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SEOUL PLANS FIRST SATELLITE LAUNCH South Korea plans to make its first satellite launch today in a step that could test North Korea's commitment to recent rapprochement moves and rekindle fears of an Asian arms race.Although North Korea's self-claimed satellite launch in April appeared to have failed, the growing technological prowess demonstrated by firing a long-range rocket unnerved politicians in Seoul. Seoul has also been eager to demonstrate its capabilities as China, India and particularly Japan have moved into space missions.Japan has set next month for the debut launch of a new unmanned resupply spacecraft for the International Space Station.South Korea's government has been unabashed in wanting its space programme expanded with an eye to putting astronauts into space. Russian rockets have in the past carried South Korean satellites and, last year, the first Korean astronaut. Russia has also provided critical assistance for South Korea's rocket programme.North Korea insists its rocket launch in April marked the successful launch of a satellite that is now beaming patriotic anthems from space. The US, South Korea and Japan contest this and say Pyongyang was simply upgrading its ballistic weapons. Stung by UN Security Council sanctions over the launch, Pyongyang has said it expects the UN to show impartiality by condemning South Korea's rocket launch.“North Korea's reaction will be a barometer of how committed it is to the recent positive trend,” said Andrew Gilholm, senior analyst at Control Risks, the security consultancy, referring to a recent thawing of ties between Seoul and Pyongyang.Pyongyang has freed US and South Korean detainees and has pledged to co-operate on investment and tourism projects.After North Korea's launch, politicians in the south complained South Korea was being held back by its adherence to the Missile Technology Control Regime, an informal agreement with the US that restricted southern scientists to working on ballistic missiles with a range of less than 300km. North Korea's rocket flew about 3,000km. /200908/81783Five years ago, Facebook turned down Brian Acton for a job.五年前,Facebook曾经拒绝了软件工程师布莱恩o阿克顿的求职。The Orlando, Fla.-raised software engineer had worked at Yahoo YHOO 0.60% for over a decade when he decided to take time off. For two years he did, exploring places as far-flung as Antarctica before returning to Silicon Valley to work again. After companies like Facebook FB -0.24% and Twitter TWTR 3.01% rejected him, he started building WhatsApp, a mobile messaging service that eventually exploded, amassing 500 million users worldwide. Then last February, Facebook stunned the world when it announced it was scooping up WhatsApp for a jaw-dropping billion – the most it had ever paid for a startup. By one estimate, Acton will be worth at least billion when the deal closes, which is expected later this year.国佛罗里达州奥兰多市,在雅虎(Yahoo)工作了十多年后,阿克顿决定歇一歇。他在两年的时间里四处游历,甚至远赴南极,后来才回到硅谷重新开始工作。先后遭到Facebook和Twitter等公司拒绝后,阿克顿开始开发移动短信务WhatsApp,结果一炮而红,在全球吸引了5亿用户。今年二月,Facebook宣布豪掷190亿美元收购WhatsApp,震动了外界。这也是Facebook收购新创企业最大手笔的一次。交易预计在今年晚些时候达成,据估计,届时阿克顿的身家至少将达到30亿美元。That Facebook once rejected Acton, 42 is an irony not lost on him. But far from being bitter he says he looks forward to working with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and crew. “We might disagree on some topics, but they understand what communication is like, and they understand the issues around privacy and security,” Acton explained Wednesday at StartX, a non-profit organization for Stanford University entrepreneurs.