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2019年08月23日 01:55:02

Looks like Oculus is getting a (non-virtual) reality check.看上去,虚拟现实技术公司Oculus VR正在进行一次(非虚拟的)现状检查。Oculus VR, the maker of Rift, a virtual reality headset, has suspended sales in China after reports that too many customers are reselling the developer kits for the sole purpose of cashing in on the desirable technology.Oculus VR公司是虚拟现实头盔Oculus Rift的生产商。目前在售的Oculus Rift仅是提供给游戏开发商的开发工具。据报道,许多中国客户正在倒卖这一设备,而其唯一目的是从这种令人艳羡的技术上乘机捞点好处。看到这一情形,Oculus VR公司暂停了该设备在中国的销售。Interestingly, the company elected to announce the news on Reddit in response to a concerned customer asking about cancelled preorder sales in China. A company spokesperson with the username “TheTwistgibber” and the title “Customer Service Lead, Oculus VR” replied to the forum.有趣的是,该公司是在社交新闻论坛Reddit上回答一名顾客提问时宣布这一消息的。该名顾客问到公司为何取消了中国区的预定订单。消息的宣布人是公司的一名发言人,其网名为“TheTwistgibber”,职位是“Oculus VR公司客户务主管”。“Yes, it is a bummer that we’ve had to suspend sales in China due to extreme reseller purchases,” said the spokesperson. “We need to make sure that we are doing what we can to make sure that resellers that are looking to flip our product for a profit are not taking stock away from legitimate developer purchases globally.”“是的,很遗憾,由于倒卖行为频发,我们不得不暂停该设备在中国区的销售,”这名发言人说道。“我们需要确保不会有销售者从中获利,从而为合法的开发者提供充足的货源。”The statement continued that the company is looking into “alternative ways” to ensure that the kids are “getting into legitimate developer hands in China.” The spokesperson added, “If you are an enthusiast, we kindly ask that you wait for the consumer Rift. It will be worth the wait.”该声明还说道,公司正在试图采取一些“替代性方式”,将设备“送达中国合法游戏开发商的手中”。这名发言人补充道:“如果您对该设备感兴趣,我们善意地请求您,等Rift设备的消费者版本出来后再购买——这种等待是值得的。”But the company also said that the suspension isn’t permanent, although more information is not available yet. “I don’t have any timeline, but we have made it a priority. We love our developers,” continued the spokesperson.公司同时提到,暂停销售并非永久性措施,但是对此并没有给出更多信息。“我没有一个时间表,但我们会优先处理这项工作。我们高度重视开发商,”发言人补充道。Oculus verified the statement’s legitimacy to Fortune, although declined to add further information.Oculus公司向《财富》杂志实了这一消息,但拒绝提供更多信息。Facebook FB -1.51% agreed to pay billion to buy Oculus Rift in March, according to a Fortune story. Additionally, Oculus enjoyed a brief stint at Chuck E. Cheese’s earlier this year.据《财富》报道,今年3月份,Facebook曾表示愿意以20亿美元的价格买下Oculus Rift。另外,今年早些时候,Oculus公司还在连锁餐厅Chuck E. Cheese’s举办了短期的Rift设备体验活动。 /201407/310993福建泉州市中医院正规吗?怎么样泉州新阳光妇产医院产前检查好吗In the past few months, I started noticing that I’ve become a slave. I’m a slave to the internet, and I’m a slave to my phone. I tried remembering how many times I haven’t used my phone for more than an hour in the last few years, but I couldn’t.在过去的几个月里,我开始察觉自己俨然成了一个奴隶。一个被英特网和手机驱使的奴隶。我试图回想在前几年里究竟有多少次远离手机超一小时,但我无能为力。Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the internet. I hear the old-schoolers talk about how the internet is killing everything, how we humans are deteriorating because of it. I hear them say that bloggers are not journalists and that social connections are not relationships, but I think they are wrong.不要误解,我其实是英特网的拥簇者。但却听起守旧派说网络是如何如何地摧毁一切,我们人类又是如何如何地被其腐蚀。还听说客写手不是新闻工作者,网络社交也不算社交,可我却不敢苟同。