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Chinas new security outlook in Asia中国在亚洲的新安全前景CCTV reporter Han Bin is at the CICA summit in Shanghai and joins us now.位于上海亚信论坛峰会的CCTV记者韩斌现在加入我们。Q1: Han Bin, President Xi Jinping is due to make a keynote speech shortly. Whats he expected to say?Q1:习主席即将作主旨演讲。他这次主旨演讲的主题是什么?Q2: You talked about Asias security outlook. What does this idea of a new security concept actually mean for Asia?Q2:你谈到亚洲的安全前景。这一新安全观的想法实际上对亚洲来说意味着什么?201405/299869

A workaholic spouse may not mean to be absent or inattentive, but you need some relief and cooperation to manage the pressure that inevitably results. Discover ways to save the relationship and your sanity.工作狂配偶并不意味着经常不在或疏忽你的感受,但是这不可避免会造成压力,你需要一些安慰和合作。观看这段视频,了解如何挽救你们的感情,同时让你看上去通情达理。You Will Need你需要Strength勇气Journal日志Schedule日程安排Support持Therapy治疗Steps步骤STEP 1 Maintain schedule1.日程安排Maintain a strict schedule. Avoid enabling the workaholics erratic behavior. Dont adjust meal times and dont keep the kids up late to see the parent -- break the cycle.严格执行日程安排。避免纵容工作狂配偶古怪的行为。不要调整吃饭时间,不要让孩子熬夜等父亲或母亲回家——打破恶性循环。STEP 2 Sacrifice but speak2.理解但直言Understand their pressures, but insist that they be sensitive to how this affects everyone else. Youre not a saint, so speak up.理解他们的压力,但是坚持告诉他们,你们对这种行为给每一个人造成的影响非常敏感。你并不是圣人,所以勇敢地说出自己的感受。STEP 3 Journal feelings3.记录感受Keep a journal of your feelings to air it out, and comfort yourself by tracking events and analyzing your situation. This is tough and for now you may be your best and only friend.在日志中记录自己的感受,作为一种发泄途径,通过记录事件和分析形势来安慰自己。情况非常艰难,你或许是自己最好的也是唯一的朋友。Dont convince yourself that theyre suffering and want to get better. Workaholics may feel trapped at times, but nobodys stopping them from solving the addiction.不要说自己他们也很痛苦,希望情况会好转。工作狂有时会陷入困境,但是没有人阻止他们解决这种对工作上瘾的感觉。STEP 4 Accept for a while4.短暂接受Accept their workload as part of a short-term plan. Seventy-hour work weeks might make short-term sense, as long as both partners agree to a plan to cut back soon.接受他们的工作负担是短期计划的一部分。每周工作70小时短期内说的过去,只要双方都赞同过了这段时间就放松下来。STEP 5 Be good to yourself5.善待自己Create your own place of happiness and be good to yourself. Maintain sanity, not as a matter of selfishness, but for survival.打造自己的乐土,善待自己。这不是自私,而是为了生存。STEP 6 Frame requests positively6.积极提出要求Frame requests for time and attention respectfully and in positive terms. Crabbing at the partner or fighting will only drive them away and encourage them to claim that no one understands.用积极的语言尊敬地要求对方付出时间和关注。发牢骚和争吵只会把对方越推越远,反而导致他们指控没人理解。STEP 7 Schedule them7.安排时间Schedule free time for the two of you as a necessary ritual. Take bike rides and walks together, or go on date nights to establish timeouts for intimacy. Make your partner put it in the planner as any business client might expect them to do.为两人安排共同的时间,作为必不可少的惯例。一起骑自行车或散步,或者浪漫的约会,增进两人之间的亲密感。就像公司客户一样,要求他们把这一点纳入计划。Studies have shown that after eight to 10 hours of work, productivity decreases. Everyone needs rest and balance.研究表明,经过八至十个小时的工作后,效率会降低。每个人都需要休息和平衡。STEP 8 Find support8.寻求持Find a twelve-step program that deals with your particular problem. Whether or not you can convince a partner to go, sit in on a few sessions to get insight and support during the crisis.寻找一个可以解决你的问题的拥有详细步骤的项目。无论你是否可以说伴侣参加,你可以参加几期,在这场危机中获得顿悟和持。STEP 9 Attend therapy9.参加治疗Go to couples or marriage therapy if necessary to discuss and get to the root of the problem. This is a partnership and you both need to be on the same page -- your relationship is worth it.如果必要的话进行情侣或婚姻治疗,讨论问题的根源。你们是合作伙伴的关系,必须共同进退,你们之间的恋情值得两人共同作出努力。The English King Henry VIII legalized divorce in the 16th century, breaking from the Catholic church in order to do so.十六世纪,英国国王亨利八世宣布离婚合法化,为了这一点,他们脱离了天主教堂。视频听力译文由。201403/280692


