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transplant移植,perm进行A Brain TransplantThe Brain Surgeon was about to perm a brain transplant. “You have your choice of two brains,” he told the patient, “ Gloria:Did you hear that Manuel is quitting?格洛莉娅:你听说曼努埃尔正准备辞职的事情了吗?He took a job with another company.他在另一家公司找到工作了Sam:Im not surprised.山姆:我一点也不感到意外He came up against the glass ceiling and he decided to jump ship.他无法继续升职于是决定跳槽Gloria:Really? I didnt know he was bucking promotion.格洛莉娅:真的吗?我不知道他曾竭力争取晋升Sam:He been trying to become a manager three years, but other people have been promoted over him or theyve hired from outside the company.山姆:3年来他一直努力想成为经理,但别人都超过他得到了晋升或被其他公司聘请Gloria:I didnt know that.格洛莉娅:这我可不知道I was aware of the wage disparities within the company and the gender pay gap within each department, but this is news to me.我知道公司内部存在薪酬差异而且每个部门都有性别薪酬差异,但你说的我是第一次听到Sam:Havent you noticed that people who take extended leave to have children or try some type of work-life balance are passed over plum assignments, raises, and promotions?山姆:你没注意到请了长假的都是有孩子或从事别的工作的人吗?他们干着美差,加薪升职,享受美丽人生却完全不理会别人?There are definite limits to advancement.对于发展晋升有明确的限制Gloria:I thought it was just favoritism on the part of the bosses.格洛莉娅:我认为这仅仅是出于老板的偏袒Their friends got promoted and other people didnt.他们的朋友得到晋升而其他人没有Sam:That certainly true, but that only part of the story.山姆:这是千真万确,但这只是一部分而已Gloria:Why are we still working a company with such unfair policies?格洛莉娅:为什么我们仍然为如此不公平的公司卖命?Sam:Speak yourself.山姆:说你自己就好了Im giving notice today.我今天会发出通知 99 you can have the brain of a psychologist, or $,000 you can have the brain of a politician.”The patient was amazed at the huge difference in price. “Is the brain of a politician that much better?” He asked. The Brain Surgeon replied, “No, it’s not better, just unused.”政治家的大脑一个外科医生正要作一个脑移植手术你可以从两个脑子中选一个给你医生告诉病人,一个心理学家的大脑00美元,一个政治家的大脑000美元病人很惊讶二者之间这样大的差别,政治家的大脑好一些吗?他问医生说:不是好一些,只是没有用过1.transplant移植也可以指“迁移”: A group of farmers were transplanted to the island by the government.一批农民被政府迁到这个岛上居住 .surgeon外科医生内科医生是internist3.perm进行也有“执行”的意思: He always perms his duties faithfully.他一贯忠实地履行自己的职责 .politician政客 You need to be a bit of a politician to succeed.你要获得成功, 就需要有一点政客的手腕5.amaze 使惊奇Your knowledge amazes me.你丰富的知识令我吃惊6.unused没用过的也有“不习惯的”的意思:He had grown unused to this sort of attention.他已经开始不习惯这样的关注 193

Napoleon Bonaparte拿破仑·波拿马About a hundred years ago there lived a great general whose name was Napoleon Bonaparte. He was the leader of the French army; and France was at war with nearly all the countries around. He wanted very much to take his soldiers into Italy; but between France and Italy there are high mountains called the Alps, the tops of which are covered with snow.大约在一百年前,有一个伟大的将军,名叫拿破仑·波拿马他是法国军队的统帅当时法国几乎对所有的邻国作战他非常迫切地想把军队开进意大利但是在法国和意大利之间,有一座高山,叫阿尔卑斯山,山顶上覆盖着积雪;Is it possible to cross the Alps?; asked Napoleon.“能越过阿尔卑斯山吗?”拿破仑问The men who had been sent to look at the passes over the mountains shook their heads. Then one of them said, ;It may be possible, but—”被派去查看山道的人都摇头其中一个说:“也许可能,但是—”;Let me hear no more,”said Napoleon. ;ward to Italy!;“别让我再听到这些,”拿破仑说“向意大利前进!”People laughed at the thought of an army of sixty thousand men crossing the Alps where there was no road But Napoleon waited to see that everything was in good order, and then he gave the order to march.人们觉得一六万人的军队想翻越没有道路的阿尔卑斯山的想法非常可笑,但是拿破仑只等看到一切都准备就绪,就下令出发The long line of soldiers and horses and cannons stretched twenty miles. When they came to a steep place where there seemed to be no way to go farther the trumpets sounded ;Charge!; Then every man did his best, and the whole army moved right onward.大队人马和大炮绵延英里当他们来到一处看起来无路可走的陡峭的山地时,吹起了冲锋号“冲啊!”这时每个人都尽了最大的努力,整个军队继续顺利前进Soon they were safe over the Alps. In four days they were marching on the plains of Italy.不久他们就平安地翻过了阿尔卑斯山四天后,他们就在意大利的平原上行军了;The man who has made up his mind to win,”said Napoleon, ;will never say Impossible.;“下定决心要取得胜利的人,”拿破仑说,“永远不会说‘不可能’” 9



