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Today, a successful single woman who falls for a man making less money than she does or not sharing her career ambition may face not-so-subtle disapproval from friends and family. One patient of mine reported being told, #39;I#39;m surprised you haven#39;t found someone who is more your equal.#39; Another felt insulted when a trusted friend asked, #39;Are you sure you wouldn#39;t be happier with a man who is making more money than you?#39;如今,成功单身女性爱上一位挣得比自己少或不能分担其事业进取心的男人可能会遭到来自亲朋好友的明确反对。我的一位患者据称就曾被这样告知:“你没能找到一位跟你更相配的人,我感到很惊讶。”另一位则在其可信赖的朋友这样发问时感到受了侮辱:“你确定跟挣得比你多的男人在一起不会更幸福吗?”These women were in love with solid, supportive guys who shared their values -- men who weren#39;t driven by money. They ded the concerned whispers from friends or family who persisted in believing that they were #39;marrying down.#39;这些女性都跟那些踏实可靠、能给予自己持并与自己持有相同价值观的男性相爱了――他们爱上她们,不是因为钱。这些女性害怕听到来自朋友或家人关切的窃窃私语,那些亲朋好友坚信她们是在“下嫁”。As a couples therapist, the notion of marrying down strikes me as impossibly antiquated. It#39;s right out of the #39;Downton Abbey#39; era, when suitable marriages were entirely a matter of matching people according to social class and fortune -- hence the panic when Lord Grantham#39;s youngest daughter marries the family#39;s Irish chauffeur.作为一名婚姻治疗师,有关下嫁的说法让我觉得难以置信地过时。那完全是《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)时代的产物。在那样的年代,合适的婚姻完全是根据双方的社会地位和身家财富而将人们凑配在一起――因此,格兰瑟姆勋爵(Lord Grantham)才会因为小女儿嫁给了家里的爱尔兰司机而痛苦不已。The notion that women should #39;marry up#39; endured well past the heyday of the English gentry, and the most successful bwinners were considered the most desirable mates. Well into the 20th century, relatively few high-paying jobs were available to women, so for the most part, women went to college to get their M.R.S., or maybe to land the kind of work that would put them near the right professional men.女性应该“高攀”的观念在经历了英国乡绅贵族的鼎盛时期后依然深入人心,最成功的养家者会被视为最令人满意的伴侣。在进入20世纪很久以后,提供给女性的高薪工作相对来说仍比较少,所以大多数情况下,女性读大学是为了在学校结识男性然后嫁为人妇,或者是为了在毕业后能找到一份可以使自己能接近合适职场男性的工作。Today, more women than men are graduating from college and graduate school. Pew Research, which has been compiling data on the topic over the past 50 years, reports that for the first time, #39;the share of couples in which the wife is the one #39;marrying down#39; educationally is higher than those in which the husband has more education.#39; In 2012, the report notes, 27% of newlywed women married a spouse with less education, while only 15% of newlywed men did the same.如今,从大学和研究生院校毕业的女性人数超过了男性。皮尤研究中心(Pew Research)在过去的50年间一直在搜集编汇与该主题相关的数据,其报告称,有史以来第一次出现“妻高夫低”的婚姻比例超过了“夫高妻低”的婚姻比例――前者指妻子学历更高而委身‘下嫁’的情况,后者则指丈夫学历更高。”2012年,该报告指出,27%的新婚女性都嫁给了学历比自己低的配偶,而只有15%的新婚男子娶了学历比自己低的伴侣。More education doesn#39;t necessarily lead to greater earning power, but in most U.S. cities, single, childless women under 30 now make more money than their male peers, according to analysis by Reach Advisors, a research firm. Across all social classes, women contribute 47% of household income, reports the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire. And most strikingly, Pew has found that in 24% of marriages, women earn more than their husbands, up from 6.2% in 1960.受教育程度更高并不一定会造就更强的赚钱能力,但据研究公司Reach Advisors的分析表明,在美国的大多数城市,单身无子、年龄在30岁以下的女性比同龄男性挣得更多。新罕布什尔大学(University of New Hampshire) 卡西学院(Carsey Institute)的报告称,纵览所有的社会阶层,女性给家庭收入带来的贡献为47%。