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天河长安孕检怎么样好不好花都妇幼保健院不孕不育医院Yuan Dynasty元朝The Rise of Mongols蒙古的崛起The Mongols were formerly a tribe roaming the upper reaches of the Argun River.蒙古族原先是游荡在阿尔贡河上游的一游牧民族。Later they moved to live in the Valleys of the Onon and Kerulen rivers.之后,他们移居至鄂嫩河和克鲁伦河。With the passage of time, they rose to become a powerful tribe.随着时间的流逝,蒙古族逐渐成为一个强大的部落。During the period from the late 12th to the early 13th century, Temujin consolidated all the Mongol tribes and placed under his leadership a centralized Khanate which brought the Mongols to a new stage of development.从12世纪晚期到13世纪早期,铁木真联合了所有蒙古部落并把它们收至自己领导的中央集权制的汗国麾下,这使得蒙古发展到了一个新阶段。In 1206, he had a clan conference held on the bank of the Onon River, at which he was proclaimed the Great Khan, with the reign title of Genghis Khan.1206年,他在鄂嫩河畔召开了家族会议并宣布自己为“大汗”,统治头衔为“成吉思汗”。He was later known as Emperor Taizu of the Yuan Dynasty.铁木真之后被称为元太祖。Genghis Khan organized his army and all the adults of his Mongol tribe according to a decimal system.成吉思汗通过十进制来组织军队和他的蒙古部落的所有成年男子。He personally selected an elite force of 10000 which served as a basic striking unit.他亲自挑选了10000人马的精锐部队作为基本的作战队伍。He transformed customary laws into written laws so as to specify the special privileges of the nobility and to tighten the control of the herdsmen slaves.他将习惯法转变为成文法,以此来明确贵族的特权并加大对于牧民奴隶的控制。The enforcement of military discipline and the completion of written laws added to the strength of the Mongol Khanate based on slavery.军纪的实施以及成文法的完善加强了以奴隶制为基础的蒙古国的实力。For a long period, Genghis Khan and his successors Ogdai Khan and Mangu Khan conquered and seized territories both in the south and in the western regions.很长一段时间内,成吉思汗和他的继承人窝阔台可汗以及蒙哥可汗都征并掌控了南方和西方地区的领土。In the south their attacks were directed against the Xia, the Jin, and the Song ;in the western regions, their conquest extended as far as Central Europe.他们向南对夏国、金国和宋国进行攻击;向西征的地区远至中欧。 /201512/412223广州做阴道镜多少钱 Between 1206 and his death in 1227, the Mongol leader Genghis Khan conquered nearly 12 million square miles of territory—more than any individual in history. Along the way, he cut a ruthless path through Asia and Europe that left untold millions dead, but he also modernized Mongolian culture, embraced religious freedom and helped open contact between East and West. Explore 10 facts about a great ruler who was equal parts military genius, political statesman and bloodthirsty terror.从1206年到1227年去世,蒙古领袖成吉思汗征了近三百万多平方千米的土地——比历史上任何一个人征的都要多。他在亚欧之间打开了一条血路,牺牲了千百万人的生命,但是他也使蒙古文化变得现代化,他拥护宗教自由,并促使了东方和西方的交流。我们将为您揭秘,这位伟大的军事家,政治家,嗜血恐怖统治者的10个事实。1.;Genghis; wasn#39;t his real name.1.;成吉思;并不是他的真名。The man who would become the ;Great Khan; of the Mongols was born along the banks of the Onon River sometime around 1162 and originally named Temujin, which means ;of iron; or ;blacksmith.; He didn#39;t get the honorific name ;Genghis Kahn; until 1206, when he was proclaimed leader of the Mongols at a tribal meeting known as a ;kurultai.; While ;Khan; is a traditional title meaning ;leader; or ;ruler,; historians are still unsure of the origins of ;Genghis.; It may have may have meant ;ocean; or ;just,; but in context it is usually translated as ;supreme ruler; or ;universal ruler.;这位伟大的蒙古;可汗;,于1162年出生在翰难河岸,原名为铁木真,意为;好铁;或;铁匠;。