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栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧!201512/415229lm happy with the children here,孩子们还在身边让我很欣慰and at the same time, lm sad because their fathers gone.但同时我也很难过 他们的父亲已经不在了They always say, ;Daddy did it this way.他们总是说 爸爸会这么做Daddy used to do this. Daddy used to do that. 爸爸以前都这样 爸爸以前都那样Those kids are so proud of their father.他们很以父亲为傲l cant find words.To me, its just such a loss, too soon.我无语了 这是太大的缺失 也太快了lt left such a gap and made us see what was missing.造成了很大的缺口 也让我们看到所遗失的Why hadnt we embraced him? Why hadnt we loved him?我们为何没有包容他? 为什么不爱他?He gave us so much love and so much wonderful music.他给了我们那么多爱 那么好的音乐And l think that this is what well always remember him for.我想我们永远都会记得这些l love the fact that everything he sang, he sang from his heart.我很喜欢他 每首歌都是发自内心唱出的And l love listening to him singing, every record hes ever recorded.我好爱听他唱歌 听他的每张专辑Michaels legacy is that he will be known as the greatest entertainer ever.迈克尔留下来的 就是史上最顶尖的表演者这名号Michael was a great talent.迈克尔才华洋溢He was the best overall talent that lve ever seen in my life,他是我所见过最棒的艺人and lve been following talent since l was three years old.He was the best l ever saw.我可是打从三岁起就在看艺人 他是我所见过最好的lll remember that little boy that l met when he was 10 years old,我会记得当年见到的那个十岁小男孩201511/411197Blogs in Plain English趣味学习:部落格Youve seen the word; youve seen the websites and you may even have one. But have you ever wondered: Whats the big deal about blogs?你看过这个字,你看过网页而且你也许甚至有一个。但是你有没有想过:部落格有什么重要的?This is Blogs in Plain English.这是“英文说部落格”。To make sense of blogs, you have to think about the news and who makes it. Well look at news in the 20th vs. the 21st century to make our point.要理解部落格,你必须想到新闻以及创造新闻的人。我们会比较二十世纪和二十一世纪的新闻,来阐述我们的观点。In the 20th century, the news was produced professionally. When news happened, reporters wrote the stories and a tiny group of people decided what appeared in a newspaper or broadcast. Professional news was main stream: general and limited.在二十世纪,新闻是被专业制作的。当新闻产生,记者写故事,而一小群人来决定什么会出现在报纸或是广播之中。专业新闻是主流:普遍而有限的。The 21st century marked the point where news became both professional and personal. A new kind of website called a Weblog or Blog for short came onto the scene that let anyone be a reporter and publisher, often for free.二十一世纪是新闻变成同时专业且个人化的开端。一种新型网站叫做Weblog,简称Blog的出现使得任何人都变成记者和发行人,通常是免费的。As blogs became popular, they created millions of news sources and gave everyone an audience for their own version of news. Of course, were using the word ;news; loosely. But really, isnt everything news to someone?当部落格变得受欢迎,它们创造了数以百万计的新资讯来源且帮每个人自己版本的新闻找到观众。当然,我们轻率地使用“新闻”这个字。但是真的,每件事情不都是某个人的新闻吗?With a blog, a business owner can share news about his business, a mother can share news about her family, or a sport star can share news with fans. These people are all ;bloggers.;借由部落格,一个生意人可以分享他生意上的新消息,一个母亲可以分享她家庭的新闻,或是一个运动明星可以跟粉丝们分享新讯息。这些人都是“部落客”。How did this happen? Well, blogs made sharing news on the web easy. Anyone with an idea can start a new blog with a click of a button and share news minutes later. Heres how blogs work.这是怎么发生的?嗯,部落格使得在网路上分享新闻变得更简单。每个有点子的人可以按一个按钮就开始一个新的部落格,并在几分钟之后开始分享新闻。这是部落格运作的方式。