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  • 探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 5They are heart cells, and several million of them working at once is a heartbeat. In this case, it's your head that rules your heart as it's your brain that decides what rate your heart should be beating at. The same part of your brain that's controlling your heart is looking after the outside of you, too. Your body needs to maintain a constant temperature of 37 degrees centigrade and your brain has a range of tricks up its sleeve to do it. This is skin magnified a thousand times. If you look closely, it's covered in holes. They are the openings of tiny ducts--tubes through which sweat can flow. There are about 65, 000 of them on the palm of your hand alone. If you are getting too hot, your brain switches on your sweat glands. As the sweat evaporates, it will help cool you down. And should your brain decide that staying warm is what's needed, it's got another plan, goose pimples. They trap warm air near to the skin and so keep vital heat in. so all that is being controlled from here inside your head. And don't think you will get out of all the hard work by nodding off. Even when we are completely relaxed or asleep our brains don't let up. This strange contraption is covered in electrodes picking up part of my own brain's activity. 128 sensors detect tiny signals emitted as my brain cells fire. This is the pattern produced when I'm relaxed. Even without a thought in my head, my brainwaves show I'm busy. The truth is our bodies are always busy. They just don't tell us about it. What we see as the monotony of our daily lives when it seems that nothing ever really happens...words and expressionshave sth. up one's sleeve暗中已有应急的打算;心 中有妙计 ( keep sth. up one's sleeve)duct:Anatomy A tubular bodily canal or passage, especially one for carrying a glandular secretion:【解剖学】 管:管状体内通道,尤指运输腺分泌物的管道:a tear duct.泪管switch on:接通goose pimples: n.(goose flesh)小疙瘩nod off:打盹let up:v.停止, 中止, 放松contraption: A mechanical device; a gadget.一种机械装置;小机件monotony: Tedious sameness or repetitiousness:毫无变化或单调的重复:the monotony of daily routine.一成不变的例行日常公事200707/16005。
  • Cheney Holds Talks With Palestinian Leaders美国副总统与巴勒斯坦领导人会晤 U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney met with Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Sunday. On a trip the West Bank, Cheney warned Palestinians that continued violence against Israel will hurt efforts to create a Palestinian state.  美国副总统切尼星期天同以色列和巴勒斯坦领导人举行会晤。切尼在访问约旦河西岸的时候警告巴勒斯坦人,如果他们继续从事针对以色列的暴力活动,将会损害创建巴勒斯坦国的努力。Cheney traveled to the West Bank city of Ramallah Sunday where he met with moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and with Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. In remarks following the talks with Mr. Abbas, Cheney said the U.S. is strongly committed to the establishment of a Palestinian state. However, he said Palestinian violence against Israel could doom any chance for a future Palestine.  切尼星期天前往西岸城市拉马拉,他在那里会见了温和派巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯和总理法耶兹。切尼会见阿巴斯以后表示,美国坚决致力于建立巴勒斯坦国。但是他也表示,巴勒斯坦人针对以色列的暴力活动可能破坏巴勒斯坦未来的机会。"Terror and rockets do not merely kill innocent civilians, they also kill the legitimate hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people," Cheney said. "A negotiated end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one that addresses the legitimate national claims of both peoples, would have limitless value. Years of mistrust and violence have achieved nothing, and the extremists who have stood in the way of a settlement have only caused grief and suffering for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples."  切尼说:“恐怖和火箭攻击不仅杀害无辜的平民,它们还扼杀巴勒斯坦人民合法的希望和渴望。通过谈判结束巴、以冲突,处理巴、以两个民族拥有合法国家的问题,这些都具有无限的价值。多年的猜忌和暴力没有任何结果,阻碍和平解决的极端分子只能给巴勒斯坦和以色列人民制造悲伤和痛苦。”In his remarks, Palestinian President Abbas condemned rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip that target towns in southern Israel. He also called on Israel to ease its restrictions on the Palestinians.  阿巴斯主席在讲话时谴责从加沙向以色列南部城镇发射的火箭攻击。他还呼吁以色列缓和对巴勒斯坦人的限制。