而皮尤研究发现,最令人震惊的是,在24%的婚姻中,女性都比她们的丈夫挣得更多,这一数据比例在1960年仅为6.2%。For most strong, successful women, the alpha male of old isn#39;t the best match. I have seen in my practice what happens when two dominant personalities engage in power struggles: The alpha male will assume that his priorities should dominate, while the alpha woman will assert hers. These are the most difficult duos to treat.对于大多数强势的成功女性而言,有点大男子主义的年长男性并不是最佳伴侣。在婚姻咨询业务活动中,我已目睹了当两位有着配性人格的男女卷入权力斗争时会发生什么:大男子主义的丈夫将认为他优先考虑的事应该占主导地位,而大女子主义的妻子则会坚持她自己的考量。这样的夫妻问题是最难解决的。Over the past 30 years, says Stephanie Coontz, director of public education at the Council on Contemporary Families at the University of Chicago, #39;egalitarian values have become increasingly important to relationship success.#39; Confident, dominant women need collaborative partners more than they need traditional bwinners. They need men who aren#39;t threatened by their strength and will support their goals.芝加哥大学(University of Chicago)现代家庭理事会(Council on Contemporary Families)公共教育主管斯泰芬尼#12539;库茨(Stephanie Coontz)说,在过去30年间,“对于一段恋情是否成功,平等的价值观已变得越来越重要。”自信、占主导地位的女性更需要的是能够配合她、与之分工合作的伴侣,而不是传统的养家者。她们需要的男性是这样的:不会被自己的强势所吓倒,而且会全力持她们的目标。These men are secure enough to follow as well as lead. They value partnership, parenting and pulling their own weight. They work but aren#39;t workaholics. The problem is family members and friends who sometimes devalue such men because they don#39;t adhere to traditional standards of masculinity -- standards that should no longer apply.这些男性有足够多的安全感,既能显身于人前又能委身于人后。他们珍视伴侣关系和养育子女的职责,并能尽到自己的责任。他们努力工作,却不是工作狂。但问题是,亲朋好友有时会低估这样的男人,因为他们无法达到传统的男子气概标准――这种标准不该再适用于今天。What high-achieving women need are men strong enough to support their achievements, contribute to the household in services and/or money, and be loving partners. A strong woman will reap the benefit of this kind of respectful, responsible beta man; he will be more flexible, more nurturing and more willing to share the responsibilities of family life.建树颇高的女性所需要的,是男性可以足够强大,强大到能持她们取得成就,在务与/或金钱方面,还能对整个家庭有所贡献,而且得是一位充满爱意的伴侣。女强人将从这种恭敬、负责的“小男人”身上获益。他会更灵活、更会悉心照料人而且更愿意承担家庭生活的责任。Attitudes are slowly changing. According to Pew, only 28% of respondents agreed that it is #39;generally better for a marriage if the husband earns more than the wife.#39; But we still have a long way to go: Economists at the University of Chicago School of Business found in 2013 that women are leery of making more than their husbands do and may even choose to stay out of the workplace if they think they#39;re in danger of earning more than their husbands.人们的态度正在慢慢发生改变。据皮尤研究中心称,只有28%的受访者认同这样的观点――“如果丈夫比妻子挣得更多,这对一段婚姻来说一般会更好。”但我们仍有很长一段路要走:芝加哥大学商学院(University of Chicago School of Business)经济学家在2013年发现,女性对于自己比丈夫挣得多的情况非常小心,在觉得这种状况做会让自己陷入困境时,她们甚至会远离职场。Today#39;s romances suggest that growing numbers of smart women and men are marrying neither up nor down -- they#39;re just marrying the right person.现今的爱情故事表明,越来越多的聪慧女性和睿智男性都不是“低就”,也不是“高攀”――他们只是选择了和一个对的人步入婚姻。 /201405/296905胶州市中心医院在那里It seems some wealthy Atlantans aren#39;t keen on the prospect of a drag-racing, egg-throwing Canadian teenager for a neighbor.看来亚特兰大的富豪们不喜欢醉酒飙车、向邻居扔鸡蛋的加拿大青年做他们的邻居。Given Bieber#39;s prior egg-throwing antics at his Calabasas residence, which are now under investigation by the Los Angeles County District Attorney#39;s office, the residents#39; wariness is understandable.