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Student demonstrators have ended their siege of Taiwans legislature, allowing a peaceful return to lawmaking and ending a challenge to President Ma Ying-jeou and his plans for a trade pact with China.台湾学生抗议者占领立法院的行动宣告结束,立法院终于恢复了平静,台湾领导人马英九和两岸贸协议所受的挑战也算告一段落。But the three-week standoff over the ruling Nationalist Partys plans for a services trade accord - and, more broadly, relations with China - has altered the political landscape, sending a not particularly welcome message to the islands two main political parties, and to Beijing as well.但这场因贸协议和两岸关系引发的持续三周的对峙却改变了台湾的政治版图,向台湾两大政党和中国大陆政府传递出一个不太友好的信号。Mr. Mas Nationalists and the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party are both losers, analysts say, though to different degrees. China may have to change its tactics to win over hearts and minds in Taiwan, aly a difficult task on an island that displays considerable distrust of Beijing and is increasingly fearful of the mainlands economic clout.分析人士认为,马英九领导的执政党国民党和主要反对党民进党都是输家,只是程度不同而已。中国大陆可能需要改变策略争取台湾的持,但考虑到台湾岛内对大陆政府极不信任,对大陆在台湾的经济影响力也越来越担忧,怀柔台湾绝非易事。On Thursday night the last of the student-led demonstrators filed out of the Legislative Yuan after a final effort to scrub down the walls that had been plastered with banners and slogans opposing the president and the China pact. They had at least won a concession of some level of oversight of the deal stitched together by the Nationalists and Beijing.上周四晚上,最后一拨抗议学生撤出立法院,他们在离开前清洗了墙壁上的反马英九和反贸协议的横幅和标语。学生们至少赢得了部分妥协,政府承诺对贸协议施加一定程度的监督。The president may still get his trade pact with China - a key policy that he has pushed hard to get and one that is widely seen as a boon to the economy. But his disastrously low support in the polls has been dented even further as his party looks warily ahead at important electoral contests this year and in 2016.马英九仍可能贯彻贸协议,这是他卖力推进的一项关键政策,也被普遍视为对台湾经济很有裨益。不过马英九的民调持率非常低,而且进一步下滑,他所在的国民党正忧心忡忡地等待着今年016年的重要选举Relations between Taiwan and China have entered a new phase, said Lo Chih-cheng, associate professor at Soochow Universitys political science department. They will become more complicated.东吴大学(Soochow University)政治学系副教授罗致政说,两岸关系已进入一个新的阶段,会变得更加复杂。China has preferred to deal with the Nationalists, a party that has tried to find a way to keep important economic ties with China on an even course and avoid the bitter wrangling seen under eight years of Democratic Progressive Party rule prior to Mr. Mas election as president in 2008.Reuters马英九中国大陆更愿意与国民党打交道。国民党希望平稳地找到一条与中国大陆保持经济联系的途径,避免民进党掌舵的八年里与中国大陆发生的龃龉008年民进党下台,马英九代表国民党上位执政。Beijing has reached out to certain more pragmatic factions within the opposition DPP that have acknowledged the key role of Chinas huge economy in Taiwans own prosperity. But it will now find that the political scene is more fractured, with multiple players taking a role in the public debate on how to deal with China.北京方面还向民进党内部的务实派伸出橄榄枝,这些务实派并不否认庞大的内地经济对台湾繁荣举足轻重的作用。但中国大陆将会发现,台湾的政治格局已经变得更加复杂,在如何处理两岸关系的公共讨论中,许多人粉墨登场,发表意见。Meanwhile, the academic said, the Nationalists have lost support among younger voters, many of them backers of the students tactics to block the legislature from approving the services pact.这名学者说,与此同时,国民党失去了年轻选民的持,很多年轻选民都持学生占领立法院不让贸协议过审的战术The Nationalist Party is the big loser, said Mr. Lo, adding that the presidents efforts to arrange a breakthrough meeting with Communist Party leader Xi Jinping - as well as other accords with China before he steps down in 2016 - now look like mission impossible.罗致政说,两党之中,国民党是大输家。他还说,马英九想要与中共领导人习近平安排一次历史性会晤(另外他还想在2016年卸任之前与中国大陆签署其他协议),现在看来这已经是“不可能的任务”了。Wang Yeh-lih, chairman of the political science department at National Taiwan University, agreed.国立台湾大学(National Taiwan University)政治学系主任王业立对此表示赞同The Kuomintang has lost an entire generation of supporters. There were not too many (among younger voters) to begin with and now there will be even fewer, he said.王业立说,国民党已经失去了整整一代人的持者;本来持国民党的年轻人就不太多,现在就更少了。But both men argued the DPP also came up short in the standoff. They were not able to set an agenda. They are not leaders, but followers, said Mr. Lo不过,两人也都表示,民进党在这次对峙中的表现也不怎么样。罗致政说,他们没有设定议程的能力,他们不是领导者,而是跟随者。The DPP chooses a new party leader next month as it prepares for important municipal elections later this year and the next presidential contest in 2016. Who takes the helm will be critical and voters will want to see whether the Nationalists turn to candidates that have not been too closely identified with China business interests.