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You just look fantastic. Oh, well, thank you.你看上去很棒 哦 是么 谢谢Thank you. You look so good.谢谢你 你看上去很好Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.谢谢 谢谢 谢谢 谢谢Now, I have not been back since从八月份节目开播以后uh, I I started the show I guess back in August,额 我就没有回去过so I havent been, uh, up north lately,所以我最近没 额 北上去but we are neighbors and you have brought me vegetable once.但是我们是邻居 你曾经带给我蔬菜 就一次Actually, a couple of times. No, twice, twice. Okay, thank you. Twice.事实上 不止一次 哦对 两次 是两次 没错 谢谢 两次You missed that time. No, twice.你忘了那一次 不 两次But now, I know you have a big garden.但是现在 我知道你有一个很大的花园I know you have an overflow.我知道你大丰收What dont I get more? Because--为什么我没有收到更多?因为And see, you see how you just forgot然后你看 你看你忘了that I actually bought it the second time?我其实给你送过两次Uh-huh. Its because when--when I brought that big basket in--额 对 因为 当 当我带着那个大篮子去给你的时候Uh-huh. And you said, ;What am I supposed to do with this?;嗯 你说“我要拿这些怎么办?”Oh, no I didnt. Yeah, you did.哦 不 我这么说了么 是的 你说了You said, ;What am I supposed to do with this?;你说 “我要拿这些蔬菜怎么办?”because you--you know, I decided you dont cook--you dont cook. No.因为你 你知道么 我知道了你不做饭 你不做饭 不做And you are-- you do not get as excited about basil as I do.然后你 你不会像我这样对香料很感兴趣I get-I get really excited about basil, and keeping the basil, so--我对 我对香料很感兴趣 种植香料 所以I decided I would just give the vegetables to other people. Aw, no.我决定把这些菜给别人 哦 不I would give the vegetables to other people.我宁可把菜给别人Now, you all dont know this, or maybe you do,所以你们不理解 你可能知道that Ellen gave me an apple tree for my birthday. Yup. Yes.艾伦在我生日的时候送了我一棵苹果树 是哒 没错Which is now bearing fruit. I thought to bring you the fruit--这棵树现在结果了 我想过给你带点果实But? I thought better of it. Oh, no.但是?我想到更好的主意 哦 不Theyre my apples! I said, ;Im not bringing her those apples.;这是我的苹果! 我说“我不给她带苹果”Cause, first of all, Stedman loves apple pie, and we can just use the apples因为 最重要的是 斯特曼喜欢苹果派 所以我们决定用这些苹果for people who want to use the apples, cause--给那些想要用苹果烹饪的人 因为Well, I want-Ill come over for apple pie and have it with Stedman. Okay.好吧 我想 我会来吃苹果派的 然后和斯特丹一起分享 好的I thought-I thought you would, like, feed the apples to your horses or something.我猜 我曾经猜你会 比如用苹果喂马之类的Well, uh, Portia would definitely do that,这个么 额 波西娅肯定会这么做but theres nothing wrong with that either.但是这样也没什么错Are the big apples? Are they tiny?那些苹果大么 还是很小的那种Theyre not tiny. Theyre not the little cranberry-No, theyre not that.它们不小 不小 不是那种小浆果一样…不是 不是那样的Theyre not tiny. I should have brought them. I should have sent-I was gonna--它们不小 我应该给你带点的 我应该送 我本来准备while I was passing them this morning,当我早上分发苹果的时候I thought to take a photo-Yeah. And then, Im not--我想过拍张照 是么 然后 我没有拍You have the most amazing property你有着最令人惊奇的财产and the most amazing trees and thats why最令人惊讶的树 这也是我I gave you a tree cause I know you love trees.送你树的原因 因为我知道你爱树Yes. But really, you have a magnificent-Well, you know,是的 但是真的 你有着壮观的… 嗯 你知道having that property was a dream of mine.拥有这样一片土地是我的梦想I remember when I was doing ;The Color Purple.;我还记得当我还在拍《紫色》时Thats where I sit. Is that my--oh, thats my favorite tree on the property.我就坐在那里 那是我……哦 这是我花园里最爱的一棵树Um, we call that the promised land tree.嗯 我们叫它 应许之树So I I have, you know-I remember when I used to go to church with my father on Sundays.所以我 你知道么 我记得 小时候跟我爸爸一起去教堂做礼拜He had a big, green 1958 Oldsmobile.他那时候开着一辆大的绿色的1958通用汽车and we would drive through the rich people--rich white peoples neighborhood.我们会从有钱人旁边开过 有钱的白人邻居After church-- anybody, any black people ever do this--礼拜后…任何人 任何黑人也这样做过么drive through the rich white peoples neighborhood?从有钱的白人邻居家旁边开过?And you would--you would look at the houses--然后你会 你就会看着她们的房子I would drive through rich, white peoples neighborhoods.