鉴于比伯之前在位于加州卡拉巴萨斯的住所中向邻居扔鸡蛋的滑稽行为,并且其现在还在接受洛杉矶警方调查,这些业主们的谨慎是可以理解的。The event is set for Monday and so far 136 people have committed to the 6am event.此抗议活动从周一开始,到现在已经有136人加入。#39;As a community here in Buckhead, we have worked hard to achieve our goals and get to where we are. Justin Bieber’s relocation to Atlanta can be nothing but bad for our children, as well as the community,#39; s a statement on the Facebook page. #39;Some can’t even let their children play in the driveway without fear; he has raced vehicles under the influence before. What’s to say he won’t do it again?’“作为巴克海特社区的一员,我们一直以来努力实现我们的目标。贾斯汀?比伯搬迁到亚特兰大不会有什么好处的,只会对我们的孩子和我们社区带来严重影响,”社区业主在FACEBOOK上的声明中这样写道。“有些人甚至不放心让孩子在私人车道上玩耍,他之前曾酒后驾车,谁能说他不会再犯呢?”#39;As a homeowner down the street from this residence, one can assume many people will be contacting real estate agents soon enough. Please do not allow a child to ruin what we have worked so hard to obtain. Thanks for the support!#39;“如果作为这个街区的业主,你就会想到有很多人不久就会联系房屋中介。请不要让一个毛孩子毁掉我们努力奋斗一辈子的成果。感谢持!”The home in question is an million, seven-bedroom, 16,000 mansion built in 2010, reportedly near where his mentor Usher lives.据称,此豪宅建于2010年,价值1100万美元,有七间卧房,占地16000平方米,离他师父亚瑟的家很近。 /201403/278214莱州治疗附件炎多少钱A woman has documented her incredible 88lb weight loss with a series of photos showing just how dramatically her body - and self-confidence - has changed.一名女子用一系列照片记录下了自己不可思议的减肥经历:一年内她瘦了88磅(约为79.8斤)!这些照片表现出了她是如何戏剧般地改变了她的身材,并重建自信。26-year-old Amanda, who did not reveal her last name, embarked on a high-fat, moderate protein and low-carbohydrate diet in 2011 in a bid to shrink her then-222lb frame.26岁的阿曼达(未透露姓氏)在2011年开始了高脂、适量蛋白以及低碳水化合物的饮食,希望能减掉一些体重,当时她重达222磅(约为201斤)。In just a year, the five-foot-four brunette lost 88lbs, taking monthly pictures throughout the process, which one of her impressed viewers compiled into a five-second GIF.仅仅一年后,这个身高5.4英尺(约为1.64米)留着深褐色头发的姑娘减掉了88磅,并在整个减肥过程中每个月都拍下了照片。一位被她感染的网友将这些照片制作成了一张5秒的GIF动图。Amanda told A News that the transformation took place in her mind as well as her body. The GIF clearly shows how the weight loss affected every inch of her body, from her shrunken waist to her thinned-out neck and flattened tummy.阿曼达告诉A新闻,这个改变不仅发生在她的身形上,还在她的心里。GIF动图也清晰地表现出减肥是如何影响她的每一寸身体的,从更纤细的腰身到细长的脖子和更平坦的腹部。#39;In the early stages of taking progress pictures, I literally only took one photo of myself. I hated the way I looked, I had so little self-confidence .#39; she wrote.她在网上写道,“早些时候我拍摄照片,只会为自己拍一张。我讨厌自己那时的样子。我当时几乎没有自信。”But as the images - which garnered a staggering 3million views - progress in time, Amanda is seen looking happier, healthier and much more self-assured.但是当照片上呈现的效果慢慢进步后,阿曼达看起来更高兴、健康也更自信了。这些照片的浏览量达到了惊人的300万。 /201309/256996青岛医院做药流

青岛甲级妇科医院有哪些青岛看妇科病哪里医院最好For anyone who has woken in the morning to find themselves on the receiving end of their partner’s wrath, there now appears to be a scientific explanation.It seems your other half may have dreamt about having an argument with you or even imagined that you were unfaithful to them during their sleep.Psychologists have now confirmed that these dreams can lead to more rows and reduced intimacy between couples the following day.This is because the emotions experienced in such dreams can be carried into the daytime and consequently impact on a couple’s real relationship.梦想也许不会照进现实,但梦境真的会照进现实。