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配乐大师James Horner詹姆斯·霍纳最无懈可击的作品,legends of the fall的主题曲The Ludlows,感觉每一个音符都美得不像话~ 据说The Ludlows是一种无名的小花,甚至在英文字典中也很难查到这个词这首曲子实在是太经典,以致于在很多电影电视剧里都能听到,很多电视台也经常引用作为配乐!点击此处收看MVThe Ludlows As evening fell a maiden stood As the edge of a wood In her hands lay the reins of a stallion And n'er I'd seen A girl as fair Heard a gentler voice anywhere Whispered, alas She belonged Belonged to another Another, ever Yes, she belonged to The twilight and mist. 1今天跟大家继续分享(粉红猪)的绘本,本期为大家带来的绘本故事是 (皇家派对)咱们听语音,开始今天的故事The Royal Party皇家派对Princess Peppa and Sir George the brave were a little bit bored one day.有一天,佩琪公主和勇敢的乔治爵士有一点无聊So they invited Princess Suzy to the castle to go a ride in their hobbyhorse and carriage.所以他们邀请了苏西公主来到城堡,一起乘坐木马车去兜风When they got back to the castle, all of their friends were there. “Let’s have a Royal Party!” cried Princess Peppa.当返回城堡,他们所有的朋友都到了“我们一起聚办皇家派对吧!” 佩琦公主大声宣布Everyone had so much fun at the Royal Party. They danced and danced until it was time bed!每个人在皇家排队都玩得好开心他们一直跳啊跳啊,直到该上床睡觉了「英语学习笔记」bored adj. 无聊的invite v. 邀请hobbyhorse n. 木马carriage n. 四轮马车Royal adj. 皇家的it is time 到...时候了更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 599

I Didnt Do It!我没做!One day a man came home from work to find total chaos in the house. The kids were laying outside in the mud, still in their pajamas.一天,一个人下班回到家,发现屋子外面一片狼籍孩子们还穿着睡衣,满身是泥地躺在外面When he opened the door, he found an even bigger mess: dishes on the counter, dog food spilled on the floor, a broken gass under the table and a pile of sand by the back door. The faimly room was strewn with toys, and a lamp had been knocked over.打开房门,他发现屋子里面更乱橱柜上堆着盘子,地上散落着食,桌子下面有一只打碎的玻璃杯,后门旁还有一堆沙子家庭室里堆满了玩具,还有一盏灯翻倒在地上He headed up the stairs, stepping over toys, to look his wife. He was becoming worried that she might be ill or that something terrible had happened to her.他迈过散落在楼梯上的玩具,上楼去找他的妻子他开始担心她生病了或是发生了什么可怕的事情He found her in the bedroom still in bed with her pajamas on, ing a magazine.他发现她还穿着睡衣躺在床上,在看一本杂志She looked up at him, smiled and asked how his day had gone.她抬头看到他,笑着问他今天过得怎么样He looked at her, bewildered, and asked, ;What happened here today?;他看着她,困惑地问:“今天发生什么事情了?”She again smiled and answered, ;You know, every day, you come home from work and ask me what I did today.;她笑着问道:“你每天下班回家都会问我今天做什么了”;Yes,; was his reply.“没错啊,”他说She answered, ;Well, today, I didnt do it!;她说:“是这样的,今天,我没做什么!” 558

纵横人情江湖多年,难免碰到一些怪咖,送一些奇奇怪怪的礼物可能当时谈起生气,现在谈起反而觉得那人很可爱因为每一个礼物,都是别人对自己的一个认可,可能都是一段有趣的回忆今天,我们就来八一八,那些年收到过最烂的礼物更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 5地点:罗斯公寓客厅人物:罗斯,瑞秋,空事件:罗斯回到家,听到了瑞秋在飞机上的电话留言两人经过十年的分分合合,有情人终成眷属Rachel: That is so not how I wanted things to end with us. It just that I wasnt expecting to see you, and all of a sudden youre there and saying these things... And... And now Im just sitting here and thinking of all the stuff I should have said, and I didnt. I mean, I didnt even get to tell you that I love you too. Because of course I do. I love you. I love you. I love you. What am I doing? I love you! Oh, Ive gotta see you. Ive gotta get off this plane.瑞秋:这绝对不是我想要的我们之间的结局我只是没料到会见到你,你一下子出现了,还说了那些话……我……现在我坐在这儿,想着我应该说出口却没说出来的话我是说,我甚至没有机会告诉你我也爱你因为,我当然爱你了我爱你我爱你我这是在做什么?我爱你!哦,我得见到你我要下飞机Ross: Oh my God!罗斯:天啊!Rachel: Excuse me?瑞秋:打扰一下!Air stewardess: Miss? Please, sit down!