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黑龙江省军区医院治疗妇科怎么样讷河市妇幼保健院口碑咋样啊哈尔滨妇幼保健院医院药流多少钱 Yes,I suppose.Thats what I did.我想是吧 那就是我做过的事I was on the verge of curing cancer when I said oh,jokes.Thats where its at.我差点治愈了癌症 结果我说 笑话 这才是流行的No,its,its funny.because I have a lot of young people over the years have come up to me and said,不 这很有意思 因为这些年有很多年轻人来找我 对我说I want to do what youre doing,so Im studying communications in college.我想当主持人 所以我在大学里学传媒I always tell them,I have to break the news to them,I studied American history and literature.我总是告诉他们 我得告诉他们这个坏消息 我学的是美国历史和文学I studied literature of the American south.I studied,you know,I studied all kinds of interesting,我学的是美国南方的文学 我学的很多有趣的things that were interesting to me at the time,urban planning.I took a course in urban planning.Just interested in it.那时候对我来说有趣的东西 城市我上过城市规划的课 我对这很感兴趣And I thought that would help inform me.Everything you need to know about show business,我觉得那帮助我成型了 你需要对演艺界了解的一切事情you can figure out,right Andy,in about 20 minutes of watching ;Password;.你都能看20分钟的《密码》 然后统统搞清楚 对吧 安迪Thats true of a lot of jobs.People are so drum beat of skills base learning and job training,对于很多工作来说是这样 人们现在急于学习基础技能 进行职业训练Its not turning people into engineers,because engineering is hard.这没让人们成为工程师 因为工程学很难And you either have the aptitude for science or you dont.你要么有科学天资 要么没有What its doing is making people take a lot of majors that sound like theyre directing you to a job.这种观点让人们选择了很多看起来像是能帮你找到工作的专业Like you know,business studies and media arts and communication sciences.比如商业研究 传媒艺术和通信科学And I think that people really should take real subject like English and history and math,whatever it is,learn the substance of all of that.我觉得人们该上真正的课程 比如英语 历史 数学 不管是什么 学习那一切的实质Learn how to learn.Learn how to write.Learn how to .Learn how to follow your curiosity.学习如何学习 如何写作 如何阅读 如何遵循自己的好奇心And then go out and work.You can figure out the rest.然后去找工作 然后你就能弄明白剩下的事了Working it not that hard.It takes hard work but its not like rocket science.Right,right.Unless you want to be a rocket scientist.工作没那么难 需要努力 但这并不复杂 不是火箭科学 是啊 除非你想成为火箭专家201609/465761哈尔滨治疗白带那便宜

哈尔滨女性尿道炎医院Its that magical time of year, when you need to start checking yourself for ticks.The blacklegged tick is the kind of tick we have in Michigan that can transmit Lyme disease, and its been expanding its range in our state.Erik Foster is a medical entomologist with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.He says the risk for running into blacklegged ticks is highest in the western part of the state.;These ticks were originally documented in Menominee County in the western Upper Peninsula in the late 90s, and it wasnt until the early 2000s that we discovered them in the Lower Peninsula in southwestern lower Michigan,; he says. ;Since then, the tick range has expanded to encompass essentially all of the western shoreline of the state of Michigan, and those ticks have been moving steadily eastward, so we talk about areas around Kalamazoo and even into Ionia moving eastward in the state, is where were starting to see these ticks emerge as well.;He says ticks hitch rides on deer and birds, so as those creatures move around, ticks can drop off in new locations.Blacklegged ticks can be hard to spot this time of yearFoster says the blacklegged tick has three life stages.;Theres the larvae, which is a very small six legged