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鹰潭产科医院排名余江县第二人民医院妇科人流Germany and the euro德国与欧元The Merkel method默克尔之道Two books that take a close look at the woman at the centre of the euro crisis两本深入观察这位处于欧元危机中心的女人的书Angela Merkel: A Chancellorship Forged in Crisis. By Alan Crawford and Tony Czuczka.《安格拉默克尔:危机炼成的总理之位》,Alan Crawford 和 Tony Czuczka著。Europes Deadlock: How the Euro Crisis Could Be Solved—And Why it Wont Happen.《欧洲之僵局:欧元危机能如何解决—以及为什么这不会发生》,David Marsh著。ANGELA MERKEL, Germanys chancellor since November 2005, is now the longest-serving national leader in the European Union. Her country is more dominant in the EU and the euro zone than ever. She is Germanys most popular politician, at home and abroad. She is unchallenged within her party, the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU). And she is coasting to another election victory in September.安格拉默克尔,自2005年11月以来一直担任德国总理,是目前欧盟中任职时间最长的国家领导人。她的国家在欧盟和欧元区中比其它任何时候都要处于更加主导的地位。无论是在国内还是国外,她是德国最受欢迎的政治人物。在她所在的政党,保守的基督教民主联盟(CDU),无人能挑战她的地位。而且,她正在全国巡回,准备赢得9月选举的又一场胜利。Yet she faces a huge and continuing problem: the euro crisis. This is the big test for her political legacy. Making matters worse, many analysts now point fingers of blame at Germany. It is too austere, too insistent on fiscal consolidation even in recession, too prone to put the burden of adjustment on deficit countries, too dominated by lawyers, not economists. These complaints and her political longevity make Mrs Merkel an interesting subject for a book. Several have come out in German, but this work by Alan Crawford and Tony Czuczka, two Bloomberg journalists, is one of the first to appear in English.然而,她面临着一个巨大且持续的问题:欧元危机。这是对她政治遗产的一场大考。更加糟糕的是许多分析家现在都将矛头指向了德国。它太过于紧缩,甚至在衰退时期仍太过于坚持财政整顿,太过于倾向将调整的重担让赤字国家去承受,太过于听从法律人士而非经济学家。这些抱怨加上她长久的政治生命,使得默克尔女士成为写书的有趣的话题。德国已经有一些该题材的书出来了,但这本由两位彭社记者Alan Crawford和Tony Czuczka所著的书是英语世界中的第一本。The two authors tell the euro story well, but their most interesting material is about her past. Such details, which include her upbringing in communist East Germany, her position as a woman in a mans world and her background as a research chemist, help to define her domestic politics and her approach to the euro. They also make her easy to underestimate: in 1998 she unsentimentally helped to push out her political mentor, Helmut Kohl, the man who did most to create the euro. She may be slow-moving, but she has been more effective than many with more obvious flair and charisma.这两位作者对于欧元的故事讲述得很好,但他们最有趣的材料是关于她的过去。她在共产主义东德的成长教育、她作为一个女人在男人世界中的地位以及她作为一位化学家的背景,这些细节都有助于定义她的国内政治和她处理欧元的手法。他们也使得她容易被低估:1998年,她无情地帮助赶走了她的政治导师赫尔穆特科尔,科尔是为欧元的产生出力最多的人。她也许动作缓慢,但她总是比其它许多人更加有效果、拥有更多明显的才华和领袖魅力。At home she is cautious, sceptical of governments ability to change things, solicitous of allies and quick to cut down challengers. Despite preaching change to other EU countries, she is no radical reformer. Indeed, she has pulled the CDU leftward, partly out of conviction but also to create more coalition options and steal votes from the Social Democrats. In the euro crisis she has favoured small, slow steps. When she is in doubt or gets conflicting advice, her instinct is often to do nothing. As an easterner, she has often leant as much towards Poland as towards France, Germanys traditional EU partner.