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广东妇幼医院做人流手术多少钱广州看妇科病医院哪好This will be the day when all of God’s children will be able to sing with new meaning.在自由到来的那一天,上帝的所有儿女们将以新的含义高唱这歌:My countrytis of thee,“我的祖国,Sweet land of liberty,美丽的自由之乡,Of thee I sing:我为您歌唱。Land where my fathers died,您是父辈逝去的地方,Land of the pilgrims pride,您是最初移民的骄傲,From every mountainside Let freedom ring.让自由之声响彻每个山冈。”And if America is to be a great nation this must become true.如果美国要成为一个伟大的国家,这个梦想必须实现。So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire.让自由之声从新罕布什尔州的巍峨峰巅响起来!Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York!让自由之声从纽约州的崇山峻岭响起来!Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania!让自由之声从宾夕法尼亚州阿勒格尼山的顶峰响起!Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado!让自由之声从科罗拉多州冰雪覆盖的落矶山响起来!Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slops of California!让自由之声从加利福尼亚州蜿蜒的群峰响起来!But not only that; let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia!不仅如此,还要让自由之声从佐治亚州的石岭响起来!Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee!让自由之声从田纳西州的了望山响起来!Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi!让自由之声从密西西比州的每一座丘陵响起来!From every mountainside, let freedom ring!让自由之声从每一片山坡响起来。When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, ;Free at last! free at last! thank God almighty, we are free at last!;当我们让自由之声响起来,让自由之声从每一个大小村庄、每一个州和每一个城市响起来时,我们将能够加速这一天的到来,那时,上帝的所有儿女,黑人和白人,犹太人和非犹太人,新教徒和天主教徒,都将手携手,合唱一首古老的黑人灵歌:“终于自由啦!终于自由啦!感谢全能的上帝,我们终于自由啦!” /201307/248524天河棠下做人流哪里好 Congratulations everyone, you made it祝贺所有人 你们做到了And I dont mean to the end of college, I mean to class day我说的不是大学毕业 而是成功出席今天的毕业日活动because if memory serves 如果我没记错some of your classmates had too many scorpion bowls at the Kong last night某些同学虽然昨晚在香港餐厅喝了太多蝎子碗调酒and are with us today但今天还是来了Given the weather由于天气the one thing Harvard hasnt figured out how to control这种哈佛还没有弄清如何控制的现象some of your other classmates are at someplace warm with a hot cocoa还有同学正在温暖的地方喝热可可饮料so you have many reasons to feel proud of yourself as you sit here today你们有很多为今天出席毕业日活动感到自豪的理由Congratulations to your parents祝贺你们的家长You have spent a lot of money你们花了很多钱so your child can say she went to a ;small school; near Boston让子女能够说自己是从波士顿附近的这所;小学校;毕业的And thank you to the class of 2014 for inviting me to be part of your celebration还要感谢2014届毕业生 邀请我来到这次盛典It means a great deal to me这对我价值巨大and looking at the list of past speakers was a little daunting看到过往演讲者的名单让人有些敬畏I cant be as funny as Amy Poehler我肯定没有艾米·波勒那么搞笑but Im gonna be funnier than Mother Teresa但我至少会比特蕾莎修女更幽默25 years ago 25年前a man named Dave I did not know at the time but who would one day become my husband一个我当时还不认识 但以后会成为我丈夫的男人 戴夫was sitting where you are sitting today坐在你们现在坐的地方23 years ago23年前I was sitting where you are sitting today我坐在你们现在坐的地方Dave and I are back this weekend戴夫和我这周末with our amazing son and daughter to celebrate his reunion带着可爱的子女回到母校and we both share the same sentiment我们都怀有相同的感触Harvard has a good basketball team哈佛的篮球队太棒了Standing here in the yard brings memories flooding back for me站在校园中 记忆仿佛泉涌I arrived here from Miami in the fall of 19871987年秋我从迈阿密来到这里with big hopes and even bigger hair怀着伟大的梦想 还有更夸张的发型I was assigned to live in one of Harvards historic monuments to great architecture我被分配到哈佛伟大建筑的一座历史丰碑Canaday卡纳迪楼My go-to outfit, and Im not making this up, was a jean skirt我是说真的 当时我身着牛仔裙white leg warmers and sneakers and a Florida sweater白色暖腿袜套 运动鞋 还有一件佛罗里达羊毛衫because my parents who were here with me then as theyre