Mr. Abbas says peace will not come to the Middle East as long as Israel continues to build settlements in the occupied West Bank and kills Palestinians in their own territory.  阿巴斯说:“只要以色列继续在它占领的西岸地区建造定居点,继续杀害在自己家园的巴勒斯坦人,中东就不会实现和平。Palestinian and Israeli negotiators have been holding a series of talks since late last year, aimed at reaching a peace agreement by the end of this year. However Palestinians say the talks have not resulted in any progress when it comes to stopping Israeli settlement building in the West Bank, or easing restrictions on Palestinians' freedom of movement.  自去年年底以来巴勒斯坦和以色列的谈判代表一直在举行一系列谈判。目的是在今年年底之前达成和平协议。但是巴勒斯坦人说,这些谈判在停止以色列在西岸建造定居点和放松巴勒斯坦人的自由旅行方面没有导致任何进展。Israel says Palestinians must do more to stop terrorism, including the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.  以色列表示,巴勒斯坦人必须采取更多行动,制止恐怖主义,包括制止来自加沙的火箭攻击。A spokesman for Hamas militants who control Gaza criticized Cheney's visit, saying it was designed only to offer support for Israel's actions against the Palestinians.  哈马斯激进组织目前控制着加沙。该组织发言人批评切尼的到访,说这次访问的目的是持以色列对巴勒斯坦人采取的行动。Hamas militants defeated Fatah forces loyal to Mr. Abbas last year, taking control of Gaza and effectively splitting the Palestinian territories in two.  去年哈马斯激进组织击败了忠于阿巴斯的法塔赫力量,控制了加沙地带,从而实际上把巴勒斯坦领土一分为二。Mr. Abbas says any reconciliation must be contingent upon Hamas agreeing to restore his authority in Gaza, something Hamas leaders have so far been unwilling to do.  阿巴斯表示,两大巴勒斯坦组织要和解,哈马斯必须同意恢复他本人在加沙的权威。到目前为止,哈马斯领导人还不愿这样作。Efforts to reconcile Palestinians appeared to take a step forward on Sunday when Hamas and Fatah representatives meeting in Yemen agreed to hold direct talks aimed at resolving their split.  星期天,化解巴勒斯坦两派之间争端的努力似乎取得一步进展,哈马斯和法塔赫的代表在也门会晤,双方同意举行直接谈判,以解决分歧。No date has been set for the talks, but the issue is expected to be on the agenda at the upcoming Arab summit in Damascus scheduled to take place at the end of March.  现在还没有为谈判设定日期,但是预计在即将在大马士革举行的阿拉伯峰会上将讨论这个问题。峰会计划在3月底举行。200803/31896。
  • UN Says 1 Million Burmese Children at Risk After Cyclone缅甸风灾后可能会有百万儿童染病  A ed Nations agency says that as many as one million children may be at risk of disease following Cyclone Nargis. The concerns come as efforts continue to persuade Burma's military government to grant greater access to international relief agencies. 联合国儿童基金会表示,由于纳尔吉斯强热带风暴的影响,缅甸可能会有多达一百万名儿童感染疾病。与此同时,国际社会继续努力说缅甸军政府当局准许更多的国际救援组织进入灾区。The ed Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, reports that tens of thousands of children are living outdoors, with little shelter from the monsoon rains. 联合国儿童基金会报告说,缅甸目前有成千上万的儿童露宿野外,缺少遮风避雨的设施。Shantha Bloeman, a UNICEF spokeswoman in Thailand, says children make up 30 to 40 percent of the victims of Cyclone Nargis, which hit Burma, also known as Myanmar, two weeks ago.  联合国儿童基金会在泰国的发言人布罗曼说,纳尔吉斯风暴的受难者当中,儿童占百分之三十到百分之四十。纳尔吉斯风暴两个星期前袭击缅甸。"The situation remains dire for children in Myanmar," said Bloeman. "Their physical and emotional well-being is of critical concern. Assessment reports indicate the destruction of homes, schools; water and sanitation systems are unrelenting threats to child survivors." 布罗曼说:“缅甸儿童的情况仍然很糟糕。他们的生理和心理状态最让人关切。评估报告指出,住宅、学校、饮水和卫生系统的毁坏,对幸存的这些儿童造成极大威胁。”Bloeman said Friday the children face diseases such as cholera, and are vulnerable to exploitation and sexual abuse. Aid groups are trying to ensure that children remain with families or relatives to protect them.  布罗曼星期五说,缅甸儿童面临霍乱等疾病的威胁,而且可能被迫为奴或被卖为娼。救援组织现在正努力确保这些幸存的儿童能够和自己家人或亲戚住在一起,接受保护。The ed Nations says up to 2.5 million people were affected by cyclone - the worst natural disaster in Burma in recent times. The official death toll is more than 43,000, but aid organizations estimate it could reach 128,000. 联合国说,受到风暴影响的多达两百到两百五十万人,这是缅甸近年来最严重的一次自然灾害。缅甸官方公布的死亡人数为四万三千多人,但是救援机构估计,实际死亡人数恐怕要多达十二万八千人。Pressure remains on Burma's military to allow international aid agencies greater access to the region to help survivors. A medical team from Thailand was due to arrive Friday to support relief efforts. 缅甸军政府目前继续面临著来自国际社会的压力,要求他们允许更多的国际援助机构进入灾区帮助幸存者。泰国一个医疗队计划星期五抵达缅甸,协助救援工作。Steve Marshall, a spokesman for the U.N. country team in Burma, says that some aid is reaching the region, but it is insufficient. He says a much bigger international effort is needed. 