在国内她是谨慎的,怀疑政府改革的能力,热切关心盟友以及对挑战者快速地斩草除根。尽管她游说其它欧盟国家作出变革,但她不是位激进的改革者。的确,她将CDU拉向左倾,部分是处于信念,但也是为了创造更多的结盟选项以及从社会民主党挖选票。在这场欧元危机当中,她偏向于小且慢的步伐。当她不确定时或是听到不一致的建议时,她的直觉常常是什么都不做。身为一个东德人,她常常更偏向于波兰,这个在欧盟中的德国的传统伙伴,而非法国。All this may be fine at home, since Germany is humming along nicely. But it is problematic in the euro crisis. From its start in Greece in early 2010, Mrs Merkel has been reluctant to lead, careful of committing taxpayers money and insistent on punishing the profligate. She has been bad at telling her voters how much they gain from the euro and how much they might lose if it falls apart. She has also favoured a simple morality tale of blaming fiscal incontinence for the crisis, when loss of competitiveness and failure to reform matter far more. And she has often found it hard to work with others: she eventually forged a relationship with Frances Nicolas Sarkozy, but has not got on with his successor, Franois Hollande.所有这一切在国内也许是可行的,因为德国一路都过得很愉快。但这对于欧元危机是有问题的。自从欧元危机于2010年初在希腊爆发,默克尔女士总是不大愿意领导,对花纳税人的钱很小心,坚持惩罚挥霍浪费者。她不善于告诉其选民他们从欧元中获益多少以及如果欧元解体他们可能损失多少。当面临竞争力丧失和改革失败这些更加紧要的事情时,她也喜欢以一种简单的道德故事的方式将危机归咎于不一致的财政政策。而且她也常常发现难于他人合作:她最终与法国尼古拉萨科齐打造了关系,但对于他的继任者弗兰西斯奥朗德则没有。David Marshs short book is a more sceptical take on the euro crisis. A seasoned Bundesbank-watcher and historian of the euro, he has long argued, as did the Bundesbank, that the single currency cannot work without fiscal and political union. Yet he acknowledges that this is unlikely to happen, not least because it would lack political legitimacy. So his preferred solution is to reduce the number of countries in the euro. But that too would not be easy, he concedes. In Berlin, the fear is that if any country quits, the euro could unravel all the way to the Rhine. Mrs Merkel clearly still has much to do to save the single currency.David Marsh的短篇书对于欧元危机更加持怀疑态度。这位经验丰富的联邦观察者和欧元历史学家,他与联邦一样,长期一来一直认为在没有财政同盟和政治同盟的情况下,单一货币是行不通的。然而他承认这不大可能会发生,主要是因为这缺乏政治上的合法性。所以他的首选方案是减少在欧元区中的国家数目。但这也不是容易的,他退了一步。在柏林,人们害怕的是,一旦有国家退出,那么欧元的解体将一路蔓延至莱茵河。很明显,默克尔女士仍有很多事情要做,以拯救这单一货币。 /201404/286355鹰潭月湖区宫颈糜烂多少钱 Youve just opened a bottle of wine for dinner. On the label, you see these words: Contains Sulfites. What are sulfites? And what are they doing in your wine?设想一下,你在晚餐时刚刚打开了一瓶酒,你会在酒瓶的标签上看到:含亚硝酸盐。亚硝酸盐是什么?这些成分在你的酒中发挥什么样的作用呢?Sulfites are chemical compounds found naturally in grapes, garlic and other plants. Thousands of years ago, people realized something nifty about sulfites: they kill or slow the growth of bacteria and most yeasts. This comes in handy for winemakers, who add specific yeasts to ferment wine, and dont want wild yeasts or bacteria to spoil it. Sulfites prevent spoilage in wine, acting as a preservative.亚硝酸盐是在葡萄,大蒜和其他植物中常见的一种化合物。几千年前,人们就发现了亚硝酸盐的一些妙用:它们能杀死细菌,或者降低细菌滋生和发酵的速度。这个发现对于酿酒师来说是非常重要的,他们通常会在酒中加一些特定的酵母使酒发酵,但是同时,他们又不想野生酵母和细菌破坏了这个过程。而亚硝酸盐就能阻止酒的腐坏,在其中发挥了防腐剂的作用。