here with me now因为当时我的父母告诉我说told me everyone would think it was awesome that I was from Florida所有人都会认为来自佛罗里达的人很酷At least we didnt have Instagram至少我们当时没有InstagramFor me, Harvard was a series of firsts对我而言 哈佛给了我很多第一次My first winter coat, we neednt need those in Miami包括我的第一件冬装 我们在迈阿密不需要这些My first 10 page paper, they didnt assign those in my high school我的第一份十页论文 高中没人会布置这么长的作业My first C我第一次得Cafter which my proctor told me that she was on the Admissions Committee这之后 我的学监告诉我说 她在招生委员会and I got admitted to Harvard for my personality招我进哈佛是因为我的品性not my academic potential而不是因为学术潜能The first person I ever met from boarding school我在寄宿学校看到的第一个人I thought that was our really troubled kids我就觉得这家伙肯定是个大麻烦The first person I ever met who shares the name with a whole building我还碰到了第一个名字同整座建筑一样的人or so I met when the first classmate I met was Sarah Wigglesworth这个人的名字叫作莎拉·威格尔斯沃思who bore no relation at all to the dorm她同那栋宿舍楼没有任何关系which would have been nice to know with that very intimidating moment当时我很震惊 知道没关系后我才舒了一口气But then I went on to meet others之后我还碰到了其他人Francis Strauss, James Wells弗朗西斯·斯特劳斯 詹姆斯·威尔斯Jessica Science Center B杰西卡科学中心BMy first love, my first heartbreak我第一位爱人 第一位让我心碎的人the first time I realized that I love to learn我第一次认识到自己热爱学习and the first and very last time I saw anyone anything in Latin第一次也是最后一次碰到有人在读拉丁文When I sat in your seat all those years ago我毕业那年I knew exactly where I was headed. I had it all planned out我想好了自己以后有什么计划I was going to the World Bank to work on global poverty我要进世界 对抗全球贫困Then I would go to law school然后我要去法学院And I would spend my life working in a nonprofit or in a government然后我将在非营利机构或政府工作At Harvards commencement tomorrow as your dean described你们院长也讲了 在明天的哈佛毕业典礼上each school is gonna stand up and graduate together每个学院都要起立并一同毕业the college, the law school, the med school and so on本科部 法学院 医学院 等等At my graduation, my class cheered for the PhD students我毕业时 我们班为士生欢呼and then booed the business school然后嘘了商学院Business school seemed like such a sellout商学院似乎很不受欢迎18 months later, I applied to business school18个月后 我就报了商学院It wasnt that I was wrong about what I would do decades after graduating我对自己毕业后的数十年规划其实并没错I had it wrong a year and a half later计划只错在了一年半以后And even if I could have predicted I would one day work in the private sector就算我算到了自己会在私营企业工作I never could have predicted Facebook我肯定也算不到自己会在Facebookbecause there was no internet因为当时没有互联网and Mark Zuckerberg was at elementary school马克·扎克伯格还在读小学aly wearing his hoody已经开始穿他的标志性帽衫了Not locking into a path too early没有太早锁死自己的道路gave me an opportunity to go into a new and life changing field让我有机会进入改变生活的全新领域And for those of you who think I owe everything to good luck有些人可能认为我只是运气好 我想说after Canaday I got Quaded卡纳迪楼后 我又被安排到了方院Whats that? Barron怎么样 巴伦201409/327819For as much as government can do and must do, it is ultimately the faith and determination of the American people upon which this nation relies. It is the kindness to take in a stranger when the levees break, the selflessness of workers who would rather cut their hours than see a friend lose their job which sees us through our darkest hours. It is the firefighters courage to storm a stairway filled with smoke, but also a parents willingness to nurture a child, that finally decides our fate.虽然政府有大有作为的能力,而且也必须有所作为,但最终离不开美国人民的信仰和决心,这便是我们的立国之本。正是因为人们在大堤崩裂时接纳陌生人的关爱之情,正是因为工人们宁愿减少自己的工时而不愿看到朋友失去工作的无私精神,才使我们度过了最暗淡的时光。正是因为消防队员们有勇气冲进浓烟滚滚的楼道,也正是因为做父母的希望把一个孩子培养成才,我们才有能力决定最后的命运。