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在印度尼西亚,学校开设课程教授孩子们关于机器人的技术。8岁以下的儿童学习基本的力学而年纪大的学生则学习编程。Education is more and more important these days. And in Indonesia, schools are popping up to help teach children about robotics. Children under 8 years old learn basic mechanics while older pupils learn programming.The Indonesian robotics center was set up in the capital Jakarta in 2006. Currently it has 27 branches across the country.The center aims to introduce robotics technologies to children at an early age and within an affordable price.Each child pays just US per month to attend.The classes are divided into two groups-beginner#39;s class for those under 8 years old and advance classes for those between 8 and 18.A teacher of robotics center named Fauzan says, ;First we teach the children basic mechanics so they can learn about gears and building solid structures. Afterwards we introduce them to programming, so they can program their robots to do the tasks that they want them to do.;Children#39;s interests are treasured here. And school officials believe that having fun with learning helps motivate the children.15-year-old Devlyn has been attending the robotics courses for 2 years.He has just finished a latest creation - which will likely be entered in this year#39;s nationwide robotics festival organized by the center.Devlyn, a 15 years old student says, ; This robot has a sensor mechanism. When this part goes up, then the robot puts down what it#39;s holding. The challenge in this assignment is the same as last year - putting down things in a designated place.;In the future, the goal is to to bring robotics courses into the normal school curriculum. And officials at the center are busy appealing to the government. Article/201205/183302


  How can I ;affair-proof; my marriage?我的婚姻怎样才能避免桃色事件呢?The way to ;affair-proof; your marriage is to make your marriage strong. It#39;s about trust, it#39;s about open communication,it#39;s about intimacy and about sharing with each other who you are. Take time to spend time together. Make love deposits into the bank account of your marriage. Look at what is positive, tell each other everyday what you are grateful for. That not only makes your partner feel good, but makes you feel good, too. Find some common things that you can do together. Integrate your lives more so that you are an integral and integrated part of your social life, not only your married life. Come home every night. When it comes to traveling, bring your partner with you as much as you possibly can. Build your relationship.It#39;s going to give you such a strong foundation and it#39;s just going to make your love grow. When there#39;s love at home that is strong, who needs more outside?让婚姻避免桃色事件的方法就是让自己的婚姻更加稳固。主要就是信任,坦诚地沟通,亲密感,分享。两人花费一点时间共同度过。将爱储存到你们婚姻的账户中。看一下乐观的方面,每天都告诉对方你感激的事情。这不仅使你的伴侣感觉很好,也会让你自己感觉很好。寻找一些两人可以一起做的事情。让你们的生活有更多交集,这样你就是你们的社交生活和婚姻生活完整而有机的一部分。每晚都要回家。旅游的时候,尽可能带上你的伴侣。努力经营你们的婚姻关系。这样会让你们婚姻的基础更加稳固,让你们的爱情不断滋长。当一个家庭中充满爱意,谁还需要在外面寻找慰藉呢?Thanks for watching How To Affair-Proof Your Marriage.感谢收看“怎样保护自己的婚姻免于桃色事件”视频节目。 Article/201212/212932。

  在这个简短演讲中,阿里安娜;赫芬顿Arianna Huffington与我们分享了一个能启发伟大思维的小点子:一夜睡个好觉的魔力。她并非夸大我们的睡眠缺陷,而是力荐我们合上双眼从全局看:我们可以通过有效的睡眠提高工作效率和幸福指数 ;; 以及做出更英明的决策。 Article/201202/172260

