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  Subway employees will have to use a ruler to prove the chain is serving foot long sandwiches after a lawsuit found they were only 11 inches.赛百味曾因三明治仅11英寸(约28厘米)遭诉讼,以后其员工将不得不使用直尺,明该连锁店制作的三明治足够一英尺长(约30厘米)。The world#39;s largest fast food chain came under fire two years ago when a photo showing one of its sandwiches next to a tape measure went viral, which revealed it was just 11 inches.两年前,一张照片在网上疯传,照片中赛百味三明治旁边有把卷尺,它显示三明治仅有11英寸长。这个世界上最大的快餐连锁店因此遭受责难。This led to a class-action lawsuit from Subway consumers who said they were cheated out of an inch of their sandwiches.赛百味消费者发起集体诉讼,声称被骗了一英寸的三明治。Subway will now ensure their restaurants are adhering to the new rules and selling the correct length sandwiches.如今,赛百味需确保各家连锁店遵守新规,销售标准长度的三明治。The furore started in 2013 when Australian Matt Corby, uploaded a picture of a Subway sandwich to Facebook with a ruler on top showing the sandwich at 11 inches.这起轰动事件源起于2013年,当时澳大利亚人马特·科比(Matt Corby)在Facebook上传了一张赛百味三明治的照片,图中三明治上方有把尺子,显示三明治长度是11英寸。Separate lawsuits were then filed by plaintiffs in Chicago and on the East Coast, each seeking damages over a missing inch or more.随后多名原告分别在芝加哥和东海岸提起了诉讼,要求对不足的尺寸赔偿或更多。A lawsuit in Chicago was brought by Nguyen Buren, who claimed his Subway was less than 11 inches long and alleged a #39;pattern of fraudulent, deceptive and otherwise improper advertising, sales and marketing practices#39;.一位叫做阮·布伦(Nguyen Buren)的消费者在芝加哥提起上诉,声称他买的赛百味三明治不足11英寸,指控赛百味采取“欺骗、欺瞒等不正当的广告、销售和营销手段”。Attorney Tom Zimmerman, who is representing Mr Buren against Subway parent Doctor#39;s Associations Inc, was ed in the Chicago Tribune as saying: #39;This is no different than if you bought a dozen eggs and they gave you 11 or you bought a dozen doughnuts and they gave you 11. It#39;s no different, and yet you#39;re paying for 12.#39;汤姆·齐默尔曼(Tom Zimmerman)是布伦起诉赛百味母公司Doctor#39;s Associations案的代理律师。据《芝加哥论坛报》(Chicago Tribune)的报道,他表示:“这无异于付12个鸡蛋的钱却只买到11个,付12个甜甜圈的钱却只买到11个。这没什么差别,可你付的是12个的钱。”At the same time, two men filed a similar suit in New Jersey state court, seeking damages in excess of million.与此同时,两名男子在新泽西州法院对赛百味提起了类似的诉讼,要求500多万美元的赔偿。Mr Zimmerman said he hopes their suit will be withdrawn and moved to federal court so they can be combined.齐默尔曼说他希望这两个人的诉讼被撤销,移至联邦法院,令针对赛百味的诉讼能合并审理。As part of the new proposals, Subway will provide new training materials to make sure staff sell the full 12 inch sandwich.根据最新提议,赛百味将采用新训练材料,确保员工销售的三明治足够12英寸。Subway will also enforce stricter penalties to stores that fail to meet the new standards.赛百味还将对未能执行新标准的连锁店采取更严格的惩罚措施。A hearing for final approval of the terms has been set for January 2016.这些提议的最终批准听会定于2016年1月举行。It had previously responded to the original complaint made in Australia.赛百味之前回应过澳大利亚的第一起控告。A spokesman said: #39;We have redoubled our efforts to ensure consistency and correct length in every sandwich we serve.一位发言人说:“我们已加倍努力,确保始终为顾客提供标准长度的三明治。”Our commitment remains steadfast to ensure that every Subway Footlong sandwich is 12 inches at each location worldwide.#39;“我们仍坚定地承诺将确保赛百味在全球各地销售的每块一英尺长三明治都有12英寸。” /201510/405204

  Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen revealed recently that before going to sleep she mentally ticks off the things for which she is thankful. This must be a cumbersome exercise: the long-limbed beauty is the world’s highest-paid clothes horse; is married to a rich, handsome American football star ; she has two gorgeous children; features in Forbes’ annual power list; and, in her spare time, is a UN goodwill ambassador for the environment.巴西超级名模吉赛尔邦辰(Gisele Bündchen)最近披露,每天睡觉前,她都会在心里数一数自己感恩的事情。这对她肯定是件繁重的任务:这位长腿美女是全球收入最高的“衣架子”;嫁给了一位富有、英俊的美国橄榄球明星;育有两位漂亮子女;跻身于《福布斯》(Forbes)最具影响力人物的年度榜单;抽得出空的时候还是联合国(UN)环境亲善大使。She is obviously clued up about happiness research, too, which extols the benefits of counting one’s blessings — usually in a “gratitude journal”. This kind of ledger is bound to figure in a series of evening classes launched this week across the UK by a group called Action for Happiness. The six-week self-improvement course, endorsed by the Dalai Lama, claims to harness the science of happiness, which has charmed its way into policymaking.她显然对有关幸福的研究也十分了解。这类研究高度赞扬感恩(通常是写在一本“感恩日志”中)的效益。在最近英国各地推出的一个晚间课程中,这种日志肯定会被提及。这一持续六周的课程由一个名为“争取幸福”(Action for Happiness)的组织推出,得到了达赖喇嘛(Dalai Lama)的认可。该课程声称运用了“幸福科学”,后者凭借其魅力,已受到政策制定圈子的注意。Also this week, the Office for National Statistics published its geographical league table of personal wellbeing in the UK, compiled by quizzing 165,000 people on how satisfied they are with life. Fermanagh in Northern Ireland is the jolly table-topper; London is steeped in melancholy. Since the ultimate goal in life for most people is to be happy, the logic goes, governments should find ways of increasing civic contentment.同样在最近,英国国家统计局(Office for National Statistics)发布了英国各地个人福祉排行榜。该排行榜的依据是对16.5万人的生活满意度调查。结果是北爱尔兰的弗马纳郡喜获第一,而伦敦弥漫着抑郁情绪。由于大多数人的终极目标就是幸福,合乎逻辑的结论是,政府应该想办法提高公民的满足感。But the science of wellbeing has turned out, over the past 15 years, to be a keenly disputed field of psychology whose practitioners have struggled to elucidate the nature of nirvana, let alone put numbers to it. Meanwhile, happiness has become a central issue in public health. A 2014 study of 3,000 older people, led by Professor Andrew Steptoe at University College London, found that participants who said they enjoyed life saw a slower rate of physical decline than their curmudgeonly peers , even taking into account other factors such as income, smoking and drinking.不过,有关福祉的科学在过去15年里成了心理学一个极具争议的领域。其从业者甚至难以阐明涅槃状态的特征,更别说对它加以量化研究了。与此同时,幸福已成为公共健康的核心问题。2014年伦敦大学学院(University College London)安德鲁斯特普托(Andrew Steptoe)教授领导开展的一项研究发现,即使把收入、吸烟和饮酒等其他方面的因素考虑在内,那些表示自己享受人生的参与调查者,生理上的衰退速度也慢于脾气不好的同龄人。Scientists have been hunting the precise mechanism through which a positive state of mind exerts a beneficial effect on our biology. Barbara Fredrickson, a psychology professor at the University of North Carolina, published a startling paper in 2013 suggesting that the genomic profile of deeply contented people differed measurably from those of others, possibly influencing function. The finding provoked publicity and then controversy; one reanalysis using Prof Fredrickson’s data failed to reach the same conclusion.科学家一直在寻找积极心态产生有益生理影响的精确机制。2013年,美国北卡罗来纳大学(University of North Carolina)心理学教授芭芭拉弗雷德里克森(Barbara Fredrickson)曾发表一篇令人震惊的论文,提出深层次满足的人群的基因组图谱与其他人显著不同,这可能会影响免疫功能。这一发现得到了广泛报道,随即引发了争议;根据弗雷德里克森教授的数据重新开展的一项分析未能得出相同结论。None of which should stop us from trying to discern the elements of a happy life. This is the goal of the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, which combines on happiness with practical recommendations. It defines happiness as “the experience of joy, contentment, or positive wellbeing, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful and worthwhile”. Contentment stems not from material wealth, as the rich keep reminding us, but from relationships and personal development. Compassion and altruism seem central.