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I visited him three times in the Yunnan detention center during the three months when he was detained there, she said. "Naw Kham asked me about Chinese criminal laws and regulations. He sometimes stared blankly during my visits," said Lin.In a Feb , the Financial Times said the NHK leadership's views test the boundaries of what is considered respectable conservatism in Japan.

He admitted that the fight against gang crime is an uphill battle as some triads have prospered under the protective "umbrellas" of local officials.

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  Two men married each other in the southern French city of Montpellier on Wednesday, in the first samesex wedding in a country rocked by protests and against the rem.

  Vladimir Putin, on Saturday exchanged congratulatory messages on the coming New。

  法国外交部长新书《十二珍品阁中文版首发式 :56: 法国外交部长新书《十二珍品阁中文版首发式French eign Minister Laurent Fabius is not just an expert on international issues. He's also a connoisseur of the arts. On Friday, during his official visit to China, he unveiled the Chinese version of his latest book at the National Museum of China. The book introduces works of art that contributed to France's glorious past.A pause from diplomacy. Visiting China the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries, the French eign minister made time art. More specifically, famous paintings capturing the spirit and imagination of France.After the unveiling of his book, during which he met Chinese art and literature guru Fan Zeng, Laurent Fabius explained just how important its release in China was him."This is the first translation of my book into Chinese. It means a lot to me," Fabius said. "I hope that thanks to this book, the Chinese people will get to know French culture better."And it's a good thing because it's the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between China and France. We are looking ward to seeing Chinese President Xi Jinping in France in March. We are honored by his visit. I'm here to prepare it."The book was published by Gallimard in . Thanks to Nankai University, it has now made its way to Chinese ers.French eign Minister Laurent Fabius unveiled the Chinese version of his latest book at the National Museum of China. The book introduces works of art that contributed to France's glorious past. (gmw.cn)

  Gadhafi was still alive when he was captured near Sirte. In the , filmed by a bystander in the crowd and later aired on television around the world, Gadhafi is shown being dragged off a vehicle's bonnet and pulled to the ground by his hair.Clutching his broken glasses to his face, Harry stared around.他把破眼镜摁在眼睛上,往四下里张望,He had emerged into a dingy alley way that seemed to be made up entirely of shops devoted to the Dark Arts.眼前是一条肮脏的小巷,两旁似乎全是黑魔法的店铺。The one he#39;d just left, Borgin and Burkes, looked like the largest, but opposite was a nasty window display of shrunken heads and, two doors down, a large cage was alive with gigantic black spiders.他刚刚出来的那一家叫金·克,好像是最大的,但对面一家的橱窗里阴森森地陈列着一些萎缩的人头。隔着两家门面,一个大笼子里黑压压地爬满巨大的黑蜘蛛。Two shabby-looking wizards were watching him from the shadow of a doorway, muttering to each other.在一个阴暗的门洞里,有两个衣衫褴褛的巫师正看着他窃窃私语。Feeling jumpy, Harry set off, trying to hold his glasses on straight and hoping against hope he#39;d be able to find a way out of here.哈利感到毛骨悚然,要赶快离开那里。他一路努力把眼镜片扶正,心中抱着一线希望,但愿能摸出去。An old wooden street sign hanging over a shop selling poisonous candles told him he was in Knockturn Alley.一家卖毒蜡烛的店铺前挂着块旧木头街牌,告诉他这是翻倒巷。This didn#39;t help, as Harry had never heard of such a place.这没有用,哈利从来都没听说过这个地方。He supposed he hadn#39;t spoken clearly enough through his mouthful of ashes back in the Weasleys#39; fire.他想,他可能是在韦斯莱家火炉里时吞了满嘴烟灰,没有把地名说清楚。Trying to stay calm, he wondered what to do.他竭力保持镇静,思索着该怎么办。“Not lost are you, my dear?” said a voice in his ear, making him jump.“不是迷路了吧,亲爱的?”耳边忽然响起一个声音,把他吓了一跳。An aged witch stood in front of him, holding a tray of what looked horribly like whole human fingernails.一个老巫婆站在他面前,托着一碟酷似整片死人指甲的东西。She leered at him, showing mossy teeth. Harry backed away.她斜视着他,露出长着苔藓的牙齿,哈利慌忙后退。“I#39;m fine, thanks,” he said. “I#39;m just —”“我很好,谢谢。”他说,“我只是——”“HARRY! What d#39;yeh think yer doin#39; down there?”“哈利!你在这里干什么?” /201206/188006  It has since been retweeted more than ,000 times.

  英语新闻:德国总理默克尔滑雪时摔断骨盆China will advance the building of a Free Trade Area in the AsiaPacific and negotiations of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership to m a global network of free trade arrangements.


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  In May and June last year, a threedimensional seismic operation and well site survey was also conducted by the Chinese company in these waters, Ouyang said.

  “Which actions are good and which ones are ulterior? It is extremely hypocritical to take the interests of the public only in words,” the ambassador emphasized.

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