阿克顿明白,如今看来,他曾求职Facebook被拒颇有些讽刺意味。不过,他完全没有因此而忿忿不平。相反,他表示自己很期待与Facebook首席执行官马克o扎克伯格及其团队共事。上周三,在为斯坦福大学(Stanford University)创业者务的非营利机构StartX上,阿克顿说:“我们或许在某些问题上看法不同,但他们明白通讯是怎么回事,他们也了解与隐私和安全相关的问题。”Reaching a billion deal was a roundabout journey for Acton and Koum. For one, Acton was aly 38 when he helped build WhatsApp. Before that, he spent three years at Apple AAPL 0.39% and over 11 years at Yahoo, where he met WhatsApp CEO and cofounder Jan Koum and eventually became the company’s vice president of engineering. (Acton also weathered a divorce and had children.) It’s a different — and far longer — trajectory compared to many of today’s entrepreneurs, who jump into a startup right after college or drop out, Acton points out.阿克顿和另一位创始人库姆经历了不少曲折,才把WhatsApp发展到了作价190亿美元的规模。其一,帮助创办WhatsApp时,阿克顿已经38岁了。在此之前,他在苹果(Apple)干了三年,在雅虎干了11年多。阿克顿在雅虎结识了WhatsApp首席执行官兼联合创始人简o库姆,并最终成为WhatsApp公司负责工程设计的副总裁。(阿克顿曾经历离婚,并育有子女。)阿克顿指出,他与今天的许多创业者不同,后者大多大学毕业后就直接开始创业,甚至辍学创业。Still, Acton and Koum’s late-blooming strategy worked. With WhatsApp, they developed a dead-simple mobile app that works a lot like traditional text, or SMS messaging, allowing users to send and receive calls, , and pictures in addition to messages. (“I used to call SMS black and white,” Acton said. “We’re color.”) Because it was free, the app developed a huge following, particularly in Europe and parts of Asia, where traditional texting can be pricey. That’s despite a mobile messaging space crowded with competitors like Line, Viber and MessageMe. “It just effing works,” said Acton, explaining in semi-profane terms WhatApp’s appeal. “We don’t have a lot of gimmickry. We don’t collect messages or do anything with them. We respect our users.”不过,阿克顿和库姆大器晚成的战略行之有效。他们开发的WhatsApp是一款超级简单的移动应用,原理很像传统的手机短信,在文本信息外,用户还能发送和接收呼叫、视频和图片。(阿克顿说:“我常说短信是黑白的,而我们的务则是色的。”)因为不收费,WhatsApp吸引了大量的追捧者,尤其是在传统短信务收费较高的欧洲和亚洲,尽管移动通讯领域充斥着Line、Viber以及MessageMe等一种竞争对手。谈到WhatsApp 大受欢迎,阿克顿说道:“它就是火了。我们没有什么花招,我们也不收集信息或干那些有的没的。我们尊重我们的用户。”Talks with Zuckerberg about a potential WhatsApp acquisition began heating up in early February, when Zuck – as he is known to tech insiders – presented Acton and Koum with a hard number. “We said, ‘Oh, shit,’ We’ve got to pay attention to this,” Acton said, who recalled a mind-numbing 96-hours straight in conference rooms with a “flotilla” of lawyers as they hammered out a deal.早在今年二月初,同扎克伯格关于可能收购WhatsApp的谈判就开始升温。扎克伯格向阿克顿和库姆开出了一个确切的数字——高科技界人士都知道,这是他的一贯做法。阿克顿回忆道:“我们说:‘靠’,我们得好好琢磨琢磨这事。”于是他们同“一大帮”律师一起,在会议室整整煎熬了96个小时,直到他们制定出交易方案。For now, the thing Acton looks forward to most isn’t working with the employer who once rejected him – or even getting to 600 million WhatsApp users – it’s closing the deal with Facebook. Admitted Acton: “When it closes, it’ll be with a sense of relief.眼下,阿克顿最期待的,不是与曾拒绝自己的雇主共事,甚至也不是使WhatsApp的用户数增长到6亿,而是与Facebook达成交易。阿克顿坦言:“等到交易达成,我肯定会感到如释重负。” /201406/304907