民进党下个月将选出一位新的党主席,并且在为今年晚些时候非常重要的地方公职人员选举以及2016年的总统选举做准备。谁能赢得党主席选举将是一个至关重要的因素,而且选民们希望看到,国民党是否会推出与大陆商业利益没有太多关联的候选人。And another factor to watch will be whether the student leaders opt to form another party.另外一个需要注意的因素是,学生领袖会不会选择另外成立一个政党。No matter what, the standoff has led to important changes, according to another academic.另外一名学者说,无论如何,这次对峙已经带来了重要的变化China might get the message that we place a rather high value on democracy, said Liao Da-chi, of the Institute of Political Science at National Sun Yat-sen University. Perhaps the mainland will be alert to this.台湾国立中山大学(National Sun Yat-sen University)政治所的廖达琪说,中国大陆可能会得到这样一个讯息:台湾相当重视民主。他还说,或许这会让大陆有所警醒。来 /201404/287698




  Often likened to being “between a rock and a hard place Central Asia’s relatively isolated position has required it to maintain consistent and balanced good relations with two giant neighbours, China and Russia.中亚的处境常被比作“左右为难”,其相对孤立的地位要求它必须与两大邻国——中国和俄罗斯——保持协调、平衡的良好关系。Nevertheless, its high degree of integration with Russia has jolted the region’s local economies, the result of their twin exposure to the protracted Ukrainian crisis and the slump in commodity prices, manifested through tanking local currencies and reduced inflows of remittances from workers abroad.然而,由于中亚与俄罗斯高度一体化,受旷日持久的乌克兰危机和大宗商品价格暴跌的双重影响,该地区的经济遭受重创,这一点从当地货币糟糕的表现和海外工人汇款流入的减少便可见一斑。Anxiety has further gripped post-Soviet states in recent months, with the recent 35 per cent slump in the Azerbaijan manat and a 34 per cent devaluation in Turkmenistan, often considered the economy with the least direct exposure to Russia. Concerns are sping in Kazakhstan of an additional devaluation of the tenge (following last year’s 20 per cent decline) amid calls for early presidential elections.这些前苏联共和国近几个月来愈发焦虑,阿塞拜疆货币马纳特汇率近期下5%,土库曼斯坦货币贬4%,通常认为这两个国家的经济受俄罗斯的直接影响最小。哈萨克斯坦货币坚戈继去年汇率下0%后进一步贬值,担忧情绪正在其国内蔓延,民众要求提前举行总统大选。Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan arguably face even greater pressure, with both GDP and fiscal revenue highly dependent on remittances from Russia and the transit of Chinese manufactured goods into Russia/Uzbekistan. Neither has a promising outlook; the World Bank currently forecasts remittances to decline 4.9 per cent and 17.8 per cent in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan respectively this year, while Kyrgyz export volumes to Russia slumped 33 per cent year on year last year also partly the result of a concerted crackdown on Kyrgystan’s re-export industries.吉尔吉斯斯坦和塔吉克斯坦无疑面临更大的压力,这两国的国内生产总GDP)和财政收入高度依赖来自俄罗斯的汇款,以及中国商品进入俄罗斯或乌兹别克斯坦的过境运输费。两国的前景都不乐观,据世界(World Bank)目前预测,今年吉尔吉斯斯坦的汇款将下.9%,塔吉克斯坦将下7.8%。吉尔吉斯斯坦对俄罗斯的出口量去年同比下3%,部分原因是吉尔吉斯斯坦再出口业受到联合性打击。Uzbekistan, the region’s most densely populated country, has also seen an 11 per cent decline in its som currency over the last year, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects inflation to remain in double digit figures as a result.中亚人口最稠密的乌兹别克斯坦,其货币索姆的汇率在过去一年也出现1%的下跌。据国际货币基金组织(IMF)预计,乌兹别克斯坦的通胀率也将因此保持在两位数。Diversifying remains a challenge多元化仍然是个挑战The twin factors of low oil prices and Russian weakness have further pushed Central Asian states to diversify their economies. Nevertheless, their ability to integrate into global manufacturing supply chains remains hampered by their relative geographical isolation, problematic infrastructure and mostly low population densities.油价低迷和俄罗斯经济走弱这两个因素进一步推动中亚国家实行经济多样化。但它们融入全球制造业供应链的能力,仍受阻于它们相对偏僻的地理位置、成问题的基础设施和普遍的低人口密度。As an example, Japanese companies have not expanded manufacturing facilities into Central Asia as they have rapidly done in Southeast Asia, due to this lack of competitiveness. Accumulated financial exposure to Central Asia and the Caucasus by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Japan’s main policy lender, currently amounts to only #165;642bn, barely 3 per cent of its total #165;21,106bn exposure across Asia, and most of this has also gone towards energy-related services.举例来说,日本企业在东南亚迅速扩大了生产设施,但在中亚就没这么做,原因是这里缺乏竞争力。日本的主要政策性——日本国际协力银JBIC)对中亚和高加索地区的金融敞口累积到现在,才仅420亿日元,勉强为其对全亚洲211060亿日元总敞口的3%。而且JBIC在该地区的大部分敞口都投入了能源相关务。Moreover, the declining rouble itself further stymies the potential for local manufacturing, given Russia’s much larger industrial economies of scale. Car dealers in Kazakhstan, for example, have slashed retail prices by an average 30 per cent in recent months to compete with a surge in Russian imports.此外,由于俄罗斯工业的规模经济比中亚大得多,卢布汇率下跌进一步阻碍了当地制造业的发展可胀?比如哈萨克斯坦汽车经销商近几个月将零售价平均削减了30%,以与激增的俄罗斯进口汽车竞争。