creature, the nymphal stage, which is about the size of a poppy seed, still very small, and then the adult stage,; he says. ;And at this point in the year, were seeing the nymphal stage ticks, which are sometimes hard to detect, theyre kind of black in color and the back end of them may look tan or translucent colored, and these are going to be in areas where youve got woods or edge habitat between grassy habitat and the woods.;He says these ticks like to hang out in well-shaded areas that have higher humidity, because once they get out in the sunlight, they dry out pretty quickly.;When youre walking through the woods, these ticks are waiting; we call this questing, theyre questing for a host, on the edge of vegetation. This could be on the side of a trail, and theyll grab onto you and climb up your leg or your pants,; he says.He says the highest risk for running into ticks is in forested areas, but you might also find them in your backyard, especially if your property backs up to a wooded lot.He says you can trim tree cover back, to open up the area to sunlight. And you can create a border between the woods and the lawn, using wood chips or gravel.Foster says the most common kind of tick in Michigan is the American dog tick, and that tick does not transmit Lyme disease (it can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever, but he says its very unusual to contract that disease in Michigan).Preventing Lyme diseaseFoster says the best thing to do is try to avoid tick bites in the first place. He recommends wearing EPA-approved insect repellents (such as DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus).He says its important to do a tick check when you get back inside, paying special attention to certain areas of your body where ticks commonly bite: behind the knee, the waistline, groin, armpits, behind the ears, around the neck and in the hairline. Taking a shower when you come in from a wooded area is also a good idea.;Showering can dislodge ticks that have not yet bitten. Removing a tick that has bitten you before 24-48 hours is also preventative of Lyme disease,; he says.Foster says early treatment is really important with Lyme disease. He says about 70% of people will have an expanding red rash that looks like a bullseye.;Now, its not always going to look like a clear bullseye—this may be just a red area on the skin that expands out over time. And we like people to know you dont always necessarily want to be looking for an exact bullseye ring, because we dont want people to miss Lyme disease.; he says. ;If you have an expanding rash in the summer, if youve got fever, body aches, headache, fatigue, these types of symptoms, you want to go see your health care provider and let them know you may have been in an area where there are ticks.;Tracking Lyme disease casesFoster says his department has been tracking Lyme disease cases in Michigan.;Weve seen increases over the time Ive been doing surveillance for human cases of Lyme in the state, which goes back ten years or more. Weve seen steady and slow increases and these increases are coming in areas where the tick is more common,; he says. ;So where we see Lyme disease cases being reported from, where people are being exposed locally, is in those places like the western Upper Peninsula and in the western