Facebook has hit back at a controversial Princeton study that claimed it would #39;die like a virus#39; and lose 80% of its users by 2015.Facebook对近期普林斯顿大学发布的一项有争议的研究进行了反击,该研究称到2015年,“Facebook就会像病毒传播一样”流失80%的用户。Researchers at the social network say the study is fatally flawed - and turned it on Princeton to prove their point.Facebook的研究员表示,这项研究完全是扯淡,还以其人之道还治其人之身了一把。Using the University#39;s own method, it found Princeton would have no students by 2021.根据普林斯顿大学的研究方法,Facebook的研究人员得出结论,到2021年,普林斯顿大学将会门下无人。Mike Develin, Lada Adamic, and Sean Taylor, of Facebook#39;s data team, used the same methods as the original paper to show that Princeton was facing a decline in undergraduates of 50 per cent in the next four years and would have none at all by 2021.Facebook找来了Mike Develin、Lada Adamic 和 Sean Taylor 这三位研究者,用普林斯顿大学的研究方法,明在未来4年里,普林斯顿大学将流失50%的学生,到2021年,普林斯顿大学将要关门。#39;Like many of you, we were intrigued by a recent article by Princeton researchers predicting the imminent demise of Facebook,#39; they wrote.Facebook的研究员们写道,“和你们大多数人一样,我们也对普林斯顿大学最近的一项研究感到好奇。这项研究竟然预测出了Facebook即将销声匿迹的结局”。#39;Using the same robust methodology featured in the paper, we attempted to find out more about this #39;Princeton University#39; - and you won#39;t believe what we found!“我们用了和普林大神们一样稳健的科学方法来对普林斯顿大学进行研究,你绝对不会相信我们得出了什么样的结论!”#39;our research unequivocally demonstrated that Princeton may be in danger of disappearing entirely.#39;“我们的研究明确地指出,普林斯顿大学大学将命不久矣。”They also used the same logic to show the world will run out of air by 2060.Facebook的研究者们还用同样的逻辑研究起了地球上空气的消耗情况,得出“到2060年地球上将不会剩下空气”的结论。#39;We don’t really think Princeton or the world’s air supply is going anywhere soon,#39; they said. #39;We love Princeton (and air).“我们真的不希望普林斯顿大学或者是地球上的空气消失,因为我们爱普林斯顿,也爱空气。”#39;As data scientists, we wanted to give a fun reminder that not all research is created equal – and some methods of analysis lead to pretty crazy conclusions,they said in a blog post.研究员们在客最后写道,“作为数据专家,我们只是想风趣地提醒大家,不是所有研究都可以用相同的方法来验的,用某些方法得出的结论只会贻笑大方。” /201401/274347THE International Cancer Genome Consortium, an alliance of laboratories that is trying to produce a definitive list of the genetic mutations that cause cancer, is accumulating data at an astonishing rate. About 3,000 individual breast tumours, for example, have now had their genotypes published. But these data will not, by themselves, help patients. For that, they have to be collected in the context of a drug trial. And this is just what Matthew Ellis and his colleagues at Washington University in St Louis have done for women suffering from breast cancer. Their methods, if they prove to work for other cancers too, may revolutionise treatment.国际癌症基因组协作组(THE International Cancer Genome Consortium)是试图建立一份会引起癌症的基因突变完整清单的实验室联盟,它积累数据的速度让人吃惊。例如,它已经发表了大约3000种不同的乳房肿瘤的基因型。但光凭这些数据本身无法帮助患者。要医治病人,人们必须结合药物试验采集数据。而这正是在圣路易斯市的华盛顿大学(Washington University in St Louis)工作的马修?埃利斯(Matthew Ellis)及其同事们为罹患乳腺癌的妇女们所作的工作。如果事实明他们的方法对其他癌症也有用的话,这可能会是癌症治疗的一次革命。Dr Ellis and his team sequenced the whole genomes of both cancerous and normal tissue from 46 women with tumours of a type called oestrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer. They also sequenced just the gene-containing regions of the genome-about 1% of total DNA-from an additional 31 women, and parts of the sequences of 240 more. They then compared the healthy and tumorous genomes of each patient, in order to discover which genes had mutated in the cancer.埃利斯士及其团队对46名身患雌激素受体阳性乳腺癌的妇女的癌组织和正常组织进行了全基因组测序。他们也对另外31名病人的基因组中含有基因的那些区域(约占整个DNA的1%)进行了测序,并对其他240名病人的这些部分做了部分测序。此后,为找出癌细胞中哪些基因发生了突变,他们比较了每个病人的健康和癌变基因组。In this, they were following the normal protocol of the cancer genome consortium. The novelty of their approach was that the women in question had each been involved in one of two clinical trials of a drug called letrozole. These trials established letrozole as a standard treatment for people with this type of breast cancer, but not all patients benefit equally from the drug. Dr Ellis hoped to find out why.