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Why is it that you cant put down hydrogen gas? If you had a big balloon full of hydrogen gas, like the first gondola balloons pioneered in 18th-century France, youd find that it rises in the air quite dramatically.为什么氢气总是会飘起来?如果你有一个充满氢气的大气球,就像18世纪法国飞行先去发明的吊篮热气球,你会发现热气球在空中飘得很高。You know that a piece of wood will float in water, right?你知道一块木头能浮于水上,是吧?Sure.当然。Thats because the wood is less dense than the water. When youre in a buoyant medium, having a lesser density than your surroundings means youll float. Something with greater density than water, like a stone, will sink.因为木头密度比水的密度小。当你所在的浮力介质密度小于周围,你就会飘起来。石头一类密度大于水的密度的就会下沉。Air also has the quality of buoyancy. Anything less dense than the air will rise, just like a piece of wood held underwater and then let go. Hydrogen gas is only about one fourteenth as dense as air. So up it goes!空气也有漂浮的特质。密度小于空气的就会漂浮,就像放在水下的木头会浮起来一样。氢气的密度仅仅是空气密度的1/14,所以氢气能漂浮。In fact, it rises with such force that it can even haul up a huge balloon, with a gondola and riders!事实上,氢气上升的力量足以托起载客的吊篮热气球。 /201209/199924。

There is Freundlich with his two buddies about to leave Berlin.弗雷德里奇和他的两个朋友要离开柏林。Einstein is there.而爱因斯坦就在那里。He is very, very anxious.他非常,非常的焦虑。Freundlich and two of his colleagues are lugging four astronomical cameras and cumbersome equipment on a long and treacherous journey.弗雷德里奇和他的两位同事带着四架天文相机和笨重的设备准备踏上漫长而危险的旅途。They gonna take the train and go all the way to the Crimea in Russian territory.他们会搭乘火车径直前往俄罗斯境内的克里米亚。Freundlich and Campbell hope to maximize their chances of good weather and good eclipse photographs by camping in different sites.弗雷德里奇和坎贝尔希望在不同的地点借助好天气可以最大限度地拍摄到日食的摄影照片。Freundlichs party sets up in southeastern Crimea.弗雷德里奇的队伍在克里米亚东南部集结。Campbell locates near Kiew.坎贝尔位于基辅附近。They are both determined despite the frightening and sping rumors of a world war.尽管令人害怕的世界大战谣言正在散布,但他们仍然作此决定。Then the worst happens.然而最坏的事情还是发生了。On June 28th, 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated.1914年6月28日,奥地利大公弗朗茨·费迪南德遭行刺。The German Kaiser declares war on Russia.德国凯撒对俄罗斯宣战。And Einsteins eclipse expeditions are suddenly in jeopardy.爱因斯坦的日食探险队突然岌岌可危。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/179218。

In the future well tell our robots to clean the house, make dinner (cars coming),even pick up the kids at school. Theyll monitor our families health and home security.在未来,我们可以直接使唤机器人打扫卫生,做饭,甚至接孩子上下学。他们也将监控我们家人的健康和家庭安全。 ;Welcome home Bryan. Catherine has left the house.;“欢迎回家,布莱恩。凯瑟琳出门了。” And if necessary, call 911. Theyll be our live-in nurses, monitoring our vital signs. Eventually they will even replace the doctor.如果有必要,机器人还会拨打911报警。他们将变成我们的居家护士,监控重大疾病的征兆。最终,他们甚至会取代医生。 And as we move towards these intelligent, sort of autonomous domestic robots, in the future, the robots will be able to learn new skills by observing other humans do them or by learning from other robots.随着我们不断研发这种智能,自主家用型机器人,机器人也会不断进化,到时候它能够通过观察人类的行为,或者模仿其他机器人来学习新的技巧。 The day when we all have our personal Asimo is not far off.人人都拥有一个私人助手阿西莫的日子指日可待。 ;Someday in the near future I will be sold to you guys. Im really looking forward to that.;“有一天,在不久的将来,你们就可以买我回家。我真的期待这一天的到来。” Its projected that more than 4 million homes will soon have personal robots. The South Korean government hopes to put robots in every home no later than 2020.根据计划,超过四百万个家庭很快便会拥有私人机器人。韩国政府希望最迟不晚于2020年将机器人带进每一个家庭。 ;If you learn from history, I believe that in the next 20 years the price will be cheap enough that well be able to afford household robots and I believe again it will transform our society.;“纵观历史,我相信在未来20年,机器人的价格会逐渐降低,人们都能买得起。我也坚信这会引起社会变革。” Its predicted that robots with human-level intelligence could arrive as early as the year 2029. A society of smart, undetectable androids in our midst may seem alarming, but for now well still be the ones in charge.据预测,有着与人类智力水平相当的机器人最早会在2029年面世。也许这些聪明,难以探测的机器人看起来是一种威胁,但目前我们仍然是主导的一方。;We can always turn off the power.;“我们总是能关掉电源。” Future robots may become more human, but future humans will also become more robotic. In fact, its aly happening.未来机器人会更像人类,未来的人类也会变得更机器人化。事实上,这已经发生了。原文译文属!201207/190534。