part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan as were seeing those increases happening.;201605/446047哈尔滨治疗好的人流医院 Shoemaking制鞋业Asian brogue亚洲花皮鞋Exports help to revive the high end of Britains decimated shoe industry进口帮助拯救英国衰落的高端制鞋业FROM the attic of his cramped old factory in the middle of Northampton, Stephen Etheridge, the head of Churchs, a shoemaker, gazes down on the deserted bus station next door. He explains how his company will soon be expanding to fill the four-acre (1.5-hectare) site, creating 100 or so jobs in the process. The move has caused a stir in Northampton, about 70 miles north of London, as it is the first time in living memory that a shoe company is growing rather than closing. The recent success of a venerable old firm like Churchs, founded in 1873, reflects a wider revival of Northamptons luxury shoemakers, buoyed by the insatiable Asian appetite for a bit of old English craft and class.北安普顿中部,在他狭窄又老旧的工厂阁楼里, Churchs鞋业公司的老板Stephen Etheridge凝视着隔壁废弃的汽车站。他解释说他的公司将很快进行扩建,重新利用这四英亩(1.5公顷)的土地,这个过程会创造约100个工作机会。这一行为在位于伦敦北部约70英里的北安普顿引起了轰动,因为这是人们记忆中第一次有鞋厂要扩张而不是倒闭。成立于1873年的Churchs公司令人尊敬而又历史悠久,它最近的成功反映了北安普顿高端鞋业的广泛复兴,这是由亚洲源源不断地追求经典英格兰工艺和品位的欲望而提振的。There was a time when the city of Northampton and its surrounding towns did little else but produce shoes. The industry there employed tens of thousands of people in hundreds of factories, small and large; fortunes were made making millions of boots for the army during the first world war. But that era of mass manufacturing came to a calamitous end in the 1980s as production moved overseas to take advantage of cheaper labour. Now Britain imports almost all its shoes. There were fears that the whole industry might become extinct. But posh bootmakers like Churchs, Joseph Cheaney and Loake clung on. They employ hundreds of people each, rather than the thousands of old Northampton, but they have now found a very profitable niche in the global market and are prospering as never before.曾几何时,北安普顿和周边城镇专致于制鞋。在这个行业里,大大小小几百个工厂雇佣了好几万工人;一战期间因给军队制作几百万双靴子而大赚了一笔。但大规模制造的时代在20世纪80年代惨淡收尾,原因是为利用廉价劳动力,生产都挪到了海外。如今英国所有的鞋几乎都是进口的。有人担忧这整个产业也许会就此消失。但像Churchs, Joseph Cheaney和 Loake这样的奢侈鞋业公司坚持下来了。它们各雇佣几百人,而不是像以前的北安普顿一样雇佣几千人,但他们在国际市场发现了盈利之处,正在史无前例地繁荣发展着。Loake is still a family-run firm, making shoes in the same factory in nearby Kettering that the founding brothers built in 1894. Like all the areas luxury cobblers Loake only makes “goodyear welted” shoes, a 300-year-old process whereby the shoe is stitched together. This time-consuming and expensive technique gives the footwear strength and durability. As Andrew Loake, the current head of the company, explains, all shoes used to be made like this until the advent of cheaper injection-moulding. “So,” he explains, “our shoes have moved from being mass-commodity items to being specialist and different.”Loake还是一个家族企业,其制鞋厂为Loake家族三个兄弟于1894年在凯特灵附近建立,如今他们依然在这里制鞋。就像所有地方的奢侈鞋业一样,Loake只制造“固特异工艺”的鞋,这是一种将鞋子缝合在一起、拥有300年历史的工艺。这种耗时又昂贵的技术使鞋子有了强度和耐久性。现任董事长Andrew Loake解释说在更廉价的注射成型技术出现之前,所有的鞋子都是这样做的。In that sort of market, argues Mr Loake, the only way to go is to make shoes better rather than cheaper. His company now uses higher-quality leather than it did in the 1980s. Each shoe takes eight weeks to make, involving about 200 processes. Some of these havent changed for a long time. But that is exactly what new consumers, particularly in Asia, want to pay for. Exports now account for over one-third of its sales, and have been increasing steadily over the past decade. Loakes biggest export market is Sweden. Its second-biggest is South Korea, reflecting, says Mr Loake, “a hunger for high-quality goods” in Asia.Loake先生表示,在那样的市场中,唯一的方式就是让鞋子更好而不是更便宜。