他们在这一工作中是按癌症基因组协作组的标准程序操作的,但其方法的新颖之处是,他们还同时进行一种名为来曲唑的药物的临床试验。该试验有两种,每个病人都接受其中的一种。这些试验实来曲唑是这类乳腺癌的标准治疗方法,但它对每个病人的疗效并不一样。埃利斯士希望找出其原因。As they report in Nature, he and his team discovered 18 genes that were often mutated. Some were the usual suspects of cancer genetics. These included p53, a gene that, when working properly, suppresses cancer by regulating DNA repair, cell division and cellular suicide, and MAP3K1 and MAP2K4, which both promote cell growth. Others, though, were a surprise. At the top of that list were five which had previously been linked to leukaemia, but were not thought to affect solid tumours.正如他们在《自然》杂志中所报告的那样,埃利斯和他的团队发现了18种经常发生突变的基因,其中有些是癌症遗传学通常怀疑的对象。这中间包括p53,这种基因在正常工作时通过调节DNA对的修复、细胞分裂和细胞自杀来抑制癌症;还有MAP3K1和MAP2K4,它们都能促进细胞生长。但也有些令人吃惊的其他结果。高踞名单前列的5种基因是人们过去认为与白血病有关的,没想到它们也会影响实体瘤。By combining their newly acquired genetic data with clinical data from the participants, Dr Ellis and his colleagues showed that those whose tumours carried mutations in p53 (16% of the total) were less likely to have responded to letrozole than women whose tumours had normal p53. Conversely, those whose tumours had changes in either MAP3K1 or MAP2K4 (another 16%) had better than average responses to the drug.将他们新得到的基因数据与参与试验者的临床数据结合,埃利斯士等人明了,来曲唑对肿瘤中有p53基因突变的病人(占总数的16%)的疗效不如对肿瘤中p53基因正常的病人那样显著。与此相反,这一药物对肿瘤中MAP3K1或MAP2K4有变化的病人(也占总数的16%)的疗效高于平均水平。This sort of information has obvious implications for treatment. And the cheapness of modern gene-sequencing methods, particularly those that are looking for specific mutations suspected in advance, means that a tumour#39;s mutational complement can be worked out easily in an appropriately equipped pathology laboratory. In the case of oestrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer, the genetic analysis has not yet gone so far as to be able to say with certainty which drug will produce the best result for a given individual, but Dr Ellis#39;s result lays a foundation on which such an edifice might be built for breast cancer and perhaps for other types of tumour, too.这种信息对治疗的含义是明显的。而且,现代基因测序法价格低廉,寻找预先已有怀疑的某些特别的基因突变尤为便宜;这意味着,在拥有合适装备的病理实验室里,人们可以很容易地找出肿瘤基因突变的补体。就雌激素受体阳性乳腺癌来说,基因分析还无法肯定地告诉我们,哪种药物对某个病人疗效最佳;但埃利斯士的结果打下了一个基础,或许可以在此之上为乳腺癌——甚至其他种类的癌症——的治疗建立有效的预测方法。 /201207/192629

Early signs show that bigger iPhones are aly leading to bigger sales for Apple.初步迹象显示,尺寸较大的iPhone在为苹果公司(Apple)带来更高的销售额。The company on Monday said that early orders for the new iPhones — the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — topped four million in the first 24 hours that they became available for order online over the weekend. That is double the number of early orders that came in for the iPhone 5 when it first went on sale online two years ago.该公司周一表示,新款iPhone,即iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus,从上周末起可以在线预订以来,最初24小时里收到的预售订单就高达400万份,与两年前iPhone 5刚刚在线发售时的预售订单数据相比翻了一番。Both new iPhones unveiled last week are significantly larger than previous models. The iPhone 6 screen measures 4.7 inches diagonally and the iPhone 6 Plus screen measures 5.5 inches. The earlier iPhone 5S had a four-inch screen. The new phones arrive in stores on Friday.上周推出的这两款新iPhone都比过去的型号大很多,iPhone 6屏幕对角线尺寸有4.7英寸,而iPhone 6 Plus屏幕尺寸则为5.5英寸。此前的iPhone 5S屏幕为4英寸。新款手机将于本周五在店铺里上架。By increasing the screen size of the iPhone, Apple was responding to a broad market trend: Consumers, especially those in China, are gravitating toward bigger and bigger screens on smartphones, just as they did with televisions.