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Business capital crippled Mumbai may have been attacked for the very reason it is loved by Western business. CNN's Jim Boulden reports. A city under siege, a financial capital crippled, Mumbai is India’s commercial heart and that may be why it and its top hotels were targeted. Everybody’s doing businesses in India and that now is pretty much every big company in the world and will her pass through the gates of the Taj Mahal palace hotel. It is the place where business gets done. The other hotel the Oberoi, had airline crew members among the guests called up in the attacks. It’s very likely Mumbai will take a financial hits.if only briefly. My concern at the moment is this kind of media attention will perhaps to track asset meets, the smaller businesses or the mid-cap companies that maybe going to be put off thinking. I must analyze my risks. It’s too risky maybe I should go to other markets. That’s safer. And an old Indian song says Mumbai is a door to the east with its face to the west. As Bombay,it was the center of British business for centuries. Its deep harbor the main of attraction. Today that harbor is full of luxury yachts. Mumbai also benefits from its time zone. Its work day starts when Tokyo is up and running. It shares many hours with London and ends its day after New York is open for business. One reason why many western banks and IT firms had basis there, the Mumbai was aly suffering as a stiff fall in property prices and layoffs by likes of the Citi groups and others. It hits the Mumbai hard time but used to the overall Indian picture, 6% growth forecast for this year, a lot of countries will be very pleased with that. And it’s a, you know it says to a reselling economy. And it’s a I don’t think it’s going to have a long time affect. Indian is no stranger to terrorism. Mumbai has been hit before. But this is different. The targets are popular with tourists and businesses. But Bombay will recover quickly say those who know it soul. Jim Bolton, CNN, London. 参考中文翻译:孟买被袭击是因为它深受西方商业喜爱。现在陷入攻击而瘫痪的商业城市孟买是印度的商业中心,这或许是它如此奢华的酒店成为恐怖分子目标的原因。每个人都在印度做生意,很多世界上大型的公司都有商业往来,希望能够通过泰姬酒店的恐怖事件。这是做生意的地方。另外一家酒店Oberoi,客人中有人是航空公司员工,在恐怖袭击中曾经打电话。孟买商业方面很有可能受到冲击。希望只是短暂的。我目前担忧的是,媒体的关注可能会引起资产外流,小公司或者中型的公司可能会放弃孟买市场。我会分析存在的风险。现在风险太大了我可能会选择相对更安全的其他市场。有一首古老的印度歌曲说,印度面向西方,是通向东方的大门。在名为Bombay的时候,几世纪以来都是英国的商业中心。它的海港吸引了注意力。现在,孟买海港到处停泊这奢华的游艇。孟买也由于时区受益。当东京市场开始运转的时候,孟买的工作日开始,同时和伦敦享有很多共同点时间,当纽约开始工作的时候,孟买结束了它的一天。很多西方和IT公司在这里设有基地。因此,由于花旗集团和其他一些公司的问题,目前孟买的财产价格急剧下滑,引发大规模的裁员。这给了孟买致命的打击,但是考虑到印度的整体形势,预计今年经济增长6%,对于目前低迷的经济形势来说,很多国家都为此感到欣慰。但是我认为这种形势不会有长远的影响。200812/57572

Each year, the best work by reporters, photographers and editors of New York’s ethnic and independent media is honored with awards from the New York Community Media Alliance (NYCMA). Those awards are known as Ippies. 每年,纽约社区媒体联盟会都会表彰少数族裔和独立媒体最优秀的记者、摄影师和编辑。NYCMA director Juana Ponce de Leon explains that the ethnic press often advocates for its communities, and acts as an intermediary between the audience and mainstream society. 纽约社区媒体联盟主席胡安娜·雷诺指出,少数族裔媒体致力于推动社区事务,同时是他们的受众与主流社会之间的沟通媒介。She adds that her organization encourages reporters to offer practical guidance to ers, listeners and viewers. 雷诺表示,联盟鼓励记者为他们的读者、听众和观众提供切实可行的指导。"It helps the communities know where there are resources to address their concerns. It’s not good enough to say ‘We don’t have enough translation services from the DOE [Department of Education]’ and leave it at that. It’s better to say ‘Not only are there those services, but if you don’t find them, you can request them. And if they don’t come to you, then you have a right to get your child to another school, for instance.’"她说:“这些媒体让社区人们了解在哪里寻找资源来解决他们关切问题。不要只说教育部没有给我们足够的翻译务,就算了。而是应当说:有这些务,但是如果你找不到,你可以提出要求。比如说,如果他们没有解决你的问题,你有权让孩子转学。”The ethnic media often provides immigrants with the tools they need to negotiate everyday life in America, says 2011 Ippie winner Helen Zelon. 2011年得奖人海伦·泽龙表示,事实上,少数族裔媒体能够帮助移民,让他们在美国更好地生活。"I think the ethnic press does an enormous service when it explains to people, ‘This is what happens when your kid starts school. This is what happens when you rent something. Here’s how you establish yourself here.’" 她说:“我觉得少数族裔媒体在为人们提供了了不起的务,比如告诉人们,你的孩子开始上学时会是什么情况,你租房子时要处理什么问题,如何在美国建立起自己的生活等等。”Zelon, a reporter with City Limits Magazine, a public policy journal, often writes about education. 泽龙是公共政策杂志《城市范围》的记者。她经常撰写教育方面的报道。"Which means you are writing about race and class and money and politics and power and privilege and all of it," she says. "And I write about child welfare, which to me is a hugely important issue that doesn’t get a lot of coverage until there is a very bad disaster and then there is a lot of attention around it and then it goes away. We do investigative reporting."泽龙说:“这就意味着你写种族、阶级、金钱、政治、权利和优先权等所有这些问题。”201103/129585