他的公司如今用的高质量皮革比20世纪80年代用的还好。每一只鞋都要花八周来完成,包括约200道工序。有些工艺在很长一段时间内都没有变过。但这正是新的顾客群,尤其是亚洲顾客所想花钱购买的。现在出口已经占了销售量的三分之一以上,自从过去十年来就一直在稳步增长。Loake最大的出口市场是瑞士。第二大出口国是韩国,Loake先生说这反映了亚洲对“高品质商品的渴求。”Churchs is also doing well in the East. Although it is now owned by Prada, an Italian luxury-goods company, it sells itself as the quintessential English manufacturer. To control the Churchs brand, it sells almost half of its products through its own bespoke shops—four in Hong Kong, two in Shanghai, and one in Singapore. It is trying to open one in Beijing, too. Prices are steep, rising to £1,000 (,500) a pair. But, even producing 5,000 pairs a week, the company cannot meet demand—hence the expansion of their factory in Northampton. If the 21st century does belong to Asia, at least its masters will be well-shod.Churchs公司在东方的表现也不错。尽管它现在在意大利奢侈品公司Prada的旗下,它仍以经典英国制造商为卖点。为了维护Churchs的品牌,它约半数的产品都通过店铺订做——香港有四家店,上海两家,新加坡一家。它也正规划在北京开一家店。鞋子价格不菲,涨到了约1000英镑(1500美元)每双。但是尽管每周都生产5000双鞋,该公司依然供不应求-所以才需要位于北安普顿的工厂扩建。如果21世纪确实属于亚洲,起码这个世纪的主人穿的鞋还不错。译者:王颖 校对:石海霞 译文属译生译世 /201505/375758哈尔滨可视人流的费用

哈尔滨211医院开展无痛人流吗Lexington莱克星顿Hillary Clintons bad book希拉里·克林顿新书欠精Her stodgy memoir is best understood as a briefing book for surrogates and “influencers”对这本枯燥乏味回忆录的最好诠释是为代理人和有影响力者写就的简明手册HILLARY CLINTON is a big fan of briefing books. As Barack Obamas envoy to the world she devoured great, thick binders on every subject imaginable, she writes in “Hard Choices”, a new memoir published on June 10th. As she worked tirelessly to prepare for summits and official trips to 112 countries, she admired the expertise of her diplomats. Only one thing bothered her. A few months into the job she asked the State Department to be more creative with graphics, after envying the flashier briefings carried by Pentagon brass. Soon, she beams: “there were plenty of coloured maps and charts to go around.”希拉里·克林顿是这种简明手册的忠实粉丝。她在她6月10日出版的新回忆录《艰难抉择》中写道,作为奥巴马总统的代表出使全世界,她见多识广。在她不知疲倦地为她112国的峰会和出访做准备时,她还不忘对她的外交官表达钦佩。只有一件事让她烦心。入职几个月后,眼红五角大楼浮夸的简明手册,她要求国务院在制图上也能够更有创意一些。不久后,她终于能够笑得出来:“总算有足够多的色地图和图标了。”Mrs Clintons 600-page doorstopper is full of this stuff: micro-revelations which are earnest, dull and self-serving, all at the same time. “Hard Choices” is a frustrating . The memoir has the cautious, polished, poll-tested feel of a campaign speech. A million copies have been printed. A multi-city speaking tour has begun. A first-day book-signing in Manhattan drew lines around the block and hundreds of reporters. A large campaign-style bus idled outside. It was sent by “Ready for Hillary”, a ginger group that wants the former secretary of state, first lady, senator and presidential contender to run again for the White House in 2016.克林顿夫人这本让人望而却步的600页自传中充满了这样的小故事—急切、无聊、自娱自乐却又无足轻重的爆料。《艰难抉择》会是一次让人挫败的阅读经历。这本回忆录就像一本小心翼翼、千锤万凿、经得住选民考研的竞选演讲。100万本印刷完毕,计划在多个城市的巡讲蓄势待发。第一天在曼哈顿的签售会吸引了长长的队和数百名记者。一辆庞大的竞选风格的巴士停在外面。它是由激进团体“为希拉里准备”(Ready for Hillary)赠送的,该团体持入主白宫。