到1206年才获得尊号;成吉思汗;,那时在一个部落会议即;库里台大会;上他被宣为蒙古领袖。;可汗;是意为;领袖;或;统治者;的传统称呼,然而历史学家还不确定;成吉思;的起源。也许是意为;大海;或是;正直;,但在文本中通常翻译成;至高统治者;或;世界统治者;。2.He had a rough childhood.2.他的童年并不快乐。From an early age, Genghis was forced to contend with the brutality of life on the Mongolian Steppe. Rival Tatars poisoned his father when he was only nine, and his own tribe later expelled his family and left his mother to raise her seven children alone. Genghis grew up hunting and foraging to survive, and as an adolescent he may have even murdered his own half-brother in a dispute over food. During his teenage years, rival clans abducted both he and his young wife, and Genghis spent time as a slave before making a daring escape. Despite all these hardships, by his early 20s he had established himself as a formidable warrior and leader. After amassing an army of supporters, he began forging alliances with the heads of important tribes. By 1206, he had successfully consolidated the steppe confederations under his banner and began to turn his attention to outside conquest.在年幼时,成吉思就不得不适应蒙古大草原上残酷的生活。在他九岁时,鞑靼人就毒死了他的父亲,他的部族后来流放了他的家族,只剩他的母亲独自抚养她的七个孩子。成吉思汗从小就打猎觅食求生,年少时,他在食物之争中杀掉了他同父异母的兄弟。他少年时期,死对头的家族绑架了他和他的妻子,他当了很长时间的奴隶,才敢逃出去。经历了这么多的磨难,他20出头时已然成为令人敬畏的战士和领袖。在聚集了一批持者后,他开始和重要的部落领袖结成联盟。到1206年,他成功地巩固了草原上的同盟们,并开始将注意力转移到地区。3.There is no definitive record of what he looked like.3.关于他的长相,并没有清楚的记载。For such an influential figure, very little is known about Genghis Kahn#39;s personal life or even his physical appearance. No contemporary portraits or sculptures of him have survived, and what little information historians do have is often contradictory or unreliable. Most accounts describe him as tall and strong with a flowing mane of hair and a long, bushy beard. Perhaps the most surprising description comes courtesy of the 14th century Persian chronicler Rashid al-Din, who claimed Genghis had red hair and green eyes. Al-Din#39;s account is questionable—he never met the Khan in person—but these striking features were not unheard of among the ethnically diverse Mongols.对于成吉思汗这么有影响力的人,关于他的个人生活,甚至是他的长相都鲜为人知。他的任何当代画像或雕像都没有保存下来,而且历史学家掌握的些许信息经常是互相矛盾,亦或是不可靠的。大多认为他人高马大,长着一头浓密的头发,畜着长长的络腮胡。最令人惊讶的描述是来自14世纪波斯一位年代史编记者拉施德丁的记录,他称成吉思长着红色的头发和绿色的眼睛。拉施德丁的记录是有有问题的——他从未见过成吉思本人——但是这些突出的特征真是种族多元化的蒙古人的特征。4.Some of his most trusted generals were former enemies.4.他最信赖的一些大将,以前是他的敌人。The Great Khan had a keen eye for talent, and he usually promoted his officers on skill and experience rather than class, ancestry or even past allegiances. One famous example of this belief in meritocracy came during a 1201 battle against the rival Taijut tribe, when Genghis was nearly killed after his horse was shot out from under him with an arrow. When he later addressed the Taijut prisoners and demanded to know who was responsible, one soldier bravely stood up and admitted to being the shooter. Stirred by the archer#39;s boldness, Genghis made him an officer in his army and later nicknamed him ;Jebe,; or ;arrow,; in honor of their first meeting on the battlefield. Along with the famed general Subutai, Jebe would go on to become one of the Mongols#39; greatest field commanders during their conquests in Asia and Europe.