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泉州无痛流产手术哪家好石狮市中医院是公立医院吗福建省泉州妇女医院电子病历 Making a call is now only the sixth most common use for a mobile phone, a study has found。一项研究发现,在智能手机的常用功能中,打电话只能位居第六。Sending and receiving text messages, ing emails, browsing the internet and using the phone’s alarm clock have all overtaken actual conversation。收发短信,查邮件,浏览网页,定闹钟等等功能的重要性已经超过了实际的通话功能。In fact, almost four in ten smartphone users believe they would manage without a call function on their handset at all。事实上,有四成的智能手机用户称,就算他们的手机上没有通话功能,他们也能在生活中应付自如。The study found the average person uses their mobile phone for an hour and 52 minutes a day。该研究发现,人们使用手机的时间一般为每天一小时52分钟。Most of this time is taken up with texting, emails and surfing the web, but around 20 minutes will be spent making an average of three calls。大多数的时间都花在收发短信,收发邮件,浏览网页上,人们平均每天只打三个电话,画上大概20分钟的时间。The survey of 2,000 people found that social media apps, calculators, calendars and cameras were also seen as particularly important functions。这项对2000人进行的调查发现,社交网络应用,计算器,日历和相机也被人们视为非常重要的手机功能。Navigation apps such as Google Maps were popular too – with one in six respondents admitting they would feel unable to travel around an unfamiliar city without one。谷歌地图之类的导航应用也非常受欢迎——1/6的受访者承认,如果没有导航应用的话,他们在陌生的城市会寸步难行。The study also found checking Facebook and taking pictures of others are carried out more frequently than making calls。研究还发现,上人人网,给旁人拍照等应用的使用频率也超过打电话。Also on the list were the calendar to remember appointments and birthdays, mobile banking and the news are applications that make day-to-day life a little easier。在常用功能的清单上还有日历应用,它可以提醒人们记住约会,亲友生日等特殊的日子,手机理财和新闻等应用也会使我们的日常生活变得更加便捷。Tom Barr, Hailo’s chief executive, said: ‘The functions on a smartphone have developed and improved drastically over the past decade。海铑机电的首席执行官,汤姆·巴尔称:“在过去的数十年里,智能手机上的功能不断发展,经历了剧烈的变革。”‘With so many ways to keep in touch nowadays, people are using the functions that are convenient for them.As we get less and less time to ourselves, we need more convenience in our lives and less hassle. While calling can be more personal, it doesn’t always save you time.’“现在人们相互联系的方法非常之多,人们会想要用方便的方法和他人联系。随着人们的私人时间越来越少,我们都希望生活中多点便捷,少点麻烦。打电话虽然更为亲近,但是却比较耗时间。” /201507/385609After a years-long court battle, Apple finally got what it wanted: A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that Samsung smartphones can no longer copy certain iPhone features.在三星和苹果长达几年的法庭弈中,苹果最终赢得了胜利:周四某联邦法院判决三星智能手机禁止模仿苹果手机的特点。In a 2-1 decision, a federal appeals court in Washington ruled that Samsung has to update its smartphones#39; software to remove slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quick link software that directly mimic Apple#39;s similar features on the iPhone.在华盛顿的一个联邦法庭上,该案以两票赞成、一票反对的投票结果通过裁决:三星手机必须对其智能手机进行升级,移除直接模仿苹果手机的滑动解锁、自动更正和快速链接的功能。But the ruling comes long after Samsung has changed the way those features work on its smartphones. For example, you no longer need to slide a button to unlock Galaxy phones -- you can just swipe your finger anywhere on the screen.但是早在此禁令下发以前,三星就已经更改了手机上类似苹果的特点。比如,要解锁Galaxy手机,你不需要滑动解锁按钮,只要在屏幕上任何部位滑动手指即可。Samsung said in a statement that its Galaxy smartphones will continue to be sold and supported by the company. It also said it is looking for further review of Thursday#39;s decision.三星在一份声明中表示公司仍会销售Galaxy系列手机,并为客户提供持务。并且,他们要求对周四的决议进行复议。