科学家发现,晚上做梦梦见和伴侣吵架或伴侣出轨,第二天吵架次数会增多,两人亲密度也会降低。分析称,这是因为梦中的情绪会被带到现实生活中,从而影响夫妇的真实感情关系。It is the first scientific example of how dreams can directly affect human behaviour during the day.The findings may also help to explain why dreams can sometimes appear to be premonitions of events that will happen in the future.Some couples even find themselves interpreting a bad dream about their partner as a “sign” that the relationship is not going to work out.However, rather than being a form of supernatural clairvoyance, it seems such dreams are simply making rows more likely to happen. Dr Dylan Selterman, a psychologist at the University of Maryland who led the research, said: “The analyses I ran for this sample suggest that there is a small but significant association between arguments in dreams and conflicts the next day.与此同时,科学家发现,积极的梦也会影响夫妻的感情关系。比如前一天梦见和伴侣做爱,第二天两人的亲密度会增加。不过这只会发生在那些情感上相互依赖的夫妇身上。如果夫妻感情不好,做了性梦反而爱意和亲密度都会降低。一般来说,感情疏离的夫妻更容易做吵架的梦。 /201402/274823即墨区中心医院收费如何From time to time, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a Washington-based advocacy group, prepares an updated ;report card; on changes in the American diet. The latest, collated by the nutritionist Bonnie Liebman and published in the September issue of the center#39;s Nutrition Action Newsletter, is not one Americans should be especially proud of.公共利益科学中心(Center for Science in the Public Interest)是一个总部设在华盛顿的宣传组织,它常常对美国人饮食习惯的变化作出评价,并不时发布最新的“成绩单”。其中最近的一份由营养师邦妮·利布曼(Bonnie Liebman)负责整理,并发表在该中心《营养行动通讯》(Nutrition Action Newsletter)的9月号上。老实说,这份“成绩单”可不怎么能令美国人感到自豪。The analysis of changes in food consumption from 1970 to 2010 reveals that we still have a long way to go before we come close to meeting dietary guidelines for warding off obesity and chronic health problems like diabetes and heart disease.这项关于1970年至2010年间食品消费变化的分析表明,要达到可抵御肥胖和慢性健康问题(如糖尿病和心脏病)的膳食指南的要求,美国人还有很长的路要走。The news isn#39;t all bad. Our consumption of added sweeteners, though still significantly higher than it was in 1970, has come down from the ;sugar high; of 1999 when the average was 89 pounds per person. Nonetheless, an average of 78 pounds per person in 2010, mostly as sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, is still too much, Ms. Liebman points out.当然,这份报告里也不全是坏消息。例如,虽然美国人对添加甜味剂(即,并非食物本身天然含有的甜味成分)的消费量仍显著高于1970年,但已经从1999年的平均每人89磅(约40千克)的“高糖”水平有所下降。尽管如此,利布曼女士指出,2010年美国人的人均消费量(以糖和高果糖玉米糖浆为主)仍然达到了78磅(约35千克),这个数值依旧太高。Even our B-plus for cutting back on fats and oils, the highest grade Ms. Liebman awarded, is a mixed bag. Yes, we#39;ve dramatically reduced consumption of heart-damaging trans fats and, to a lesser extent, saturated solid fats like margarine and shortening. But there#39;s been a steady, steep climb in total fats added to the diet in the form of salad oils and cooking oils.在这份“成绩单”中,利布曼女士给“控制脂肪和油”这一栏打分最高,为B+,但即使这方面的情况也是参差不齐。的确,美国人对有害心脏的反式脂肪的消费量已经大幅减少,对人造黄油和起酥油等饱和固体脂肪的消费量也有小幅降低。但以色拉油和烹调油的形式被加入膳食中的总脂肪量却出现了稳步急剧的攀升。As a country, we have definitely not been on a ;low-fat diet.; The average person consumes 20 pounds more in total fat yearly than in 1970, which partly explains why the obesity rate among adults has more than doubled since then, when only 15 percent of Americans were obese.就整个国家而言,美国绝对未达到“低脂饮食”的水平。与1970年相比,人均脂肪消费总量约增加了20磅(约9.1千克),这从一定程度上解释了为何自那时(美国人肥胖率只有15%)起,成年人的肥胖率已然翻了一番。