Our challenges may be new. The instruments with which we meet them may be new. But those values upon which our success depends-honesty and hard work, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism-these things are old. These things are true. They have been the quiet force of progress throughout our history. What is demanded then is a return to these truths. What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility-a recognition on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation, and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task.我们面临的挑战可能前所未有。我们迎接挑战的方式也可能前所未有。然而,我们赖以成功的价值观——诚实和勤奋、勇气和公平、宽容心和探索精神、忠诚和爱国——均由来已久。这些价值观都是千真万确的。这些价值观是我国整个历史过程中一股无声的进步力量。现在需要的便是重归这些真理。我们现在需要做的是开创负责任的新时代——每一位美国人都需要认识到我们对自己、对国家、对全世界都承担着义务。对于那些义务,我们并非勉强接受,而是心甘情愿主动承担。同时我们坚信我们为艰巨的使命付出的一切,没有任何事情可以如此满足我们的道义感,也没有任何事能如此体现我们的特色。This is the price and the promises of citizenship.这就是公民的价值所在和承诺。This is the source of our conficence-the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny.这就是我们自信的来源——认识到上帝呼唤我们在前途不明的情况下掌握自己的命运。201406/304702东莞做复通最好医院

云浮做人工受孕三甲医院And I said Arjun 我说 阿儿琼I think that our challenge in what she said in out here the gambit is how we get to put this together 我认为 按照她的说法 我们最大的挑战是 如何将这些整合在一起And Arjun said, we really have no idea 阿儿琼说 我也不知道And we got home, we got on the airplane the next day, we went back to San Francisco 第二天 我们乘飞机回到旧金山I went back to my desk at Oracle and he went off to start his company我回到甲骨文 他则去开他的公司And just as I arrived back at my office I got a phone call it was a fateful call回到我的办公室后 我马上就接到了一个电话 这个电话改变了我的命运To attend something called the Presidents Summit for Americas Future 电话邀请我参加美国未来总统峰会And it was in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, I went out there, it was incredible 地点在宾州费城 我去赴会了 会议很美妙I arrived in this huge conference room 我来到一间巨大的会议室And it was being chaired by General Colin Powell, one of the great Americans 主持人是科林·鲍威尔将军 一位伟大的美国人And the five living Presidents of the ed States 然后会上还有五位美国前总统Nancy Reagan, was representing Ronald Reagan 南希·里根代表罗纳德·里根And were sitting there in this room 我们坐在会议室里And five living presidents were on stage and 五位前总统坐在台上The General came up and he came up on stage and stood at the podium鲍威尔将军走上台 站在讲台前Everyone in the audience were kind of the CEOs and leaders of these major corporations of ed States 而在座的都是 美国各大公司的CEO和领导者And I looked around and I felt, wow, really incredible companies 我环顾四周 发现周围都是一些大人物I just recognizes these faces from every page of Fortune or Forbes or Business Week or the Wall Street Journal 这些面孔都经常出现在 财富 福布斯 商业周刊 华尔街日报等报刊杂志上201601/422586广州妇幼医院做造影 吉佛.图利,探索训练营的创始人,向我们阐述了应该让孩子去做的五件“危险”的事情。这是来自于2007年TED大学的一个演讲。201506/377775广州激素六项检查哪里比较好

广州计划生育专科医院修复结扎多少钱Look, I had second thoughts, really,说实话,我犹豫过about whether I could talk about this到底应不应该to such a vital and alive audience as you guys.对你们一群如此有活力的观众讲这个题目。Then I remembered the e from Gloria Steinem,但我又想起了Gloria Steinem的一句话which goes,她是这样说的;The truth will set you free,“真相会给你自由,but first it will piss you off.;但它会先令你难受”So...所以呢……So with that in mind, Im going to set about所以谨记着这一点,我要开始trying to do those things here,试图来谈谈这些事and talk about dying in the 21st century.聊一聊21世纪的死亡。Now the first thing that will piss you off, undoubtedly,首先,第一件会令你们十分不爽的,毫无疑问的,is that all of us are, in fact, going to die就是我们所有人,事实上,都将在in the 21st century.21世纪死去。There will be no exceptions to that.这不会有例外吧!There are, apparently, about one in eight of you可是根据调查,我们当中每8个人就会有1个who think youre immortal, on surveys, but --觉得自己可以长生不老,但是……Unfortunately, that isnt going to happen.