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郑州/整容手术削骨南阳市哪家割双眼皮比较好The IMF国际货币基金组织Time for a change变革时机Why a euro-zone finance minister, even a talented one, should not lead the IMF 为什么欧元区财政部长,即使才能卓越,也不应该担任IMF总裁OFFICIALLY the search for a new head of the IMF, to replace Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who awaits trial on charges of sexual assault, has barely begun. The fund’s member governments have until June 10th to propose candidates, after which a shortlist will be drawn up. But in practice the race seems all but over. That is because European countries, which hold over a third of the votes on the IMF’s board, have rallied around a single contender: France’s finance minister, Christine Lagarde. 为取代因性侵犯指控而等待审判的多米尼克斯特劳斯卡恩,官方物色卡恩继任者的程序已然启动。基金组织成员国必须在6月10日前提交其候选人,最终形成一份总候选人名单。但实际上,这场竞争似乎已经结束。由于在IMF董事会有三分之一投票权的欧洲国家已经联合起来持他们的单一候选人:法国财长,克里斯蒂娜·拉加德(Christine Lagarde)。In contrast, emerging economies, which have long argued that the fund should have a non-European boss, have so far conspicuously failed to fix on an alternative candidate. The Americans, kingmakers in this contest, have said little in public but in private seem happy with Ms Lagarde, not least because they hope to keep both the deputy’s job at the fund and the presidency of the World Bank. Barring embarrassments, one French politician is likely to succeed another.相比之下,新兴经济体国家一直认为基金组织总裁应该由欧洲以外的人担任,但至今他们也没确定一位适合的候选人。在这场竞争中有决定权的美国人,在公开场合虽未说什么,但私下却似乎愿意拉加德当选。重要的是,他们希望将IMF副手和世界的总裁职位都由美国人担任。除了局面尴尬,竞争结局很可能是两名法国政客间的接替。201106/138737许昌/市人民医院冰点脱毛多少钱 Chicago's new police superintendent芝加哥的新警察总管The new blue新蓝上任Newark’s crime-cutting cop comes to Chicago 纽瓦克犯罪控制警察到达芝加哥 May 5th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print editionRAHM EMANUEL, soon to be sworn in as Chicago’s new mayor, is making crime a priority. He wants to put 1,000 more officers on the streets. He wants to tackle youth violence; nearly half of the victims of last year’s 436 murders were between 10 and 25 years old. And he wants to shake up a police department that is demoralised and in need of change. So on May 2nd he tapped Garry McCarthy (pictured), Newark’s police director, as the city’s new top cop. 不久就要宣誓就职芝加哥新市长的RAHM EMANUEL 把治理犯罪作为上任之后要处理的第一要务。他想要在街上安插1000多名警察,治理青少年暴力也是他的计划之一。就去年而言,436名谋杀被害者中,几乎有一半的受害者年龄在10到25岁之间。他想要重振急需改变的警察局的士气。因此在5月2日,RAHM EMANUEL任命纽瓦克警察总指挥Garry McCarthy(如图)为芝加哥市的新警长。Mr McCarthy’s track record is excellent. Five years ago some police stations in Newark, New Jersey’s biggest city, did not even have a computer. Many officers worked only on weekdays, heading home at 5pm. The police department did not have a centralised narcotics division because of fears of police corruption. Drugs were sold openly on the city’s grim streets. Mr McCarthy, who rose through the ranks of New York’s police department, shifted desk jobs to the street, where officers were ordered to clamp down on petty crime as well as the more serious stuff. He implemented CompStat, an effective data-driven policing strategy he helped create when he was with the NYPD. He installed a surveillance system to take on gun crime.McCarthy先生过去的工作记录十分优秀。5年前,一些位于新泽西最大的城市纽瓦克的警局甚至还没有电,许多工作人员仅在周一到周五的工作日上班,一到下午五点就下班回家。整个警局因担心贪污腐败的问题而缺乏凝聚力。毒品在背街小岛公开兜售。McCathy先生,这位曾将纽约警察局提升了档次的官员,他将纽瓦克警察局的办公地点由办公室转移到街道上去 。警察们严厉打击犯罪及各种突发事件,他还采用了一种称为CompStat的策略,这是他协助NYPD研究出的一种以数据驱动的警用策略。除此之外,McCarthy先生还安装了一种测量系统以应对犯罪。