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陈江镇医院投诉电话惠州中心人民医院看男科怎么样Uber’s costly battle for the Chinese ride-sharing market helped drive losses of .3bn during the first half of 2016, making the San Francisco-based company one of the most deeply lossmaking in Silicon Valley.优步(Uber)为争夺中国叫车市场而进行的烧钱大战致使其在2016年上半年亏损13亿美元,同时也使这家总部位于旧金山的公司成为硅谷亏损最严重的公司之一。The company, which offers transportation through its smartphone app in more than 60 countries, had been spending heavily in markets such as China and India, where it was locked in competition with local rivals.通过智能手机应用在60多个国家提供叫车务的优步,在中国、印度等市场出了大量资金,并且陷入了与本土对手的激烈竞争。However, the losses may decline later this year after Uber sold its China unit to local rival Didi Chuxing earlier this month, in effect ending its costly subsidy war there.然而,优步的亏损今年下半年有可能减少,因为该公司本月早些时候已将其中国业务出售给了本土竞争对手滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)——事实上结束了在中国代价高昂的补贴大战。Uber is one of Silicon Valley’s best-funded companies, raising more than bn in equity and debt from investors, and recently achieving a bn valuation.优步是硅谷资金最充裕的公司之一,通过股本和举债从投资者那里筹集了150多亿美元,公司最近估值达680亿美元。The losses, which were first reported by Bloomberg, came to 0m during the first quarter and more than 0m during the second quarter, on a measure before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation.据彭(Bloomberg)最先报道的消息,按息税折旧及摊销前利润(EBITDA)计算,优步在今年第一季度亏损5.2亿美元,第二季度亏损超过7.5亿美元。Travis Kalanick, chief executive, has previously told the Financial Times that Uber was profitable during the first quarter in the US, Australia and the region of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 优步首席执行官特拉维斯#8226;卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)此前曾对英国《金融时报》表示,今年首季优步在美国、澳大利亚以及欧洲、中东和非洲地区实现了盈利。The company spent heavily in China and India during that time, as well as expanding to new markets.同一时期,优步在中国和印度投入巨大,并且在拓展进入新的市场。However, the US turned unprofitable during the second quarter of this year, with losses of 0m according to Bloomberg, as Uber boosted subsidies to compete with its rival Lyft.然而,彭的数据显示,由于为与对手Lyft竞争而提高了补贴,今年第二季度优步在美国未实现盈利,亏损了1亿美元。Uber was responding to Lyft’s rising market share, which had reached 40 per cent in key markets such as San Francisco. 优步提高补贴是为了应对Lyft不断上升的市场份额——后者在旧金山等重要市场达到40%。Uber aims to maintain a market share of about 80 per cent in each US city where it operates, according to a person close to the company.一位接近优步的人士表示,该公司的目标是在其运营的每个美国城市都保持约80%的市场份额。With the battle for China now out of the way, Uber has been increasing its focus on new projects that will require heavy investment, including mapping, driverless cars and car fleets that can be leased to drivers.随着对中国市场的争夺告一段落,优步正在加大对需要大量投资的新项目的关注,包括绘制地图、无人驾驶汽车以及可以租赁给司机的车队。The company will be piloting its first driverless car taxi service in Pittsburgh in a few weeks’ time, and has inked a deal with Volvo to jointly develop autonomous vehicles.几周后,优步将在匹兹堡试点其首次推出的无人驾驶出租车务,该公司还已经与沃尔沃(Volvo)签约共同研发自主汽车。Underscoring this shift in focus, Uber also made its largest ever acquisition in July, when it bought Otto, a driverless truck start-up founded by several key members of Alphabet’s driverless programme.突显这种企业战略转变的是,优步今年7月还进行了其有史以来最大规模的收购——将无人驾驶卡车初创公司Otto收入囊中,该公司由Alphabet无人驾驶项目的几名主要成员创立。Otto’s backers received a stake in Uber worth about 0m as well as a guarantee of 20 per cent of future profits from any trucking business.Otto的资助者获得了价值约6.8亿美元的优步股份,以及一项从未来任何货运业务中获得20%利润的担保。As part of that acquisition Uber will open driverless research centres in Palo Alto and in San Francisco, in addition to its research centre in Pittsburgh.作为此次收购的一部分,除了在匹兹堡的研发中心,优步还将在帕洛阿尔托和旧金山设立无人驾驶研发中心。The company is also preparing to spend half a billion dollars on its mapping efforts as it seeks to build more accurate maps and reduce its dependence on Google Maps. 优步还准备在绘制地图方面投入5亿美元,该公司试图绘制更精准的地图,减少对谷歌地图(Google Maps)的依赖。It aly has mapping cars on the road in the US and Mexico.优步绘制地图的汽车已经在美国和墨西哥上路。Uber’s investors include Goldman Sachs, Benchmark, and Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.优步的投资者包括高盛(Goldman Sachs)、风险投资公司Benchmark以及沙特阿拉伯的主权财富基金。 /201608/463220河源龙川县治疗性功能障碍哪家医院最好 加拿大研究人员发现,母乳喂养有助于提高儿童智商和读写能力。研究人员对将近1.4万名儿童进行6年多随访研究,发现母乳喂养的儿童与非母乳喂养者相比,前者平均综合智商比后者高5.9分,读写能力也高于后者。A new study provides some of the best evidence to date that breast-feeding can make children smarter, an international team of researchers said on Monday.Children whose mothers breast-fed them longer and did not mix in baby formula scored higher on intelligence tests, the researchers in Canada and Belarus reported.About half the 14,000 babies were randomly assigned to a group in which prolonged and exclusive breast-feeding by the mother was encouraged at Belarussian hospitals and clinics. The mothers of the other babies received no special encouragement.Those in the breast-feeding encouragement group were, on average, breast-fed longer than the others and were less likely to have been given formula in a bottle.At 3 months, 73 percent of the babies in the breast-feeding encouragement group were breast-fed, compared to 60 percent of the other group. At 6 months, it was 50 percent versus 36 percent.In addition, the group given encouragement was far more likely to give their children only breast milk. The rate was seven times higher, for example, at 3 months.The children