A press strategy was even crafted to handle a single chapter of the book, addressing the low point of Mrs Clintons time as secretary: the 2012 killings of four Americans by militants in the Libyan city of Benghazi, including Americas ambassador. The chapter was leaked early and Democratic officials and “surrogates” (campaign jargon for folk who can speak for a candidate) briefed on Benghazi talking-points by a former Obama spokesman, Tommy Vietor, and Mrs Clintons press guru Philippe Reines.公关策略占据了《艰难抉择》中的整整一章,描述了克林顿夫人在担任国务卿时的低谷。那是2012年4名美国人在利比亚城市班加西收到激进分子袭击的时候,这4名美国人中,其中就有美国的大使。这一章在书籍出版之前泄露了出来,里面写道,当时,前奥巴马发言人汤米·费艾托和希拉里手下的媒体专家菲利普·莱因斯曾就针对班加西时间的要点对民主党内官员和“代理人”(竞选术语,指候选人发言人)进行简要说明。Still Mrs Clinton says she has not yet decided whether to run. She did not write the book for followers of Washingtons political soap opera, she says severely. Rather, it is for Americans keen to learn more about diplomacy in the Obama era, and the exercise of American power in the 21st century, she insists. Such pieties are not wholly convincing. For starters, much of the book smells of raw politics, rather than diplomatic history. Mrs Clinton stepped down as chief diplomat in 2013 with high public approval ratings (in part because her job lofted her above the partisan mire for four years), but a list of vulnerabilities too. “Hard Choices” doggedly works its way down that list.但至今为止,希拉里称她还未决定是否参加选举。她严肃地说,她这本书不是写给华盛顿政治肥皂剧的剧迷看的,她坚持把这本书送给那些希望了解奥巴马时代的外交和21世纪美国的权利运作的人。这般虔诚并不是非常有说力。因为首先,这本书更像在写政治,而非外交历史。2013年,希拉里在公众持率一片大好的形势(部分原因是她的工作让她在四年时间里,暂离党派混战泥潭)下从第一外交官的职位上卸任,但即使那时,她也有长串弱点。而《艰难抉择》则固执地一项项弱化这些弱点的影响。In the Benghazi chapter Mrs Clinton accuses conservative critics of mounting a “political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans”. She has a point. But in turn she constructs a political straw man, accusing critics of suggesting that diplomats stage an un-American “retreat” from the world. She leaves unanswered the more relevant question of whether the Wests intervention in Libya, which she championed, left the country better off.在班加西那一章里,希拉里谴责保守派的批评家们让“踩在死去美国人的背上进行的政治斗争”愈演愈烈。这话不无道理。但另一方面,她在谴责批评家暗示美国外交使得美国从国际舞台上以一个不怎么美国派的方式落荒撤退时,她实际上把这当做了挡箭牌,因为她避开了更需要揭露的问题,比如西方是否真的在干涉利比亚,而这项政策一直因为她认为对国家有利而得到她的持。After Ukraine lost Crimea to Russia, many Republicans accused Barack Obama and Mrs Clinton of having emboldened Russia with their bid to “reset” relations. Mrs Clinton retorts that Russia rolled into Georgia when George W. Bush was still in office, calls the “reset” a worthy attempt to work on areas of agreement while setting tough issues to one side, and blames its failure on Vladimir Putin, one of the worlds “hard men”.克里米亚从乌克兰沦陷俄罗斯之手后,许多共和党派人士谴责奥巴马和希拉里在年“重启”双方关系的提议成了俄罗斯的“雄心豹子胆”。但希拉里反击道,早在乔治·沃克·布什在任期间,俄罗斯也曾吞并格鲁吉亚,“重启”美俄关系是值得的,能够让双方求同存异,专心双方存在共识的领域,暂时搁置难题,而这次错在这位世界上的风云人物弗拉基米尔·普京。Strikingly, other chapters involve veiled swipes at Mr Obama and his team. Mrs Clinton revisits painful disputes from the 2008 Democratic primary, when she felt subjected to sexist attack by Obama allies. She confirms a much-reported dispute from 2012, when she (in alliance with the then CIA chief, David Petraeus, and the then defence secretary, Leon Panetta) wanted to train and arm non-extremist Syrian rebels. Mr Obama decided the risks outweighed possible gains—a scepticism shared by White House aides. In the book she links this to a remarkably reductive account of Mr Obamas 2008 victory, writing: “After all, the President had been elected in large part because of his opposition to the war in Iraq and his promise to bring the troops home.”