空:,请您坐下!Rachel: Im sorry. Im really sorry, but I need to get off the plane, okay? I just need to tell someone that I love them.瑞秋:不好意思真的很对不起,但是我得下飞机,行吗?我得去告诉别人我爱他们Air stewardess: Miss, I cant let you off the plane.空:,恐怕我不能让您下飞机Ross: Let her off the plane!罗斯:让她下飞机!Air stewardess: I am afraid you are gonna have to take a seat.空:恐怕您必须得坐好Rachel: Oh, please, miss, you dont understand!瑞秋:哦,求求你了,,你不明白!Ross: Try to understand!罗斯:试着明白!Rachel: Oh, come on, miss, isnt there any way that you can just let me off...瑞秋:哦,拜托了,有没有办法能让我……Ross: No! No! Oh my God. Did she get off the plane? Did she get off the plane?罗斯:不!不!天啊她下飞机了吗?她下飞机了吗?Rachel: I got off the plane.瑞秋:我下飞机了 9Who is blamed the toddler death?The fresh call EU countries to share the burden of asylum seekers came after a photograph of a three-year-old, who was found drowned on a beach in Turkey, led to an international outcry. The Turkish police find the dead body a three-year-old refugee from Syria over a beach in Turky on September , . The boy was among five children who drowned in Turkish waters while trying to reach Greece on Wednesday.Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny says European leaders need to act immediately to minimize the human cost of the crisis. ;Is there anybody on the planet who could not be moved by what they saw in the papers today? “Anybody with a sense of humanity to see the body of a young boy washed up on a beach like driftwood. And while we all have our problems and we can talk the politics of any individual country, this is a human catastrophe and this particular picture may after so many deaths shock people into a sense of who we are and what we should be.; Vocabulary:Asylum, outcry, refugee, catastropheNo coins, no red faces: Apps change Chinese attitudes to splitting bills 0

1、It rainning cats and dogs 瓢泼大雨 Every spring in Hangzhou there are many days when it’s raining cats amp; dogs、It’s entirely up to you这完全取决于你的决定 It’s up to you 决定权在你,你决定吧Where would you like to eat dinner tonight? “It’s up to you” 3、Whatever you like 随便你What movie shall I put on us today? Whatever you like, I’m easy.、Try not to尽量不要 When you’re cooking dinner try not to get to put the rice on5、as far as possible 尽最大可能As far as possible let’s try to leave on time. We’re always late!6、tiny bit非常As everyone has probably heard, In the English sense of humor people often say the opposite of what they mean to say something but add some humor to it. example: If you think something is very ugly, you might often say, wow, I’ve never seen such a beautiful something. 大家知道英式幽默中很重要的成分是说反话,比如你的意思是这个东西很丑你就会用调侃的语气说:哇~还会有比这更漂亮的东西吗?After Watson arrived on the crime scene carrying the laptop Sherlock he said: You realize this is a tiny bit humiliating. Here he mean’s it’s very humiliating, so he’s feeling embarrassed. 后来华生到达案发现场时和卷福无线视频时他说You realize this is a tiny bit humiliating,在这里他就用tiny bit 表示非常的意思.7、there is no point in doing something 做某事没意义,没必要做某事There’s no point in my wearing nice clothes today, I need to paint the walls.There’s no point in watering the flowers today, it’s going to rain tomorrow.”8、hardly 几乎不,根本不You can hardly blame me not washing the clothes, I’ve been busy all day.9、hardly ever do something 很少做某事,完全不做某事I hardly ever go to the beach, and it’s just too far away 1975Dialogue 1Jingjing: Ohh, Im craving some chocolate right now. Let go to the store and get some.