In 2005, the Agriculture Department has reported, the average American consumed 645 calories a day in added fats and oils, not counting the fats naturally present in foods like meats and dairy products.2005年,美国农业部(Agriculture Department)报道,美国人在一天内消费的添加脂肪和油类中的热量平均可达645卡路里,而且这还是刨去了肉类和奶制品等食物中天然存在的脂肪后的数值。Americans seem to think that if a food is considered a healthier alternative, it#39;s O.K. to swallow as much of it as one might like. People forget, or never knew, that a tablespoon of olive oil or canola oil has about the same number of calories as a tablespoon of lard (about 115), and even more calories than a tablespoon of butter or margarine.美国人似乎认为,如果某种食品是较为健康的替代品,就可以想吃多少吃多少。但人们忘记了,或者从来就不知道,一汤匙橄榄油或菜籽油中所含的热量与一汤匙猪油大致相当(约115卡路里),甚至还高于一汤匙黄油或人造黄油中所含的卡路里数。;We never were on a low-fat diet,; Ms. Liebman said in an interview. ;We increased our fat intake from pizzas, burgers, French fries, baked goods and restaurant-prepared foods.;“我们从未真正实现过低脂饮食,”利布曼在接受记者采访时表示。“我们从披萨、汉堡、炸薯条、烘焙食品和餐厅食品中摄入的脂肪量有所增加。”Likewise, grain products. ;There#39;s been a huge increase in grains in the last 30 years — b, cereal, pasta, rice, burritos, pizza crust, panini, muffins, scones — mostly made from white flour,; she said. ;We#39;ve been blaming the obesity epidemic on sweets, and we are eating too much sugar, but we need to pay more attention to grains.同样,在谷物制品方面的情况也是如此。“在过去的30年中,人们对谷物制品——面包、麦片、意粉、米饭、墨西哥玉米煎饼、比萨饼、意式热三明治、松饼、烤饼——的消费量大幅增长,而这些食品大多由白面制成,”她说。“我们一直指责是糖果以及吃糖太多导致了肥胖的流行,但现在,我们需要更多地关注谷物制品。;It would not be great to simply replace refined grains like white flour and white rice with whole grains,; she added. ;We need to cut back on grains, period.;“只是简单地将白面这类精制谷物替换为全谷物制品并非就万事大吉了,”她补充道。“我们需要减少所有谷物制品的消费量,至少在一段时间内是如此。”Whether made from white flour or whole wheat, one unadorned New York-style bagel supplies about 500 calories, and a 21st century muffin often contains as many as 800 calories.无论是由白面还是全麦制成,一个没有添加任何添料的纽约风格贝果的热量就可达到约500卡路里,而现在一个松饼所含的热量往往多达800卡路里。For the average adult, who should aim for a daily intake of 2,000 calories, these grain foods displace far more nutritious (and relatively low-calorie) fruits and vegetables. Our consumption of those earned a B-minus on Ms. Liebman#39;s report card.对于应将每天摄入的热量控制在2000卡路里左右的普通成年人而言,谷物制品替代比其营养丰富得多,且热量也相对较低的水果和蔬菜,在膳食中的占有很大比例。在利布曼女士给出的“成绩单”上,美国人在此类食品消费方面的得分为B-。;We need to replace sandwiches with salads, swap starches for veggies, and trade cookies, cupcakes and chips for fresh fruit,; she wrote. ;We started eating more vegetables, not counting potatoes, in the 1980s, but the rise has stalled.;“我们需要把三明治换成沙拉,把淀粉类食物换成蔬菜,并把纸杯蛋糕和薯条换成新鲜水果。”她写道。“在20世纪80年代,我们开始食用蔬菜(不包括土豆)的量开始增加,但现在这种上升趋势已经停滞。”Ms. Liebman was surprised to find that combined consumption of beef and pork is still higher than that of chicken and fish. Although chicken itself is now slightly more popular than beef, our consumption of fish has remained relatively flat.利布曼还惊讶地发现,牛肉和猪肉的总消费量仍然高于鸡肉和鱼。虽然现在鸡肉比牛肉略受消费者青睐,但美国人的鱼类消费量一直保持相对平稳。In the July/August edition of the Nutrition Action Newsletter, Barton Seaver, the director of the Healthy and Sustainable Food Program at the Harvard School of Public Health, noted that Americans ;eat only about 16 pounds of seafood per person per year, and about 95 percent of that comes from only 10 species.;在《营养行动通讯》的7月/8月版上,哈佛大学公共卫生学院(Harvard School of Public Health)健康和可持续食品计划(Healthy and Sustainable Food Program)的主任巴顿·西弗(Barton Seaver)指出,美国人“平均每人每年的海鲜消费量大概只有16磅(约7.3千克),且10种常见物种的总量就占其中的95%左右。”