Police productivity increased, sick days decreased and crime began to fall. In 2008 Newark led the nation in murder reduction with a 32% decrease. March 2010 was Newark’s first murder free month in decades—37 days without a killing. This past year, however, has been difficult. Crime has increased. Last summer saw 35 murders, carjackings plagued the city and in November 167 police jobs were cut because of a budget gap and an impasse with the police union. Chicago might well have looked attractive. 警察的效率提高了,痛苦的日子少了,犯罪率也开始下降。2008年,纽瓦克的犯罪率下降了32%,引领了全国犯罪下降率之风。2010年的三月是纽瓦格几十年来第一次的无犯罪月——37天内没有谋杀案。然而相比于2010年,年的情况就痛苦多了,不仅犯罪率上升,夏季就有35宗谋杀案件,劫持汽车时间折磨着整个城市。09年11月,由于预算不足及与警察联盟无法达成一致,167名警察下岗。而本来美丽迷人的芝加哥城也黯然失色。He will have to win the trust of Chicago’s police officers. Mr McCarthy will fight gangs by joining forces with community groups, as he did in Newark. He will emphasise beat policing, posting police around the clock in crime-ridden areas. “He will be a good fit for Chicago”, predicts David Kennedy of John Jay School of Criminal Justice. He is both a “cop’s cop” and open to innovation.McCathy先生定将赢得芝加哥当地警方的信赖。他还将要加入当地社区警队打击黑恶帮派团伙,就像他在纽瓦格做的那样。同时他还要着重警方策略的调整,在案件多发地带安排更多的警力。JOHN JAY犯罪司法学校的DAVID KENNEDY预测到“芝加哥将会是他大显身手的地方”。McCarthy 先生既是一个警察中的警察也是一个不折不扣的革新者。201105/135920China中国Off the rails?脱轨?High-speed trains might be forced to go a little more slowly 高铁可能被迫开慢一点Mar 31st 2011 | BEIJING | from the print edition CHINA’s high-speed rail network is probably the world’s most ambitious public-works project, a 21st-century equivalent of America’s Interstate highway system. Officials crow at each new speed milestone and each dramatic reduction in intercity-travel times. But after the disgrace and sacking of the railways minister and a series of other corruption investigations, the construction of the system itself may be shunted onto the slow track.中国的高速铁路网可能是世界上最雄心勃勃的公共工程项目: 21世纪中国版的‘美国州际公路’。官员们对每一个新的速度里程碑和每一次城市间交通时间大幅减少而洋洋自得。铁道部部长的丑闻和撤职被曝光以及一系列其他的腐败调查之后,该系统自身的建设或许要减慢下来。In 2008 China had only 649km of high-speed railway. It now has nearly 8,400km, four times as much as the next-largest network (Japan’s). The total will approach 19,000km by 2014, according to analysts at UBS, a Swiss bank (see map). That would be ten times as extensive as Japan’s. China is also adding copious amounts of traditional track and upgrading lines, mostly intended for freight. Estimates for the bill range from 0 billion to 0 billion in today’s money—comparable to America’s interstate system, which cost over 0 billion in 2006 dollars. 2008年中国高铁里程仅为649千米,现已建成近8400千米高速铁路网,是排名其后的日本的四倍。根据瑞银分析指出,2014年中国高铁总里程将达19000千米(见地图)。那将是日本现在里程数的10倍之多。中国还给传统的轨道和升级了的线路增加了充裕的资金,大部分为货运做准备。用现今汇率计算,估计开的范围在五千三百亿美元至七千五百亿美元之间---可与美国州际公路系统相媲美,其用2006年的钱来算花费了4000多亿美元。201107/145947河南省郑州/华山整形美容医院文眉手术怎么样

郑州/绣眉毛哪里最好Poland is preparing for state funerals for President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, and is awaiting the repatriation of the bodies of many of its political and military elite - all killed in a plane crash in western Russia on Saturday. Many Poles are slowly coming to grips with this tragedy.波兰准备为遇难的总统卡钦斯基和总统夫人玛利亚举行国葬,同时等待其他同机遇难的政治和军事高层人士的遗体运送回国。星期六所有这些人都在俄罗斯西部发生的坠机惨案中丧生。与此同时很多波兰人都在慢慢地开始正视这个悲剧。More vigils and tributes - hundreds of people crowded into the Church of Saint Anna in central Warsaw for a special mass for those killed in the crash.数以百计的人们涌入座落在华沙市中心的圣安娜教堂参加为遇难者举行的一次特别弥撒,这是波兰人守夜和悼念的一部分。Many mourners young people, mostly students who earlier had marched silently through the city carrying Polish flags and pictures of the President and his wife.很多前来悼念年轻人是学生,他们稍早参加了游行,人们手举波兰国旗和已故总统夫妇画像,在华沙默默地举行了哀悼游行。This young woman, Katherine, says she came in tribute to the country's leaders and because the rector of her university was among those killed.年轻女子凯瑟琳说,她到这里悼念国家遇难的领导人,因为其中有她所在大学的校长。