[00:21.34]People who are neurotic-[00:23.16]they tend to worry a lot [00:24.72]and to have emotional ups and downs-[00:27.25]seem to be at increased risk of developing asthma, [00:31.19]a new study hints. [00:39.78]一份新的研究显示,[00:41.25]神经质的人一般都是那些整天心事重重,[00:44.37]情绪波动大的人,[00:46.33]而且这些人似乎越来越容易患上哮喘病。[01:02.11]即时讲解[01:05.39]如果大家查字典,[01:06.96]neurotic的中文意义会是"神经病"或"有经病的",[01:11.30]给人的感觉 ,一个neurotic的人与疯子基本是划等号了,[01:15.86]事实上这还是有相当的区别的。[01:18.64]就好象今天的报道中也说neurotic的人[01:21.37]总是worry a lot"担心这个,担心那个",[01:25.26]然后是情绪也是有ups and downs,[01:27.84]总之非常不稳定,但即使是这样,[01:30.72]这个人还不用送到mental hospital"精神病院"[01:34.46]在2003年的时候美国爆发Mad Cow Disease"疯牛病",[01:39.06]美国的老百姓对牛肉是避之唯恐不及,[01:42.75]这样的做法自然会对一个牛肉生产大国的经济有严重影响。[01:47.41]于是,布什就跑出来发表讲话,安定民心。[01:50.80]他说"疯牛病"只是一种mildly neurotic的症状。[01:54.79]这到底是什么意思?[01:56.97]mildly 是"温和地",[01:59.19]也就是说那些疯牛只是有"轻度的神经质",[02:02.88]连神经衰弱的程度都不够![02:05.41]然后布什又说[02:06.77] "I'm still eating plenty of beef. [02:09.31]I think everyone will agree that I'm not insane yet." [02:13.30]"牛肉我还是大吃特吃。我想你们不会认为我是疯了"。[02:17.90]最后布什总统再次为牛平反, [02:20.73]他说,"That cow wasn't paranoid," [02:23.76]"那些疯牛并没有得妄想症"。 [02:26.30]在布什总统的这番话后,民众得出一个结论 [02:29.58]Bush is a neurotic,"布什神经有问题"。 [02:38.25]原文重听[02:40.23]People who are neurotic-[02:41.90]they tend to worry a lot [02:43.61]and to have emotional ups and downs-[02:45.99]seem to be at increased risk of developing asthma, [02:49.98]a new study hints.10/88100

Li Si awakens in Ying Zheng a realization that real power is his. He just needs the courage and the vision to use it. And over the next decade, he will do just that.In the ten years since he came to the throne in 247 , King Ying Zheng has strengthened his power through war. He fights for his life, and for a dream--to forge a new nation, China. Many great kings have tried before him, and all have failed. But this time will be different, because Ying Zheng is different. The youngest king to lead his nation into war, he is its greatest warrior. A visionary leader, burning with ambition, if anyone can unify China, it is him.Ancient China is made up of seven warring states. Six of the seven have been weakened by endless warfare, while one continues to grow at their expense--the state of Chin.Well, you've won.In its campaign against the state of Zhao, the Chin army takes over 10,000 prisoners. The rules of war are explicit. Prisoners must be cared for.And the day is yours, and this is yours.However, looking after captives would slow down his campaign.You want to know what to do with that?07/77948

Third of women are earning more Nearly a third of women are the main bwinners in their household, according to a major survey.Thirty percent earn more than their partners and a further 19 percent earn the same amount.Researchers said that in many relationships it was no longer assumed that the man would bring in the bigger income, especially in a time of widesp redundancies.In a significant shift in attitudes, four out of ten women said that the career of whichever partner had the highest income would take precedence in the relationship.In one in ten families, a house husband looks after the children and does the chores while their female partner works full time.Ten percent of women admitted this role reversal had put strains on their relationship and some said it had even led to them parting company.The Women and Work Survey 2010, commissioned by Grazia magazine, found that almost half of full-time mothers disliked not earning their own money.And two thirds of the mothers among the 2,000 women in the survey said they wanted to keep working in some way after having children.A slightly higher number of those with children under three said they would prefer to work - preferably part-time - rather than stay at home.Victoria Harper of Grazia said: 'Women are getting good jobs when they graduate, and working up the career ladder faster than they have ever done.'This means that there has to be more fluidity between the roles of men and women in a relationship and when they have children.'Instead of the have-it-all woman who tries to do everything, we are now seeing cross-over couples who share roles.'Vocabulary:redundancy: the situation when somebody has to leave their job because there is no more work available for them (因劳动力过剩而造成的裁员,解雇)take precedence in:处于优先地位put strains on:使……处于紧张状态cross-over: 混合交叉的背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109524

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