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Early morning frost clings to a leaf in Knutsd, Cheshire在柴郡纳茨福特的清晨,霜附着在一片叶子上A dog walker makes her way through Ashton Court Estate in Bristol, where temperatures dipped to -3C一只穿过在布里斯托尔的阿什顿法院的土地,那里温度降至零下3度 619。

  • Ten Great Moments in the (Recorded) History of Civilization. The ten periods of history which saw the most rapid advances in human achievement or quality of life. These are all events that have contributed to the ming of society as we know it today – even though many were from the far distant past.本文阐述的是人类历史进程中最伟大的十个时期这是人类发展和生活质量提高最快的十个时期,其间的重大事件尽管已经距今甚遥,却依然对当下的社会形态具有重大影响. Renaissance 文艺复兴 (83-)The artistic Renaissance began earlier, but during this -year period Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Durer, and Botticelli created many of the world’s most famous paintings: The Last Supper, Mona Lisa, the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, the Pieta, the Sistine Madonna, The Birth of Venus. The European discovery of the New World was also a rather big deal.艺术文艺复兴的开端较早,但在这年间里,达芬奇、米开朗基罗、拉斐尔、杜勒和波提且利等等著名画家创作了大量世界著名绘画:《最后的晚餐《蒙娜丽莎《西斯廷教堂《拉斐尔画室《圣母悼子《西斯廷圣母《维纳斯的诞生此外,欧洲对于新世界的探索也是人类史上的重大事件 136。
  • A children version of ;Lady White Snake; permed by a group of young post-00s stole audiences hearts.近日,一群00后小朋友主演的少儿版《白蛇传把观众萌化了;Lady White Snake; mainly tells the love story between the White-Snake-turned Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian.《白蛇传主要讲述的是白蛇变身的白素贞与许仙的爱情故事The legend was first adapted into a TV series in 199 and permed by Hong Kong actresses Angie Chiu and Cecilia Yip. The shows achieved huge success, leading to the constant reruns.这个传说最早在199年被改编成电视剧,由香港女演员赵雅芝和叶童出演该剧获得巨大成功后,各种翻拍层出不穷But this time, a group of young post-00s artists seem to receive more praises than doubts and criticism.不过这一次,一群00后小演员受到的赞美似乎比质疑和批评要多;They are just incredible. When I see the little Xu Xian crying the loss of Bai Suzhen, my heart broke,; said Weibo user Xraindays.新浪微用户Xraindays表示:“他们太棒了当我看到小许仙因为失去白娘子而流泪时,我的心都碎了”;Those so-called little-fresh-meat actors charging so much their permances should really examine themselves. Look at these children, they are not second to anyone,; another Weibo user Quiesrter added.另一位微用户Quiesrter表示:“那些片酬极高的所谓的小鲜肉演员真应该自我反省一下看看这些孩子,他们不逊色于任何人”The children version of ;Lady White Snake; was produced by a Hunan TV program called Xiao Xigu, which literally means young artists in English, and features children in the roles of classic characters from Chinese literature and folklore.此次的少儿版《白蛇传由湖南卫视;小戏骨;栏目出品;小戏骨;的字面意思是;小艺术家;,该栏目的特色是由小孩扮演中国文学和民间传说中的经典角色 79。
  • . Kim Kardashian Almost Gets Attacked by Elephant While Taking a Selfie金·卡戴珊在与大象自拍合影时险遭大象攻击9. World Cup Victory Selfie世界杯自拍纪念胜利8. Brad Paisley’s Selfie Trolls Westboro Baptist Church布拉德·派斯利在威斯特布路浸信会成员前自拍7. Guy Kicked in the Head by Speeding Train While Taking Selfie美国青年自拍时被飞驰的火车司机踢中头部6. Guy Takes Selfie Running from the Bulls一名男子在奔跑斗牛前自拍5. Mars Rover’s Selfie火星探测车自拍. Boy’s Selfie with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett一名男孩与保罗·麦卡特尼及沃伦·巴菲特自拍合影3. Queen Elizabeth Photobombs a Selfie英国女王惊现自拍照中. Biden’s First Instagram Selfie拜登的第一张Instagram自拍照1. Ellen’s Oscars Selfie艾伦的奥斯卡自拍照 370。
  • me, the start of a new academic year has always been more significant than the start of a new calendar year. It will probably change in the future but having been a schoolkidstudent all my life, September brings a much bigger change me than January does. That’s why I’ve decided to start the 5 Life Lessons category to put them all together. 对于我来说,新学年的开始远比日历当中新一年的开始来的重要得多也许这一习惯在以后将会有所转变,但是对于我这么一个已经做学生这么久的我来说,九月要远远比一月给我带来的多这也就是为什么,我决定要把生命中的五堂课放在一起讲的原因了As the end of summer approaches, I always begin to look ward to the next big step in my life. Last year, the ‘big step’ was moving away from home. This year, it will be moving away from my home country. I know I won’t be returning a full year, so lately I’ve been reflecting on how much I’ve learned from growing up by the beach. 随着夏天的即将结束,我通常开始期待着我生命中下个大的进展去年,所谓的“大进展”是从家里搬出去今年,这将是离开我的国家我知道,我将有整整一年不会回来所以,最近,我开始回忆我在岸边长大而教会我的东西I mention the beach in a lot of my posts, and I like to use beach pictures the illustrations because it has played such a massive role in my growing up. Just like any environment would affect anybody’s upbringing, here are some things I’ve learned from spending every spring and summer by the sea.我在许多帖子里都提到了岸边,而且,我喜欢用一些岸边的图片做插图因为它在我的成长中扮演了极为重要的角色就好像任何一个其他的环境会影响其他人的成长一样,在这里,通过在海边度过春天,夏天,我学到了许多 953。
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