  The French took the stone as a cultural trophy of war, but it never made it back to Paris.法国人将石碑视作自己的战利品,却从未能将其成功地运回巴黎。Pursued by Nelson, Napoleon was defeated, and in 1801 the terms of the Treaty of Alexandria, signed by the French, British and Egyptian generals, included the handing over of antiquities-and the Rosetta Stone was one of them.在尼罗河河口海战中,纳尔逊勋爵打败了法国舰队,拿破仑拋下军队独自回到法国。1801年,法国向英国与埃及的将领投降。之后签署的亚历山大协议要求法国人交出一切文物,其中便包括罗塞塔石碑。Most books will tell you that there are three languages on the Rosetta Stone, but if you look on the broken side, you can see that in fact there are four.许多书籍都会告诉你—就像我刚才说的一样—罗塞塔石碑上共有三种文字。但如果查看石碑断面,你便会发现第四种。Because there, stencilled on in English, you can : ;CAPTURED BY THE BRITISH ARMY IN 1801; PRESENTED BY KING GEORGE III;.上面用英文写着“1801,英国军队获于埃及”以及(在另一处)“英王乔治三世赠”。Nothing could make it clearer that if the text on the front of the stone is about the first European empire in Africa, Alexander the Greats, the finding of the stone stands at the beginning of another European adventure-the bitter rivalry between Britain and France for dominance in the Middle East and in Africa, which had continued from Napoleon until the Second World War.石碑表面的文字记载了非洲土地上第一个欧洲帝国—亚历山大 帝国—的故事,而石碑的重新发现又恰逢新的欧洲列强争夺战的开端:英法争夺中东与非洲统治权的斗争,从拿破仑时期一直延续到二战。We asked the Egyptian writer Ahdaf Soueif for her view of this history:我曾询问埃及作家阿达法苏维夫对这段历史的看法。;This stone so makes me think of how often Egypt has been the theatre of other peoples battles.罗塞塔石碑让我想起埃及如何频繁地成为别国战争的舞台。Its one of the earliest objects through which you can trace Western colonial interest in Egypt, because of course it was found by the French in the context of Napoleons invasion of the country, and then appropriated by the British when they defeated him, and the French and the British argued over it.No-one seems to have considered that it belonged to neither of them.这是最古老的能表现欧洲在埃及攫取殖民利益的物品之一。在英法两国为它的归属权争论不休时,似乎没有人想过石碑其实不属于他们中的任何一位。201411/342098。