大可汗总能识别出人才,他经常根据将士的本领和经验来提拔他们,而不是根据等级、祖先甚至是以往的忠贞。在这个贤能社会中有这样一个有名的例子,说在1201年,和一个敌方部落的战争中,有一只箭从成吉思身下射出,成吉思汗差点死掉,不过最后是马死掉了。后来他问责俘虏,让他们说出这是谁干的,有一个士兵勇敢的站出来承认自己是那个射手。他的大胆让成吉思眼前一亮,成吉思任命他为军队里的士官,还给他起了个绰号;杰贝;或;弓箭;,来纪念他们在战场上的初次相遇。在和著名大将速不台一同征亚欧时,杰贝成为蒙古最勇猛的战地指挥之一。5.He rarely left a score unsettled.5.几乎没他打不赢的仗。Genghis Khan often gave other kingdoms a chance to peacefully submit to Mongol rule, but he didn#39;t hesitate to bring down the sword on any society that resisted. One of his most famous campaigns of revenge came in 1219, after the Shah of the Khwarezmid Empire broke a treaty with the Mongols. Genghis had offered the Shah a valuable trade agreement to exchange goods along the Silk Road, but when his first emissaries were murdered, the enraged Khan responded by unleashing the full force of his Mongol hordes on the Khwarezmid territories in Persia. The subsequent war left millions dead and the Shah#39;s empire in utter ruin, but the Khan didn#39;t stop there. He followed up on his victory by returning east and waging war on the Tanguts of Xi Xia, a group of Mongol subjects who had refused his order to provide troops for his invasion of Khwarizm. After routing the Tangut forces and sacking their capital, the Great Khan ordered the execution of the entire Tangut royal family as punishment for their defiance.成吉思汗总会给别的王国一个机会,让他们和平地从蒙古的统治,但他也会毫不犹豫的对付任何反抗的群体。最有名的一次复仇战争发生在1219年,花刺子模帝国的伊朗国王违反了同蒙古的一项条约。成吉思跟伊朗国王达成了一项有价值的贸易条约,即通过丝绸之路进行货物交换,然而他的第一批使者被刺杀了,愤怒的可汗便派出蒙古部落全力进击花刺子模在波斯的领地。接下来的战争连带了数百万人的死伤,也使伊朗完全沦陷,但可汗并不止步于此。接着,他又一路向东杀了回去,并在西夏的党项发动战争,因为党项的蒙古国民拒绝向成吉思侵略花刺子模的军队提供供给。在党项发动战争并攻陷了它的首都后,可汗下令对党项所有皇室家族执行死刑,作为他们违背可汗的惩罚。翻译:汤汤 来源:前十网 /201511/410644There are countless urban legends about drinking, from supposed wisdom about what gets you drunk the quickest, to tips on how to avoid a hangover, to rules of thumb for how you should buy and serve a fine wine. Many of them, however, aren#39;t rooted in science or data. Here are 5 things you#39;ve heard about alcohol and drinking that aren#39;t actually true.关于喝酒有无数的传闻,从哪些酒最容易让人喝醉、到如何避免宿醉的温馨小贴士,再到如何购买葡萄酒的经验法则。然而,很多这类传闻都是没有科学数据撑的。这里有5条一直为大家深信不疑的饮酒小常识,其实它们都是不正确的!Myth 1: Hard Alcohol Will Get You Drunk Quicker.谬见1:烈酒更容易醉人Yes, hard liquor has a higher alcohol content than beer. But as long as you#39;re drinking them at the same speed, a shot of liquor in a mixer should give you the same buzz as a 12-ounce beer. Shots tend to get people more drunk because they take them more quickly than they would drink a beer or a glass of wine.是的,烈酒的酒精浓度比啤酒更高。但是如果你以相同的速度喝完烈酒和啤酒,其实一小杯兑了饮料的烈酒和12盎司的啤酒是一样的,都能让你脑袋嗡嗡作响。喝小杯的烈酒之所以更容易让人醉,是因为小杯酒和一瓶啤酒或者一杯红酒比,喝起来更快,也就更容易醉人。Myth 2: Everyone Gets Hungover.谬见2:人人都会宿醉Studies show that about 25 percent of people don#39;t get hangovers. Lucky folks! It#39;s possible that this is because they don#39;t drink as much as they think they#39;re drinking, or it could be because of some as yet unknown genetic quirk. One study of Australian twins found that genetics were responsible for 40 to 45 percent of the difference in hangover frequency between people.研究表示,近百分之二十五的人并不会宿醉。多么幸运的人!很可能是因为他们实际喝的酒并不如他们自己想象得多,又或者是他们体内有一些未知的遗传基因。