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哈尔滨阳光是正规医院嘛哈尔滨市中西医结合医院在哪里黑龙江省哈尔滨儿童医院网上咨询热线 Agic Capital, the Chinese private equity fund launched last year, has bought a European industrial robotics business — in the latest example of the country’s push to gain access to western automation technology.去年成立的中国私募股权基金汉德资本(Agic Capital)收购了一家欧洲工业机器人公司——这是中国努力获取西方自动化技术的最新一例。On Sunday, Agic said it had agreed to acquire Gimatic, an Italian supplier of robotic end-of-arm tools valued at between 100m and 150m. It did not disclose a specific price.周日,汉德表示已经同意收购意大利机械臂前端装置供应商Gimatic,对该企业的估值介于1亿到1.5亿欧元之间。汉德并未公开具体收购价。Agic was founded by former Deutsche Bank executive Henry Cai, a veteran dealmaker who started Agic with the goal of “shaping smart industries”, focusing on the so-called fourth industrial revolution, in automation and connectivity.汉德创始人是德意志(Deutsche Bank)前高管蔡洪平(Henry Cai)。这名资深交易撮合者创立汉德的目标是“智造未来”,专注于由自动化和连接性扮演主角的所谓第四次工业革命。Its Gimatic deal is its first as a sole acquirer, but it was a member of the consortium — led by China National Chemical Corp — that purchased KraussMaffei Group for 925m in January. KraussMaffei, a specialist producer of plastics and rubber, is one of Germany’s largest machinery suppliers. Its sale was, at the time, the biggest-ever Chinese acquisition of a German company.收购Gimatic是汉德首次作为唯一收购者进行交易,但汉德曾是由中国化工集团公司(CNCC)牵头的一个财团的成员,该财团在今年1月斥资9.25亿欧元收购了克劳斯玛菲集团(KraussMaffei)。克劳斯玛菲是一家塑料和橡胶领域的专业设备生产商,是德国最大的机械供应商之一。当时这是中国对德国公司历来最大的收购交易。While the acquisition of Gimatic is relatively small, it plays into a growing theme of Chinese investment in automation, following last month’s offer from Midea, the Chinese home appliance maker, to purchase German robotics company Kuka.尽管汉德对Gimatic的收购交易规模相对较小,但这笔交易切中了中国大力投资于自动化这个日益上升的主题。在此之前,上月中国家电制造商美的(Midea)向德国机器人公司库卡(Kuka)发出收购要约。That deal valued the business at 4.6bn but led some government officials to worry about protecting German technology. Economics minister Sigmar Gabriel has been trying to put together a German or European consortium to offer a counterbid.那笔交易对库卡的估值达到46亿欧元,但也导致一些政府官员为保护德国技术操心。德国经济部长西格马尔#8226;加布里尔(Sigmar Gabriel)一直试图组织一个德国或者欧洲的财团发出竞争性收购要约。Gimatic, founded 31 years ago, has been growing its sales by more than 20 per cent a year for the past three years, with four-fifths of its business stemming from Europe. Asia accounted for less than a tenth of sales but is seen as the market with the greatest potential.31年前成立的Gimatic过去3年的销售额每年增长逾20%,其五分之四业务来自欧洲。亚洲在其销售额中的比例不到十分之一,但亚洲被视为潜力最大的市场。Agic’s strategy is “top-line growth through internationalisation,” said Heiko von Dewitz, Agic’s Munich-based managing partner. “In the past [Gimatic] has been more margin than growth focused — we’re going to change that a bit.”汉德的策略是“通过国际化实现收入增长,”汉德驻慕尼黑的管理合伙人海科#8226;冯德维茨(Heiko von Dewitz)表示,“过去(Gimatic)一直更专注于利润率,而非增长——我们将要对此稍加改变。”Its deal for Gimatic aligns with the industrial strategy spearheaded by Beijing last year to upgrade infrastructure, make China less dependent on manual labour and become a tier-one player in manufacturing.汉德收购Gimatic的交易符合北京方面去年提出的工业战略,即升级基础设施、减少中国对体力劳动的依赖、成为一流制造业国家。