Blogs are websites that are organized by blog posts. These are individual news stories, like articles in the paper. Bloggers simply fill out a form like this one to post a new story. With a click of a button, the blog post appears at the top of the web page, just above yesterdays news. Over time, the blog becomes a collection of these posts, all archived for easy reference.部落格是由文章分类的网页。这些是个人的新故事,像是报纸里面的文章。部落客仅需填一张像是这样的表格来发表新故事。按一个按钮,部落格文章就会出现在网页顶端,就在昨天新闻的上面。时间久了,这部落格变成一个这些文章的收藏,所有文章都会被存档而可轻松参照。Also, each blog post can become a discussion through comments left by ers. Blogs make the news a two way street.同时,每一篇文章都可以借由读者留言变成讨论串。部落格使得新闻变成双向通道。But really, the fuss is not about how blogs work. Its about what people like you do with them that matters.但是真的,部落格如何运作并没有什么好大惊小怪的。重要的是人们想要你如何去操作。Lets say you have a blog about green living and outdoor photography. It reflects your unique perspective. This helps you build relationships with your ers and other bloggers with similar interests.这样说吧,你有一个关于绿能生活和户外摄影的部落格,他反映出你独特的观点。这帮助你和读者以及其他有相同兴趣的部落客建立关系。Speaking of relationships, bloggers often work together. In addition to comments, youll each others posts, e each other and link your blogs together. This creates communities of bloggers that inspire and motivate each other.说到关系,部落客通常一起工作。除了留言之外,你们也将会互相阅读文章,互相引述并且把你们的部落格连结在一起。这创造了互相刺激鼓励的部落格社群。Whether its their ease of use or the opportunities they offer, blogs have been adopted in a very big way. Since 2003, there have been over seventy million blogs created, each with its own version of news. So, the big deal about blogs is that they gave people like you the power of the media and created a personal kind of news that appeals to a high number of small audiences.不管是方便使用还是提供机会,部落格被非常广泛的采用。从2003以来,已经有超过七千万个部落格被创造出来,每个都有自己版本的新闻。所以,部落格重要的地方是,它给像你一样的人们媒体的权利并能够创造一能够吸引大量小众族群的个人型态的新闻。So, its up to you. What will you do with this new power? There is likely a group of people out there who want to hear what you have to say.所以,这要看你自己。你要怎么使用这新力量。外面有一票人想要听听看你想说什么。You can search for blogs using Googles Blog Search or Technorati. You can also start your own blog for free at Blogger or Wordpress.com.你可以用Google的Blog Search或是Technorati来找部落格。你也可以在Blogger或是Wordpress.com建立免费的部落格。201506/381515So Ive had my IGF measured back in London,我在伦敦做了类胰岛素生长因子的测试and they tell me that its 28.他们告诉我是28Is that good? Bad?这个数值是好 是坏Thats not very bad, but thats high enough不算很坏 但是that, based on a number of studies, including our own,基于包括我们自己的一系列研究it puts you in a higher这个数值表明risk category for several different cancers,你罹患几种癌症的风险略高including prostate cancer.包括前列腺癌Valter believes I should start to see some pretty impressive results瓦尔特认为进行三天四夜的禁食后after just three days and four nights of fasting.我应该能得到一些显著的改善But its a daunting prospect.但我却望而却步I think fastings quite tough, isnt it?禁食很痛苦 对吗Have you done it yourself?你有做过吗Ive done it myself, yes,有 我有做过Ive fasted for four days several times我尝试了几次持续四天的禁食and to me it was very tough, yeah.对我来说 很痛苦And still, if I look ahead at doing fasting,一想到要禁食I see it as a tough four days,我还是会觉得是很痛苦的四天Im not looking forward.我不愿意禁食Some people do, but I dont.有些人会希望 但我不会Im Italian, so I look forward to eating well, you know.我是意大利人 你懂的 我崇尚美食Ill bear that image in mind. Yeah.