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讲解文本:scary 可怕的,恐怖的,吓人的Grandpa told me a scary ghost story.爷爷给我讲了一个可怕的鬼故事。I dont like this movie, its too scary.我不喜这部电影,太吓人了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201702/490680。

12. Discussing a Lawsuit against the Police12. 讨论起诉警察A: I want to file a wrongful arrest lawsuit.A:我想写一个错误逮捕的诉讼。B: What proof do you have that you were wrongfully arrested?B:你有什么据明你是被错误的逮捕了?A: Well, I didnt rob anybody.A:好吧,我没有抢劫任何人。B: Why were you arrested then?B:那你为什么被逮捕?A: I fit the description of the suspect.A:我满足对嫌疑人的描述。B: Well, how was that a wrongful arrest?B:好吧,那怎么是一个错误的逮捕呢?A: They didnt investigate if I had a twin brother or not.A:他们没有调查我是否有一个双胞胎兄弟。B: Do you have a twin brother?B:你有一个双胞胎哥哥吗?A: I have an identical twin brother.A:我有一个完全一样的哥哥。B: Did the police find out?B:警察弄清楚了吗?A: The police found out when I told them.A:我告诉他们的时候警察才弄清楚。B: We may have a case then. B:那我们将有案子了。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201602/426872。

小咖实用英语口语 第96期:唇印 hickey /201509/397021。

小咖实用英语口语 第66期:方便面instant noodles /201506/360540。

大家都喜欢在夏天休个长假享受生活。我朋友Jenny最近就去了巴黎,完全沉醉在历史古迹,美食和精的夜生活之中。她可启发了我!我也开始研究自己该去哪里渡假了,可是目前我还没完全决定该去哪里。这也让我想到一个习惯用语。那就是:cast in stone.Cast本身有铸造的意思,而stone则是石头。Cast in stone, 都铸造在石头里了,也就是最后决定,板上定钉的意思。虽然我在看关于去巴黎旅游的书,可是还没决定最后是不是去那里。My decision to go to Paris isnt cast in Stone. 下面的例子里,这位家长遇到了什么难题? 我们来听听看:例句-1:It seems like yesterday that my daughter was in kindergarten and now shes graduating from 6th grade. Her class is having a graduation party on June 10th. While I really want to attend, Ill be on a business trip. And I understand the date of the ceremony cant be changed. Its cast in stone.这段话是说:女儿上幼儿园仿佛还是昨天的事,可是现在她已经要六年级毕业了!她们班6月10号开毕业派对庆祝。虽然我很想参加,但是我那时侯正好得去出差。而且我知道,日期已经不能再改,是板上定钉的事了。如果家长不能出席,孩子一定会很失望!对了,你还记得上次我说我们家的路口应该安装停车路标的事吗?我本以为这已经是板上定钉的事情了,可是现在由于资金问题还得需要近一步考虑。The board needs to reconsider whether to install a stop sign or not due to budgetary concerns. So its not cast in stone yet. 出于预算考虑,小区委员会需要重新审核是否要安装一个停车的路标,这件事还没有最后决定。******每次我去饭馆吃饭,对到底要点什么酒都很犹豫不决。老听别人说点酒是一门很讲究的学问,到底是不是这样呢?我们来听听看:例句-2:Theres a lot of confusion about wine. Should you only drink white wine with chicken and fish and red wine with red meat? When it comes to deciding what goes together best, experts now say that there are no rules cast in stone. You should let your taste guide you; drink whatever pleases you.这段话是说:如何点酒确实是门学问。是不是鸡肉和鱼肉只能搭配白酒,而红肉只能搭配红酒呢?专家认为,当谈到如何搭配最好的时候,并没有什么板上定钉的规则。你应该跟着你的感觉走,只要你喜欢就好。我每次去吃西餐,就经常不知道自己该点什么酒!听了这段话才知道,原来,there are no rules cast in stone on how to order wines. 点酒并没有什么固定的规则。大家注意,这里的cast也可以用其他动词代替,比如set;或是carved; set in stone, carved in stone, 都是同样的意思,板上定钉。 /201611/477044。