苹果扩大屏幕的尺寸是在回应一种广泛的市场趋势。消费者,尤其是中国消费者,都被智能手机上越来越大的屏幕所吸引,就像他们对电视的态度一样。Some financial analysts are optimistic that the early orders will amount to record-breaking iPhone sales over all. Maynard Um, an analyst for Wells Fargo, said that Apple was on track to meet expectations for sales of millions in the “low teens” range in the first weekend. That would be much higher than the nine million in first-weekend sales last year for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.一些金融分析师乐观地认为,预售订单的趋势能够使iPhone取得创纪录的整体销量。富国(Wells Fargo)分析师梅纳德·乌姆(Maynard Um)说,看趋势,苹果能够在第一个周末达到略高于一千万台的销售预期。这比iPhone 5S和iPhone 5C去年推出时900万台的首周末销量高出很多。It can be easy to lose perspective on what those numbers mean. For comparison, Motorola Mobility shipped 6.5 million smartphones in the first three months of the year. Apple’s iPhones are expected to sell at least double that number in just their first weekend in stores.这些数字的意义或许很容易就被忽略。相比之下,托罗拉移动(Motorola Mobility)在今年头三个月里的智能手机出货量为650万台。而按照预期,苹果的iPhone在上架的第一个周末,就能达到这个数字的两倍。Toni Sacconaghi, a financial analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein, said that although the recently introduced Apple Watch and mobile payments service may create new revenue streams for Apple, the company’s financial situation remains fundamentally unchanged: Its financial earnings still lean heavily on sales of the iPhone, which accounts for about 70 percent of Apple’s profit.桑福德·伯恩斯坦公司(Sanford C. Bernstein)的金融分析师托尼·萨克纳吉(Toni Sacconaghi)说,尽管新推出的Apple Watch和移动付务可能会为苹果公司创造新的收入来源,但该公司的财务状况基本上不会变化:很大部分盈利仍然需要依靠iPhone,该产品贡献了公司70%的利润。Still, it remains unclear, Mr. Sacconaghi said in an email, whether the new iPhones will ultimately help the company’s profits.不过萨克纳吉在电子邮件中说,还不清楚新款iPhone最终是不是有利于该公司的利润。“Can Apple sustain iPhone margins in the face of higher costs on both new phones (larger screen, battery, more memory, better processor, etc.) and a price increase on only the larger offering?” he said.“这两款新手机成本提高了(屏幕更大、电池更大、存储量更大、处理器更好,等等),而只有较大型号的价格提高了。苹果还能维持iPhone的利润率吗?”他问道。 /201409/329201

Xiaomi Inc., the startup that has rattled China#39;s smartphone market with its fast-selling handsets, is hoping to capture some of the magic that made Apple Inc. a global success story.在其畅销手机品牌撼动了中国智能手机市场后,初创企业小米公司(Xiaomi Inc.)希望能借鉴一些苹果公司(Apple Inc.)享誉全球的秘诀。The Chinese company, which is planning to expand abroad, paid Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to appear on Sunday in front of reporters at its headquarters in Beijing. Mr. Wozniak showed up at the event--labeled as the #39;Lei Jun amp; Woz Tech Talk#39;--with Xiaomi#39;s founder and chairman, Lei Jun, and told reporters that Xiaomi#39;s products were #39;excellent#39; and #39;good enough to crack the American market.#39;周日,这家计划进军海外的中国企业在其北京总部举办了一场名为“极客巅峰对话”(Lei Jun amp; Woz Tech Talk)的活动。该公司掷金邀请来苹果公司创始人之一的沃兹尼亚克(Steve Wozniak),与小米创始人兼董事长雷军一同参加了活动。面对在场记者,沃兹尼亚克表示小米的产品“非常棒”,“有足够实力打入美国市场”。Mr. Wozniak said he was given Xiaomi#39;s flagship Mi 3 smartphone to test. He also received a demonstration of Xiaomi#39;s new Mi Wi-Fi router, which comes in a do-it-yourself kit that requires consumers to assemble the device themselves. Mr. Wozniak was later given the kit as a gift, which comes in an elegant wooden box, with his birthdate engraved on it.沃兹尼亚克说,他得到一台小米手机3(小米主打产品)用来测评,还看到了新款小米路由器的安装演示。用户在购买这款路由器时会得到一份DIY套件组,需要自己动手来组装路由器。后来,小米公司还将一个刻有他生日的精美套件木箱作为礼物送给了沃兹尼亚克。