我会记住这个画面的重点解释:1.a number of 许多;若干(后接可数名词的复数形式)例句:A number of cables are needed in this project.这项工程需要大量电缆。2.look ahead 考虑未来; 看前面例句:Look ahead. What can you see on the top of the hill?向前看。你看见山顶上有什么东西?3.look forward to 展望,期待(后接动词的ing形式)例句:I look forward to being alone in the house.我盼望着能自己一人待在这所房子里。 201510/403376In South Australia,theres evidence for what happended.在澳大利亚南部 有这些变化的据to the evolution of life after Earths long winter.地球经历了漫长的冬季之后生命开始演化Five hours driver out of Adelaide,五小时行程后驶出AdelaidePaleontologist Jim Gilling is travelling to see some of the rarest古生物学家吉姆带我去看世界上最古老and most ancient fossils in the world.和一些最珍稀的化石。We are going to a secret location in the Flinders Ranges.我们要前往弗林德斯区的一处秘密地点Its the place where you can get alook at the very first fossil evidence of complex life on Earth.在那里你可以看见地球最早的复杂生命体的化石据STEWART:The area we are about to visit was once the bottom of sea.我们将要参观的区域从前是海底。600 million years ago,6亿年前he oceans were the only place where life could be found.海洋是能够发现生命的唯一地方But a warmer Earth brought change.温暖的地球带了变化For a billion years, all that the Earth had seen10亿年的时间里 地球只有单细胞微生物was microscopic single-celled creatures.The best they could do was to form these domes of slime,which we call stromatolites.他们最多只能够形成这种圆石 我们称为叠层石。Stromatolites were the Earths dominant life form.叠层石是地球生命的主要场所Were it not for the violent climatic changes triggered by volcanoes如果不是火山引发了剧烈变化的气候at the end of the snowball era,they might still rule the planet today.终结了冰河世纪 它们还会一直统治着地球Instead, new life forms arose.相反,新的生命形式出现We see a revolutio in the history of life.地球生命史发生了一次革命We see a sudden increase in size and complexity of the single cell creatures单细胞生物在体积和复杂程度方面突然发生变化And soon after, you will find imprints on rocks of the very first large creatures,我们能在岩石上发现之后短时期内出现的最早的大型生物的印记the oldest multi cell creatures, the Ediacaran fossils.我们认为这就是最古老的多细胞生物伊迪卡拉纪化石。201508/396053

Ric Elias:坠机让我学到的三件事201509/399158

Physics means everything to him.物理就是他的一切I want him to be happy, Mr. Sciama.What can I do?我希望他快乐 夏马先生 我能做什么I want you to set him a question that he can... Finish.我希望你能给他一个...他能完成的课题Something easy enough for him to finish,给他一个比较简单 能够完成的课题before he dies.Could you do that?Please?让他死前能完成 您能做到吗 求您My students and my science are everything to me.我的学生和我的科研是我的一切I try to be true to both,我试着真诚对待两者which is why I cant do what you asked me, Dr. Hawking.所以我不能答应您的请求 霍金医生Im sorry.Cosmology. The ;get-told; Science,all speculation no proof.很抱歉 宇宙学 道听途说的学问 只有猜想没有据;Get -told; Science?;How we got here, where were going,;道听途说 我们怎么来的 又将往哪里去what is time?; Ask us all sort of big questions.Stephen!时间是什么; 这是宇宙学研究的大问题 史蒂芬Have you got a subject? You brought a big idea back with you?想到课题了吗 你带点好想法回来了吗No. - Plenty of time, plenty of time.还没 -时间多得是 多得是The greatest achievement to physics in the twentieth century,二十世纪物理最伟大的成就Roosevelt, Oppenheimer, what have they given us?罗斯福 奥本海默 他们带给我们什么The atomic bomb.Whats the point in asking?原子弹 还问我们从哪来how we got here and where we are going,我们又将去哪里有什么意义if Einstein and your mobve aly got us all y for...反正爱因斯坦和你们这帮家伙已经...Blaming Einstein for that is like blaming Isaac Newton for你为原子弹怪爱因斯坦就像为飞机失事plane crashes because he discovered gravity.怪艾萨克·牛顿发现了重力201512/414381

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