  If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying?如果你能解决问题,那何虑之有?If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?如果你不能解决问题,那忧虑又有什么用呢?And if you look at this logically not being calm will only work to your disadvantage in many situations:如果你从逻辑的角度来看,不冷静只会起反效果,在很多情况下都一样:There is an important exam coming up and you are freaking out. Panicking might confuse you, inhibit your learning and as a result you might perform worse on the exam.(比如)你正面临一场重要的考试,而你慌得不得了。你的惊慌只会让你思维混乱,它会妨碍你的学习,其结果就是你会在考试中发挥得更糟。Someone is robbing you and you start to panic. You might get the robber nervous, and he might do something impulsive (like stab you) obviously worsening your position.(再比如)一个人正在抢劫你,而你开始慌了。你可能会让抢劫者变得紧张,而他可能就会做出些过激的事情(比如捅你一刀),显然这回让你的处境更糟。You lead a group of people at work and are facing a heavy problem, or an impossible deadline. Well this is the time to inspire people and get the most out of them as possible. That should increase your chances of solving the problem. If you panic you might discourage them, and not only you, but your whole team shall underperform.(再比如)你正带领着一组人一起工作,并且正面临着一个严峻的问题,或者是一个不可能赶上的截止日期。好嘛,你现在需要做的是启发这些人,尽可能让他们做出成果;这会让你解决问题的概率更大一些。如果你慌了,你可能会打击到他们,于是不只是你,你的整个团队都会发挥不佳。While you panic, your mind is having a hard time finding a solution to the problem. Even if the solution is only to stay calm and wait for the problem to pass.当你慌张的时候,你的大脑会很难找到解决问题的方法。而解决问题的方法很有可能只是冷静下来并等着问题自己过去。Answer from @Faith Paul来自@Faith Paul的回答Intelligent people think before they speak.聪明的人先想再说。Intelligent people also think rationally.而且,聪明人的思维是理性的。Instead of freaking out over every little thing, finding drama, or becoming a victim, intelligent people rationalize their problems.聪明人会理性地去分析问题,而不是在每个细枝末节上的慌神、制造情况、或怨天尤人。Intelligent people don#39;t prolong their problems. They end their suffering by doing what needs to be done in order for that problem to go away.聪明人不会让问题遗留下来。他们会做那些必要的事以解决问题。Additionally, I#39;ve noticed that intelligent people who are stressed find an outlet or take a nap. Bottling up anxiety or pointing fingers like many people do is just going to evoke more stress.还有,我发现聪明人在不堪重负的时候会找个发泄方式,或者小憩一下。很多其他人或把焦虑压制下来,或者在别人身上出气,而这只会让压力更重。Obviously not all problems can be solved, but my point is that intelligent people handle stress differently.显然,并不是所有的问题都能被解决,我想表达的是:聪明人处理压力的方式时不一样的。Answer from @Humberto Rada来自@Humberto Rada的回答This could be for several reasons, but one thing I noticed from highly intelligent friends who are calm is that they are able to entertain themselves.原因有很多,而我从我那些冷静的聪明朋友身上发现的一点是:他们有办法自娱自乐。Yes that is right, they always got something to think about.对,就是这样,他们总有什么东西可以想。Its like they enjoy their thoughts more than interacting with other people.好像他们觉得自己的思维比和人交流更有吸引力。They are always elaborating on thoughts so they are busy with themselves.他们总是在细细揣自己的想法,所以他们自己一个人忙着呢。 /201706/515478【视频欣赏】【听力文本】How To Contact, Find, And Make Friends On MyspaceVideoJug shows you a simple guide to contacting, finding, and making friends on the popular social networking site MySpace.Step 1: Open profile(填写自己的个人资料)First of all, go to and enter your email address and password. This will take you to your myspace profile homepage.Step 2: Search(用搜索引擎搜索)In the myspace navigation bar, click search. This will take you to the Myspace profile search page. Here you can find a friend. To find a friend, you can search by their actual name, their display name, or email address. As there are at least 163 million myspace users, entering an email address is usually the best way of finding your friend. There's also a classmate finder. Enter the school name, the country, and the region of the country. This will list anyone who has entered their school on their profile. You may want to search myspace's networks for a friend or contact. Choose a field - for example 'television', a sub-field to narrow it down, for example 'production', a role, for example 'producer'. Lastly enter a keyword - which could be a company name or your friend's name.Step 3: Contact a friend(与添加的好友联系)Once you have found your friend, click on their profile thumbnail to look at their profile to check it is actually who you think it is. You now have two options of getting in contact with this person. To send them a message click 'Send a message', type your message in the box, and click 'Send'. Your friend will receive an email saying that you have sent them a message through Myspace, and when they log into their profile, it will say 'New messages!'. The other option is to 'add' them as a friend. Click on 'add to friends'. Myspace will ask for confirmation. Click 'add to friends'. Your friend will receive an email saying that you have sent them a friend request through myspace, and when they log into their profile, it will say 'New friend requests!'. It's then up to them to decide whether they wish to you to be added to their friends list.Step 4: Find new friends(寻找新朋友)Myspace is a social networking site. Whether you are a musician wishing to share your music, a photographer wanting to show your pictures to the world, or a lonely singleton looking for love, it's easy to find new people and befriend them. You can browse Myspace by clicking on people's thumbnails, checking out their profiles, having a look at their friends list, and clicking on anyone who takes your fancy. When you find someone you like - be it a standup comedian, or a pretty lady, click 'Add to friends'. That person will recieve your friend request and its up to them to decide whether they want you or not. Once you are friends with each other, you can leave 'Comments' on each other's pages which appear on the comments list on the bottom right of your profile. You'll also recieve email updates of any new comments on your profile. Whenever you post a 'Bulletin', everyone on your friends list will see it and be able to open it. Also you can post blogs on your page which your friends can subscribe to. They will get an email everytime you post a new blog, and a message on their myspace homepage saying 'New blog subscription posts'. Article/201003/98249