#39;I#39;m playing with mine. I like it so far, and I#39;ll tell you if I have problems,#39; he told reporters. Mr. Wozniak didn#39;t disclose how much he was paid for the appearance, but said he only nets 20% of his original fee. In fact, he said that 15% of his fee goes to a co-broker, 12.5% goes to his agent, 37% is paid in U.S. government taxes and 13% goes to California state taxes. #39;I do not do this for money,#39; he said. #39;If I find things I don#39;t like about the Mi 3, I#39;ll tell them.#39;他对记者说:我正在试玩我的小米产品,现在为止我挺喜欢的,如果我有什么问题会告诉你们。沃兹尼亚克并未透露此次活动的具体出场费,只是表示他只赚得初始费用的20%。实际上,他说他出场费的15%划给一位联合代理人,12.5%归他经纪人所有,37%用于付美国政府税,13%用来付加利福尼亚州州税。他说,我做这件事不是为了钱。如果我发现小米手机3有什么我不喜欢的地方,我会告诉他们。Xiaomi#39;s corporate culture and rapid ascent has invited some comparisons to Apple. Like the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Xiaomi#39;s chairman sports dark shirts and presides over high-profile product releases. As part of efforts to expand overseas, Xiaomi last year hired Hugo Barra, Google#39;s former vice president of the Android mobile operating software, to help develop its international business. Mr. Barra also attended Sunday#39;s event.小米的企业文化和近年来的快速成长促使一些人将小米与苹果相提并论。正如苹果已故创始人乔布斯(Steve Jobs)那样,小米董事长雷军每次也都身着深色T恤上台主持高级别的小米产品发布会。为向海外拓展,小米于去年聘请了谷歌(Google Inc.)前安卓(Android)业务副总裁巴拉(Hugo Barra)帮助公司发展国际业务。巴拉也参加了周日的这场活动。For the joint appearance, Xiaomi shipped in an Apple II -- one of Apple#39;s earliest computers -- and ask Mr. Wozniak to sign it. Mr. Lei told reporters that he learned computer programming on an Apple II three decades ago and that Mr. Wozniak was one of his role models.此次活动中,小米还拿出了一台苹果II电脑(苹果最早期的产品之一)请沃兹尼亚克在上面签名。雷军告诉记者,三十年前他正是在一台苹果II电脑上学习了编程知识,他还说沃兹尼亚克是他的偶像之一。Meanwhile, Mr. Wozniak also provided some of his views on innovation in Asia.沃兹尼亚克还就亚洲的创新发展谈了谈自己的一些看法。In 2011, Mr. Wozniak told the B that a company like Apple was unlikely to have emerged in a strict Asian society such as Singapore. Mr. Wozniak said Sunday that although he doesn#39;t like strict societies, he believes Asia has made important contributions to Silicon Valley in terms of human capital and knowledge.2011年沃兹尼亚克对英国广播公司(B)说,新加坡那种严格的亚洲社会不太可能涌现出苹果这样的公司。沃兹尼亚克在周日说,尽管他不喜欢严格的社会环境,但他肯定亚洲在人力资本和知识方面为硅谷做出的巨大贡献。#39;A lot of our brain power comes from China,#39; he said. #39;We#39;ve needed these elements that have come from Asia for so long.#39;他说,我们的许多人才来自中国,我们长期以来一直依赖亚洲提供这些要素。Mr. Wozniak said he noticed that Singapore is changing. #39;They actually have quite a bit of great hardware development, and so they have very talented people. They have people that are thinking very much like Xiaomi thinks,#39; he said.沃兹尼亚克说他注意到新加坡正在发生改变。他说,他们确实在硬件领域取得了相当大的进展,因此他们肯定拥有非常有才华的人。他认为,这些人才的思维方式与小米非常相似。Finally Mr. Wozniak said he #39;would love to live#39; in Beijing. #39;It#39;s a very comfortable place for Americans ... I want to shop in the little stores that are building components and parts, and plugging in phones and reprogramming them. I love that world -- it#39;s certainly where I started.#39;最后,沃兹尼亚克表示他“非常乐意”定居北京。他说,对美国人来说这是个很舒的地方……我想去那些专门制作组件和元件、植入手机并重编手机程序的小店里买东西。我很喜欢那些地方,我的事业就是在那样的地方起步的。 /201401/272902LG G Flex curved smartphone revealed in press renders, will launch next month LG型号为G Flex的弯曲屏智能手机渲染图泄露,将会在下月发布。