Technology, including in large part the internet, alongside human relationships, is one of the connections that moves our society forward. The innovation that appears in all aspects of our daily lives allows us to be smarter, faster, better. So every time I hear the old-schoolers talk about how the internet is a bad thing, I wonder why they wouldn’t want to be better.人类关系和科技,也包含广泛应用的网络,相辅相成,它们共同推进社会进步。日常中各领域的革新,促使我们的生活更智能,更迅捷,更美好。所以每当我听见守旧派讨论网络是个坏东西的时候,我就好奇难道他们不想过得更好么?The BIG problem with the internet is that it makes us dependent. Quite often, I see people (and I’m one of them) that actually look and act like junkies. They can’t stop playing with their phone, iPod, PC, or tablet. They can’t disconnect themselves from the non-stop stream of information that the internet provides us. Like everything in life, when you find yourself dependent on something, it might be the right time to start thinking about whether you need to stop and restart yourself.网络头号问题就是它把我们变得更依赖它了。好些时候,我看人们(我也是其中一员)的气色和行为都像瘾君子。他们离不开电话,iPod,或者平板电脑。也无法脱离网络给予我们不断流动的信息流。正如身边的任何事物,当你发觉你对它们产生了依赖,就是时候开始考虑是否需要停下来,或重新来过了。Here are a few tips to help you take a break from your digital addiction:这里的小贴士可以帮你戒掉数码瘾:1. Put your phone face-down.把手机面朝下放I recently had the good fortune of discovering a fantastic project called undigitize.me. This project is a creation of a young entrepreneur who had enough. He wanted to focus on the things that mattered the most, mainly the people he encountered and his thoughts. One day he realized that the phone was his biggest obstacle.最近我很幸运地发现了一个叫做“摆脱数码”的项目。这个项目是由一个曾经历许多的年轻企业家创办。他希望将精力集中在重要的事情,还有平时遇见的人物和思考上面。某天他意识到手机是他最大的障碍。So what does it mean to put your phone face-down? It means that you are preventing your mobile device from capturing your attention every time you receive an email, message, or any other stream of information. It’s not just a statement; it’s a way of life. Keeping your phone face-down means that you are trying to normalize the way you think and act, it means that once again you are in control of your time and focus and will not let any app or service control you.那么把手机面朝下放是什么意思呢?就是说你要让你的移动设备与你的注意力分开,无论是顾盼电子邮件、短信还是其他的信息流。这不是说说而已;这是一种生活方式。把手机向下放意味着你在努力回归正常的思维方式和表现行为,说明你再次获得了控制时间和集中精力的力量,再也不会让任何软件和电子务操控你。2. Go back to sleep.继续睡眠Since moving to New York (while my team remains in Tel Aviv), I have been suffering from severe jet lag. This basically causes me to wake up at least three times throughout the night.自从搬到了纽约(而我的团队留在特拉维夫),我就一直被严重的时差困扰着。基本上每晚我都会至少醒来3次。The big problem with waking up in the middle of the night, is that while its 3:30 AM in New York it’s also 10:30 AM in Tel Aviv. This means that in the middle of the night, I wake up to at least thirty emails, messages, and push notifications. For some reason, I can’t help but check each one of those notifications until I’m so awake that sleep has become impossible. One thing leads to another, and I suddenly find myself answering emails and going on Facebook and Twitter, all because I picked up my phone instead of going back to sleep.当纽约时间是凌晨3:30时,特拉维夫正是上午10:30,这就是午夜醒来的大问题的原因。意思就是说每到午夜,我就会失眠,然后查收少则30余封的信件、短信和发送报告。不知怎地,我会不由自主地查看每条报告,直到彻底清醒,最后难以入睡。接二连三下去,我便猛然发现自己在回电邮,刷新Facebook和Twitter,这一切皆因我拿着手机而不是回到床上继续睡觉。 /201307/247960泉州有几家妇产医院