The court said it had granted Apple a ;narrow; ruling, saying it did not want to take Samsung#39;s devices off the shelves. Rather, it instructed Samsung to remove the infringing features -- if there are any remaining on customers#39; devices -- without recalling its smartphones.法院表示,他们给苹果公司的惩罚权利非常小,三星的手机不会下架,并且,他们要求三星移除手机上模仿苹果的特点,而对于已销售出去的手机则不用召回。Apple (AAPL, Tech30) first filed its lawsuit in February 2012 -- ages ago in technology terms. (The Galaxy S II was the newest Samsung smartphone to be listed in the lawsuit when the case was filed -- Samsung released the Galaxy S6 earlier this year).苹果最早发起诉讼是在2012年2月,在科技领域这根本就是几百年前的事。(当时三星公司早新的手机是Galaxy S II,而今年年初三星已经发布了Galaxy S6)So Apple won -- but not much more than a Pyrrhic victory.所以即使苹果公司赢了这场官司,但也是得不偿失。In the initial district court decision, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple 0 million for violating its patents -- less than a tenth of what Apple had initially asked for.根据最初地方法院的裁决,三星被要求赔偿苹果公司1.2亿美金侵权费,这个数字不到苹果公司要求的10分之一。It#39;s just one of several patent cases currently being fought in courts between the two smartphone giants. In a separate case, Apple was granted 0 million in damages after a court ruled that Samsung copied the iPhone. But an appeals court ruled that Apple could not patent the basic design of the iPhone, putting some of that award in jeopardy. The companies said last year that they will call off their patent disputes going forward -- outside the ed States.而这只是两大智能手机巨头法庭专利之战的其中一个。在另一个案件中,法庭判决三星向苹果公司付9.8亿美金作为侵权赔偿。但上诉法院判决苹果公司不能为其手机的基本设计申请专利,这样一部分赔偿金就可能要泡汤了。去年两个公司表示他们会叫停在美国之外地区的专利之战。 /201509/399924泉州什么医院看妇科比较好

泉州医院做无痛人流费用泉州第一市医院治疗效果如何 Move over, Miami. Here comes Shanghai.让一让,迈阿密。上海来了。Buoyed by the explosive growth of the cruise industry in China, the world’s two largest cruise operators, Royal Caribbean RCL 6.47% and Carnival CCL 6.08% are redoubling their presence there.受中国游轮行业的爆炸式增长影响,全球两大游轮公司——皇家加勒比和嘉年华正在对中国业务成倍地加码。Carnival, which on Friday raised its 2015 profit forecast on the strength of better than expected advance bookings, expects the overall number of outbound cruise passengers from China to hit the 1 million market for the first time in 2015, and serve almost half of those.上周五,嘉年华提高了2015年利润预测,原因是游轮预定情况好于预期。该公司预计,2015年乘游轮出境的中国游客数量将首次达到100万人次,而该公司将为其中几乎一半的游客提供务。China remains a much smaller market for the cruising industry than the ed States or Europe, but interest in taking to the seas as a middle-class vacation option is surging in China, and buoying the whole industry.和美国或欧洲相比,中国的游轮市场要小得多。但中国中产家庭对乘游轮度假的兴趣正在急剧上升,并且推动着整个行业的不断增长。“China presents the next great frontier for cruising,” Carnival CEO Arnold Donald told Wall Street analysts. “It’s just a matter of time before China becomes the largest cruise market in the world.”嘉年华首席执行官阿诺德o唐纳德对华尔街分析师表示:“对游轮业来说,中国是下一个等待开发的关键市场,它成为世界上最大的游轮市场只是时间问题。”According to data from the ed Nations World Tourism Organization, the total number of trips abroad by Chinese citizens rose about 10% to 109 million in 2014, with spending up about 17%. And more of that is going to cruises: the number of cruise passengers originating from China rose 79% between 2012 and 2014.联合国世界旅游组织提供的数据显示,2014年中国的出境游客总数增长了10%左右,达到1.09亿人次;中国游客的境外出也上升了约17%。同时,越来越多的中国游客开始选择乘坐游轮。2012-2014年,搭乘游轮旅游的中国游客数量增加了79%。Carnival currently has four ships based in China. The company recently signed a memorandum with state-owned China Merchants Group to look into forming two joint ventures that will build cruise ports and ships.