不幸的是,长生不老是不可能的。While I give this talk, in the next 10 minutes,在接下来的这10分钟内,就在我做这个演讲的同时,a hundred million of my cells will die,我身体里的一亿个细胞将死去,and over the course of today, 2,000 of my brain cells今天,我的2000个脑细胞会死去will die and never come back,而且永远不会回来。so you could argue that the dying process所以可以说,死亡的过程starts pretty early in the piece.其实在这类的日常小事中就开始了。Anyway, the second thing I want to say about dying in the无论如何,我想说的关于死在21世纪的第二件事是,21st century, apart from its going to happen to everybody,除了这件事会发生在每个人的身上以外,is its shaping up to be a bit of a train wreck它对大部分人来说,就是一列好好的火车for most of us,最终是怎么走向撞车和成为一个残骸的过程。unless we do something to try and reclaim this process除非我们做点什么,把这列火车from the rather inexorable trajectory that its currently on.从它现在正向着的死亡方面前进的轨道上拉回来。So there you go. Thats the truth.这就是我要告诉你的真相。No doubt that will piss you off, and now lets see毫无疑问,这会让你非常不爽,但现在我们来看看whether we can set you free. I dont promise anything.可不可以让你获得自由并重生。但我不能向你保什么。Now, as you heard in the intro, I work in intensive care,正如你们在介绍中听到的一样,我在ICU (重症监护治疗病房)工作,and I think Ive kind of lived through the heyday而且我想我经历过ICU的黄金时期。of intensive care. Its been a ride, man.那就像坐过山车一样,This has been fantastic.那真的一直都很棒。We have machines that go ping.我们有很先进的设备。Theres many of them up there.这照片上就有很多啊。And we have some wizard technology which I think我们有一些魔术般的技术,has worked really well, and over the course of the time我觉得一直以来都很好用。Ive worked in intensive care, the death rate在我在ICU工作的时间里,for males in Australia has halved,澳大利亚的男性死亡率减少了一半,and intensive care has had something to do with that.这跟ICU特护是有关系的。Certainly, a lot of the technologies that we use当然,这跟我们采用的许多技术have got something to do with that.也有很大的关系。So we have had tremendous success, and we kind of所以我们取得过巨大的成功,got caught up in our own success quite a bit,而我们有点被自己的成功冲昏了头脑,and we started using expressions like ;lifesaving.;所以,我们开始用一些像是“挽救生命”之类的词形容自己I really apologize to everybody for doing that,为此我真的要对所有人表示歉意,because obviously, we dont.因为,很明显,我们并不能救命。What we do is prolong peoples lives,我们能做的是延长人们的生命,and delay death,让死亡迟一点到来,and redirect death, but we cant, strictly speaking,让死亡的过程改变一点点,但是严格来说,save lives on any sort of permanent basis.从任何永久性的角度看,我们并不能拯救病人的生命。And whats really happened over the period of time而从我在ICU这些年的工作经验来看,that Ive been working in intensive care is that事实的真相是,the people whose lives we started saving back in the 70s,我们在70年代,80年代,80s, and 90s, are now coming to die in the 21st century90年代所救过来的人,现在慢慢开始在21世纪逝去of diseases that we no longer have the answers to死于我们当时没法治愈in quite the way we did then.现在也一样没法的治愈的疾病。So whats happening now is theres been a big shift而最大的不同点是,in the way that people die,人们死亡的方式发生了巨大的转变。and most of what theyre dying of now isnt as amenable而大部分让人们致死的疾病to what we can do as what it used to be like已经和我们当年when I was doing this in the 80s and 90s.在80年代、90年代处理的方法有了很大的不同了。So we kind of got a bit caught up with this,所以我们也有点困惑and we havent really squared with you guys about而我们也没有机会和大家分享一下whats really happening now, and its about time we did.如今ICU里都在发生什么。现在就让我们来看一下。I kind of woke up to this bit in the late 90s我是在90年代后期才思考这个问题的,when I met this guy.当时我遇到了这个人。This guy is called Jim, Jim Smith, and he looked like this.他叫做Jim Smith,他当时的样子是这样的。201507/387323 Actor and social activist Martin Sheen delivered the commencement address at La Roche College’s 48th commencement on May 4, 2013.201412/348153番禺中心医院精子检查多少钱广州那些医院治男人无精



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