The amount of sulfites naturally in grapes is very small, and theres a bit more produced during fermentation. But to take full advantage of sulfites preservative abilities, winemakers add a little more to the process. The Egyptians sterilized wine containers with sulfites, and sulfites have been added to wine for hundreds of years.葡萄中含有亚硝酸盐的量非常少,在发酵过程中数量会有稍许的增加。但是,为了有效利用亚硝酸盐的防腐作用,酿酒师们通常会在酿酒过程中多添加一点点亚硝酸盐。埃及人也曾使用亚硝酸盐对酒类容器进行杀菌,而且,亚硝酸盐被添加进入酒类也已经有了几百年历史了。So the relationship between wine and sulfites goes way back. But in 1985, the Food and Drug Administration required wine with added sulfites to say so on the label. Why?因此,酒和亚硝酸盐的关系其实可以回溯到很久很久以前。但在1985年,食品与药品要求,若酒类有添加亚硝酸盐,需要在标签上注明,为什么?Researchers had recently discovered that less than one percent of the population is sensitive to sulfites. Most have mild reactions, like an itchy rash. But some folks have life-threatening reactions, including difficulty breathing and low blood pressure.因为有研究人员之前发现,有不到1%的人会对亚硝酸盐产生过敏反应,虽然多数人的反应比较轻微,比如说会起很痒的皮疹,但有部分人的过敏反应会威胁到生命安全,这些反应包括呼吸困难或低血压等。These rare but serious reactions are most often seen in asthmatics. Not all asthmatics are sensitive to sulfites, but the labels there for those who need to steer clear. As the old saying goes, in wine–and now on the label–there is truth!我们经常会在哮喘症患者身上看到这些少有但严重的反应。其实,也并不是所有的哮喘症患者都会对亚硝酸盐过敏,标签上的说明只是为了警示需要注意的人避开这些成分。就像老话常说的那样,酒后,现在是标注在标签上-吐真言! /201305/242155鹰潭市产妇做检查哪家医院好

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鹰潭市同仁医院不孕不育科Science and technology科学技术Invasive species侵略性物种Thorny questions棘手问题The ecological effects of buckthorn in North America北美鼠李属植物的生态影响CONSERVATIONISTS, being by definition conservative, usually view the introduction of new species into an environment with horror.生态环境保护者,从定义上看就偏于保守,常对固有环境中新物种的引入恐惧不已。If such a species is successful, it is described as invasive—a rather pejorative word.一种新物种一旦引入成功,它常常具有侵略性—一个含贬义的词语。But how much change such species actually cause is often moot.然而,这些物种究竟造成环境多少改变?So two recent studies of European buckthorn in North America, which attempt to find this out, are a welcome shaft of light on the debate.常常引来争论。最近对鼠李属植物的两项研究有助于搞清这一问题。所以该研究在这场争论中受人瞩目。Buckthorn was imported from Europe to America in the 19th century, to make garden hedges.鼠李属植物在19世纪从欧洲出口到美国,用来制作花园围篱。Since then it has sp through the countrys woodlands, which many naturalists think has been bad for local wildlife.从那时起,它席卷了美国林地。在许多自然主义者眼中,它对当地野生物种产生了不利影响。The new studies suggest they are right—if you are a frog or a small bird.但新的研究明他们的观点仅适用于青蛙或是小鸟。If you are a coyote or a raccoon, though, buckthorn is a good thing.对于土狼和浣熊,鼠李属植物可是好东西。Seth Magle, of Lincoln Park Zoo, in Chicago, suspected these predators are commoner where buckthorn grows.赛思在芝加哥林肯动物园工作,他认为在鼠李属植物生长的地方,这些食肉动物是常客。He therefore set up motion-activated cameras in 35 woods near the city.于是他在芝加哥周围的35处丛林中架设了移动追踪照相机。Some sites had a lot of buckthorn. Some did not.一些丛林鼠李属植物繁盛,一些则不然。He did indeed find more coyotes and raccoons where buckthorn is common—particularly in spring, when birds are nesting.在鼠李属植物常见地区,他的确发现了更多土狼和浣熊,—尤其是春天,鸟儿筑巢的时节。Buckthorn is notorious for overshadowing other plants and thus inhibiting their growth.