值得注意地是,该书其他章节含沙射影地抨击了奥巴马总统及其团队。希拉里在书中重温了2008年民主党总统候选人预选时令人痛苦的争论,当时的希拉里深感自己受到奥巴马团队的性别攻击。她确认了2012年一次多见曝光的争论,那时她(和时任中情局主管大卫·霍威尔·彼得雷乌斯和时任国防部长莱昂·帕内塔)主张训练和武装叙利亚的非极端叛军。然而奥巴马总统则认为风险大于受益,而白宫助理也同样有此怀疑。在书中,她把这段往事与奥巴马2008年获胜演说中的一段叙述联系在了一起,评价道:“毕竟,总统得以当选的绝大部分原因,是因为他反对伊拉克战争,以及承诺把驻扎海外的美国军队带回家。”Hawkishly, Mrs Clinton questions Mr Obamas decision to announce a fixed exit date for American troops in Afghanistan. She suggests that callow young Obama aides were wrong to urge a swift end to Hosni Mubaraks rule in Egypt. Finally, she addresses those who say she accomplished little. This is a popular attack: a recent conservative shows young Hillary fans struggling to name her greatest accomplishment. She retorts with a long list of mid-sized successes, from democracy promotion in Burma to a 2012 ceasefire in Gaza, or projects to advance womens rights.希拉里还强硬地质问奥巴马总统宣布从阿富汗撤军日期的决定。她暗示,奥巴马少不经事的助理团队不该操之过急地结束侯赛因 穆巴拉克在埃及的统治。最后,她赠言那些在她眼中成就甚少的人。这是时下流行的攻击方式——近期一个保守党派视频中,年轻的希拉里持者正在为找出希拉里最大的成就而左右为难。她选择用一长串不大不小的胜利来反驳,从在缅甸推进民主,到2012年加沙地带的停火,到推进女性权利的项目。If some chapters are too nakedly political for a work of foreign-policy analysis, then others are too worthy for many general ers. At times it feels as if none of those 112 countries is going to be missed out. Mrs Clinton offers accounts of African trade flows, a coup in Honduras, climate talks in Denmark, the fine work that Barbados has done with solar water heaters and her opinion of Canada (“our northern neighbour is an indispensable partner”). Those hoping for gossip will be disappointed. Few insiderish nuggets leaven the mix—though Mrs Clinton does explain why the secret service dislikes VIPs visiting Buddhist temples (they feel uny for emergencies without their shoes).如果说,书中一些章节从外交政策分析来说,显得有些过于裸地政治化的话,那么对于许多一般读者,其他章节还是值得一读的。希拉里在书中叙述了非洲的贸易往来,洪都拉斯的停火和她对加拿大的观点(我们的北部邻邦是我们不可或缺的伙伴)。那些想要八卦的人怕要失望了。书中鲜有内部猛料为本书添色,不过希拉里的确解释了为什么特勤部不喜欢重要任务访问佛教寺庙(因为不穿鞋子,他们会觉得不能时刻准备着)。Coming soon to a book group near you去你身边的书会吧To solve the mystery of what “Hard Choices” is for, think back to those Democratic surrogates being schooled on Benghazi talking-points. This is a briefing book for surrogates, and—beyond them—for the legions of “influencers” so prized by modern political campaigns: the amateur opinion-formers whose friends, colleagues and relatives listen to their political views, or follow them online. Understood as a briefing book, the memoirs oddities make more sense. It exists to offer talking points to each possible element of a future Clinton coalition—from folk worried about climate change to women who voted for Mitt Romney, who could imagine voting for Hillary, but whose husbands are obsessed with Benghazi. It never needed to be a good .要弄清楚“艰难抉择”目的为何,只要想一想班加西事件中给“代理人”提供的要点教育就明白了。这是对代理人的一份简明手册,不仅如此,这同样是针对众多在现代政治竞选中饱受褒奖的“有影响力的人”,他们是熟练的舆论导向者,引导他们的同事亲友听取他们的政治见解,或在网络上关注他们。作为一份“简明手册”来理解,这本书就不再让人困惑了。它的存在,是为了向每一个潜在的希拉里自己人提供话术,这其中,可能有担心气候变化的人,有为米特·罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)投票的女人们,她们也许想过投票给希拉里,但无奈自家丈夫痴迷班加西事件。从这个角度来看,这本书不需要是一本好书。 译者:杨雪 译文属译生译世 /201507/387597 Private health care私人医疗保健The problem-solvers问题的解决者Hints of how to provide better health care for less money有关花更少的钱获得更多的医疗保健的建议CHENMED doesnt look like much. Its clinic north ofMiamihas a modest waiting area and circle of examination rooms. But every action is engineered and tracked. Jennifer Thomas, a senior executive, pores over data. Whiteboards on her walls are covered with diagrams, a vestige from her days at McKinsey, a consultancy. “Weve kind of figured it out,” she says.CHENMED这家公司看起来和其他公司不太一样。