Nearly 100 people were aboard the flight from Warsaw to the western Russian city of Smolensk. The plane crashed as it tried to land amid heavy fog, killing all onboard - President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria and a delegation that included Poland's top military leaders as well as many political and cultural figures.将近100人乘坐从华沙到俄罗斯西部城市斯棱斯克的专机。飞机在浓雾里试图降落过程中坠毁,机上所有人遇难,包括总统卡钦斯基及其夫人,以及一个由波兰高级军事领袖和多名政治及文化重要人物的代表团。201004/101336河南吸脂减肥医院哪里好 Scientists say they have successfully tested artificial blood vessels grown in the laboratory.In a heart bypass operation, surgeons typically remove a vein from a patient's leg and use it to replace blocked arteries that feed the muscles of the heart. But what if, instead of cutting open the patient's leg, the surgeon used an artificial blood vessel that has been sitting in a hospital refrigerator? The new research suggests that day may soon come.外科医生在心脏搭桥手术中的典型做法,是从病人的腿上取下一截静脉血管,来代替原来为心肌输送血液、但是被堵塞的动脉血管。但是,如果医生不是从病人腿上取血管,而是从冰箱里拿一根人造血管使用,结果如何?The artificial blood vessels are made by coating a biodegradable, plastic mesh tube with human or animal muscle cells. The cells produce a protein structure shaped like the plastic tube, which dissolves. 这种血管是在能进行生物分解的塑料网管线上涂一层人类或动物的肌肉细胞。这些细胞产生出和塑料管同样形状的蛋白结构,而塑料管则分解了。Shannon Dahl is co-founder of Humacyte, the North Carolina company that developed the artificial blood vessel. She explains that the next step is washing away the original muscle cells.这项技术是北卡罗来纳州休马西特公司研发的。这家公司的共同创办人香农·达尔解释说,下一步是把原先涂上的肌肉细胞洗掉。"So that what we're left with - the bioengineered vein - is just the proteins that the cell secreted. This protein structure, the bioengineered vein, can be used in any human patient because the immunogenic part, the cells, have been removed," Dahl says.她说:“因此我们最后留下来的,是生物工程血管,也就是这些细胞分泌的蛋白质。这些蛋白结构,也就是生物工程血管可以用在任何病人身上,因为具有免疫原性的细胞已经被除掉了。”The material is considered immunogenic since the protein structure won't be recognized by the recipient as foreign material. 除掉免疫原性,就是指这种蛋白结构不会被排斥,因为接受移植的身体不会辨认出它是外来物质。The artificial grafts resist bursting and tearing in lab tests, but the real question is how they perform when used on an actual patient. 这种人工血管在试验中可以防爆和防裂。但问题是,用在病人体内时,情况如何。201102/126566郑州/中牟县膨体隆鼻多少钱

郑州/永久性脱腋毛要哪家医院好Capello hints Beckham's England career is overEngland coach Fabio Capello hinted on Wednesday that David Beckham's international career could be over.Beckham was unable to play in the World Cup due to an Achilles injury suffered while on loan at AC Milan in March, but the LA Galaxy midfielder had hoped to return to England duty when he was fully fit.The former Manchester ed and Real Madrid star went to the World Cup as part of Capello's backroom staff but the Italian, speaking ahead of Wednesday's friendly against Hungary at Wembley, made it clear there was little chance of a recall for the Euro 2012 qualifying campaign."I say thank you very much for helping me at the World Cup but probably he is a little bit old," Capello told ITV.If Capello is true to his word, the 35-year-old former England captain will end his international career with 115 caps, the most number for any England outfield player but 10 short of Peter Shilton's overall national record.Vocabulary:Achilles: 跟腱backroom:(工作)秘密的,在幕后进行的friendly: 友谊赛cap: a selection for a representative team, usually for a national squad(入选国家队,代表国家队出场)outfield player: 外场球员,也就是除守门员外的球员背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111248 Obama Moves Transition Ahead, as Political Crisis Continues in his Home State奥巴马全力组阁伊州政治危机继续  U.S. President-elect Barack Obama is moving his White House transition forward, as political turmoil builds over the selection of his successor in the ed States Senate. The governor of the state of Illinois stands accused of trying to sell the Senate seat to the highest bidder. There are efforts to convince Governor Rod Blagojevich to resign. 