面也是错误的。网络可能甚至拯救一些微语言,可是还是英语。 /201208/195597

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