京晶:哦,我现在特别馋巧克力我们去商店买一些吧Mark: Youre in luck. I just so happen to have some chocolate in my house. After all, Spring Festival is just around the corner.马克:那你太幸运了,我家正好就有巧克力毕竟,春节快要到啦Jingjing: Youre the best. Gimme gimme gimme!京晶:你太给力了快给我给我给我!Mark: Hold your horses. I have two different kinds of chocolate: dark and milk chocolate. Which do you prefer?马克:稍安毋躁我有两种不同类型的巧克力:黑巧克力和牛奶巧克力你喜欢哪个?Jingjing: Dark chocolate please! It my favorite!京晶:黑巧克力!这是我的最爱!Mark: No problem, here you go. Just as I suspected.马克:没问题,给你,跟我猜的一样Jingjing: What do you mean, just as you suspected?京晶:跟你猜的一样?什么意思?Mark: Dont you know? People who crave dark chocolate tend to be social butterflies and the life of the party. That definitely you!马克:你难道不知道吗?喜欢黑巧克力的人往往都善于社交且受人瞩目这绝对就是你啊!Jingjing: So youre saying that the kinds of food people crave are related to their personalities?京晶:所以你的意思是说人喜欢什么食物跟个性有关喽?Mark: According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, yes. Over the past 5 years, he examined almost ,000 patients and found that there are some consistencies about what we eat say about our personalities.马克:根据艾伦·赫希医生的研究,确实是这样的在过去的5年里,他检验了近万例患者,发现人对食物的喜好和性格有一定的关联Jingjing: That amazing. You know? Lately Ive been kinda down in the dumps. Does that have anything to do with why Ive been wanting chocolate too?京晶:这太神奇了你知道吗,最近我一直过得很糟糕这是不是跟我一直想巧克力有关系?Mark: It sure does. Chocolate is a known mood booster.马克:肯定是巧克力是公认的心情助推器Jingjing: Oh, well quick, gimme some of that chocolate. I wanna feel better!京晶:哦,快,再给我一些巧克力我想心情变好!习语短语crave渴望,强烈愿望(通常用于食品)Youre in luck.你很幸运,好消息; 事情对你有利just around the corner指日可待,(时间和地点)非常接近hold your horses稍安毋躁,稍等片刻social butterfly交际花,擅于结交朋友的人the life of the party受人瞩目的人,很受欢迎的人down in the dumps伤心;情绪低落mood booster情绪助推器,让你感觉(情绪)更好的东西Dialogue Mark and Jingjing have just arrived at a restaurant. They are looking at the , deciding which type of food to order.马克和京晶刚刚抵达餐厅他们正在看菜单,决定吃什么Mark: Man, I just cant make up my mind. So many things on this look delicious.马克:天啊,我不知道怎么决定菜单上有这么多东西都看起来很好吃的样子Jingjing: Can I make a suggestion? Try these two dishes. I think youll like them.京晶:我可以提个建议吗?试试这两道菜我想你会喜欢的Mark: Hmmm. That does sound pretty good. I think Ill give it a try.马克:嗯看起来很不错我来试试看Jingjing: See. I your mind. Do you know why I chose these two dishes you?京晶:看吧?我能看透你的心你知道我为什么选择了这两道菜给你吗?Mark: Not a clue.马克:不知道啊Jingjing: One of them is sweet, the other is salty. People who crave sweet and salty dishes tend to be loners. But dont get upset! Theyre also really creative.京晶:它们其中一个是甜的,另一种是咸的一般独来独往的人爱吃甜咸口但是,不要生气!他们也很有创意Mark: Hey, how did you know that?马克:嘿,你怎么会知道?Jingjing: I did my homework. Plus, we are best friends. I can you like a book.京晶:我研究过啊况且我们是最好的朋友我可以非常准确地看透你的想法和感受Mark: That not fair!马克:这不公平!Jingjing: Also, people who like sweet and salty foods are often misunderstood as being standoffish. Now that definitely you!京晶:此外,爱吃甜咸口的人经常被人误解为很冷淡这绝对说的就是你!Mark: Tell me some more!马克:你再仔细说说!Jingjing: Well, people who crave only salty flavors tend to go with the flow, and let the outside world determine their fate.京晶:嗯,只喜欢咸味的人倾向于随大流,让外界决定他们的命运Mark: How about spicy foods?马克:那喜欢吃辣的人呢?Jingjing: People who crave spicy foods tend to dislike order and wasting time.京晶:爱吃辣的人往往不喜欢遵守秩序和浪费时间Mark: Okay, enough talking. My stomach growling. Waiter! Were y to order!马克:好吧,说得我肚子都咕咕叫了务员!点菜!习语短语make up one mind决定做某事to one mind看透一个人的内心,非常准确地猜测对方的想法或感受not a clue不知道loner独来独往的人,花很多时间独处的人I did my homework.我做了功课,我研究了这个问题 someone like a book同“ one mind”,清楚地了解某人的动机(思想等)standoffish高冷的,不友好的go with the flow随大流My stomach growling.我的肚子都咕咕叫了,我饿极了 936