泉州较好的妇科人流医院泉州万达对面医院Technology addicts may be at risk of sagging jowls, according to aesthetic experts.美容专家称,科技痴迷者们要小心面颊松弛下垂。It is believed that smartphone and laptop use, could cause facial skin and muscle to lose its elasticity as people spend an increasing amount of time sat with their heads bent.据认为,经常使用智能手机和笔记本电脑会导致人的面部皮肤和肌肉失去弹性,因为人们低头坐着的时间越来越多。It is now believed that the phenomenon, dubbed #39;smartphone face#39; could be behind the growing trend for skin tightening treatments and chin implants which cost around #163;4,290.专家认为,这种“智能手机脸”现象可能是现在拉皮手术和垫下巴手术日益盛行的背后原因,这种手术花费在4290英镑左右。According to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) #39;chinplants#39; are becoming the fastest growing cosmetic surgery trend.根据美国整形外科学会发布的数据,垫下巴是当前发展势头最迅猛的整容手术。In 2011 its popularity grew more than breast augmentation, Botox and liposuction combined.2011年,隆胸、注射肉毒杆菌和吸脂三个加在一块,还不如垫下巴流行。And a number of leading doctors believe that technology could be behind the growing trend, as poor posture can promote saggy jowls, double chins and #39;marionette lines#39; - the creases from the corners of the mouth down the chin.许多首席医师认为,技术可能是这一潮流的背后原因,因为姿势不当会导致脸颊下垂、双下巴和“木偶纹”——从嘴角到下巴的皱纹。Confirming the condition, coined #39;smartphone face#39;, Dr Mervyn Patterson of the Woodford Medical group told the Evening Standard: #39;If you sit for hours with your head bent slightly forward, staring at your iPhone or laptop screen, you may shorten the neck muscles and increase the gravitational pull on the jowl area, leading to a drooping jawline.#39;伍德福德医疗集团的梅尔弗因#8226;派特森医生将这一症状确诊为“智能手机脸”,他告诉《标准晚报》说:“如果你连坐数小时,头总是稍微前倾盯着iPhone或笔记本电脑的屏幕,你会缩短脖子的肌肉,增加脸颊部位受到的地心引力,导致下颌松垂。”According to Ofcom’s 2011 Communication Market Report 91 percent of adults use a mobile phone while 27 percent opt for smartphones.根据英国通信业监管机构Ofcom的《2011年通信市场报告》,91%的成人使用手机,27%的成人用的是智能手机。Meanwhile the Health and Safety Executive’s Horizon Scanning paper reports that by 2015, 70-80 percent of workers could be, at least partially, working remotely from a laptop.与此同时,健康与安全委员会的远景扫描论文报告说,到2015年,将有70%到80%的员工会用笔记本电脑远程办公,至少部分时间是如此。ASPS president Dr Malcolm Roth also suggests that the use of chat causes people to be more conscious of their appearance.美国整形外科学会的主席马尔科姆#8226;罗斯医生还指出,视频聊天的使用让人们更注重自己的形象。#39;The chin and jawline are among the first areas to show signs of ageing.“脸颊和下颌轮廓是最早出现衰老迹象的地方。#39;As more people see themselves on chat technology, they may notice that their jawline is not as sharp as they want.#39;“当越来越多的人使用视频聊天技术看到自己时,他们会注意到自己的下颌轮廓不像自己理想中的那样线条鲜明。” /201205/182796To appreciate why Microsoft Corp. is having trouble choosing a new chief executive, consider these awkward boardroom dynamics: a founder who believes he knows best, a CEO who stepped down under pressure for a faster change in strategy, and, soon, an activist investor pushing for big changes.要理解为什么微软(Microsoft Co. ,MSFT)在选择新首席执行长时遇到困难,要考虑该公司董事会里面临的尴尬处境:这里有一位认为他最了解微软的创始人、一位迫于追求加快变革策略而卸任的首席执行长,并且很快还会有一位要求大幅变革的维权投资者。It#39;s been more than four months since Steve Ballmer announced his plans to retire. And while Microsoft has said it will pick a successor by summer 2014, board members had hoped to choose one by November or December, according to people familiar with their thinking.鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)宣布辞职计划已经有四个多月时间了。据知情人士称,微软表示到2014年夏天将会选定一位继任者,不过该公司董事会曾希望到去年11月份或12月份选出一位新的首席执行长。John W. Thompson, the director leading the CEO search, says the board is methodically seeking the right person for a complex role. But corporate directors, management consultants and some executives contacted about the job say the potential for boardroom clashes at Microsoft is a turnoff.