“Fifty per cent of the global growth in industrial automation and robotics is in China,” said Mr von Dewitz. “Depending on the sources you look at, the global automation market is growing at 10 to 15 per cent. China is growing at 20 per cent. That gives you an idea of how much momentum there is.”“工业自动化和机器人领域的全球增长有50%在中国,”冯德维茨说,“根据你所看到的不同数据来源,全球自动化市场正以10%到15%的增长率增长,而中国的增速达到20%。这让你对中国的增长势头有多大有一个大致概念。”He said there is a huge opportunity for European technology companies to expand into China. But while the big companies have figured it out, companies with between m and 0m in revenue are further behind. “They know China is a strategic must, but they don’t know how to tackle it,” he said.他表示,对欧洲科技公司来说,扩张进入中国蕴含了巨大的商机。但尽管大企业都明白这一点,收入在3000万美元到1.5亿美元之间的公司还落在后面。“它们知道进军中国在战略上是势在必行的,但它们不知道应该如何着手,”他说。 /201606/449031Scientists develop non-stick chewing gumScientists have developed a non-stick chewing gum that can be easily removed from pavements, shoes and clothes.The new gum, the result of polymer research at the University of Bristol, could be launched commercially in 2008, its developers said on Friday.If it catches on, the product will solve a major headache for local authorities around the world."The advantage of our Clean Gum is that it has a great taste, it is easy to remove and has the potential to be environmentally degradable," said Terence Cosgrove, a professor of chemistry who helped found a company called Revolymer to commercialize the technology.Today's chewing gums are made from synthetic latex, which is resistant to the weather and is strongly adhesive. The new gum adds a special polymer to modify its properties, making it far less sticky.In two street trials, leading commercial gums remained stuck to the pavement three out or four times, while Clean Gum came away naturally in all cases, Revolymer said.(Agencies) 近日,科学家们研发出一种“不粘口香糖”,这种新型口香糖很容易从街道、鞋子和衣上清除。据该产品的开发商上周五介绍,这种新型口香糖是由英国布里斯托尔大学聚合体研究中心研发出来的,有望于明年上市。如果这种口香糖上市,能为世界各地的政府解决一个大难题。布里斯托尔大学的化学教授特伦斯#8226;考斯格鲁夫说:“我们这种‘清洁口香糖’口味好、易清除、而且具有可降解性。” 他协助成立了一个名叫Revolymer的公司,以实现该项技术的商业化。现在的口香糖是由合成乳胶制成的,这种物质对外界环境具有抵抗性(无法分解),而且粘性很强。新型口香糖中添加了一种能改变其属性的特殊聚合物,从而使它的粘性大大降低。据Revolymer公司介绍,两次街道测试的结果发现,现在市面上四分之三的口香糖都会粘在街道上, 而“清洁口香糖”在任何情况下都能自然脱落。 /200804/33391通河县怀孕检测多少钱

哈尔滨中医医院是市级吗哈尔滨医科大学附属肿瘤医院医生的QQ号码 Google’s DeepMind division has claimed a big leap forward in producing computer-generated speech, potentially bringing forward the day when machines sound as natural as humans.谷歌(Google)旗下的DeepMind称,在计算机语音生成领域取得巨大飞跃。这一技术进步可能会令机器像人一样自然发声的一天提前到来。Researchers at the UK-based artificial intelligence arm said tests of their system with human listeners, though unavoidably subjective, had shown that the technology halves the quality gap that exists between today’s computer systems and human speech.这家总部驻英国的人工智能分公司的研究人员表示,由人类听众对其系统的测试(尽管这种测试不可避免地带有主观性)显示,该技术将目前计算机系统与人类说话间存在的质量差距缩小了一半。One person familiar with the research said the system, called WaveNet, was not being employed in any of Google’s products yet, and that the massive computing power it needed to generate speech made it impractical for real world use for the foreseeable future.一位知情人士表示,这一名叫WaveNet的系统尚未被用于谷歌任何产品。该技术在生成语音时需要极大的运算能力,令它在可以预期的未来无法实际运用到真实世界。The research that led to WaveNet, along with a number of samples of speech generated by the system, was published online on Thursday.周四,WaveNet的相关研究以及一系列该系统生成的语音样本被发布到网上。 /201609/465978哈尔滨省第三人民医院是正规医院吗?

