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  If an occupation census had been taken in the eleventh century it would probably have revealed that quite 90 percent of the people were country inhabitants who drew their livelihood from farming, herding, fishing or the est. An air photograph taken at that time would have revealed spotted villages, linked together by unsurfaced roads and separated by expanses of est or swamp. There were some towns, but few of them housed more than ,000 persons. A second picture, taken in the mid-fourteenth century would show that the villages had grown more numerous and also more widesp, Europeans had pushed their frontier outward by settling new areas. There would be more people on the roads, rivers and seas, carrying food or raw materials to towns which had increased in number, size and importance. But a photograph taken about 50 would reveal that little further expansion had taken place during the preceding hundred years.读句子轻松学英语四级语法 第0节英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 给妈妈打工 Working My Mother -- :00: 来源: Working My Mother为妈妈打工The summer vacation began. I decided to work to make money the next term.暑假开始了,我决定打工为下学期挣些钱But I didn't know what work I could do.At that time, my mother was writing a book.I decided to type her pay. She agreed and paid me 5 yuan 00 words.但我不知道我能做什么工作那时,妈妈在写一本书我想为她有偿打字,她同意了,答应每千字付我5元钱I began to work.I typed so slowly that I could type only several hundred words a day.It was a hard job me.I kept typing all day long.我开始工作我打字很慢,每天才能打几百字对我来说这是一项辛苦的工作,我只能整天工作着I finished the work two weeks later.I came to know how hard it was to make money.两周后我终于完成了这项工作我认识到挣钱是多么的不容易啊!首先,“welcome”作为动词指当客人到场后主人进行欢迎活动主人表达高兴的心情“欢迎你们明年再来中国”的这个动作还没有发生,客人明年才可能到场,现在怎么举行欢迎活动呢?只有在客人到达后才能用动词“welcome”所以这句话只能在中国用,若你在美国则说错了还有就是“Welcome to my home!”(欢迎到我家!)只能在客人到你家并且你也在家的情况下使用,若你不在家则不能这么说四六级资讯 全国大学英语四级网考考试规则 --3 ::0 来源: 第一部分:Section A Listening comprehension 听力理解,题号:1-18题,5-30分钟 题号 题型 时间 题目 难 易 1 - 6 音频新闻 共3段,每段约1分钟,每段播放之后会有约秒的答题时间,时间一后会自动进入下一题 选择题 1. 没有预读选项的时间; . 不可以返回上题查看; 3. 语速较快 1. 一篇新闻会播放两遍,解决两道问题; . 会事先给出问题; 3. 会给出超纲词汇表 7 - 音频对话 共1段,约5分钟播放之后会给每题约秒的解题时间 选择题 1. 没有预读选项的时间; . 不可以返回上题查看; 3. 语速较快 1. 会播放两遍,第一遍解决两道问题,偏向于主旨大意的考察,第二遍有四道问题,偏向于细节问题的考察; . 会事先给出问题; 3. 会给出超纲词汇表 - 18 视频新闻 共1段,约5分钟播放之后会给每题约秒的解题时间 选择题 1. 没有预读选项的时间; . 不可以返回上题查看; 3. 语速较快 1. 会给出视频,有提示的作用; . 会播放两遍,第一遍解决两道问题,偏向于主旨大意的考察,第二遍有四道问题,偏向于细节问题的考察; 3. 会事先给出问题; . 会给出超纲词汇表   第二部分:Listening-based integrated tasks 听力综合题,题号:19-题,5-50分钟 题号 题型 时间 题目 难 易 19 - 33 视频听写 共1段,每段约1分钟,每段播放之后会有约秒的答题时间,时间一后会自动进入下一题 填空题 1. 视频会有一点干扰; . 语速较快 3. 自己决定填写单词或词组 1. 一篇新闻会播放两遍,解决两道问题; . 第二遍播放时,可以使用“暂停”键,每次暂停8秒,自动继续,共能暂停次; 3. 最后有30秒时间填写,检查 . 会事先给出问题; 5. 会给出超纲词汇表 - 3 音频跟读 共句,每句到个单词,连续播放两遍,秒的时间跟读 跟读题 1. 没有文本提示; . 要正确,也要语音语调相似; 3. 语速较快 1. 录音时有一次重录的机会; 视频写作 共1段,约5分钟播放结束开始写作 写作题 1. 语速较快 1. 视频材料是之前的题目中的一部分; . 给出提纲; 3. 自动单词计数; . 首字母自动大写; 5. 可以进行复制、剪切,粘贴,撤销,恢复等编辑操作   第三部分:ing comprehension,阅读理解,题号:5-7题,5分钟 题号 题型 时间 题目 难 易 5 - 5 快速阅读 共1篇,分钟屏幕右上角会有倒计时 选择题加补全句子题 1. 时间固定; . 自己决定填写单词或词组 1. 可以设定标记、取消标记、全部取消、提交; . 理论上讲,如果能提前做完可以直接提交进入下一题但是其它的题目的做题时间不会增加 55 - 6 深度阅读 共篇,总时间分钟屏幕右上角会有倒计时 选择题 时间固定 1. 经典题型; . 可以在两篇文章之间切换; 3. 可以设定标记、取消标记、全部取消、提交 . 理论上讲,如果能提前做完可以直接提交进入下一题但是其它的题目的做题时间不会增加 65 - 7 语法与结构 共1篇,总时间分钟屏幕右上角会有倒计时 填空题 一部分题目没有任何提示,完全由考生根据自己的理解填写 1. 写之前的听力题目内容相似; . 主要是语法问题,以介词、连词考察为主; 3. 一部分题目会给出提示,是用哪个动词的某种形式,主要是时态和数的改写 全国大学 英语四级 考试

5 Take French leave

考研英语 关于身体健康的考研英语作文模板 --6 :00:59 来源: 关于身体健康的考研英语作文模板  模板1:  In the picture, we are amazed to find that . It clearly tells us that in the domain of , there are .  has long been a problem since , and are turning to be an increasingly severe problem because of . Besides, there are more reasons responsible this issue. Firstly, . Secondly, . Thirdly, .  Judging from the analysis above, we may safely come to the conclusion that the daunting problem demands effective counter-measures. Most importantly, the government needs to implement sufficiently relevant laws and regulations in order to enhance the strength of . In addition, all residents should be aware of .   模板:  The picture . What is strikingly noticeable is , but it can be easily explained by shown in the picture.  The discernable unhealthiness discloses a prevalent phenomenon that has long existed in the China’s . One the one hand, . On the other hand, . As a result, the integration of poor living conditions and work pressure leads naturally to their poor health and short life-span, just as the picture tells us.  The situation is rather depressing because , and it is largely owing to . To solve the problem, I think there should be a thriving social trend , and those who should be rewarded with good living and working conditions.

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