主持新任首席执行长遴选的董事汤普森(John W. Thompson)表示,董事会正在有条不紊地为一个非常复杂的职位寻找合适人选。但该职位遴选所接触的企业董事、管理顾问以及一些高管称,微软董事会的潜在矛盾令人望而却步。If Chairman Bill Gates and Mr. Ballmer stay on the board, Microsoft would be an outlier. Just eight companies in the Samp;P 500 index have two of their former CEOs as directors, according to Equilar Inc., which tracks executive compensation.如果董事长比尔#12539;盖茨(Bill Gates)和鲍尔默均留在董事会,微软将会成为一个异类。据追踪企业高管薪酬的Equilar Inc.称,在标普500指数成分股中,仅有八家公司出现前首席执行长继续担任公司董事的情况。#39;No CEO worthy of the title wants his or her predecessors second-guessing everything in the boardroom,#39; said Jean-Louis Gass谷e, a former Apple Inc. executive who has served on public-company boards.苹果(Apple Inc.)前高管、在上市公司董事会任职的Jean-Louis Gassee说,一个称职的首席执行长不会希望他或她的前任在董事会会议室里对所有的事情说三道四。Microsoft hasn#39;t said whether both Mr. Ballmer and Mr. Gates, the company#39;s co-founder and CEO for 19 years, will remain directors. In November, shareholders re-elected each of them for a one-year board term, but they would be able to resign their posts sooner.微软方面没有表示鲍尔默或者联合创始人、曾任该公司首席执行长19年之久的盖茨是否会留任董事会。去年11月份,股东们投票将两人再次选入董事会,任期一年,但他们可以提前卸任。At least some external executives who discussed the CEO job with Microsoft directors have expressed concerns about being hamstrung if the two men continue to serve on the board, according to people familiar with their thinking.据知情人士称,至少有一些与微软董事讨论过首席执行长职位的其他公司高管曾表达过对如果鲍尔默和盖茨继续留在董事会可能会令他们受到束缚的担忧。Outside CEO candidates #39;know that part of what they are negotiating for is the level of engagement#39; of Mr. Ballmer and Mr. Gates once the new leader takes charge, a person familiar with the matter said.一位知情人士称,外部首席执行长候选人知道,上任之后鲍尔默和盖茨的参与程度是他们谈判内容的一部分。Microsoft#39;s experience shows the challenge in crafting a role for a founder or former CEO. Having them around as a sounding board or an elder statesman can be handy--unless the arrangement devolves into squabbling or a boardroom coup.微软的经历也表明在为创始人或前首席执行长定位方面存在的困难。将他们作为一个前辈留在公司董事会或者当董事会不存在矛盾的时候可能很方便,但如果存在矛盾或者发展成为董事会政变就完全不一样了。Former Pfizer Inc. CEO Henry #39;Hank#39; McKinnell sat on the board alongside his predecessor for more than five years, until directors orchestrated his retirement in 2006, 18 months ahead of schedule.辉瑞(Pfizer Inc.)前首席执行长麦金内尔(Henry ;Hank; McKinnell)与他的前任共同在该公司董事会供职超过五年,直到2006年他在董事会的压力下提前18个月卸任。#39;What#39;s really a bad idea is a former CEO of your company#39; staying on the board, Mr. McKinnell said in a late-October interview. #39;You can#39;t win.#39;麦金内尔在去年10月底接受采访时表示,将前任首席执行长留在公司董事会是在不是一个好主意,你赢不了。Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally, who has been considered for the Microsoft post, has long lived with a similar power-sharing arrangement. Bill Ford Jr. is the auto maker#39;s executive chairman, as well as a former CEO, major stockholder and member of its founding family.福特汽车(Ford Motor Co.)首席执行长、微软首席执行长的候选人之一穆拉利(Alan Mulally)长期以来一直处于这种类似的权力共享的安排之中。比尔#12539;福特(Bill Ford Jr.)是该公司的执行董事长,曾经担任过首席执行长,也是公司的大股东及创始家族成员。Some candidates for the top post at Microsoft seem to be particularly uneasy about Mr. Ballmer, according to people familiar with their thinking. He has made several recent decisions that have altered the company#39;s strategy and generated controversy among managers and investors.据知情人士说,微软的一些首席执行长人选似乎尤其对鲍尔默感到不快。他最近做了数项决策,这些决策改变了微软的战略,在管理人员和投资者中引发了争议。Ten days after the August announcement of his planned exit, Mr. Ballmer struck a .4 billion deal to buy Nokia Corp.