Separately, private sector development and local innovation are difficult to implement even in the region’s more advanced economies, due both to the dominance of the state sector in most countries and the lack of access to credit and capital markets.再有,即便是中亚发展水平较高的经济体,也难以实现私营部门的发展和地方创新。原因有两个,一是国有部门在中亚大多数国家占主导地位;二是缺乏进入信贷和资本市场的渠道。China’s role in widening the economic base中国在扩大中亚经济基础中的作用Diversification is thus largely dependent on an expected massive surge in Chinese investment into the region which, in theory, should help build local industrial capacity and manufacturing supply chains. On paper at least, China has committed to investing .3bn into multiple infrastructure projects across Central Asia.于是中亚经济的多元化很大程度上依赖于一个预期——中国对该地区投资的大量激增。这些投资在理论上应有助于提高当地工业产能,帮助当地建立制造业供应链。至少在纸面上,中国已承诺向整个中亚的多个基础设施项目投资163亿美元。Central Asian states, particularly Kazakhstan, have also embraced the idea of acting as “transit hubsfor manufactured goods between China and Europe. Kazakhstan’s vice president is known to favour Chinese investment and the Astana headquarters of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, the state-owned railway firm, beams televised pictures of the China-Kazakhstan partnership in the sector onto the streets.中亚国家,特别是哈萨克斯坦,也接受了充当中欧之间商品“转运枢纽”的理念。众所周知,哈萨克斯坦副总理欢迎中国投资,该国国有铁路公司Kazakhstan Temir Zholy位于阿斯塔纳的总部还将中哈在该领域结成合作伙伴关系的电视画面播放到街头。In addition to collecting transit fees on transported goods, this is also expected to result in some manufacturing spillover. A recent Kazakhstan-China investment forum resulted in agreements to establish 20 JV manufacturing projects in sectors such as construction, transport, logistics, and food production.作为转运枢纽,中亚除了可以对转运商品收取过境费,或许还有望享受到中国制造业的溢出。在最近举行的哈中投资论坛的促成下,两国在建筑、交通、物流和粮食生产等领域达成了20个合资制造业项目的协议。Less-developed economies such as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, which also face greater domestic political uncertainty, are seeking Chinese investment into infrastructure. One major flagship project is a mooted Kyrgyz-China rail project, although this faces both political risks in Kyrgzstan’s democratic environment, as well a clampdown on Kyrgzstan’s re-export trade. The deputy finance minister of Tajikistan, meanwhile, announced that China plans to invest bn into the Tajik economy over the next three years.吉尔吉斯斯坦和塔吉克斯坦等欠发达经济体还面临着更大的国内政治不稳定,这些国家正在寻求中国对基础设施的投资。一个主要的旗舰项目是酝酿中吉尔吉斯斯坦-中国铁路项目,尽管该项目除了面临吉尔吉斯斯坦国内民主环境的政治风险,还要面对该国再出口贸易受到打击的风险。与此同时,塔吉克斯坦财政部副部长宣布,中国计划在未来三年向该国投资60亿美元。Turkmenistan also aims to become a regional transit hub in which China has a special investment interest. Kazakhstan in late 2014 inaugurated the first direct railway link connecting Iran with western Kazakhstan via Turkmenistan, to more fully diversify from Russian transit routes to Europe. Positioned as a halfway point, this new route also enables Turkmenistan to act as a gate for traded goods simultaneously between Russia, other post-Soviet states, and southwest Asia.土库曼斯坦也打算成为该地区的交通枢纽,而中国对此拥有特殊的投资兴趣014年底,哈萨克斯坦正式开通了首条经由土库曼斯坦直接连接伊朗与该国西部的铁路,使得交通线路在从俄罗斯到欧洲的线路的基础上,更加多样化。这条新铁路使地处线路中端的土库曼斯坦同时成为俄罗斯以及其他前苏联国家与亚洲西南部国家之间商品贸易的大门。According to Shohrat Kadyrov, a researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Science, Ashgabat is not only a major provider of gas, but also acts as an interlocutor between China and neighbouring states in the negotiation of supranational infrastructure corridors that aim to facilitate economic integration. In this regard, Turkmenistan is using the prospect of retaining its gas market share in China by investing in additional pipelines, which in turns allows it to bargain for infrastructure investments to facilitate the transit of Chinese-produced goods, arguably at Russia and Kazakhstan’s expense.俄罗斯科学院东方研究所(Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Science)研究员肖赫拉#8226;卡德罗夫(Shohrat Kadyrov)认为,土库曼斯坦不仅是天然气的主要供应国,而且还在中国与邻国间关于建设旨在促进经济一体化的跨国基础设施走廊的谈判中,扮演中间对话者的角色。在这方面,土库曼斯坦利用保持其未来在中国天然气市场份额的前景,投资额外的管道建设,并借此争取基础设施投资以便于中国产商品的运输,但这无疑将牺牲俄罗斯和哈萨克斯坦的利益。The importance of Russia俄罗斯的重要性Media attention has mostly focused on the surge in aspirant Chinese investment in the region coming “at the expense of Russia with the economic downturn luring Central Asian governments towards China’s trade and investment prowess.媒体关注主要都集中在中国雄心勃勃的投资在本地区的激增(所谓“挖俄罗斯的墙角”),该地区的经济低迷使得中国的贸易和投资能力对中亚各国政府颇具吸引力。Nevertheless, it is also clear that Russia remains a crucial partner and ally not just for Central Asian states themselves, but for ensuring the stability of China’s investments in the region, in particular its energy supplies.