联合国驻缅甸办事处发言人史帝夫.马歇尔表示,一部分援助物资正在抵达灾区,但是远远不够。灾区急需更多的国际援助。"The issue of access in terms of our staff, as I've indicated, they are down there and they are working," said Marshall. "But the size of this for the government for the U.N. or for others actually requires a completely cooperative coordinated approach and it is too big for any one institution on its own to say it can look after things. It is simply too big." 马歇尔说,“就我们办事处的人员来说,他们已经在灾区,并且在参与救援工作了。但是这次灾害涉及的面太大了,因此缅甸政府,联合国,以及组织,各方面需要总体协调起来,单靠一个机构或者组织,是远远不够的。”Aid workers estimate that they have been able to reach less than a third of the storm's victims. 国际救援人员估计,到目前为止,他们能够帮助的灾民不到总数的三分之一。In the coming days, the U.N. humanitarian chief, John Holmes, will arrive in Rangoon to discuss relief efforts with the government. On Monday, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will meet in Singapore to discuss how to increase aid to Burma, which is a member. 在今后几天,联合国负责人道主义事务的副秘书长约翰.霍姆斯将抵达仰光,与缅甸政府讨论救援工作。下星期一,东盟将在新加坡举行会议,讨论如何加大对缅甸的援助。缅甸是东盟的成员国。 200805/39247。
  • And welcome back, it's 15 minutes before the hour. Dealing with difficult people and situations at work got a whole lot easier. That's because our next guest,Marilyn Puder-York,has written a brand new book called "The Office Survival Guide". And you are er, immanently qualified to write this, you got a PhD in this stuff.A PhD in clinical psychology and I've been an executive coach for about 30 years.And you've also been in the workplace and you've seen the mistakes that people made over and over again, and you have that out there. For example, you even mentioned yourself, you reacted emotionally once when someone talked about your company scaling down. That's right.You went into a rave saying why they shouldn't and you reacted as if it was a person. That's , that's an in er... that's an inanimate object. (That was...)That was...I had a blind spot. I , I was raised to think I was supposed to rescue everybody and then they decided to tell me that my...had to fire my staff and downsize my department and I took it personally, which is one of the Achilles' Heels for what people do - they take things personally at work.But in a working environment people don't come there, you know, they are not, they are not machines, so they do come, they come into a working environment carrying a certain amount of baggage, how they've been raised, the kind of experience they've had in the past and so everybody comes in here with a different set of issues. So how, how do you deal with different people in the, in the workplace to make sure that um, you know, it's not as challenging? Well, number one, first of all, everybody comes with baggage and everybody has issues, and that's a given, but I think the one, the most important thing to do is to be as self-aware as you can about your own Achilles' Heels and your own vulnerabilities. First take responsibility for yourself, know your blind spots, you know, know what difficult situations you're gonna react inappropriately to so that you can control them, and you can control your emotions and curb any kind of impulsive actions on your part, so you don't, you know, inappropriately act with other people.But you say, er, when it comes to co-workers, don't treat them like family members. What do you mean?Absolutely. Well, the environment, first of all is not a family. It's a political entity. So your, your co-workers are not your siblings, your boss is not your parent (even though you might see them more), even though you might see them more, and even though we might feel as if they are. The truth of the matter is they are not, and you don't want to project whatever familiar patterns you had with your siblings, which might have been competitive or collegial depending upon your past history, but you don't want to project that which you had in your family onto the work environment because it is an objective rational environment even though sometimes it may feel irrational. You want to maintain rationality and you know, other people may react badly but you want to react as rationally as possible. So you want to curb your emotions and you want to make sure that you er, don't take, you know, everybody so personally.She is the au..the author of "The Office Survival Guide", glad great tips here; how to make it in the world to hold on to that job you have right now and identify your weaknesses and strengths before you start any position.It really is a fascinating book. It really is.Thank you, thank you very much, thanks for having me.Thanks for being here.All right coming up straight ahead... 200809/47881。