The Indiana Pacers with their outside shooting and the physical play were a team custom-built to defeat Michael and the Bulls.印第安纳步行者队的外线投篮和强硬身体素质是整个团队定制击败迈克尔领衔的公牛队的主要方针。In the first two games of the series even though the Bulls would win both games, it was clear that the Pacers would pose their first real test.在前两节比赛中,即使公牛队全胜,很明显步行者也对他们构成了第一个真正的考验。Rose backs in. Now, Rose, stripped by Michael and stolen by sky, to Harper. Harper on the run, lead pass, Toni Kukoc to Michael. He dunks the ball! Oh, my!罗瑟退守。现在,罗瑟被迈克尔隔空取物般的断球,传给哈帕。哈珀一路领衔着奔袭,托尼给了迈克尔。他扣篮了!哦,我的天啊!For the next two games, the scene shifted to Indiana. On their home court, the Pacers would win game three behind their tireless guard, Reggie Miller.在接下来的两节比赛中,形势转移到了印第安纳这边。凭借主场的优势及他们不知疲倦的后卫雷杰;米勒的顽强,步行者队赢得第三节,将比赛逆转。Lead pass ahead for Mark Jackson. This is what Indiana wants. They run to Miller for three, got it!里德传给前面的马克;杰克逊。这就是印地安那想要的。传给米勒,放3分,球进了!In game four, the Bulls led by a point in the final seconds, when Miller and Jordan would square off again.第四节比赛中,公牛在最后一秒的时候领先1分,这时米勒和乔丹碰上了。注:听力文本来源于普特201201/168371。

Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?为何高尔夫球上有小窝?Youre out on the golf course one pleasant afternoon. Your ball is set on the tee. You lean over the ball. You grip the club just right.在一个舒适的下午,你站在高尔夫球场上。把球在球托上放好,身体倾斜到球的上方,握好球杆。Your arms are straight. Your stance perfect. Whoosh! You swing, and the ball takes off toward the green, sailing in a beautiful arc–almost as if its weightless.你的胳膊绷直,姿势完美。呼地一声!你挥杆了,高尔夫球飞了起来,奔向绿地,划出一道优美的弧线,轻盈得似乎没有重量。Your impeccable technique certainly has a lot to do with the success of that drive, but you got a major assist from the little dimples on the golf ball–and theyre the subject of this Moment of Science.这一杆的成功当然和你完美的技术密不可分,但高尔夫球上的那些小窝也帮了你的大忙-它们就是本期《科学一刻》的主题。Combined with the proper spin, the dimples help keep the ball in the air longer, and heres how.如果加上适当的旋转,这些小窝可以帮助高尔夫球在空中停留更长时间,原因如下。Your picture-perfect swing puts backspin on the ball. The dimples trap a layer of air next to the ball, and this layer spins with the ball.你完美的挥杆动作使球向后旋转。球上的小窝吸附了周围薄薄的一层空气,这层空气会与球一块旋转。The air being dragged across the top of the spinning ball moves in the same direction as the air thats rushing past. As the air spinning with the ball comes around the bottom it is moving in the opposite direction from the air on top, and therefore against the onrushing air. Consequently its slower than the air on top.球所吸附的这层空气转到球的上方时,它的运动方向与周围空气流动方向一致。而这层空气到球下方的时候,它的运动方向与上方空气相反,因此与周围气流相抵。这样就使得下方的空气的速度比上方的要慢。A slow moving air stream has higher pressure than a fast moving air stream. So, the higher pressure on the bottom of the ball is going to hold the ball up longer.速度慢的气流压强较大,速度快的气流压强较小。因此,球底部较高的气压可以把球向上托使它在空中驻留更长时间。The effect of the dimples is so significant that a drive of two-hundred yards hit with a dimpled golf ball, would be shortened with a non-dimpled ball to about one hundred yards.这些小窝的作用是十分重要的,同样的一杆,如果可以把有小窝的高尔夫球击出200码,那它只能把没有小窝的球击出大约100码。 /201207/189508。