然而,同样清楚的是,不仅对中亚各国自身,而且在确保中国对该地区(特别是能源供应领域)投资的稳定性方面,俄罗斯仍是一个至关重要的合作伙伴和盟友。Indeed, despite the recent pain caused by Central Asia’s economic alliance with Russia, countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan appear to be making what amounts to a political decision to join the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), which currently includes Kazakhstan, Belarus and, most recently, Armenia. This comes despite the clear evidence in Kazakhstan’s case that its participation in the EEU has not yielded significant economic benefits, as well as the concomitant exposure to Russian domestic political cycles.事实上,尽管中亚与俄罗斯的经济联盟导致了近期的阵痛,但吉尔吉斯斯坦和塔吉克斯坦等国似乎做出了堪称政治决策的决定——加入俄罗斯领导的欧亚经济联Eurasian Economic Union)。该联盟目前包括哈萨克斯坦、白俄罗斯以及最近加入的亚美尼亚。尽管有明确的据表明,哈萨克斯坦的加入并未产生显著的经济效益,而且还会暴露在俄罗斯国内政治周期影响之下,这些国家还是决定加入该联盟。Russia-led structures such as the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), beyond bland gestures of Sino-Russian geopolitical alliance and common interest, are acquiring real significance through the emphasis on maintaining, expanding, and modernising Russia’s network of military bases in countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Armenia. Russian bases remain strategic for the security of Central Asian governments themselves, since nearly their entire domestic military budgets go to Russia.俄罗斯领导的组织——如集体安全条约组织(CSTO)——超越了中俄地缘政治同盟和共同利益的单调表态,正在通过强调俄罗斯在吉尔吉斯斯坦、塔吉克斯坦和亚美尼亚的军事基地网络的维护、扩大和现代化,而获得真正的影响力。俄罗斯的军事基地对于中亚各国政府自身的安全仍具有战略意义,因为这些国家几乎所有的军事预算都流向了俄罗斯。In this respect, Sino-Russian co-operation is maintained out of a common interest to keep the Central Asian region stable. Chinese investment is required to buffer stagnant inward foreign direct investment flows into Central Asia from Russia.从这个角度看,中俄合作出于维护中亚地区稳定的共同利益得到维系。中亚地区需要中国的投资以缓冲来自俄罗斯的外国直接投资的停滞。However, Beijing needs Russia to provide security in a politically complex region subject to periodic unrest, as a means to ensure its massive investments into the region’s energy and infrastructure sectors. This is particularly crucial given the security imperatives in China’s own restive Xinjiang province, through which all energy supplies pass.然而,北京方面需要俄罗斯在这个政治形势复杂、受周期性动荡影响的地区提供安全保障,并以此确保中国大规模投资进入该地区的能源和基础设施领域。这种保障尤其关键,特别是考虑到中国在自身桀骜的新疆维吾尔自治区保障安全的必要——所有能源供应都要经过这一地区。This pattern of Sino-Russian cooperation is arguably being replicated elsewhere, such as in the ambitious pending construction of the Nicaragua canal, whereby China will finance the majority and Russia will provide military and other forms of security during the construction process.中俄合作的这种模式无疑正在被复制到其他地方。例如,在雄心勃勃、等待开工的尼加拉瓜运河项目中,中国负责大部分投资,而俄罗斯将在建设过程中提供军事及其他形式的安全保障。While media reports often emphasise the “historical distrustbetween China and Russia, evidenced by long-drawn and sometimes acrimonious negotiations over bilateral gas supply contracts, it is clear that China does not aspire to undermine Russia’s sociopolitical and security influence in the region, while Russia in turn is not resisting China’s economic encroachment into the region. It might be a stretch to call the relationship symbiotic, but it is certainly mutually tolerant.虽然媒体报道经常强调中俄之间“历史上的不信任”,并以两国间旷日持久、时而争吵激烈的天然气供应合同谈判为据,但很明显,中国并不想削弱俄罗斯在中亚社会政治和安全方面的影响力,而俄罗斯反过来也并不抵制中国对该地区的经济渗透。称这种关系为共生关系可能有些牵强,但它们一定相互宽容。Diana Gapak is a Russia/CIS analyst. Daniyar Kosnazarov is a head of Central Asia and Caspian Region department, Geopolitics and Regional Studies Division, The Library of the First President of Kazakhstan. Gavin Bowring is a researcher at Asean Confidential, a research service at the Financial Times.本文作者戴安娜#8226;加帕Diana Gapak)是一位专注于俄罗独联体的分析师。达尼亚#8226;科斯纳扎罗夫(Daniyar Kosnazarov)是哈萨克斯坦第一总统图书The Library of the First President of Kazakhstan)地缘政治和地区研究部(Geopolitics and Regional Studies Division)中亚和里海地区部门负责人。加#8226;鲍令(Gavin Bowring)是英囀?金融时报》旗下研究务机构《东盟投资参考Asean Confidential)研究员。来 /201503/364015