一对澳大利亚双胞胎的研究表明,人与人之间的基因会使人们在宿醉频率上有百分之四十至五十的不同。Myth 3: Beer Will Give You A Round Belly.谬见3:喝啤酒会有啤酒肚There isn#39;t anything more fattening about beer than any other alcohol. All alcohol is caloric and can lead to weight gain. The reason people associate a big gut with drinking too many brewskies might be because beer is consumed in larger quantities than liquor or wine.没有任何一种酒会比啤酒更容易增肥。其实所有的酒都有热量,都会导致增肥。之所以大多数人把大肚腩和喝啤酒联系起来,原因可能是一般我们会喝很多啤酒,而烈酒和葡萄酒则不会喝很多。Myth 4: Drinking Killls Brain Cells.谬见4:饮酒会杀死脑细胞Long-term hard drinking isn#39;t great for the brain, but alcohol doesn#39;t kill brain cells like your mother warned it did. It does, however, impair brain function over time. Drinking can damage the ends ofneurons, making it more difficult for them to relay signals. But that#39;s not quite the same thing as destroying entire cells.长期酗酒对大脑不好,但是并不是像你妈说的那样,酒精会导致脑细胞死亡。但久而久之,饮酒会损害脑功能。饮酒会损害神经元末梢,会减慢神经元传递信号。但这和杀死整个脑细胞完全是两个概念。Myth 5: Sake Is A Rice Wine.谬见5:日本清酒是一种米酒You would be forgiven for thinking this, as sake is often sold as a rice wine. But in fact, it#39;s more like a rice beer. Wines are alcoholic beverages made from fermented grape juice, and some expand that definition to include any and all fruit. But the process to make sake, which includes milling the grains of rice and fermenting them for weeks, is more akin to the beer-making process.你有这种误解是很正常的,日本清酒一直作为米酒来卖。事实上,它更像是一种米啤酒。葡萄酒是由发酵的葡萄汁制成的酒精饮料,一些人也说其它水果酿制的酒也算葡萄酒(但不包括米)。日本清酒的制作过程包括磨碎大米粒,再让它们发酵几周,这更像制作啤酒的过程。 /201601/419961广州去哪修复结扎最好

广东省广州市长安医院做产检怎么样好不好增城治多囊哪家医院最好 A member of the Gee family has worked on the grounds at Weston Park in Staffordshire since 1803. I’ll be the last one, though, because I don’t have a son to take over and my daughter isn’t green-fingered at all. When I retire in a few years, it will be the end of a family tradition that stretches back more than 200 years.从1803年起,吉家族(Gee)就开始打理斯塔福德郡韦斯顿公园(Weston Park)的园林。然而到我这儿将是最后一代,因为我既没有儿子来子承父业,我女儿也完全不擅长园艺。过几年等我退休了,这份延续了两百多年的家族事业就将宣告终结。I’ll be very sad when I put down my spade for good because I’ve loved being a head gardener. I officially started working here when I left school at 15, more than 45 years ago. In those days, it was taken for granted that you would follow in your father’s footsteps.当我要永远地放下我的铁铲那一刻,我会非常伤心,因为我热爱园丁主管这份工作。我从15岁离开学校后就正式开始在这儿工作,至今已超过45年。那会儿人们认为子从父业理所当然。My dad, William, encouraged me to get into gardening, probably like his grandfather did with him. I helped Dad around the estate when I was a child and he taught me everything he knew. I had a toolkit and a little garden of my own to grow radishes and lettuce. Mum was the daughter of the head gamekeeper and she gardened too, so this was my world when I was a boy.我父亲威廉(William)鼓励我进入园艺行业,可能他的祖父就是这样鼓励他的。我从小就帮爸爸打理这片园子,他把自己知道的一切都教给了我。我有自己的工具包,还有一个属于我的小花园,我在里面种了萝卜和莴苣。我妈妈是猎场看守主管的女儿,她也是名园丁,所以从我还是小男孩时起,园艺就已经是我的全部世界了。There was never any question that I would take over from Dad, although at one point I did think about being a fireman. I told Mum what I was planning and she probably confided in him. It must have upset him but he never said a word. Fortunately, I changed my mind.没人怀疑我会接替爸爸的工作,虽然曾经有段时间我想当一名消防员。我将自己的想法告诉了妈妈,她可能也透露给了我父亲,他肯定为此烦恼过,但他从没说过一个字。幸运的是,我改变了主意。