  Famous Americans-Jackson Pollock; American Society the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; to restrain versus to refrain versus to subside; velocity versus quickness; to have been down that road beeWords:to settleto experimentlandscapeabstractto poursocietyto preventcrueltyshelterhumaneinvestigationto restrainto refrainto subsidevelocityquicknessto have been down that road bee


  fascinated着迷,elegant精美的,calligraphy书法,cocktail鸡尾酒Cheap but GoodMy wife was fascinated by the elegant calligraphy on the hand-written in a Chinese restaurant. She took it home and spent months knitting a sweater with Chinese characters in the front. She was wearing it at a cocktail party when a Chinese physician asked where she got the symbols. “From a ,” she admitted. “Do you know what they say?” “I’m afraid to ask,” my wife said, “but tell me anyway.”“Cheap but good.”价廉物美我的妻子被中国餐馆的手写菜单上优美的书法迷住了她把菜单带回家,花了几个月的时间织了一件毛衣,把中国字织在胸前她穿着这件毛衣参加一个鸡尾酒会一位中国医生问她是在哪里搞到这个图样她承认是从菜单上描下来的医生问:“你知道这些字什么意思吗?”我的妻子说:“我没敢问你告诉我吧”中国医生说:“价廉物美”1.fascinate使着迷be fascinated with history深深爱上历史学科She fascinated him into marring her.她弄得他神魂颠倒而终于娶了她还有“慑住”的意思:The serpent fascinated its prey.那条蛇慑住了它要捕食的动物.elegant精美的an elegant dress漂亮雅致的女;lead a life of elegant ease过着优裕闲适的生活也可以指“简洁的”:an elegant piece of reasoning简要明确的论3.calligraphy书法、笔迹learn Chinese calligraphy学中国书法;be inscribed on a plaque in sb.’s caligraphy某人的手迹刻印与一块匾额上.knit编织除此之外,knit还有很多意思,比如“使癒合”:knit broken bones使折骨癒合;“皱眉”:knit one’s brows in thought紧锁双眉思索;“缔结”:knit an agreement订立协议5.cocktail鸡尾酒也可以作及物动词,意为“举行鸡尾酒会”:They lionized and cocktailed the young author.他们给那青年作家捧场,并为他举行鸡尾酒会6.physician医生也可以指“抚慰者、解除痛苦者”:a physician of the soul心灵的抚慰者 877

  Butcher:Good morning. What can I get you?肉商:早上好你想买什么?Samantha:Id like some lamb chops, pork chops, and some beef, but Im not sure which cuts I want yet.萨曼莎:我想买些羊排,猪排,还有些牛肉,但我不确定要哪块Butcher:Youve come to the right butcher shop.肉商:您来对地方了Everything here is fresh.所有东西都是保新鲜Everything comes straight from the slaughterhouse.都是直接从屠宰场运来Samantha:Um, Im glad to hear that.萨曼莎:嗯,我很高兴听到这个消息Butcher:In fact, we got in a shipment of game and poultry just this morning.肉商:事实上,我们今天早上刚进了一批肉食和家禽You can buy them bone-in, boneless, or whole.你可以带骨、无骨或整个购买Theyre as fresh as if you got them from your own farm or brought them down with your own shotgun.这些同样新鲜,就像你从自己的农场取得或用自己的猎刚放倒它们一样Samantha:Uh, that great.萨曼莎:哦,太好了I see that you sell marinated and stuffed meats, too.我看你也卖卤肉和肉肠Butcher:Yes, we do. We even make our own sausages.肉商:是的,也有这方面生意我们甚至还自己做香肠We use only the freshest ingredients.我们只使用最新鲜的原料Theyre so fresh I wouldnt be surprised if they got up and walked across the floor.新鲜到如果它们活生生站起来在地板上大摇大摆的走我也不会感到惊讶Samantha:Right. I think Ill just take the chops now.萨曼莎:没错我想现在就要排骨Butcher:Are you sure? I can show you some of the best prime cuts of beef youll ever see.肉商:你确定吗?我可以给你些最好的切块牛肉Theyre so fresh you could...它们很新鲜,你可以…Samantha:No, no, that all now.萨曼莎:不,不,这就够了I suddenly feel like a salad dinner instead.我突然觉得更想要沙拉当晚餐 3830