  Most of South Georgia#39;s glaciers自沙克尔顿的时代后have shrunk since Shackleton#39;s time大多数南乔治亚冰川已经消逝了and most of that has happened而且大多数消逝发生在since I first went to the Antarctic 30 years ago.我上次来南极大陆到现在的三十年间I#39;ve been to South Georgia several times我来过南乔治亚岛几次and seen how greatly the glaciers there have changed.也见了这里冰川的剧变This photograph of a glacier照片上的冰川reaching right down to the sea从我1981年第一次来这里起was taken just six years短短六年间before I first visited in 1981.就完全没入了大海Now, that glacier has retreated如今 这片冰川从海边by 400 metres away from the beach.向内陆退后了足足四百米Temperatures in South Georgia have risen sharply,南乔治亚岛的温度急剧上升but the Southern Hemisphere#39;s most dramatic warming但在南半球最显著的气候变暖现象has happened a little further south.发生在更南端的地方In recent years, stronger winds blowing over the Southern Ocean近些年来 渐强的海风吹拂沿南大洋have brought warmer air带来了更暖的空气to the 800 mile-long finger of land吹至八百英里长的狭长陆地上that forms the northern extremity of the Antarctic continent.形成了现在南极大陆北端的样子Here, on the Antarctic Peninsula,在过去五十年里the changing wind patterns have driven海风的变化temperatures up by nearly three degrees Centigrade使南极半岛的气温over the last 50 years.上升了近三摄氏度Ten times the average rate of the rest of the planet.这是地球其他地区平均水平的十倍 /201301/219096China has introduced six giant pandas into a ;semi-wild; environment on Wednesday. This is claimed to be one of the most ambitious attempts so far to build up the endangered population with captive-bred bears.Celebrities including retired basketball star Yao Ming attended the ceremony in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, to mark the relocation of the bears.Yao Ming said, ;I think the most important thing is to keep the balance between humans and nature. We have been talking about it for many years but it is never an easy thing to do. It is the thousand-year-old central thinking in the Chinese Confucian culture.;Chengdu#39;s researchers hope a phased approach will bring greater success. The six giant bears will be set loose for ;training; in a controlled rehabilitation area of 20 hectares in Dujiangyan#39;s ;Panda Valley; that is still under development.The animals have been selected according to their health, behaviour and genetic diversity from the 108 pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base.They are all adolescents - ages two-to-four - a time when scientists hope they will be strong enough to fend for themselves, but still young enough to adapt.Those who respond well to foraging and other skill training will eventually be released into the nature reserve.It is hoped that as they mature and breed, they will produce offspring fully accustomed to living in the wild.Once the 300 million yuan Dujiangyan facility is completed, it is expected to host more than 30 pandas at a time.The goal is to release 100 animals into the wild over the next 50 years. The researchers involved say patience will be one of the biggest keys.篮球明星姚明等社会名流和官员参加在四川都江堰举行的放归仪式,首批放归的6只大熊猫将被放到正在建设中的都江堰;熊猫谷;的受控野化区接受;训练;。熊猫研究人员说,有足够的空间进行野外训练,这些大熊猫是根据健康状况、行为表现和遗传多样性,从成都大熊猫基地的108 只大熊猫中选出来的。此次放归被誉为预计将持续50年的熊猫野外放归项目的里程碑。据称,首批放归的大熊猫属于亚成体,相当于人类少儿期。科学家认为,此时的大熊猫足够强壮,能够保护自己,同时仍有较强的适应能力。在觅食和其他训练中表现最好的大熊猫最终将被放归自然保护区。人们希望,随着这些大熊猫的成熟,它们将繁殖出完全适应野外生活的后代。 Article/201201/168173