所有这一切都不应阻止我们努力找出幸福生活的要素。这正是美国加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)至善科学中心(Greater Good Science Center)的目标。该中心把有关幸福的研究与实用建议相结合。它对幸福的定义是“喜悦、满足或积极健康的体验,再加上人生美好、充实而有价值的感觉”。正如富裕人群一直在提醒我们的,满足感并不来自物质财富,而来自人际关系和个人发展。同情心与无私似乎是核心要素。And this is, perhaps, the most helpful pointer furnished by science: true happiness is rarely a succession of immediate, individual pleasures, such as sex, drugs and chocolate. Indeed, many experiences deemed enriching — raising children, mastering an instrument, donating a kidney — require pain and sacrifice. Happiness appears to be linked to living a life of purpose and meaning; the ONS survey now asks residents whether their lives feel worthwhile.而这也许正是科学提供的最有帮助的指标:真正的幸福极少是一个接一个直截了当的、个人的愉悦体验——比如性、毒品和巧克力。的确,许多被视为充实的人生体验——抚养子女、掌握一种乐器、捐赠一个肾脏——都需要痛苦和牺牲。幸福似乎与带着目标和意义生活存在关联:如今,英国国家统计局的调查会问居民是否感觉活得有价值。 /201510/403792


  5.The entire universe conspired to help me find you5.整个世界都密谋帮助我找到你。;I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.; — Paulo Coelho我爱你,因为整个世界都密谋帮助我找到你。——保罗·科埃略4.Love is what makes two people sit in the middle of a bench4.爱情就是明明长凳两端有足够的空间;Love is what makes two people sit in the middle of a bench, even if there is plenty of room at both ends.; — Anonymous爱情就是明明长凳两端有足够的空间,可他俩偏偏要往中间挤。——佚名3.If every lover was treated like they matter every day3.如果每个情人都能获得情人节般的对待;If every lover was treated like they matter every day, Valentine#39;s Day wouldn#39;t be so special.;― MokokomaMokhonoana如果每个情人都能获得情人节般的对待,那么情人节就没什么稀奇的了。——默可可玛·默可娜娜2.Love is not finding someone to live with2.爱情不是随便找一个人一起生活;Love is not finding someone to live with; it#39;s finding someone you can#39;t live without.; — Rafael Ortiz爱情不是随便找一个人一起生活,而是找一个在你的生活中无可或缺的人。——拉斐尔?欧兹1.I want to be someone#39;s forever1.我想要一份永恒的爱。;I want to be one of those old couples you see still holding hands and laughing after fifty years of marriage. That#39;s what I want. I want to be someone#39;s forever.; — Rachel Gibson我想成为那些婚后50年仍然能够双手紧握,相视而笑的老夫老妻们中的一个。那就是我想要的。我想要一份永恒的爱。——雷切尔·吉布森 /201510/406286。


  From Hermione to Diagon and Rubeus, Harry Potter books have been tripping fans up for years over how to pronounce certain words。多年来,《哈利波特》丛书的粉丝们一直把某些单词的发音都弄错了:从赫敏、对角巷到鲁伯。And now author J K Rowling has revealed that everyone has been saying Voldemort#39;s name wrong as well。而如今,JK罗琳发话了:一直以来,大家也把伏地魔的名字念错了。While tweeting a fan of the books, Rowling revealed that the #39;t#39; at the end of the dark wizard#39;s name is actually supposed to be silent。在一个哈迷书粉的推特后面,罗琳透露:这名黑巫师名字结尾的t实际上应该是不发音的。Rowling confirmed that the French-style pronunciation is correct, though added: #39;...but I#39;m pretty sure I#39;m the only person who pronounces it that way.#39;罗琳实,这个名字的法式发音才是正确的,还补充了一句话:“……但我肯定我是唯一一个这样正确发音的人。”Fans were quick to point out that, spoken in the French fashion, the name of Harry#39;s arch-nemesis sounds like the phrase #39;vol de mort#39;, literally translated as #39;death flight#39;。粉丝们很快指出,用法国时尚口语说起来,哈利死对头的名字听起来像“vol de mort”,这个词的字面含义是“死亡飞行”。However, others pointed out that it could also be short for #39;voleur de mort, which means #39;death thief#39; or #39;to steal from death#39;。不过,也有人指出它也可以简称“voleur de mort,代表”死亡小偷”或“从死亡麾下溜走”的意思。The translation seems appropriate, since Voldemort was stopped from dying after being magically linked with Harry while trying to cast the killing curse avada kedavra on him。这样翻译貌似也对,因为他和哈利的魔法联系使得他被下达“阿瓦达索命”(死咒,三大不可饶恕咒之首)后还奇迹般的活下来了。 /201509/399359


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