LG has admitted that ;bendable and unbreakable; smartphone displays are aly in production, and we#39;ve heard plenty of rumors about a device known as the G Flex which features the new tech. Engadget has come across a trio of renders of the upcoming device, and we have learned from our sources that it will be coming out sometime next month -- pricing and availability (as well as hard specs) are as of yet unknown, however. As you can see in the images (above and below), the G Flex offers a curved display, but LG#39;s version approaches it at a literally different angle from the Galaxy Round that was announced last week: instead of it curving from left to right, the G Flex goes orthogonally from top to bottom. We#39;ll update you with more information and images as we get closer to the device#39;s launch.LG承认已经在生产可弯曲的智能手机显示屏,我们听到了很多关于使用此项新技术的型号为G Flex的设备的谣言。瘾科技拿到了很多此款机器的渲染图,从我们的消息源处得到了消息,这款设备将会在下个月发布,但是,价格,供货时间以及规格都不确定。从上下两张图中可以看出G Flex有一个弯曲的显示屏幕,但是LG的这个版本跟上周三星发布的Round弯曲角度完全不一样,不是左右弯曲,二十上下弯曲。随着发布的临近,我们会提供更多的消息和图片。 /201310/260315If multiple communication systems aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were manually disabled, as investigators increasingly suspect happened, it would have required detailed knowledge of the long-range Boeing Co. 777#39;s inner workings.调查人员愈发怀疑马来西亚航空(Malaysia Airlines)失联370航班上的多个通讯系统是被人为破坏的,如果真是这样,则蓄意破坏的人需要对波音(Boeing Co.) 777客机的内部情况拥有详细的知识。The first loss of the jet#39;s transponder, which communicates the jet#39;s position, speed and call sign to air traffic control radar, would require disabling a circuit breaker above and behind an overhead panel. Pilots rarely, if ever, need to access the circuit breakers, which are reserved for maintenance personnel.首先被关闭的应答器可向空中交通控制雷达发送飞机位置、速度和呼叫信号,关闭它需要切断顶部仪表板上方和后面的一个断路器。飞行员很少需要动用断路器,这些断路器是为维修人员准备的。Pulling one specific circuit breaker, which is labeled, would render inoperative both of the 777#39;s transponders, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and bolstered by comments from according to aviation industry officials and those who have worked with the 777.根据《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)见过的文件、航空业官员,以及曾务过波音777的人员提供的信息,拔掉某一个断路器(断路器上有标签)将导致飞机上两个应答器停止工作。Becoming familiar with the 777#39;s systems requires extensive training for pilots and aircraft mechanics alike, experts said. However, considerable technical data on the airplane is also available online in discussion groups or other websites.专家称,要熟悉波音777系统,需要接受大量有关飞行员和机械师的培训。不过这种机型的相当多技术数据也可以在讨论小组或其他网站上获得。Investigators are trying to establish a sequence of events that transpired on the jet, which vanished from radar March 8, most critically the loss of communication.对于这架在3月8日消失在雷达屏幕上的飞机,调查人员正试图对机上发生的事件理出一个顺序。The shutdown of the on board reporting system shortly after the jet was last seen on radar, can be performed in a series of keystrokes on either of the cockpit#39;s two flight management computers in the cockpit. The computers are used to set the performance of the engines on takeoff, plan the route, as well as other functions to guide the 777.在飞机最后一次出现在雷达屏幕后不久机上应答系统关闭,这一操作可以通过在驾驶舱内两台飞行管理电脑中的任意一台上敲一系列键就可完成。这些电脑用于设置发动机在起飞时的性能、规划飞行路线以及指导777飞机的其他功能。After vanishing, the jet#39;s satellite communications system continued to ping orbiting satellites for at least five hours. The pings ceased at a point over the Indian Ocean, while the aircraft was at a normal cruise altitude, say two people familiar with the jet#39;s last known position. Investigators are trying to understand that loss, and whether or not #39;something catastrophic happened or someone switched off#39; the satellite communication system, says one of the people.在失联后,飞机的卫星通讯系统在至少五个小时内继续向卫星发出连接请求。两名知情人士表示,卫星连接请求在印度洋上方某处中断,当时飞机处在正常的巡航高度。其中一人称,调查人员正试图了解中断原因,是否发生了一些灾难性事情,或者是有人关闭了卫星通讯系统。