目前,嘉年华在中国投放了四条游轮。该公司最近和招商局集团签署了备忘录,内容是设立两家合资公司,分别从事游轮码头建设和游轮制造。Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean said earlier this week that Tianjin, a city of 10 million about 100 miles from Beijing, will be the new home for its third Quantum-class ship (those with the most bells and whistles like space observation decks) starting in April 2016. It will be the fifth China-based ship in the company’s fleet and its first to be based in China from the get-go. Last year, Royal Caribbean decided to redeploy its newest ship, the 4,200-passenger Quantum of the Seas, to Shanghai year-round as of this spring, after only six months cruising New York-Caribbean trips.与此同时,皇家加勒比本周早些时候表示,从2016年4月份开始,该公司第三条量子级游轮(这种游轮拥有巨大的观光甲板等许多奢华设施)将以天津为母港,后者有1000万人口,距北京约100英里(约161公里)。这将是该公司投放中国市场的第五条游轮,也是第一条一下水就部署在中国的游轮。去年,皇家加勒比决定将可容纳4200名乘客的海洋量子号重新部署到上海。这是该公司的最新游轮,此前只在纽约-加勒比航线上航行过六个月,今后它将常驻上海。To funnel more Chinese passengers to its ships, Royal Caribbean is looking for partnerships with local travel companies. In the fall, it struck a deal with Chinese online travel company Ctrip, which is the biggest seller of its cruises there.为了让更多中国游客登上自己的游轮,皇家加勒比正打算和中国旅行社合作。去年秋天,该公司和携程网达成协议,后者是皇家加勒比在中国的最大销售代理。And to make it clear to the China government, whose cooperation Royal Caribbean and its rivals need to get more infrastructure that lets large ships dock in various cities, that its plans to keep investing in China. Royal Caribbean said this week it is looking into building Chinese dry dock facilities and developing logistics centers to supply its ships deployed in the region. It is also considering programs that would bring thousands of North American vacationers to visit China by cruising.中国政府正在和皇家加勒比及其竞争对手合作,而这需要增设基础设施,以便大型游轮停靠在中国的各个城市。为向中国政府表明自己计划不断在中国投资,皇家加勒比本周表示,该公司正着眼于在中国建立干船坞和物流中心,以便为自己部署在中国的游轮提供务。同时,该公司正在考虑推出新旅游项目,目的是让数以千计的北美游客乘游轮来中国旅游。While China is still Royal Caribbean’s No. 3 market, after the U.S. and Europe, it is clear executives see the Middle Kingdom as a major growth engine.虽然中国仍是皇家加勒比的第三大市场,排在美国和欧洲之后,但该公司显然已将中国视为主要增长引擎。“Potential growth here is greater than the U.S. market,” Michael Bayley, president and chief executive of Royal Caribbean’s international operations, told the Wall Street Journal in Beijing earlier this week.最近,皇家加勒比总裁兼CEO迈克尔o贝利在北京接受《华尔街日报》采访时表示:“中国市场的增长潜力超过美国。” /201504/367996晋江市人民医院咨询电话

泉州新阳光妇科怎么走 The Environmental Protection Agency said on Monday that it had discovered cheating software on more Volkswagen and Audi cars than previously disclosed and, for the first time, also found the illegal software in some of the carmaker’s high-end Porsche models.美国国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency,简称EPA)周一表示,他们在更多大众(Volkswagen)及奥迪(Audi)车上发现了作弊软件,超过之前披露的规模,而且首次在大众高端品牌保时捷的一些车型中发现了非法软件。The findings put significant new pressure on Volkswagen, which did not reveal the defeat devices to the agency, and its new chief executive, Matthias Müller, who was previously the head of Volkswagen’s Porsche division.这一发现给大众集团及新任首席执行官马蒂亚斯·穆勒(Matthias Müller)带来重压,该公司没有向EPA报告这种减效装置,穆勒之前是大众集团保时捷部门的负责人。