Weston Park house is set in more than 1,000 acres of parkland. Most of the tourists come here to see the pleasure grounds, which were landscaped by Capability Brown in the 18th century. Like Capability Brown, my first job was gardener’s boy. That meant doing all the duties nobody else wanted to do, such as cleaning flowerpots, weeding and sweeping up leaves. Then I did a spell in the glasshouses before taking charge of the walled kitchen gardens, growing all the vegetables and fruit.韦斯顿公园的园林占地超过1000多英亩。大多数游客来这儿是为了参观游乐场,这是在18世纪由著名园艺师“能人布朗”(Capability Brown)设计的。像布朗一样,我的第一份工作也是园丁助手。这意味着所有没人愿意干的杂活都要我来做,比如清洁花盆、除草、清扫落叶等等。后来我去温室工作了一段时间,然后开始负责菜园,种植各种蔬菜水果。It was my great-great-great-grandfather, John Gee, who first worked the land here. He was a champion ploughman and kept Suffolk Punch horses in the stables. There’s a painting of him at a ploughing match in the main house that I see from time to time.我高祖约翰吉(John Gee)是第一个开始在这儿工作的吉家人。他是一流的农夫,他还在马厩里饲养萨福克矮马。大屋里有张画,画的是他参加一场耕作比赛的情景,我时不时会去看看这张画。He spent all his life here and was buried in the Weston Park churchyard. John had a son called William, who in turn had a son called George. His son was called Arthur, who was my granddad.他在这儿度过了一生,过世后被安葬在韦斯顿公园墓地。约翰有个儿子叫威廉,威廉有个儿子叫乔治(George)。乔治给自己的儿子取名亚瑟(Arthur),这就是我的祖父。Of course, things have changed a lot since I first started. Man landed on the moon in 1969 but we were still using garden clippers to trim the edges of the formal gardens and leaf blowers with engines were unheard of.当然,从我踏入这一行至今,世事有了很大变化。1969年人类就登上了月球,可当时我们仍在使用园艺剪,至于电动吹叶机则听都没听过。I still work with many of the spades and forks I used back then but the most useful piece of new machinery is the grass strimmer. It allows us to get to places where we used to have to hand cut with shears. The formal gardens take a couple of hours with a strimmer, instead of two days.我现在做很多活时仍用的是以前的铁铲和叉子,新式机器里最有用的是电动割草机。有了它,我们可以够到以前只能用大剪刀去修剪的地方。电动割草机两个小时就能修剪完整个园林,以前需要两天。Over the years I’ve had to prepare the gardens for several major events. We hosted leaders from the G8 summit in 1998, including Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Boris Yeltsin. That summer they drank Pimm’s and lemonade on one of my pristine lawns. The estate is also the venue for the annual V Festival.这些年里,我曾为一些重大场合布置园林。我们在1998年招待过出席八国集团首脑会议的领导人,其中包括比尔克林顿(Bill Clinton)、托尼布莱尔(Tony Blair)和鲍里斯叶利钦(Boris Yeltsin)。那个夏天,他们就站在我新修剪的一片草坪上,喝着Pimm#39;s鸡尾酒和柠檬水。这个公园也是每年V音乐节的演出场所。I’m 61 years old now and naturally I’ve discussed what will happen when I retire with my wife, Suzanne. We live in the same estate house we’ve had since we were married 35 years ago. The property comes with the job and I have mixed emotions about leaving it when the time comes. I still feel fit and healthy and want to continue but it’s only sensible to plan for the future. Sometimes I think I will carry on until I drop.我今年61岁了,自然而然地,我会跟妻子苏珊妮(Suzanne)讨论退休后会怎么样。我们从35年前结婚后就一直住在公园的一处房产里,我们的住所是这份工作提供的,等我退休时我们就要告别这所房子,对此我心中百感交集。我觉得自己的身子骨依然硬朗,也想继续工作,但为未来打算才是明智的。有时候我不禁会想,我要一直工作下去,直到倒下的那一天。Our daughter, Felicity, has a career in textiles and I’m very proud of her. I can understand why she doesn’t want to work in the gardens.我们的女儿费莉西蒂(Felicity)从事纺织业工作,我为她自豪。我能理解她为什么不愿意从事园艺工作。So I’ll be the sixth and last generation of the family to work here. I’ll miss seeing the seasons change but I won’t miss cutting all the lawns.所以,我将是第六代,也是最后一代在这儿工作的吉家人。我会怀念这里四季变化的景色,但我不会怀念修剪这么多草坪。 /201512/415978广州天河人流手术医院哪里好