A physical disconnection of the satellite communications system would require extremely detailed knowledge of the aircraft, its internal structure and its systems. The satellite data system is sp across the aircraft and disabling it would require physical access to key components. Disconnecting the satellite data system from the jet#39;s central computer, known as AIMS, would disable its transmission. The central computer can be reached from inside the jet while it is flying, but its whereabouts would have to be known by someone deeply familiar with the 777.物理阻断卫星通讯系统需要极为详细地了解飞机、其内部结构和系统。卫星数据系统遍布机身,要关闭这一系统需要能够实际接触到关键部件。从被称为AIMS的飞机中央电脑关闭卫星数据系统可以切断数据传输。在飞机飞行过程中,机上人员可以接触到其中央电脑,但是需要对这架波音777极为熟悉。Getting into the area housing the 777#39;s computers would #39;not take a lot#39; of knowledge, said an aviation professional who has worked with the 777. However, this person added, #39;to know what to do there to disable#39; systems would require considerable understanding of the jet#39;s inner workings. Some airlines outfit the access hatch to the area below the floor with a special screw to prevent unauthorized intrusion, the person added.据一位曾务过777机型的航空专家称,进入777飞机放置电脑的区域不需要许多知识。但是这位专家表示,知道如何关闭系统需要相当了解该飞机内部工作原理。这位专家还说,有些航空公司会为进入这一地板下区域的舱门安装一个特别的螺丝,以防的进入。Orbiting satellites are designed to check in with the aircraft#39;s satellite-communication system hourly if no data is received during that time. The pings from the aircraft became a subject of scrutiny earlier this week, said a person familiar with the matter, several days after the plane first went missing.轨道卫星如果没有接收到数据的话,每小时都会检查一次飞机的卫星通讯系统。一位知情人士称,在马航客机失联数天之后,该架航班的数据连接请求在本周早些时候成为调查目标。Because the pings between the satellite and the aircraft registered that the aircraft#39;s satellite communications system was healthy and able to transmit, the data did not immediately raise any red flags in the hours after the jet#39;s disappearance.由于卫星与这架客机之间存在数据连接请求,显示飞机的卫星通讯系统情况正常且能够进行信号传输,所以在飞机失联之后的几个小时里,相关数据并没有立刻引起警惕。At first, the origin of the final ping from the Malaysia Airlines jet seemed like an anomaly to investigators, according to a person familiar with the matter, given that the plane was believed to have crashed off the coast of Vietnam, hundreds if not thousands of miles from the location of the final ping.据一位知情人士称,最初阶段,考虑到这架马航客机被认为已经在越南海域坠毁,距离最后发出数据连接请求的位置有数百甚至上千英里之远,客机最后发出数据连接请求的地点在调查人员看来似乎有些异常。Until just a few years ago, the satellite communication system used by jetliners didn#39;t include data on an aircraft#39;s location in the pings, the electronic equivalent of handshakes used to establish initial contact.直到数年之前,客机使用的卫星通讯系统并不包含有关飞机发出数字连接请求的位置信息。For instance, before Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, the jet sent some diagnostic data indicating problems with various onboard systems, including the autopilot#39;s deactivation. But notably the plane#39;s position wasn#39;t transmitted with that data.比如,在2009年法国航空公司(Air France) 447航班在大西洋坠毁之前,该机发送的诊断数据表明,飞机上多个系统出了问题,其中包括应答器关闭。但值得注意的是,该飞机的位置信息并未得到传输。Partly as a result it took nearly two years to locate the plane#39;s #39;black boxes#39; and the majority of the wreckage. In the case of the missing Malaysian jetliner, precise locations were provided. However, it is unclear why the transmission ceased and where the plane may have ended up after the final ping.其中一个后果就是,寻找这架飞机的黑匣子和主体残骸用了将近两年的时间。而在马航失联飞机事件中有精确的位置信息。但目前还不清楚为何这种信号传输会中断,以及在最后一次数字连接请求发出之后飞机可能最终去了哪里。 /201403/280282

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