黑龙江哈市妇儿妇科医院女子妇科听说不错,有谁去过没?Flaws in Apple#39;s iOS operating system have been discovered that made it possible to install spyware on a target#39;s device merely by getting them to click on a link.日前,在苹果iOS操作系统中,仅仅通过让用户点击一个链接就可以在目标设备上安装间谍软件的漏洞已被发现。The discovery was made after a human rights lawyer alerted security researchers to unsolicited text messages he had received. They discovered three previously unknown flaws within Apple#39;s code.该漏洞发现的起因是一名人权律师向安全研究人员报告称,他收到了来路不明的短信。安全研究人员在苹果的代码中发现了三个之前没有查明的漏洞。Apple has since released a software update that addresses the problem.自该问题被爆出后,苹果已经发布了一版软件更新来解决这个问题。The two security firms involved, Citizen Lab and Lookout, said they had held back details of the discovery until the fix had been issued.据发现漏洞的两家安全公司“公民实验室”和“瞭望台”表示,在苹果发布修复补丁之前,他们一直保守着发现的细节没有泄密。The lawyer, Ahmed Mansoor, received the text messages on 10 and 11 August. The texts promised to reveal ;secrets; about people allegedly being tortured in the ed Arab Emirates (UAE)#39;s jails if he tapped the links.涉事律师阿姆哈德·曼苏尔分别在8月10日和11日收到了不明短信。这些短信保说,如果曼苏尔点击链接,就可以知道关押在阿联酋监狱中的人被折磨的“秘密”。Had he done so, Citizen Lab says, his iPhone 6 would have been ;jailbroken;, meaning unauthorised software could have been installed.公民实验室方面表示,如果曼苏尔这样做了的话,他的iPhone 6就会被“越狱”,这就意味着未经授权的软件可以安装在他的手机中。;Once infected, Mansoor#39;s phone would have become a digital spy in his pocket, capable of employing his iPhone#39;s camera and microphone to snoop on activity in the vicinity of the device, recording his WhatsApp and Viber calls, logging messages sent in mobile chat apps, and tracking his movements,; said Citizen Lab.公民实验室表示:“一旦感染上病毒,曼苏尔的手机就会变成一个装在他口袋里的电子间谍,可以用iPhone的摄像头和麦克风来窥探发生在设备周围的活动,记录下他的WhatsApp和Viber calls,获取手机聊天软件发送的信息,并且跟踪他的行动。”The researchers say they believe the spyware involved was created by NSO Group, an Israeli ;cyber-war; company.研究人员们表示,他们认为本案的间谍软件是由以色列“网络战争”公司NSO组织开发的。;It is the most sophisticated spyware package we#39;ve seen,; said Lookout. ;It takes advantage of how integrated mobile devices are in our lives and the combination of features only available on mobile - always connected (wi-fi, 3G/4G), voice communications, camera, email, messaging, GPS, passwords, and contact lists.;瞭望台表示:“这是我们见过的最精密的间谍软件包。它利用了手机在我们生活中被密集使用这一特性、以及只有在手机上才有的特征组合--经常连接(wifi,3G/4G网络)、语音通信、相机、电子邮件、短信、GPS、密码和联系人列表。NSO has issued a statement acknowledging that it makes technology used to ;combat terror and crime; but said it had no knowledge of any particular incidents and made no reference to the specific spyware involved.NSO方面已经发表了一份声明,承认他们用技术来“打击恐怖和犯罪”,但是也表示他们不知晓任何特定事件,也没有参与到任何特别的间谍软件中来。 /201609/464296 Alibaba Group Holding, known for its success in e-commerce, is trying to build up its reputation as a technology powerhouse.因电商领域的成就而广为人知的阿里巴巴集团正在尝试建立其作为科技巨头的声誉。In the next two decades, the company plans to form independent research and development teams to build up core technologies that can support its founder#39;s grand vision of serving 2b customers around the world.未来20年,阿里巴巴计划组建独立的研发团队,打造能持其创始人;务全球20亿客户;宏大愿景的核心技术。The plan, dubbed the NASA project, is expected to cover core technologies such as machine learning, chips, the Internet of Things and biometric identification.这一计划被称为NASA项目,预计将覆盖诸如机器学习、芯片、物联网和生物识别等核心技术。The decision was unveiled at a technology summit at the company#39;s Hangzhou headquarters on March 9.这一决定是在3月9日,在阿里巴巴杭州总部的一次科技峰会上公布的。At the summit, founder Jack Ma reiterated his goal of turning Alibaba into the world#39;s fifth-largest economy in the next 20 years, creating 100 million jobs and enabling 10 million businesses turn a profit.在该峰会上,创始人马云重申了要在未来20年将阿里巴巴构建为世界第五大经济体的目标,并创造1亿就业机会,帮助1000万家企业赚到钱。Such an economy has to be backed by solid technological capabilities, so ;we will build Alibaba#39;s own NASA,; Ma said.马云表示,这样的经济必须由雄厚的技术能力做撑,因此要打造阿里巴巴自己的NASA。NASA refers to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration - a US organization Alibaba founder Jack Ma admires for what it has contributed to humans via technological breakthroughs.NASA即美国航空航天局,该机构通过技术突破为人类作出了贡献,这让阿里巴巴创始人马云很敬仰。 /201703/499579黑龙江阳光医院收费标准黑龙江人民医院医生在线咨询




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