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惠州哪家医院看弱精好的惠州去哪里治疗阳痿早泄好Finding your way across this vast landscape is difficult with so few landmarks to help. The native Australians have their own unique method of navigation. One of the reasons that Aborigines are, in many ways, the ultimate survivors in the outback is that they use these songs that are passed down from generation to generation as a way of navigating through this wilderness. And what these songs do is they act like a singing map, you know, directing them between hunting grounds, waterholes and good places to shelter. But I don’t have the benefit of that sort of history. 要穿越这片土地非常困难,四周景色如出一辙。当地的澳洲土著有自己独特的定位方式。澳洲土著之所以在内陆安然生存,原因之一是利用世代相传的歌谣,来记住横穿荒野的方式。这些歌谣犹如歌唱地图,指引他们前往猎场,水源和避难所。但是我对那些歌谣一窍不通。And that means sticking to my northwest bearing and hoping that I’ll eventually find civilization. Food is hard to find in this wilderness. But you’ll need to keep looking or you’ll just run out of energy.而且我要一直往西北方向前行,希望在那里能找到人烟。在荒野里,很难找到食物。但是得努力寻找,不然就会耗尽能量。There’s a spider there, a crucifix spider. And they are called these just from the shape where they sit in their prey and that cross-like a crucifix shape. And then all the web around it, the web they spin is actually amazing. It’s actually fifty times stronger than steel. And I was taught in the military you can actually use spiders’ webs to help with wounds. And what you do, you collect it all up, bunch it up, put it in the wound, and it will help coagulate the blood. It acts like a field dressing. But the spider here, it does have some poison in it, but not enough really to harm you. It might just give a little nip. And so much of survival is about opportunistic hunting. And this is edible. Here we go. And grab him here, squeeze his head and then put him in. Uh, it just tastes like kind of guts and pus and brain. Spiders and other insects are always a good source of protein. But it’s not really enough. And on top of that, the rainwater from the storm has dried up. In this heat, you have to find something…那里有只十字蜘蛛,它因以十字姿势捕获猎物而得名。十字蜘蛛捕获猎物后,吐出蛛丝将猎物团团围住,它结成的网非常强韧,比钢铁还要强硬50倍。在军队役期间,我也学过用蜘蛛网来治疗伤口。你要做的就是收集蜘蛛网,揉成一团敷在伤口上,它会加快血液凝固,帮助止血。这里的蜘蛛有毒,但毒性不强,不至于使人受伤。他可能会夹你一小口。然而要活下来就得投机取巧地捕猎。这只是可以吃的。抓住它这里,揪掉头部,然后放到嘴里。啊,它吃起来就像在吃内脏、脓水和大脑。蜘蛛和其他昆虫一样富含蛋白质,但这也是远远不够的。头顶上的雨就要停了,在这样炎热的天气里,必须找到一些食物...本文译文属201206/187792惠城友好医院割包皮 陈江镇医院在哪个区

