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  • ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活How to get lucky in life好运气的敲门砖Live in the Now活在当下When it comes to luck, you make your own. – Bruce Springsteen说到运气,你需要自己去创造——布鲁斯·斯普林斯汀It is easy to get so caught up in our own little worlds that we become oblivious to the other people, places, and things around us. 小小世界被人追赶上太正常不过,我们也会遗忘其他人、地方以及一些事情Developing an ability to live in the present moment will help you notice opporties that would otherwise breeze past without recollection.培养自己活在当下的能力能帮助你注意到机会,因为说不准什么时候就稍纵即逝了catch up 追上例句:You walk on and Ill catch up with you later.你往前走吧,我一会儿就赶上你了breeze n.微风; 轻而易举的事例句:Making the pastry is a breeze if you have a food processor.如果你有食品加工机,做这种点心轻而易举recollection n.回忆,追忆; 往事; 回忆录;例句:I have a dim recollection of it.我依稀记得这事[本节目属] 189。
  • If you live in major Chinese cities, the chances are you have access to a G network. But what next mobile connectivity?Why, 5G of course!The next generation of mobile network may become reality in less than 5 years, as tests and plans are underway to set the terms such an upgrade. But why are customers not so enthusiastic about 5G? 89。
  • 内幕人士透露:美国队长3泄密剧情盘点 -- 00:: 来源:   The incredible news that?Robert Downey Jr. is in talks to bring Iron Man to Captain America 3 has set the Internet on fire, and with good reason, as the most likely story arc that Marvel will use in this casting scenario is Mark Millar's fabled Civil War limited series that ran from -. Nothing has been confirmed at this stage, but with the incessant rumors and leaks coming from people close to the project, it appears highly likely that Marvel will draw the basic storyline of Cap 3 from Civil War.  小罗伯特唐尼在访谈中说起美国队长3会有钢铁侠加盟,这个消息无疑向网络扔下了一颗重磅炸弹,而在这一部中最有可能出现的情节即超级英雄间的内战目前这一消息还没有得到实,但是内幕人士泄露出来的信息已经表现出了极大的可能性  So what's the fuss about Civil War? Well, THR has put together five key things that occur in the comic series that could have heavy ramifications Cap 3 as well the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, future Ant-Man and Dr. Strange movies, and even planned Avengers sequels several years from now. Warning, major Civil War spoilers ahead.  那么,内战期间发生了什么呢?我们汇集了五件事,它们关于美队三以及漫威、蚁人和奇异士,甚至还会涉及到接下来的复仇者系列以下内容会有剧透哦  1. Civil War needs more than just Iron Man and Cap  1.内战不止涉及钢铁侠和美国队长  Millar's Civil War featured a huge number of Marvel characters who were ced to take sides following the introduction of the Superhero Registration Act, an American government initiative to regulate and control vigilantes, who also must reveal their identities. In the comics, Luke Cage, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Daredevil, Cable, Nick Fury and Captain America rebel against this government attempt to control superheroes. In favor of the legislation you have Iron Man, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, She-Hulk, Mr. Fantastic and many others.  为了控制超能力者,美国政府引入了超级英雄注册法案,这标志着英雄的身份会被揭开,漫威超级英雄被迫选择立场漫画中,卢克凯奇、霹雳火、隐身女侠、夜魔侠、链锁和美队反抗政府对超级英雄的限制;而以钢铁侠为代表的蚁人、蜘蛛侠、黑寡妇、神奇先生等人则站在政府一边  . Civil War features Ant-Man and Dr. Strange  .内战塑造了蚁人和奇异士  Both characters play their parts, to varying degrees, in the series, and with both slated to have their own stand-alone features, it looks like a Civil War-based Cap 3 could very well be the setup the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So expect the consequences of this film to run on into future Avengers sequels too.  这两个角色都很好地表现了自己的部分,而且都有自己独特的性格特点基于内战背景的美队3将会是满威宇宙电影的第三阶段可以期待这部电影的角色同样会出现在复仇者联盟系列中  3.Tony Stark is the villain  3.托尼史塔克成了反面角色  Iron Man lines up behind the government and is the chief advocate the Superhero Registration Act; not only that, in Civil War, Stark doesn't seem all that concerned with locking up rebellious superheroes in inhuman conditions. Cap on the other hand feels the Act is dangerous government overreach and violates civil liberties. We're gonna have to face up to the fact that Stark will likely be the bad guy in any Civil War movie adaptation. However, the series also dealt with the moral ambiguity of the situation, with both Iron Man and Captain America coming at the issue with good intentions.  钢铁侠持政府采取超级英雄注册法案不只如此,内战中他以不人道的手法将叛变的超级英雄一一抓起来在对立面的美国队长认为这项法案是危险的,会使政府侵犯公民自由我们必须面对的现实就是内战中,钢铁侠成了反面人物然而,这个系列同样也涉及到一些道德模糊问题,包括钢铁侠和美国队长不同的观念  .Civil War is packed with superhero teams  .内战中超级英雄有组队  There's the Avengers of course, as well as the New Avengers and the Mighty Avengers and not getting Cap's rebel alliance the Secret Avengers. Also making appearances are the villainous Thunderbolts, the Runaways, the Great Lakes Initiative, X-Factor and the X-Men.  复仇者联盟当然还是存在的,一并还有新复仇者和强复仇者,以及美队的反叛联盟秘密复仇者同样出场的还雷霆特工队、离家童盟、镭射眼等初代X战警以及后来的X战警  5. Civil War sees the death of Steve Rogers  5.内战宣告了史蒂夫·罗杰斯之死  Yep, it happens. There's no getting away from it, the end of Civil War sees Cap get assassinated. After the end of the war, Stark assumes control of SHIELD.  是的,美队死了影片最后美队被暗杀这是无法逃避的事实内战结束之后,斯塔克取得了神盾局的控制权 美国 内幕 队长。
  • 奥运场上的性感尤物—中国排第几。
  • The health authority in Anhui has issued a provincial guideline cesarean sections, aiming at bringing down the excessively high rate of such procedures. It is the first regulation of this kind. How shall we choose from natural birth and C-section? 395。
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