  Thursday marks the World Sleep Day. A first ever report into Chinese peoples sleeping quality shows nearly 70 percent of people in China use cellphones and computers before they go to bed, with many staying up until midnight. Now experts say they are ruining peoples sleep.周四是世界睡眠日。第一份关于国人睡眠质量的报告显示,近70%的中国人在睡觉前玩手机和电脑,还有很多直到午夜才睡。现在专家表示这些高科技产品摧毁了人们的睡眠。Technology makes our life convenient, but it also keeps many people up late.高科技便利了我们的生活,但是同时也使得很多人夜不能寐。Feng Yang, a travel company employee, said, ;I feel stressed at work, and the nerves are tightened up even at night. So I cant sleep. Also Im too busy to talk to friends during the day. So I chat with them at night, and get to know what theyre doing on Weibo.;就职于一家旅行公司的风扬说,“平常工作压力很大,甚至在晚上神经也是绷紧的。所以我不能入睡。而且白天工作太忙也没有时间和朋友交流。这样我就在晚上用微或微信和他们聊聊天。” According to the China Sleep Quality Index report, 67 percent Chinese people use their cell phones and computers before going to bed. 14 percent of people dont go to bed until midnight. Nearly half of them chat or play games online.根据中国睡眠质量指数报告,67%中国人在睡觉前玩手机或电脑。14%的中国人直到深夜才睡。近一半是在聊天或者玩网络游戏。201309/257650“我能不能把你的办公室废弃了?”这是Elyn对她医生曾问的问题,而且不是开玩笑。一个合法的学术家,在2007年Saks来这里,带着她自己精神分裂症的故事,被治疗和药物所控制但始终存在。在这个强大的演讲中,她请求我们去用清晰的,诚实的,同情的眼光去看待有精神疾病的人们。201403/277019

  You don’t change lanes in bed, so you shouldn’t sleep while you’re driving. Here’s how to stay alert.睡觉的时候不可能改变车道,所以驾车的时候不要睡觉。以下是保持清醒的方法。You Will Need你需要Cup of coffee一杯咖啡Some chewing gum一些口香糖Audio book (optional)有声读物(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Pull over amp; drink coffee1.停车喝咖啡At the first sign of drowsiness, pull over immediately and drink a cup of coffee.一旦出现困倦的迹象,立即停车,喝杯咖啡提神。Step 2 Wait for caffeine to kick in2.等待咖啡因发挥作用Don’t get right back on the road; caffeine boosts a driver’s reaction times, but it takes 30 minutes to kick in. Instead,park someplace safe, lock your doors, and take a quick half-hour nap.不要立即上路。咖啡因可以刺激司机的反应时间,但是需要30分钟才能发挥作用。相反,把车停在比较安全的地方,锁上车门,小睡半个小时。Step 3 Roll down windows3.摇下车窗When you do get going again, roll down your windows. If it’s cold outside, all the better -- it’s harder to nod off when you’re uncomfortable. And don’t crank the heat --the warm air can lull you to sleep.重新上路的时候,摇下车窗,如果外面天气寒冷就更好了——身体不适的时候更难打盹。不要开暖气,温暖的空气会让你昏昏欲睡。Stay three car lengths behind the car ahead of you; this will give you some room for error if you do happen to doze off for a second.与前方的车保持三辆车长的距离,如果你凑巧有一秒钟的恍惚,可以给你纠正错误的空间。Step 4 Sit up straight amp; move eyes4.坐直,运动眼睛While you drive, sit up straight and keep your eyes moving. Hunching forward decreases the amount of oxygen that can fit in the lungs, and staring at a fixed distance slows down brain activity.驾驶的时候,身体坐直,保持眼睛运动。身体前倾会减少进入肺部的氧气,眼睛紧盯着一个固定的位置看会减缓大脑活动。Step 5 Chew gum5.嚼口香糖Choose spearmint or peppermint gum -- its minty scent stimulates the vagus nerve, providing a jolt to the nervous system.选择荷兰薄荷或薄荷味口香糖,清新的味道可以刺激迷走神经,为神经系统提供动力。Step 6 Play games with yourself6.和自己玩游戏Play road games -- with yourself! I Spy, which forces you to notice your surroundings, and the License Plate Game, which makes you focus on small letters and numbers, boost mental functioning and reduce eye fatigue.和自己玩道路游戏,玩间谍游戏,注意观察周围的环境,或者车牌游戏,让你集中注意力观察较小的数字和字幕,促进神经运转,减缓眼睛疲劳。Step 7 Sing along7.唱歌Sing along to your favorite CDs. It switches up your breathing patterns, boosts circulation, floods oxygen to the brain, and-- if you like the song -- increases feel-good endorphins.跟着你最喜欢的CD轻轻歌唱。这样可以改变呼吸模式,刺激血液循环,大脑的血氧水平,如果你喜欢这首歌的话,还可以增加让你感觉比较好的内啡肽。If you’re not a fan of your own voice, listen to audio books instead. A study found they make drivers more alert than just listening to music.如果你不那么欣赏自己的声音,听一些有声读物。一项研究发现,有声读物比单纯地听音乐更能让司机保持清醒。Step 8 Walk Around8.走动一下If all else fails, find a safe spot to get out of the car and walk around. Moving your body revs up circulation and brain activity, which shakes off fatigue. Who knows? You may aly be where you’re going.如果以上方法都不奏效,找一个安全的地方,走出汽车,到处走一下。运动身体可以促进血液循环和大脑活动,减缓疲劳。谁知道呢?或许很快就可以到达目的地。Thirty-seven percent of drivers admit falling asleep at least once behind the wheel.37%的司机承认曾经在驾车的时候睡着。视频听力译文由。201402/275931