were monitored for about six and a half years.The children in the group where breast-feeding was encouraged scored about 5 percent higher in IQ tests and did better academically, the researchers found.Previous studies had indicated brain development and intelligence benefits for breast-fed children.But researchers have sought to determine whether it was the breast-feeding that did it, or that mothers who prefer to breast-feed their babies may differ from those who do not.The design of the study - randomly assigning babies to two groups regardless of the mothers' characteristics - was intended to eliminate the confusion."Mothers who breast-feed or those who breast-feed longer or most exclusively are different from the mothers who don't," Michael Kramer of McGill University in Montreal and the Montreal Children's Hospital said."They tend to be smarter. They tend to be more invested in their babies. They tend to interact with them more closely. They may be the kind of mothers who to their kids more, who spend more time with their kids, who play with them more," added Kramer, who led the study published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry.The researchers measured the differences between the two groups using IQ tests administered by the children's pediatricians and by ratings by their teachers of their school performance in ing, writing, math and other subjects.Both sets of scores were significantly higher in the children from the breast-feeding promotion group.The study was launched in the mid-1990s. Kramer said the initial idea was to do it in the ed States and Canada, but many hospitals in those countries by that time had begun strongly encouraging breast-feeding as a matter of routine.The situation was different in Belarus at the time, he said, with less routine encouragement for the practice.Kramer said how breast-feeding may make children more intelligent is unclear."It could even be that because breast-feeding takes longer, the mother is interacting more with the baby, talking with the baby, soothing the baby," he said. "It could be an emotional thing. It could be a physical thing. Or it could be a hormone or something else in the milk that's absorbed by the baby".Previous studies have shown babies whose mothers breast-fed them enjoy many health advantages over formula-fed babies.These include fewer ear, stomach or intestinal infections, digestive problems, skin diseases and allergies, and less risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that women who do not have health problems exclusively breast-feed their infants for at least the first six months, continuing at least through the first year as other foods are introduced. Vocabulary:breast-feeding:母乳喂养 /200805/38133惠东医院怎么样

惠州地区医院怎么样A second robot from Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) sent into Fukushima#39;s unit 2 reactor collapsed in less than a month#39;s time due to high radiation levels.由于辐射程度过高,东京电力公司向福岛2号反应堆派出的机器人在不足一个月的时间内再次宣告报废。Less than two weeks ago, a robot that ventured into the reactor malfunctioned as the camera on it had been fried by record high levels of radiation just two hours after it started scrapping in the area.不到两周前,一台机器人冒险进入反应堆,因该地区辐射浓度过高,机器人开始失灵,两小时后其装载的摄像头起火,随后该台机器人宣告报废。The extremely high radiation levels inside the reactor have now left the second robot, Scorpio, malfunctioning so much so that Tepco decided to cut off its tether and leave it inside.如今第二台机器人“天蝎座”因相同原因再次报废,东京电力公司遂切断与其联系,将“天蝎座”留在反应堆内。Fukushima#39;s nuclear site which witnessed a major nuclear accident caused by the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami is largely contained but the unit 2 reactor is among the areas where radiation levels are at unimaginable levels.2011年发生的地震和海啸导致福岛核电站爆发重大核事故,如今其大部分区域已经得到了控制,但是2号反应堆的辐射浓度高得超出想象。In early February, the radiation levels inside the reactor reached an astonishing 530 sieverts per hour, a level high enough to kill a human within seconds.2月初,反应堆内的辐射浓度达到了每小时530希沃特,足以让人在几秒内丧命。The latest robot victim of the radiation was manufactured by Toshiba and was on a mission to investigate the pedestal underneath the reactor, where melted nuclear fuel is suspected to have fallen.最近报废的机器人是由东芝公司制造的,正在执行调查反应堆基座的任务,溶化的核燃料疑似落至基座区域。Engineers now suspect as the robot was approaching the core of the explosion almost 10 feet away from its target its tank-like ts got stuck.工程师怀疑机器人在接近爆炸中心时其坦克式的踏板陷入停滞,而爆炸中心距其调查目标有10英尺远。Although Tepco has not confirmed whether it was the debris or the radiation that stopped the robot, it is currently under investigation.东京电力公司尚未确认导致机器人失灵的究竟是残骸还是辐射,事故原因正处在调查之中。Tepco has an enormous task of removing the molten radioactive fuel from three of the four reactors but this is the seventh robot to be affected by the radiation and the first to go as close as it went to the core of the explosion.东京电力公司仍面临着艰巨的任务,必须将共计四座反应堆中三座的脱落核燃料移除,然而这台机器人已经是第七台受到辐射影响的机器人,同时也是距爆炸核心最近的机器人。;Even though the robot could not reach the pedestal area, which we had initially planned to investigate, valuable information was obtained which will help us determine the methods to eventually remove fuel debris,; Tepco said.东京电力公司对此表示:“尽管机器人无法到达计划调查的基座区域,但是仍然获得了宝贵的信息,这有助于我们决定最终采取何种方式移除燃料残骸”。 /201703/495681河源妇幼保健人民中医院治疗生殖感染价格 惠州皮肤科咨询

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