  Exclusive: Obama, Putin, Merkel, Cameron, Modi and others kept in the dark after passport numbers and other details were disclosed in Australias accidental privacy breach独家新闻:奥巴马,普京,默克尔,卡梅伦,莫迪和其他人等被蒙在鼓里,澳大利亚意外地違反隐私法把各国政要人物的护照号码等详细数据被公开。Tony Abbott and Vladimir Putin cuddle koalas before the start of the first G20 meeting in November 2014. Photograph: Andrew Taylor/G20 Australia/Getty Imagess艾伯特和普京0141月第一次G20会议开始之前拥抱考拉图片摄影: 安德#8226;泰勒/ G20澳大利亚/盖蒂图片社The personal details of world leaders at the last G20 summit were accidentally disclosed by the Australian immigration department, which did not consider it necessary to inform those world leaders of the privacy breach.曾出席刚过去的G20峰会的世界各国领导人之个人资料,被澳大利亚移民部意外地曝露了。就此私隐遭泄露一事官方没考虑需要通知这些世界领导人。The Guardian can reveal an employee of the agency inadvertently sent the passport numbers, visa details and other personal identifiers of all world leaders attending the summit to the organisers of the Asian Cup football tournament.卫报披露该机构的一名雇员不慎地把各国出席峰会领导人物之护照号码,签详细数据等发给了亚洲杯足球锦标赛的组织。The ed States president, Barack Obama, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, the Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, and the British prime minister, David Cameron, were among those who attended the Brisbane summit in November and whose details were exposed.美国总统奥巴马,俄罗斯总统普京,德国总理默克尔,中国国家主席Xi,印度总理,纳伦德#8226;莫迪,日本首相安倍晋三,印度尼西亚总统佐戈维多多和英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅伦等都参加了布里斯班去年十一月举行的峰会,这些政要的个人资料都被曝露。The Australian privacy commissioner was contacted by the director of the visa services division of Australias Department of Immigration and Border Protection to inform them of the data breach on 7 November 2014 and seek urgent advice.澳大利亚移民和边境保护之签务部主管联系了澳大利亚隐私专员,通知他们于十一月七日数据遭到侵害一 并寻求紧急建议。In an email sent to the commissioners office, obtained under Australias freedom of information laws, the breach is attributed to an employee who mistakenly emailed a member of the local organising committee of the Asian Cup held in Australia in January with the personal information.据澳大利亚的信息自由法,一封电邮传送至专员办公室,侵害事件归咎于一位雇员错误地把个人资料电邮发给了一位亚洲杯一月份赛事的当地组委会的一位成员;The personal information which has been breached is the name, date of birth, title, position nationality, passport number, visa grant number and visa subclass held relating to 31 international leaders (ie prime ministers, presidents and their equivalents) attending the G20 leaders summit,; the officer wrote.;这些已经受侵害的个人信息1位出席G20峰会的国际领袖(即首相,总统及等份量人物等)的姓名,出生日期,职称,职务国籍,护照号码,签批次和签子类等;专员写道;The cause of the breach was human error. Redacted failed to check that the autofill function in Microsoft Outlook had entered the correct persons details into the email ‘To field. This led to the email being sent to the wrong person.;违规的原因是人为错误在微软的个人信息管理系统Microsoft Outlook 当在收件人字段填入正确的个人资料 执行“校订”时检查不出自动填充功能,这导致了电子邮件被发送到错误的收件人;The matter was brought to my attention directly by redacted immediately after receiving an email from the recipient informing them that they had sent the email to the wrong person.一收到“收件人”的电邮通知后就立即“校对”,通知对方他们的电子邮件发错收件人。此事直接引起了我的注意;The risk remains only to the extent of human error, but there was nothing systemic or institutional about the breach.;“人为风险仍然只是在某程度上而已,有关之违规行为亦无关于体系的或制度的问题。”The officer wrote that it was ;unlikely that the information is in the public domain;, and said the absence of other personal identifiers ;limits significantly; the risk of the breach. The unauthorised recipient had deleted the email and ;emptied their deleted items folder;.这位专员写道;这些数据是不太可能存在公共范围的;,并表示在个人认鉴之侵权风险方面缺乏;明确的界;。未经授权的收件人已删除电子邮件并且;清空已删除的邮件活页;;The Asian Cup local organising committee do not believe the email to be accessible, recoverable or stored anywhere else in their systems,; the letter said.;亚洲杯当地组委会不相信,在他们的系统中,此封电邮还可点开查看、可恢复或存储在其他地方;信中说。The immigration officer then recommended that the world leaders not be made aware of the breach of their personal information.移民官则建议不要让世界各国领导人意识到他们的个人信息私隐权遭到侵害;Given that the risks of the breach are considered very low and the actions that have been taken to limit the further distribution of the email, I do not consider it necessary to notify the clients of the breach,; she wrote.;鉴于受侵害的风险被认为是非常低,并已采取行动限制电子邮件的进一步分发,我不认为有必要通知受侵害的当事人;她写道。The recommendation not to disclose the breach to the world leaders may be at odds with privacy law in some of their countries.此不向各国领导人披露侵害事件之建议,可能与这些国家本国的私隐法不一致。Britain, Germany and France all have different forms of mandatory data breach notification laws that require individuals affected by data breaches to be informed.英国,德国和法国的义务性数据泄露通知法都有不同形式,这需要个人受到数据泄露影响才会予以通报。It is not clear whether the immigration department subsequently notified the world leaders of the breach after the initial assessment.目前尚不清楚移民部门在初步评估后,是否随后通知受侵害的世界各国领导人。The office of the Australian immigration minister, Peter Dutton, did not respond to questions.澳大利亚移民部长彼得#8226;达顿办公室没有响应此问题。Australias deputy opposition leader, Tanya Plibersek, called on Tony Abbott to explain why the world leaders were not notified of the breach.