Mr. Müller’s predecessor, Martin Winterkorn, resigned in September after regulators in the ed States disclosed that the German automaker had installed sophisticated software on some Volkswagen diesel models that reduced pollutant emissions when the cars were being tested. In day-to-day usage, the mandatory controls were turned off, providing the cars with better engine performance but emitting as much as 40 times the legal limits of nitrogen oxide, a pollutant linked to lung ailments.在美国监管机构发现这家德国汽车制造商在一些大众柴油车上安装用于排放检测作弊的复杂软件之后,前任CEO马丁·文德恩(Martin Winterkorn)于9月辞职。在日常使用时,这种强制控制软件会被关闭,为车辆提供更好的发动机性能,但排放的氮氧化物是规定标准的40倍,这种污染物会导致肺部疾病。The new revelations escalate the potential damage to Volkswagen’s finances and reputation. Audi and Porsche are the source of most of the company’s earnings, because profit margins tend to be much higher on luxury cars. In contrast to Volkswagen brand cars, which have struggled in the ed States, Audi and Porsche are success stories in America. The ed States is Porsche’s biggest single market.新发现加剧了此事可能对大众财务状况及声誉造成的损害。奥迪和保时捷是该公司的主要收入来源,因为高档车的利润空间要大得多。与难以立足美国的其他大众品牌汽车相比,奥迪和保时捷在美国取得了成功。美国是保时捷的最大市场。The E.P.A.’s report opens a new chapter in its investigation of Volkswagen’s practice. The new cheating devices were uncovered by investigators during new tests that were conducted on all diesel car models in the ed States by E.P.A., the California Air Resources Board and the regulatory group Environment Canada.EPA的报告打开了针对大众集团的调查的新篇章。EPA、加州大气资源委员会(California Air Resources Board)及监管机构加拿大环境部(Environment Canada)的调查人员在美国对所有柴油车型开展了新的检测,期间发现了这些新的减效装置。“VW has once again failed its obligation to comply with the law that protects clean air for all Americans,” Cynthia Giles, the assistant administrator for E.P.A.’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, said in a statement.“大众集团再一次没有承担担任,没有遵守为所有美国人保护洁净空气的法律,”EPA环境执法办公室行政助理辛西娅·贾尔斯(Cynthia Giles)发表声明称。Volkswagen did not immediately comment on the E.P.A.’s announcement. The carmaker has not yet disclosed how it will fix the cars.大众集团没有立即就EPA的声明发表。该汽车制造商尚未透露如何修理相关车辆。Since September, regulators have been conducting additional tests on all diesel cars models. They have not found similar defeat devices on diesel models produced by automakers other than Volkswagen. Testing is continuing and the agency plans to make its results public once the tests are completed.自9月以来,监管机构对所有柴油车进行了额外的检测。他们尚未发现除大众之外的汽车制造商生产的柴油车存在类似的减效装置。检测还在继续,该机构计划在检测结束后公布结果。The agency says the new tests found that Volkswagen had installed a defeat device in some Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche diesel cars with a 3.0-liter engines, encompassing model years 2014 through 2016. It said these devices, meant to cheat on emissions testing, would increase the release of nitrogen oxide up to nine times the agency’s standard.该机构表示,新检测发现该公司在一些大众、奥迪及保时捷3公升引擎柴油车上安装了减效装置,包括从2014年到2016年的车型。该机构称,这些用于排放检测作弊的装置将会增加氮氧化物的排放量,最多达到该机构设定的标准的九倍。The disclosure covers about 10,000 passenger cars aly sold in the ed States since the model year 2014. In addition, the violation notice from the agency covers an unspecified number of 2016 vehicles. The cars found to have the software installed are the diesel versions of the 2014 VW Touareg, the 2015 Porsche Cayenne and the 2016 Audi A6 Quattro, A7 Quattro, A8, A8L and Q5.此次披露的丑闻涉及1万辆在美国销售的2014年款轿车。除此之外,该机构发出的违规通告还涉及2016年款轿车,但没有详细说明数量。被发现装有作弊软件的车包括2014年款的大众途锐(Touareg)柴油车、2015年款保时捷卡宴(Cayenne)和2016年款奥迪A6 Quattro、A7 Quattro、A8、A8L和Q5。 /201511/407791福建泉州新阳光正规泉州治疗尿道炎手术费用



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