#39;s mobile-phone business, thrusting Microsoft into a new field and adding 32,000 people to its workforce. This summer, Mr. Ballmer also pushed through a sweeping corporate reorganization that garnered mixed reviews inside and outside Microsoft.去年8月鲍尔默计划卸任的消息宣布之后10天,他与诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)达成了一项交易,斥资74亿美元收购后者的手机业务,微软由此被抛入一个新的领域,员工人数将增加3.2万人。去年夏天,鲍尔默还促成了一项全面的公司重组计划,在公司内外引发了褒贬不一的评价。People who know him question whether Mr. Ballmer could sit by if his successor wanted to break free of his strategy or policies. It isn#39;t clear how Microsoft#39;s board, which backed Mr. Ballmer#39;s moves, would react if the next CEO wanted to reverse some of his decisions.认识鲍尔默的人质疑,如果他的继任者希望摆脱他的战略或政策,鲍尔默是否能够坐视不管。目前不清楚如果新任首席执行长想撤销鲍尔默的一些决定,那么持鲍尔默举措的微软董事会将做何反应。Microsoft directors have sought to delicately manage Mr. Ballmer#39;s role in screening CEO candidates, said the person familiar with the matter. Neither Mr. Ballmer nor Mr. Gates has #39;veto power#39; over the selection of the company#39;s next leader, this person said. Messrs. Ballmer and Gates collectively own 8.3% of Microsoft#39;s stock.据一位知情人士说,微软的董事们一直争取谨慎地处理鲍尔默在甄选首席执行长人选方面扮演的角色。这位人士说,鲍尔默和盖茨对微软新领导人的选择都没有“否决权”。鲍尔默和盖茨共持有微软8.3%的股份。Mr. Ballmer himself faced a similar challenge when he took over as CEO from Mr. Gates in 2000. Their power struggles in the early years stalled some company decisions. Microsoft director David Marquardt and others stepped in, seeking to lessen tensions between the two men, who have known each other since they shared a Harvard University dorm in the mid-1970s.鲍尔默2000年接替盖茨担任首席执行长时,也曾面临类似挑战。早期他们两人之间的权力斗争令公司的部分决策陷入停顿。微软董事马夸特(David Marquardt)等人介入,寻求缓解他们两人之间的紧张关系。上世纪70年代中期,鲍尔默和盖茨曾是哈佛大学(Harvard University)室友,两人由此结识。Mr. Gates is no wallflower either. People who have worked with him say that as chairman and a revered technologist, he can dominate board discussions.盖茨也不是局外人。与其共事过的人说,作为董事长和一名备受尊敬的技术专家,他能够主导董事会讨论。In an interview with the Financial Times published in November, Mr. Gates said he expected to spend considerable time working with the next Microsoft CEO.在《金融时报》(Financial Times)去年11月刊登的采访中,盖茨称他预计将花费大量的时间与微软新首席执行长共事。Adding to the cast of boardroom characters is ValueAct Capital Management. The hedge fund bought more than billion in Microsoft stock in 2013, and parlayed shareholder unhappiness into a board seat. ValueAct President G. Mason Morfit, who is likely to join the Microsoft board this year, will be the first director in the company#39;s 38-year history not selected by Microsoft#39;s board.微软董事会还将包括ValueAct Capital Management。这只对冲基金2013年斥资逾20亿美元买进了微软股票。该基金的总裁墨菲特(Mason Morfit)今年有可能加入微软董事会,他将是微软38年历史中第一位不是由微软董事会选择的董事。Relations can be rocky when an activist shareholder joins a board he previously criticized. Investor William Ackman quit the J.C. Penney Co. board in August after he clashed with other directors over the retailer#39;s management and strategy. On the flip side, adding an activist shareholder#39;s representatives to the board helped Office Depot Inc. last year to smooth a bumpy merger with OfficeMax Inc.当一位维权股东加入其之前批评的董事会时,关系可能很难处理。投资者阿克曼(William Ackman)去年8月退出了J.C. Penney Co.的董事会,之前他与其他董事因该零售商的管理和战略发生了冲突。但一个相反的例子是,Office Depot Inc.董事会中加入一位维权股东的代表后,帮助该公司去年顺利完成了与OfficeMax Inc.棘手的合并交易。 /201401/271779石狮妇幼保健院在线泉州省第二人民医院周日上班吗

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