澳大利亚反对党副领袖Tanya Plibersek,呼吁总理艾伯特解释为什么世界各国领导人都没有就此侵害事件得到通知;The prime minister and the immigration minister must explain this serious incident and the decision not to inform those affected,; she said.;没有告知受影响的决定,总理和移民部长必须解释这一严重事件;她说。Disclosure of the data breach is likely to embarrass the Australian government after controversial mandatory data retention laws were passed last week.在有争议的义务性数据保留法律于上周通过后,曝出数据泄露事件可能让澳大利亚政府感觉难堪。The passage of the laws which require telecommunications companies to store certain types of phone and web data for two years has been marked by concerns about the adequacy of privacy safeguards by companies and government agencies that will handle the data.此法案的通过,要求电信公司存储某些类型的电话和网络两年数据,这己经给企业和政府机构的私隐防护造成担忧,他们将要处理相关的数据。The Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young said: ;Only last week the government was calling on the Australian people to trust them with their online data, and now we find out they have disclosed the details of our world leaders.绿党参议员莎#8226;汉森 - 杨说;就在上周,政府正在呼吁澳洲民众相信他们与他们的在线数据,现在我们发现他们泄露了我们的世界领导者的详细信息;This is another serious gaffe by an incompetent government.;;这是一个不称职的政府的再一次严重出丑;Australias immigration department was also responsible for the countrys largest ever data breach by a government agency.澳大利亚移民部应为此政府机构的全国有史以来最大的数据泄露事件负有责任。In February 2014 the Guardian revealed the agency had inadvertently disclosed the personal details of almost 10,000 people in detention many of whom were asylum seekers in a public file on its website.卫报014月透露,在其网站上公开的文件中,该机构已在不经意间披露了近一万个被拘留人的个人信息, 当中许多是寻求庇护者。来 /201504/368438Families of Chinese ;comfort women; demanded a similar apology from Japan on Monday after Japan and South Korea reached a landmark deal to resolve the dispute on wartime forced sex slavery.周一,日韩两国就战时性奴问题达成了里程牌式的协议后,中国“慰安妇”的家人也要求日本给予道歉;I am very angry and upset, so are many other relatives. If Japan apologizes to the victims in South Korea, why dont they apologize to Chinese victims?; asked Zhou Guiying, son of Guo Xicui, a late ;comfort woman; from Shanxi Province.山西省的周桂英说,“我和我其它的亲人都感到愤怒和难过。如果日本向韩国的受害者道歉,那他们为什么不向中国的受害者道歉?”他已故的妈妈郭西翠曾被强征做慰安妇;They shouldnt hold different attitudes toward victims in different countries,; Zhou, 60, told the Global Times on Monday, adding that Chinese victims deserve an apology which reflects Japans remorse and sincerity.星期一,已0岁的周桂英告诉环球时报的记者,“日本人不能对不同国家的受害者持不同的态度。”还说中国的受害者也需要日本的道歉,以表达他们的忏悔之意和诚挚之态。Japan and South Korea reached a ;historic; agreement on Monday on the ;comfort women; issue, including an apology from Japan and .3 million for a foundation to ;restore the honor and dignity; of the victims, the Kyodo News reported.据共同社报道,周一,日韩两国就慰安妇问题达成了里程牌式的协议,包括日方提供道歉,以及日本提30万美元的基金以恢复受害者的名誉和尊严;We have noted the relevant report. The Chinese side always maintains that the Japanese side should face up to and reflect upon its history of aggression and properly deal with the relevant issue with a sense of responsibility,; Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said on Monday.星期一,中国外交部发言人陆康表示,“我们已经注意到了有关的报道。中方一贯主张,日方应正视和反省侵略历史,拿出负责任的态度妥善处理有关问题。”Su Zhiliang, director of the China ;Comfort Women; Issue Research Center at Shanghai Normal University, estimates that around 400,000 women, including 200,000 from China, were forced into sex enslavement, the Peoples Daily reported in 2014.据人民日014年的一篇报道,上海师范大学中国“慰安妇”问题研究中心主任苏智良估计,约0万女性被迫成为性奴,其中一半来自中囀?Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ;expressed his heartfelt apology and remorse as prime minister of Japan to all those who have borne physical and psychological scars that will be difficult to heal and who experienced much pain and suffering as comfort women,; Japans Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said at a press conference, the Asahi Shimbun reported Monday.朝日新闻星期一报道,日本外相岸田文雄在新闻发布会上称,日本首相安倍晋三“对所有遭遇了不可计量的痛苦经历、蒙受了无法愈合的身体与心理创伤的‘慰安妇表示最诚挚的道歉与忏悔。;If Abes apology goes to all the comfort women as he pledged, why are victims in China not included?; asked Kang Jian, a Beijing-based lawyer who has represented Chinese victims in a number of cases concerning the ;comfort women; and wartime slavery.北京的一位名叫康建的律师说,“如果安倍如其承诺的那样,向所有的受害慰安妇道歉,那为什么中国的受害者不包括在内?康律师曾在一系列有关“慰安妇”和战时奴隶的案件中为中国的受害者代言。Japans response shouldnt differ according to the nationality of ;comfort women,; Kang told the Global Times on Monday, adding that if Japan decides to apologize and compensate the victims in South Korea, theres no reason why they should not do the same for Chinese victims.康律师周一告诉环球时报的记者,日本不应根据“慰安妇”的不同国籍而作出差异性回应。并补充道,如果日本决定向韩国道歉并赔偿受害者,他们没有理由不对中国的受害者也这样做。来 /201601/419585