它在迈阿密以北的一个诊所里,不仅有一个舒适的等候室,还有一个圆形的监查区。然而他们的每一个行动都是被好好设计和跟踪的。高级主管阵妮佛·托马斯。她墙上的白板上画满了图表,这是她在麦肯锡咨询公司工作时留下的习惯。“我们搞懂了这件事。”她说。“It” is how to care for the most expensive patients in the worlds most expensive health system. ChenMed is devoted to poor elderly people who may have half a dozen chronic conditions. It profits when they are kept well and their health-care costs are kept low. Clinics like ChenMed are the exception, not the rule. But the company is one of many that provide a hint of how American health care might work better.“这件事”是指如何在世界上最昂贵的医疗系统下照顾诊费最高的病人。ChenMed致力于照看那些全身都是慢性疾病的贫困老年人。只有把人照顾得好且所用医疗费用低时公司才能获利。像ChenMed这样的诊所是一个特殊的例子,不是普遍地规律。然而这家公司和其他众多的公司一样,可以为美国医疗体制更好地运行提供一些建议。ChenMed is led by Christopher Chen, a doctor and the son of the companys founder, a Taiwanese immigrant. Other members of the Chen family hold senior positions, but they have been joined by high-flying executives and management consultants, lured by ChenMeds model and the promise of profits as the company grows.ChenMed是由台湾移民克里斯托弗·陈领导的。他是公司创始人的儿子,同时也是一名医生。陈家族的其他职员都持有高级职位,ChenMed向他们展示了公司未来的发展模型,并保随着公司的发展,利润会不断增加。他们被此吸引,加入了该公司,成为了雄心勃勃的公司高管和管理顾问。The idea is simple. Medicare, the public health programme for the elderly, has a growing share of patients who use government money to buy private insurance. ChenMed contracts with those insurers, most of which pay a capped rate for each patient, and then plies patients with primary care to keep them out of hospital. ChenMed has vans to take patients to and from its clinics—lack of transport often keeps elderly patients from seeing their doctors. Once at the clinic, patients wave a card at the front desk and are automatically checked in. Staff perform a tightly choreographed routine, with data fed back to Ms Thomas and others to find further improvements.这个想法很简单。由于针对老年人的医疗保险和公共卫生计划的不断发展,越来越多的患者拿政府的钱来购买私人保险。ChenMed和那些保险公司签订合同,其中大部分为每位患者付一个最高金额,然后为患者配备初级的护理,让他们出院。ChenMed还有专用的货车带患者往返于患者的住处和诊所,因为缺乏交通工具是阻碍老年患者就医的一个常见问题。到了诊所,患者在前台刷卡就能自动登记。员工遵循一个严格设计过的步骤,然后把数据反馈给托马斯女士和其他人,以便寻求进一步改善。Examination rooms circle a central hub so that doctors can confer easily with assistants and specialists. A mobile app lets doctors see patients medical records and refer to clinical protocols. The clinic has a pharmacy, so doctors give patients pills directly and answer any questions; failing to take medicine often sends patients to hospital. Most administration is centralised elsewhere, so staff at the clinic devote their attention to treatment.监察室环绕着一个中心呈圆形排列,这样医生可以方便地和助手和专家探讨问题。一个移动应用程序能让医生看到患者的医疗记录并参考临床方案。不按时吃药是患者在医院反复折腾的重要原因之一,所以,诊所配有自己的药房,医生可以直接给患者开药并回答患者提出的所有问题。大部分政府部门的精力都集中在其他地方,所以诊所的员工专注于治疗。This seems to work. Medicare patients at ChenMed spent nearly 40% fewer days in hospital than the national average. Thanks to a venture with Humana, a big insurer, it has expanded to three dozen clinics. Dr Chen is bullish. “We dont see why we cant grow by 300% to 400% over the next five years,” he says.这样做似乎很有效果。在ChenMed就医的医疗保险患者相比全国水平而言,在医院少呆了40%的时间。由于一个大保险公司胡玛纳的加入,ChenMed名下已经有两36家诊所,陈士很乐观,他说“我们不明白我们为什么不能在未来的五年内增长300%到400%。” /201409/331815哈尔滨看妇科正规的医院哈尔滨中医在线咨询



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