  Meet the "World's Tallest Man" Article/200909/84526



  Find out how to avoid the discomfort caused by indigestion to make your meal times a lot easier and comfortable. This is great advice on how to avoid and cure indigestion!学习一下怎样避免消化不良带来的不适,让进食更加轻松舒适。这段视频将为你提供避免和治疗消化不良方面的建议。Step 1: You will need1.你需要balanced diet,lots of water,extra pillow,antacids,H2 blockers,doctor饮食平衡,大量饮水,多加一个枕头,抗酸剂,H2受体阻断药,医生Step 2: Why do you get indigestion at Christmas?2.圣诞期间为何容易消化不良?Indigestion can be caused by eating a heavy meal, drinking excess alcohol, smoking or stress. All these things go hand in hand with Christmas.暴饮暴食,大量饮酒,吸烟或过度压力都会造成消化不良。所有这些事情在圣诞期间都非常普遍。Step 3: What is indigestion?3.什么是消化不良?Indigestion is a pain felt in the abdomen just underneath the rib cage. It is caused by an excess stomach acid. The stomach produces a mucous to protect its lining from this acid but if there is too much acid the stomach lining can become inflamed.消化不良是指胸腔以下的腹部感到疼痛,是由于胃酸过多造成的。胃分泌一种粘液来保护内膜免受酸的伤害,但是如果胃酸过多,胃内膜会受到灼伤。Step 4: Eat regular meals4.进餐规律If you leave long gaps between meals the acid has more time to act on the stomach lining. Eat a balanced meal for breakfast and lunch.如果两餐相隔时间太长,胃酸有更多时间作用于内膜。早餐和午餐饮食要平衡。If you have overindulged this Christmas, choose smaller portions for dinner to compensate.如果圣诞节期间过度放纵,晚餐进食少一点来补偿。Step 5: Cut down on unhealthy food5.减少不健康食物Try to stay away from fatty foods. These are in abundance over the Christmas period so if you can#39;t stay away from them altogether then try to cut down.努力远离脂肪含量高的食品。圣诞期间有大量高脂肪食品,如果不能避免的话,尽量少吃一点。It is also wise to cut down on alcohol. Drink water and fruit juices instead.减少饮酒量也是明智的,可以选择饮用水和果汁。Step 6: Give up smoking6.放弃吸烟Smoking can be a cause of indigestion too.吸烟也会造成消化不良。Step 7: Sleep well7.保睡眠Changing your sleeping position can help ease the symptoms of indigestion. Prop yourself up with an extra pillow so that you are sleeping in a more upright position. This will aid digestion.改变睡眠姿势可以缓解消化不良的症状。多垫一个枕头,抬高头部位置,这样可以以更加笔直的姿势入睡,帮助消化。Step 8: Reduce stress levels8.缓解压力Although Christmas can be a stressful time this can make the symptoms of indigestion worse. If coping with all the arrangements for Christmas day is causing you stress, try delegating jobs to your family and sharing the responsibility.圣诞节是非常有压力的时刻,会导致消化不良的症状恶化。如果处理圣诞节期间的事务让你感觉到压力,可以让家人分担责任。Step 9: Non-prescription treatments9.非处方治疗方法These are treatments available from your pharmacist without a prescription.这些方法不需要处方就可以在药剂师那里拿到。Antacids neutralise the acid and prevent the stomach contents flowing back into the oesophagus and causing heartburn. They are available in tablet, capsule, liquid or powder form.抗酸剂可以中和胃酸,防止胃里的食物反流回食道,造成烧心。抗酸剂有片状,胶囊,液体和粉状。If your symptoms are difficult to control with antacids, you might want to try H2 blockers which reduce the amount of acid your stomach produces.如果用抗酸剂难以缓解症状,可以尝试H2受体阻断药,能够减少胃分泌的胃酸。Step 10: Ask your doctor10.向医生求助If your symptoms persist, then ask your doctor about other treatments available.如果症状持续,向医生了解其他治疗方法。Thanks for watching How To Avoid And Cure Indigestion.感谢收看“怎样避免和治疗消化不良”视频节目。 /201211/211162


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