  Shinzo Abe officially announced plans to dissolve Japan’s parliament on Friday and delay a second increase in consumption taxes by 18 months to April 2017.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)已正式宣布计划,将在周五解散日本议会,并将把第二轮上调销售税计划向后推迟18个月,至2017月。The prime minister said he had reached the decision “to ensure that Abenomics will succeed in overcoming deflation and will continue to drive economic growth安倍晋三表示,他做出这一决定是为了“确保安倍经济学将在遏制通缩方面取得成功并继续推动经济增长”。“We need to turn to the public to seek their opinion on this grave, grave decision,he added.他补充称:“我们需要就这个非常重大的问题向公众征求意见。”In a 15-minute speech that aly sounded like an election pitch, Mr Abe pointed to an increase in wages and increased employment as the fruits of Abenomics. However, he admitted: “Unfortunately, we’re not yet back on a growth trajectory.”在听上去像是一次选举宣传5分钟演讲中,安倍晋三将薪资上涨和就业扩大描述为安倍经济学的成果。然而,他承认:“不幸的是,我们尚未回到增长轨道上去。”Amid concerns about Japan’s mounting debt, Mr Abe also declared that there would be no further delay to the sales tax rise.在人们对日本债务日益增加感到担忧之际,安倍晋三还宣布,不会再次推迟上调消费税计划。“We will achieve both economic revival and fiscal reconstruction,Mr Abe said.安倍晋三表示:“我们将实现经济复苏和财政重建双重目标。”The snap election will take place on December 14, giving parties just 26 days to prepare to go to the polls.选举将在124日进行,日本各党派将仅有26天的时间为选举做准备。Early news of the poll sent the aly weakening Japanese currency lower. The yen fell 0.2 per cent against the dollar in the 20 minutes following a report by the domestic broadcaster that Mr Abe would announce the election on Tuesday evening.之前有关提前选举的消息推低了已在贬值的日元汇率。日本公共广播电视台NHK之前报道称,预计安倍晋三将在周二晚间宣布提前选举。在这篇报道发表后的20分钟内,日元兑美元汇率下.2%。Talk emerged last week that the Japanese leader may seek a popular mandate to push back the second consumption tax rise. The first, effective in April, was blamed for a sharp fall in Japan’s second-quarter output.上周有传言称,安倍晋三正寻求民众对推迟第二轮上调消费税计划的持。第一次上调消费税是在今年4月施行的,人们批评该计划导致日本第二季度产出大幅下滑。On its own, “the decision not to hike means the economy should be stronger over the next couple of years than would otherwise be the case according to Mark Williams, chief Asia economist at Capital Economics.资本经济(Capital Economics)首席亚洲经济学家马克#8226;威廉姆斯(Mark Williams)表示,就政策本身而言,“不上调消费税的决定意味着,与上调消费税相比,未来几年不上调应会令日本经济更为强劲。”“That in turn should help the Bank of Japan by increasing price pressures. But we still expect inflation to fall short of the 2 per cent target, so more monetary easing is still likely to be required.”“通过加大价格压力,应会对日本央行(Bank of Japan)有所帮助。但我们仍预期,通胀率将低于2%的目标,因此仍可能需要更多货币宽松政策。”Conversely, as analysts at Credit Suisse write in a research note, there is a risk that Mr Abe’s “popularity declines to levels that force the return of pre-Abe policies相反,正如瑞Credit Suisse)分析师在一份研究报告中所写的那样,这种观点的主要风险在于安倍晋三的“受欢迎程度下滑,迫使安倍恢复其上台之前的政策。”来 /201411/343583

  India wins Asias Marsrace as spacecraft enters orbit印度飞船进入火星轨道,领先亚洲India won Asias race to Mars on Wednesdaywhen its unmanned Mangalyaan spacecraft successfully entered the Red Planetsorbit after a 10-month journey on a tiny budget经过10个月飞行后,周三,印度小预算的飞船进入了火星轨道,领先亚洲。Scientists at mission control let up a wildcheer as the gold-coloured craft manoeuvred into the planets orbit at 8:02am(0232 GMT) following a 660-million kilometre (410-million mile) voyage.在经历了66000万公里的飞行后,这艘金色的飞船进入了火星轨道,控制中心的科学家们欢呼雀跃;History has been created. We havedared to reach out into the unknown and have achieved the nearimpossible,; a jubilant Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the IndianSpace Research Organisations (ISRO) base near Bangalore.“我们创造了历史。我们勇于深入未知并创造了不可能,”总理莫迪在班加罗尔附近的印度空间研究组织里开心的说道;The success of our space programme isa shining symbol of what we are capable of as a nation,; Modi said,grinning broadly and hugging the ISROs chairman.“空间项目的成功明了印度作为一个国家所具备的能力,”莫迪说,他笑着并拥抱了该机构的主席。India has been trying to keep up withneighbouring giant China, which has poured billions of dollars into itsprogramme and plans to build a manned space station by the end of the decade.印度一直在追赶邻国中国,中国花费巨资发展的自己的空间项目,并且计划在未来几年建成载人空间站。来 /201409/331838。