unit 389参加公司聚会dialogue 英语情景对话A:Hi, Seivvy, you look superb this evening. Are you enjoying yourself?A:嗨,塞维,你今晚看起来不错,玩得开心吗?B:Oh, its you, Sandy. Im looking for you. Yes, Im having a marvelous time. Are the firms parties always as much fun as this?B:哦,山迪,是你啊,我正找你呢。我今晚太开心了。公司的聚会都这么有意思吗?A:Too much so, sometimes. Its a good chance when we all get together and make ourselves relax.A:有时候更好玩。这是大家聚在一起放松一下的好机会。B:Really.B:真的。A:Ah, Seivvy, Id like you to meet John from accounts. John, this is Seivvy. Shes just joined the firm, and she is working in the same office with me.A:啊,塞维,给你介绍一下吧,这是财务部的约翰。约翰,这是塞维,她刚到我们公司,跟我一个办公室。C:Hi, Seivvy, nice to meet you.C:很高兴认识你,赛维。B:Nice to meet you, too.B:我也很高兴认识你。 /201604/437892。

1.Will you come to our tomorrows party?请你明天来参加我们的聚会好吗?2.What time does the party start?聚会什么时候开始?3.How many people are going to come over?有多少人去?4.What style of party is it?它是个什么样的聚会?5.Will any Chinese come over beside me?除了我之外,有中国人去吗?6.Where will the party be held?聚会在哪里举行?7.It will be a tea party since its held at three,wont it?它是个茶会,三点开始。8.I dont like to attend,if its a formal,party.假如是个正式的聚会,我就不想参加。9.Im very happy you invite me.我很高兴你能邀我。10.Im sorry I cant go today.很抱歉,今天我不能去。11.May I take my friend with me?我可以带我的朋友吗?12.Dont you mind if I dont have tie or dress on?如果我不打领带或不穿礼你不介意吧?13.Is there anything I have to carry?我需要带什么东西吗?14.Shall I take any bottles of liquer?我要带酒来吗?15.Please tell me if I can help you.若我能帮上忙,请告诉我。16.Shall I cook any Chinese dishes?我要做中国菜吗?17.Will you come over and pick me up,because I dont know where it is?我不知道在哪里,请来接我好吗?18.Im sorry Im late.很抱歉,我迟到了。19.Thank you very much for inviting me today.今天很感谢你邀请我。20.I must be going now.现在我必须走了。21.Ive enjoyed myself very much.我玩得非常高兴。 /201502/359424。

讲解文本:drop it 停止,放弃,不谈了,别闹了Stop fighting now! Drop it.都别吵架了,别闹了。Whatever you want to say, just drop it.所以不管你想说什么,都别说了。Since you dont agree, lets drop it.既然你不同意,那我们就不提了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201611/477517。