Page: 0Good weather.The day is bright.The air is warm.The sky is blue.They are happy.Bad weather.The wind is blowing.The rain falling.It is cold.It is wet.They are unhappy.Bright is the opposite of dark.Warm is the opposite of cold.White is the opposite of black.What is the opposite of dry?What is the opposite of happy?piceng.jpgPage: 1Which of these is a high building?What is the other?What is the opposite of narrow?Is this street narrow?Up is the opposite of down.In is the opposite of out.To is the opposite of from.Pleasure is the opposite of pain.Page: Beautiful things give us pleasure.When she sees herself in the glass, she sees that she is beautiful.That gives her pleasure.When I say that she is beautiful,that gives her pleasure.You are beautiful.There is a smile on her face now.Why is the smile there?It is there because she has a feeling of pleasure.Her pleasure is the cause of her smile.She is saying to herself, ;I am beautiful.;She is saying to herself that she is beautiful.A smile does not make a sound.A laugh makes a sound.A laugh is a smile with a sound.Page: 3This is a great painting by Leonardo.Its name is the Mona Lisa.The picture is beautiful.That is certain.Was the woman beautiful?Was Lisa herself beautiful?That is not certain.I have my idea of that.He has his idea.She had her idea.We may have different ideas of how beautiful that woman was.There is no measure of the beautiful.Page: She may or may not be beautiful.But it is certain that she has a smile on her lips.That is certain.It is not certain that she is beautiful.+.Two and two are equal to four.That is certain.+5.Two and two are not equal to five.That is certain.It is certain that +.a is equal to b,and b is equal to c, and c is equal to d.So a is equal to d.Things which are equal to the same things are equal to one another.Things which are not like one another may be equal or they may not.These two are like one another but they are not equal.Page: 5A smile is like a laugh.But a laugh makes a sound.This girl is laughing.She is happy.She has a fall.She gives a cry.Now she is crying.She is not laughing now.She is crying.Why?Because she gave her knee a blow in her fall.This is her knee.She was on her feet.Then she was on her face.She had a fall.The fall was the cause of the blow to her knee.The blow was cause of the pain in her knee.And the pain in her was the cause of her crying.Page: 6Pleasure and pain are feelings.We have feelings of pleasure and pain.Here are some pleasures.He is on the sand at the seaside,looking at and hearing the sound of the waves and warming himself in the sun.These are pleasures.Now he is taking a swim in the sea.He is swimming through the waves.He is a good swimmer.To a good swimmer, swimming is a pleasure.Now he is resting in the sun again after his swim.After the water the sun on his skin is a pleasure to him.Page: 7Pleasure and pain are feelings.When we put our fingers on things we have feelings-feelings of touch or of heat and cold.But this is another use of the word ;feeling.;The man is feeling the bit of wood with his fingers.Is it rough or is it smooth?This is rough.This is smooth.Things which give us pleasure have an attraction us.But it is not the same sort of attraction as the attraction between the earth and the moon.Our feeling of this attraction is named ;desire.;When we have pleasure we have a desire the pleasure to go on and go on...Time goes on.The hands of the clock go on.Our feelings may or may not go on.Page: 8Some desires are stronger than others.This baby sees the cat and he sees his ball.The cat has an attraction him.He has a desire the cat.His ball has an attraction him.He has a desire the ball.Which will he go to?If his desire cat is stronger than his desire the ball,he will go to the cat.He went to the cat.His desire the cat was stronger.All our desires are things which seem good to us.They may not be good.Our ideas of them may be wrong. 39991来自瑞士的“阳光动力号”本周一在阿联酋首都阿布扎比出发,展开为期5个月左右的环球之旅全程将“不使用一滴石油”“阳光动力号”将由“阳光动力”项目的联合发起人贝特兰德·皮卡德和安德烈·尔施伯格轮流驾驶A Swiss solar-powered plane took off from Abu Dhabi early Monday, marking the start of the first attempt to fly around the world without a drop of fuel.Solar Impulse founder André Borschberg was at the controls of the single-seater when it took off from the Al Bateen Executive Airport. Borschberg will trade off piloting with Solar Impulse co-founder Bertrand Piccard during stop-overs on a journey that will take months to complete.The Swiss pilots say their aim is to create awareness about replacing ;old polluting technologies with clean and efficient technologies.; 3860The next morning, at the breakfast table, they decided that they would go over their lists.第二天早上,吃早饭的时候,他们决定谈谈彼此的缺点;Ill start,; offered the wife. She took out her list. It had many items on it, enough to fill 3 pages. In fact, as she started ing the list of the little annoyances, she noticed that tears were starting to appear in her husband eyes.“我先开始吧”妻子说她拿出她的单子,上面列举了很多条,事实上,足足写满了三页当她开始念的时候,她注意到丈夫眼里含着泪花;What wrong?; she asked. ;Nothing,; the husband replied, ;keep ing your list.;“怎么啦?”她问“没什么,”丈夫答道,“继续念吧”The wife continued to until she had all three pages to her husband. She neatly placed her list on the table and folded her hands over the top of it.妻子又接着念整整三页都念完之后她把单子整齐地放在桌上,两手交叉放在上面;Now, you your list and then well talk about the things on both of our lists,; she said happily.“现在该你念了,然后我们谈谈所列举的缺点”她高兴地说Quietly the husband stated, ;I dont have anything on my list. I think that you are perfect the way that you are. I dont want you to change anything me. You are lovely and wonderful and I wouldnt want to try and change anything about you.;丈夫平静地说:“我什么也没写,我觉得像你这样就很完美了,我不想让你为我改变什么你很可爱迷人,我不想让你改变”The wife, touched by his honesty and the depth of his love her and his acceptance of her, turned her head and wept.妻子被丈夫的诚实和对她深深的爱和接纳感动了,她转过头去哭起来In life, there are enough times when we are disappointed, depressed and annoyed. We dont really have to go looking them. We have a wonderful world that is full of beauty, light and promise. Why waste time in this world looking the bad, disappointing or annoying when we can look around us, and see the wondrous things bee us?生命中我们有很多的失望、沮丧和烦恼,我们根本不需要寻找我们美妙的世界充满了美丽、光明、希望但是,当我们放眼四周时,为什么浪费时间寻找不快、失望和烦恼,而看不到我们面前的美好事物呢? 3337

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