我会从有钱的白人邻居旁开过We drive through the rich, white peoples neighborhood--我们从富有的白人邻居旁开过I was poor. And youd look at all--look at the houses. And I would dream about我小时候也很穷 然后你就看着 看着这些房子 你就会梦想a house that I could own one day or possibly live in one day.我将来要拥有或者住的一栋房子And all the houses that I loved were surrounded by lots of trees.然后我爱的所有房子都被一大堆树包围着So I, in my mind, measured wealth with trees.所以我 在我心目中 我用树来衡量财富So the more trees you have, the wealthier you are.所以你有越多的树 代表你越有钱And I do believe I won. Yeah. I think I won. I think-- Yeah. I think you won.所以我相信我赢了 是的 我想我赢了 我觉得 耶 我也觉得你赢了Now I look out at my yard in the morning,现在每天早餐我看着我的院子and all the trees-I measure, you know--Yeah. Success by trees.和所有的树 我在算 你懂么 是的 我成功了201706/512490

An analysis of 2016 U.S. fertility data shows that nurseries could have some extra space in the near future.2016年美国生育数据分析表明,育儿室在不久的将来可能会有更多的空间。Just over 6 percent of women ages 15-44 gave birth in 2016. That rate decreased by about 1 percent compared with 2015 and has some researchers concerned about the population.2016年,只有百分之6的14岁至44岁女性生育。与2015相比,比率下降了约1%,一些研究人员担忧人口问题。There are a few reasons why the birthrate is getting lower. For one, teen births went down 9 percent. Thats seen as a positive, as studies show the children of teen moms are often at a disadvantage to their peers.出生率下降的原因有几个。其一,青少年生育下降了9%。这被认为是积极的,因为研究表明,在同龄人中,青少年妈妈的孩子往往处于不利地位。But women in their 20s also arent having as many bundles of joy either. Researchers think that could be due to economic uncertainty,couples tend to have fewer children when the future of the economy is up in the air.但是20多岁的女性也没有计划生育。研究人员认为,这可能是由于经济的不确定性。当未来经济悬而未决,夫妻往往生育更少的孩子。Instead, the birthrate was buoyed by older women. Rates for women between the ages of 40 and 44 went up by 4 percent.相反,年长女性生育有所增长。40至44岁女性的比率上升了4%。Researchers expect the overall U.S. birthrate to bounce back when theres more economic certainty.研究人员预计,在经济更加确定的情况下,美国总体出生率将回升。译文属。201707/516643

Okay, Im down.Bear, you all right?好的 我下来了 贝尔 你还好吗Sean, whats going on?Hes good.Hes good?Lean back and put your weight on it. Down you come.肖恩 怎么样了 他没事 没事吗 向后仰 重心靠后 下来吧Nice and steady.This is a pretty scary situation.慢慢来 不要晃 这真是非常恐怖的情况I didnt want to go down there. You feel very alone.我不想往下走 感觉孤立无援You just got to trust Bear and his experience.你只能相信贝尔 还有他的经验Okay, Joe! We got Sean down!Oh, man.好的 乔 肖恩下来了 老天啊Okay, were going down, Joe. Lets go.下来吧 乔 来吧 This is really gonna push Joe,and will make him confront his fear of rappelling.这对乔来说是一大难题 他得面对他最怕的索降Whos guarding the rope?You got me, Bear?我下去了谁看着绳子呢 贝尔 你能保护我吗I got you 100%, brother.All right. I trust you.我全力保护 哥们 好吧 信你Thats good. Thats good.Keep it coming.Lean back.好极了 好极了 就这样下来 向后仰I reckon you can walk down this,so lean right out like you did on that first granite rappel.我保你能安全下来 向后仰 就像你第一次从峭壁上下来一样Thats it. Lean right back. Right back.就这样 后仰 对了Hips forward, remember.Feet flat against the ice...not to the ice.记住 臀部向前 双脚平放抵住冰面 不要离开冰面Crevasses are scary places.And this is really challenging Joe.冰裂缝是令人生畏的地方 对乔来说无疑是个巨大的挑战Hes gonna have to put his fears to one side and put his confidence in me.他必须抛弃胆怯 对我充分的信任Good job, Joe.Oh, good stuff.Bear helped me.干的好 乔 确实不赖 贝尔帮了我I mean, he told me everythings gonna be fine.他告诉我任何事都会好起来的But, you know, hes been saying that all day.但你也知道 他整天都这么说And I have been fine,so I guess I need to start believing him at some point.而事实上我确实毫发无损 所以一定程度上我想我该相信他201705/511614