鼠李属植物臭名昭著,因为它遮挡其他植物,继而抑制其生长。That thins the forest understorey and increases visibility which, Dr Magle reckons, helps predators spot nests that denser vegetation would hide.玛格拉士认为,森林下层林木由此变稀薄,能见度增加。这有利于肉食动物找到能被密集植物隐藏的巢穴。So the predators come looking.于是,肉食动物前来寻找。Besides overshadowing its neighbours, buckthorn also engages in chemical warfare.鼠李属植物除了挡住了他的邻居,还参与了化学战争。Its leaves are full of a toxin called emodin that discourages browsers.它的叶子充满了一种名为大黄素的毒素,使得食草动物望而却步。Allison Sacerdote-Velat, one of Dr Magles colleagues at Lincoln Park Zoo, and Richard King of Northern Illinois University, wondered what effect this chemical has on the world when the leaves fall off.阿里森,和北部伊利诺斯州大学的瑞查德,均好奇当叶子脱落后,这种化学物对地面有何影响。Emodin, they found, when they tested it on frogspawn, kills embryonic frogs. And when they analysed some local ponds, they discovered the chemical in them. Amphibian numbers have been falling in many places, including America, and many causes have been suggested. Emodin is surely not the only one. But it probably does not help.他们在对蛙卵的实验中发现,大黄素可以杀死胚胎期的青蛙。他们又调查了一些当地的池塘,发现大黄毒蕴含其中。包括美国在内的许多地方,两栖类动物数量均在下降,其原因有许多。大黄毒毫无疑问并非唯一原因,但它也不大可能起到什么好的作用。 /201311/265678 Oftentimes when we cry, we feel a lump in the throat.很多时候,当我们哭泣时,我们会感到哽咽。Does alump actually form, or is there some other explanation?难道是真的在喉咙中形成了块状物?或是有其它的解释?The lump-like thing we feel when overcome by emotion has to do with how the nervous systemdeals with stress.我们被情绪占据时所感受到的结块一样的东西与神经系统处理紧张的方式有关。The part of the nervous system that handles stress is called the autonomicnervous system.神经系统中处理紧张的部分叫作自主神经系统。It controls bodily functions that we do not consciously control, such as digestingfood and pumping blood through the heart.它能控制我们无意识地去控制的一些身体功能,比如消化食物和心脏泵血。However, the autonomic nervous system is alsoimportant in dealing with emotional states.但是,自主神经系统却在处理情绪状态时非常重要。When an animal encounters a stressful situation, its autonomic nervous system kicks in to allow itto either fight or run away.当动物面临紧张情境时,自主神经系统开始起作用,使动物选择战斗或是逃跑。It does this by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to thenecessary muscles.这是通过增加输送至必要部位肌肉的血流和氧气来实现的。The same applies to humans.同样的情况也适用于人类。Even when we experience emotions such asgrief or sorrow, the autonomic nervous system responds as it would to anger or fear by increasingthe flow of oxygen through the body.即使我们怀揣着悲伤或伤感这类情绪时,自主神经系统也能作出响应,一如它在处理愤怒和恐惧那样增加全身的氧气输送量。To increase oxygen intake, the autonomic nervous system makes us breath faster, and expandsthe glottis, the opening in the throat that allows air to flow from the larynx to the lungs.为了增加氧气的吸入量,自主神经系统促使我们呼吸加快,同时使声门扩张。Theexpansion of the glottis in and of itself does not create a lumpy feeling, until we try to swallow.除非我们进行吞咽动作,不然声门的扩张本身不会让我们产生哽咽的感觉。Since swallowing involves closing the glottis, this works against the muscles that open the glottis inresponse to crying.因为吞咽涉及到声门的关闭,这与哭泣时开启声门的肌肉响应动作相反。We experience the resulting muscle tension as a lump in the throat.这时我们感觉到肌肉紧张,也就是喉中哽咽的感觉。 /201402/276301鹰潭希正妇科医院剖腹产鹰潭无痛人流手术费要多少



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