Mr. Seaver, a former chef, encourages diners to stray from the familiar to more sustainable — and wholesome — species like pollock, sablefish, Spanish mackerel, haddock, and farm-raised barramundi and shrimp. He champions farm-raised mussels, clams and oysters as sources of ;fabulous; lean protein that clean the aquatic environment.西弗先生曾是一名厨师,他鼓励食客们避开熟悉的食物物种,去选择更具有可持续性且更有益健康的物种,如青鳕鱼、裸盖鱼、鲅鱼、黑线鳕以及农场养殖的澳洲肺鱼和虾等。他提倡以农场养殖的可清洁水环境的贻贝、蛤和牡蛎作为“顶级”瘦蛋白的来源。Contrary to popular thought, frozen fish is ;comparable to, if not better than, fresh fish,; because it is frozen on ships within hours of being caught, Mr. Seaver said.与流行观点相反,速冻鱼其实“并不逊于鲜鱼;,因为它们在捕获后的几小时内就已在渔船上被冷冻了,西弗先生说。Ms. Liebman applauded the steady, precipitous decline in whole milk consumption and the booming popularity of mostly low-fat yogurt. But she noted that consumption of low-fat and fat-free milk has remained low (displaced by sugary soft drinks) and that our consumption of cheese, rich in dairy fat, is at an all-time high, up threefold since 1970 and still climbing.利布曼女士对全脂牛奶消费量的稳步陡降以及以低脂为主的酸奶日益广受欢迎表示赞许。但她指出,低脂和脱脂牛奶的消费量仍然较低(其在膳食比例中应占的地位被含糖软饮料所占据),而美国人对富含乳脂肪的奶酪的消费量一直较高,目前已经达到1970年的三倍,且仍在攀升。;And we#39;re not just eating more sweets, grains, meat and cheese. We#39;re eating more, about 500 more calories a day per person than in 1970,; Ms. Liebman said. ;We#39;ve lost track of what a normal portion of food should look like.;“我们的问题不仅在于在膳食比例中,甜食、谷物、肉类和奶酪偏多。除此之外,我们的总食量也有所增加,与1970年相比,平均每人每天约多摄入了500卡路里,”利布曼女士说。“我们已经丧失了对正常膳食份额的概念。”She blamed restaurants for portion distortion. ;If you eat what restaurants serve, you will end up like two-thirds of Americans, overweight or obese,; she said. ;People should assume that restaurants serve double what you should be eating and either share a meal or take half of it home to eat the next day.;她指责餐厅对这种膳食份额的扭曲负有部分责任。“如果您总是将餐厅供应的食物一扫而光,那么您最后就会变得像三分之二的美国人那样超重或肥胖,”她说。“人们应该假设餐厅提供的食物是应摄入份量的两倍,您可以与他人分享,或者把其中一半打包回去第二天再吃。”While some restaurants have added lean or light meals to their s, ;those should be the standard because that#39;s what we all should be eating, not just dieters,; Ms. Liebman said. ;And vegetables and fruits should fill up half the plate, not just be treated as a little side dish.;虽然有些餐厅已在他们的菜单中加入了简餐或轻食,“但这应成为我们所有人每天食用的标准食物,而不是在节食减肥时才偶尔一试,”利布曼女士说。“此外,不应将蔬菜和水果作为配菜,其份量至少应占到盘中食物的一半。”Take or order a salad instead of a sandwich for lunch. And try cut vegetables with a yogurt dip for a munch between meals or before dinner.在午餐时,点一份沙拉来代替三明治。也可以试试在两餐之间或晚饭前用沾酸奶的新鲜蔬菜作为点心。This summer I discovered a great new way to enhance the family#39;s fruit intake. It#39;s a gadget called Yonanas: using frozen, slightly overripe bananas as a base and other frozen fruits for color and flavor (like strawberries, pineapple, or mango), it produces a sweet, creamy dessert or snack with the consistency of frozen yogurt but no added sugar or cream. With a 20-percent off coupon from Bed Bath amp; Beyond, this tool costs and — who knows? — could ultimately save hundreds in medical bills.今年夏天,我发现有一个绝佳的方法可以提高家庭中的水果摄入量。这是一个名为Yonanas的小工具:它使用略微熟过头的香蕉作为基底,加入其他冷冻水果(如草莓、菠萝或芒果)来调色和调味,可以制成类似于冷冻酸奶的甜点或点心,味道甜甜的,质地光滑细腻,却没有添加任何糖份或奶油。使用Bed Bath amp; Beyond(美国一家主营家居用品及饰品的连锁零售商)的20%折扣优惠券时,这个小工具的价格是40美元——谁知道呢?——说不定最后它能帮你节约数以百计的医疗费。 /201409/329481青岛那个做无痛人流好呢

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