美国当选总统巴拉克.奥巴马继续进行接手白宫的交接工作,同时,围绕选择他在美国参议院继任者而引发的政治动荡进一步发展。伊利诺伊州州长布拉戈耶维奇面临指控,罪名是他试图把这个参议员席位卖给出价最高的人。目前有关各方正在敦促布拉戈耶维奇辞职。President-elect Obama has called on the governor to step down, as have other prominent people in the state. Governor Blagojevich has resisted. But the top lawyer in Illinois, State Attorney General Lisa Madigan, says the governor may be rethinking his position. 当选总统巴拉克.奥巴马要求伊利诺伊州州长布拉戈耶维奇辞职,这个州其他重要人士也呼吁他辞职,但布拉戈耶维奇拒绝下台。不过,这个州首席律师、州总检察长莉萨.马迪根说,州长或许在重新考虑他的立场。"I don't know if that means he will resign or take another option that is provided under the Illinois Constitution where he can voluntarily recognize that there is a serious impediment to his ability to carry out his duties and therefore temporarily remove himself," said Lisa Madigan. 马迪根说:“我不知道这是否意味着他将辞职,还是接受伊利诺伊州宪法规定的另外选择,根据宪法的这项规定,他可以主动承认他的个人能力在履行州长职责方面存在严重障碍,因此可以暂时解除他自己的职务。”Blagojevich has not been formally indicted. But Madigan told N's Meet the Press program that the allegations of corruption put forward by government investigators are severely damaging. 布拉戈耶维奇还没有被正式起诉。不过,马迪根在美国全国广播公司“会见新闻界”节目中说,政府调查人员提出的腐败指称对他极为不利。"There is also the serious concern that everything he does from here on out is going to be tainted, is going to be illegitimate," she said. "So, we think it is absolutely obvious that he is incapable of governing and the best thing to do is move aside." 马迪根说:“人们现在还非常担心,从现在起他做的每一件事都会被玷污,都会是非法的。因此,我们认为他不能胜任州长工作,这已经毫无疑问。所以现在最好是解除他的职务。”Appearing on the same broadcast, Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn described Blagojevich as a man who became increasingly isolated during his time in office. 伊利诺伊州副州长帕特.奎因也参加了“会见新闻界”这档节目。奎因认为,布拉戈耶维奇这个人在当州长时越来越把自己孤立起来。"The last time I spoke to him was in August of 2007," said Pat Quinn. "I think one of the problems is the governor did sort of seal himself off from all the statewide officials - [including] Attorney General Madigan and myself and many others - and that is no way to govern." 奎因说:“我最后一次跟他交谈是2007年8月。我认为,问题之一是这位州长的确有点把自己跟州里其他官员阻隔开,包括总检察长马迪根和我自己等许多人,这就无法履行州长的职责。”The scandal surrounding the governor and the vacant Senate seat could be a major distraction for Mr. Obama, as he prepares to assume power in Washington. 就在奥巴马准备接手总统工作之际,围绕布拉戈耶维奇以及空缺的参议员席位的丑闻可能会牵扯奥巴马很大的精力。The president-elect has remained in Illinois throughout most of the transition period, sharing headlines in recent days with news stories about the governor. 这位当选总统在过渡时期的绝大部分时间都待在伊利诺伊州,他和布拉戈耶维奇这几天来都是新闻报导中的主角。Mr. Obama has been trying to keep the focus on his Cabinet nominees and his plans for the future. He has found what some would call an unlikely supporter in his former rival for the presidency, Senator John McCain. 奥巴马一直努力集中精力任命内阁成员,以及筹划美国的未来发展。他得到了竞选总统时的对手、参议员约翰.麦凯恩的持,这在有些人看来有些不太可能。The Arizona Republican says Barack Obama is putting together a very strong Cabinet to tackle the tough issues facing the country. 这位来自亚利桑那州的共和党参议员说,巴拉克.奥巴马正在组成一个强有力的内阁,处理美国面临的棘手问题。"It tells me that the president-elect is going to address national security issues with people the American people can trust, and that he can place trust and confidence in," said Senator McCain. 麦凯恩说:“在我看来,当选总统将跟美国人民能够信任的人一道解决国家的安全问题,他对他的内阁成员也充满信任和信心。”McCain appeared on A's This Week. 麦凯恩是在美国广播公司“本星期”节目上说这番话的。200812/58834郑州华山医院光子脱毛手术多少钱河南中医学院第一附属医院玻尿酸多少钱



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