I am thinking of an animal.我正在想一个动物Its black and white, furry, and kind of like a Teddy bear.它黑白相间 毛茸茸的 有点像泰迪熊You are right, Squeaks. Its a panda.Squeaks 你猜对了 它就是熊猫Kids all over the world have heard of pandas, but have you ever seen one?全世界的孩子都听说过熊猫 但你见过吗?If you are lucky, you may have seen one in the zoo.你可能有幸在动物园看到过But I am pretty sure, you never come across one just walking around.但我肯定 你不会随随便便在大街上就能碰上熊猫Thats because pandas are very rare.那是因为熊猫相当稀有And we can learn a lot from them about what all kinds of animals need to survive in the wild.我们能从它们身上了解到很多动物们野外生存的需求The animals you and I know as pandas are actually called ; Gaint Panda;.我们所知的熊猫,其学名实际上是;大熊猫;And they are bears, in the same family as brown and black bears.大熊猫属于熊科 与棕熊和黑熊属于同一科And pandas like all animals need certain things to live,大熊猫与其他动物一样需要在特定的条件下生存like food, water and a place to sleep and be safe.如食物、水以及用于休息且安全的场所We call the place where an animal has all of these things that needs to live, its ;habitat;.我们把满足动物所有生存条件的地方称为;栖息地;The place where you live is your habitat.你生活的地方就是你的栖息地But lets find out what a pandas habitat looks like.那让我们看看熊猫的栖息地是什么样子All pandas that live in the wild ,that is, they are in zoos,所有生活在野外,也就是动物园的熊猫,can be found in the mountains of China都来自于中国大山深处The weather there is cool and wet, and the forests in these mountains make up the pandas habitat.那里气候湿冷 深山中的森林成了熊猫的栖息地Pandas make their homes called dens in places like the stumps of trees or inside big hollow logs.熊猫把窝筑在树桩上或者中空的树洞里So these mountain forests give pandas a place to sleep and be safe.所以这些山林给熊猫提供了栖息地和安全感But the habitat also needs to provide food for the animals that live there.但是栖息地也要为生活在这里的动物们提供食物And the pandas favorite food, by far, is a plant called ;bamboo;.目前 熊猫最喜欢的食物是竹子Pandas eat a lot of bamboo and quickly.熊猫的食量很大而且进食迅速They have to eat a lot to get as big as they do.为了保持庞大的体型 他们必须吃很多But the problem with the pandas diet is they dont eat much else.但熊猫的饮食问题是 他们不太吃竹子之外的食物The fact is they are very picky eaters.事实上,它们很挑食!So a pandas habitat has to have a lot of bamboo growing in it.所以熊猫的栖息地必须有很多竹子Luckily, the cool wet forest of China are a great place for growing bamboo.幸运的是 中国的湿冷森林适宜竹子生长All and all, these forests are the perfect habitats for pandas.总之 这些山林是大熊猫的完美栖息地But, there is a problem. The pandas habitat is getting smaller.但问题是 熊猫的栖息地正在不断缩小A long time ago, there used to be a lot of mountain forests for the bears to live in.很久以前 有大片适于熊猫生活的山林But people started to cut down a lot of forests to make room for buildings, and to use the wood for fuel.但是人们开始砍树造房 烧柴生火As they did this, the pandas habitat got smaller, and separated into pieces.长此以往 熊猫的栖息地变得越来越小并且越来越分散了Pandas started to have problems finding enough food to eat, and safe places to have their babies.熊猫们开始找不到足够的食物了 也没有安全的巢穴照顾宝宝了And as their habitat got smaller, so did the number of pandas.随着栖息地越来越小 熊猫的数量也越来越少So today there are far fewer pandas than there were a long time ago.所以 现在熊猫的数量远少于之前Scientists think there are fewer than 2,000 pandas living in the wild today.科学家们估计 现在野生大熊猫的总数不到2000只But there is a good news.但也有个好消息Once people learned that pandas were in trouble, they started to do things to help them.人们意识到了熊猫们的困境 开始行动起来帮助它们了People are not allowed to cut down trees in the pandas habitat any more.比如禁止人们在熊猫栖息地伐木And scientists and volunteers have planted bamboo in trees to try to make the pandas habitat bigger again.科学家和志愿者开始在树林中种竹子 试图扩大熊猫的栖息地Its hard work, but lots of people are trying to solve the problem.虽然这是一项艰巨的任务 但是很多人都在努力解决这个问题So pandas are aly famous for being cute and kindly,尽管熊猫因为可爱和亲切而声名大噪but there also a great example of how all animals need a healthy habitat in order to survive.但是 也给了我们一个警示 动物们需要一个健康的栖息地来生存Anyhow, sometimes we can help protect for them.无论如何 我们都帮助保护它们Thanks for joining us on Scishow Kids.谢谢观看本期儿童科学秀节目Is there an animal that you like to learn more about?你有想了解的动物吗?If you have a question about the world around you,如果对于周围的世界存有疑惑grab a grownup and ask them to help you leave a comment down below,让大人在下方留言or send us an e-mail to kids@scishow.com.或者发电子邮件到kids@scishow.comThanks, Ill see you next time, here at the fort.下次再见!201706/513724

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