  • American Olympians Get White House Send-Off白宫为美国奥运代表队送行  Members of America's Summer Olympic team are preparing to head to China after a formal send-off at the White House. President Bush says he is looking forward to joining them in Beijing. 参加中国夏季奥运会的美国代表队的成员在前往北京之前,白宫为他们举行了正式欢送仪式。布什总统说,他期待和运动员们在北京会面。About two dozen members of Team USA went to the White House. 有大约24名美国代表队成员出席了白宫的送行仪式。They represented all the athletes at a ceremony in the Rose Garden, where President Bush praised their accomplishments and their character. 他们代表所有运动员在白宫玫瑰园出席这个仪式,布什总统在仪式上赞扬运动员们的成绩和品德。"In Beijing, you will also represent our nation's character," the president noted. "As ambassadors of goodwill, you will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. And by showing respect for your competitors, you will demonstrate America's respect for the world." 布什说:“在北京,你们也将代表我们这个国家的品德。作为亲善大使,你们应胜不骄败不馁。你们尊敬竞争对手,就是在展示美国对世界的尊敬。”About 600 U.S. athletes will compete in 30 different sports at the Games -from swimming to fencing, and from judo to gymnastics. The president noted they represent the diversity of America - a mix of races, ethnic backgrounds and ages. 在这次奥运会上,将有大约600名美国运动员参加30个项目的角逐,其中包括游泳、击剑、柔道、体操等等。布什总统指出,这些美国运动员具有广泛的代表性,来自不同种族、民族和年龄。"Some of you are young, the youngest teammate is a 15-year-old diver, and some of you are older. There is a 58-year-old sailor, which gives this 62-year-old mountain biker hope that you may need me in Beijing," the president joked. 他说:“你们中的一些人很年青,最年青的跳水运动员只有15岁,还有一些运动员年纪稍微大一些,有一个帆船运动员已经58岁了,这给了我这个62岁的山地自行车手希望,你们在北京可能会用得着我。”But the president's role in Beijing is more likely to be that of a sports fan and cheerleader-in-chief. He has said on numerous occasions that he is going to Beijing to support America's athletes and see some great competition. 不过,布什总统在北京的角色更可能是一位体育迷和啦啦队总队长。他在很多场合说过,他将去北京给美国运动员加油打气,并观看一些精的比赛。And while his decision to attend the opening ceremonies has proven controversial, the president made clear in the Rose Garden that he is excited about the prospect of seeing the Games in person. 虽然布什总统出席北京奥运会开幕式的决定引起一些争议,但他在白宫玫瑰园清楚地表示,他为能到北京观看奥运会感到兴奋。"Laura and I look forward to joining you for the Olympics," he said. "I am fired up to go. I cannot wait to salute our athletes, and I cannot wait to share in the joy of your triumphs. And so today we send you off with congratulations on the success you have aly achieved, and on the accomplishments we know will be yours in Beijing." 他说:“劳拉和我都期待着在北京和你们见面。我已作好出发的准备,等不及向我们的运动员致敬,并分享你们胜利的喜悦。所以,今天,我们为你们送行,祝贺你们已经取得的成绩,也预祝我们知道你们在北京将要取得的荣誉。”Critics have said the president should not attend the opening ceremonies because of the Chinese government's human rights record and its policies regarding Tibet and Darfur. 人士说,由于中国政府的人权记录和中国在西藏和达尔富尔问题上的政策,布什总统不应当出席奥运会的开幕式。But members of the Olympic team who came to the White House say they cannot wait to share the experience of being at the Olympics with the president. 但是,在白宫参加送行仪式的奥运会运动员们说,他们期待着同布什总统分享参加奥运会的经历。Kerri Walsh - a defending gold medalist in beach volleyball - says it is important to keep the true meaning of the Olympics in mind. 曾获得沙滩排球金牌的运动员克里.沃尔什说,重要的是,要记住奥运会的真正意义。"What is amazing about the Olympic is it is a sporting event and not a political event," Walsh said. "It is when the world can come together at a peaceful event. And it is an honor that President Bush will be attending the games and will be at the opening ceremonies to represent our country." 他说:“奥运会之所以了不起,在于它是一场体育竞赛,不是政治事件。在奥运会上,世界各国聚在一起,举行一场和平盛会。布什总统出席奥运会,在开幕式上代表我们的国家,是一种荣誉。”The Summer Olympics open August 8 in Beijing. 北京夏季奥运会将在8月8号开始举行。200807/44569。
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