  Microsoft Acquires Minecraft 微软收购《我的世界Microsoft has acquired Mojang, the maker of Minecraft, one of the world best-selling games. The Swedish firm, which currently employs 0 people, was purchased .5 billion dollars. Mojang’s Lego-like game allows users to build their own virtual worlds. It has approximately 0 million users and is a top-selling app across many devices and consoles. Analysts believe that Microsoft will try to use this deal to promote its Windows phones to a young demographic. The makers behind Minecraft will join the team responsible other Microsoft games, such as Halo. Many Minecraft enthusiasts are opposed to the acquisition. These virtual architects fear that their creative commy will be ced to deal with new restrictions when Microsoft takes over.微软收购Mojang公司,该公司创作了全球最畅销的电玩游戏《我的世界目前,这家瑞典公司拥有员工0人,收购价格为5亿美元Mojang公司出品的乐高类游戏能够让用户自行创建自己的虚拟世界该游戏用户数量约为1亿人,并成为了许多电子产品和游戏机的畅销应用软件分析人士认为微软此举是为了手机操作系统“Windows phones”造势,希望能够吸引更多年轻人的目光《我的世界制作团队也将负责微软另一款电游“Halo”的制作许多《我的世界发烧友反对收购“虚拟建筑师”担心他们的梦想之城会因微软的收购而增加更多限制译文属原创,,不得转载 1818。

  1. What is the man name?A. CraigB. GregC. Gary. Where was the man born?A. ArizonaB. KansasC. Colorado3. Which sentence best describes his university studies?A. He is a third-year student.B. He is majoring in Spanish.C. He really enjoys his studies.. Where does the man work?A. at a bookstoreB. at a restaurantC. at a supermarket5. What is one thing the man likes to do in his free time?A. ingB. joggingC. camping 3750

  最近的一项调查表明,60%的中国大学生感到孤单,80%的人认为自己是社会不公平制度的受害者A recent survey indicates that 60 percent of college students in China feel isolated, and 80 percent feel like they are victims of social injustice. Is the mental health of China's young people really on the wane? If so, how can this be rectified? Let's follow our reporter Du Lijun to find out. Shi Guannan, a student of the Shanghai-based East China University of Political Sciences and Law, the high instances of isolation, autism and other psychological disorders among college students is not a surprise. "Every year, our university has someone who takes their own life. The reasons the suicides often sound ridiculous. I mean do you believe that someone would kill themselves just losing two Yuan or after failing a test? But that's what happens. Young people today deal with more pressure than ever bee. The tough competition jobs, the soaring house prices, I believe our psychological conditions will only get worse in the future. "Shi Guannan's feeling is backed by a recent survey by the China Population Communication Center. The survey, which polled 3 students in Beijing through face-to-face interviews last year, showed that nearly half of the interviewees said that they lacked a sense of security in social interactions, half were not content with their lives, two out of felt trapped in a state of emptiness and 60 percent felt lonely. If not discovered and attended to properly, those psychological disorders may lead to serious consequences. Pan Quanhui, a 3-year-old student at the University of Hong Kong, committed suicide earlier this month because he could not get rid of the pimple on his face. Pei Meng, a 19-year-old student in Nanyang Normal University of Sichuan Province, jumped to her death from a building on January this year due poor permance in her final exam. And the list goes on. According to research by the China Youth and Children Research Association, 30 million youngsters below the age of are suffering mental problems. It also indicated that anxiety disorders and depression among college students have been on the rise in recent years. Why are today's young in China suffering such psychological disorders? Tong Xiaojun is an associate professor of the social work school of Beijing-based China Youth University Political Sciences. She shares her observation on campus. "My students usually come to me and say that they don't know how to communicate with people. These students usually have low self-esteem, they feel isolated and excluded." 19


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