Mark: So, Todd, you run and operate this site, elllo.org, yeah?马克:托德,你运作ello这个网站,对吧?Todd: Yes.托德:对。Mark: How long have you been doing that?马克:你运营这个网站多长时间了?Todd: Ive been doing it now for about two years.托德:我现在大概做了两年的时间。Mark: Two years. OK, and Ive been on the site and theres a place where I can send a comment to you, right? (Right) Do people ever send, send you comments, or?马克:两年。好,我一直在用这个网站,我可以在网站上发布,对吧?(对)人们有没有发布过?Todd: Yeah, actually, I get, I do, I get about five letters a day, usually, from people all over the world, some days more, some days less, and usually people are very sweet and they say, oh you know, ;Nice Job; and sometimes they give me suggestions for how to improve the site.托德:实际上,我每天会从世界各地收到五封信,有时候多一些,有时候少一些,通常人们都很友善,他们会说,“干得好”,有时他们会提出一些改进网站的建议。Mark: Really! Do they ever, is anyone ever critical or say any negative things?马克:真的吗?那有没有人曾经提出过批评或说些负面的事情?Todd: Well, the one, the main critical thing I get a lot, often is, ;Why dont you have real authentic speech?; Like, why dont you have people talking natural. And actually, theres quite a few reasons why?托德:嗯,我收到的批评主要是问:“你们为什么没有原汁原味地道的演讲?”或者是“你们为什么没有那种自然的谈话?”类似于这种问题,实际上他们会问这种原因。Mark: OK, well, I dont understand exactly because right now, you and I are talking (right) and this is not scripted, were basically talking (right) were talking off the top of our head, so how is this not natural?马克:嗯,其实我不太理解,因为现在你和我就在谈话,(对),而且我们没有照稿子念,我们就是在自然的谈话(对),我们在即兴谈话,这样怎么会是不自然的呢?Todd: Well, this conversation actually probably is more natural because Im really explaining why I dont have natural conversations. Its kind of ironic, but I think because a lot of the conversations are staged. Theyre unscripted, but I do just sit down and ask two people to talk about something, and because I tell them to talk about it, its not as natural as it would be in real life.托德:对,现在这个对话实际上要更自然一些,因为我一直在解释为什么我们没有自然谈话的原因。这有点讽刺,我想是因为许多对话都有设定。那些对话是有文本的,不过我只是坐下来让人们谈论一些事情,可能因为我给他们设定了谈论的主题,所以看起来不像现实生活中那样自然。Mark: Ah, I see, because theyre not, they didnt think of that topic on their own. Theyre given the topic and then, sort of, they must say something about that topic.马克:啊,我明白了,因为不是他们自己想的主题。你给了他们主题,而他们必须要谈论那个主题。Todd: Right. And also theres a problem with just the recordings. You know when you record audio, you have to have the mic equal distance to both speakers, and so that means both people have to sit down and put on the headsets to get good quality audio, so in order to get people speaking naturally in real life, I would have to follow them around with a microphone, and its, technically its just too hard to do.托德:没错。还有个问题就是录音。你知道你在录制音频时,麦克风离两个谈话者的距离要一样,这意味着两个人必须要坐下来,而且要戴上耳机,以保音频的高质量,为了让人们像在日常生活中那样自然的说话,我必须要拿着麦克风在他们之间不断传递,从技术上来讲这非常难。Mark: So what do you do to try to, is that, well let me ask you, actually, is that the only criticism that you get?马克:我想问你,你就收到过这一种批评吗?Todd: Ah, no, theres, well, theres quite a bit. The other criticism is that, this is the funny part, its either too easy, or its too difficult, so usually.托德:不是,实际上还有一些。有的批评很有意思,有人说我们的内容太简单了,也有说太难的。Mark: So you need more intermediate.马克:所以你要进行更多的平衡。Todd: Well, I guess thats what they say, they say that theres not enough stuff for low level listeners, and theres not enough stuff for the advanced listeners.托德:我想这就是他们的想法,他们认为供低级别听众和高级别听众学习的材料都不够。Mark: So what do you think your gonna do in the future to address those needs?马克:那你要如何满足这些需求?Todd: Well, hopefully by next year, Ill be able to have enough that I can do both. For the people who really want high listening, or more advanced listening I think they should just go to the links page and listen to authentic stuff, because if youre listening is that good then, thats probably the best thing to do, but I do need to start working on stuff for beginners soon.托德:我希望明年我能为这两类人提供更多的材料。我认为那些想进行高级听力训练的人可以点击网站链接,听一些更地道的材料,因为如果你的听力水平很好,那可能是最适合你的事情,我马上会开始为初学者准备更多材料。Mark: Thank you for answering us questions.马克:谢谢你回答我们的问题。 译文属 /201501/355578。