惠州友好医院看病好不好Why Barns Are Red为什么谷仓是红色的?Yaeuml;l: This was a great idea, Don. Its a beautiful day for a drive to the countryside.Don,这主意真的太棒了!今天超适合开着车到郊外兜风!Don: Yep!赞成!Y: Hey, theres a big red barn. An another one, also red. I wonder why so many barns are painted red.看,那里有一个好大的红谷仓哦。哦,还有一个,也是红色的。真想不通,为什么这些谷仓都要被漆成红色的呢?D: I dont have to wonder. Ive known why barns are red since I was little.我倒是不用去想了,因为在我很小的时候我就已经知道各中原因了。Y: Did you grow up on a farm?你是在农场长大的?D: No, I was just a weird kid.那倒不是,我只是个好奇宝宝而已。Y: So, whats the scoop?那,来谈谈你的“独家报道”吧!D: A few hundred years ago European farmers started painting their barns with a mixture of linseed oil, milk, and lime. Believe it or not, the combination made a pretty good paint that protected wood.数百年前,欧洲农民首先使用一种由亚麻仁油、牛奶和石灰混合而成的混合物来粉刷他们的谷仓。信不信由你,这种混合物是很好的涂料,能很好的保护木材。Y: So where does the red come from?那红色又是怎么来的呢?D: Sometimes theyd also add ferrous oxide to the mix.有时候,他们会在混合物中加入氧化亚铁。Y: You mean rust? Why would they add rust to the paint?你是说铁锈?他们为什么会在涂料里加铁锈呢?D: Because rust kills fungi and moss. When they grow on a barn they trap moisture in the wood, which leads to decay. Painting a barn with rusty paint was the best way to keep it strong and dry. After a while, red barns became a tradition in Europe and over here in America. And even though once commercial paints became available, the tradition continued, since red paint was cheap. White is the second most popular color for barns, since at some point whitewash became even cheaper than red paint. But today, youll see barns in many different colors.这是因为铁锈能除掉真菌和苔藓。如果谷仓里长出了真菌和苔藓,会使得木材变得潮湿,导致木材腐烂。粉刷谷仓时在涂料内加入铁锈是保其牢固、干燥的最好方法。没过多久,红色的谷仓便成为了欧洲以及全美的一项传统。其后,油漆开始面向大众,红色谷仓的传统也在延续,因为红色油漆很便宜。除了红色,最受欢迎的便是白色谷仓。当然,原因很简单,有一段时间,白色油漆降价,比红色油漆还便宜呢。现如今,又完全不一样了,你可以看到五颜六色的谷仓! /201210/205818惠州第三人民医院男科医生 惠州市第三人民医院东院区有泌尿科吗

惠州专治疗早泄医院 Business商业Ad space for equity为股票做广告Air for shares股票时间Could an unusual venture-capital model be taking off?一项不同寻常的风险投资模式能够起飞吗?IN AMERICA, venture capital is plentiful.Not so elsewhere. 美国风险资金十分丰富,但是并非所有地方都是这样。In Europe, a handful of companies are helping struggling start-ups with an unusual model: investing advertising space in them instead of money.在欧洲,一些公司正以非同寻常的模式帮助那些挣扎的新成立的公司:投资广告版面而非直接投钱。Start-ups usually get their initial seed funding-a few tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars-from family or friends.新成立的公司通常从家人或朋友那里获得初始的种子资金,通常是数万或数十万美元。A venture-capital firm wont step in until the firm is y to raise maybe ten times that amount.只有公司筹集到了数百万的资金时,风险投资才会介入。In America, intermediate sums tend to come from informal ;angel investors;, typically entrepreneurs who have made a decent bit of money from their own start-ups and want to invest some in projects they like.在美国,过渡的资金通常来自于非正式的天使投资者,特别是由新成立的公司发家且希望投资一些中意项目的企业家。But outside Americas technology hubs, such people are rare.但是在美国科技中心之外,这样的人少之又少。However, start-ups of that size are often making their first baby steps into the market and need publicity.然而,这样规模的新成立的公司通常会迈着婴儿步进入市场并需要广告宣传。Aggregate Media Funds, a Swedish firm started in 2002, pools excess advertising space provided by 15 Swedish media companies that are shareholders in the fund, and gives it to start-ups in return for an equity stake (it also plans their marketing for them).2002年成立的瑞典媒体公司媒体公基金集合了15家瑞典媒体提供的广告版面,并且以交换股权的形式给予新成立的公司。(该公司还会为他们做市场规划。)这15家媒体都是该基金的股东。If the firms do well, they buy back the equity in cash, which goes to the shareholders, with a cut for the fund.如果公司运作良好,他们就会用现金买回股权给予股东,并给基金一份利润。Patrik Rosen, Aggregates boss, says it has made some 120 investments-in both start-ups and established firms that want to advertise a new product or a stock offering-and completed around 80 ;exits;, though he wont disclose how much money has been made.公基金的老板帕特里克?罗森表示给公司已经做大约120笔投资,都是投在需要为新产品或发行股票的新成立的公司或已成型的公司,并完成了大概80个公司的;退市;,但是他并不会透露赚了多少钱。Similar models have taken hold in Germany.德国也兴起了同样的模式。ProSiebenSat.1, a television company, has been offering other firms advertising in return for equity or revenue shares since , and reported making more than /201210/206216惠东中医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱惠州市中医院男科挂号



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