  The bloody assault on the offices of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, can only provoke the most profound revulsion. This was a dful terrorist atrocity that has claimed the lives of at least 12 innocent people.针对法国讽刺杂志《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)编辑部的血腥攻击,只能招来最深刻的厌恶。这是一起可怕的恐怖主义暴行,造成了至2名无辜者丧生。Our first response must be to mourn the victims, four of whom were the magazine’s well-known cartoonists and two of them police officers. But this was more than a human tragedy. It was a calculated act of intimidation, an attack on the freedom of expression that is the pillar of any democratic society. It was designed to seed an insidious form of self-censorship. It must be roundly and defiantly condemned.我们的第一反应必须是悼念遇难者,其中4人是该刊的著名漫画家,还人是警察。但是,这不止是一起人间悲剧,这是一起经过谋划的恐吓行为,是对任何民主社会赖以生存的言论自由的攻击,其目的是播下某种潜意识中自我审查的种子。这必须受到全面和不屈的谴责。Nearly a decade has passed since a Danish newspaper first attracted the ire of Muslims by publishing cartoons that lampooned the Prophet Mohammed. What started with peaceful protests and consumer boycotts has steadily descended into violence. This is not the first time Charlie Hebdo has been attacked for publishing its own cartoons satirising Islam. Its offices were firebombed three years ago.自丹麦一家报纸首先刊登讽刺先知穆罕默德的漫画、引起穆斯林的愤怒以来,已经过去了近10年。最初的和平抗议和消费者抵制,已逐渐演变为暴力。这已经不是《查理周刊》第一次因为发表了讽刺伊斯兰教的漫画而受到攻击。该刊编辑部曾在3年前遭到燃烧弹袭击。But yesterday’s events mark a new and sinister step in the escalating conflict between faith and free expression. The sight of three masked men wielding AK47s in the middle of a European capital, gunning down policemen and stalking the magazine’s offices in search of their victims, will understandably send a chill throughout the western world.但是,昨日的事件标志着,信仰和言论自由之间不断升级的冲突走出了新的、恶毒的一步。三名蒙面男子在一个欧洲国家首都的街上挥舞AK47突击步,射杀警察,在杂志编辑部四处寻找受害者——这一幕会让整个西方世界感受到一股寒意,这是可以理解的。For the security services in France and across Europe, the attack will prompt many questions. It is unclear whether the assailants were on the radar of the French authorities and whether they were assisted by overseas militant groups.对法国乃至整个欧洲的情报机构而言,此次攻击将引发很多问题。目前还不清楚袭击者是否早已进入法国有关部门的视线,以及他们是否得到境外武装组织的协助。Many of the recent jihadist attacks in Sydney and Ottawa have been conducted by “lone wolves The concerted nature of Wednesday’s assault and also the attackersflight from the scene rather than resorting to siege and suicide tactics suggests a less familiar modus operandi.近期的多起圣战者袭击(在悉尼和渥太华)都是由所谓“孤狼恐怖分子”进行的。周三这起攻击的协同特性——以及袭击者从现场逃离、而不是诉诸于劫持人质和自杀战术——似乎指出了一种人们不太熟悉的手法。In the days ahead many will be watching the impact on French society. At a time of deep political and economic malaise, the anti-immigrant National Front led by Marine Le Pen may profit from a new burst of anti-Islamic feeling. The attack is a challenge to the state authorities who must now find the attackers and bring them to justice. But the broader challenge is for politicians and the public to cleave to France’s core secular values and express defiance without stoking the fires of blind revenge.在未来几天里,很多人将关注法国社会受到的影响。在该国深陷政治和经济困境之际,以马#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)为首的反移民政党“国民阵线National Front),可能受益于一股新的反伊斯兰情绪。此次袭击是对政府有关部门发起的挑战,这些部门现在必须追查袭击者,将他们绳之以法。但更为广义的挑战在于,政治人物和公众要坚守法国的核心世俗价值观,在不挑动盲目复仇之火的前提下表达反抗情绪。In any democratic society, there should always be room for a civilised debate about taste and propriety when it comes to the mockery of any religious faith. But what cannot be challenged is the fundamental right of all citizens to express themselves freely within the law. In an age marked by growth in religious belief and the increasing politicisation of faith, all religion must be open to opinion, analysis and lampoonery.在涉及到针对任何宗教信仰的讽刺时,任何一个民主社会都应当有文明辩论的空间,让各方就品味和尺度界限各抒己见。但不容挑战的是,所有公民都有在法律范围内自由表达自己的根本权利。在宗教信仰势力壮大、信仰日益政治化的当今时代,所有宗教都必须对观点、分析和讽刺抱有开放心态。In the past quarter century there have been many attempts to use intimidation to silence satire and dissent. The Iranian regime set the precedent when it issued a fatwa against the author Salman Rushdie in response to his book The Satanic Verses. North Korea used cyber violence to prevent the distribution of an unflattering film about its leader Kim Jong Un.过去四分之一世纪期间,先后有过不少使用恐吓手段压制讽刺和异见的尝试。伊朗政权确立了先例,发出针对作家萨尔曼#8226;拉什Salman Rushdie)的追杀令,就为了他写的小说《撒旦诗篇The Satanic Verses)。朝鲜最近使用网络暴力试图阻止一部嘲讽该国领导人金正Kim Jong Un)的电影发行。Now we have the appalling spectacle in Paris. The response of the free world to this must be unwavering. Charlie Hebdo may be a very different publication to our own, but the courage of its journalists and their right to publish cannot be placed in doubt. A free press is worth nothing if its practitioners do not feel free to speak.现在,我们又见了巴黎街头的骇人景象。自由世界对此的反应必须是坚定不移的。《查理周刊》也许是一份与本报非常不同的出版物,但其采编人员的勇气——以及他们的出版权利——是不容置疑的。如果新闻从业者感觉不到言论自由,新闻自由就没有什么价值了。来 /201501/353349

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