广州市去那里割包皮最好Confucius(551 B. C.~479 B. C.), born at Zouyi (south-east of the present Qufu, Shandong Province), whose given name was Qiu and courtesy name Zhongni, was the founder of Confucianism.孔子(公元前551年~公元前479年),名丘,字仲尼,鲁国陬邑(今山东曲阜东南)人,孺家创始人,被后世尊称为“圣人”。As one of the greatest thinkers and educators in the history of China, Confucius#39; legacy lies in the following three aspects.作为中国历史上伟大的思想家与教育家,孔子的贡献主要体现在三个方面。Firstly, he compiled and preserved literary works of three generations. The six documents (The Six Classics) under his compilation, including Shi (The Book of Songs), Shu (Collection of Ancient Texts), Li (The Rites ), Yue (The Music), Yi (I Ching, or The Book of Changes), and Chun Qiu (The Spring and Autumn Annuals), are considered as the classics of Confucianism. This accomplishment makes an enormous impact on the succession and development of the traditional Chinese culture.第一,对三代文化的整理与保存。他整理了《诗》、《书》、《礼》、《乐》、《易》、《春秋》6部文献,被后代奉为儒家经典,合称“六经”,为传统文化的继承与发展作出了巨大贡献。Secondly, Confucius established a system of philosophical thoughts with ;ren;(benevolence) as its fundamental virtue. This virtue is the central theme of his Analecrs.第二,建立了一套以“仁”为核心的思想体系,这集中体现在记录他一生言行的《论语》一书中。As a moral and ethical system, ren focuses on human love that is hierarchical and differentiated.“仁”是一种道德境界与伦理体系,核心内容是提倡一种多层次、有差别的人类之爱。Thus Confucius created his version of humanism.孔子的“仁”是对“人”的发现,自他开始,人们才把“仁”由外在规范转化为一种内在自觉。Based on ren, Confucius objected to the fantastic powers that confused the human spirit. He took a skeptical and indifferent attitude toward religion and further developed his humanistic ideas.以“仁”为基础,孔子反对“怪力乱神”,对天命鬼神采取了怀疑和冷漠的态度,由天命神学转到了人本思想,并进一步发展了民本主义思想。Confucius#39; concept of li refers to a set of ritual and musical systems, with the hierarchical system as its core.孔子也讲“礼”,礼是礼乐制度,核心内容是等级制度。Ren and li are complementary: Ii is the exterior principle of ren while ren is li#39;s intrinsic guiding power. To accomplish ren, one must abide by li, while ren will be naturally generated in the process of practicing li.礼与仁互为表里,礼是仁的外在规则,仁是礼的内在指导因素。要达到仁,必先合乎礼,在反复实践礼的过程中自然会产生仁。Fundamentally, the purpose of Confucius#39; li is to restore the traditional rifles of the Zhou Dynasty.孔子讲“仁”的根本目的是维护与恢复周礼。Thirdly, Confucius established private schools and founded a systematic educational framework.第三,兴办私学,创立了科学的教育思想体系。He maintained the idea that everyone has the right to be educated despite class differences. In teaching practice, Confucius adopted flexible teaching methods which involve the combinations of learning and thinking, learning and reviewing as well as teaching and learning. He strived for educating students in accordance with their aptitude and adopted a heuristic style of teaching.孔子提出“有教无类”,认为人人都应该受教育。在教育实践中创立了灵活多样的教学方法,提倡“学”与“思”的结合、学习与复习的结合以及教与学的结合,讲求因材施教和启发式教学等等。These philosophical thoughts are still valuable in application today.这些思想,直到今天还有其现实意义。 /201510/402113 广州检查封闭抗体到哪家医院广州番禺做无痛人流好的医院



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