  Nails are great to show off. Keep them strong and healthy with these useful tips.美丽的指甲是值得炫耀的。根据以下有用的建议,保持指甲强壮健康。You Will Need你需要Biotin supplements(Vitamin B)生物素补充剂(维他命B)Foods containing biotin含有生物素的食品Milk牛奶Polish containing vitamins A, C, D, and E含有维他命A,C,D,E的指甲油Petroleum jelly, castor oil, or olive oil凡士林油,蓖麻油,或橄榄油Steps步骤Step 1 Take vitamin B1.摄入维他命BTake 300 micrograms of the B vitamin biotin, four to six times each day to give you healthy nails. Brittle nails can result from biotin or iron deficiencies and circulation problems.摄入300微克维他命B生物素,每天四到六次,保持指甲健康。指甲脆弱可能是由于生物素或铁素缺乏,也可能是血液循环问题。Step 2 Eat biotin rich foods2.食用生物素含量丰富的食品Eat food containing biotin, such as cheese, eggs, peanuts, and cauliflower.食用富含生物素的食物,例如奶酪,鸡蛋,花生和花椰菜。Step 3 Increase zinc3.添加锌Increase your zinc intake for stronger nails with a daily glass of milk.每天饮用一杯牛奶,增加锌的摄入量,让指甲更强壮。Step 4 Limit use of nail polish remover4.限制卸甲油的使用Use nail polish remover sparingly to prevent dry nails and cuticles. Use nail polish remover that is acetate-based.减少卸甲油的使用量,防止指甲和表皮干枯。使用含有醋酸盐的卸甲油。Avoid removers with acetone or formaldehyde, which is drying to nails.避免含有丙酮或甲醛的卸甲油,否则会导致指甲干枯。Step 5 File in one direction5.向一个方向锉File your nails in one direction, twice a week, with a fine-grain file.用一把比较好的锉刀朝着一个方向锉指甲,每周两次。Avoid filing in a back and forth motion, and never file when your nails are wet.避免来回锉,千万不要在指甲湿润的时候锉。Step 6 Coat nails6.保护指甲Coat your nails with polish containing vitamins A, C, D, and E.用含有维他命A,C,D,E的指甲油涂指甲。Step 7 Keep nails hydrated7.为指甲保湿Keep your nails hydrated by moisturizing them every evening with petroleum jelly, castor oil, or olive oil. Rub a small amount into the cuticle and the skin surrounding the nail.每晚用凡士林油,蓖麻油,或橄榄油为指甲保湿。向表层和指甲周围的皮肤涂抹少量就可以了。Did you know? Your nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter.你知道吗?指甲夏季比冬季长得快。视频听力由。201311/265524

  「在神圣的荒野中,我们能看见自己最良善的特质」野生生态保育人士伊德amp;#8226;瓦提(Boyd Varty)与我们分享动物、人类及两者相互关系的故事,也就是南非谚语Ubuntu所言:「是你成就了我」。伊德将此演讲献给那位宽怀无私的人性代表—前南非总统曼德拉。201408/319857


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